Dark Horse Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: August 29, 2005

Dark Horse was George Harrison's label. He started it in 1974, but was under contract so he couldn't record for it himself until 1976.

A&M won a bidding war to get the rights to distribute the label in May, 1974. By 1976, A&M and Harrison were not on good terms, and A&M hit him with a $10 million lawsuit in October, 1976. Harrison responded by switching to Warner Bros. for distribution in November, 1976.

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. The Dark Horse label was tan with a dark orange band around the edge, broken by the letters "DARK HORSE RECORDS" from just left of top center to about the two o'clock position. The horse logo is above and to the left of the center hole. Promotional copies are the same, with "PROMOTION COPY" at the right above the album side designation.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

22000 series (A&M distribution)

SP 22001 - The Place I Love - Splinter [8/74] (10-74, #81) Gravy Train/Drink All Day (Got To Find Your Own Way Home)/China Light/Somebody's City//Costafine Town/The Place I Love/Situation Vacant/Elly-May/Haven't Got Time

SP 22002 - Shankar Family and Friends - Ravi Shankar [8/74] (1-75, #176) I Am Missing You/Kahan Gayelava Shyam Salon‚/Supan‚ M‚ Ay‚ Preetam Sainya/I Am Missing You (Reprise)/Jaya Jagadish Har‚//Overture/Festivity And Joy/Love-Dance Ecstasy/Lust (Raga Chandrakauns)/Dispute And Violence/Disillusionment And Frustration/Despair And Sorrow (Raga Marwa)/Awakening/Peace And Hope (Raga Bhatiyar)

SP 22003 - Jiva - Jiva [1974] Something's Going on Inside LA/The Closer I Get/Love Is a Treasure/Take My Love/Hey Brother//World of Love/What You're Waiting for You/It's Time You Know/Don't Be Sad/All Is Well

SP 22004 - 2nd Resurrection - Stairsteps [1975] From Us To You/Pasado/Theme From Angels/Lifting 2nd Resurrection/Time//Throwin' Stones Atcha/Far East/In The Beginning/Tell Me Why/Salaam

SP 22005 - Mind Your Own Business! - Henry McCullough [1975] Formerly guitarist with Paul McCartney's Wings. You'd Better Run/Sing Me A Song/I Can Drive A Car/Baby What You Do To Me/Country Irish Rose//Lord Knows/Down The Mine/Oil In My Lamp/Mind Your Own Business/I'm In Heaven

SP 22006 - Harder to Live - Splinter [1975] Please Help Me/Sixty Miles Too Far/Harder To Live/Half Way There/Which Way Will I Get Home//Berkley House Hotel/After Five Years/Green Line Bus/Lonely Man (from the film "Little Malcolm and His Struggle Against the Eunuchs")/What Is It (If You Never Ever Tried It Yourself)

SP 22007 - Ravi Shankar's Music Festival from India - Ravi Shankar [1976] Vandana/Dhamar/Taranga-Chaturang/Raga Jait//Kajri/Bhajan/Naderdani/Dehati

SP 22008 - Attitudes - Attitudes [1976] Group included noted session musicians David Foster, Danny "Kootch" Kortchmar & Jim Keltner. Ain't Love Enough/Street Scene/A Moment/You And I Are So In Love/Squank//Lend A Hand/Chump Change Romeo/First Ballad/Honey Don't Leave L.A./In The Flow Of Love

Warner consolidated series (2500 to 3600)

DH 3005 - Thirty Three and 1/3 - George Harrison [1976] (12-76, #11) Woman Don't You Cry For Me/Dear One/Beautiful Girl/This Song/See Yourself//It's What You Value/True Love/True Smokey/Crackerbox Palace/Learning How To Love You

DH 3021 - Good News - Attitudes [1977] Being Here With You/Drink My Water/Sweet Summer Music/Let's Talk Turkey/Foster's Frees/Turning In Space//Change/In A Stranger's Arms/Manual Dexterity/Promise Me The Moon/Good News

DH 3022 - Keni Burke - Keni Burke [1977] Lead singer with the (Five) Stairsteps. Keep On Singing/You Are All Mine/Day/It's The Last Time/Shuffle//Give All That You Can Give/Tell Me That You Love Me/Something New (Like A Sweet Melody)/From Me To You

DH 3073 - Two Man Band - Splinter [1977] Little Girl/Round And Round/Baby Love/I Apologize/Black Friday//New York City (Who Am I)/I Need Your Love/Motions Of Love/Silver/Love Is Not Enough

DHK 3255 - George Harrison - George Harrison [1979] (3-79, #14) Love Comes To Everyone/Not Guilty/Here Comes The Moon/Soft-Hearted Hana/Blow Away/Faster/Dark Sweet Lady/Your Love Is Forever/Soft Touch/If You Believe

DHK 3492 - Somewhere In England - George Harrison [1981] (6-81, #11) Blood From A Clone/Unconsciousness Rules/Life Itself/All Those Years Ago/Baltimore Oriole//Teardrops/That Which I Have Lost/Writing's On The Wall/Hong Kong Blues/Save The World

Warner consolidated series:

23734-1 - Gone Troppo - George Harrison [1982] (11-82, #108) Wake Up My Love/That's The Way It Goes/I Really Love You/Greece (Instrumental)/Gone Troppo//Mystical One/Unknown Delight/Baby Don't Run Away/Dream Away/Circles

25643-1 - Cloud Nine - George Harrison [1987] (11-87, #8) Cloud Nine/That's What It Takes/Fish On The Sand/Just For Today/This Is Love/When We Were Fab//Devil's Radio/Someplace Else/Wreck Of The Hesperus/Breath Away From Heaven/Got My Mind Set On You

25726-1 - Best Of Dark Horse 1976-1989 - George Harrison [1989] (11-89, #132) Poor Little Girl/Blow Away/That's The Way It Goes/Cockamamie Business/Wake Up My Love/Life Itself/Got My Mind Set On You/Crackerbox Palace/Cloud 9/Here Comes The Moon/Gone Troppo/When We Was Fab/Love Comes To Everyone/All Those Years Ago/Cheer Down

26964-2 - Live In Japan - George Harrison [1992] (8-92, #126) (2-CD set) I Want To Tell You/Old Brown Shoe/Taxman/Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)/If I Needed Someone/Something/What Is Life/Dark Horse/Piggies/Got My Mind Set On You//Cloud 9/Here Comes The Sun/My Sweet Lord/All Those Years Ago/Cheer Down/Devil's Radio/Isn't It A Pity/While My Guitar Gently Weeps/Roll Over Beethoven

EMI-Capitol/Dark Horse:

72435-41969-2-8 - Brainwashed - George Harrison [2002] Any Road/P2 Vatican Blues (Last Saturday Night)/Pisces Fish/Looking for My Life/Rising Sun/Marwa Blues/Stuck Inside a Cloud/Run So Far/Never Get Over You/Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea/Rocking Chair in Hawaii/Brainwashed

Thanks to David Newman, Dick Rosemont, Bill Harris, Alan Baratta, and Tom Brennan.

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