Windham Hill Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards, & Mike Callahan
Last update: August 29, 2005

"Artists, I am told, are always searching for a new medium to explore. I honestly thought I had it, but it proved infeasible to lathe sound recordings into Tupperware. My apologies. The search goes on." - William Ackerman, 1977.

William Ackerman borrowed $300 and started Windham Hill Records in 1976, as a side line to his regular job as a carpenter/general contractor. He had already eschewed his father's occupation (college professor), but along the way he picked up a great vocabulary (reflected in his label's song titles, if nothing else), and a wry sense of humor. When I saw him live in the mid-1980s, he introduced a song by saying, "The title of this song is so sad I can't even bear to say it." And he didn't...! I had to go home and listen to records to find out that it was "The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit." And an unannounced guest at the concert was Michael Hedges. Now that was a guitar concert!

By 1982 he had recruited his cousin, Alex DeGrassi, as well as pianists George Winston and Liz Story to the label, and was getting some notice in the industry. He made a deal with A&M for manufacture and distribution of his product. With clever use of sampler discs which were played in stores, Ackerman got a whole new sound to listeners' ears: what would become known as new age jazz (although Ackerman himself reportedly hates that term for his label's music). In any case, neither purely classical nor purely jazz, it was perfect background music.

By 1984, Windham Hill was hot. But being the CEO of a top record company was not what Ackerman wanted in life, so he resigned as CEO. He built a home in Vermont with a state-of-the-art recording studio.

When A&M was sold to PolyGram, Windham Hill switched to BMG (RCA) for distribution. In 1992, Ackerman sold half his interest in the label to BMG, and in 1996, BMG bought the other half. Ackerman still records, and sure enough, he records for Windham Hill.

Tracks on each album are listed in the order they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the record number indicates we do not have information on the correct playing sequence of the tracks, and consequently they are listed in alphabetical order for that album. In the early days, when vinyl was the thing, the Windham Hill vinyl was exceptionally quiet. Also in the early days, the label used the "WH-" prefix for regular issues by artists, and the "C-" prefix for compilations. This lasted for two compilations' worth -- for the first two compilations, the 1981 and 1982. There was no 1983 sampler, and by the time the 1984 sampler was issued (WH-1035), the prefixes for all the albums were simplified to "WH-."

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Windham Hill Records. Should you be interested in acquiring the vinyl albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. Many of the vinly albums have been reissued on CD and are available in that mode. This story and discography are copyright 2001, 2005 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

WH-1000 Main Series:

WH-1001 - In Search of the Turtle's Navel - William Ackerman [1976] The Pink Chiffon Tricycle Queen/Ely/Windham Mary/Processional/The Second Great Tortion Bar Overland of West Townshend, Vermont, Jose Pepsi Attending//What the Buzzard Told Suzanne/Barbara's Song/Gazos/Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction/Dance for the Death of a Bird

WH -1002 - Mary's Garden - Linda Waterfall [1977] Linda is a Seattle area musician. Country Bar/Mary's Garden/Song for Elizabeth/The Spell/Gary//Grandma's Crumbcake/Cherry Tomato/The Bird Song/Lullaby/All Alone Tonight

WH-1003 - It Takes a Year - William Ackerman [1977] CD issued 1986. The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter (3:37)/Balancing/The Impending Death Of The Virgin Spirit (5:29)/It Takes A Year/The Townsend Shuffle/Tribute To The Philosophy Of James Estell Bradley/The Search For The Turtle's Navel/Rain Sequence (From The Townsend Shuffle)/The Rediscovery Of Big Bug Creek, Arizona

WH-1004 - Turning: Turning Back - Alex DeGrassi [1978] Turning/Swordfish/Luther's Lullaby/Blood And Jasmine/Window//Children's Dance/Waltz And March Of The Rhinoceri/Alpine Medley/Autumn Song/Turning Back

WH-1005 - Visions of the Country - Robbie Basho

WH-1006 - Childhood and Memory - William Ackerman [1979] The Wall and the Wind/The Velvet Gentleman/Anne's Song/Childhood and Memory/Sunday Rain/Seattle/Three Hesitant Themes/Murray's Song/Bodie

WH-1007 - Kidd Afrika - Kidd Afrika [1979] Originally from the San Francisco Bay area, Kidd Afrika moved to Seattle where they were a very popular club band until their breakup in 1982. I Believe In You/Handouts/She's My Lady/I'm Gonna Be More/Spread The News Around/Don't Mess With Mr. T/Take The Bait/Marmalade And Jam/Apologize

WH-1008 - Piano Solos of Erik Satie - Bill Quist

WH-1009 - Slow Circle - Alex DeGrassi

WH-1010 - The Art of Acoustic Steel String - Robbie Basso [1980]

WH-1011 - Soliloquy - David Qualey [1979]

WH-1012 - Autumn - George Winston [1980] (6-84, #139) Colors- Dance/Woods/Longing-Love//Road/Moon/Sea/Stars

WH-1013 - Willow - Daniel Hecht

WH-1014 - Passage - William Ackerman [1981] New digital recordings. Remedios/Processional/The Impending Death Of The Virgin Spirit (6:02)/Pacific/The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter (3:49)/Hawk Circle/Anne's Song/Passage

C-1015 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '81 - Various Artists [1981] Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter - William Ackerman/Santa Cruz - David Qualey/3 Gymnopedies - Bill Quist/Children's Dance - Alex DeGrassi/Variations On Clair De Lune - Robbie Basho//Moon - George Winston/Sleeping Lady - Alex DeGrassi/Autumn - Daniel Hecht/Seattle - William Ackerman

WH-1016 - Wild Dance - Scott Cossu

WH-1017 - Breakfast in the Field - Michael Hedges

WH-1018 - Clockwork - Alex DeGrassi

WH-1019 - Winter into Spring - George Winston [1982] (5-84, #127) January Stars/February Sea/Ocean Waves (O Mar)/Reflection//Rain-Dance/Blossom-Meadow/The Venice Dreamer, Parts 1 (Introduction) & 2

WH-1020 - Elements - Ira Stein & Walder [1982]

WH-1021 - Tideline - Darol Anger & Barbara Higbie [1982]

WH-1022 - Shadowfax - Shadowfax [1982] Angel's Flight/Vajra/Wheel Of Dreams/Oriental Eyes//Move The Clouds/A Thousand Teardrops/Ariki (Hummingbird Spirit)/Marie

