A&M Album Discography, Part 18
SP 3200, 3300, 3400, 3500 (1971-1978)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

This part lists several small series that A&M started in the 1970s.

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with A&M Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2001, 2007 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SP 3200 "Best of" Series:

*SP 3200 - The Best of Quincy Jones - Quincy Jones [1982] (7-82, #122) Ai No Corrida/Betcha' Wouldn't Hurt Me/Body Heat/Everything Must Change/I'm Gonna Miss You In The Morning/If I Ever Lose This Heaven/Just Once/Killer Joe/Stuff Like That/What's Going On?

SP 3201 - The Best - Nils Lofgren [1982] No Mercy/Cry Tough/Rock And Roll Crook/Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twin)/Goin' Back//I Came To Dance/Back It Up/Shine Silently/It's Not A Crime/Beggar's Day (Eulogy To Danny Whitten)

SP 3202 - The Best - Ozark Mountain Daredevils [1982] Jackie Blue/Following The Way I Feel/Road To Glory/You Know Like I Know/Leatherwood/Fly Away Home//If You Wanna Get To Heaven/Homemade Wine/You Made It Right/Country Girl/Walkin' Down The Road/Keep On Churnin'

SP 3203 - Encore: The Best of George Benson - George Benson [1982] Tell It Like It Is/Oh Darling/My Woman's Good To Me/Here Comes The Sun/Golden Slumbers/You Never Give Me Your Money//My Cherie Amour/Water Brother/Footin' It/Don't Let Me Lose This Dream/Shape Of Things To Come

SP 3204 - The Best to You - Kim Carnes [1982]

SP 3205 - The Best - Billy Preston [1982] Outa-Space/Will It Go Round In Circles/That's The Way God Planned It/Struttin'/You Are So Beautiful//Nothing From Nothing/Get Back/I'm Really Gonna Miss You/Space Race/I Wrote A Simple Song

SP 3206 -

SP 3207 - The Best - Peter Allen [1982]

SP 3208 - The Best - Humble Pie [1982] Hot 'N' Nasty/Stone Cold Fever/I Can't Stand The Rain/30 Days In A Hole/Black Coffee//Shine On/C'mon Everybody/Honky Tonk Women/I Don't Need No Doctor

SP 3209 - Love and Dancing - League Unlimited Orchestra [1982] (9-82, #135) Instrumental versions of songs from Human League's Dare album (A&M SP 4892). Hard Times/Love Action (I Believe In Love)/Don't You Want Me//Things That Dreams Are Made Of/Do Or Die/Seconds/Open Your Heart/The Sound Of The Crowd

SP 3210 - Christmas Portrait - Carpenters [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4726.

SP 3211 -

SP 3212 - Party Party - Various Artists [1982] (2-83, #169) Party Party - Elvis Costello & The Attractions/Run Rudolph Run - Dave Edmunds/Little Town Flirt - Altered Images/Yakety Yak - Bad Manners/Tutti Frutti - Sting/No Feelings - Bananarama/Driving In My Car - Madness//Band Of Gold - Modern Romance/Elizabethan Reggae - Bad Manners/No Woman, No Cry - Pauline Black/Need Your Love So Bad - Sting/The Man Who Sold The World - Midge Ure/Auld Lang Syne - Chas & Dave

Reissue series continues from 3199:

SP 3213 -

SP 3214 - Crisis? What Crisis? - Supertramp [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4560.

SP 3215 - Even In The Quietest Moments... - Supertramp [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4634.

SP 3216 -

SP 3217 - Equinox - Styx [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4559.

SP 3218 - Crystal Ball - Styx [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4604.

SP 3219 - Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4658.

SP 3220 - Main Squeeze - Chuck Mangione [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4612.

SP 3221 - I'm The Man - Joe Jackson [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4794.

SP 3222 - Young And Rich - Tubes [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4580.

SP 3223 - The Grand Illusion - Styx [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4637.

SP 3224 - Pieces Of Eight - Styx [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4724.

SP 3225 - Hair Of The Dog - Nazareth [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4511.

