I.R.S. Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, & Dave Edwards
Last update: August 9, 2001

I.R.S. records was one of the first successful independent "punk rock" labels. Miles Copeland III started I.R.S. Records (International Record Syndicate, Inc.) in the U.S. in 1979 after some success in the U.K. with his Faulty Products/Illegal Records labels there. Miles was the older brother of Stewart Copeland, a drummer with the mid-'70s UK band Curved Air, but was much more into the production/business end of things than Stewart. (A third brother, Ian, went into the booking end of the music business). When Curved Air went inactive after Amnesty '86, Miles managed Stewart's new band, originally called Strontium 90, but later, the Police.

The Police were in the middle of a late-'70s phenomenon in the U.K.: pub bands, playing what was first called "pub rock," drifted into the angry-young-man style that became known as "punk rock." Miles Copeland took his brother's band's first single, "Fall Out"/"Nothing Achieving," around to all the UK labels, but could find no takers in the disco-steeped late '70s corporate music culture. So he launched his own label, Illegal Records, and sold over 70,000 copies of the Police single. Miles started several other labels, including Deptford Fun City, and grouped them all under the umbrella of Faulty Products.

Miles Copeland negotiated a contract with A&M Records for the Police, and when it came time to launch his labels in the U.S., A&M was interested. Analogous to the Faulty Products umbrella, he set up International Records Syndicate, Inc. (I.R.S.) here, and initially put out records under the Illegal Records label with International Records Syndicate prominently displayed. Other labels under the I.R.S. umbrella were A Step Forward Records, Rough Trade, Fásiön Music, Deptford Fun City Records, Industrial Records, and Spy Records. This rather quickly evolved, however, to I.R.S. being a label in itself.

The use of the name I.R.S. was obviously a wry allusion to the more famous IRS, the Internal Revenue Service. Miles Copeland and his brothers had grown up as sons of a C.I.A. official, and spent most of their lives outside the U.S. as their father was assigned in various places. As another tip of the hat toward their Federal Government background, brother Ian named his booking agency Frontier Booking International (F.B.I.).

I.R.S. was initially distributed by A&M. In early 1985, I.R.S. switched to MCA for distribution of all new material, although A&M continued to issue product recorded before 1985. In 1990, I.R.S. became distributed by Enigma. MCA continued to issue some material recorded between 1985 and 1990.

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album. This discography was put together from our record collections, Phonolog, A&M, Polygram, and Schwann Catalogs, and information contained on Mr. Bill's I.R.S. Corner. Several of the label photos are courtesy of Mr. Bill's I.R.S. Corner.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with I.R.S. Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2001 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents


SP 000/70000 Series:

SP 001 - Singles Going Steady - Buzzcocks [10/79] Reissued in 1982 as a midline album as I.R.S. IR 75001. Orgasm Addict/What Do I Get?/I Don't Mind/Love You More/Ever Fallen In Love/Promises/Everybody's Happy Nowadays/Harmony In My Head//What Ever Happened To?/Oh Shit/Autonomy/Noise Annoys/Just Lust/Lipstick/Why Can't I Touch It?/Something's Gone Wrong Again

SP 002 - Product Perfect - Fáshiön [1979] Reissued as IRS SP 70002. Product Perfect/Die In The West /Red, Green and Gold/Burning Down/Big John-Hanoi Annoys Me-The Innocent/Citinite/Don't Touch Me, Touch Me/Bike Boys/Fashion/Technofascist

SP 003 - Live at the Witch Trials - Fall [1979] Reissued as IRS SP 70003. Frightened/Crap Rap 2/Like To Blow/Rebellious Jukebox/No Christmas For John Quays/Various Times/Underground Medicin/Two Steps Back/Live At The Witch Trials/Futures & Pasts/Music Scene

SP 004 - Sabotage/Live - John Cale [1/23/80] Reissued as IRS SP 70004. Mercenaries (Ready For War)/Baby You Know/Evidence/Dr. Mudd/Walkin' The Dog/Captain Hook/Only Time Will Tell/Sabotage/Chorale

SP 005 - Things Aren't Right - Wazmo Nariz [10/79] Reissued as IRS SP 70005. The Mind Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Week/Who Does It Hurt?/Luncheonette Lovers/Stubbies/Plunger/Deeply//Checking Out The Checkout Girl/This Is Your Elbow/The Oven/Lips/Germ Proof Cleaners/Al's Radiator

SP 006 - Zoom - Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band with the Rootettes [1979] Reissued as IRS SP 70006. World War III/Do The Gator/The Loneliest Room In The World/Quarter Movie On My Mind/Sugar Daddy/Ignite It//She Wants To Move In/Dare To Be Fat/Motel Of Love/Dozin' And Droolin'/Express Train

SP 007 - Songs the Lord Taught Us - Cramps [1/23/80] Issued as Illegal Records SP 007; reissued as I.R.S. SP 70007. There are two different for this album; one has a 1979 copyright and the other has a 1980 copyright. The first sleeve has wrong track listings. TV Set/Rock On The Moon/Garbageman/I Was A Teenage Werewolf/Sunglasses After Dark/The Mad Daddy//Mystery Plane/Zombie Dance/What's Behind The Mask/Strychnine/I'm Cramped/Tear It Up/Fever [Reissued on CD by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0007-2 in 1990. The CD reissue has following bonus tracks: I Was A Teenage Werewolf (With False Start)/Mystery Plane (Original Mix)/Twist And Shout (previously unreleased)/I'm Cramped (Original Mix)/The Mad Daddy (Original Mix)]

SP 008 - Skafish - (Jim) Skafish [1980] Reissued as IRS SP 70008. Introduction/Joan Fan Club/Maybe One Time/Obsessions Of You/We'll See A Psychiatrist/Romantic Lessons//Work Song/Guardian Angel/Disgracing The Family Name/No Libaeration Here/Take It Out On You

SP 009 - A Different Kind of Tension - Buzzcocks [1/23/80] (2-80, #163) Reissued as IRS SP 70009; reissued in 1982 as a midline album as I.R.S. IR 70009. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5009-2. Paradise/Sitting Round At Home/You Say You Don't Love Me/You Know I Can't Help It/Mad Mad Judy/Raison D'Etre//I Don't Know What To Do With My Life/Money/Hollow Inside/A Different Kind Of Tension/I Believe/Radio Nine

Numbering system adds "70" at beginning of numbers and continues with same sequence.

SP 70010 - No Escape - Chelsea [1980] No Escape/Urban Kids/No Flowers/Trouble Is The Day/Right To Work/Look At The Outside//What Would You Do?/No One's Coming Outside/The Loner/Don't Get Me Wrong/Decide/Come On

SP 70011 - The Stranglers IV - Stranglers [1980] Includes 4-song 7" EP. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself/Dagenham Dave/Burning Up Time/Dead Ringer/Hanging Around/I Feel Like A Wog//Straighten Out/Curfew/Do You Wanna? Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)/5 Minutes/Go Buddy Go [Reissued in 1990 on CD by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0011-2. CD reissue track order: I Feel Like A Wog/Bitching/Dead Ringer/Dadenham Dave/Bring On The Nubiles/Something Better Change/No More Heroes/Peasant In The Big Vity/Burning Up Time/English Towns/School Man/5 Minutes]

SP 70012 - The Black Album - Damned [1980] (2-LP set; side 4 is live) Wait For The Blackout/Lively Arts/Silly Kids Games/Drinking About My Baby/Twisted Nerve/Hit Or Miss//Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde/Sick Of This And That/History Of The World (Part 1)/13th Floor Vendetta/Therapy//Curtain Call//Love Song/Second Time Around/Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2)/New Rose/I Just Can't Be Happy Today/Plan 9 Channel 7

SP 70013 - Tom Robinson's Sector 27 - Tom Robinson Band [1980] Invitation: What Have We Got To Lose?/Not Ready/Mary Lynne/Looking At You/Five Two Five//Total Recall/Where Can We Go Tonight?/Take Or Leave It/Bitterly Disappointed/One Fine Day

SP 70014 - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables - Dead Kennedys [scheduled 12/80] This album was scheduled to be released, but was not put out in the U.S. It was issued in the U.K. on the Faulty Products label. It was later replaced in the U.S. numbering sequence by the R.E.M. album below. Kill The Poor/Forward To Death/When Ya Get Drafted/Let's Lynch The Landlord/Drug Me/Your Emotions/Chemical Warfare//California Über Alles/I Kill Children/Stealing People's Mail/Funland At The Beach/Ill In The Head/Holiday In Cambodia/Viva Las Vegas

