A&M Album Discography, Part 12
SP 5200-5299 (1988-1990)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SP 5200 - Stout and High - Wagoneers [1988]

SP 5201 - Easy Pieces - Easy Pieces [1988] Whenever You're Ready/It's No Lie/Heart Of The Matter/(You're My) Heaven/Tuggin' At My Heartstrings//Trust One Another/Daddy's Girl/Walk That Walk/Don't Knock It/Separate Shores

SP 5202 - Lace Around The Wound - E.G. Daily [1989] Some People/Cry Just A Little/Bad Water/Just Can't Say Goodbye/Heart Don't Lie/Lace Around The Wound//This Time/Reach Out/Are You There/Little Trooper/What Do I Gotta Do/Please Send Me Someone To Love

*SP 5203 - Sound Alarm - Michael Anderson [1988] (8-88, #194) I Know That You Can Stand/I Need You/Little Bit O' Love/Memphis Radio/Sanctuary/Shine A Light/Sound Alarm/Soweto Soul/Time To Go Home/Until You Loved Me

SP 5204 - Transmissions - Gentlemen Without Weapons [1988] Buddha's Monkey/Eons Roll By/Earth Love/Islands Of The Future/Transmlssions//Rain Of Terror/Unconditional Love (Planet Earth)/Ucho O Mamoro (Instrumental)/Time (The Clock Song)/Earthling

*SP 5205 - One Love-One Dream - Jeffrey Osborne [1988] (8-88, #86) All Because Of You/Can't Go Back On A Promise/Cindy/La Cuenta, Por Favor/My Heart Can Wait Forever/One Love-One Dream/She's On The Left/The Family/True Believers/(You Can't Get) Love From A Stone

*SP 5206 - Slow Turning - John Hiatt [1988] (9-88, #98) Drive South/Feels Like Rain/Gerogia Rae/Icy Blue Heart/Is Anybody There?/It'll Come To You/Paper Thin/Ride Along/Slow Turning/Sometime Other Than Now/Tennessee Plates/Trudy And Dave

SP 5207 - Under The Sun - Paul Kelly & Messengers [1988] Dumb Things/Same Old Walk/Big Heart/Don't Stand So Close To The Window/Forty Miles To Saturday Night/Untouchable/Know Your Friends//To Her Door/Under The Sun/Darling It Hurts/Happy Slave/Crosstown/Little Decisions/Bicentennial

SP 5208 - Used Guitars - Marti Jones [1988] Tourist Town/Wind In The Trees/The Real One/Ruby/Back Of The Line//Twisted Vines/Keep Me In The Dark/You Can't Take Love For Granted/I Don't Want Him (Anymore)/Each Time/If I Can Love Somebody

SP 5209 - Under A Spanish Moon - Herb Alpert [1988] Fragile/Under A Spanish Moon (A Suite In Three Movements For Trumpet And Orchestra) (Rumba Flamenca-Lamento-Pachanga)/Ancient Source//I Need You/My Song/Zamba (Para La Nina Yolanda)/Hidden Angel

SP 5210 - A Murder Of Crows - Joe Henry [1988] Step Across The Mountain/Right About Linden/Here And Gone/Lose Me/Hidden Man/Falling Soon/She Is Sleeping/Vigilante/Siren/Six Feet Into The Country/Map Of Belium

SP 5211 - The Shouting Stage - Joan Armatrading [1988] (8-88, #100) The Devil I Know/Living For You/Did I Make You Up/Stronger Love/The Shouting Stage//Words/Straight Talk/Watch Your Step/All A Woman Needs/Dark Truths

*SP 5212 - The Vigilante - Raheem [1988] Dance Floor/Freak To Me/I'm Mackin'/Peace/Punks Gave Me Respect/Say No/Shotgun/The Vigilante/Venom/You're On Notice/You're The Greatest

SP 5213 - UB40 - UB40 [1988] (8-88, #44) Dance With The Devil/Come Out To Play/Breakfast In Bed/You're Always Pulling Me Down/I Would Do For You//'Cause It Isn't True/Where Did I Go Wrong/Contaminated Minds/Matter Of Time/Music So Nice/Dance With The Devil (Reprise)

