A&M Album Discography, Part 9
SP 4900-4999 (1982-1984)

By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: February 6, 2007

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SP 6-4900 - Revenge - Mayday [1982] Revenge/First Impressions/Middle Of The Night/Cherry/Ready Or Not//Mystery/Identify/Cruisin'/This Girl's On Fire

SP 4901 - 2XS - Nazareth [1981] (7-82, #122) Love Leads To Madness/Boys In The Band/You Love Another/Gate Crash/Games//Back To The Trenches/Dream On/Lonely In The Night/Preservation/Take The Rap/Mexico

SP 4902 - Pornography - Cure [1982] One Hundred Years/A Short Term Effect/The Hanging Garden/Siamese Twins//The Figurehead/A Strange Day/Cold/Pornography

SP 4903 - Nothing To Fear - Oingo Boingo [1982] (9-82, #148) Grey Matter/Insects/Private Life/Wild Sex (In The Working Class)/Running On A Treadmill//Whole Day Off/Nothing To Fear (But Fear Itself)/Why'd We Come/Islands/Reptiles And Samurai

*SP 4904 - Willie Phoenix - Willie Phoenix [1982] Dead From A Broken Heart/Kiss Quick Say Goodnight/Maybe It Won't Rain/Mary/New York Is Burning/No Signs Of Joanna/Rough Kiss/Sketch/Talk So Loud

SP 4905 - The Art Of Control - Peter Frampton [1982] (8-82, #174) I Read The News/Sleepwalk/Save Me/Back To Eden//An Eye For An Eye/Don't Think About Me/Heart In The Fire/Here Comes Caroline/Barbara's Vacation

SP 4906 - Night And Day - Joe Jackson [1982] (7-82, #4) Another World/Chinatown/T.V. Age/Target/Steppin' Out//Breaking Us In Two/Cancer/Real Men/A Slow Song

SP 6-4907 - Janet Jackson - Janet Jackson [1982] (11-82, #63) Say You Do/You'll Never Find (A Love Like Mine)/Young Love/Love And My Best friend//Don't Mess Up This Good Thing/Forever Yours/The Magic Is Working/Come Give Your Love To Me

SP 6-4908 - No Stranger To Danger - Payolas [1982] Romance/Eyes Of A Stranger/Some Old Song/Rose/Hastings Street//Youth/Lights To Change/Mystery To Me/Pennies Into Gold/Screaming/Rockers

SP 4909 - Out Of Our Hands - Pablo Cruise [1983] Will You, Won't You/Let It Go/You Might Be Wrong (But It's Alright)/Givin' It Back//Out Of Our Hands/On And On/Talk To Me Right/Another World/Treat Her Right

SP 4910 - Black Tiger - Y&T [1982] From The Moon/Open Fire/Don't Wanna Lose/Hell Or High Water/Forever//Black Tiger/Barroom Boogie/My Way Or The Highway/Winds Of Change

*SP 4911 - 70 Miles Young - Chuck Mangione [1982] Cannonball Run Theme/Feels So Good/Lullaby For Nancy Carol/Recuerdo/70 Miles Young

SP 4912 - The Key - Joan Armatrading [1983] (4-83, #32) (I Love It When You) Call Me Names/Foolish Pride/Drop The Pilot/The Key/Everybody Gotta Know//Tell Tale/What Do Boys Dream/The Game Of Love/The Dealer/Bad Habits/I Love My Baby

*SP 4913 - I Advance Masked - Andy Summers & Robert Fripp [1982] (11-82, #60) Aquarelle/China-Yellow Leader/Girl On A Swing/Hardy Country/I Advance Masked/In The Cloud Forest/Lakeland/New Marimba/Painting And Dance/Seven On Seven/Still Point/Stultified/Truth Of Skies/Under Bridges Of Silence