SP 70014 - Murmur - R.E.M. [1984] Originally issued as I.R.S. SP 70604 in 1983; reissued on CD by PolyGram in 1990 as I.R.S. 44797 0014-2. 9 To 9/Catapult/Laughing/Moon River/Moral Kiosk/Pretty Persuasion/Radio Free Europe/Shaking Through Romance/Sitting Still/We Walk/Talk About The Passion

SP 70015 - Play - Magazine [1981] Give Me Everything/A Song From Under The Floorboards/Permafrost/The Light Pours Out Of Me/Model Worker//Parade/Thank You (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)/Because You're Frightened/Twenty Years Ago/Definitive Gaze

SP 70016 - Psychedelic Jungle - Cramps [1981] Green Fuzz/Goo Goo Muck/Rockin' Bones/Voodoo Idol/Primitive/Caveman/The Crusher//Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk/Can't Find My Mind/Jungle Hop/The Natives Are Restless/Under The Wires/Beautiful Gardens/Green Door

SP 70017 - In A Place Like This - Payola$ [1981] In A Place Like This/I'm Sorry/Jukebox/Whiskey Boy/It's A Good Job/You Can't Walk Away//Too Shy To Dance/Hot Tonight/Female Hands/Comfortable/China Boys

*SP 70018 - Roman Gods - Fleshtones [1981] (3-82, #174) The Dreg (Fleshtone-77)/I've Gotta Change My Life/Stop Fooling Around!/Hope Come Back/The World Has Changed//R-I-G-H-T- S/Let's See The Sun/Shadow-Line/Chinese Kitchen/Ride Your Pony/Roman Gods

SP 70019 - Camera, Camera - Renaissance [1981] (12-81, #196) Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0019-2. Camera Camera/Faeries (Living At The Bottom Of The Garden)/Remember/Bonjour Swansong/Tyrant- Tula//Okichi-San/Jigsaw/Running Away From You/Ukraine Ways

SP 70020 - Magic, Murder and the Weather - Magazine [1981] About The Weather/So Lucky/The Honeymoon Killers/Vigilance/Come Alive//Great Man's Secrets/This Poison/Naked Eye/Suburban Rhonda/The garden

SP 70021 - Beauty and the Beat - Go-Go's [1981] (7-81, #1) There are 2 different covers for this album, one is pink and one is blue; this album was reissued as 75021. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5021-2. Our Lips Are Sealed/How Much More/Tonite/Lust To Love/This Town/We Got The Beat/You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep)/Fading Fast/Automatic/Skidmarks On My Heart/Can't Stop The World [CD reissue as I.R.S. CD 70021 in 1987includes bonus track: Surfing & Spying]

SP 70022 - Dark Continent - Wall of Voodoo [1981] (10-81, #177) Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0022-2. Red Light/Two Minutes Till Lunch/Animal Day/Full Of Tension/Me And My Dad/Back In Flesh//Tse Tse Fly/Call Box (1-2-3)/This Way Out/Good Times/Crack The Bell

SP 70023 - Strange Kicks - Alternative TV [1981] The Ancient Rebels/Strange Kicks/Communicate/Mirror Boy/Anye Is Back/My Hand Is Still Wet//Fun City/T.V. Operator/There Goes My Date With Doug/Cold Rain/Who Are They/Sleep In Bed

IRS-Suburban Industrial SP 70024 - Suburban Lawns - Suburban Lawns [1981] Flying Saucer Safari/Pioneers/Not Allowed/Gossip/Intellectual Rock/Protection/Anything//Janitor/Computer Date/Mom And Dad And God/Unable/When In The World/Green Eyes/Jam The Controls

SP 70025 - The Humans (Happy Hour) - Humans [1981] Get You Tonight/Lightning/Don't Be Afarid Of The Dark/Change/Foreign Culture//Invisible Man/Waiting At The Station/You Don't Wanna Know/Lost Control/Obituary

SP 70026 - Call of the West - Wall of Voodoo [1982] (1-83, #45) Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0026-2. Tomorrow/Lost Weekend/factory/Look At Their Way/Hands Of Love//Mexican Radio/Spy World/They Don't Want Me/On Interstate 15/Call Of The West

SP 70027 - Eraserhead (Soundtrack) - Eraserhead [6/82] Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0027-2.

SP 70028 - North by Northwest - Tom Robinson [6/82] Now Martin's Gone/Atmospherics/Can't Keep Away, Part 1/Looking For A Bonfire/Merrily Upon High//Those Days/In The Cold/The Night Tide/Duncannon/Love Comes

SP 70029 - The Lords of the New Church - Lords of the New Church [1982] Reissued as 75029. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5029-2. New Church/Russian Roulette/Question Of Temperature/Eat Your Heart Out/Portobello//Open Your Eyes/Lovin' On Livin'/Li'l Boys Play With Dolls/Apocalypso/Holy War

SP 70030 - After the Fact - Magazine [1982] Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0030-2.

SP 70031 - Vacation - Go-Go's [1982] (8-82, #8) Reissued as 75031. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5031-2. Vacation/He's So Strange/Girl Of 100 Lists/We Don't Get Along/I Think It's Me/It's Everything But Party Time//Get Up And Go/This Old Feeling/Cool Jerk/The Way You Dance/Beatnick Beach/Worlds Away

SP 70032 - Special Beat Service - English Beat [1982] (11-82, #39) Reissued as 75069. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5069-2. I Confess/Jeanette/Sorry/Sole Salvation/Spar Wid Me/Rotating Head//Save It For Later/She's Going/Pato And Roger A Go Talk/Sugar And Stress/End Of The Party/Ackee 1-2-3

SP 70033 - Time Line - Renaissance [1982] (5-83, #207) Flight/Missing Persons/Chagrin Boulevard/Richard IX/The Entertainer//Electric Avenue/Majik/Distant Horizons/Orient Express/Auto-Tech

SP 70034 - Hands of Fate - Richard Mazda [1984] Eyes On Fire/Hands Of Fate/Book Of Rules/Johannesburg//Let's Think/Last Week, This Week/Snakebites/The Crack For '84

SP 70035 - Fighter Pilot - Barry Diamond [1983] Comedy record.

SP 70036 - Jerky Versions of the Dream - Howard DeVoto [1983] Cold Imagination/Topless/Rainy Season/I Admire You/Way Out Of Shape//Some Will Pay (For What Others Pay To Avoid)/Waiting For A Train/Out Of Shape With Me/Taking Over Heaven/Seeing Is Believing

SP 70037 - Ark - Animals [1983] (9-83, #66) Loose Change/Love Is For All Time/My Favorite Enemy/Prisoner Of The Light/Being There/Hard Times//The Night/Trying To Get To You/Just Can't Get Enough/Melt Down/Gotta Get Back To You/Crystal Nights

SP 70038 - Conversation - Skafish [1983] Secret Lover/Wild Night Tonight/Made Up In The Dark/Victims Of The Night/She Lives For Love/Mother Is Waiting//Lover In Masquerade/She's Taking Her Love Away/I Might Move In Next Door/Bad Feelings Have Died/In Another Time In Another Place

SP 70039 - Is Nothing Sacred? - Lords of the New Church [1983] (10-83, #202) Reissued as 75039. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5039-2. Dance With Me/Bad Timing/Johnny Too Bad/Don't Worry Children/The Night Is Calling//Black Girl-White Girl/Goin' Downtown/Tale Of Two Cities/World Without End/Partners In Crime/Live For Today

*SP 70040 - What Is Beat? - English Beat [1983] (12-83, #87) Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0040-2. Best Friend/Can't Get Used To Losing You/Doors Of Your Heart/Get-A-Job/Hit It/I Confess/Mirror In The Bathroom/Save It For Later/Stand Down Margaret/Tears Of A Clown/Too Nice To Talk To/Twist & Crawl/What's Your Best Thing

SP 70041 - Talk Show - Go-Go's [1984] (4-84, #18) Reissued as midline LP SP 75041. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5041-2. Head Over Heels/Turn To You/You Thought/Beneath The Blue Sky/Forget That Day//I'm The Only One/Yes Or No/Capture The Light/I'm With You/Mercenary

SP 70042 - Bad Music for Bad People - Cramps [1984] Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0042-2. Garbageman/New Kind Of Kick/Love Me/I Can't Hardly Stand It/She Said/Goo Goo Muck (single mix)/Save It/Human Fly/Drug Train/TV Set/Uranium Rock