*SP 5214 - Only Life - Feelies [1988] (11-88, #173) Away/Deep Fascination/Final Word/For Awhile/Higher Ground/It's Only Life/Too Far Gone/Too Much/The Undertow/What Goes On

SP 5215 -

*SP 5216 - Farther Along: The Best Of The Flying Burrito Brothers - Flying Burrito Brothers [1988] Break My Mind/Christine's Tune (Devil In Disguise)/Close Up The Honky Tonks/Cody Cody/Dim Lights/Do Right Woman/Do You Know How It Feels/Farther Along/God's Own Singer/Hot Burrito No. 1/Hot Burrito No. 2/I Shall Be Released/Juanita/Just Because/Sin City/Sing Me Back Home/Six Days On The Road/The Dark End Of The Street/To Love Somebody/Wheel/Wild Horses

*SP 5217 - Skeletons In The Closet: The Best Of Oingo Boingo - Oingo Boingo [1989] (2- 89, #150) Grey Matter/Insects/Little Girls/Nasty Habits/Nothing Bad Ever Happens/Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)/On The Outside/Only A Lad/Private Life/Wake Up (It's 1984)/Who Do You Want To Be/Whole Day Off

SP 5218 - Rock And Roll Strategy - .38 Special [1988] (10-88, #61) Rock And Roll Strategy/What's It To Ya?/Little Sheba/Comin' Down Tonight/Midnight Magic/Second Chance//Hot 'Lanta/Never Been Lonely/Chattahoochee/Innocent Eyes/Love Strikes

SP 5219 - Strange Bedfellows: Comedy and Politics - Strange Bedfellows [1988] Will Durst/Barry Crimmins//Jimmy Tingle/Randy Credico

SP 5220 -

SP 5221 - Out Of The Silence - Dare [1988] Abandon/Into The Fire/Nothing Is Stronger Than Love/Runaway/Under The Sun//The Raindance/King Of Spades/Heartbreaker/Return The Heart/Don't Let Go

SP 5222 - Comedy - Black [1988] The Big One/I Can Laugh About It Now/Whatever People Say You Are/You're A Big Girl Now/Let Me Watch You Make Love//Hey! I Was Right You Were Wrong/All We Need Is The Money/You Don't Always Do What's Best For You/Now You're Gone/No-One, None, Nothing

*SP 5223 - Vesta 4 U - Vesta Williams [1989] (9-89, #131) All On You/Best I Ever Had/Congratulations/4 U/Here-Say/How You Feel/Hunger/Running Into Memories/Sweet, Sweet Love

SP 5224 - Flying Colours - Chris De Burgh [1988] Sailing Away/Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)/Tender Hands/A Night On The River/Leather On My Shoes/Suddenly Love//Missing You/I'm Not Scared Anymore/Don't Look Back/Just A Word Away/The Risen Lord/The Last Time I Cried

SP 5225 - Diary Of A Hollow Horse - China Crisis [1989] St. Saviour Square/Stranger By Nature/Sweet Charity In Adoration/Day After Day/Diary Of A Hollow Horse//Red Letter Day/In Northern Skies/Singing The Praises Of Finer Things/All My Prayers/Age Old Need

SP 5226 - Truth In Disguise - Denise Lopez [1988] Sayin' Sorry (Doesn't Make It Right)/Tell Me What It Is/Stop The Fight/I Wanna Fall (In Love With You)/Truth In Disguise//If You Feel It/Causa' U/Too Much Too Late/Power Of Suggestion

*SP 5227 - Greatest Hits - Human League [1988] Being Boiled (Re-Boiled)/Don't You Want Me/Human/(Keep Feeling) Fascination/Life On Your Own/Louise/Love Action (I Believe In Love)/Love Is All That Matters/Mirror Man/Open Your Heart/The Lebanon/The Sound Of The Crowd/Together In Electric Dreams - Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

