Cypress Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, and David Edwards
Last update: October 9, 2006

The Cypress label was distributed by A&M. The original YL numbering system was changed to the 14166 0100-2 numbering system by PolyGram in 1990.

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

YL 0100 - Famous Blue Raincoat: The Songs of Leonard Cohen - Jennifer Warnes [1986] First We Take Manhattan/Bird On A Wire/Famous Blue Raincoat/Joan Of Arc/Ain't No Cure For Love/Coming Back To You/Song Of Bernadette/A Singer Must Die/Came So Far For Beauty

YL 0101 - High Risk - Tim Weisberg [1986] Passion/Hang Time/Take The Time/Kittyhawk/You've Got To Know/Rio Tropico/Naked Truth/High Risk/Heartchild/Say What/California Nights

YL 0102 - Letters Home - Wendy Waldman [1987] The Crossroads/Destined To Be Wild/Easy Way Out/Letter Home/Living In Hard Times/Longest Summer/Renegade Side/This Wall/Tonight/What Is The Price Of Love

YL 0103 - Highway Is for Heroes - Jesse Colin Young [1987] Before You Came/Do It Slow/Dreams Take Flight/Erica/Highway Is For Heroes/The Master/When You Dance/Young Girls

YL 0104 - Still Believe - Michael Tomlinson [1987] Dawning On A New Day/Highway Rain/Sunlight/Light Of Love/Still Believe/Run With Me/Don't Know When/Let Us Dream/So Long Garden Dream/Lover Of The World

YL 0105 - Punch the Big Guy - John Stewart [1987] Angels With Guns [with Rosanne Cash]/Strange Rivers/Hunters Of The Sun/Price Of The Fire [with Rosanne Cash]/Midnight Of The World/Night Of A Distant Star/Botswanna/Ticket To The Stars/Runaway Train/Children Of The New Frontier

YL 0106 - Power - Tower of Power [1988] Baby's Got The Power/Ball And Chain/Boys Night Out/Count On Me/Credit/On The One/Some Days Were Meant For Rain/Through Lovers' Eyes/Up Against Yourself

YL 0107 - Half a Book - Cheryl Wheeler [1988] Reissued on CD in 1991 on Northstar WS005. Emotional Response/I Don't Have The Time/I Don't Reach You Anymore/Tell Him Goodbye/In Your Heart/Rainin'//Half A Book/I See Your Eyes/Thinkin' Of Leavin'/Summer Fly/Piper

YL 0108 -

YL 0109 - In Full Swing - Full Swing [1988] September Rain/Last Port Of Call/Dance Of The Seven Veils/The Jungle/We're Rockin' In Rhythm/Anything Can Happen Here/Palacio Do Samba/Long Lost Lover/Busted For Boppin'/2 Good 2 Be 4 Gotten

YL 0110 - Taking Charge - Shirley Eikhard [1988] Roll That Rock/You're My Weakness/Something That Lasts/I Get So Jealous/Secrets/Night Of No Return/Someone Else/While We're Still Young/It's Understood/Pray For Rain

YL 0111 - Who Am I - Gary Wright [1988] Who Am I/Voices/Love Is On The Line/Take A Look/Blind Alley/Sad Eyes/Prey Of Your Love/(I Don't Wanna) Hold Back/It Ain't Right/Rose

YL 0112 -

YL 0113 -

YL 0114 - Hiding in Myself - Kenny Rankin [1988] Lovin' Side/Before The Fall/Delila/Hiding In Myself/Trouble Man/Keep The Candle Burnin'/Let's Get It On/She Knows Me Well/Down The Road/Velez/Muddy Creek/She Moves, Eyes Follow

YL 0115 - Slow Dance - Southside Johnny [1988] On The Air Tonight/Sirens Of The Night/Ain't That Peculiar/Little Calcutta/Act Of Love/Slow Dance/Your Precious Love/No Secret/When The Moment Is Right/Walking Through Midnight

YL 0116 - Run This Way Forever - Michael Tomlinson [1988] Asphaly Dream/Raining Away/Blue Eyes/No Bad Dreams/Yellow Windows/Waves/By A Friend/I Will Not Pass You By/Run Like The River Runs

YL 0117 -

YL 0118 -

YL 0119 -

YL 0120 - Lips Against the Steel - David Knopfler [1988] Heat Comes Down/What Then Must We Do/To Feel That Way Again/Someone To Believe In/Sculptress/Angie And Johnny/Whispers Of Gethsemane/Broken Wing

YL 0121 -

YL 0122 -

YL 0123 -

YL 0124 - French Laundry - Windows [1989] Lilac Blue/Spin Of Th' Wheel/Ships At Sea/New Sneakers/Top Of The Mountain/Night Whispers/Jamaican Basketball/Knockout Punch/Just Wondering/French Laundry

YL 0125 -

YL 0126 -

YL 0127 - Face Up in the Rain - Michael Tomlinson [1989] Gettin' Gone/Safe At Home/All Is Clear/I've Got Dreams/Rocks And Water/Always Alarming Me/Everything We Need/Light For Tomorrow/Such Good Friends/Everything I've Learned Is Going To Change/Years/The Way We're Going

YL 0128 - The End of the Sky - Full Swing [1989] Song For Everyman/The Last Thing I Should Say/The End Of The Sky/A Deeper Blue/Camel Island/Dear Diary/Local Hero/Another Life/A Footstep In The Snow/Like A Waterfall

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