SP 70043 - Rip It To Shreds!: The Animals Greatest Hits Live! - Animals [1984] (9-84, #193) Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0043-2. Recorded December 31, 1983. It's Too Late/House Of The Rising Sun/It's My Life/Don't Bring Me Down/Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood//I'm Crying/Bring It On Home To Me/O Lucky Man!/Boom Boom/We've Got To Get Out Of This Place

SP 70044 - Reckoning - R.E.M. [1984] (5-84, #27) Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0044-2. Harborcoat/7 Chinese Brothers/Southern Central Rain (I'm Sorry)/Pretty Persuasion/Time After Time (Annelise)//Second Guessing/Letter Never Sent/Camera/Don't Go Back To Rockville/Little America

SP 70045 - Wish Thing - Torch Song [7/84] Featuring William Orbit. Don't Look Now/Telepathy/Ode To Billy Joe/Another Place//Prepare To Energize/Tattered Dress/Sweet Thing/You Said You Were Coming/Water Clock Secrets

SP 70046 - ...All the Rage - General Public [1984] (10-84, #26) Reissued as midline LP SP 75046. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5046-2. Hot You're Cool/Tenderness/Anxious/Never You Done That/Burning Bright//As A Matter Of Fact/Are You Leading Me On?/Day-To-Day/Where's The Line?/General Public

SP 70047 - Bachelor Party (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1984] (8-84, #203) Alley Oop - Darlene Love/American Beat ' 84 - The Fleshtones/Bachelor Party - Oingo Boingo/Crazy Over You - Jools Holland/Dream Of The West - Yip Yip Coyote/Little Demon - Adrian Zmed/Something Isn't Right - Oingo Boingo/What Kind Of Hell - The Alarm/Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys? - Angel & The Reruns/Wind Out - R.E.M.

SP 70648 - Cypress - Let's Active [1984] (11-84, #138) The catalog number was a combination of 70048 and 706xx, as the release was in both series. Easy Does/Waters Part/Lowdown/Gravel Truck/Crows On A Phone Line/Ring True/Blue Line/Flags For Everyghint/Prey/Co- Star/Ornamental/Counting Down/Grey Scale/Every Word Means No/Wake Up With Me/Edge Of The World/Room With A View/In Between/Leader Of Men/Two Yous

SP 70049 - The Method to Our Madness - Lords of the New Church [1985] (4-85, #158) Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5049-2. Method To My Madness/I Never Believed/Pretty Baby Scream/Flesh Flesh/When Blood Runs Cold//Murder Style/The Seducer/Kiss Of Death/Do What Thou Wilt/My Kingdom Come

SP 70050 - Declaration - Alarm [1985] Reissue of SP 70608. Later reissued as 75050. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5050-2. Declaration/Marching On/Third Light/Sixty-Eight Guns/We Are The Light/Shout To The Devil/Blaze Of Glory/Tell Me/The Deceiver/The Stand (Prophecy)/Howling Wind/Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?

At about this point, main distribution switches to MCA. The remaining issues in the A&M- Distributed series are issues of material recorded before this.

SP 70051 -

SP 70052 -

SP 70053 -

CD 70054 - Dead Letter Office - R.E.M. [1987] (5-87, #52LP, #20 CD) CD reissue of 70502 with additional material. CD issue only. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0054-2. Crazy/There She Goes Again/Burning Down/Voice Of Harold/Burning Hell/White Tornado/Toys In The Attic//Windout/Ages Of You/Pale Blue Eyes/Rotary Ten/Bandwagon/Femme Fatale/Walters Theme/King Of The Road

CD 70055 - A Different Kind of Tension/Parts 1-3 - Buzzcocks [1989] Reissue of SP 009 and SP 70507 on one CD. CD issue only. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0055- 2. Paradise/Sitting Round At Home/You Say You Don't Love Me/You Know I Can't Help It/Mad Mad Judy/Raison D'Etre/I Don't Know What To Do With My Life/Money/Hollow Inside/A Different Kind Of Tension/I Believe/Radio Nine/Are Everything/Strange Thing/What Do You Know/Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore/Airwaves Dream/Running Free

CD 70056 - Cypress/Afoot - Let's Active [1989] CD issue only. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0056-2. Easy Does/Waters Part/Lowdown/Gravel Truck/Crows On A Phone Line/Ring True/Blue Line/Flags For Everyghint/Prey/Co- Star/Ornamental/Counting Down/Grey Scale/Every Word Means No/Wake Up With Me/Edge Of The World/Room With A View/In Between/Leader Of Men/Two Yous

CD 70057 - Living Legend Series - Fleshtones [1989] CD issue; vinyl counterpart issued as SP 70557. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0057-2. Girl From Baltimore/Let's See The Sun/Stop Fooling Around/All Around The World/Shadow-Line/World Has Changed/Can't Get Enough Of Your Love/She's My Baby/American Beat '84/Ride Your Pony/Right Side Of A Good Thing/Screaming Skull/Deep In My Heart/Mean Ole Lonesome Train/Roman Gods/Hall Of Fame/Super Hexbreaker/I've Gotta Change My Life/Cold Cold Shoes/Theme From "The Vindicators"

CD 70058 - Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits - Cramps [1989] Reissue of SP 70016 and SP 501 on one CD. CD issue; vinyl counterpart issued as SP 70558. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0058-2. Green Fuzz/Goo Goo Muck/Rockin' Bones/Voodoo Idol/Primitive/Caveman/The Crusher/Don't Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk/Can't Find My Mind/Jungle Hop/The Natives Are Restless/Under The Wires/Beautiful Gardens/Green Door/Human Fly/The Way I Walk/Domino/Surfin' Bird/Lonesome Town

4479 70059 - Greatest - Go-Go's [1990] (11-90, #127) Our Lips Are Sealed/Cool Jerk/We Got The Beat/Head Over Heels/Get Up And Go/Vacation/Beatnik Beach/You Thought/I'm The Only One/This Town/Lust To Love/Mercenary/How Much More/Turn To You

SP 70400 12-inch EP Series [$4.98 list]:

SP 70400 - The Oingo Boingo EP - Oingo Boingo [1980] 10-inch EP, later reissued on 12".

SP 70401 - The Wall of Voodoo EP - Wall of Voodoo [1980]

SP 70402 - Up Front - Fleshtones [1980]

SP 70403 - Computer Datin' - Patrick D. Martin [1981]

SP 70404 - About the Weather EP - Magazine [1981] About The Weather/In The Dark/Operative

SP 70405 - Roman Gods Dance Mix - Fleshtones [1982] Ride Your Pony/Roman Gods/Chinese Kitchen

SP 70406 - The Crack EP - Cosmetics [1982] Crack/Crack/Caligraphy

SP 70407 - Mexican Radio EP - Wall of Voodoo [1982]

SP 70408 - The English Beat EP - English Beat [1983] I Confess (Dance Mix)/Jeanette

SP 70409 - Live for Today - Lords of the New Church [1983] (7-83, #203) Live For Today//Opening Nightmares/Dreams And Desires

SP 70410 -

SP 70411 -

SP 70412 -

SP 70413 -

SP 70414 -

SP 70415 - So Hot You're Cool - General Public [1985] So Hot You're Cool/So Hot You're Cool/Day To Day

SP 500/70500 Mini-LP Series [$5.98 list]:

SP 501 - Gravest Hits - Cramps [1979] Reissue of Illegal Records SP 501; available with various color covers. Human Fly/The Way I Walk/Domino/Surfin' Bird/Lonesome Town

SP 70502 - Chronic Town - R.E.M. [1982] Wolves Lower/Gardening at Night/Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars) //1,000,000/Stumble

SP 70503 -

SP 70504 - The Alarm - Alarm [1983] (7-83, #140) The Stand/Across The Border//Marching On/Lie Of The Land/For Freedom

SP 70505 - Afoot - Let's Active [1984] (2-84, #154) Every Word Means No/Make Up With Me/Edge Of The World//Room With A View/In Between/Leader Of Men

SP 70506 - The Bangles EP - Bangles [1983] Reissue of Faulty Products FEP 1302. The Real World/I'm In Line/Want You/Mary Street/How Is The Air Up There?

SP 70507 - The Buzzcocks, Parts 1-3 - Buzzcocks [1984] Reissue of promo IRS SP 70955. Are Everything/Strange Thing/What Do You Know/Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore/Airwaves Dream/Running Free

SP 70600 Developing Artists Series:

SP 70600 - Musical Madness from the Kinetic Kid - Klark Kent [1980] Also issued as by Klerk Kant. Original release was a 10 inch green vinyl, then 10 inch black vinyl, then 12 inch black vinyl.