SP 3226 - Hot Tracks - Nazareth [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4643.

SP 3227 - Whatever's For Us - Joan Armatrading [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4382.

SP 3228 - Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4588.

SP 3229 - The Six Wives Of Henry VIII - Rick Wakeman [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4361.

SP 3230 - Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table - Rick Wakeman [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4515.

SP 3231 - Cool For Cats - Squeeze [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4759.

SP 3232 - Argybargy - Squeeze [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4802.

SP 3233 - Diamonds And Rust - Joan Baez [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4527.

SP 3234 - The Best Of John C. Baez - Joan C. Baez [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4668.

SP 3235 - True Colours - Split Enz [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4822.

SP 3236 - A Place In The Sun - Pablo Cruise [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4625.

SP 3237 - 70 Miles Young - Chuck Mangione [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4911.

SP 3238 -

SP 3239 - Cornerstone - Styx [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 3711.

SP 3240 - Paradise Theatre - Styx [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 3719.

SP 3241 -

SP 3242 - Remote Control - Tubes [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4751.

SP 3243 - Now - Tubes [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4632.

SP 3244 - T.R.A.S.H. (Tubes Rarities And Smash Hits) - Tubes [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4870.

SP 3245 -

SP 3246 -

SP 3247 - Caliente! - Gato Barbieri [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4597.

SP 3248 - The Dude - Quincy Jones [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 3721.

SP 3249 - Sounds... And Stuff Like That!! - Quincy Jones [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4685.

SP 3250 - Only A Lad - Oingo Boingo [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4863.

SP 3251 - Nothing To Fear - Oingo Boingo [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4903.

SP 3252 - Good For Your Soul - Oingo Boingo [1983] Reissue of A&M SP 4959.

SP 3253 - East Side Story - Squeeze [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4854.

SP 3254 -

SP 3255 - Waiata - Split Enz [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4848.

SP 3256 - Time And Tide - Split Enz [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4894.

SP 3257 - Joe Cocker's Greatest Hits - Joe Cocker [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4670.

SP 3258 - Greatest Hits - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4252.

SP 3259 - The Best Of Procol Harum - Procol Harum [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4401.

SP 3260 - The Best Of Gino Vannelli - Gino Vannelli [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 3729.

SP 3261 - Smile!/The Best Of Tim Weisberg - Tim Weisberg [1982] Reissue of A&M SP 4749.

SP 3262 -

SP 3263 - South Of The Border - Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass [1984] Reissue of A&M SP 108/4108.

SP 3264 - Going Places!! - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass [1984] Reissue of A&M SP 112/4112.

SP 3265 - What Now My Love - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass [1984] Reissue of A&M SP 114/4114.

SP 3266 - The Beat Of The Brass - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass [1984] Reissue of A&M SP 4146.

SP 3267 - Greatest Hits - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass [1984] Reissue of A&M SP 4245.

SP 3268 -

SP 3269 -

*SP 3270 - An Old-Fashioned Christmas - Carpenters [1984] (1-85, #180) Angels We Have Heard On High/Do You Hear What I Hear?/First Noel/Frosty The Snowman/Gesu Bambino/Good King Wenceslas/Happy Holiday/He Came Here For Me/Here Comes Santa Claus/Home For The Holidays/I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day/I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/In Dulce Jubilo/It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Little Altar Boy/Little Jesus/March Of The Toys/My Favorite Things/Nutcracker Medley/O Holy Night/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Old-Fashioned Christmas/Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer/Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

SP 3271 - Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive - Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive [1984] Reissue of A&M SP 4871.

SP 3272 -

SP 3273 - Show Some Emotion - Joan Armatrading [1984] Reissue of A&M SP 4663.

