Waldorf Music Hall Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: January 21, 2016

The Waldorf Music Hall label was started in 1953 or 1954 in Harrison, New Jersey, by Enoch Light. While Light served as General Manager, his business partners Casper Pinsker and Dick Davemos were also involved. Waldorf Music Hall released popular, jazz, rhythm and blues and gospel music. The Waldorf Music Hall Label was a budget record label. The 10 inch albums sold for 99 cents, and the 12 inch albums sold for $1.98. Waldorf Music Hall records were sold exclusively in Woolworth stores. When Am- Par Records purchased all of the labels owned by Enoch Light in October 1959, they also acquired the Waldorf Music Hall catalog, although the label had probably stopped issuing albums prior to the purchase.

There are a few interesting albums on Waldorf Music Hall for collectors. The two albums by the Deep River Boys 33-108 and 33-120 are sought out by gospel and R&B collectors. The most valuable album on the label is 33-136 New Orleans Blues which contains eight songs, six by the Royal Playboys.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

10 Inch Albums:

The label on the 10 inch albums is maroon with silver print. "WALDORF Music-Hall" is above the center hole. A silver box just above the center hole has FDR in it standing for Full Dynamic Range.

3300 Series:

This series consists of re-recorded versions of the hits of the day by studio musicians, sort of a "Your Hit Parade" on record. The early releases that cover popular hits were effective, but as rock and roll began to dominate the charts, these big band leaders could not duplicate the rock and roll recordings. The missing numbers probably follow the same pattern. On most labels the 10 inch format died in 1955; on Waldorf it seemed to last into 1957 at least.

MH 3301 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] Wanted/Secret Love/Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell/I Got So Lonely/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Young In Heart/Make Love to Me/From the Vine Came the Grape

MH 3302 - Hits, Hits, Hooray! - Vincent Lopez & His Hotel Taft Orchestra [1954] A Girl, A Girl/Cross Over the Bridge/The Man With the Banjo/Gee/Poor Butterfly/Oh My Papa/Here/Answer Me My Love

MH 3303 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] Three Coins in the Fountain/My Friend/Hernando's Hideaway/There Never Was a Night So Beautiful/Isle of Capri/If You Love Me (Really Love Me)/The Happy Wanderer/Little Things Mean a Lot

MH 3304 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] The High and the Mighty/Hey There/Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight/The Little Shoemaker/Sh-Boom/In the Chapel in the Moonlight/Skokiaan/I Understand Just How You Feel

MH 3305 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] This Ole House/I Need You Now/Cinnamon Sinner/I'm a Fool To Care/I Cried/They Were Doing the Mambo/What a Dream/If I Give My Heart to You

MH 3306 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] Pappa Loves Mambo/Hold My Hand/Dream/Muskrat Ramble/plus 4 others

MH 3307 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954]

MH 3308- Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] Let Me Go Lover/Hajji Baba/My Son My Son/Hearts of Stone/The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane/Dim, Dim the Lights/It Worries Me/Why Was I Born

MH 3309 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Bobby Bryne & Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] Melody of Love/No More/That's All I Want From You/Ling Ting Tong/Make Yourself Comfortable/That's a Plenty/Earth Angel/Sincerely

MH 3310 - Hits, Hits Hooray! - Enoch Light & Light Brigade Orchestra [1954] Tweedle Dee/Open Up Your Heart/Silk Stockings/That's What I Like/If Anyone Finds This/I Love You/Malaguena/Ko Ko Mo/How Important Can It Be

MH 3311 -

MH 3312 -

MH 3313 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [1954] Title on the label is "Hits, Hits, Hooray!", on the cover "8 Top Hits". Whatever Lola Wants - Dollie Evans, Brigadiers & Enoch Light Orchestra/Unchained Melody - Brigadiers with Lois Winter/Two Hearts, Two Kisses - Loren Becker with Brigadiers/Heart - Loren Becker with Enoch Light Orchestra //The Breeze and I - Lois Winter, Brigadiers & Enoch Light Orchestra/Silver Moon - Enoch Light Orchestra/Honey Babe - Brigadiers with Enoch Light Orchestra/A Blossom Fell - Artie Malvin

MH 3314 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [1955] The artists include: Loren Becker, Margie Murphy, The Brigadiers, and Enoch Light and & His Orchestra Boom Boom Boomerang/Most Of All/Hey Mr. Banjo/Something's Got To Give/Learnin' The Blues/Don't Be Angry/It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/ Silver Dollar