SP 70601 - Life Is a Grand... - Henry Badowski [8/81] My Face/Henry's In Love/Swimming With The Fish In The Sea/The Inside Out/Life Is A Grand//Silver Trees/This Was Meant To Be/Anywhere Else/Baby, Sign Here With Me/Rampant

SP 70602 - Jools Holland & His Millionaires - Jools Holland [3/82] Like I Do To You/Goodbye World/Dynaflow/Waiting Game/Let Me In/Driven To Drink//Pineapple Chunk/One More Time/Much More Hope Than Me/When I'm Through/Glad You've Gone/First Drink Of The Day

SP 70603 - Evacuate - Chelsea [1982] Evacuate/How Do You Know/Cover Up/Looks Right/Tribal Song//War Across The Nation/Forty People/Running Free/Last Drink/Only Thinking

SP 70604 - Murmur - R.E.M. [1982] (5-83, #36) Reissued in 1984 as I.R.S. SP 70014. Radio Free Europe/Pilgrimage/Laughing/Talk About The Passion/Moral Kiosk/Perfect Circle//Catapult/Sitting Still/9-9/Shaking Through/We Walk/West Of The Fields

SP 70605 - Hexbreaker! - Fleshtones [1983] Deep In My Heart/What's So New (About You)?/Screaming Skull/Legend Of A Wheelman/New Scene/Hexbreaker//Right Side Of A Good Thing/Brainstorm/This House Is Empty/Want!/Burning Hell

SP 70606 - I Just Can't Stop It - English Beat [1983] Reissue of Sire SRK 6091. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 0606-2. Mirror In The Bathroom/Hands Off... She's Mine/Two Swords/Twist And Crawl/Rough Rider/Click Click//Big Shot/Whine And Grine-Stand Down Margaret/Noise In This World/Can't Get Used To Losing You/Best Friend/Jackpot

SP 70607 - Wha'ppen? - English Beat [1983] Reissue of Sire SRK 3567. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5070-2. Doors Of Your Heart/All Out To Get You/Monkey Murders/I Am Your Flag/French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud)/Drowning//A Dream Home In New Zealand/Walk Away/Over And Over/Cheated/Get-A-Job/The Limits We Set

SP 70608 - Declaration - Alarm [1984] (3-84, #50) Reissued as SP 70050, then as SP 75050. Declaration/Marching On/Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?/Third Light/Sixty-Eight Guns/We Are The Light//Shout To The Devil/Blaze Of Glory/Tell Me/The Deceiver/The Stand (Prophecy)/Howling Wind

SP 70648 - Cypress - Let's Active [1984] The catalog number was a combination of 70048 and 706xx, as the release was in both series. Easy Does/Waters Part/Lowdown/Gravel Truck/Crows On A Phone Line/Ring True//Blue Line/Flags For Everything/Prey/Co- Star/Ornamental/Counting Down

SP 70800 2-LP Series:

*SP 70800 - I.R.S. Greatest Hits, Vols. 2 & 3 - Various Artists [1981] (2-LP set) Action Time Vision - Alternative TV/Ain't That A Shame - Brian James/Baby Sign Here With Me - Henry Badowksi/Backtrack - Squeeze/Can't Keep Away - Sector 27/Cold, Cold Shoes - The Fleshtones/Computer Datin' - Patrick D. Martin/Disgracing The Family Name - Skafish/Fallout - The Police/I Live In The City - The Humans/Jukebox - The Payolas/Lips - Wazmo Nariz/Memphis - John Cale/Mess Around - Jools Holland/Office Girls - Klark Kent/Only A Lad - Oingo Boingo/Rebellious Jukebox - The Fall/Sodium Pentathol Negative - Fashion/Straighten Out - The Stranglers/Thrills - Klark Kent/Uranium Rock - The Cramps/Urban Kids - Chelsea/Wait For The Blackout - The Damned/You Say You Don't Love Me - The Buzzcocks

IR 7700 Mini-Album Series:

IR 7700 - Play - Humans [1980]

IR 7001 - Introducing Payola$ - Payola$ [1980]


SP 75000 Midline Reissue Series:

SP 75001 - Singles Going Steady - Buzzcocks [1982] Reissue of SP 001.

SP 75009 - A Different Kind of Tension - Buzzcocks [1982] Reissue of SP 009. Reissued on CD in 1990 by PolyGram as I.R.S. 44797 5009-2.


MCA Consolidated 5000 Series:

IRS 5591 - Arrive Without Traveling - Three O'Clock [1985] (5-85, #125) Her Head's Revolving/Each And Every Lonely Heart/Underwater/Mrs. Green/Hand In Hand/Knowing When You Smile//Half The Way There/Simon In The Park (With Tentacles)/Another World/The Girl With The Guitar (Says Oh Yeah)/Spun Gold

IRS 5592 - Fables of the Reconstruction - R.E.M. [1985] (6-85, #28) Feeling Gravitys Pull/Maps And Legends/Driver 8/Life And How To Live It/Old Man Kensey//Cant Get There From Here/Green Grow The Rushes/Kahoetek/Auctioneer (Another Engine)/Good Advices/Wendell Gee

IRS 5637 - The Big Heat - Stan Ridgway [1985] (4-86, #131) The Big Heat/Pick It Up (And Put It In Your Pocket)/Can't Stop The Show/Pile Driver/Walkin' Home Alone//Drive, She Said/Salesman/Twisted/Camouflage

IRS 5638 - Jane Wiedlin - Jane Wiedlin [1985] (10-85, #127) Blue Kiss/Goodbye Cruel World/Sometimes You Really Get On My Nerves/East Meets West/Somebody's Going To Get Into This House/Forever//Modern Romance/I Will Wait For You/One Hundred Years Of Solitude/Where We Can Go/My Traveling Heart

IRS 5662 - Seven Days in Sammystown - Wall of Voodoo [1985] Far Side Of Crazy/Business Of Love/Faded Love/Mona/Room With A View/Blackboard Sky//Big City/Dark As The Dungeon/Museums/Tragic Vaudeville/(Don't Spill My) Courage

IRS 5666 - Strength - Alarm [1985] (11-85, #39) Knife Edge/Strength/Dawn Chorus/Spirit Of '76//Deeside/Father To Son/Only The Thunder/The Day The Ravens Left The Tower/Walk Forever By My Side

IRS 5683 - Fine Young Cannibals - Fine Young Cannibals [1985] (1-86, #49) The group consisted of English Beat guitarists David Steele and Andy Cox along with vocalist Roland Gift. Johnny Come Home/Couldn't Care More/Don't Ask Me To Choose/Funny How Love Is/Suspicious Minds//Blue/Move To Work/On A Promise/Time Isn't Kind/Like A Stranger [CD bonus tracks: Johnny Come Home (Extended Mix)/Suspicious Minds (Suspicious Mix)]

IRS 5703 - Big Plans for Everybody - Let's Active [1985] (4-86, #111) Fell/In Little Ways/Last Chance Town/Reflecting Pool/Route 67//Still Dark Out/Talking To Myself/Whispered News/Won't Go Wrong/Writing The Book Of Last Pages

IRS 5726 - Killer Lords - Lords of the New Church [1985] Dance With Me/Hey Tonight/Russian Roulette/M-Style/The Lord's Prayer/Live For Today/Method To My Madness/Open Your Eyes/I never Believed/Black Girl White Girl/New Church/Like A Virgin

*IRS 5731 - Live! For Life - Various Artists [1986] Ages Of You - R.E.M./Hero Takes A Fall - The Bangles/Howling Wind - The Alarm/I Been Down So Long - Sting/Lively Up Yourself - Bob Marley & The Wailers Feat. The I-Threes/Love Lessons - Stewart Copeland & Derek Holt/Take Your Medicine - Oingo Boingo/Tempted - Squeeze/Tenderness - General Public/We Got The Beat - Go-Go's

IRS 5739 - Greetings from Timbuk 3 - Timbuk 3 [1986] (10-86, #50) The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades/Life Is Hard/Hairstyles And Attitudes/Facts About Cats/I Need You//Just Another Movie/Friction/Cheap Black And White/Shame On You/I Love You In The Strangest Way

IRS 5741 - Belinda Carlisle - Belinda Carlisle [1986] (6-86, #13 LP, #22 CD) Mad About You/I Need A Disguise/Since You've Gone/I Feel The Magic/I Never Wanted A Rich Man//Band Of Gold/Gotta Get To You/From The Heart/Shot In The Dark/Stuff And Nonsense

