LHI Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 18, 2007

LHI Label was started by Lee Hazlewood, who began his musical career in Phoenix, Arizona, as a producer. He got his first hit in 1956 with "The Fool," a song which he wrote and gave to Sanford Clark. Dot licensed the track and it reached the top ten. In the late '50s Hazlewood made a series of instrumental records with Duane Eddy for the Jamie label, many of them becoming hits. Jamie, a Philadelphia record company, got intense airplay of the Duane Eddy discs on the Philadelphia-based American Bandstand.

Hazlewood eventually relocated to southern California, where he really built his reputation with a series of hits by Nancy Sinatra on the Reprise label, starting with his production of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'," on which Duane Eddy played the growling bass line. He also produced Frank & Nancy Sinatra's mega hit "Something Stupid." The success with Sinatra led to the establishment of his own label, LHI, located at 9000 Sunset in Los Angeles. LHI stands for Lee Hazlewood Industries. Initially the label was distributed by Decca, but switched to ABC after three issues.

The greatest claim to fame for the LHI label was releasing the album Safe at Home by the International Submarine Band. The album did not sell well, but was a landmark country rock album. Gram Parsons, later of the Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers, was the leader of the International Submarine Band and wrote four of the songs on the album. For trivia buffs, the name International Submarine Band was taken from a Little Rascals film made in the 1930s.

The LHI label numbering system is somewhat incomprehensible. There appears to be a 12000 series that was distributed by Decca in 1967 with three releases. Then there was a 12000 series in 1968 that was distributed by ABC, although by the time 12003 was released there was no mention of distributorship.

The LHI label on the Decca series is creme colored with black printing. Around the perimeter of the label is a rainbow colored band, to the left of the center hole is the LHI Records logo. At the bottom of the label is "DISTRIBUTED BY DECCA DISTRIBUTING CORPORATION FOR LEE HAZLEWOOD INDUSTRIES, INCORPORATED".

The LHI label on the ABC series is the same as the above but at the bottom of the label is "A PRODUCT OF LEE HAZLEWOOD INDUSTRIES, INC DIST. BY ABC RECORDS, INC. N.Y.C. 10019 MADE IN USA".

The next label was red/orange with black printing, the LHI Records logo is in white to the left of the center hole, this label appears on 12003 and above. At the bottom of the label is "A PRODUCT OF LEE HAZLEWOOD INDUSTRIES, INC."

Lee Hazlewood died in August, 2007.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

12000 Series (Distributed by Decca):

LHI E/ES12000 - Everything But The Kitchen Cinq - Kitchen Cinq [9/67] Appeared in the September 1967 Schwann Catalog New Entries Section. You'll Be Sorry Someday/Solitary Man/Determination/Please Come Back/Codine//Young Boy/Last Chance To Turn Around/Still In Love With You Baby/If You Think/I Can't Let Go/Need All the Help

LHI E/ES7 12001 - Lee Hazlewood Presents the 98 % American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band - 98 % American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band [8/67] Appeared in the August 1967 Schwann Catalog New Entries Section.

LHI E/ES7 12002 - Trip Through A Blown Mind - Bob Kaufman [8/67] Appeared in the August 1967 Schwann Catalog New Entries Section. Football Coach/High & Mighty Airplane/Weather Forecast/How To Defeat Cuba/Smog Conference/Dear Scabby/And Now, the News/Spaceman/Brothels/Glory Be!