SP 5228 - I Get Joy - Al Green [1989] You're Everything To Me/All My Praise/The End Is Near/Mighty Cloud Of Joy/I Get Joy//As Long As We're Together/Praise Him/Blessed/Tryin' To Do The Best I Can/Tryin' To Get Over You

SP 5229 - Johnson & Branson - Johnson & Branson [1989] Call Me Up/Find Me Another/Jockin' Me/Heaven Bound/Let's Get To Know Each Other Better//All My Heart/Still Lookin'/She Still Loves Him/So Much Emotion/Midnite Lady

SP 5230 - Cool'r - Cool'r [1989] Children's record.

SP 5231 -

SP 5232 - Oh Yes I Can - David Crosby [1989] Drive My Car/Melody/Monkey And The Underdog/In The Wide Ruin/Tracks In The Dust//Drop Down Mama/Lady Of The Harbor/Distances/Flying Man/Oh Yes I Can/My Country 'Tis Of Thee

SP 5233 - Earth - Matthew Sweet [1989] Easy/When I Feel Again/Wind And The Sun/Children Of Time (Forever)/Love//Vertigo/Underground/The Alcohol Taking/Vixen/How Cool/Having A Bad Dream

SP 5234 - Geared And Primed - Royal Court Of China [1989] Geared And Primed/Half The Truth/If Came Crashing Down The Staricase/Six Empty Bottles/Mr. Indecision//Tijuana Go!/Dragon Park/So, Yer Love Is True/This Time Around/Take Me Down

SP 5235 - Trouble In The Home - Thrashing Doves [1989] Reprobate's Hymn/Angel Visit/Sister Deals/Lorelei/Trouble In The Home//Another Deadly Sunset/Mary Mary/Like Heartbreak/Late Show/Candy Woman/Domestic Rainchild

*SP 5236 - Great Dictations: The Definitive Dickies Collection - Dickies [1989] Attack Of The Mole Men/Eve Of Destruction/Fan Mail/Gigantor/Give It Back/Got It At The Store/Hideous/I'm OK, You're OK/(I'm Stuck In A Pagoda With) Tricia Toyota/Manny, Moe And Jack/Nights In White Satin/Paranoid/Rondo (The Midget's Revenge)/Silent Night/The Banana Split (The Tra La La Song)/The Sound Of Silence/You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)

SP 5237 - Mirror - One 2 Many [1988] Another Man/Nearly There/Writing On The Wall/Man On The Run/Answer//Downtown/In My Heart/Hawk/You're The Reason/Mirror

SP 5238 - Extreme - Extreme [1989] (4-89, #80) Little Girls/Wind Me Up/Kid Ego/Watching, Waiting/Mutha (Don't Wanna Go To School Today)//Teacher's Pet/Big Boys Don't Cry/Smoke Signals/Flesh 'N' Blood/Rock A Bye Bye

SP 5239 - Western Blood - Sandmen [1989] Western Blood/I'm Accusing You/House In The Country/Say Yes/Heart Of Steel//500%/The Bell Man/Hello It's Me Again/It's All Right/Hate Your Ways/I Met A Girl

SP 5240 - Yellow Moon - Neville Brothers [1989] (4-89, #66) My Blood/Yellow Moon/Fire And Brimstone/A Change Is Gonna Come/Sister Rosa/With God On Our Side//Wake Up/Voo Doo/The Ballad Of Hollis Brown/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Healing Chant/Wild Injuns

SP 5241 - Queen Elvis - Robyn Hitchcock & Egyptians [1989] (4-89, #139) Madonna Of The Wasps/The Devils Coachman/Wax Doll/Knife/Swirling//One Long Pair Of Eyes/Veins Of The Queen/Freeze/Autumn Sea/Superman

SP 5242 - Live At The Knitting Factory New York City, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1989]

SP 5243 -

SP 5244 -

SP 5245 - Good Fortune - Wagoneers [1989]