IRS 5782 - Hand to Mouth - General Public [1986] (10-86, #155) Come Again!/Faults And All/Forward As One/Murder/Cheque In The Post//Too Puch Or Nothing/Love Without The Fun/In Conversation/Never All There/Cry On Your Own Shoulder

IRS 5783 - Life's Rich Pageant - R.E.M. [1986] (8-86, #21 LP, #11 CD) Begin The Begin/These Days/Fall On Me/Cuyahoga/Hyena/Underneath The Bunker//The Flowers Of Guatemala/I Believe/What If We Give It Away?/Just A Touch/Swan Swan H/Superman

IRS 5797 - Laughing at the Pieces - Dr. & the Medics [1986] (9-86, #125) No-One Loves You When You've Got No Shoes/Kettle On A Long Chain/Come On Call Me/Watermelon Runaway/F ried Egg Bad Monday//Spirit In The Sky/Lucky Lord Jim/Moon Song/Barbara Can't Dance/Smallness Of The Mustard Pot

IRS 5801 - Human Frailty - Hunters & Collectors [1986] Say Goodbye/Is There Anybody In There?/Throw Your Arms Around Me/Everything's On Fire/Relief//The Finger/The 99th Home Position/Dog/Stuck On You/This Morning

IRS 5833 - Ever After - Three O'Clock [1986] Suzie's On The Ball Now/Look Into Our Eyes/When We Can/The Penny Girls/Follow Him Around//Warm Aspirations/Step Out Of Line/We Are One/If You Could See My Way/Songs And Gentle Words

IRS 5835 - Concrete Blonde - Concrete Blonde [1986] (2-87, #96) True/Your Haunted Hero/Dance Along The Edge/Still In Hollywood/Song For Kim (She Said)/Beware Of Darkness//Over Your Shoulder/Little Sister/(You're The Only One) Can Make Me Cry/Cold Part Of Town/True (instrumental) [CD bonus track: It'll Chew You Up And Spit You Out]

IRS 5981 - Weapons of Love - Truth [1987] (5-87, #115) Weapons Of Love/Winterland/Until It Burns/The Edge Of Town/Cover Up My Face//Respect/Come On Back To Me/This Way Forever/Another New Day/Soul Deep Fascination

IRS 5997 - Happy Planet - Wall of Voodoo [1987] Do It Again/Hollywood The Second Time/Empty Room/Chains Of Luck/When The Lights Go Out//Love Is A Happy Thing-Country Of Man/Joanne/Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac/The Grass Is Greener/Ain't My Day

IRS 6184 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1986] Good To Be Bad - Lords Of The New Church/Goo Goo Muck - Cramps/Haunted Head - Concrete Blonde/Life Is Hard - Timbuk 3/White Night - Torch Song//Strange Things Happen - Stewart Copeland/Over Your Shoulder - Concrete Blonde/Shame On You - Timbuk 3/Mind Warp - Lords Of The New Church/No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo

IRS 6211 - She's Having a Baby (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1988] (3-88, #92) Apron Strings - Everything But The Girl)/Crazy Love - Bryan Ferry/Desire (Come And Get It) - Gene Loves Jezebel/Full Of Love - Dr. Calculus/Happy Families - XTC/Haunted When The Minutes Drag - Love & Rockets/It's All In The Game - Carmel/She's Having A Baby - Dave Wakeling/This Woman's Work - Kate Bush/You Just Haven't Earned It Y et Baby - Kirsty MacColl

IRS 6262 - Eponymous - R.E.M. [1988] (10-88, #44LP, #15CD) New mixes. Can't Get There From Here/Radio Free Europe/Finest Worksong/It's The End Of The World As We Know It/Driver 8/The One I Love/(Don't Go Back To) Rockville/Gardening At Night/Romance/Fall On Me/South Central Rain/Talk About The Passion

IRS 6273 - The Raw & the Cooked - Fine Young Cannibals [1989] (3-89, #1) Digital recording. She Drives Me Crazy/Good Thing/I'm Not The Man I Used To Be/I'm Not Satisfied/Tell Me What//Don't Look Back/It's Ok (It's Alright)/Don't Let It Get You Down/As Hard As It Is/Ever Fallen In Love

IRS 6290 - Jump - Dennis Greaves & The Truth [1989] Wings Of A Prayer/Throwing It All Away/Shadow On The Sun/Let Freedom Reign/God Gave Rock And Roll To You//Tug Of War/Prisoner Of Love/Jealous Man/Listening To The Rain Again/Straight To My Heart

MCA Consolidated 42000 Series:

IRS-Primitive Man IRS 42011 - The Bears - Bears [1987] None Of The Above/Fear Is Never Boring/Honey Bee/Man Behind The Curtain/Wavelength//Trust/Raining/Superboy/Meet Me In The Dark/Figure It Out

IRS-Primitive Man IRS 42016 - Social Responsibility - Tirez Tirez [1987] Somebody Tell Me/In Your Own Back Yard/My Mistake/Paper Boy/Edge Town//Wake Up/See My Problems/Spin Your Wheels/Uptight

IRS 42019 - Orbit - William Orbit [1987]

IRS 42024 - Human Frailty/Living Daylight - Hunters & Collectors [1987] Reissue of IRS 5801 & IRS 36017.

IRS 42026 - Keep Thinking It's Tuesday - Doctor & The Medics [1987] Drive... He said/Wild Flowers/Gorilla/Jack Of Kent/When The Hammer Comes Down/Sea Of Stone//More/Madman Of Bernarae/I Keep Thinking It's Tuesday/Love And Everything You Eat/I Wanna Choke On Your Love/Age Of Gold

IRS 42050 - Flash Light - Tom Verlaine [1987] Cry Mercy, Judge/Say A Prayer/A Town Called Walker/Song/The Scientist Writes A Letter//Bomb/At 4 A.M./The Funniest Thing (Work Of Art)/Annie's Telling Me/One Time At Sundown

IRS 42055 - The Sound of Music - dB's [1987] (11-87, #171) Never Say When/Change With The Changing Times/I Lie/Molly Says/Bonneville/Any Old Thing//Think Too Hard/Working For Somebody Else/Never Before And Never Again/A Better Place/Looked At The Sun Too Long/Today Could Be The Day

IRS 42059 - R.E.M. No. 5: Document - R.E.M. [1987] (9-87, #10LP, #4 CD) Finest Worksong/Welcome To The Occupation/Exhuming McCarthy/Disturbance At The Heron House/Strange/Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)//The One I Love/Fireplace/Lightnin' Hopkins/King Of Birds/Oddfellows Local 151

IRS 42061 - Eye of the Hurricane - Alarm [1987] (11-87, #77) Rain In The Summertime/Newtown Jericho/Hallowed Ground/One Step Closer To Home/Shelter//Rescue Me/Permanence In Change/Presence Of Love/Only Love Can Set Me Free/Eye Of The Hurricane

IRS-Primitive Man IRS 42082 - Three Squares And A Roof - Balancing Act [1987] 3 Cars/This Is Where It All Begins/Kicking Clouds Across The Sky/Whispered Life/Adventure//The Ballad Of Art Synder/Red Umbrella/The Governor Of Pedro/Waiting For The Mail/Searching For This Thing/We're Not Lost

IRS 42098 - Strange Cargo - William Orbit [1987] Via Caliente/Fire And Mercy/Jump Set/Silent Signals/The Secret Garden//Out Of The Ice/Scorpion/Riding To Rio/Jimmy's Jag/The Mighty Limpopo/Theme Dream

IRS 42099 - The Equalizer And Other Cliff Hangers - Stewart Copeland [1987] Lurking Solo/Music Box/Screaming Lord Cole And The Commanches/The Equalizer Busy Equalizing/Green Fingers (Ten Thumbs)//Archie David In Overtime/Tancred Ballet/Dark Ships/Flowershop Quintet/Rag Pole Dance

IRS 42100 - Guitar And Son - Pete Haycock [1987] Liberty/Lucienne/Spikes/Terry Anne/Dr. Brown I Presume//The Claymore/Down The Bay Six/Rebecca/The New York Stakes/Follow That Frog

IRS 42110 - Fate - Hunters & Collectors [1988] Back On The Breadline/Wishing Well/You Can Have It All/Do You See What I See?/Around The Flame/Faraway Man/Under The Sun Where I Come From/What Are You Waiting For/So Long Ago/Real World/Something To Believe In/Breakneck Road/What's A Few Men