SP 3274 -

SP 3275 -

Gold Mountain GM 3276 - Dancing in the Dragon's Jaw - Bruce Cockburn [1984] The label on this issue is Gold Mountain. Creation Dream/Hills Of Morning/Badlands Flashback/Northern Lights/After The Rain/Wondering Where The Lions Are/Incandescent Blue/No Footprints

SP 3277 -

*SP 3278 - The Best, Volume Two - Quincy Jones [1984] Boogie Joe, The Grinder/Gula Matari/Hikky-Burr/Is It Love That We're Missing'/One Hundred Ways/Razzamatazz/Sanford And Son Theme (The Streetbeater)/Things Could Be Worse For Me/You've Got It Bad Girl

SP 3279 -

SP 3280 -

SP 3281 -

SP 3282 - The Best - Chuck Mangione [1985] Feels So Good/Hill Where The Lord Hides/Bellavia/Fun And Games/Children Of Sanchez//Land Of Make Believe/Give It All You Got/Chase The Clouds Away/Cannonball Run Theme/Doin' Everything With You

Gold Mountain GM 3283 - The Trouble With Normal - Bruce Cockburn [1985] The label on this album is Gold Mountain. The Trouble With Normal/Candy Man's Gone/Hoop Dancer/Waiting For The Moon//Tropic Moon/Going Up Against Chaos/Put Our Hearts Together/Civilization And Its Discontents/Planet Of The Clowns

From this point, most, if not all of the items in this reissue series were issued on CD. Many of the items from here on, especially the later numbers in this series, were not issued on vinyl. Numbering prefix for CDs was either "CD-xxxx" or the UPC numbering system (75021-xxxx-2), with both numbers being used at times on the same item. In the UPC system, vinyl issues had a suffix of "-1" and CDs used the suffix of "-2" (cassettes used "-4"). For the sake of simplicity, the UPC numbering system is shown here without suffix, indicating both the vinyl LP and CD number. For those items where we are certain a vinyl LP was issued, we have used the suffix "-1". It was also at about this point that the label changed from the silver label to the black label.

75021-3284 - ...Famous Last Words... - Supertramp [1986] Reissue of A&M SP 3732.

75021-3285 - Footsteps In The Dark: Greatest Hits, Volume Two - Cat Stevens [1986] Reissue of A&M SP 3736.

75021-3286 - Body And Soul - Joe Jackson [1986] Reissue of A&M SP 5000.

75021-3287 -

75021-3288 -

75021-3289-1 - History Never Repeats (The Best of Split Enz) - Split Enz [1987] I Got You/Hard Act To Follow/Six Months In A Leaky Boat/What's The Matter With You/One Step Ahead/I See Red/Message To My Girl/History Never Repeats/I Hope I Never/Dirty Creature/Poor Boy

SP 3295 - Nada Como El Sol - Sting [1987] Mariposa Libre/Fragile/Si Estamos Juntos//Ellas Danzan Solas (Cueca Solas)/Fragilidad

At 3299, the number sequence breaks to accomodate the short SP-3300 series that was started in 1979. The reissue series jumps to 3310.

SP-3300 series (1979):

*SP 3300 - Halloween Horrors, Ghost Stories And Sound Effects - Various Sound Effects [1979] Auto Crash/Automobile/Bats/Baying Dogs/Breaking Window/Bubbling/Cackle-Witches Laughter/Cats/Chains/Chimes/Church Bells/Creaking Door (Opening And Closing)/Creaking Iron Gate/Crickets/Dripping Water/Earthquake/Explosion/Falling Scream/Fire/Flying Saucer/Foghorn/Galaxy Sounds/Ghost/Giant Space Ship/Gong/Groans/Gunshots/Helicopter Taking Off And Landing/Horse And Wagon/Howling/Interstellar Communication/Laser Ray Gun/Lion Roar/Machine Gun/Mob Scene/Monsters Breathing/Monsters Roar/Owls/Panther Howl/Pipe Organ/Police Siren/Rain/Screams/Ship Creaking/Shutters Banging/Snake Hiss/Snarling Dogs/Space Station Computer/Storm At Sea/Sounds Of Halloween (And Other Useful Effects)/Swords Clashing/The Story Of Halloween Horror/Thunder And Lightening/Train/Violin/Wind

3301 -

*SP 3302 - How Cruel - Joan Armatrading [1979] (12-79, #136) 4-song EP. He Wants Her/How Cruel/I Really Must Be Going/Rosie

SP 3303 - 3309 - ?

