Bluesway Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 1, 2005

The Bluesway subsidiary was established in 1967 to record blues music. The label lasted into 1974, with the last new releases coming in February, 1974. Mono albums had the "BL" prefix and stereo albums had the "BLS" prefix. Several of the Bluesway albums were also available in quadraphonic. These are indicated by the "BLQ" prefix.

The first Bluesway label was blue with black print. A blue and black Bluesway logo was above the center hole. This label was used from the start into mid-1968. The second Bluesway label was black with a blue band around the perimeter of the label. Above the center hole was a logo with BluesWay in a multicolor box next to the ABC logo in a box to the right of "BluesWay"

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

BL/BLS 6000 - Blues Sampler - T-Bone Walker, Otis Spann, John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed [1967] Two record set.

BL/BLS 6001 - Blues Is King - B.B. King [1967] Waitin' On You/Gamblers' Blues/Tired Of Your Jive/Night Life/Buzz Me//Don't Answer The Door/Blind Love/I Know What You're Puttin' Down/Baby Get Lost/Gonna Keep On Loving You

BL/BLS 6002 - Live At Cafe Au-Go-Go - John Lee Hooker [1966] I'm Bad Like Jesse James/She's Long, She's Tall (She Weeps Like A Willow Tree)/When My First Wife Left Me/Heartaches And Misery//One Bourbon, One Scotch And One Beer/I Don't Want No Trouble/I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive/Seven Days

BLS 6003 - The Blues Is Where It's At - Otis Spann [1967] Popcorn Man/Brand New House/Chicago Blues/Steel Mill Blues/Down on Sarah street/T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness/Nobody Knows Chicago/My Home Is on the Delta/Spann Blues

BLS 6004 - The New Jimmy Reed Album - Jimmy Reed [1967] Big Boss Man/I Wanna Know/Got Nowhere To Go/Two Ways To Skin A Cat/Heartaches And Troubles/Tell Me What You Want Me To Do//Honey I'll Make Two/You Don't Have To Go/Don't Play Me Cheap/Two Sides To Every Story/I'm Just Trying To Cop A Plea/Two Heads Better Than One

BLS 6005 - Everyday I Have The Blues - Jimmy Rushing [1967] Everyday I Have the Blues/Berkeley Campus Blues/Keep the Faith/You Can't Run Around/Blues In the Dark/Baby Don't Tell/I Left My Baby/Undecided Blues/Evil Blues

BLS 6006 - Singing The Blues - Joe Turner [1967] Well Oh Well/Joe's Blues/Bluer Than Blue/Big Wheel/Poor House //Piney Brown Blues/Mrs. Geraldine/Since I Was Your Man/Roll 'Em Pete/Cherry Red

BLS 6007 - Cherry Red - Eddie Cleanhead Vinson [1967] Cherry Red/Cadillac Blues/Juice Head Baby/Alimony Blues/Somebody's Got To Go//Flat Broke Blues/Old Maid Got Married/Workin' Blues/Wee Baby Blues/Goodnight Baby Blues

BL/BLS 6008 - Stormy Monday Blues - T-Bone Waker [1967] I'm Gonna Stop/Little Girl/Don't You Know/Every Night/I'm Still In Love/Cold Hearted Woman/Treat Me So Low Down/Stormy Monday/Confusion Blues/I Gotta Break Baby/Flower Blues

BLS 6009 - Soulin' - Jimmy Reed [1967] Buy Me A Hound Dog/Feel Like I Want To Ramble/I Wake Up At Daybreak/Peepin' And Hidin'/Don't Press Your Luck Woman/I'm Not Going To Let You Down//I'm Knockin' On Your Door/Crazy About Oklahoma/Cousin Peaches/Ain't No Time For Fussin'/Dedication To Sonny

* BLS 6010 - The Dirty Blues Band - The Dirty Blues Band [1968] Born Under A Bad Sign/Checkin' Up On My Baby/Chicken Shack/Don't Start Me Talkin'/Hound Dog/I'll Do Anything Babe/New Orleans Woman/Shake It Baby/Spoonful/What Is Soul Babe/Worry Worry Blues