IRS 42124 - Eden Alley - Timbuk 3 [1988] (5-88, #107) Tarzan Was A Bluesman/Easy/Reckless Driver/Dance Fever/Sample The Dog/Too Much Sex, Not Enough Affection//Welcome To The Human Race/Eden Alley/Rev. Jack And His Roamin' Cadillac Church/A Sinful Life/Little People Make Big Mistakes/Reprise (Don't Stop Now)

IRS-Primitive Man IRS 42139 - Rise and Shine - Bears [1988] (4-88, #159) Aches And Pains/Best Laid Plans/Complicated Potatoes/Girl With Clouds/Highway 2/Holy Mack/Little Blue River/Nobody's Fool/Not Worlds Apart/Old Fat Cadillac/Rabbit Manor/Robobo's Beef/Save Me/You Can Buy Friends

IRS 42140 - The Ugly American in Australia - Wall of Voodoo [1988] Red Light/Crazy Crazy Melbourne/Wrong Way To Hollywood/Living In The Red/Blackboard Sky/The heart Never Can Tell/Far Side Of Crazy/Ring Of Fire/Mexican Radio

IRS 42151 - Every Dog Has His Day - Let's Active [1988] Every Dog Has His Day/Horizon/Sweepstakes Winner/Orpheus In Hades Lounge/Mr. Fool/Ten Layers Down//Too Bad/Night Train/Forty Years/Bad Machinery/I Feel Funny/Terminate

IRS 42194 - Big Boss Sounds! - Reckless Sleepers [1989] Tried To Please Her/This Heart/I Wake Up Loving You/Mesmerized/If We Never Meet Again//Big Before It Bursts/Mary Lou/Big Boss Sounds/Notting Hill Gate/It Came Quick (And It Didn't Stay Long)

*IRS 42195 - Survive - Nuclear Assault [1988] (8-88, #145) Brainwashed/Equal Rights/F Sharp/Fight To Be Free/Good Times Bad Times/Got Another Quarter/Great Depression/PSA/Rise From The Ashes/Survive/Technology/Wired

IRS 42197 - Radical Departure - Ranking Roger [1988] (8-88, #151) Falling Down/One Minute Closer (To Death)/Time To Mek A Dime/In Love With You/Smashing Down Another Door//So Excited/Mono Gone To Stereo/Your Problems/I Told You/Point Of View/I'll Be There

IRS 42199 - Angst - Chrome Molly [1988] Thanx For The Angst/Take Me I'm Yours/Don't Let Go/Come Back/I Want To Find Out//Take It Or Leave It/Living A Lie/Cut Loose/Too Far Gone/Set Me Free

IRS-Primitive Man IRS 42209 - Against All Flags - Tirez Tirez [1988] Missouri/One Way Down/Leap In The Dark/The Receiver/Never Begin//Unless I Miss My Guess/When Pilots Came/Against All Flags/Right As Rain/See The Living

*IRS 42240 - Guitar Speak - Various Artists [1988] (12-88, #171) Blood Alley 152 - Ronnie Montrose/Captain Zlogg - Hank Marvin)/Danjo - Pete Haycock/Let Me Out'a Here - Leslie West)/No Limit - Alvin Lee/Sharp On Attack - Steve Howe/Sloe Moon Rising - Rick Derringer/Sphinx - Phil Manzanera/Strut A Various - Robbie Krieger/The Prisoner - Randy California/Urban Strut - Steve Hunter/Western Flyer - Eric Johnson

IRS 42252 - Human Animal - Karel Fialka [1988] Sun In My Eyes/Hey Matthew/You Be The Judge/Ready For It Now/Undercurrents//This City/The Eyes Have It/Eat-Drink-Dance-Relax/Human Animal/L'Etoile D'Or

IRS 42254 - Show Of Hands - Show Of Hands [1989] Time Passes/Another War/Like Animals/Real Love/Contagious//Hard Lines/Retribution/Faraway/God Made The World/What Have We Done/Think Again

IRS 42260 - Candi - Candi [1988] Under Your Spell/Missing You/Shine On/Independent/Love Makes No Promises//Dancing Under A Latin Moon/Dance With Me/Lucky Night/Pleasure Island/Closer Than Ever - Featuring Eugene Hunt

IRS 42273 - Christmas - Ultraprophets Of Thee Psychick Revolution [1989] Stupid Kids/This Is Not A Test/Richard Nixon/Hot Dog/Punch And Judy/Great Wall Of China//Human Chain/Warhog/He Loves Them All Too Much/Royal Klutch Tattoo/My Operator/Hymn

IRS 42281 - Portent Hue - Caterwaul [1990] Innerlooped/Alex( Aphrodisiac/Maybe In A Million Years/Good For You/Small Things In Heaven/Stumped//Manna And Quail/Big Ox Laughing/Seven Rabbits/Bulldosage/This Regret/Fissure

*IRS 44797 - Greatest - Go-Go's [1990] Beatnick Beach/Cool Jerk/Get Up And Go/Head Over Heels/How Much More/I'm The Only One/Lust To Love/Mercenary/Our Lips Are Sealed/This Town/Turn To You/Vacation/We Got The Beat/You Thought

MCA Consolidated 10100 Series:

MCAD-10125 - The Raw & the Remix - Fine Young Cannibals [1990] I.R.S. logo on label and jacket. Remixes and 12' versions from Fine Young Cannibals and The Raw & the Cooked. She Drives Me Crazy/I'm Not Satisfied/Good Thing/Johnny Come Home/I'm Not The Man I Used To Be/She Drives Me Crazy/I'm Not Satisfied/It's Ok (It's Alright)/I'm Not The Man I Used To Be/Johnny Takes A Trip/Tired Of Getting Pushed Around/Don't Look Back

MCAD-11525 - The Finest - Fine Young Cannibals [1996] No I.R.S. logo anywhere on package. She Drives Me Crazy/The Flame/Johnny Come Home/Good Thing/Suspicious Minds/Blue/Ever Fallen In Love/Don't Look Back/Tell Me What/I'm Not The Man I Used To Be/Couldn't Care More/Funny How Love Is/Take What I Can Get/Since You've Been Gone

MCA Consolidated 39000 Series:

IRS-39025 - Playground - Truth [1985] Spread A Little Sunshine/Exception Of Love/So Many Things/Always On My Mind/I'm In Tune//Playground/Is There A Solution/It's A Miracle/Thursday Club/You Play With My Emotions

IRS-39058 - Giants - The Bolshoi [1985] Fly/Sliding Seagulls/Hail Mary//Giants/Happy Boy/By The River

IRS-36017 - Living Daylight - Hunters & Collectors [1987] Inside A Fireball/Living Daylight/Jnauary Rain//The Slab/Carry Me

IRS-39108 - Electric Folklore Live - Alarm [1988] (10-88, #167) Rescue Me/Strength/Rain In The Summertime/Spirit Of '76/Permanence Of Change/Blaze Of Glory

MCA Consolidated 81000 Series:

IRS 81000 - dB's Stand For Decibels - The dB's [1986] Black And White/Dynamite/She's Not Worried/The Fight/Espionage/Tearjerkin'//Cycles Per Second/Bad Reputation/Big Brown Eyes/I'm In Love/Moving In Your Sleep

IRS 81001 - Repercussion - The dB's [1987] Happenstance/We Were Happy There/Living A Lie/From A Window To A Screen/Ask For Jill/Amplifier//Neverland/Storm Warning/Ups And Downs/Nothing Is Wrong/In Spain/I Feel Good (Today)

MCA Consolidated 82000 Series:

IRS-82001 - Free - Concrete Blonde [1989] (5-89, #148) God Is A Bullet/Run Run Run/It's Only Money/Help Me/Sun/Roses Grow/Scene Of A Perfect Crime/Happy Birthday/Little Conversations/Carry Me Away

IRS-82002 - Headless Cross - Black Sabbath [1989] (5-89, #115) The Gates Of Hell/Headless Cross/Devil And Daughter/When Death Calls//Kill In The Spirit World/Call Of The Wild/Black Moon/Nightwing

IRS 82003 - New Anger - Gary Numan [1989] Devious/America/Cold Metal Rhythm/This Is Emotion/Don't Call My Name//Voix/Respect/New Anger/My Dying Machine/Child With The Ghost