SP 4914 - Never Let You Go - Rita Coolidge [1983] I'll Never Let You Go/Tempted/Stop Wasting Your Time/Shadow In The Night/Only You//You Do It/Fools In Love/Do You Really Want To Hurt Me/You Ought To Be With Me/We've Got Tonite

*SP 4915 - Brimstone and Treacle - Various Artists [1982] A Kind Of Loving - Police/Bless This House - Brimstone Chorale/Brimstone And Treacle - Sting/Brimstone 2 - Sting/How Stupid Mr. Bates - Police/I Burn For You - Police/Narration - Sting/Only You - Sting/Spread A Little Happiness - Sting/Up The Junction - Squeeze/We Got The Beat - Go-Go's/When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder - Finchley Children's Music Group/You Know I Had The Strangest Dream - Sting

SP 4916 - Burning Rome - Burning Rome [1982]

SP 6-4917 - Too Dirty - Cahz Jankel [1982]

SP 4918 - The Sky's Gone Out - Bauhaus [1982] Third Uncle/Silent Hedges/In The Rain/Swing The Heartache/Spirit//The Three Shadows (Part I)/The Three Shadows (Part II)/The Three Shadows (Part III)All We Ever Wanted Was Everything/Exquisite Corpse

SP 4919 - Cuts Like A Knife - Bryan Adams [1983] (2-83, #8) The Only One/Take Me Back/This Time/Straight From The Heart/Cut's Like A Knife//I'm Ready/What's It Gonna Be/Don't Leave Me Lonely/Let Him Know/The Best Was Yet To Come

SP 4920 - Arias And Symphonies - Spoons [1982] Trade Winds/Smiling In Winter/One In Ten Words/No Electrons/No More Growing Up/Arias And Symphonies//Nova Heart/South American Vacation/A Girl In Two Pieces/Walk The Plank/Blow Away

SP 4921 - If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too? - Mental As Anything [1982] If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?/Let's Cook/Too Many Times/Got Hit/Looking For Bird/Ready For You Now/Chemical Travel//I Didn't Mean To Be Mean/Walking On Rails/Sad Poetry/Berserk Warriors/Psychedelic Peace Lamp/Catalinas Reward/Holiday In Auckland

*SP 4922 - Singles-45's And Under - Squeeze [1983] (1-83, #47) Annie Get Your Gun/Another Nail In My Heart/Black Coffee In Bed/Cool For Cats/Goodbye Girl/If I Didn't Love You/Is That Love/Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)/Slap And Tickle/Take Me, I'm Yours/Tempted/Up The Junction

SP 4923 - Hysteria - Human League [1984] (6-84, #62) I'm Coming Back/I Love You Too Much/Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again (Six Times)/Louise/The Lebanon//Betrayed/The Sign/So Hurt/Life On Your Own/Don't You Know I Want You

*SP 4924 - Kiddo - Kiddo [1983] Cheated, Mistreated/Give It Up/Strangers/Suzy's Gone/Thinking About Your Charm/Tired Of Looking/Try My Loving (Gimme Just Enough)/What I See, I Like

SP 4925 - Internal Exile - Los Illegals [1983] El Lay (L.A.)/Secret Society/We Don't Need A Tan/Guinea Pigs/The Maze/Rampage//Maybe/The Mall/Wake Up John/Search And Seizure/Not Another Homicide/A-95

SP 4926 -

*SP 4927 - Blast! (The Latest And The Greatest) - Brothers Johnson [1982] (1-83, #138) Ain't We Funkin' Now/Funk It (Funkadelala)/Get The Funk Outa Ma face/Great Awaking/I'll Be Good To You/I'm Giving You All Of My Love/Stomp!/Strawberry Letter 23/The Real Thing

SP 4928 - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) - Simple Minds [1982] (2-83, #69) Someone Somewhere In Summertime/Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel/Promised You A Miracle/Big Sleep/Somebody Up There Likes You//New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)/Glittering Prize/Hunter And The Hunted/King Is White And In The Crowd