WH-1023 - Solid Colors - Liz Story [1982] Wedding Rain/Pacheco Pass/Without You/Hymn/Things Without Wings/Solid Colors/Bradley's Dream/White Heart/Water Caves/Peace Pipe

C-1024 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '82 - Various Artists [1982] Remedios - William Ackerman/Blossom-Meadow - George Winston/The Happy Couple - Michael Hedges/Minou's Waltz - Ira Stein & Russel Walder/A Thousand Teardrops - Shadowfax//Wedding Rain - Liz Story/Tideline - Darol Anger & Barbara Higbie/Purple Mountain - Scott Cossu/Clockwork - Alex DeGrassi

WH-1025 - December - George Winston [1982] (3-83, #54; also charted during Nov-Dec holiday seasons 1986-90)Thanksgiving/Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head/Joy/Prelude/Carol Of The Bells/Night: Snow-Midnight-Minstrels//Variations On The Kanon By Johann Pachelbel/The Holly And The Ivy/Some Children See Him/Peace

WH-1026 - An Evening with Windham Hill, Live - Various Artists [1983] Rickover's Dream - Michael Hedges/Turning: Turning Back - Alex DeGrassi/Clockwork - Alex DeGrassi. Darol Anger, Michael Manring & Michael Spiro//Spare Change - Michael Hedges, Liz Story & Michael Manring/Visiting - William Ackerman, Chuck Greenberg & Michael Manring/Hawk Circle - William Ackerman, George Winston & Michael Hedges/Reflections-Lotus Feel - George Winston

WH-1027 - Vapor Drawings - Mark Isham [1983] Many Chinas/Sympathy And Acknowledgement/On The Threshold Of Liberty/When Things Dream/Raffles In Rio/Something Nice For My Dog/Men Before The Mirror/Mr. Moto's Penguin (Who'd Be An Eskimo's Wife)/In The Blue Distance

WH-1028 - Past Light - William Ackerman [12/20/83] Visiting/Garden/Three Observations Of One Ocean/Pacific II/Synopsis//Ventana/Threes/Synopsis II/Rain To River/Night Slip

WH-1029 - Shadowdance - Shadowfax [1983] (11-83, #145) New Electric India/Watercourse Way/Ghost Bird/Distant Voices/Shadowdance/Brown Rice/Karmapa Chenno/A Song For My Brother

WH-1030 - Southern Exposure - Alex DeGrassi [1983] Overland/Blue And White/Thirty- Six/Cumulus/Southern Exposure//Western/Sweet Waltz/Heavy Feet/Empty Room/Subway

WH-1031 - Nightnoise - Billy Oskay & Micheal O Domhnaill [1984] Duo later became known as Nightnoise. Nightnoise/The 19A/Bridges/False Spring/Duo//City Nights/After Five/Menucha (A Place With Water)/The American Lass/The Cricket's Wicket

WH-1032 - Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges [7/2/84] Aerial Boundaries/Bensusan/Rickover's Dream/Ragamuffin/After The Gold Rush//Hot Type/Spare Change/Menage A Trois/The Magic Farmer

WH-1033 - Islands - Scott Cossu [1984] Ohana/Gypsy Dance/St. Croix/Islands/Harlequin Messenger/Vashon Poem/Oristano Sojourn/Fawn

WH-1034 - Unaccountable Effect - Liz Story [1984] Unaccountable Effect/Devotion/Mostly The Hours/Starfinder/Rope Trick/My Heart, Your Heart/Leap Of Faith/Deeper Reasons

WH-1035 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '84 - Various Artists [1984] (10-84, #108) Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges/On The Threshold Of Liberty - Mark Isham/Ventana - William Ackerman/Thanksgiving - George Winston//Shadowdance - Shadowfax/Western - Alex DeGrassi/Oristana Sojourn - Scott Cossu/The Cricket's Wicket - Billy Oskay & Micheal O Domhnaill

WH-1036 - Live at Montreux - Darol Anger/Barbara Higbie Quintet (with Mike Marshall, Todd Phillips & Andy Narell) [1985] Egrets/The Lights In The Sky Are Stars/Daughter Of Cups/Egypt/Brann St. Sonata//In What Hour/Pumpkin Time/Tideline/Duet/Near Northern

WH-1037 - High Plains - Philip Aaberg [1985] Marias River Breakdown/Montana Half- Light/Lou Ann/Remembering This Place/Westbound/High Plains//The Big Open/Spring Creek/Three From The Hills: Sweetgrass-Once It's Gone...-In Every Direction/Going-To-The-Sun/Reflections/No Wonder They Sing

WH-1038 - Dreams of Children - Shadowfax [1985] (11-84, #126) Another Country/Snowline/The Big Song/The Dreams Of Children/Word From The Village/Kindred Spirits/Shaman Song/Above The Wailing Wall

WH-1039 - Country (Soundtrack) - George Winston [1984] Home/Sunday/Country Night/Chants/Winter Mantra/Parting Friends//Iowa Chill/Harvest Field/A Hymn/The Auction/Homecoming/Epilogue And Hymn

WH-1040 - Windham Hill Piano Sampler - Various Artists [1985] (12-85, #167) In Flight - Michael Harrison/Amy's Song - Peggy Stern/Lou Ann - Philip Aaberg/Morning With The Roses - Richard Dworsky/In This Small Spot - Tim Story//Out To Play - Paul Dondero/Listening To Evening - Allaudin Mathieu/Messenger Of The Son - Cyrille Verdeaux/Consolation - Rick Peller

WH-1041 - Film Music - Mark Isham [1985] Music From "Mrs. Soffel"/Music From "The Times Of Harvey Milk"/Music From "Never Cry Wolf"

WH-1042 - Transit - Ira Stein & Russell Walder [1986]

WH-1043 - Chiaroscuro - Mike Marshall & Darol Anger [1986] Dolphins/Saurians' Farewell/Beneath The Surface/Beloved Infidel//Piacenza/Coming Back/Dardanelles/Spring Gesture

WH-1044 - Unusual Weather - Michael Manring [1986] Welcoming/Huge Moon/Almost April/Unusual Weather/Sung To Sleep/Thunder Tactics/Lonnair Mobile/Homeward/Not Even The Summer/Sightings/Big Feelings/Thunder tactics (Reprise)/Manthing