Reissue series continues:

75021-3310 -

75021-3311 - Outlandos D'Amour - Police [1988] Reissue of A&M SP 4753.

75021-3312 -

75021-3313 -

75021-3314 -

75021-3315 -

75021-3316 -

75021-3317 -

75021- 3318 -

75021-3319 -

75021-3320 -

75021-3321 -

75021-3322 -

75021-3323 -

75021-3324-1 - The Sky's Gone Out - Bauhaus [1989] Reissue of A&M SP 4918.

75021-3325-1 - Burning From The Inside - Bauhaus [1989] Reissue of A&M SP 4953.

SP 3400 series:

SP 3401 -

SP 3402 - Zoom - Zoom [1974]

SP 3403 -

SP 3404 -

SP 3405 - Love Will Keep Us Together - Captain & Tennille [1975] (6-75, #2) Love Will Keep Us Together/Disney Girls/The Way I Want To Touch You/Cuddle Up/The Good Songs//God Only Knows/Honey Come Love Me/Feel Like A Man/Broddy Bounce/Gentle Stranger/I Write The Songs

SP 3406 - Bazuka - Tony Camillo's Bazuka [1975] T.C.'S Inferno/Side Dish/Come To Me/Bazuka Limited/I'm Gonna Love Lovin' You //Love Explosion/Shark Bite/Walkin' Tall/Dynomite/Earthquake/T.C.'S Inferno (Reprise)

SP 3407 - She & I - Gap Mangione [1975] Love's Theme/The Masquerade/Please Send Me Someone To Love/Samba de Orpheo/Things Ain't What They Used To Be

SP 3408 - Once I Loved - Esther Satterfield [1975] Lift Every Voice & Sing/Love is Stronger Far Than We/Jikele Mawoni/Look To the Children/Summertime/Love Music/Just Leave Me Alone/Once I Loved/You Are the Sunshine Of My Life/The Summer Knows/For Once In My Life

SP 3409 - Slow, Hot Wind - Gerry Niewood [1975] Eberhard/Reverend Roller/Speedy Gonzales/Slow, Hot Wind/Witchcraft/plus 3 compositions by Niewood

*SP 3410 - Carl Graves - Carl Graves [1976] Baby Don't Knock/Be Tender With My Love/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/Don't Throw It All Away/Heart Be Still/How Can I Be A Man/My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me)/That's The Way Love Is/Welcome Home/You're Gonna Be All Alone

*SP 3411 - The Need To Be - Esther Satterfield [1976] (7-76, #180) Bird Of Beauty/Chase The Clouds Away/He's Gone/If You Know Me Any Longer Than Tomorrow/Long Hard Climb/New World Comin'/Sarah/The Need To Be/You Must Believe In Spring

SP 3412 - Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless) - Various Artists [1976] (11-76, #42) Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless) - Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr./Bellavia - Chuck Mangione/Bless Yhe Beasts And The Children - Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr./My Reverie - Ira Sullivan/Chase The Clouds Away - Chuck Mangione//Zero To Sixty In Five - Pablo Cruise/Down The Line - Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr./Feelings - Herb Ohta/Rainbow City - Tim Weisberg/Emmanuel - Michel Colombier/Nadia's Theme (Reprise) (The Young And The Restless) - Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin Jr.

SP 3413 - Six Squeeze Songs Crammed Into One Ten Inch Record - Squeeze [1978] 10-inch LP.