MH 3315 -

MH 3316 - 8 Top Hits - Enoch Light Orchestra [1956] Rock Around the Clock/House of Blue Lights/Hard to Get/If I May/Chee Chee-oo Chee/Ain't It a Shame/Alabama Jubilee/Cocktails For Two

MH 3317 - 8 Top Hits - Enoch Light Orchestra, Billy Daniels [1956] The Yellow Rose of Texas/The Bible Tells Me So/Domani/Seventeen/The Kentuckian Song/Wake the Town and Tell the People/Razzle Dazzle/That Old Black Magic

MH 3318 - 8 Top Hits - Trudy Richards, Loren Becker, Artie Malvin, Brigadiers Quartet with Vincent Lopez Orchestra [1956] Mabellene/Tina Marie/Autumn Leaves/Song of the Dreamer/Love Is a Many Splendored Thing/I Want You to Be My Baby/I'll Never Stop Loving You/Moments To Remember

MH 3319 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3320 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?] 16 Tons/If You Don't Want My Love/Cross Of Gold/I Hear You Knockin'/Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie/You Are My Love/At My Front Door/My Bonnie Lassie

MH 3321 - 8 Top Hits - Bobby Byrne, Dottie Evans, Artie Malvin, Loren Becker, Brigadiers Quartet [195?] No Arms Can Ever Hold You/It's Almost Tomorrow/Everybody's Got A Home But Me/Band Of Gold/Memories Are Made Of This/Pepper Hot Baby/All At Once You Love Her/Woman In Love

MH 3322 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?] Cry Me A River/Angels In The Sky/Tender Trap/Dungaree Doll/Teen Age Prayer/Lisbon Antigua/The Great Pretender/Take Me Back To Toyland

MH 3323 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?] Go On With The Wedding/Daddy-O/The Little Child/Chain Gang/Three Penny Opera "Moritat"/See You Later Alligator/Are You Satisfied/C'est La Vie

MH 3324 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3325 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3326 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3327 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3328 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3329 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3330 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3331 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3332 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3333 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3334 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3335 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3336 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3337 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3338 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3339 - 8 Top Hits - Paul Whiteman, Bob Eberly, Artie Malvin, Loren Becker [195?]

MH 3340 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3341 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3342 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [195?]

MH 3343 - 8 Top Hits - Jimmy Blaine, Loren Becker, Dottie Evans & Enoch Light & His Orchestra [1957] Julie Newmar is on the cover of this album. Teddy Bear/Bye Bye Love/It's Not For Me To Say/Old Cape Cod/Valley of Tears/Wonderful! Wonderful!/Gonna Find Me A Bluebird/Girl With The Golden Braids

MH 3344

MH 3345

MH 3346

MH 3347 - 8 Top Hits - Various Artists [1957] All The Way - Bob Eberly/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Jimmie Blaine with the Monarchs/You Send Me - Artie Malvin with the Hi-Fi's/Treat Me Nice - Jimmy Helms//April Love - Bob Eberly with the Monarchs/My Special Angel - Jack Brown with the Hi- Fi's/Little Bitty Pretty One - Jerry Duane with the Zig Zags/Raunchy - Enoch Light & His Orchestra

MH 33 100 Series:

MH 100 - 15 Children's Songs - Waldorf Punch & Judy Orchestra [1954] Peter Pan/Pinocchio/The Gingerbread Man/The Big Red Fire Engine/Jack and the Beenstalk/plus 10 others

MH 33 101 - Pops for Tots - Waldorf Punch & Judy Orchestra [1954] The Doggie In the Window/Me and My Teddy Bear/Bimbo/The Parade of the Wooden Soldiers/Chisom Trail/Big Rock Candy Mountain/plus 10 others

MH 33 102 - Showboat Selections - Robert Trendler, Harry Stockwell, Evelyn Wyckoff, June Forrest & Diane Courtney [1954] Also issued on 4-song 45rmp EP MH 45 105 (deleting "Make Believe" and "Bill"). Showboat Overture/Ol' Man River/Why Do I Love You/Make Believe/Bill/Can't Help Lovin' That Man

MH 33 103 - Moods for Lovers - Lew White [1954] Also issued on 4-song 45rpm EP as MH 45 104. Deep Purple/All the Things You Are/Theme of Love From Prince Igor/The Sweetest Story Ever Told/September Song/Love theme From Romeo and Juliet/Poem Music/The Man I Love