BLS 6011 - Blues On Top Of Blues - B.B. King [1968] Reissued as ABC 709. Heartbreaker/Losing Faith In You/Dance With Me/That's Wrong Little Mama/Having My Say/I'm Not Wanted Anymore//Worried Dream/Paying The Cost To Be The Boss/Until I Found You/I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me/Raining In My Heart/Now That You've Lost Me

* BLS 6012 - Urban Blues - John Lee Hooker [1967] Backbitters And Syndicaters/Boom Boom/Cry Before I Go/Hot Water Springs (Pt. 1 & 2)/I Can't Stand To Leave You/I'm Standing In Line/Mr. Lucky/My Own Blues/Think Twice Before You Go/Want Ad Blues

BLS 6013 - The Bottom Of The Blues - Otis Spann [1968] Heart Loaded With Trouble/Diving Duck/Shimmy Baby/Looks Like Twins/I'm A Fool//My Man/Down To Earth/Nobody Knows/Doctor Blues

BLS 6014 - Funky Town - T-Bone Walker [1968] Goin' To Funky Town/Party Girl/Why My Baby (Keep On Bothering Me)/Jealous Woman/Going To Build Me a Playhouse //Long Skirt Baby Blues/Struggling Blues/I'm In An Awful Mood/I Wish My Baby (Would Come Home At Night)

BLS 6015 - Big Boss Man - Jimmy Reed [1968] Give Up And Let Me Go/I'm Leavin'/Shame, Shame, Shame/Run Here To My Baby/Life Is Funny/Two In One Blue//My Baby Told Me/Five Years Of Good Lovin'/When Two People In Love/I've Got To Keep On Rollin'/When I Woke Up This Mornin'

* BLS 6016 - Lucille - B.B. King [1968] (10-68, #192) Reissued as ABC 712. Lucille/You Move Me So/Country Girl/No Money No Luck//I Need Your Love/Rainin' All The Time/I'm With You/Stop Putting The Hurt On Me/Watch Yourself

BLS 6017 - Livin' The Blues - Jimmy Rushing [1968] Sent For You/Bad Loser/Sonny Boy Blues/We Remember Pres/Cryin' Blues/Take Me Back/Tell Me I'm Not Too Late

BLS 6018 - The Soul Of Bonnie And Clyde - South Central Avenue Municipal Blues Band [1968] The Soul Of Bonnie And Clyde/The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde/Bonnie And Clyde/Bowl Of Soul/Blues For A Rainy Everyday/Blues For Bonnie And Clyde//South Central Avenue Municipal Blues Band/Ode To Bonnie And Clyde/How's Your Clyde?/There's Not Much Time To Love/Little Bit A' Bonnie And Whole Lotta Clyde

BLS 6019 - The Blues Are All Brown - Roy Brown [1968] Hard Times/Higher and Higher/New Orleans Woman/Driving Me Mad/Till the End/Soul Lover/Man in Trouble/Standing On Broadway/Woman Trouble Blues/Cryin' With the Blues/Deep Down

BLS 6020 - Stone Dirt - The Dirty Blues Band [1968] Bring It On Home/It's My Own Fault Baby/I Can't Quit You Baby/Tell Me/She's the One//My Baby/Sittin' Down Wonderin'/Six Sides/You've Got to Love Her with a Feeling/Gone Too Long

BLS 6021 - The Outlaw Blues Band - The Outlaw Blues Band [1968] Tobacco Road/Tried To Be A Good Boy/How Bad Love Can Be/I've Got To Have Peace Of Mind//Lost In The Blues/Death Dog Of Doom/Sweet Sixteen/Two 'Tranes Running

BLS 6022 - His Best/The Electric B.B. King - B.B. King [1969] Tired of Your Jive /Don't Answer the Door /The B.B. Jones /All Over Again /Paying the Cost to Be the Boss /Think It Over /I Done Got Wise /Meet My Happiness /Sweet Sixteen /You Put It on Me /I Don't Want You Cuttin' Off Your Hair

BLS 6023 - Simply The Truth - John Lee Hooker [1968] I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam/Mini Skirts/Mean Mean Woman/I Wanna Bugaloo//Tantalizing With The Blues/(Twist Ain't Nothin') But The Old Time Shimmy/One Room Country Shack/I'm Just A Drifter