SP 3500 series (+53500 Quadrophonic series):

*SP 3501 - Burt Bacharach - Burt Bacharach [1971] (6-71, #18) All Kinds Of People/And The People Were With Her/April Fools/Freefall/Hasbrook Heights/Mexican Divorce/Nikki/One Less Bell To Answer/(They Long To Be) Close To You/Wivew And Lovers

SP 3502 - Carpenters - Carpenters [1971] (6-71, #2) Reissued in 1974 in quadraphonic as A&M QU 53502. Rainy Days And Mondays/Saturday/Let Me Be The One/(A Place To) Hideaway/For All We Know//Superstar/Druscilla Penny/One Love/Bacharach-David Medley: Knowing When To Leave-Make It Easy On Yourself-(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me-I'll Never Fall In Love Again-Walk On By-Do You Know The Way To San Jose/Sometimes

*SP 3503 - Wings - Michel Colombier with Paul Williams, Lani Hall, Herb Alpert, Vermettya Royster & Bill Medley [1971] All In All/Doesn't Anybody Know?/Earth/Emmanuel/For Those Who Cannot Hear/Freedom And Fear/Morning Is Come Again/Pourquoi Pas'/Thalassa/We Could Be Flying

*SP 3504 - Booker T. & Priscilla - Booker T. & Priscilla [1971] (8-71, #106) (2-LP set) California Girl/Cool Black Dream/Delta Song/Earth Children/For Priscilla/Funny Honey/He/Indian Song/Medley From The Jones Ranch/Mississippi Voodoo/Ole Man Trouble/Sea Gull/She/Sister Babe/Sun Don't Shine/Sweet Child You're Not Alone/Water Brothers/Wedding Song

SP 3505 - A Song For You - Bill Medley [1971]

SP 3506 - Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore - Humble Pie [1971] (11-71, #21) (2-LP set) Four Day Creep/I'm Ready/Stone Cold Fever//I Walk On Gilded Splinters//Rolling Stone//Hallelujah (I Love Her So)/I Don't Need No Doctor

*SP 3507 - I Wrote A Simple Song - Billy Preston [1971] (1-72, #32) God Is Great/I Wrote A Simple Song/John Henry/Looner Tune/ My Country 'Tis Of Thee/Outa-Space/Should've Know Better/Swing Down Chariot/The Bus/Without A Song/You Done Got Older

SP 3508 -

*SP 3509 - Chilliwack - Chilliwack [1972] (2-LP set) Always/Antiphony/Changing Reels/Claps-Chants/Eat/Lonesome Mary/Night-Morning/Ride-Out/Ridin'/Rosie/Shine/Sleep Music/Traveling Music/Whistle-Flute Pads

SP 3510 -

SP 3511 - A Song For You - Carpenters [1972] (7-72, #4) Reissued in 1974 in quadraphonic as A&M QU 53511. A Song For You/Top Of The World/Hurting Each Other/It's Going To Take Some Time/Goodbye My Love/Intermission//Bless The Beasts And Children/Flat Baroque/Piano Picker/I Won't Last A Day Without You/Crystal Lullaby/Road Ode/A Song For You (Reprise)

SP 3512 -

SP 3513 - Lost And Found - Humble Pie [1972] (9-72, #37) (2-LP set) Take Me Back/The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake/The Light Of Love/Cold Lady/Down Home Again/Ollie, Ollie//Every Mothers Son/Heartbeat/Only You Can Say/Silver Tongue/Home And Away//Desperation/Stick Shift/Buttermilk Boy/Growing Closer/As Safe As Yesterday//Bang?/Alabama '69/I'll Go Alone/A Nifty Little Number Like You/What You Will

SP 3514 - Tyrannosaurus Rex (A Beginning) - Tyrannosaurus Rex [1972] (10-72, #113) (2-LP set) Deboraarobed/Stacey Grove/Winf Quartets/Conesuela/Trelawny Lawn/Aznageel The Mage/The Friends//Salamanda Palaganda/Our Wonderful Brownskin Man/Oh Harley (The Saltimbanques)/Eastern Spell/The Travelling Tragition/Juniper Suction/Scenescof Dynasty//Hot Rod Mama/Scenescof/Child Star/Strange Orchestras/Chateau In Virginia Waters/Dwarfish Trumpet Blues//Mustang Ford/Afghan Woman/Knight/Graceful Fat Sheba/Weilder Of Words/Frowning Atahuallpa (My Inca Love)