12000 Series (Distributed by ABC):

LHI/LHI S 12000 - Dreams and Images - Arthur & the Aggregation [3/68] Appeared in the March 1968 Schwann Catalog New Entries. Arthur was Arthur Lee Harper. Blue Museum/Children Once Were You/Sunshine Soldier/Friend of Mine/Open Up/Pandora/Wintertime/Living Circa 1920/Valentine Gray

LHI/LHI S 12001 - Safe at Home - The International Submarine Band [4/68] The promotional copy of this album has a colored LHI label but says "Promotion Copy Not For Sale". There is a letter with the record dated April 17, 1968 stating "Most west coast underground stations have found the enclosed, "SAFE AT HOME", by the International Submarine Band to be a unique and interesting album, and listener response has been excellent, WRIT in Milwaukee made it their pick album the week of April the 8th. We would like to emphasize that we believe this LP has a great deal of Pop potential. It was not intended for C&W stations only. Lee Hazlewood has believed for some time that hippie-billy was going to be a trend in the music industry. This is in part borne out by the recent Byrds and Bob Dylan albums. We feel that the International Submarine Band belongs in the same category. We would appreciate your consideration and open minded audition. Yours truly, Tom Thacker VP & National Promotion Director." The name for the music "hippie-billy" did not last; most call this one of the first country rock albums made. There is a bootleg version of this album that is an exact copy of the original except that it has a white and black promo label that says "D.J. Copy Not For Sale". These bootlegs also have a cutout hole in the cover. Blue Eyes/I Must Be Somebody Else You've Known/A Satisfied Mind/Folsom Prison Blues And That's All Right//Miller's Cave/I Still Miss Someone/Luxury Liner/Strong Boy/Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome?

Distribution Unknown:

LHI S 12002 - Honey Ltd. - Honey Ltd. [1968] The vocal trio Eve is Laura (Polkinghome) Creamer, Marsha Jo Temmer, Alexandra (Alex) Sliwin, and Joan Sliwin. Alex eventually married J.D. Souther, at which point the group became a trio named "Eve" (see below). The Warrior/I've Got Your Man/No You Are/Silk N Honey//Come Down/Tomorrow, Your Heart/Louie Louie/For Your Mind

LHI S 12003 - Return of the Fool - Sanford Clark [1968] Ampex cassette tape number was 5110. Footprints In Her Yard/The Black Widow Spider/Bethany Ann/Love Me Till Then/The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp//Farm Labor Camp # 2/A Woman's Disgrace/Drowning In A Sea Of Tears/Six Days Till Sunday/Georgia Dreaming

LHI S 12004 - Virgil Warner and Suzi Jane Hokom - Virgil Warner & Suzi Jane Hokom [1969] The House Song/Storybook Children/Lady Bird/Here We Go Again/Summer Wine//Love County Fair/Angel Of The Morning/Wake Up Little Suzie/Let It Be Me

LHI S 12005 - Free Up - Surprise Package [1969] Ampex cassette tape number was 5112. Heavy psych/fuzz. Group was Rob Lowery (lead vocal), Greg Beck (guitars), Michael Rogers (keyboards), and Fred Zeufeldt (drums) New Way Home/100% Vision/Breakaway/Supporting Cast/Social Disease//Free Up

LHI S 12006 - Trouble Is A Lonesome Town - Lee Hazlewood [4/69] Ampex cassette tape number was 5111. Long Black Train/Ugly Brown/Son of a Gun/We All Make the Flowers Grow/Run Boy Run/Six Feet of Chain/The Railroad/Look at That Woman/Peculiar Guy/Trouble Is a Lonesome Town

LHI S 12007 - The Cowboy and the Lady - Lee Hazlewood & Ann Margaret [1969] Ampex cassette tape number was 5147. Am I That Easy To Forget?/Only Mama That'll Walk The Line/Greyhound Bus Depot/Walk On Out Of My Mind/Hangin' On/Victims Of The Night/Break My Mind/You Can't Imagine/Sweet Thing/No Regrets/Dark End Of The Street

LHI S 12008 - Mind Odyssey - Aggregation [1969] Ampex cassette tape number was 5176. The Lady At The Gate/Looking For The Tour Guide/The Long Windy Tunnel/Flying Free/White Light/In The Garden/Reflections/The City Of Toys And Games/Change/Life's Light

