ABC-Paramount Album Discography, Part 9
ABCD 900-999 (1975-1977)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 5, 2005

The label used for the ABCD-900s had a purple center which graduated to a gold outer circle. The printing on the label was black. The ABC logo was white in a black circle. This label was used from approximately number 830 to 1090.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

900 -

ABCD 901 - Out Of Payne Comes Love - Freda Payne [1975] Look What I Found/I Hear Rumors/You/Keep It Coming/Seems So Long//You Brought The Woman Out Of Me/(See Me) One Last Time/Lost In Love/Million Dollar Horse

ABCD 902 - Wind On The Water - David Crosby & Graham Nash [1975] (10-75, #6) Carry Me/Mama Lion/Bittersweet/Take The Money And Run/Naked In The Rain/Love Work Out//Low Down Payment/Cowboy Of Dreams/Homeward Through The Haze/Fieldworker/To The Last Whale... : Critical Mass-Wind On The Water

ABCD 903 - Onward - Michael Omartian [1975]

904 -

ABCD 905 - Holes And Mellow Rolls - Gabriel Kaplan [1975] Reissue Of ABC/ABCD 815.

ABCD 906 - Connie Eaton - Connie Eaton [9/75] If I Knew Enough To Come Out Of The Rain/Will We Ever Make Love In Love Again/I Can't Live Without You Anymore/Magic Mystery/Lonely Men Lonely Women//Who's Gonna Love Me Now/If You Can't Believe in Love (You Can't Believe In Anything At All)/Midnight Train To Georgia/It Was The Thing To Do/It's Me And You

ABCD 907 - Victim Of Life's Circumstances - Delbert McClinton [1975] Victim Of Life's Circumstances/Honky-Tonkin' (I Guess I Done Me Some)/Two More Bottles Of Wine/Lesson In The Pain Of Love/Do It//Object Of My Affection/Ruby Louise/Real Good Itch/Solid Gold Plated Fool/Morgan City Fool/Troubled Women

908 -

ABCD 909 - Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan - Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan [1975] (12-75, #7) Fool's Paradise/Have A Good Time/Ooh I Like Your Loving/Everybody Has An Aura/Circles//Sweet Thing/Dance Wit Me/Little Boy Blue/On Time/Jive Talking

ABCD 910 - I Wanna Be With You - Carl Carlton [1975] Universal Girl/Live For Today Not For Tomorrow/Ain't Been No One Before You/Spend the Night/Things Ain't Always Been This Good //Willing and Able/Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody (About You)/You've Been So Good to Me/Let's Groove/I Wanna Be With You

ABCD 911 - Cruisin - Duke & The Drivers [1975] Rock 'N' Roll High/I Got The Will/Slow Motion/Ain't Nothing A Young Girl Can Do For Me/What You Got//Dr. Rock And Roll/Lovebones/Joey/Like I Want It/Too Much Woman For A Henpecked Man

ABDP 912 - Help Me Make It (To My Rockin' Chair) - B.J. Thomas [1975] Help Me Make It (To My Rockin' Chair)/Ballyhoo Days/What A Way To Go/Why Don't Go Somewhere And Love/Today I Started Lovin' You Again//Late Late Dominos/Lyin' Again/Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues/We Are Happy Together/Let It Be Me

ABCD 913 - Stacked Deck - Amazing Rhythm Aces [1975] (10-75, #120) Third Rate Romance/The Ella B/Life's Railway To Heaven/The Beautiful Lie/Hit The Nail On The Head/Who Will The Next Fool Be//Amazing Grace (Used To Be Her Favorite Song)/Anything You Want/My Tears Still Flow/Emma-Jean/Why Can't I Be Satisfied/King Of The Cowboys

ABCD 914 - Havana Daydreamin' - Jimmy Buffett [1976] (2-76, #65) Woman Goin' Crazy On Caroline Street/My Head Hurts, My Feet Stinks And I Don't Love Jesus/The Captain And The Kid/Big Rig/Defying Gravity//Havana Daydreamin'/Cliches/Something So Feminine About A Mandolin/Kick It In Second Wind/This Hotel Room