*SP 3515 - An Evening with Groucho - Groucho Marx [1972] (11-72, #160) (2-LP set) Annie Berger/Churchill And 2nd World War/Everybody Works But Father/Introduction/Laurence Olivier's Lap/Oh, How That Woman Could Cook/Overture/Polish Officer Story/2nd World War Bond Tour/Stay Down Where You Belong/Strange Relatives/Swayne's Rats And Cates/T.S. Eliot Memorial/Timbuctoo/Toronto Song/Tough Chicago Critic Story/Uncle Julius/World War One, Vaudeville In Toronto

SP 3516 - Music Is My Life - Billy Preston [1972] (12-72, #32) Reissued in 1974 in quadraphonic as A&M QU 53516. We're Gonna Make It/One Time Or Another/Blackbird/I Wonder Why/Will It Go Round In Circles/Ain't That Nothin'//God Loves You/Make The Devil Mad (Turn On To Jesus)/Nigger Charlie/Heart Full Of Sorrow/Music's My Life

SP 3517 - Smile - Bill Medley [1973] Hello Rock N' Roll/Wasn't It Easy/A Long Way To Go/Oh Me, Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)/All My Love's Laughter//Rock N' Roll Loser/It's Not Easy/Put A Little Love Away/The Greatest Performance Of My Life/Smile

SP 3518 - Lee Michaels Live - Lee Michaels [1973] (4-73, #135) (2-LP set) Hold On To Freedom/Call It Stormy Monday//Mad Dog/My Lady/Thumbs//Day Of Change/Drum Solo/War//Forty Reasons/Oak Fire/Heighty Hi/Rock Me Baby

SP 3519 - Now and Then - Carpenters [1973] (6-73, #2) Reissued in 1974 in quadraphonic as A&M QU 53519. Sing/This Masquerade/Heather (Instrumental)/Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/I Can't Make Music//Yesterday Once More/Medley: Fun, Fun, Fun-The End Of The World-Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)-Deadman's Curve-Johnny Angel-The Night Has A Thousand Eyes-Our Day Will Come-One Fine Day/Yesterday Once More (Reprise)

SP 3520 -

SP 3521 - Foursider - Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass [1973] (12-73, #196) (2-LP set) The Lonely Bull/More/The Girl From Ipanema/Hello Dolly/Taste of Honey/Whipped Cream/Tijuana Taxi/Zorba The Greek/If I Were A Rich Man/What Now My Love/The Shadow Of Your Smile/Mame/With A Little Help From My Friends/Casino Royale/Cabaret/This Guy's In Love With You/Moon River/Sunny/Warm/Without Her/Last Tango In Paris

SP 3522 - The Sergio Mendes Foursider - Sergio Mendes [1973] (2-LP set) Mais Que Nada/One Note Samba/Spanish Flea/Bim Bom/Look Around/(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay/Watch What Happens/With A Little Help From My Friends/Look Of Love/Norwegian Wood/Wave/After Midnight/Chelsea Morning/Fool On The Hill/For What It's Worth/Daytripper/Crystal Illusions (Memorias de -Marta Sare)/Pais Tropical/Ye-Me-Le/Laia Ladaia (Reza)/Promise Of A Fisherman/After Sunrise

SP 3523 - Foursider - Julius Wechter & Baja Marimba Band [1973] (2-LP set) Comin' In The Back Door/Spanish Flea/For Animals Only/Rhode Island Red/Big Red/Fresh Air/Spanish Eyes/Brasilia/I'll Marimba You/Samba De Orpheu/Las Mananitas/Sunrise, Sunset/We've Only Just Begun/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Those Were The Days/As Time Goes By/Winchester Cathedral/Yes Sir, That's My Baby/Acapulco 1922/Portuguese Washerwoman/Windy/Goin' Out The Side Door

*SP 3524 - The Liza Minnelli Foursider - Liza Minnelli [1973] (2-LP set) Cabaret/Come Rain Or Come Shine/Come Saturday Morning/God Bless The Child/I Will Wait For You/Lazy Bones/Leavin' On A Jet Plane/Liza (With A Z)/ Love Story/Married/Maybe This Time/Medley: Everybody's Talkin'-Good Morning Starshine/Medley: Mac Arthur Park-Didn't We/My Mammy/Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)/The Man I Love/Waiting For My Friend/You'd Better Sit Down, Kids