IRS 82004 - No Habla - Robbie Krieger [1989] Wild Child/Eagles Song/It's Gonna Work Out Fine/Lonely Teardrops/Love It Or Leave It//The Big Hurt (Dolores)/Piggy's Song/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You/You're Lost Little Girl

IRS 82005 - New Anger - Gary Numan [1989] Devious/America/Cold Metal Rhythm/This Is Emotion/Don't Call My Name//Voix/Respect/New Anger/My Dying Machine/Child With The Ghost

IRS 82006 - Here To Hear - Wishbone Ash [1989] Cosmic Jazz/Keeper Of The Light/Mental Radio/Walk On Water/Witness To Wonder//Lost Cause In Paradise/Why Don't We/In The Case/Hole In My Heart (Part One)/Hole In My Heart (Part Two)

IRS 82007 - Rapture In The Chambers - Spirit [1989] Hard Love/Love Tonight/Thinking Of/Rapture In The Chambers/Mojo Man/Contact//The Prisoner/One Track Mind/Enchanted Forest/Human Sexuality/Shera Princess Of Power/End Suite

IRS-82010 - These People Are Nuts! - Various Artists [1989] Hilarious "liner notes" consist of clippings of bad reviews the various I.R.S. artists received. They let the music speak for itself. Nothing Achieving - Police/We Got The Beat - Go-Go's/Thunder - Wayne County & Electric Chairs/Checking Out The Checkout Girl - Wazmo Nariz/Dare To Be Fat - Root Boy Slim/Sign Of The Cross - Skafish (live)/Jack The Ripper - John Cale/Only A Lad - Oingo Boingo/Don't Care - Klark Kent/Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks/Whine & Grine-Stand Down Margaret - English Beat/Goo Goo Muck - Cramps/About The Weather - Magazine/Mexican Radio - Wall Of Voodoo/The Stand - Alarm/Superman - R.E.M./Spirit In The Sky - Dr. & The Medics/Like A Virgin - Lords Of The New Church/The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades - Timbuk 3/Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals/The Sheep's A Wolf - Caterwaul/It'll Chew You Up And Spit You Out - Concrete Blonde

IRS 82014 - Door Jams - Robbie Krieger [1989]

IRS 82015 - Edge Of Allegiance - Timbuk 3 [1989] National Holiday/Waves Of Grain/Dirty Dirty Rice/Pass It On/Standard White Jesus/Grand Old Party//Count To Ten/B-Side Of Life/Acid Rain/Daddy's Down In The Mine/Don't Give Up On Me/Wheel Of Fortune

IRS-82016 - Alligator - Leslie West [1989] Sea Of Fire/Waiting For The F Change/Whiskey/Alligator//I Put A Spell On You/All Of Me/The Stealer/Hall Of The Mountain King-Theme From Exodus/Dream Lover

IRS-82018 - Change - Alarm [1989] (10-89, #75) Sold Me Down The River/The Rock/Devolution Workin' Man Blues/Love Don't Come Easy/Hardland/Change II//No Frontiers/Scarlet/Where A Town Once Stood/Prison Without Prison Bars/Rivers To Cross/A New South Wales

IRS-82020 - Animal Logic - Animal Logic [1989] (12-89, #106) There's A Spy (In The House Of Love)/Someday We'll Understand/Winds Of Santa Anna/I'm Through With Love/As Soon As The Sun Goes Down//I Still Feel For You/Elijah/Firing Up The Sunset Gun/Someone To Come Home To/I'm Sorry Baby (I Want You In My Life)

IRS 82023 - Skin Mechanic- Gary Numan [1989] Survival/Respect/Call Out The Dogs/Cars/Hunger/Down In The Park//New Anger/Creatures/Are Friends Electric?/Young Heart/We Are Glass

IRS-82037 - Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde [1990] (6-90, #49) Bloodletting/The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden/Caroline/Darkness Of The Light/I Don't Need A Hero/Days And Days/The Beast/Lullabye/Joey/Tomorrow Wendy

IRS 82040 - A Round And A Bout - Squeeze [1990] Footprints/Pulling Mussels From A Shell/Black Coffee In Bed (Edit)/Slaughtered, Gutted And Heartbroken/Annie Gets Your Gun//Hour Glass/She Doesn't Have To Shave/By Your Side/Tempted/Labelled With Love

IRS 82041 - The Noise Of Art - Jan Akkerman [1990] Trojan Horse/You Can Keep A Bad Man Up/Bonnaville/Shame On You/Prelude: Friends Always//Prima Donna/Having Fun/Akkerman's Sombrero/My Pleasure/Quiet Storm

IRS 82043 - World Of His Own - Jools Holland [1990]

IRS 82046 - Rise And Shine - John Kay & Steppenwolf [1990] Let's Do It All/Time Out/Do Or Die/Rise And Shine/The Wall//The Daily Blues/Keep Rockin'/Rock 'N Roll War/Sign On The Line/We Like It, We Love It (We Want More Of It)

IRS-82048 - Un-led-ed - Dread Zeppelin [1990] (8-90, #116) Black Dog-Hound Dog/Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street)-Heartbreak Hotel/Living Loving Maid/Your Time Is Gonna Come/Bring It On Home//Whole Lotta Love/Black Mountain Side/I Can't Quit You Baby/Immigrant Song/Moby Dick


I.R.S. 13000 Consolidated Series:

In 1990, I.R.S. again switched distributors to Enigma, who changed the numbering system to the 13000 series. The reissued items had numbers whose last two digits corresponded to the 82000 series, and the series continued where the 82000 series left off (i.e., 82048 was followed by 13049). The CD prefix "X2-" is used here for convenience.

Reissues from 82000 series:

X2-13016 - Alligator - Leslie West [1989] Sea Of Fire/Waiting For The F Change/Whiskey/Alligator//I Put A Spell On You/All Of Me/The Stealer/Hall Of The Mountain King-Theme From Exodus/Dream Lover

X2-13046 - Rise And Shine - John Kay & Steppenwolf [1990] Let's Do It All/Time Out/Do Or Die/Rise And Shine/The Wall//The Daily Blues/Keep Rockin'/Rock 'N Roll War/Sign On The Line/We Like It, We Love It (We Want More Of It)

X2-13037 - Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde [1990] Reissue of I.R.S. 82037. Bloodletting/The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden/Caroline/Darkness Of The Light/I Don't Need A Hero/Days And Days/The Beast/Lullabye/Joey/Tomorrow Wendy

X2-13048 - Un-Led-Ed - Dread Zeppelin [1990] Reissue of IRS-82048. Black Dog-Hound Dog/Heartbreaker (At The End Of Lonely Street)-Heartbreak Hotel/Living Loving Maid/Your Time Is Gonna Come/Bring It On Home//Whole Lotta Love/Black Mountain Side/I Can't Quit You Baby/Immigrant Song/Moby Dick

New Issues:

X2-13049 - Tyr - Black Sabbath [1990] Anno Mundi (The Vision)/The Law Maker/Jerusalem/The Sabbath Stones//The Battle Of Tyr/Odin's Court/Valhalla/Feels Good To Me/Heaven In Black

X2-13053 - Collected Works - Hunters & Collectors [1991]

X2-13056 - Standards - Alarm [1990] (12-90, #177) The Road/Unsafe Building/The Stand/Sixty-Eight Guns/Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?/Absolute Reality/Strength/Spirit Of '76/Rain In The Summertime/Rescue Me/Sold Me Down The River/Devolution Workin' Man Blues/Happy Christmas (War Is Over)/Marching On/Blaze Of Glory

X2-13069 - Havana 3 a.m. - Havana 3 a.m. [1991] (5-91, #161) Joyride/Blue Motorcycle Eyes/Reach The Rock/Death In The Afternoon/Hole In The Sky/What About Your Future//The Hardest Game/Hey Amigo/Life On The Line/Surf In The City/Blue Gene Vincent/Living In This Town

X2-13070 - Fresh Evidence - Rory Gallagher [1990] Kid Gloves/The King Of Zydeco/Middle Name/Alexis (Instrumental)/Empire State Express//Ghost Blues/Heaven's Gate/The Loop (Instrumental)/Walkin' Wounded/Slumming Angel

*X2-13077 - Outland - Gary Numan [1991] Confession/Dark Sunday/Devotion/Dream Killer/From Russia Infected/Heart/Interval 1/Interval 2/Interval 3/My World Storm/1999/Outland/They Whisper You

X2-13087 - Raw - Alarm [1991] (5-91, #161) God Gave Somebody/Hell Or High Water/Lead Me Through The Darkness/Let The River Run Its Course/Moments In Time/Raw/Rockin' In The Free World/Save Your Crying/Wind Blows Away My Words/Wonderful World