SP 4929 - The Getaway - Chris De Burgh [1982] (4-83, #43) Don't Pay The Ferryman/Living On The Island/Crying And Laughing/I'm Counting On You/The Getaway//Ship To Shore/All The Love I Have Inside/Borderline/Where Peaceful Waters Flow/The Revolution-Light A Fire- Liberty

SP 4930 -

SP 4931 - Mike's Murder (Soundtrack) - Joe Jackson [1983] (9-83, #64) Cosmopolitan/1- 2-3-Go (This Town's A Fairground)/Laundromat Monday/Memphis/Moonlight//Zemeo/Breakdown/Moonlight Theme

SP 4932 - Active Force - Active Force [1983]

SP 6-4933 - D-Day - D-Day [1983] Dance It Off/Strange Feeling/Join The Ranks/Dream Song/Desperation//Radio On/Secret Worlds/Do You Read Me/Hold On/More Than That/Lonely People

SP 4934 -

SP 4935 - Espionage - Espionage [1983] The Sound Of Breaking Hearts/Your Love's For Sale/The Great Escape/Freedom/Miracles/Living Under Rocks//Good Things Don't Go On Forever/I Never Meant To Make You Cry (I'm Sorry)/Can't You Feel My Heartbeat/Ships Across The Night/One Night Stand

SP 6-4936 - Got My Eye On You - Johnny Koonce [1983] Fear Is Gone/Got My Eye On You/Dancing In The Dark/I'm Not Working For You//Don't Make Me Wait/I'll Take You Home/Media Sedation/Out On The Avenue

*SP 4937 - Sergio Mendes - Sergio Mendes [1983] (5-83, #27) Carnaval/Dream Hunter/Like In The Movies/Love Is Waiting/My Summer Love/Never Gonna Let You Go/Rainbow's End/Si Senor/Voo Doo

*SP 4938 - Starstruck (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1983] Body And Soul/Gimme Love/Humming A Tune/I Want To Live In A House/It's Not Enough/Monkey In Me/My Belief In You/Starstruck/Starstruck Finale/Starstruck Overture/Temper Temper/Tough/Turn Around

SP 4939 -

SP 4940 - Stay With Me Tonight - Jeffrey Osborne [1983] (8-83, #25) Don't You Get So Mad/We're Going All The Way/Stay With Me Tonight/Greatest Love Affair/Plane Love//Other Side Of The Coin/I'll Make Believe/When Are You Comin' Back?/Forever Mine/Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

SP 4941 - The Domino Theory - Bolland [1983] Ouverture/You're In The Army Now/The Dogs Of War/Heart Of Darkness/Cambodia Moon//Heaven Can Wait/To The Battleground/Long Day's Journey Into The Night/Let's Help A*R*Vi*N Out/Rendez-Vous With Radiation/Finale

SP 4942 - The 8th Day - 8th Day [1983]

SP 4943 - Grand Alliance - Grand Alliance [1983] Helpless/Call Me/Run To Him/Call Out My Name/Daddy Stay//Close Your Eyes/Morning After/Oh Darlin'/On The Border/After All (It's Goodbye)

SP 4944 -

SP 4945 - Carmina Burana - Ray Manzarek [1984] The Wheel Of Fortune/The Wounds Of Fate/The Face Of Spring/Sunrise/Welcome/The Dance/Sweetest Boy/If The Whole World Was Mine//Boiling Rage/The Roasted Swan/In The Tavern/Love Flies Everywhere/A Young Girl/Come, My Beauty/The Lovers/The Wheel Of Fortune

SP 4946 - Creatures Of Leisure - Mental As Anything [1983] Spirit Got Lost/Float Away/Brain Brain/Bitter To Swallow/Close Again/Nothing's Going Right Today//Working For The Man/Fiona/Seems Alright To Me/Drinking Of Her Lips/Red To Green/Let's Not Get Sentimental/Business And Pleasure