915 -

ABCS 916 - Drama V - Dramatics [1975] (11-75, #93) You're Fooling Out/She's A Rainmaker/I Was The Life Of The Party/Things Are Changing/I'm Gonna Love You To The Max//Dramatic Theme-Treat Me Like A Man/Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything)/Come Out Of Your Thing/I'll Make It So Good

ABCD 917 - Lydia Pense & Cold Blood - Lydia Pense & Cold Blood [1976] We Came Down Here And Cold Blood Smokin' (Medley)/I Get Off On You/Drink The Wine/I Got Happiness/Feel The Fire//Let Me Be The One/Back Here Again/I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know/Blinded By Love/It Takes A Lot Of Good Lovin'

ABCD 918 - Bandit - Bandit [1975]

ABCD 919 - Thunderhead - Thunderhead [1975]

ABCD 920 - You Can Sing On The Left Or Bark On The Right - Dirk Hamilton [1976] The Sweet Forever/Waterfall/Little Big-Time Man/She Don't Squash Bugs/I Got To Feelin'//Sweet And Cold/Wasn't That One Night Good/Grow A Rose/When She Kiss Ya' Like She Love (Ya' Know She Do)/Ridin' On A Whale

HBS Release ABCD 921 - Everybody Wanna Live On - Masqueraders [1975] Everybody Wanna Live On/Please Don't Try (To Take Me Away To The Sky)/(Call Me) The Traveling Man/Listen//Baby It's You/Sweet Sweetning/(My Love For You Is) Honest And True/Your Sweet Love Is A Blessing

* ABCD 922 - Touch - John Klemmer [1975] (12-75, #90) Body Pulse/Free Fall Lover/Glass Dolphins/Sleeping Eyes/Tone Row Weaver/Touch/Walk With Me My Love And Dream/Waterwheels

HBS Release ABCD 923 - Disco Connection - Isaac Hayes Movement [1975] (1-76, #85) The First Day Of Forever/St. Thomas Square/Vykkii/Disco Connection//Disco Shuffle/Choppers/After Five/Aruba

* ABCD 924 - The Bobby Vinton Show - Bobby Vinton [1975] And I Love You So/Bad Bad Leroy Brown/Build Me Up Buttercup/Help Me Make It Through The Night/I'm Walkin'/Killing Me Softly With His Song/Runaway/The Way We Were/Travelin' Band/United We Stand/When Will I Be Loved/(Where Do I Begin) Love Story

HBS Release ABCD 925 - Groove-A-Thon - Isaac Hayes [1976] (2-76, #45) Groove-A- Thon/Your Loving Is Much Too Strong/Rock Me Easy Baby//We've Got A Whole Lot Of Love/Wish You Were Here (You Ought To Be Here)/Make A Little Love To Me

ABCD 926 - Notice To Appear - John Mayall [1975] Lil Boogie In The Afternoon/Mess Of Love/That Love/The Boy Most Likely To Succeed/Who's Next, Who's Now//Hale To The Man Who Lives Alone/There Will Be A Way/Just Knowing You Is A Pleasure/A Hard Day's Night/Oldtime Blues

ABCD 927 - Skyboat - Mac Gayden [1976] Morning Glory/Gettysburg/Southwind/Everlasting Love/Freedom Drum/Don't Look Back//It's All Right/Sweet Serenity/Appalachian Fever/Water Boy/Diamond Mandala

ABCD 928 - American Pastime - Three Dog Night [1976] (4-76, #123) Everybody's A Masterpiece/Easy Evil/Billy The Kid/Mellow Down/Yellow Beach Umbrella//Hang On/Southbound/Drive On, Ride On/Dance The Night Away

ABCD 929 - Sweet America - Buffy Sainte-Marie [1976] Sweet America/Wynken, Blynken And Nod/Where Poets Go/Free The Lady/America My Home/Look At The Facts//I Don't Need No City Life/Sweet January/Qu'Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan/Honey Can You Hang Around/I Been Down/Starwalker/Ain't No Time For The Worryin' Blues 930 -

ABCD 931 - The Royal Scam - Steely Dan [1976] (5-76, #15) Kid Charlemagne/The Caves Of Altamira/Don't Take Me Alive/Sign In Stranger/The Fez//Golden Earrings/Haitian Divorce/Everything You Did/The Royal Scam