X2-13135 - Operator's Manual - Buzzcocks [1991] Orgasm Addict/What Do I Get?/I Don't Mind/Autonomy/Fast Cars/Get On Our Own/Sixteen/Fiction Romance/Love You More/Noise Annoys/Ever Fallen In Love?/Operator's Manual/Nostalgia/Walking Distance/Nothing Left/ESP/Promises/Lipstick/Everybody's Happy Nowadays/Harmony In My Head/You Say You Don't Love Me/I Don't Know What To Do With My Life/I Believe/Are Everything/Radio Nine

X2-13137 - Walking in London - Concrete Blonde [1992] (3-92, #73) Ghost Of A Texas Ladies' Man/Walking In London/Les Coeurs Jumeaux/Woman To Woman/Why Don't You See Me/City Screaming/Someday?/I Wanna Be Your Friend Again/...Long Time Ago/It's A Man's World

*X2-13141 - Puzzle - dada [1992] (1-93, #111) Dim/Dizz Knee Land/Dog/Dorina/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/Mary Sunshine Rain/Moon/Posters/Puzzle/Surround/Timothy/Who You Are

X2-13152 - Murmur: The I.R.S. Years Vintage 1983 - R.E.M. [1992] 9 To 9/Catapult/Laughing/Moon River/Moral Kiosk/Pretty Persuasion/Radio Free Europe/Shaking Tough Romance/Sitting Still/We Walk/Talk About The Passion

X2-13154 - A Different Kind Of Tension/Parts 1-3 - Buzzcocks [1992] Reissue of IRS SP 70055.

X2-13161 - It's Not Unusual - Dread Zeppelin [1993]

*X2-13172 - Something Wicked - Nuclear Assault [1993] Another Violent End/Art/Behind Glass Walls/Chaos/Forge/Madness Descends/No Time/Poetic Justice/Something Wicked/The Other End/To Serve Man

X2-13173 - Entertaining Friends - Buzzcocks [1992] Recorded live in 1979. Ever Fallen In Love/I Don't Mind/Harmony In My Head/Promises/Orgasm Addict/Breakdown/What Do I Get?/Fiction Romance/Fast Cars/Oh Shit/Autonomy

X2-13200 - Document - R.E.M. [1993] Disturbance At The Heron House/Exhuming McCarthy/Finest Worksong/Fireplace/It's The End Of The World As We Know It/King Of Birds/Lightnin' Hopkins/Oddfellows Local 151/The One I Love/Strange/Welcome To The Occupation

*X2-13222 - Cross Purposes - Black Sabbath [1994] Back To Eden/Cardinal Sin/Cross Of Thorns/Dying For Love/Evil Eye/I Witness/Immaculate Deception/Psychophobia/The Hand That Rocks The Cradle/Virtual Death

I.R.S. 13800 E.P. Series:

X25G-13811 - Caroline - Concrete Blonde [1990] Caroline (edit)/Roses Grow (live)/Tomorrow Wendy (live)/The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden (live)/Little Wing

X25G-13849 - Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man - Concrete Blonde [1992] Ghost Of A Texas Ladies' Man/Bloodletting (extended version)/Everybody Knows/The Ship Song

I.R.S. Universal Product Code (UPC) Series:

72438 27986 - American Highway Flower - Dada [1994] All I Am/Ask The Dust/8 Track/Feel Me Don't You/Feet To The Sun/Gogo/Green Henry/Heaven And Nowhere/I/Pretty Girls Make Graves/Real Soon/S.F. Bar '63/Scum

72438 28309 2 - Another Music in a Different Kitchen/Love Bites - Buzzcocks [1994] Fast Cars/No Reply/You Tear Me Up/Get On Your Own/Love Battery/Sixteen/I Don't Mind/Fiction Romance/Autonomy/I Need/Moving Away From The Pulsebeat/Real World/Ever Fallen In Love/Operator's Manual/Nostalgia/Just Lust/Sixteen Again/Walking Distance/Love Is Lies/Nothing Left/E.S.P./Late For The Train

72438 29128 2 - Still in Hollywood - Concrete Blonde [1994] It'll Chew You Up And Spit You Out/Everybody Knows/Free/God Is A Bullet (live)/Probably Will/Mandocello/The Ship Song/Joey (acoustic version)/Little Wing/Roses Grow (live)/The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden (live)/Bloodletting (extended version)/Simple Twist Of Fate/Side Of The Road/100 Games Of Solitare/Tomorrow Wendy (live)

72438 29694 2 - Return to the Valley of the Go-Go's - Go-Go's [1994] (2-CD set) Live At The Canterbury/Screaming/Johnny Are You Queer?/Fun With Ropes/Fashion Seekers/Blades/He's So Strange/London Boys/Let's have A Party/Beatnik Beach/Remember Walking In The Sand/Lust To Love/How Much More/Cool Jerk/We Got The Beat (single mix)/Skidmarks On My Heart/This Town/Our Lips Are Sealed/Surfing And Spying/Vacation/Speeding/Get Up And Go/It's Everything But Party Time/Beneath The Blue Sky/Good For Gone/Head Over Heels/Turn To You/Yes Or No (single mix)/I'm With You/We Don't Get Along/Can't top The World/I'm The Only One/Mercenary (acoustic version)/Good Girl!/Beautiful/The Whole World Lost Its Head

72438 34368 2 - Frampton Comes Alive II - Peter Frampton [1995] Almost Said Goodbye/Can't Take That Away/Day In The Sun/For Now/Hang On To A Dream/I'm In You/Intro/Lying/More Ways Than One/Most Of All/Off The Hook/Talk To Me/Waiting For Your Love/You

72438 36761 2 - French - Buzzcocks [1996] I Don't Mind/Who'll Help Me To Forget/Get On Our Own/Unthinkable/Strange Thing/What Do I Get?/Energy/Breakdown/Innocent/Roll It Over/Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore/Last To Know/Running Free/Libertine/Why Can't I Touch It?/Noise Annoys/Isolation/Boredom/Do It/Harmony In My Head/I Believe/Orgasm Addict/Oh Shit/Fast Cars

72438 36962 2 - All Set - Buzzcocks [1996] Totally From The Heart/Without You/Give It To Me/Your Love/Point Of No Return/Hold Me Close/Kiss'N'Tell/What Am I Supposed To Do/Some Kinda Wonderful/What You Mean To Me/Playing For Time/Pariah/Back With You

72438 37072 2 - Recollection: The Best of Concrete Blonde - Concrete Blonde [1996] God Is A Bullet/Tomorrow Wendy/Joey/Scene Of A Perfect Crime/Someday?/Ghost Of A Texas Ladies' Man/Dance Along The Edge/Bloodletting (short version)/Happy Birthday/Caroline/Cold Part Of Town/Walking In London (edit)/Heal It Up/Everybody Knows/True/Mexican Moon/Still In Hollywood/Mercedes Benz (live)


I.R.S. (UK)
*IRS EIRSACD-1045 - Strange Affair - Wishbone Ash [1991] Dream Train/Hard Times/Renegade/Rollin'/Say You Will/Some Conversation/Standing In The Rain/Strange Affair/Wings Of Desire/You

IRS EIRSCD-1083 - The Full Compliment - Jools Holland [1991] Lost Chord/One More Time/Together Again/No One's To Blame/Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand/Lady Don't Fall Backwards/Cacophony/Movin' On/Me-You=Loneliness/Blue Guitar/Shake Rattle & Roll/D'Arcy's Farewell

I.R.S. (Germany)
*713092-2 - 5,000,000 - Dread Zeppelin [1991] Big Ol' Gold Belt/Do The Claw/Fab (Part 1)/Fab (Part 2)/Misty Mountain Hop/Nobody's Fault (Butt-Mon)/Stairway To Heaven/Stir It Up/Train Kept A Rollin'/When The Levee Breaks


M2G 24216 - Mosquitos - Stan Ridgway [1989] Heat Takes A Walk (Instrumental)/Lonely Town/Goin' Southbound/Dogs/Can't Complain//Peg And Pete And Me/Newspapers/Calling Out To Carol/The Last Honest Man/A Mission In Life

Unknown number:

? - Sass - Salvation [1990] Very Go Round/The Innocent/To High Heaven/Tumbleweed/Ravishing//(Clearing Out The) Debris/Bamboo/Leave By Day/Paint It Rose/Johnny Be Serious

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