SP 4947 - Modern Medicine - Doc Holliday [1983] City Night/Dreamin'/Gimme Some/You Don't Have To Cry/Rock City//Hell To Pay/No Relation To Love/You Turn Me On/You Are Not Alone/You Like To Rock

*SP 4948 - Yours Forever - Atlantic Starr [1983] (11-83, #91) I Want Your Love/Island Dream/More, More, More/More Time For Me/Second To None/Touch A Four Leaf Clover/Tryin'/Who Could Love You Better?/Yours Forever

SP 4949 - Blow Your Own Horn - Herb Alpert [1983] (9-83, #120) Red Hot (Remixed Version)/True Confessions/Blow Your Own Horn/Gently (Suavemente)/The Midnight Tango//Garden Party/Paradise Cove/Latin Lady/Oriental Eyes/Sundown

SP 4950 -

*SP 4951 - Einzelhaft - Falco [1983] (5-83, #64) Auf Der Flucht/Der Kommissar/Einzelhaft/Ganz Wien/Helden Von Heute/Hinter Uns Die Sintflut/Maschine Brennt/Nie Mehr Schule/Siebzehn Jahr/Zuviel Hitze

*SP 4952 - Maiden Australia - Various Artists [1983] Close Again/Endlessly/Lumps Of Lead/Next Exit/Nothing Changes/Outlook For Thursday/Pressure Sway/Say I Love You/Security/Taxi Mary/Women In Uniform

SP 4953 - Burning From The Inside - Bauhaus [1983] She's In Parties/Antonin Artaud/Wasp/King Volcano/Who Killed Mr. Moonlight?//Slice Of Life/Honeymoon Croon/Kingdom's Coming/Burning From The Inside/Hope (Includes Alberta)

SP 4954 - Voice Of The Heart - CarpenterS [1983] (11-83, #46) Now/Sailing On The Tide/You're Enough/Make Believe It's Your First Time/Two Lives//At The End Of A Song/Ordinary Fool/Prime Time Love/Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore/Look To Your Dreams

SP 4955 - UB40: 1980-83 - UB40 [1983] King (Album Version)/Food For Thought/Present Arms/One In Ten/Silent Witness//So Here I Am/I Won't Close My Eyes/Don't Do The Crime/I've Got Mine (Extended Version)

SP 4956 - Sleeping With The Enemy - Roger Hodgson [unreleased]

SP 4957 -

SP 4958 - Hammer On A Drum - Payolas [1983] I'll Find Another (Who Can Do It Right)/Where Is This Love/Wild West/Perhaps Some Day/Never Said I Loved You (With Carole Pope)//No Prisoners/Christmas Is Coming/I Am A City/Hungry/People Who Have Great Lives

SP 4959 - Good For Your Soul - Oingo Boingo [1983] (9-83, #144) Who Do You Want To Be/Good For Your Soul/No Spill Blood/Cry Of The Vatos/Fill The Void/Sweat//Nothing Bad Ever Happens/Wake Up (It's 1984)/Dead Or Alive/Pictures Of You/Little Guns

SP 4960 - Mean Streak - Y&T [1983] (9-83, #103) Mean Streak/Straight Thru The Heart/Lonely Side Of Town/Midnight In Tokyo//Breaking Away/Hang 'Em High/Take You To The Limit/Sentimental Fool/Down And Dirty

SP 4961 - Doin' It My Way - Howard Johnson [1984]

SP 4962 - Dream Street - Janet Jackson [1984] (10-84, #147) Don't Stand Another Chance/Two To The Power Of Love (With Cliff Richard)/Pretty Boy/Dream Street//Communication/Fast Girls/Hold Back The Tears/All My Love To You/If It Takes All Night

SP 4963 - Conflicting Emotions - Split Enz [1984] (7-84, #137) Straight Old Line/Bullet Brain And Cactus Head/Message To My Girl/Working Up An Appetite/Our Day//No Mischief/The Devil You Know/I Wake Up Every Night/Conflicting Emotions/Bon Voyage