MH 33 104 - Operatic Arias - Donald Dame, Hugh Thompson, Jean Merrill [1954] Toreador Song-Carmen/Voi Lo Sapete-Cavalleria Rusticana/Musetta's Waltz-La Boheme/Evening Star- Tannhauser/La Donna e Mobile-Rigoletto/Gavotte-Mignon/Vesti La Giubba-Paguacci/Vissi D'arte-Tosca

MH 33 105 - Victor Herbert Favorites - Robert Marshall, Elaine Malbin, John Baker & Harriet O'Rouke with Charles Previn Orchestra [1954] Thine Alone/I'm Falling In Love With Someone/Gypsy Love Song/Romany Life/Italian Street Song/Sweethearts

MH 33 106 - Romantic Rhapsody - Shandor & His Orchestra [1954]My Star/Roumanian Rhapsody/Bublitchky/Oh Console Me/Let's Begin the Dance/On the Hortobogy/Hungarian Dance/Hora Staccato/Dark Eyes/You Are Mine

MH 33 107 - Neopolitian Love Songs - Robert Marshall with Don Albert Orchestra [1954] Come Back To Sorrento/Santa Lucia/O' Sole Mio/Ciribiribin/Marechiare/Maria, Maria/Funiculi Funicula/A Vucchella

MH 33 108 - Spirituals and Jubilees - Deep River Boys [1954] This was the first title, the cover is yellow with a drawing of a riverboat on the cover. Git On Board Little Children/We Are Walking In the Light/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Go Down Moses //Oh Freedom/Honey, Honey, Honey/My Castle on the Nile/I'm Trampin'

MH 33 108 A - Deep River Boys Sing Songs of Jubilees - Deep River Boys [1954] This was the second title, the cover is blue with a photo of the group on the cover. The title on the record label remained "Spirituals and Jubilees".Although this cover is actually the second, it is worth more than the first because it is rarer and has the picture of the group on it. Git On Board Little Children/We Are Walking In the Light/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Go Down Moses //Oh Freedom/Honey, Honey, Honey/My Castle on the Nile/I'm Trampin' [Also issued as a 4-song 45rpm EP as MH 45 114 (Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Go Down Moses//My Castle On The Nile/I'm Trampin')]

MH 33 109 - Favorite Strauss Waltzes - Karl Kritz [1954] Blue Danube/A Thousand and One Nights/Treasure Waltz/Where the Citrons Bloom/Vienna Life/Vienna Bon Bons/Morning Papers/Artist's Life

MH 33 110 - Gilbert and Sullivan Favorites - Charles Previn [1954] We Sail the Ocean Blue/Poor Little Buttercup/Loudly Let the Trumpet Bray/A Wand'ring Minstrel/Three Little Maids/The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring/A Policeman's Lot/Dance a Cachucha/Fair Moon/To Thee I Sing/Model Major General/A Maiden Fair To See/I Am the Captain of the Pinafore

MH 33 111 - Piano Moods - Jeanne Therrien [1955] Chopin Waltz in C Sharp Minor/Valse Oubliee/Sonata In C Major/Prelude In G Major//Malaguena/Nocturne/Chopin Prelude In a Major/Chopin Prelude In D Minor

MH 33 112 - Memories - Symphony Orchestra conducted by Joseph Littau [1955] Falling In Love With Love/I Love You Truly/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/For You/Memories/Your Eyes Have Told Me So

MH 33 113 - Songs of the South Seas - Ray Kinney featuring Sammy Makia & the Five Aloha Maids [1955] Hawaiian War Chant/Hawaiian Paradise/Old Plantation //Beauty Hula/Ua Like No A Like/Kuu Lei

MH 33 114

MH 33 115 - Piano Moods - Pauline Alpert [1955] Paderewski's Minuet/Marche Militaire/La Cinquantaine/Blue Danube/Humoresque/Dancing Doll/Song of India/Scheherazade/The Minute Waltz

MH 33 116 - Gay Nineties Barbershop Harmonies - Pilot Quartet [1955] You're the Flower of My Heart/Sweet Adeline/Shine On Harvest Moon/In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/The Curse of an Aching Heart //Little Brown Jug/Turkey in the Straw/Polly Wolly Doodle/Arkansas Traveler/By The Light of the Silvery Moon

MH 33 117 - George Gershwin's Porgy & Bess - Robert Trendler [1955] It Ain't Necessarily So/Summertime/Bess, You Is My Woman Now/I've Got Plenty of Nothing/Leaving For the Promised Land/A Woman Is a Sometime Thing

MH 33 118 - Ballet Moods - Various Artists [1955] Sleeping Beauty/Mignon/Dream Pantomime/Drigo's Serenade