WH-1045 - A Winter's Solstice - Various Artists [1985] (12-85, #77; also charted 1986) Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring - David Qualey/Engravings II - Ira Stein & Russell Walder/New England Morning - William Ackerman/High Plains (Christmas On The High- Line) - Philip Aaberg/Nollaig - Billy Oskay & Micheal O Domhnail//Greensleeves - Liz Story/Bach Bauree (From The French Suite) - Darol Anger & Mike Marshall/Northumbrian Lullabye - Malcolm Dalglish/Petite Aubade - Shadowfax/A Tale Of Two Cities - Mark Isham

*WH-1046 - Jogging the Memory - Malcolm Dalglish [1986] Air Born/Bell Pump/Jogging The Memory/New Waltz/Pillars/Pleiades/Rivulets/Spring Water At Jerry's Run/St. Basil's Hymn/Swimming Rocks/Trouser Pockets

WH-1047 -

WH-1048 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '86 - Various Artists [1986] (3-86, #102) Welcoming - Michael Manring/Devotion - Liz Story/Engravings - Ira Stein & Russel Walder/Dolphins - Mike Marshall & Darol Anger/Gwenlaise - Scott Cossu with Eugene Friesen/Another Country - Shadowfax//Hot Beach - Interior/New Waltz - Malcolm Dalglish/Marias River Breakdown - Philip Aaberg/Pittsburgh, 1901 (Theme From Mrs. Soffel) - Mark Isham/Near Northern - Darol Anger-Barbara Higbie Quintet

WH-1049 - Reunion - Scott Cossu with Eugene Friesen [1986] Sanibel/Mistico/Moira/Shepherd's Song/La Paloma (Flight Of The Dove)//Gwenlaise/Sweet Rose/Wedding At Jenny Lake/Morning Sketches

WH-1050 - Conferring with the Moon - Willaim Ackerman [1986] Conferring With The Moon/Improv 2/Lago De Montañas (Mountain Lake)/Big Thing In The Sky (For Jess)/Climing In Geometry//The Last Day At The Beach/Singing Crocodile/Processional/Shape Of The Land/Garage Planet/Conferring With The Moon (solo)

WH-1051 - Too Far to Whisper - Shadowfax [1986] (7-86, #114) Too Far To Whisper/What Goes Around/China Blue/The Orangutan Gang (Strikes Back)/Road To Hanna/Street Noise/Slim Limbs Akimbo/Tsunami/Maceo/Ritual

WH-1052 -

WH-1053 -

WH-1054 -

WH-1055 -

WH-1056 - Close Cover - William Mertens [1986] Close Cover/Tourtour/Circular Breathing/Struggle For Pleasure/Gentleman Of Leisure//Lir

WH-1057 - Something of Time - Nightnoise [1987] Timewinds/Perchance To Dream/The Erebus And The Terror/On The Deep/Hourglass/Shadows On A Dancefloor/Wiggy Wiggy/Tundra Summer/Après-Midi/Something Of Time/Toys Not Ties/I Still Remember/One For The Lad

WH-1058 -

*WH-1059 - Available Light - W.A. [William Allaudin] Mathieu [1987] Available Light/Devil's Dream/Hill Song/Honeybee Dancing/Moon At Noon/Picture Windows/To The Well/Transparencies/Unseen rain/What Are These Lights

*WH-1060 - One Night in Vienna - Richard Schönherz & Peter Scott [1987] Baynngume/Carnival/Diva/One Night In Vienna/Peace Of Mind/Windows Of The World/Wishing Well

*WH-1061 - Glass Green - Tim Story [1987] Conversation In The Rain/Fragile Madness/Glass Green/Gravities/Lure Of Silence/Oil On Wood/One Shameless Vision/To His Grand Sea/Woman At The Well

WH-1062 -

WH-1063 - She Describes Infinity - Scott Cossu [1987] Bajun Carnival/Angel Steps/The Triumph/Red Silk/Rice Paper/Arctic Hymn/Relevé/Napali Anthem/Christo's Theme/Visual Promise/She Describes Infinity

WH-1064 - High Plateau - Rubaja & Hernandez [1987] Puerto Del Sol (Gate Of The Sun)/Forest/Reflective Colors/Indian Woman/Mar (The Sea)/Oro Blance (White Gold)/Icebird/Dias Felices (Happy Days)/Pampa/Child's Dream

WH-1065 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '88 - Various Artists [1988] (2-88, #134) Wishing Well - Schönherz & Scott/Unseen Rain - W.A. Mathieu/Road To Hanna - Shadowfax/Angel Steps - Scott Cossu/Toys Not Ties - Shadowfax/Because It's There - Michael Hedges/To Be - Montreux/Indian Woman - Rubaja & Hernandez/Close Cover - Wim Mertens/Climbing In Geometry - William Ackerman/Woman At The Well - Tim Story

WH-1066 - Live on the Double Planet - Michael Hedges [1987] All Along The Watchtower/Because It's There/Silent Anticipations/Ready Or Not/Love Bizarre/Breakfast In The Field/Rikki's Shuffle/Woman Of The World/Double Planet/Funky Avocado/Come Together

*WH-1067 - Design - Interior [1987] Gaia/N.Y. 1908/Out Of Tokyo/River/Shadows Of You/Spring Walk

*WH-1068 - Morning Walk - Metamora [1988] Inside Passage/Long View/Lord Of The Sky/Lullaby Of Muffe/Morning Walk/North In The Mountains/Rhubarb/Siri's Arrival/Sunlight/Through The Woods

WH-1069 -

WH-1070 - Walking a Changing Line - Ian Matthews [1988] Dream Sequence/Standing Still/Except For A Tear/Following Every Finger/Alive Alone/On Squirrel Hill/Shadows Break/This Fabrication/Lovers By Rote/Only A Motion/Smell Of Home/Why Fight

WH-1071 -

WH-1072 - Windham Hill Records Guitar Sampler - Various Artists [1988] On The Way - David Cullen/Prelude From The Bridal Suite - Eric Tingstad/Sun And Water - Danny Heines/Night Crossing - John Doan/No City Lights - James Gordon/The Emperor's Choice - Chris Proctor & Paul Machlis/The handing Down - Edward Gerhard/Blue Ridge - Bruce Becvar/The Silver Plume Waltz - Bill Mize/Andecy - Andrew York/Cheyenne - Peter Maunu