SP 4964 - The Prophet Rides Again - Dennis Brown [1983] Out Of The Funk/Jammin' My Way To Fame/Save A Little Love For Me/Wonders Of The World/Too Hot//The Prophet Rides Again/Historical Places (Ethiopia)/This Love Of Mine/Shashamane Living (Country Living)/Storms Are Raging

*SP 4965 - Out Of Control - Brothers Johnson [1984] Dazed/Do You/I Came Here To Party/It's All Over Now/Let's Try Love Again/Lovers Forever/Out Of Control/Save Me/Tokyo/You Keep Me Coming Back

SP 4966 - A Night In Heaven (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1983] Obsession - Michael Des Barres & Holly Knight/The Animal Song - Europeans/Which Side Of The Bed - English Beat/Long Way To Heaven - Tom Teeley/Down By The Waterfront - Kiddo//Heaven - Bryan Adams/Like What You See - Jan Hammer & Next/Reaction Time - Jan Hammer & Next/Sugar Don't Bite - Rita Coolidge/Dance To The Beat - Gary U.S. Bonds

SP 4967 - Octopussy (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1983] (7-83, #137) All Time High - Rita Coolidge/Arrival At The Island Of Octopussy/Bond At The Monsoon Palace/Bond Look-Alike/Bond Meets Octopussy/Chase Bomb Theme/Death Of Vijay/009 Gets The Knife/Gobinda Attacks/Palace Fight/That's My Little Octopussy/Yo-Yo Fight

SP 4968 - Cha - Jo Jo Zep & Falcons [1983]

SP 4969 - Once Bitten - Annabel Lamb [1983] Riders On The Storm/Once Bitten/Take Me In Your Arms/Heartland/Backwards Through The Looking Glass//Dividing The Spoils Of Love/Hold Fast/Snake Pliskin/Missing/No Cure

SP 4970 -

SP 4971 - Tour De Force - .38 Special [1983] (12-83, #22) If I'd Been The One/Back Where You Belong/One Time For Old Times/See Me In Your Eyes//Twentieth Century Fox/Long Distance Affair/I Oughta Let Go/One Of The Lonely Ones/Undercover Lover

SP 4972 - Escapade - Tim Finn [1983] (9-83, #161) Fraction Too Much Friction/Staring At The Embers/Through The Years/Not For Nothing/In A Minor Key//Made My Day/Wait And See/Below The Belt/I Only Want To Know/Growing Pains

SP 4973 - Hunters & Collectors - Hunters & Collectors [1983] Tow Truck/Drop Tank/Mouthtrap/Lumps Of Lead//Talking To A Stranger/Scream Who/Run, Run, Run

SP 4974 - Dazed For Days - Wendy & Rocketts [1983] No Control/Security/Play The Game/Have You Been Telling Me Lies/Over Yonder//I Can't Tell You/How Come You're Still Hanging 'Round/Magic Bullet/Nightflier

SP 4975 -

SP 4976 - G.T. - Gary Taylor [1983]

SP 4977 - Growin' Up Too Fast - Billy Rankin [1984] (3-84, #119) Baby Come Back/Rip It Up/Think I'm In love/Where Are You Now/Baby's Got A Gun//Never In A Million Years/Call Me Automatic/A Day In The Life/I Wanna Be Alone Tonight/Burning Down

SP 4978 - Coup De Grace - Coup [1984] Edge Of The Night/Tell It To Your Heart/(I've Really Got To Use My) Imagination/One Step Short Of Paradise/Love Is A Danger//There In The Night/Dangerous Games/Rosie/Don't Back Up/Cryin' Time (Is Here)

SP 4979 -

SP 6-4980 - Labour Of Love - UB40 [1983] (11-83, #14) Cherry Oh Baby/Keep On Moving/Please Don't Make Me Cry/Sweet Sensation/Johnny Too Bad//Red Red Wine/Guilty/She Caught The Train/Version Girl/Many Rivers To Cross