MH 33 119 - Honky Tonk Piano - Knuckles O'Toole & His Honky Tonk Piano & Orchestra [1955] Crazy Otto Rag/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/I Love You Truly/The Band Played On/Bicycle Built For Two/The Bowery/The Sidewalks of New York/Sorrento/Santa Lucia/O Sole Mio//If You Knew Susie/Peg O' My Heart/Shine On Harvest Moon/Harrigan/You're A Grand Old Flag/Yankee Doodle Boy/Paper Doll

MH 33 120 - Deep River Boys Sing Spirituals - Deep River Boys [1955] Walk Together Chillun/Look Away Into Heaven/Little David Play on Your Harp/Good News the Chariot's Coming/Ezekiel Saw the Wheel/The Old Sheep Done Know the Road/Rise and Shine/All God's Children Got Shoes

MH 33 121 - Dixieland Jazz - Bobby Byrne & Orchestra [1955] Muskrat Ramble/Basin Street Blues/When the Saints Go Marching In //South Rampart Street Parade/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/Jazz Me Blues

MH 33 122 - Jazz Encounter - Will Bradley & Orchestra [1955] Also issued as a 4-song 45rpm EP as MH 45 139. At the Jazz Band Ball/I'm Comin' Virginia/Milenburg Joys/Surrender Blues/Mandy/Make Up Your Mind/Victory Blues

MH 33 123

MH 33 124 - Geroge Gershwin's Hit Songs from Hit Shows - Robert Trendler [1955] Of Thee I Sing/Someone To Watch Over Me/Bidin' My Time/Song of the Flame/The Man I Love/Embraceable You

MH 33 125 - Twinkle Tunes - Various Artists [1955] Mama Doll Song/The Little Shoemaker/Show White/Cinderella/Alice in Wonderland/Hansel and Gretel/plus 10 others

MH 33 126

MH 33 127 - Jerome Kern's Hit Songs from Hit Shows - Robert Trendler [1955] The Song Is You/Yesterdays/I've Told Every Little Star/All the Things You Are/The Touch of Your hand/The Way You Look Tonight

MH 33 128 - Chimes at Christmas Time - Godfrey Malcolm [1955] Silent Night/O Come All Ye Faithful/Joy To The World/God Rest You Merry Gentlemen/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/It Came Upon The Midnight Clear/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Good King Wenceslas/The First Nowell/Deck The Hall

MH 33 129 - Country and Western Hits - Various Artists [1955] You Are My Sunshine/Love Sick Blues/Steel Guitar Rag/Cool Cool Water/Rose of San Antone/Cattle Call/Let Me Be the One/Doggone It Baby/I'm In Love

MH 33 130

MH 33 131 - Dixieland Jazz - Bobby Byrne & Orchestra [1955] That's Aplenty/Royal Garden Blues/Back Home In Indiana/Lady Be Good/I Didn't Know What Time It was/Bud's Blues

MH 33 132 - Jazz Dixieland and Chicago Style - Will Bradley Orchestra [1955] Sunday/Jada/Why Was I Born/Crazy Rhythm/Ain't Misbehavin'/Three Little Words

MH 33 133 - Square Dances - Tiny Clark [1955] Darling Nellie Gray/The Girl I Left Behind Me/Turkey In the Straw/Hinky-Dinky Parley-Vous //Little Brown Jug/Oh Them Golden Slippers/Ain't Gonna Rain No More/Devil's Dream

MH 33 134

MH 33 135 - Charles Magnante Polka Party - Charles Magnante [1955] Beer Barrel Polka/Clarinet Polka/Too Fat Polka/Country Polka (Oh Them Golden Slippers, Camp Town Races) //Pennsylvania Polka/Little Brown Jug Polka/Helena Polka/La Bella Teresa Polka

MH 33 136 - New Orleans Blues - Various Artists [1955] Kiss Me Baby - Dave Barton with the Royal Playboys/How Many More Years - Clarence Samuels with Edgar Blanchard & the Gondoliers/Bookies Blues - Meyer Kennedy & Orchestra/Flamingo - Meyer Kennedy & Orchestra //Got You On My Mind - Royal Playboys & Shrewsbury Kid/Booted - Royal Playboys/Night Train - Royal Playboys/Shine On - Helen Marino with the Royal Playboys

