ABC-Paramount Album Discography, Part 14
Soundtrack Series (1964-1970)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 5, 2005

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

ABC-Paramount Label:

* ABCOC/ABCSOC 1 - High Spirits (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1964] (5-64, #76) Bicycle Song/Faster Than Sound/Forever And A Day/Go Into Your Trance/Home Sweet Heaven/I Know Your Heart/If I Gave You/Overture/Something Is Coming To Tea/Something Tells Me/Talking To You/Was She Prettier Than I?/What In The World Did You Want?/Where Is The Man I Married?/You'd Better Love Me

ABCOC/ABCSOC 2 - Cindy (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1964] Once Upon a Time/Let's Pretend/Is There Something/Papa, Let's Do It Again/Genuine Femine Girl/Think Mink/Tonight's the Night/Who Am I?/You've Got It/Life That I Have Planned/If It's Love/Got the World/Call Me Lucky/Laugh It Up/What a Wedding

ABCOC/ABCSOC 3 - Fade Out-Fade In (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1964] (7-64, #96) Overture/Oh Those Thirties/It's Good To Be Back Home/Fear/Call Me Savage/Usher From The Mezzanine/I'm With You/My Fortune Is My Face//Lila Tremaine/Go Home Train/Close Harmony/You Mustn't Be Discouraged/Dangerous Age/L.Z. In Quest Of His Youth/My Heart Is Like A Violin/Fiddler And The Fighter/Fade In-Fade Out/Finale/

ABCSOC 4 - Henry Sweet Henry (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1967] Overture/Academic Fugue/In Some Little World/Pillar to Post/Here I Am/I Wonder/Nobody Steps on Kafritz/Woman In Love/People Watches/Weary/Poor Little Person/I'm Blue Too/To Be Weary/Poor Little Person/I'm Blue Too/To Be Artistic/Do You Ever Go to Boston?/Reprise

ABC Label:

ABCSOC 5 - Custer of the West (Soundtrack) - Bernardo Segall [1968] When the War is Through/Civil War/Elizabeth/In the Cabin/Punishment Drill/Custer's March/Fourth of July/Theme Music/Overture/Sally My Love/Dead Indian/Theatre Parody/Russian Duke/Washita-Last Stand/Custer is Dead

ABCSOC 6 - A Smashing Time (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1967] Main Title/Carnaby Street/Waiting For My Friend/Aerosol Knock-About/New Clother/It's Always Your Fault/While I'm Still Young/Day Out/Trouble/Morning After/Jabberwock March/Baby Don't Go/Can't Help Laughing/Swinging Thru London/Pie Fight/End Title

ABCSOC 7 - For Love of Ivy (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1968] (9-68, #192) Main Title - For Love Of Ivy - Quincy Jones/Wheelin' And Dealin' - Quincy Jones/Little Hippy Dippy - Quincy Jones/Soul Motion - Quincy Jones/Somethin' Strange - Quincy Jones/Black Pearl - Quincy Jones/For Love Of Ivy - Quincy Jones//You Put It On Me - B.B. King/The B.B. Jones - B.B. King/Messy But Good - B.B. King/My Side Of The Sky - Cashman, Pistilli & West/Don't You Believe It - Cashman, Pistilli & West/End Title For Love Of Ivy - Shirley Horn

ABCSOC 8 - Krakatoa - East of Java (Soundtrack) - Frank DeVol [1968]

* ABCSOC 9 - Candy (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] (2-69, #49) Ascension To Virginity - The Byrds/Birth By Descent - The Byrds/Border Town Blues: A Blunt Instrument - The Byrds/Child Of The Universe - The Byrds/Constant Journey - Steppenwolf/Every Mother's Daughter - Steppenwolf/It's Always Because Of This: A Deformity - Steppenwolf/Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf/Marlon And His Sacred Bird - Steppenwolf/Opening Night: By Surgery - Steppenwolf/Rock Me - Steppenwolf/Spec-Rac-Tac-Para-Comm - Steppenwolf

ABCSOC 10 - They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (Soundtrack) - Johnny Green [1969]

ABCSOC 11 - Applause (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1970] (5-70, #168) Overture/Backstage Babble/Think How It's Gonna Be/But Alive/Best Night Of My Life/Who's That Girl?/Applause/Hurry Back/Fasten Your Seat Belts //Welcome To The Theatre/Good Friends/She's No Longer A Gypsy/One Of A Kind/One Hallow'een/Something Greater/Finale


ABCSOC 13 - Zachariah (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] Zachariah - Main Title) - Jimmie Haskell/Laguna Salada - The James Gang/We're The Crackers - Country Joe & The Fish/William Tell Overture - Jimmie Haskell/All I Need - Country Joe & The Fish/Ballad Of Job Cain - Doug Kershaw/Country Fever - The James Gang//The Lonely Ride - Jimmie Haskell/Camino-Used Horse Salesman - Jimmie Haskell/Gravedigger - The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble/Shy Ann - White Lightnin'/Matthew - Jimmie Haskell/Zachariah - End Title - Jimmie Haskell

ABCSOC 14 - Song of Norway (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1971] (1-71, #95) Opening-Piano Concerto-Life Of A Wife Of A Sailor/John Heggerstrom/Freddy And His Fiddle/Strange Music/The Song Of Norway/A Rhyme And A Reason-When We Wed/The Little House/Hill Of Dreams//I Love You/Hymn Of Betrothal/Be A Boy Again/Midsummer's Eve-Hand In Hand/Three There Were (Soundtrack Version)/The Solitary Wanderer/At Christmastime/A Welcome Toast/Ribbons And Wrappings/Wrong To Dream/Solvejg's Song & National Anthem/Concerto Finale

ABCSOC 15 - Lovers and Other Strangers - Fred Karlin [1970] Comin' Thru To Me - Country Coalition/I Am You, You Are Me, We Are One/The Night Before/Keepin' Free - Country Coalition/You'll Meet My Roommate At The Wedding/For All We Know//Wedding Waltz/There's No Gap/It's Not The Same Anymore/Medley (Intro: So What's The Story, Richie?)/Hesitation Waltz/For All We Know

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