WH-1073 - Valerian - Phillippe Saisse [1988] Land Of The Morning Calm/Valerian/Chihuahua Pearl/God Son Paris/Ma Muse/Rameau's Nephew/Glamorous Glennis/Im Memorian Faure/Aztec Ace/Tiahuanaco/Nougaro Groove

WH-1074 - Queen's Minstrel - Theresa Schroeder-Sheker [1988] Choose Me/Two Villancicos/Planctus Pellergrin/Ah Robyn, Gentle Robyn/Domino/Sedona/Beata Viscera/Amor Con Fortuna/Je Muir, Je Muir/Assumpta Est Maria In Coleum/Veni Sancte Spiritus/Gaude Virgo/Credo Of Ballymacoda/Is Milde Lomb

*WH-1075 - Hearsay - Paul McCandless [1988] Beside A Brook/Cloudy This Morning/Eyebright/Hologram/Kinesphere/Sojourner/Tail Wind

WH-1076 - At the End of the Evening - Nightnoise [1988] Windell/Of A Summer Morn/Hugh/Jaunting/The Courtyard/"Bring Me Back A Song"/Snow On High Ground/At The Races/Forgotten Carnival/The Cuillin Hills/Her Kansas Sun/End Of An Evening/The Swan

WH-1077 - A Winter Solstice II - Various Artists [1988] (12-88, #108) The Gift - Philip Aaberg/17th Century Canon - Paul McCandless/Prelude To Cello Suite #1 In G Major (Bach) - Michael Hedges/This Rush Of Wings - Metamora/Sung To Sleep - Michael Manring/E'en So, Lord Jesus Quickly Come-Dadme Albricias Hijos D'Eva (Sons Of Eve Reward My Tidings) - Modern Mandolin Quartet/"Bring Me Back A Song" - Nightnoise/Salve Regina - Therese Schroeder-Sheker/Chorale #220 (Bach) - Turtle Island String Quartet/Simple Psalm - Fred Simon/Flute Sonata In E-Minor, 3rd Movement (Bach) - Barbara Higbie & Emily Klion/Come Life Shaker Life - Malcolm Dalglish/Midieval Memory II - Ira Stein & Russel Walder/Abide The Winter - Will Ackerman/By The Fireside - William Allaudin Mathieu

WH-1078 - Imaginary Roads - William Ackerman [1988] The Moment/A Region Of Clouds/If You Look/Floyd's Ghost/Wondering Again (What's Behind The Eyes)/Dawn Treader/Prospect Of Darrow's Barn & Blossoms Of An Apple Spring.../Brother A Teaches 7/Innocent Moon/The Moment (Reprise)/If You Look (Version II)/Darrow's Barn (Version II)

WH-1079 -

WH-1080 -

WH-1081 - Switchback - Scott Cossu [1989] Featuring Van Manakas. Desert Lightning/Country Faire/Switchback/Serpentine Wall/Infinite Circles/Manhattan Underground/A Child's Eye (Jenny's Song)/Stehekin/Last Snow/Beyond The Looking Glass

WH-1082 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '89 - Various Artists [1989] (4-89, #176) Rameau's Nephew - Phillippe Saisse/Sojourner - Paul McCandless/Floyd's Ghost - Will Ackerman/Usually-Always - Fred Simon/Credo Of Ballymacoda - Therese Schroeder-Sheker//Walking Through Walls - Philip Aaberg/Life In The Trees - Michael manring/Manhattan Underground - Scott Cossu/Hugh - Nightnoise/Through The Woods - Metamora/A Visiting Card - Wim Mertens

WH-1083 - Toward the Center of the Night - Michael Manring [1989] Life In The Trees/A Way With Birds/Geometry/Near/Cats Go Forward/Blue Orleans/Renegade Intellectuals/Moving Darkness/Magnets/Far/Precise Moment Of Dusk/A Brief History Of The Wind/Funk & Disorderly

WH-1084 - Let Them Say - Montreux [1989] Let Them Say/October Wedding/Astronomics/Barbara's Dream/Mandolin Rising//Finding Time/Road To Vernazza/King Sod/Still Mountain/Free D

WH-1085 - Rockapella - Nylons [1989] (6-89, #136) Love This Is Love/Drift Away/Wildfire/Another Night Like This/No Stone Unturned/Count My Blessings/(All I Have To Do Is) Dream/Poison Ivy/Busy Tonight/Rise Up

WH6-1086 - Legacy: A Collection of New Folk - Various Artists [1989] Legacy - Pierce Pettis/My Father's Shoes - Cliff Eberhardt/Through The Leaves - Rebecca jenkins/My Name Joe - David Massengill/When You Were Mine - Blue Rubies/Handsome Molly - Bill Morrissey/Insanity Street - Lillie Palmer/I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair - John Gorka/Men And Women - Uncle Bonsai/Old World - Steven Roback/Blue Ballet - Anne Bourne/Go Man Go - Kirk Kelly/On Squirrel Hill - Ian Matthews/Salvador - Sara Hickman/New Toys - Milo Binder

WH-1087 -

WH-1088 - Upright - Philip Aaberg [1989] Upright/As If We Didn't Know/Every Deep Dream/Slow Dance/Oh, Yes/Welcome To The Church Of St. Anytime/New Life, New Blues/Why?/Not Wot! Thot/Frogman/View From Pony, Montana/Crying Smile/Slow Dance (Piano Reprise)/Thanks

Distribution changes to BMG:

WH-1089 - Land of the Bottom Line - John Gorka [1990] Land Of The Bottom Line/Armed With A Broken Heart/Raven In The Storm/One That Got Away/Full Of Life/Stranger In My Driver's Seat/Sentinel/Dream Street/Mean Streak/Italian Girls/Jailbirds In The Big House/Prom Night In Pigtown/I Saw A Stranger With Your Hair/Love Is Our Cross To Bear/That's How Legends Are

WH-1090 - Signs of Life - Barbara Higbie [1990] Waiting Song/Evening Rain/Signs Of Life/Wishing Well/The Safest Place/Sunken Gold/Love Never Dies/Open Eyes/Lullaby/Someday

WH-1091 - Intermezzo - Modern Mandolin Quartet [1990]