BLS 6024 - Down In Virginia - Jimmy Reed [1969] Sugar Sugar Woman/Don't Light My Fire/Slow Wa King Mama/Jump And Shout/Down In Virginia// Check Yourself/I Shot An Arrow To The Sky/Ghetto Woman Blues/Big Boss Lady/I Need You So/The Judge Should Know

6025 -

BLS 6026 - The Blues Singer - Jimmy Witherspoon [1969] Evening/I Don't Know/No Rolling Blues/Going Down Slow/Pay The Consequence/Just A Dream/Blow Wind Blow/Look At Granny Run, Run/Nobody Wants To Hear Nobody's Troubles

BLS 6027 - I Stopped and Looked At the World - Rocky & Val [1970] May be unissued.

BLS 6028 - Long Way From Home - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1969] Long Way From Home/Big Question/Rock Island Line/Night And Day/You Just Usin' Me For A Convenience/Hole In The Wall//Life Is A Gamble/Don't Mistreat Me/Packin' Up, Gettin' Ready/Wailin' And Whoopin'/B.M. Special

BLS 6029 - George Smith Of The Blues - George "Harmonica" Smith & His Blues Band [1969] A Letter To The President/Got My Mojo Working/Milk That Cow/Blues For Reverend King/Ode To Blillie Joe //Juicy Harmonica/Help Me/Hawaiian Eye/If You Were A Rabbit

Bls 6030 - Breaking In - The Outlaw Blues Band [1969] Plastic Man/Stormy Monday Blues/My Baby's Left And Gone//Day Said/Mamo Pano Shhhh/You're The Only One/Deep Gully

BLS 6031 - Live And Well - B.B. King [1969] (6-69, #56) Don't Answer The Door/Just A Little Love/My Mood/Sweet Little Angel/Please Accept My Love//I Want You So Bad/Friends/Get Off My Back Woman/Let's Get Down To Business/That's Why I Sing The Blues

BLS 6032 - Don't Have To Worry - Earl Hooker [1969]

BLS 6033 - Untitled Album - John Lee Hooker [Unissued]

BLS 6034 - Yer' Album - The James Gang [1969] Introduction (Tuning Part One)/Take A Look Around/Funk #48/Bluebird/Lost Woman//Stone Rap/Collage/I Don't Have The Time/Wrapcity In English (Joe Walsh & The Seymour Barab Strings)/Fred (Featuring The Dunn Chorus)/Stop (Featuring The Dunn Chorus)

BLS 6035 - Take Me Back to St. Louis - Andrew "Blues Boy" Odom [Unissued[

BLS 6036 - Rambling Woman - Johnny "Big Moose" Walker featuring Earl Hooker and Otis Hale [1973] Footrace/The Sky Is CryingRambling Woman/Moose Huntin'Chicken Shack //Leave Me 'Lone/Baby Talk/Would You Baby/Rock Me Momma/Moose Is on the Loose

BLS 6037 - Completely Well - B.B. King [1969] (12-69, #38) So Excited/No Good/You're Losin' Me/What Happened?/Confessin' The Blues//Key To My Kingdom/Cryin' Won't Help You Now/You're Mean/The Thrill Is Gone

BLS 6038 - If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'Im - John Lee Hooker Featuring Earl Hooker [1970] The Hookers (If You Miss 'Im... I Got 'Im)/Baby, I Love You/Lonesome Mood/Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang/If You Take Care Of Me, I'll Take Care Of You//Baby, Be Strong/I Wanna Be Your Puppy, Baby/I Don't Care When You Go/Have Mercy On My Soul!

BLS 6039 - Legend - Charles Brown [1970] Drifting Blues/All Is Forgiven/I Want To Go Home//Black Night/The Combination/Rainy, Rainy Day/New Merry Christmas Baby

BLS 6040 - Hunh! - Jimmy Witherspoon [1970] Parcel Post Blues/I Made A Lot Of Mistakes/Bug To Put'n Yo' Year/Bags Under My Eyes//Thoughts Of Home/You Can't Do A Thing When You Are Drunk/Never Knew This Kind Of Hurt Before/Pillar To Post

BLS 6041 - Untitled Album - Jimmy Reed [Unissued]