ABCD 932 - You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind - Joe Walsh [1976] (4-76, #20) Walk Away/Meadows/Rocky Mountain Way//Time Out/Help Me Thru The Night/Turn To Stone

ABCD 933 - For All The Young Writers - Gene Cotton [1975]

ABCD 934 - Disco-Fied - Rhythm Heritage [1976] (3-76, #40) Disco- Fied/Caravan/Barretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow)/Theme From S.W.A.T.//Blockbuster/My Cherie Amour/(It's Time To) Boogie Down/Three Days Of The Condor/Disco-Fied (Reprise)

ABCD 935 - Seed Of Memory - Terry Reid [1976] Faith To Arise/Seed Of Memory/Brave Awakening/To Be Treated Rite//Ooh Baby (Make Me Feel So Young)/The Way You Walk/The Frame/Fooling You

936 -

ABCD 937 - People Choose To Love - Jim Weatherly [1976] The People Some People Choose To Love/Gift From Missouri/I Belong With You/The Next Time Around/White Castle Station//The Going Ups And The Coming Downs/To A Gentler Time/(Apples Won't Grow In) Colorado Snow/Let's Bring Back Love/Gonna Shine It On Again

ABCD 938 - Ain't It Good To Have It All - Jim & Ginger [1976]

ABCD 939 - Leadbelly (Soundtrack) - Leadbelly & Fred Karlin [1976] Go Gown, Ol' Hannah/Fannin' Street/Good Mornin' Blues/See That My Grave Is Keep Clean/The Midnight Special/Cotton Fields/The Challenge//Silver City Bound/Rock Island Line/Goodnight Irene/Black Girl/Green Corn/Bring Me A Li'l' Water, Silvy/Old Riley (In Dem Long Hot Summer Days)

ABCD 940 - Too Stuffed To Jump - Amazing Rhythm Aces [1976] (6-76, #157) Typical American Boy/If I Just Knew What To Say/The End Is Not In Sight (The Cowboy Tune)/Same Ol' Me/These Dreams Of Losing You//I'll Be Gone/Out Of The Snow/Fool For The Woman/A Little Italy Rag/Dancing The Night Away

ABCD 941 - Faragher Bros. - Faragher Brothers [1976] The Best Years Of My Life/Never Get Your Love Behind Me/It's All Right/In Your Time Of Need It/Please Hurry Up//Loving Cause/You Touched Me/Go Where We Want To/Never Felt Love Before/Give It Up

ABCD 942 - Rollin' On - Duke & The Drivers [1976] I Need Your Lovin'/I Ain't Particular/Love On My Hands/Check Yourself/That Kind Of Love/Let Me Be Your Handyman//I'll Take Care Of You/People Sure Act Funny/Check Your Bucket/Rollin' On

ABCD 943 - A Heart Full Of Song - Clarence Carter [1976] All Messed Up/Heart Full Of Songs/Danger Point/Jenning's Alley/Shoulder To Cry On//That's What Your Love Means To Me/Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained/Come Back Baby/I Thought It Was Over/Don't Bother Me

ABCD 944 - Free Spirit - Angelo Bond [1976]

* ABCS 945 - To The Heart - Mark-Almond [1976] (7-76, #112) Busy On The Line/Everybody Needs A Friend/Here Comes The Rain (Part One & Two)/New York State Of Mind-Return To The City/One More For The Road/Trade Winds

ABCD 946 - Rose Of Cimarron - Poco [1976] (5-76, #89)Rose Of Cimarron/Stealaway/Just Like Me/Company's Comin'/Slow Poke//Too Many Nights Too Long/P.N.S. (When You Come Around)/Starin' At The Sky/All Alone Together/Tulsa Turnaround

ABCD 947 - Don't Touch That Dial - U.S. Radio Band [1976] In No Time At All/Let Me In Your Life/Downtown Woman/Silver Hannah/My River Queen//Let It Shine On Me/You've Got Me Woman/Your Irresistible Love/Pretty People Get Lonely Too/Don't Want To Be Lonely Tonight