WH-1092 - Long Road - Cliff Eberhardt [1990] My Father's Sjoes/The Long Road [with Richie Havens]/Your Face/Right Now/Always Want To Feel Like This/That Kind Of Love/(Just To) Walk Down The Street/Voyeur/White Lightning/I Am The Storm/Nowhere To Go/Goodnight

WH-1093 - Taproot - Michael Hedges [1990] Naked Stalk/Jealous Tunnel-About Face/Jade Stalk/Nomad Land/Point A/Chava's Song/Ritual Dance/Scenes (On The Road To Shrub 2)/First Cutting/Point B/Song Of The Spirit Farmer/Rootwitch/I Carry Your Heart

WH-1094 - Invisible Means - John French, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser & Richard Thompson [1990] Peppermint Rock/To The Rain/Lizard's Tail/March Of The Cosmetic Surgeons/Suzanne/Quick Sign/Begging Bowl/Kalo Takariva/Invisible Means/Loch Lomond/The Book Of Lost Dreams/Days Of Our Lives/The Evening News/The Nearsighted Heron/Now That I Am Dead/Hunting Sunsets/Killing Jar

WD-1095 - Windham Hill: The First Ten Years - Various Artists [1990] Disc 1: The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter - William Ackerman (3:37; 1977 version)/White Rain - Alex DeGrassi/Colors-Dance - George Winston/Angel's Flight - Shadowfax/Bradley's Dream - Liz Story/Afternoon Postlude Soliloquy - Daniel Hecht/2nd Gymnopedie (1888) - Bill Quist/Homefeld Suite - David Qualey/Rickover's Dream - Michael Hedges/Variations On Clair De Lune - Robbie Basho/Oristano Sojourn - Scott Cossu/Clockwork - Alex DeGrassi/Peace - George Winston/Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges/Egrets - Montreux/On The Threshold Of Liberty - Mark Isham; Disc 2: Welcoming - Michael Manring/The 19A - Nightnoise/Montana Half-Light - Philip Aaberg/Shadowdance - Shadowfax/Pittsburgh 1901 (Theme From Mrs. Soffel) - Mark Isham/The Calling - Ira Stein & Russel Walder/Gwenlaise - Scott Cossu with Eugene Friesen/Dolphins - Mike Marshall & Darol Anger/Wishing Well - Schönherz & Scott/Theme For Naomi Uemura - Philip Aaberg/Toys Not Ties - Nightnoise/Close Cover - Wim Mertens/To The Well - W.A. Mathieu/Hot Beach - Interior/New Waltz - Malcolm Dalglish/Processional - William Ackerman/Woman At The Well - Tim Story

WH-1096 - Door X - David Torn [1990] Time Bomb/Lion Of Boaz/Voodoo Chile/The Others/Diamond Mansions/Good Morning Mr. Wonderful/Brave Light Of Sun/Promise/Taste Of Roses/Door X

WD-1097 - The Parting Tide - Nightnoise [1990] Bleu/An Irish Carol/Jig Of Sorts/Through The Castle Garden/Island Of Hope And Tears/Kid In The Cot/Tryst/Snow Is Lightly Falling/Abbot

WD-1098 - A Winter Solstice III - Various Artists [1990] (12-90, #90) Little Drummer Boy - Schönherz & Scott/Hopeful - Michael Manring/The Christmas Song - Steve Erquiaga/Veni Emmanuel - Turtle Island String Quartet/Christmas Bells - John Gorka/Lullay, Lully - Barbara Higbie/Trepak - Modern Mandolin Quartet/Of The Father's Love Begotten - Tim Story/Coventry Carol - Paul McCandless/Sleepers Awake - Andy Narell/Snow Is Lightly Falling - Nightnoise/Pavane - Liz Story/In The Bleak Midwinter - Pierce Pettis/In Dulci Jubilo (Good Christian Men Rejoice) - Michael Hedges/Earth Abides - Philip Aaberg

WD-1099 - Escape of the Circus Ponies - Liz Story [1990] Broken Arrow Drive/Inside Out/Escape Of The Circus Ponies/Church Of Tree/The Sounding Joy/Another Shore/Incision/Worth Winning/The Empty Forest

WD-1100 - Deep at Night - Alex DeGrassi [1991] Mirage/Deep At Night/Charlotte/Short Order/Indian Summer/Blue Trout/Waltz No. 4/Arcos/The Mirror/Hidden Voices

WD-1101 - Songs My Children Taught Me - Mark Isham [1991] The Steadfast Tin Soldier/Thumbelina/The Emperor's New Clothes/The Emperor And The Nightingale/others

WD-1102 - Drastic Measures - Michael Manring [1991]

WD-1103 -

WD-1104 - What Goes Around: The Best of Shadowfax - Shadowfax [1991] Angel's Flight/Vajra/A Thousand Teardrops/New Electric India/Shadowdance/Brown Rice-Karmapa Chenno/Another Country/Dreams Of Children/Shaman Song/What Goes Around/Orangutan Gang (Strikes Back)/The Road To Hanna

WD-1105 - Under a Big Sky - Richard Schönherz & Peter Scott [1991] The Gathering/Little Amnesia/Daydreams/Gold & Ivory Or Purple/Love Just Is/I Remember/The Heart Of The Matter/Seven Sisters/Sin Ken Ken/Who Do I Belong To


01934 11107-2 - Summer - George Winston [1991] (10-91, #55)

01934 11108-2 - The Nutcracker Suite - Modern Mandolin Quartet [1991]

01934 11109-2 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '92 - Various Artists [1991] Wide Asleep - Michael manring/Charlotte - Alex DeGrassi/Bleu - Nightnoise/Chava's Song - Michael Hedges/Daydreams - Schönherz & Scott/Thumbelina - Mark Isham/October Wedding - Montreux/The Others - David Torn/Escape Of Circus Ponies - Liz Story/Kodaly: Gavotte - Modern Mandolin Quartet/Every Deep Dream - Philip Aaberg/The 1000 Mile Stare - Will Ackerman

01934 11110-2 - Cinema Paradise - Philip Aaberg [1992] Cinema Paradise/Diva/My Brilliant Career/Awakening/The Story Of Naomi Uemura/heaven's gate/Romeo & Juliet/Belizaire The Cajun/Cinema Paradise/Our Town/The Shaker Film/My Brilliant Career/Awakening