SP 3525 - Foursider - Sandpipers [1973] (2-LP set) A Gift Of Song/And I Love Her/The Windmlills Of Your Mind/Free To Carry On/Chotto Matte Kudasai (Never Say Goodbye)//An Old Fashioned Love Song/Misty Roses/The Long And Winding Road/A Song Of Joy (Himno A La Alegria)//Guantanamera/Louie, Louie/Kum-Ba-Ya/Cuando Sali' De Cuba/La Mer (Beyond The Sea)//Come Saturday Morning/Inch Worm/Yesterday/Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Softly As I Leave You/Never Can Say Goodbye

*SP 3526 - Everybody Likes Some Kind Of Music - Billy Preston [1973] (10-73, #52) Do You Love Me?/Everybody Likes Some Kind Of Music/How Long Has The Train Been Gone/I'm So Tired/It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)/Listen To The Wind/Minuet For Me/My Soul Is A Witness/Space Race/Sunday Morning/You're So Unique/You've Got Me For Company

*SP 3527 - Living Together - Burt Bacharach [1973] (1-74, #181) Balance Of Nature/I Come To You/I Might Frighgten Her Away/Living Together, Growing Together/Long Ago Tomorrow/Lost Horizon/Monterey Peninsula/Reflections/Something Big/Walk The Way You Talk

SP 3528 - That Was Only Yesterday - Gary Wright & Spooky Tooth [1973] (4-76, #172)(2- LP set) I Know - Gary Wright's Wonderwheel/That Was Only Yesterday - Spooky Tooth/The Wrong Time - Gary Wright/I've Got Enough Heartaches - Spooky Tooth/Two Faced Man - Gary Wright//Love To Survive - Gary Wright/Wildfire - Spooky Tooth/Nobody There At All - Spooky Tooth/Sunshine Help Me - Spooky Tooth/I Can't See The Reason - Gary Wright//Waitin' For The Wind - Spooky Tooth/Cotton Growing Man - Spooky Tooth/Fascinating Things - Gary Wright/Son Of Your Father - Spooky Tooth/Sing A Song - Gary Wright//Something To Say - Spooky Tooth/Stand For Our Rights - Gary Wright/Evil Woman - Spooky Tooth/Holy Water - Spooky Tooth

*SP 3529 - Reggae Spectacular - Various Artists [1976] 2-LP set. Black And White - Greyhound/Come Into My Life - Jimmy Cliff/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Blue Haze/I'm Gonna Use What I Got To Get What I Need - Jimmy Cliff/I've Been Trying ' Greyhound/La La Always Stay - Glen & Dave/Many Rivers To Cross - Jimmy Cliff)/Mine - Bob & Marcia/Moon River - Greyhound/My Ancestors - Jimmy Cliff/One Woman - Bob & Marcia/Pied Piper - Bob & Marcia/Save Me - Bob & Marcia/Sitting In Limbo - Jimmy Cliff/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Blue Haze/Time Will Tell - Jimmy Cliff/Unchained Melody - Blue Haze/Vietnam - Jimmy Cliff/Wild World - Jimmy Cliff/Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Jimmy Cliff/You'll Never Walk Alone - Blue Haze

SP 3530 - The Fairport Chronicles - Fairport Convention [1974] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Tale In Hard Time/Who Knows Where The Time Goes/Walk Awhile/Come All Ye/Listen, Listen [Sandy Denny]//Bridge Over The River Ash/I'll Keep It With Mine/My Girl The Month Of May [The Bunch]/Million Dollar Bash/The Way I Feel [Fotheringay]/Learning The Game [The Bunch]; Disc 2: Meet On The Ledge/Percy's Song/Now Be Thankful/Tam Lin//Genesis Hall/Fotheringay/Sloth/Farewell, Farewell/End Of A Holiday

Thanks to Jeffrey Lyness.

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