BLS 6042 - Brownie's Blues - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [Unissued] Later released as Bluesville OBC-505. Jump, Little Children/Lonesome Day/One Thing For Sure/The Killin' Floor/Little Black Engine/I Don't Know The Reason/Trouble In Mind/Everyday I Have The Blues/Door To Success

BLS 6043 - Time To Get It Together - Country Coalition [1970] Your One Man Band/Second-Hand Sundown Queen/Sweet Sweetheart/Poverty/Life's Little Up's And Down's/Time To Get It Together//How Do I Love You/November Monday/Think About Now/Giving Up Trying To Please You/Age Of Angels/Longing To Be Free

6044 -

6045 -

BLS 6046 - Jimmy Witherspoon - Jimmy Witherspoon [Unissued?]

BLS 6047 - Memorial Album - Earl Hooker [Unissued?]

6048 -

6049 -

BLS 6050 - Back In The Alley - B.B. King [1970] Sweet Little Angel/Watch Yourself/Don't Answer The Door/Paying The Cost To Be The Boss/Sweet Sixteen//Gambler's Blues/I'm Gonna Do What They Do To Me/Lucille/Please Love Me

BLS 6051 - The Best Of Jimmy Witherspoon - Jimmy Witherspoon [1970] Handbags And Gladrags/I Don't Know/I Made A Lot Of Mistakes/Blow Wind Blow/Bags Under My Eyes (Edited Version)//The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down/You Can't Do A Thing When You're Drunk (Edited Version)/Just A Dream/Testifying

BLS/BLQ 6052 - Kabuki Wuki - John Lee Hooker [1973] Your Love (Just A Little Bit)/Hold It/Look At The Rain/My Best Friend//Hit The Floor/A Little Bit Higher/I Wonder Why/If You Got A Dollar

BLS 6053 - The Genius Live In Concert - Ray Charles [1973] Reissue Of ABC/ABCS 500. Opening/Swing A Little Taste/I Gotta Woman/Margie/You Don't Know Me/Hide Nor Hair//Baby Don't You Cry/Makin' Whoopee/Hallelujah I Love Her So/Don't Set Me Free/What'd I Say/Finale

BLS 6054 - I Ain't From Chicago - Jimmy Reed [1973] World's Got A Problem/I Don't Know (Part 1)/I Don't Know (Part 2)/Got To Be A Reason/Take Out Some Insurance//I Don't Believe In Nothing/If You Want It Done Right/Life Won't Last Me Long/Turn Me On/Got Me Worried/I Ain't From Chicago

BLS/BLQ 6055 - Farther On Down The Road - Andrew Voice Odom [1973] Don't Ever Leave Me All Alone/Stormy Monday/Farther Up The Road/Feel So Good/Long About Sunrise//Take Me Back To East St. Louis/I Got The Feelin'/It's My Own Fault/Please Love Me

BLS6056 - Hard Times: The Classic Blues Of Roy Brown - Roy Brown [1973] Hard Times/Higher And Higher/New Orleans Woman/Driving Me Mad/Till The End Of Never/Soul Lover//Man In Trouble Blues/Standing On Broadway (Watching The Girls)/Woman Trouble Blues/Cryin' With The Blues/Deep Down In My Soul

BLS 6057 - Sent For You Yesterday - Jimmy Rushing [1973] You Can't Run Around (Blues)/Sonny Boy Blues/Sent For You Yesterday (Here You Come Today)/Blues in the Dark/Every Day I Have the Blues/Undecided Blues/I Left My Baby/Berkeley Campus Blues/Tell Me I'm Not Too Late

BLS 6058 - Dirty Mistreater - T-Bone Walker [1973] Why My Baby (Keeps On Bothering Me)/Stormy Monday/Jealous Woman/Flower Blues/Long Skirt Baby Blues/Little Girl, Don't You Know //Treat Me So Low Down/I'm In an Awful Mood/Going To Build Me a Playhouse/Cold Hearted Woman/Goin' To Funky Town

BLS/BLQ 6059 - I Couldn't Believe My Eyes - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry with Earl Hooker [1973] Black Cat Bone/Brownie's New Blues/Poor Man Blues/Yell Me Why/My Baby's So Fine//Don't Wait For Me/I'm In Love With You Baby/Parcel Post Blues/When I Was Drinkin'/I Couldn't Believe My Eyes