MH 33 137 - Famous Songs from Walt Disney Films - Various Artists [1955] Whistle While You Work/When You Wish Upon a Star/The Ballad of Davy Crockett/It Ain't Gonna Rain No More/Heigh Ho/Over the Rainbow/Daniel Boone The Daddy of Them All/Harrigan/You're a Grand Old Flag/Yankee Doodle Boy

MH 33 138 - Twinkle Tunes - Various Artists [1955] Hey Mr. Banjo/The Bible Tells Me so/Goldilocks and the Three Bears/Bicycle Built For Two/The Bowery/The Sidewalks of New York/Tweedle Dee/Open Up Your Heart/Jack and Jill/Humpty Dumpty/Three Blind Mice/A Tisket A Tasket/Jack Spratt/Little Jack Horner/Mary Had a Little Lamb/Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

MH 33 139 - Honky Tonk Piano - Knuckles O'Toole [1955] St. Louis Blues/My Wild Irish Rose/When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/Take Me Out to the Ball Game/In the Good Old Summertime/Ciribiribin/Oh Marie/Strolling Through the Park One Day/Wait 'Til the Sun Shines Nellie //My Pony Boy/In My Merry Oldsmobile/After You've Gone/Down Home Rag/The Glory of Love/Ta-Ra-Ra-Bom Der-E/Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight

MH 33 140 - When Christmas Comes to Our House - Various Artists [1955] Santa Claus is Coming to Town/Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer/Jingle Bells/Jolly Old Saint Nicholas//White Christmas/When Christmas Comes to Our House/Twas the Night Before Christmas/Adeste Fideles

MH 33 141 - Red Hot and Blue Jazz - Coleman Hawkins, Dizzy Gillespie, Don Byas, Max Roach, Oscar Pettiford& Others [1955] Body And Soul/Disorder At The Border/Du Dee Daht//Texas And Pacific/Open The Door, Richard/Jumpin' At The Woodside [Also issued on a 4-song 45rpm EP as MH 45 166: Body and Soul/Disorder At The Border//Du Dee Daht/Yesterdays]

MH 33 142 - The Roaring Twenties - Charleston City All Stars [1955] Hot Lips/Yes Sir That's My Baby/Five Foot Two //Charlie My Boy/Button Up Your Overcoat/Toot Toot Tootsie

MH 33 143 - Songs of the Golden West - Sons Of The Purple Sage [1955] Also issued as 4-song 45rpm EP as MH 45 172 (The Last Roundup/Sioux City Sue//Mexicali Rose/Empty Saddles). Tumbling Tumbleweed/Sioux City Sue/Wagon Wheels//Mexicali Rose/Deep in the Heart of Texas/The Last Roundup

MH 33 144 - The Ink Spots - Ink Spots Quartet [1955] Also issued as a 4-song 45rpm EP as MH 45 173 (minus "Shanty" and "Lazy River"). If I Didn't Care/Shanty In Old Shanty Town/Up the Lazy River//For Sentimental Reasons/Java Jive/Don't Get Around Much Anymore

MH 33 145 - The Story of Christmas - Various Artists [1955]

MH 33 146 - Holiday for Lovers - Rod Gregory Trio [1955] Cocktails For Two/Body and Soul/Haunting Melody//Lover/Tea For Two/Lover's Lament

MH 33 147 - Ragtime Piano - Willie "The Rock" Knox [1955] Some of These Days/Nobody's Sweetheart/Sweet Sue/Margie//The Darktown Strutter's Ball/Honeysuckle Rose/Maple Leaf Rag/New Orleans Rag

MH 33 148 - 52nd Street Jazz - Various Artists [1956] Take the A Train - Rex Stewart & Orchestra/I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You - Illinois Jacquet & Orchestra/Porgy - Georgie Auld, Ben Webster & Coleman Hawkins //Bud's Blues - Bud Freeman, Dave Bowman & Don Lamond/Don't Get Around Much Anymore - Rex Stewart & Orchestra/Cat's Boogie - Cat Anderson & Orchestra

MH 33 149 - Rock and Roll - Artie Malvin & Rhythm Rockets [1955] See You Later, Alligator/Rock Around the Clock/Dim, Dim the Lights //Shake, Rattle and Roll/Razzle Dazzle/Rock-A- Beatin' Boogie

MH 33 150 - Sings Country and Western Hits - Rosalie Allen with Shorty Warren & his Western Rangers [1955] Have You Ever Been Lonely/Tears On My Pillow/When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again //He Taught Me How To Yodel/Tennessee Waltz/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

MH 33 151

MH 33 152 - The Ink Spots - Ink Spots Quartet [1955] Do I Worry?/Paper Doll/Maybe/We Three/Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat/Talk of the Town