ABDP 948 - Believe Me Now Or Believe Me Later - Diana Trask [4/76] Rock Me Sweet/All Alone In Austin/It's Too Late/New York City Song/Sing Feelin' Sing/Empty Chairs//Let's Get Down To Business/But He Was Good To Me/Fallen Angel/Little Joe/One Step From Your Arms/Lover And A Friend

949 -

* ABCD 950 - Barefoot Ballet - John Klemmer [1976] (9-76, #66) At 17/Barefoot Ballet/Crystal Fingers/Forest Child/Naked/Poem Painter/Rain Dancer/Talking Hands/Whisper To The Wind

951 -

ABCD 952 - I Hope We Get To Love In Time - Marylin McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. [1976] (9-76, #30) You Don't Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show)/Your Love/I Still Will Be With You/Never Gonna Let You Go/Nothing Can Stop Me//You Can't Change My Heart/I Hope We Get To Love In Time/My Love For You (Will Always Be The Same)/Easy Way Out/We've Really Got To Get It On Again

HBS Release ABCD 953 - Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak) - Isaac Hayes [1976] (7-76, #124) Juicy Fruit (Disco Freak)/Let's Don't Ever Blow Our Thing/The Storm Is Over//Music To Make Love By/Thank You Love/Lady Of The Night/Love Me Or Lose Me

ABCD 954 - Careless - Stephen Bishop [1976] (1-77, #34) On And On/Never Letting Go/Careless/Sinking In An Ocean Of Tears/Madge/Every Minute//Little Italy/One More Night/Guitar Interlude/Save It For A Rainy Day/Rock And Roll Slave/The Same Old Tears On A New Background

ABCD 955 - Joy Ride - Dramatics [1976] (10-76, #103) Finger Fever/Richest Man Alive/Stand Up And Move/Sing And Dance Your Troubles Away/I Get Carried Away//Be My Girl/After This Dance/Say The Word/I Can't Get Over You/Sundown Is Coming (Hold Back The Night)

ABCD 956 - Whistling Down The Wire - Crosby & Nash [1976] (7-76, #26) Spotlight/Broken Bird/Time After Time/Dancer/Mutiny On Sailboat Bay//J.B.'S Blues/Marguerita/Taken At All/Foolish Man/Out Of The Darkness

ABCD 957 - Serenades Of Love - Bobby Vinton [1976] Save Your Kisses For Me/Lady Of The House/Paloma Blanca/Let Me Down Easy/I Cross My Fingers/Moonlight Serenade//Waltz Medley: Tales From Vienna Moods-Blue Skirt Waltz-You Are My One True Love/Jenny/Elise/Penny/Lemondrops, Lollipops And Sunbeams/Another Without You Day

ABCD 958 - A Banquet In Blues - John Mayall [1976] Sunshine/You Can't Put Me Down/I Got Somebody/Turn Me Loose/Seven Days Too Long//Table Top Girl/Lady/Fantasyland

ABCD 959 - Genuine Cowhide - Delbert McClinton [1976] It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)/Please, Please, Please/Lovey Dovey/Before You Accuse Me/Blue Monday/I'm Dyin', Fast As I Can//Lipstick, Powder And Paint/Pledging My Love/One Kiss Led To Another/(When She Wants Good Lovin') My Baby Comes To Me/Special Love Song/Let The Good Times Roll

ABCD 960 - Hymn To The Seeker - Mac Gayden & Skyboat [1976]

ABCD 961 -

HBS Release AB 962 - Love Anonymous - Masqueraders [1977] Modern Day Woman/Love Between A Woman And A Man/Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do/Love Anonymous//The Bicentennial/Be For Real/It's A Terrible Thing To Waste Your Love/Runaway Slave

ABCD 963 - Sheer Elegance - Sheer Elegance [1976] Life Is Too Short Girl/Don't Break My Heart Sweetheart/It's Temptation/Answer Me Girl/Peace And Love//Milky Way/Everything's Okay/Cost Of Living/The Wonder Of You/Don't Wanna Miss My Bus

ABCD 964 - Success And Failure - Dalton & Dubarri [1976] Success And Failure/Cold Outside Your Love/Rainbow/Pretty Funky/Hookers' Dolls//Slow Motion Man/Joy Of Comin' Home/Daddys Never Know (Mamas Never Tell)/ Sweet Slow Grind/I'm Just A Rock 'N' Roller