BLS 6060 - Roll 'Em - Joe Turner [1973] Reissue of Bluesway BLS 6006. Well Oh Well/Joe's Blues/Bluer Than Blue/Big Wheel/Poor House //Piney Brown Blues/Mrs. Geraldine/Since I Was Your Man/Roll 'Em Pete/Cherry Red

BLS 6061 - Blues Classics Volume 1 - Various Artists [1973] Let's Go Get Stoned - Ray Charles/I'm Bad Like Jesse James - John Lee Hooker/Baby Talk - Johnny "Big Moose" Walker/Stormy Monday - T-Bone Walker/Scorpio - Mel Brown //Got My Mojo Working - George "Harmonica" Smith/No Rollin' Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/Take Me Back to East St. Louis - Andrew "Voice" Odom/Hard Times - roy Brown/Attica Blues - Archie Shepp

BLS 6062 - Blues Classics Volume 2 - Various Artists [1973]

BLS 6063 - Heart Loaded With Trouble - Otis Spann [1973]

BLS 6064 - 18 Pounds of Uncleaned Chittlins - Mel Brown [1973]

BLS 6065 - Call on Me - Bobby "Blue" Bland [1973] Call On Me/The Feeling Is Gone/Honky Tonk/Cry Lover Cry/Wishing Well/Share You Love With Me/That's The Way Love Is/Care For Me/No Sweeter Girl/Bobby's Blues/Ain't It A Good Thing/Queen For A Day

BLS 6066 - Sometimes Tomorrow My Broken Heart Will Die - Junior Parker [1973] My Love Is Real/I'm Gonna Take A Chance/If You Can't Take It (You Sure Can't Make It)/What Kind Of Love/It Ain't Like That No More//Goodbye Little Girl/Today I Sing The Blues/I'm Gonna Stop/What People Say About Love/Little Old Lover-Me

BLS 6067 - The Ultimate Jimmy Reed - Jimmy Reed [1973] Honest I Do/Big Boss Man/Shame, Shame, Shame/Aw, Shucks, Hush Your Mouth/Bright Lights, Big City//The Sun Is Shining/Good Lover/Down In Virginia/Hush, Hush/Close Together/Baby, What You Want Me To Do

BLS 6068 - Sunnyland Slim Plays Ragtime Blues - Sunnyland Slim [1973] Get Hip To Yourself/Mr. Cool/Bassology/Ain't Gonna Drink No More/It's You Baby/Everytime I Gets To Drinkin'//Lonesome Ride/Canadian Walk/Rice, Salmon And Black-Eyed Peas [not listed on back cover]/Got To Get To My Baby [listed as "Goin' to My Baby" on the back cover]/When Your Mama Quit Your Papa [not listed on back cover]

BLS 6069 - Funky From Chicago - Johnny Little John [1973] Lost In The Jungle/I Met A Stranger/Chips Flying Everywhere/Guitar King/Keep On Runnin'//Need More Baby/29 Ways/Came Home This Mornin'/19 Years Old [mentioned on back cover, but not included on the album]/How Long/Worried Head

BLS 6070 - Cry Before I Go - Lucille Spann [2/74] Cry Before I Go/Meat Ration Blues/Country Girl/Make You Feel Like A Bigger Man/Sky Is Crying//Everybody's Fishing/Got My Mojo Workin'/Can't Stand To Leave You/Queen Bee/Daddy Let Me Love You/Wine Head Woman

BLS 6071 - Ain't Sick No More - Homesick James [1973] 13 Highway/12 Year Old Boy/Buddy Brown/Fayette County Blues/Little Girl/In Love//My Baby's Gone/Little And Low/Money Getter/I Ain't Doin' No Good/Sugar Mama/Woman I Love

BLS 6072 - Do You Remember The Great Earl Hooker - Earl Hooker [1973]