01934 11111-2 - A Windham Hill Retrospective - Nightnoise [1992] The 19A/Toys Not Ties/Timewinds/Hugh/The Cricket's Wicket/The Kid In The Cot/Something Of Time/The Swan/Bleu/At The races/Hourglass/End Of The Evening/Nollaig/Bridges/"Bring Me Back A Song"

01934 11112-2 - A Windam Hill Retrospective - Scott Cossu [1992] Oristano Sojourn/Gwenlaise/Desert Lightning/Manhattan Underground/Fawn/Country Faire/Ode To Shiva/Sweet Rose/Ohana/Switchback/Purple Mountain/Islands/Bajun Carnival/Angel Steps

01934 11113-2 - A Windham Hill Retrospective - Alex DeGrassi [1992] Overland/Causeway/Western/Window/Clockwork/Blue Trout/White Rain/Cumulus/A Momentary Change Of Heart/Luther's Lullaby/Charlotte/Turning: Turning Back/Children's Dance/Mirage/Slow Circle II/Blood And jasmine

01934 11114-2 - The Opening of Doors - Will Ackerman [1992] The Opening Of Doors/The 1000 Mile Stare/Bahia, Nebraska/A Happy Home In Kathmandu/Murray's Song/A Movie Of A Placid Lake/On A Moonless Night In September/Last Dance/Santos And The Well-Traveled Bear/Silver Gate/The Inexorable Drift Of Tectonic Plates/A Movie Of A Placid Lake (live)/On A Moonless Night In September (Reprise, live)

01934 11115-2 - My Foolish Heart - Liz Story [1992] My Foolish Heart/Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most/My One And Only Love/My Romance/My Ship/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/You Are Too Beautiful/In A Sentimental Mood/Someday My Prince Will Come/Never Never Land/Never Will I Know/All The Things You Are/Turn Out The Stars

01934 11116-2 - The Impressionists: A Windham Hill Sampler - Various Artists [1992] Pavane - Steve Erquiaga/Sicilenne - Nightnoise/Modere 1st Movement - Philip Aaberg/1st Gymnopedie - Tim Story/Snowflakes Are Dancing - John Beasley/Au Bord De I'eau - Paul McCandless/3rd Gymnopedie - Alex DeGrassi/Minuet - Paul McCandless/Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum - Liz Story/Reverie - Turtle Island String Quartet/Libera Me - Richard Schönherz and Peter Scott/Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte - Modern Mandolin Quartet

01934 11117-2 - Sky of Mind - Ray Lynch [1992]

01934 11118-2 - Deep Breakfast - Ray Lynch [1992] Celestial Soda Pop/Oh Of Pleasure/Falling In The Garden/Your Feeling Shoulders/Rhythm In The Pews/Kathleen's Song/Pastorale/Tiny Geometries

01934 11119-2 - No Blue Thing - Ray Lynch [1992]

01934 11120-2 - Stained Glass Memories - Scott Cossu [1992] Joana Margaret/29 Palms/Stained-Glass Memories/Old Man Mambo/Pas De Dux/The Zekester/Priest Point Journey/Mayce/Cholla/Cajun Kitchen Blues/It's A Wonderful Life

01934 11121-2 - A Windham Hill Retrospective - Will Ackerman [1993] The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter (1977 version)/Processional (1986 version)/Ventana/Santos And The Well-Traveled Bear/Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction/Visiting/Anne's Song/The Impending Death Of The Virgin Spirit (1981 version)/Climbing In Geometry/The Opening Of Doors/Brother A Teaches 7/Seattle/Lago De Montañas (Mountain Lake)/Hawk Circle/Region Of Clouds

01934 11122-2 - A Windham Hill Retrospective - Montreux [1993] To Be/Dolphins/Egrets/Let Them Say/October Wedding/Near Northern/Circular Birds/Movie/Jacob Do Bandolim/Piacenza/Tideline/True Story/The Lights In The Sky Are Stars/Free D

01934 11123-2 - Link - Øystein Sevåg [1993]

*01934 11124-2 - Glass Green - Tim Story [1992] Reissue of Windham Hill WH-1061. Conversation In The rain/Fragile Madness/Glass Green/Gravites/Lure Of Silence/Oil On Wood/One Shameless Vision/To His Grand Sea/Woman At The Well

01934 11125-2 -

01934 11126-2 - Close Your Eyes and See - Øystein Sevåg [1993] Horizon/Grounding/Norwegian Mood/Silent Prayer/Short Revelation/Message From Silence/Gaia/Gratitude/The One Word Of The Wiseman/Home

01934 11127-2 -

01934 11128-2 - Visom: Contemporary Instrumental Music from Brazil - Various Artists [1993]

01934 11129-2 - Gaia - Gaia [1993]

01934 11130-2 - Shadow of Time - Nightnoise [1993] One Little Nephew/The March Air/Shadow Of Time/Silky Flanks/Water falls/Fionnghua (Mouth Music)/Night In That Land/This Just In/For You/Sauvie Island/The Rose Of Tralee/Three Little Nieces

01934 11131-2 - The World's Getting Loud - Alex DeGrassi [1993]

01934 11132-2 - Pshychograss - Psychograss [1993] Love On Three Levels/Little Jaco/Pleasant Pheasant/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/A Real Dragon/Frogs On Ice/Song For Kaila/Flanders Rock/Dawn Chorus/Wedges

01934 11133-2 - Nothing Above My Shoulders But the Evening - Ray Lynch [1993] Over Easy/Her Knees Deep In Your Mind/Passion Song/Ivory/Mesquite/Only An Enjoyment/The Vanished Gardens Of Cordoba

WHCD 11134 - A Winter's Solstice IV - Various Artists [1993] Carol Of The Bells - Windham Hill Artists/Silent Night - Steve Erquiaga/Crystal Palace - Øystein Sevåg/Winter Bourne - Paul McCandless/Dona Nobis Pacem - Michael manring/Wexford Carol - Nightnoise/Just Before Dawn - Will Ackerman/We Three Kings - Barbara Higbie/Angels We Have Heard On High - Darol Anger & Mike Marshall/Sheep May Safely Graze - Modern Mandolin Quartet/Trumpet Tune - Alex DeGrassi/Three Candles - Schönherz & Scott/The Rain from The Four Seasons - Turtle Island String Quartet/Christmas Hymn - Billy Childs/Asleep The Snow Came Flying - Tim Story

01934 11135-2 - Pan-American Journeys - Modern Mandolin Quartet [1993]