LHI S 12009 - Forty - Lee Hazlewood [1969] Ampex cassette tape number was 5208. Reissued in 1974 as LHI L-12009. It Was A Very Good Year/What's More I Don't Need Her/The Night Before/The Bed/Paris Bells/Wait Till Next Year/September Song/Let's Burn Down The Cornfield/Bye Babe/Mary

3100 Series (Unknown Distribution):

LHI 3100 - Take It and Smile - Eve [6/70] The vocal trio Eve is Laura (Polkinghome) Creamer, Marsha Jo Temmer, and Joan Sliwin, three of the four members of Honey Ltd. (see above). Musicians for this album are Hal Blaine, Ron Tutt, Ry Cooder, James Burton, Mark Creamer, Gary Illingsworth, Larry Muhoberac, Joe Osborne, and Sneaky Pete. Lo And Behold/I've Got A Secret/Give A Hand/Dusty Roads/Anyone Who Had A Heart//You Go Your Way/Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham/Could You/My Man Sunshine/Take It And Smile

LHI 3101 - Cowboy in Sweden - Lee Hazlewood [1971] Pray Them Bars Away/Leather And Lace/Forget Marie/Cold Hard Times/Night Before/Hey Cowboy/No Train To Stockholm/For A Day Like Today/Easy And Me/What's More I Don't Need Her/Vem Kan Segla


LHI (Australia):
SLHL 934430 - Requiem for an Almost Lady - Lee Hazlewood [1971] Released in the US on CD in 1999 as Smells Like SLR 038-12. I'm Glad I Never/If It's Monday Morning/L.A. Lady/Won't You Tell Your Dreams/I'll Live Yesterdays/Little Miss Sunshine (Little Miss Rain)/Stone Lost Child/Come On Home To Me/Must Have Been Something I Loved/I'd Rather Be Your Enemy

LHL 34701 - 13 - Lee Hazlewood [1974] You Look Like A Lady/Tulsa Sunday/Ten Or 11 Towns Ago/Toocie And The River/She Comes Running/Rosacoke Street/I Move Around/And I Loved You Then/Hey, Me I'm Riding


LHI 97200 - Poet, Fool or Bum - Lee Hazlewood [1997] Poet/Kari/Feathers/Performer/Come Spend The Morning/Wind Sky Sea And Sand/Think I'm Coming Down/Pray Them Bars Away/Cold Hard Times/Night Before/No Train To Stockholm/Easy And Me/Long Haired Country Boy/Ballad Of Lucy Jordan/To Ramona/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On/Back On The Street Again/Your Thunder And Your Lightning/Suddenly Tennessee/Rider On A White Horse/Dolly Parton's Guitar/Mother Country Music/It's For My Dad/Hello Saturday Morning/LA Lady

LHI 97300 - Love and Other Crimes - Lee Hazlewood [1997] For One Moment/Bugles In The Afternoon/After Six/Nights/Your Sweet Love/We All Make The Flowers Grow/Look At That Woman/She Comes Running/Forget Marie/Pour Man/Love And Other Crimes/Them Girls/Friday's Child/Hutchinson Jail/By The Way (I Still Love You)/Four Kinds Of Lonely/Houston/Since You're Gone/Real Live Fool/I'm Blue/Fool/That Old Freight Train/Me And Charlie/I'm Gonna Fly/Bed/Bye Baby/No Regrets

LHI 97300 - The Cowboy and the Ladies - Lee Hazlewood [1997] Greenwich Village Folksong Salesman/My Elusive Dreams/Summer Wine/Sundown Sundown/Jackson/Some Velvet Morning/Lady Bird/Oh Lonesome Me/Girl In Paris/Sand/I'll Never Fall In Love Again/Alone/Califia (Stone Rider)/Old Milwaukee/Leather And Lace/Hey Cowboy/Chico/Am I That Easy To Forget/Walk On Out Of My Mind/Victims Of The Night/Break My Mind/Sweet Thang/Dark End Of The Street/Friendship Train/Paris Summer/Down From Dover

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