BLS 6073 - Jimmy Reed At Carnegie Hall - Jimmy Reed [1973] Two record set, issued in U.S. only. Reissue of Vee-Jay 1035. Despite the title, this is a studio album. Disc 1 is new material, and disc 2 is a "best of" compilation from earlier singles. Disc 1: Bright Lights Big City/I'm Mr. Luck/What's Wrong Baby/Found Joy/Kind Of Lonesome//Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth/Tell Me You Love Me/Blue Carnegie/I'm A Love You/Hold Me Close/Blue Blue Water; Disc 2:Baby What You Want Me To Do/You Don't Have To Go/Hush-Hush/Found Love/Honest I Do/You Got Me Dizzy//Big Boss Man/Take Out Some Insurance/Boogie In The Dark/Going To New York/Ain't That Lovin' Baby/The Sun Is Shining

BLS 6074 - After 21 Years - Reverend Gatemouth Moore [1973] The Conversion of Gatemouth Moore and Shine On Me/Prayer Song and Meditation Medley: Oh How I Love Jesus, Yes Jesus Loves Me, A Prayer By Rev. Crenshaw/Glory To His Name/He Walks With Me //Heard the Voice/There Is Room At the Cross/Just As I Am/I Come To the Garden and I'm Going Through

BLS 6075 - I Can't Keep My Foot From Jumping - Johnny Young [1973] Stop Breaking Down/I Gotta Find My Baby/Deal The Cards/Train Fare Out Of Town/I Know She's Kinda Slick/Tried Not To Cry//Keep On Drinking/Kid Mama Blues/Lend Me Your Love/Sweet Mama/No. 12 Is At The Station/I Can't Keep My Foot From Jumpin'

BLS/BLQ 6076 - Do It If You Want To - James Snooky Pryor [1973] Trying to Sell My Monkey/You Wait Too Long/Somebody Been Rambling in My Drawers/Sweet as an Apple in a Tree/The One I Crave to See//Snooky and Andy at the Mardi Gras/Do It If You Want To/I Want to Go Fishin'/Take It Kind of Easy/Can I Be Your Man, A Little While/Keep Your Fat Mouth Out of My Business

BLS/BLQ 6077 - Dirty Double Mother - Roosevelt Sykes [1973] Double Dirty Mother/Persimmon Pie/I Wanna Love/Look A Here/Jookin' In New Orleans/May Be A Scandal//Double Breasted Woman/Dooky Chase Boogie/Life Is A Puzzle/.44 Riffle Blues/Watch'l Go Better

BLS/BLQ 6078 - Cousin Joe Of New Orleans - Cousin Joe [1973] Juice On The Loose/Beggin' Woman/Chicken A-La-Blues/Messin' Around/Barefoot Boy//Country Boy/Evolution Blues/Joe's Blues/Life's A One Way Ticket/Down It And Get From Around It

BLS 6079 - Last Night - Carey Bell [1974] Last Night/Taking You Downtown/Rosa, I Love Your Soul/I'm Worried/Cho' Cho' Blues/Tomorrow Night// 19 Years Old/Leaving In The Morning/Love Pretty Women/Mean Mistreater/Freda/I Want To See You Tomorrow

BLS 6080 - Don't Your Plums Look Mellow - Big Joe Williams [2/74]

BLS 6081 - Hand of God - Rev. James Griffin, Spencer Jackson Family [2/74]

BLS 6082 - House Cleanin' Blues - L.C. Robinson [2/74] House Cleanin' Blues/Summerville Blues/Separation Blues/Texas Blues/My Baby Crossed the Bay/Stop Now//Cross the Bay Shuffle/Train Time/Southern Bound/Standin' In Line/Trailin' My Baby/Rockin' With Peggy

BLS 6083 - Lonely Girl - Lee Jackson [2/74] Lonely Girl/Juanita/Lee Jackson's Boogy/I Had A Dream Last Night/Neck Bones//Lonely Without Love/Country Girl/Old Aunt Jane/When I First Came To Chicago/All Around Man/The Sky Above

Promotional Issue:

BLS 1973 - A Taste of Bluesway - Various Artists [1973] I Gotta Woman - Ray Charles/I Don't Know - Jimmy Witherspoon/Drifting Blues - Charles Brown/Got To Be A Reason - Jimmy Reed/Rock Island Line - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry//Blue Shadows - B.B. King/Doin' The Shout - John Lee Hooker/I'm In An Awful Mood - T-Bone Walker/Is You Ever Seen A One-Eyed Woman Cry? - Earl Hooker/Sent For You Yesterday (Here You Come Today) - Jimmy Rushing

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