MH 33 153 - A Tribute to Benny Goodman - Peanuts Hucko & All Stars [1955] Let's Dance/Bugle Call Rag/Don't Be That Way/King Porter Stomp/Stompin' at the Savoy/One O'clock Jump

MH 33 154 - Polka Party - Charles Magnante [1955] Jolly Peter Polka/Swedish Rhopsody Polka/Krakowiki Polka/Tic Tock Polka//Pretty Polly Polka/Tinkee Polka/Rainy Day Polka/Barbara (Barushka) Polka

MH 33 155 - Songs from Toyland - Various Artists [1955] Me and My Teddy Bear/Pinocchio/The Gingerbread Man/Peter Pan/others

MH 33 156

MH 33 157 - Paris Music Hall - Various Artists [1956] Ca C'est Paris (This Is Paris)/Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White/C'est Magnifique (It's Wonderful)//Valentine/J'attendrai (I'll Wait For You)/Le Gamin de Paris (The Street Urchins of Paris)

MH 33 158 - Knuckles O'Toole Goes to Paris - Knuckles O'Toole [1956] Under Paris Skies/Left Bank/Midnight In Paris//Paris In The Spring/Mademoiselle From Armentiers/Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup.

MH 33 159 - The Paris I Love - Enoch Light & His Orchestra [1956] Autumn Leaves/Mademoiselle From Paris/The Last Time I Saw Paris//Song From Moulin Rouge/The Poor People Of Paris/April In Paris

MH 33 160

MH 33 161 - The Swingin' 30's - Various Artists [1956]

MH 33 162 - After Hours: Perfect for Dancing - Cozy Cole's Big 7/Jimmy McPartland's Quintet [1956] Caravan - Cozy Cole's Big 7/Sweethearts On Parade - Cozy Cole's Big 7/My Blue Heaven - Cozy Cole's Big 7//Stardust - Jimmy McPartland's Quintet/I Get Along Without You Very Well - Jimmy McPartland's Quintet/Rockin' Chair - Jimmy McPartland's Quintet

MH 33 163 - The Roaring 20's, Volume 2 - Enoch Light [1956]

MH 33 164

MH 33 165 - Rock and Roll - Various Artists [1956] I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Slim Weston/Stranded In the Jungle - Rhythm Rockets/Rock and Roll Rag - Ink Spots //Rip It Up - Jerry Duane/Saints Rock and Roll - Artie Malvin with the Zig Zags Quartet/Heartbreak Hotel - Bob Eberly with Enoch Light Orchestra

MH 33 166

MH 33 167 - Country & Western Songs - Rosalie Allen With Shorty Warren & His Western Rangers [1956] Columbua Stockade Blues/My Adobe Hacienda/I'll Keep on Loving You/Ding Dong Polka/Jealous Heart/Your Cheating Heart/others

MH 33 168 - Ragtime Piano - Willie "The Rock" Knox [1956] 12th Street Rag/Yellow Rose of Texas/My Gal Sal/By the Beautiful Sea//School Days/I Want a Girl/Row, Row, Row/Tiger Rag

MH 33 169

MH 33 170

MH 33 171 - Hit Songs from Oklahoma and South Pacific [1956]

MH 33 172

MH 33 173

MH 33 174 - Elton Britt America's Greatest Western Recording Star - Elton Britt [1956] I Hung Down My Head and Cried/Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)/Chime Bells//Grandfather's Clock/Lorelei/There's a Star-Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere

MH 33 175

MH 33 176

MH 33 177

MH 33 178 - Music to Remember - Various Artists [1956] Jayne Mansfield on cover. (Also issued on 45rpm EP as MH 45 242, minus "High & Mighty" and "White Lilacs".) Canadian Sunset - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Port-Au-Prince - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/The High And The Mighty - Enoch Light & His Orchestra//Lisbon Antigua - Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra/Moritat (Theme From "The Three-Penny Opera") - Nick Perito & His Orchestra/When The White Lilacs Bloom Again - Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra

MH33 179

MH33 180

MH 33 181 - Calypso - Various Artists [1957] Artists include the Ink Spots and Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra. Banana Boat Song/Jamaica Farewell/Marianne//Stone Cold Dead In De Market/Hold Em Joe/Cindy Oh Cindy

MH 33 182 - Calypso Beat - Various Artists [1957] Mama Look-a-Booboo/Rum And Coca Cola/Calypso Melody//Bahama Mama/Mona Mona Mona Calypso Baby/Run Joe Run

MH 33 183

MH 33 184

MH 33 185

MH 33 186

MH 45 187 - The Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1957] 45rpm EP. Talk Of The Town/Someone's Rockin' My Dreamboat//Until The Real Thing Comes Along/I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

MH 33 188

MH 33 189

MH 33 190 - Around the World in 80 Days - Enoch Light & His Orchestra [1957] There is an ad for TWA on the front cover.