SP 5246 - The 28th Street Crew - 28th Street Crew [1989] I Need A Rhythm I Need A Rhythm/Inch By Inch/Steppin' Out/Get It Up//Where's The Party/It's In The Groove (No Games)/Pump It Up (Let's Groove)/Sex On The Dancefloor

SP 5247 -

SP 5248 -

SP 5249 - Blaze Of Glory - Joe Jackson [1989] (5-89, #61) Tomorrow's World/Me And You (Against The World)/Down To London/Sentimental Thing/Acropolis Now (Instrumental)/Blaze Of Glory//Rant And Rave/Nineteen Forever/The Best I Can Do/Evil Empire/Discipline/The Human Touch

SP 5250 - Arara - Sergio Mendes [1989]

SP 5251 -

SP 5252 - Louder Than Love - Soundgarden [1989] (1-90, #108) Ugly Truth/Hands All Over/Gun/Power Trip/Get On The Snake/Full On Kevin's Mom//Loud Love/I Awake/No Wrong No Right/Uncovered/Big Dumb Sex/Full On (Reprise)

SP 5253 -

SP 5254 -

SP 5255 - Michigan Rain - Greg Alexander [1989]

SP 5256 - The Man Is Back! - Barry White [1989] (5-90, #143) Responsible/Super Lover/L.A. My Kinda Place/Follow That And See (Where It Leads Y'all)/When Will I See You Again//I Wanna Do It Good To Ya/It's Getting Harder All The Time/Don't Let Go/Loves Interlude-Goodnight My Love

SP 5257 - Big Harvest - Indio [1989] The Grinding Wheel/Discovery/Save For The Money/Big Harvest/Hard Sun//This Golden Land/The Season Of The Lost/Stories/My Eyes/Ship On A Sea/Life Lies Down

*SP 5258 - Art Deco - Don Cherry [1989] Art Deco/Bemsha Swing/Body And Soul/Compute/Folk Medley/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/Maffy/Passing/The Blessing/When Will The Blues Leave'

SP 5259 -

SP 5260 - Blue Delight - Sun Ra [1989]

SP 5261 - Surprise Attack - Tora Tora [1989] (7-89, #47) Love's A Bitch/28 Days/Hard Times/Guilty/Phantom Rider//Walkin' Shoes/Riverside Drive/She's Good She's Bad/One For The Road/Being There

SP 5262 - Merge - Arthur Baker & Backbeat Disciples [1989] Talk It Over (Featuring John Warren)/Willin' To Be Chillin' (Featuring Tiny Valentine)/Last Thing On My Mind (Featuring John Warren)/Mythical Girl (Featuring Martin Fry)/I Believe In Love (Featuring Jimmy Sommerville)/The Message Is Love (Featuring Al Green)//Walk Away (Featuring Andy McCluskey)/It's Your Time (Featuring Shirley Lewis)/Count To Ten (Featuring John Warren)/2X1 (Featuring Tiny Valentine)/All I Ever Wanted (Featuring Mac Quayle)/Paris Sens Dintertet (Featuring Ettienne Daho)

SP 5263 - Homeland - Tish Hinojosa [1989] Joaquin/West Side Of Town/Donde Voy (Where I Go)/In The Night/Love Is On Our Side/All My Love//Till You Love Me Again/Voice Of The Big Guitar/Rancherita (Little Ranch Girl)/Who Showed You The Way To My Heart/Let Me Remember/Amenecer (Daybreak)

SP 5264 - Thunder And Fire - Jason & Scorchers [1989] When The Angels Cry/Now That You're Mine/You Gotta Way With Me/My Kingdom For A Car/Close Up The Road/Lights Out//Find You/Bible And A Gun/Six Feet Underground/No Turning Back/Away From You

SP 5265 - Perfect View - Graces [1989] (9-89, #147) Lay Down Your Arms/When The Sun Goes Down/Perfect View/Fear No Love/Time Waits For No One//50,000 Candles Burning/Should I Let You In/We Never Met/Tomorrow/Out In The Fields