01934 11136-2 -

01934 11137-2 - Paradise Station - Torcuato Mariano [1994] A Train To Uberaba/Upon The Sea/Just For You/I Can't Help It/2350/The Other Side/On A Summer Night/Xufle/Sincere Lies/Eastern Winds/Paradise Station/Mariana And Paula Good Night

01934 11138-2 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '94 - Various Artists [1994] Bright Sky - Alex DeGrassi/Love On Three Levels - Psychograss/Sentimental Walk From "Diva" - Philip Aaberg/Pavanne - Steve Erquiaga/Night In That Land - Nightnoise/Patu - Aquarela Carioca/Firewater - Gaia/How Insensitive - Liz Story/A Happy Home In Kathmandu - Will Ackerman/Redonda - Modern Mandolin Quartet/Pas De Deux - Scott Cossu/My heart - Øystein Sevåg/Ivory - Ray Lynch

01934 11139-2 - No Words - Jim Brickman [1994] Rocket To The Moon/Shaker Lakes/Open Doors/I Said...You Said/Wanderlust/Heartland/Borders/Still/American Dream/Blue/Old Times/So Long

01934 11140-2 - Deseo - Jon Anderson [1994] Amor/A-De- O/Bridges/Seasons/Floresta/Cafe/This Child/Danca Do Ouro/Midnight Dancing/Deseo/Latino/Bless This

01934 11141-2 - Whisper Me - William Mertens [1994] Released in Germany in 1988. A Visiting Card/The Fosse/No Plans, No Projects/Whisper Me

01934 11142-2 -

01934 11143-2 -

01934 11144-2 -

01934 11145-2 -

01934 11146-2 -

01934 11147-2 -

01934 11148-2 - Global House - Øystein Sevåg [1994] Song From The Planet/Global House/Norwegian Mountains/Birds Flying/Evening/Thundernight/Psalme/Joy/Reflection/Back In The Jungle/Paris/Behind The Mirror

01934 11149-2 - Windham Hill Records Piano Sampler II - Various Artists [1994] Playground - Henry Adam Curtis/Along The Salmon - Bob Leon/As For Us - Fernando Ortega/The Sad Balconies Of Heaven - Mark Darnell/Easy Access - Liz Story/Children's Song - Øystein Sevåg/Deep Water Gospel - W.A. Mathieu/Don't Stop Now - Philip Aaberg/For The Asking - John R. Burr/Through The Wind - Danny Wright/Thousand Pieces Of Gold - Gary Remal Malkin/Fortune Smiles - barbara Higbie/My Mother's Voice Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill/We Met Today - Jim Brickman

01934 11150-2 -

01934 11151-2 - The Gift - Liz Story [1994]

01934 11152-2 - The Best of Tuck and Patti - Tuck & Patti [1994] Tears Of Joy/Time After Time/Castles made Of Sand/Little Wing/Better Than Anything/Takes My Breath Away/Europa/Dream/Love Is The Key/Sitting In Limbo/Sweet P/Love Warriors/As Time Goes By/The Voodoo Music/Cantador (Like A Lover)

01934 11153-2 - In Search of Angels (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1994]

01934 11154-2 -

01934 11155-2 -

01934 11156-2 -

01934 11157-2 - Forest - George Winston

01934 11158-2 -

01934 11159-2 -

01934 11160-2 -

01934 11161-2 -

01934 11162-2 - Zulaya - Ray Obiedo [1995]

01934 11163-2 - Path: An Ambient Journey from Windham Hill - Various Artists [1995] Tibet, Part II - Mark Isham/On The Forest Floor - Bob Holroyd/Le Desert Bleu - Xavier DesCarpentries/The White Spirit - Uman/Ghost Dancer - Gabrielle Roth & Mirrors/To Tree Or Not To Tree - Dean Evenson/Lydia - Tim Story/Ancient Evenings - Garry Hughes/Riding Windhorse (Buddhafields) - Heavenly Music Corporation/12:18 - Global Communication

01934 11164-2 - By Heart - Jim Brickman [1995] Angel Eyes/Lake Erie Rainfall/Looking Back/In A Lover's Eyes/Nothing Left To Say/Little Star/Sudden Inspiration/Where Are You Now?/If You Believe/On The Edge/All I Ever Wanted/By Heart

01934 11165-2 -

01934 11166-2 - A Different Shore - Nightnoise [1995] Call Of The Child/For Eamonn/Falling Apples/The Busker On The Bridge/Morning In Madrid/Another Wee Niece/A Different Shore/Mind The Dresser/Clouds Go By/Shaun

01934 11167-2 - Last Look - Torcuato Mariano [1995] Africa/Everything I Couldn't Say With Words/Last Look/In The Rhythm Of My Heart/A Very Special Place/Secrets/Ocean Way/Walking On Clouds/Rio Stomp/Dindi

01934 11168-2 -

01934 11169-2 - Concert Program - Penguin Cafe Orchestra [1995] (2-CD set) Disc 1: Air A Danser/Cage Dead (version 2)/Organum/Southern Jukebox Music/Numbers 1- 4/Air/Perpetuum Mobile/Nothing Really Blue/Telephone And Rubber Band; Disc 2: Beanfields/Vega/Surface Tension (Where The Trees Meet The Sky)/Oscar tango/Music For A Found Harmonium/Lifeboat (Lover's Rock)/Steady State/Scherzo And Trio/Giles Farnaby's Dream/Salty Bean Fumble/Red Shorts

01934 11170-2 -

01934 11171-2 - The Romantics: A Windham Hill Sampler - Various Artists [1995] Vocalise - Eugene Friesen/Intermezzo - Tracy Silverman & Thea Suits-Silverman/Nocturne In E-Minor - Steve Erquiaga/Song Without Words - Paul McCandless/Prelude In E-Minor - Barbara Higbie with Philip Aaberg & Daniel Kobialka/Nocturne - Turtle Island String Quartet/Mazurka - Liz Story/Mädchenlied - Wayne Horvitz/Gott Im Frühling - Nightnoise/Prelude in C-Minor - Richard Schönherz/Duet - Philip Aaberg/Intermezzo - Modern Mandolin Quartet/The Death Of Å - Tim Story

01934 11172-2 - The Long Time Band - Andy Narell [1995] Bacchanal/Jenny's Room/De Long Time Band/You The Man/Play One For Keith/Groove Town/Dance Class/Canboulay/De Long Time Band (Conclusion)