Note: Later numbers in this series were all 45rpm EPs.

12 Inch Albums:

MHK 33-1200 Monaural Series:

The label on this series is dark blue with silver print. "WALDORF MUSIC HALL" around the perimeter of the label over the center hole. Above the center hole is a silver crown with FDR (for Full Dynamic Range) on it.

MHK 33-1201 - Songs of the South Seas - Ray Kinney & Ray Raffeles & His Islanders [1957]My Little Grass Shack/Songs of the Islands/Song of Old Hawaii/Moon of Manakoora/My Isle of Golden Dreams/Lovely Hula Hands/Hawaiian War Chant/Hawaiian Paradise/Old Plantation/Beauty Hula/Ua Like No a Like/Kuu Lei

MHK 33-1202 - Honky Tonk and Ragtime Piano - Puddin' Head Smith [1957] Stereo version released as MHK 33 1402. Sweet Sue/Twelfth Street Rag/My Gal Sal/She's Nobody's Sweetheart Now/Bicycle Built For Two/Bowery/Sidewalks of New York/New Orleans Rag/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Some of These Days/By the Beautiful Sea/School Days/I Want a Girl/Yellow Rose of Texas Rag

MHK 33-1203 - The Gay Nineties - Pilot Quartet [1957] Shine On Harvest Moon/Down By the Old Mill Stream/In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/You're the Flower of My Heart/Sweet Adeline/The Curse of a Broken Heart/Let Me Call You Sweetheart/After the Ball Is Over/Ta-Ra-Ra-Bom Der-E/others

MHK 33-1204 - Hits from South Pacific, Oklahoma, King And I - Enoch Light & Orchestra [1957] Oklahoma/The Surrey With the Fringe On Top/Oh, What a Beautiful Morning/People Will Say We're In Love/Hello Young Lovers/Getting to Know You //I'm In Love With a Wonderful Girl/Some Enchanted Evening/Bali Hai/Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair/Younger Than Springtime/Nothing Like a Dame

MHK 33-1205 - My Fair Lady and Bells Are Ringing - Enoch Light & Orchestra [1957] I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/I Could Have Danced All Night/With a Little Bit of Luck/On the Street Where You Live/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/Get Me to the Church on Time ///Long Before I Knew You/Just In Time/Bells Are Ringing/The Party's Over/Mu Cha Cha/Hello, Hello There

MHK 33-1206 - On the Trail - Sons of the Purple Sage & Tex Fletcher [1957] I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine/You Don't Know What Lonesome Is/Deep In The Heart Of Texas/Sweethearts Or Strangers/Wabash Cannon Ball/Born To Lose//The Grand River Waltz/Sioux City Sue/Wagon Wheels/Tumbling Tumbleweeds/Mexicali Rose/The Last Roundup

MHK 33-1207 - Elton Britt and Rosalie Allen - Elton Britt/Rosalie Allen [1958] Columbus Stockade Blues - Rosalie Allen/My Adobe Hacienda - Rosalie Allen/I'll Keep on Loving You - Rosalie Allen/Jealous Heart - Rosalie Allen/Ding Dong Polka - Rosalie Allen/Your Cheatin' Heart - Rosalie Allen//I Hung Down My Head and Cried - Elton Britt/Someday - Elton Britt/Grandfather's Clock - Elton Britt/There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere - Elton Britt/Chime Bells - Elton Britt/Lorelei - Elton Britt

MHK 33-1208 - Pops from Toyland - Various Artists [1958] Me and My Teddy Bear/Snow White/Cinderella/Pinocchio/Hansel and Gretel/The Gingerbread Man/Heigh Ho/Whistle While You Work/Parade of the Wooden Soldiers/That Doggie in the Window/Jack and the Beanstalk/Chuggy The Choo Choo

MHK 33-1209 - Dixieland Jazz - Various Artists [1957] When the Saints Go Marching In/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans/South Rampart Street Parade/Royal Garden Blues/That's A- Plenty/Surrender Blues/Muskrat Ramble/Back Home In Indiana/Basin Street Blues/Jazz Me Blues/Bud's Blues/At the Jazz Band Ball