SP 5266 - So Much Water So Close To Home - Paul Kelly & Messengers [1989] You Can't Take It With You/Sweet Guy/Most Wanted Man In The World/I Had Forgotten You/She's A Melody (Stupid Song)/South Of Germany//Careless/Moon In The Bed/No You/Everything's Turning To White/Pigeon-Jundamurra/Cities Of Texas

SP 5267 -

SP 5268 -

SP 5269 -

SP 5270 - Passion - Shirley Lewis [1989] Realistic/Love Somebody/Boy Meets Girl/Passion In The Heart/You Can't Hide//Heartbreaker/The Best In Me/Where Do We Go From Here/Life After Love/Save Me/Don't Burn Your Bridges

*SP 5271 - Kiss Me with the Wind - Brenda Russell [1990] All American/Dinner With Gershwin/Drive My Car (Till Sunset)/Good For Love/Justice In Truth/Kiss Me With The Wind/Night Train To Leningrad/On Your Side/Stop Running Away/Stupid Love/Waiting For You

SP 5272 - Last Of The Runaways - Giant [1989] (10-89, #80) I'm A Believer/Innocent Days/I Can't Get Close Enough/I'll See You In My Dreams/No Way Out//Shake Me Up/It Takes Two/Stranger To Me/Hold Back The Night/Love Welcome Home/The Big Pitch

SP 5273 - My Abstract Heart - Herb Alpert [1989] 3 O'Clock Jump/Romance Dance/My Abstract Heart/Wish You Were Here/Fun House//Legs/When The Lights Go Down Low/Just A Dream Away/Kalimba/Soho

SP 5274 - The Innocence Mission - Innocence Mission [1989] (3-90, #167) Paper Dolls/Black Sheep Walls/Surreal/Curious/Clear To You/Mercy/Broken Circle//I Remember Me/You Chase The Light/Notebook/Come Around And See Me/Wonder Of Birds/Medjugorje

SP 5275 - How Did You Find Me Here - David Wilcox [1989] Eye Of The Hurricane/Language Of The Heart/Rusty Old American Dream/How Did You Find Me Here/Leave It Like It Is//Saturday They'll All Be Back Again/Jamie's Secret/It's Almost Time/Just A Vehicle/Common As The Rain/The Kid

75021-7526-2 - Live At The Knitting Factory New York City Volume 2 - Various Artists [1989] Compact disc issue. Part Of The Family - Chunk/Ghosts - Gary Lucas/Foxy Lady - Odd Job/Orbital Inversion - Ikue Mori, Fred Frith & Mark Dresser/Some Kind Of Blues - Myra Melford/Dick Dogs - Sonny Sharrock/Silver Lining - Christian Marclay & Sam Bennett/Love Buds - Odd Job/Pause Of The Clock - Joey Baron/Ramana - Glen Velez, Lane Redmond & Steve Gorn/Drala - Glen Velez, Lane Redmond & Steve Gorn

SP 5277 - The Mekons Rock 'N' Roll - Mekons [1989] Memphis Egypt/Club Mekon/Only Darkness Has The Power/Ring O' Roses/Learning To Live On Your Own/Cocaine Lil/Empire Of The Senseless//Someone/Amnesia/I Am Crazy/Heaven And Back/Blow Your Tuneless Trumpet/Echo/When Darkness Falls

SP 5278 - Frank - Squeeze [1989] (10-89, #113) Frank/If It's Love/Peyton Place/Rose I Said/Slaughtered, Gutted And Heartbroken/(This Could Be) The Last Time/She Doesn't Have To Shave//Love Circles/Melody Motel/Can Of Worms/Dr. Jazz/Is It Too Late

SP 5279 -

SP 5280 - Nothing Matters Without Love - Seduction [1989] (10-89, #36) (You're My One And Only) True Love/Two To Make It Right/Could This Be Love/Breakdwon/One Mistake//Give My Love To You/Heartbeat (Extended Mix)/(Nothing Matters) Without Love/Seduction's Theme

SP 5281 -

SP 5282 -

SP 5283 - Wendy Maharry - Wendy Maharry [1989]