SP 4981 - Sparkle In The Rain - Simple Minds [1983] (2-84, #64) Up On The Catwalk/Book Of Brilliant Things/Speed Your Love To Me/Waterfront/East At Easter//Street Hassle/White Hot Day/C Moon Cry Like A Baby/The Kick Inside Of Me/Shake Off The Ghosts

SP 4982 - The Vision - Howard Johnson [1985] Stand Up/Knees/So Tuff/Outta My Head//You've Got A Lot To Learn/Show Me How/All We Have Is Love/Older Girl

*SP 4983 - Rumble Fish - Stewart Copeland [1983] Biff Gets Stomped By Rusty James/Brothers On Wheels/Cain's Ballroom/Don't Box Me In/Father On The Stairs/Hostile Bridge To Benny's/Motorboy's Fate/Our Mother Is Alive/Party At Someone Else's Place/Personal Midget/Tulsa Rags/Tulsa Tango/West Tulsa Story/Your Mother Is Not Crazy

*SP 4984 - Confetti - Sergio Mendes [1984] (5-84, #70) Alibis/Dance Attack/Kisses/Let's Give A Little More This Time/Morrer De Amor (To Die Of Love)/Olympia/Real Life/Say It With Your Body/Sound Of One Song

SP 4985 - Difford & Tilbrook - Difford & Tilbrook [1984] (7-84, #55) Action Speaks Faster/Love's Crashing Waves/Picking Up The Pieces/On My Mind Tonight/Man For All Seasons//Hope Fell Down/Wagon Train/You Can't Hurt The Girl/Tears For Attention/The Apple Tree

SP 4986 -

*SP 4987 - Track Record - Joan Armatrading [1984] (1-84, #113) Down To Zero/Drop The Pilot/Frustration/Heaven/(I Love It When You) Call Me Names/I'm Lucky/Love And Affection/Me Myself I/Rosie/Show Some Emotion/Weakness In Me/When I Get It Right/Willow

SP 4988 - Collectables - Lani Hall [1984]

SP 4989 - Have A Good Time - Valentine Brothers [1984]

SP 4990 - Medicine Show - Dream Syndicate [1984] (8-84, #171) Still Holding On To You/Daddy's Girl/Burn/Armed With An Empty Gun/Bullet With My Name On It//The Medicine Show/John Coltrane Stereo Blues/Merrittville

*SP 4991 - Tales of Glamour and Distress - Tom Teeley [1984] A Rocket And A Roman Candle/Bobalu/Heartland/Long Way To Heaven/Remember Gina/Shangri-La/She Got Away/Tales Of Glamour And Distress/Victoria/Woman In Love

SP 4992 -

*SP 4993 - Junge Roemer - Falco [1984] Brillantin' Brutal/Hoch Wie Nie/Ihre Tochter/Junge Roemer/Kann Es Liebe Sein/No Answer (Hallo Deutschland)/Nur Mit Dir/Steuermann/Tut-Ench-Amon (Tutankhamen)

SP 4994 -

SP 4995 - Standing In The Light - Level 42 [1983] The Micro-Kid/The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)/Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind/Dance Of Heavy Weather//A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time)/Standing In The Light/I Want Eyes/People/The Machine Stops

*SP 4996 - Lookin' For Trouble - Joyce Kennedy [1984] (9-84, #79) Chain Reaction/Chase The Night/Last Time I Made Love/Lookin' For Trouble/Love Is A Bet/Stronger Than Before/Tailor Made/Watch My Body/You Can Bet Your Life

SP 4997 -

*SP 4998 - Righeira - Righeria [1984] Disco Volante/Gli Parlaro Di Te/Jazz Musik/Kon-Tiki/Luciano Serra Pilota/No Tengo Dinero/Tanzen Mit Righeira/Vamos A La Playa

SP 4999 -

Thanks to Tim Tjernlund and Gert Nielsen.

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