965 -

ABCD 966 - Second Breath - Denise Lasalle [1976] Freedom To Express Yourself/Get Your Lie Straight/Sweet Soul/I'm Back To Collect//I Get What I Want/Second Breath/Hellfire Loving/Sit Down And Hurt Awhile/Two Empty Arms

967 -

ABCD 968 - Catfish - Four Tops [1976] (11-76, #124) Catfish/Feel Free/You Can't Hold Back On Love/I Know You Like It//Strung Out For Your Love/Love Don't Come Easy/Disco Daddy/Look At My Baby

AB 969 - Reaching For The World - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes [1976] (2-77, #56) Reaching For The World/Where There's A Will-There's A Way/After You Love Me, Why Do You Leave Me/Sandman//Hostage (Part 1 & 2)/He Loves You And I Do Too/Big Singing Star/Stay Together

AB 970 - Susie Allanson - Susie Allanson [1/77] Mama's Flowers/Don't Try To Close A Rose/I'll Get Over You/Talkin' In Your Sleep/Me And Charlie Brown//If You Were A Song/Beginning Of The End/Love Is A Satisfied Woman/Picket Fences/When Your Best Just Ain't Good Enough

AB 971 - The Big Wha-Koo - Big Wha-Koo [1977] Whiskey Voices/Save Your Tears/Oh Philistine/Love's Been Known//Waiting On A Woman/Amnesty/Don't Knock/Big Wha-Koo

ABCD 972 - Sweet Release - Gabriel [1976] Love Disguise/Don't Tell Me No/It's Gonna Be A Hard Night/The Evening Of My Years/In The Middle Of The Night//Sweet Release/Chain Lightning/Making Her Cry/Took The Love Of A Woman/(Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher

ABCD 973 - Hitchhikers - Hitchhikers [1976] Free/Rolling Dice/My Baby's Gone/Don't Want To Live Without You/You're Making A Big Mistake//Music Fills Your Heart/Bad, Bad Girl/Love Keeps Knocking At My Door/Good Time Man/This Song's For You Mama

AB 974 - Little Funk Machine - Street Corner Symphony [1977] Medley: Have You Seen Her-You Send Me-I'm On TheOutside (Looking In)/Street Corner Symphony/Funk Machine/We Got A Good Thing Going//No Game To Play/That's What Girls Are Made For/I'll Fly Away/Come On Baby (Dance With Me)

AB 975 - Ask Rufus - Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan [1977] (2-77, #12) At Midnight (My Love Will Lift You Up)/Close The Door/Medley: Slow Screw Against The Wall-A Flat Fry/Earth Song/Everlasting Love//Hollywood/Magic In Your Eyes/Better Days/Egyptian Song

AB 976 - Alias I - Dirk Hamilton [1977] In The Eyes Of The Night/The Ballad Of Dick Pferd/For Diana/Alias I//Los Gatos/Joanna Ree/The Classic Sweat Poze/The Light Of Love

AB 977 - King Size - B.B. King [1977] (2-77, #154) Don't You Lie To Me/I Wonder Why/Medley: I Just Want To Make Love To You-Your Lovin' Turns Me On/Slow And Easy//Got My Mojo Working/Walkin' In The Sun/Mother Fuver/The Same Love That Made Me Laugh/It's Just A Matter Of Time

AB 978 - Tompall Glaser & His Outlaw Band - Tompall Glaser & His Outlaw Band [1/77] You Can Have Her/Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)/Tennessee Blues/Come Back Shane/It'll Be Her//It Ain't Fair Medley: Look What Thoughts Will Do-Pretty Words-It Ain't Fair That It Ain't Right/Sweethearts Or Strangers/Let My Fingers Do The Walking (Late Night Show)/I Just Want To Hear The Music

AB 979 - Shotgun - Shotgun [1977] Shotgun/Trouble Shooter/Good Thing/Concrete Jungle/Get Down With The Get Down//Mutha Funk/Shady Lady/Hot Line/Dynamite (The Bomb)