01934 11173-2 -

01934 11174-2 - A Winter Solstice V - Various Artists [1995] The Simple Birth - Barbara Higbie/The First Noël - Tracy Silverman & Thea Suits-Silverman/Light And Song - Will Ackerman/The Holly And The Ivy - Alex DeGrassi/Joy To The World - Jim Brickman/The Sussex Carol - Nightnoise/O Come Little Children-We'll Dress The House - Liz Story/My Heart Is Always Moving - Øystein Sevåg/Angels We Have Heard On High - Windham Hill Artists/Shepherds' Rocking Carol - Philip Aaberg/God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen - Steve Erquiaga/Snow In The Prairies - Torcuato Mariano/Doo'iit'saa'da (Another Silent Night) - Douglas Spotted Eagle/Poli'ahu The Snow Goddess Of Mauna Kea - Keola Beamer with George Winston

01934 11175-2 - By the Fireside - Turtle Island String Quartet [1995] Near Northern/The Twelfth Of December/Row, Brothers, Row/Turning Twice/Thin Ice/Texas Rain/Snow What?/By The Fireside/Variations/Winter In Cairo/Bring A Torch.../Do Something Nice For Your Mother/Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

01934 11176-2 -

01934 11177-2 - Voices (TV Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1995]

01934 11178-2 -

01934 11179-2 - Windham Hill Records Sampler '96 - Various Artists [1996] Last Look - Torcuato Mariano/When The Snow Melts - Phil Cunningham & Manus Lunny/Theme From "In Search Of Angels" - Tim Story/The White Spirit - Uman/Playground - Henry Adam Curtis/A Different Shore - Nightnoise/Jenny's Room - Andy Narell/Southern Jukebox Music - Penguin Cafe Orchestra/If You Believe - Jim Brickman/Mädchenlied - Wayne Horvitz/Prelude In C-Minor - Steve Erquiaga/Picture This - Jim Brickman/Rio Amazonas - Øystein Sevåg & Lakki Patey/Castille - Ray Obideo

01934 11180-2 - Sanctuary: 20 Years of Windham Hill - Various Artists [1996] Rocket To The Moon - Jim Brickman/Night Slip - William Ackerman/Intermezzo - Tracy Silverman & Thea Suits- Silverman/Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges/Wide Sleeping - Michael Manring/Wedding Rain - Liz Story/Children's Dance - Alex DeGrassi/Hand Picked Rose Of A Fading Dream - Billy Childs/House Made Of Dawn Light - Douglas Spotted Eagle/Siris Arrival - Metamora/Night In That Land - Nightnoise/Hummingbird - George Winston/Redonda - Modern Mandolin Quartet/Truning Twice - Turtle Island String Quartet/Ivory - Ray Lynch/Asleep The Snow Came Flying - Tim Story/Fionnghuala (Mouth Music) - Nightnoise/Manhattan Underground - Scott Cossu/Daydream - Richard Schönherz & Peter Scott/A Very Special Place - Tocuato Mariano/Transit - Ira Stein & Russel Walder/We Kinda Music (edit) - Andy Narell/A Thousand Teardrops - Shadowfax/Every Deep Dream - Philip Aaberg/There's A Monk In My Garden - Ø'stein Sevåg/Blue Kiss - Ray Obiedo/To Be - Montreux/Rameau's Nephew - Phillippe Saisse/Pittsburgh 1901 (Edit) - Matk Isham/Dolphins - Mike Marshall & Darol Anger/A View Of You - Fred Simon/Tears Of Joy - Tuck & Patti

01934 11181-2 -

01934 11182-2 -

01934 11183-2 -

01934 11184-2 - Linus & Lucy: The Music of Vince Guaraldi - George Winston [1996] Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Skating/Linus & Lucy/The Great Pumpkin Waltz/Monterey/A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving/Treat Street/Eight Five Five/The masked marvel/Charlie Brown And His All-Stars/You're In Love, Charlie Brown/Peppermint Patty/Bon Voyage/Young Man's Fancy/Remembrance/Theme To Grace-Lament

Windham Hill Rabbit Ears WH-0700 Children's Series (Distributed by A&M):

WH-0700 -

WH-0701 -

WH-0702 -

WH-0703 -

WH-0704 -

WH-0705 -

WH-0706 -

WH-0707 -

WH-0708 -

WH-0709 - Pecos Bill - Robin Williams & Ry Cooder [1988] The Story Of Pecos Bill, Parts 1 & 2/Pecos Bill/Prettiest Girl In The World/Up And Up They Went/A Cowboy's Prayer

HIP POCKET RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY (Distributed by Windham Hill):

Andy Narell was the founder of the Hip Pocket label, which was distributed by Windham Hill. Narell played drums, including solo steel drums, which he introduced to jazz. He also played a variety of other genres besides Caribbean/Latin, including funk and r&b. He graduated from the University of California - Berkeley in 1973. Hip Pocket Records was located at Box 6344, Albany, CA 94706. On their albums, they noted, "Manufactured in cooperation with, and distributed by Windham Hill Records Box 9388 Stanford, CA 94305."

The first Hip Pocket label was silver with black printing. "HipPocket" above the center hole. The second HipPocket label was three-fourths white with black printing. The upper left quadrant is black with "HipPocket RECORDS" on two lines to the left of the center hole. Many or all of these albums were reissued on the Windham Hill label as WH-0101, etc.

HP-101 - Stickman - Andy Narell [1981] Stickman/Jig/Celtic Folk Song/Oz//Sharp Tongue/Slow Motion/Frevo-Maracatu

HP-102 - Down the Road - Andy Narell [1982] Out Of The Blue/Kalinda/Sea Of Stories/Disorderly Conduct/1st Position/2nd Position/3rd Position/Sugar Street/One Last Goodbye/Down De Road

HP-103 - Light in Your Eyes - Andy Narell [1983]

HP-104 -

HP-105 - Slow Motion - Andy Narell [1985] Two Tone Shoes/Natty Stick/Slow Motion/Street Dancin'//Another Drum For Oskar/Trapeze/Once a Dancer/A Sea Change


HP-0107 - Hammer - Andy Narell [1987]

WH-0120 - Little Secrets - Andy Narell

Thanks to Ron Redmond, Dan Maryon, Reinhardt Schleicher, Michael Backauskas, and Joyce R.

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