SP 5284 - Hats - Blue Nile [1989] (2-90, #108) Over The Hillside/The Downtown Lights/Let's Go Out Tonight//Headlights On The Parade/From A Late Night Train/Seven A.M./Saturday Night

SP 5285 - Taking On The World - Gun [1989] (3-90, #134) Better Days/The Feeling Within/Inside Out/Money (Everybody Loves Her)/Taking On The World//Shame On You/Can't Get Any Lover/Something To Believe In/Girls In Love/I Will Be Waiting

*SP 5286 - In Fluorescence - Cecil Taylor [1989] Anast In Crisis Mouthful Of Fresh Cut Flowers/Charles And Gee/El Mooving Track/El Sirens 1-3/Entity/Fen Shui/For Steve McCall/In Florescence/J/Leaf Taken Born/Morning Of Departure/Petero Visiting The Apice/Saita/Shall Suatrisue Gods Of Green

SP 5287 - Waking Hours - Del Amitri [1989] (4-90, #95) Kiss This Thing Goodbye/Opposite View/Move Away Jimmy Blue/Stone Cold Sober/You're Gone//When I Want You/This Side Of The Morning/Empty/Hatful Of Rain/Nothing Ever Happens

SP 5288 - Renegade Romantic - Paul Janz [1990]

SP 5289 - Bedtime Stories - David Baerwald [1990] CD issue only. All For You/Good Times/Dance/Hello Mary/The Best Inside You/Young Anymore/Sirens In The City/Liberty Lies/Walk Through Fire/Colette/In The Morning/Stranger

SP 5290 -

SP 5291 - Hearts And Minds - Hearts & Minds [1990] Tenderly/Speed Rack/Hearts And Minds/Five O'Clock Shadow/House Of Love/Road To Ruin//Which Way The Wind/N/Big As Dallas/Living In Sin/I Know Where I Belong

SP 5292 -

From this point, vinyl was being discontinued, and most issues were CD (and cassette) only. Vinyl issues were made for some numbers. The "SP-" prefix is replaced by the UPC (uniform product code) bar-code numbering system. For vinyl issues, the "-1" suffix was used; the "-2" suffix indicates CD, and "-4" indicates cassette.

*75021-5293-1 - Days Of Open Hand - Suzanne Vega [1990] (5-90, #50) Book Of Dreams/Fifty-Fifty Chance/Institution Green/Men In A War/Pilgrimage/Predictions/Room Off The Street/Rusted Pipe/Those Whole Girls (Run In The Grace)/Tired Of Sleeping

75021-5294-1 - Across The Universe - Trip Shakespeare [1990] Turtledove/Pearle/Snow Days/Drummer Like Me/Gone, Gone, Gone//The Slacks/Unlucky Lady/The Nail/The Crane/Late/Honey Tree

75021-5295-1 - Michael Anderson - Michael Anderson [1990]

75021-5296-1 - Brat Pack - Brat Pack [1990] Possibly issued on CD only.

75021-5297-1 - Apasionado - Stan Getz [1990] Apasionado/Coba/Waltz For Stan/Espanola//Madrugada/Amorous Cat/Midnight Ride/Lonely Lady

75021-5298-1 - Hearts And Flowers - Joan Armatrading [1990] (6-90, #161) More Than One Kind Of Love/Hearts And Flowers/Promise Land/Someone's In The Background/Can't Let Go//Free/Something In The Air Tonight/Always/Good Times/The Power Of Dreams

75021-5299-2 - Live At The Knitting Factory, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1990] Compact disc issue. Nothing You Can Do To Hurt Me - Doctor Nerve/Discuss It - No Safety/Bruxa - Gentle, Safe & Natural/Insomnia - Thomas Chapin Trio/You Must Choose - Negativland/The Ugly Waiter - Brandon Ross' The Overflow/The Wedding Dance - Don Byron/Notability - Marilyn Crispell & Andrew Cyrille/Rictus ' Slan/Z.O.G. - Slan/Oh No - No Safety/Kandinsky - Brandon Ross' The Overflow

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