980 -

* AB 981 - The Name Is Love - Bobby Vinton [1977] Ain't That Lovin' You/All My Todays/Baby, When It Comes To Loving You/Her Name Is Love/Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me/I Remember Loving You/Love Makes Everything Better/Once More With Feeling/Only Love Can Break A Heart/Where Were You All Of My Life/You Are Love

AB 982 - Pictures And Rhymes - Jim Weatherly [1977]

AB 983 - Rain On - Gene Cotton [1976] You Got Me Running/Me And The Elephant/Song For You/Deeper And Deeper/Clarissa/Rain On//Sweet Destiny/Young Lover/It's Over Goodbye/My Love Comes Alive/The Gift Of Song

984 -

985 -

ABCD 986 - The Truth Is The Power - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [1976]

AB 987 - Last Night On Earth - Rhythm Heritage [1977] (2-77, #138) Theme From Rocky (Gonna Fly Now)/Dance The Night Away/Disco Queen/Do It Again, Cisco Kid (Medley)/Theme From Lipstick//Last Night On Earth (Angry World)/Last Night On Earth (Anytime, Anyplace)/Last Night On Earth (Last Night On Earth)

ABCD 988 - Love Is All Around - War Featuring Eric Burdon [1976] (12-76, #140) Love Is All Around/Tobacco Road/Home Dream/Magic Mountain//A Day In The Life/Paint It Black

AB 989 - Indian Summer - Poco [1977] (5-77, #57) Indian Summer/Twenty Years/Me And You/Downfall/Win Or Lose//Living In The Band/Stay (Night Until Noon)/Find Out In Time/The Dance (When The Dance Is Over-Go On And Dance-Never Gonna Stop-(Reprise) When The Dance Is Over)

AB 990 - Changes In Latitudes Changes In Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett [1977] (2-77, #12) Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes/Wonder Why We Ever Go Home/Banana Republics/Tampico Trauma/Lovely Cruise//Margaritaville/In The Shelter/Miss You So Badly/Biloxi/Landfall

AB 991 - Love Rustler - Delbert McClinton [1977] Love Rustler/Let Love Come Between Us/Under Suspicion/Some People/As Long As I Got You//Hold On To Your Hiney/In The Jailhouse Now/That Woman/Ain't No More Cane/Turn On Your Love Light

AB 992 - Lots Of People - John Mayall [1977] Spoken Introduction (Red Holloway)/Changes In The Wind/Burning Down/Play The Harp/A Helping Hand//I Got To Get Down With You/He's A Travelling Man/Separate Ways/Room To Move

993 -

994 -

995 -

HBS Release AB 996-2 - A Man And A Woman - Isaac Hayes & Dionne Warwick [1977] (2-77, #49) Two record set. Unity/I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself-Walk On By/My Love//Medley: The Way I Want To Touch You-Have You Ever Been Mellow-Love Will Keep Us Together-I Love Music-This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)-That's The Way I Like It-Get Down Tonight/By The Time I Get To Phoenix-I Say A Little Prayer//Then Came You/Feelings-My Eyes Adored You/Body Language//Can't Hide Love/Come Live With Me/Once You Hit The Road/Chocolate Chip

* AB 997 - I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved - Martin Mull [1977] (3-77, #184) Artist Relations (Or Don't Write Me At Home)/Bombed Anyway/Boogie Man/Buy Me A Drink/Get Up, Get Down/Honor Roll/Humming Song/I'm Everyone I've Ever Loved/It's Downtime, Folks/It's Folktime, Folks/It's Meantime, Folks/It's Showtime, Folks/Martin Goes And Does Where It's At/Martin Reveals Where He's At/Martin Touched The President's Very Desk/Men/Michelle/Now Martin Suggests Where He's At/Playtentype Shows Martin Where It's At/The Truth/They Never Met

AB 998 - Booty People - Booty People [1977] Booty People: Intro/Booty People/Somethin' Simple/Shoot To Kill/To The One I Love/Windrift//Slappin' Five/The Watcher/Anyway I'm Busted/After The Rain

AB 999 - Lakeside Express - Lakeside [1977] Shine On/Taboo/Miss Look But Don't Touch/I'll Be There//Diamond Girl (Tell Me Why You're Crying)/If I Didn't Have You/It's Not Only The Outside That Counts/Epilogue

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