MHK 33-1210 - Rock N' Roll - Ink Spots, Vincent Lopez [1958] Rip It Up/See you Later, Alligator/Rock and Roll Rag/Love Me Tender/Shake Rattle and Roll/Razzle Dazzle/Rock Around the Clock/Don't Be Cruel/Stranded In the Jungle/Honky Tonk/Hound Dog

MHK 33-1211 - Rock N' Roll - Ray Bloch & Inkspots [1958] Too Much/Jim Dandy/Blue Monday/Love Is Strange/Ain't Got No Home/Bad Boy/Lucky Lips/Since I Met You Baby/Slow Walk/Love Me/Don't Knock the Rock/Blueberry Hill

MHK 33-1212

MHK 33-1213 - Songs from the Walt Disney Movie "Westward Ho the Wagons" Plus Other Great Western Song Hits. - Various Artists [1958] "Starring" Bob Eberley, Jimmy Blaine, Elton Britt, and Rosalie Allen, but these are the stars of the movie; all the songs here are instrumental. Westward Ho the Wagons/I'm Lonely My Darlin/Green Grow the Lilacs/The Ballad of John Colter/Wringle Wrangle/Pioneer's Prayer/Cool Cool Water/Rose of San Antone/Cattle Call/Tennessee Waltz/Have You Ever Been Lonely/Cowpoke

MHK 33-1214 - Moments to Remember: Lush Instrumental Music - Enoch Light & Orchestra/Vincent Lopez Orchestra [1958] Jayne Mansfield cover. April In Paris/Soft Summer Breeze/Song For a Summer Night/When the White Lilacs Bloom Again/Canadian Sunset/Port au Prince ///Theme from the Three Penny Opera Moritat/Lisbon Antigua/High and the Mighty/Malaguena/Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White/Song From Moulin Rouge

MHK 33-1215 - Holiday in Manhattan - Ashley Adams [1958] Manhattan Serenade/You Came Along From Out of Nowhere/Where or When/Dancing on the Ceiling/It Had to Be You/Haunting Melody/Tea For Two/Bewitched/Manhattan/Liberstraum/I Found a Million Dollar baby/Lover's Lament

MHK 33-1216(?) - Holiday on Broadway - Various Artists [1958] Artists include Bob Eberly , Jimmy Blaine, Dottie Evans, Loren Becker, Artie Malvin, and the Enoch Light Orchestra and Chorus. Standing On The Corner/Mutual Admiration Society/This Much I Know/Whatever Lola Wants/Heart/Long Before I Knew You/Just In Time/Bells Are Ringing/The Party's Over/Mu Cha Cha/Hello, Hello There

MHK 33-1217 - Calypso - Whiteman/Inkspots/Lord Marlboro [1958] Banana Boat Song/Hold 'Em Joe/Marianne/Cindy Oh Cindy/Come Back Lisa/Ugly Woman/Jamaica Farewell/Mona Mona Mona/Man Smart, Woman Smarter/Goombay/Elaine From Port-O-Spain/Stone Cold Dead in the Market

MHK 33-1218 - Holiday in Paris - Charles Magnante [1958] Holiday In Paris/Mimi/Autumn Leaves/Petite Waltz/April In Paris/Valse Bleue/Comme Ci, Comme Ca/Under Paris Skies/Domino/C'est Si Bon/Waltz Lente/Padam, Padam/Angel's Serenade

MHK 33-1219 - Hawaiian Hits - Kamuela & the South Sea Islanders [1958] Stereo version released as MHK 1402. Blue Hawaii/Sweet Leilani/Hawaiian Hospitality/One Night In Paradise/On The Beach In Waikiki/Beyond the Reef/Sophisticated Hula/To You Sweetheart/Aloha/Pagan Love Song/Kuu Ipo/Hula Lolo/Lovely Hula Girl

MHK 33-1220 - Calypso - Houdini Wilmoth [1958] Moan People Moan/Matilda, Matilda/Zombie Jamboree/Mama Look-A-Booboo/Neighbor Leave My Door/He Dead, He Gone Already/Bahama Mama/Brave Son of America/Rum and Coca Cola/Gravel Gertie/Bobby Sox Idol/Greeen of the Amazon

MHK 33-1221 - Holiday in Italy - Dominic Valente [1958] Monasterio e Santa Chlara/Na Voce, Na Chitarra/Mattinata 'O Marenariello/Te Voglio Bene/Tanto Tanto/Strada Nel Bosco/Funiculi, Funicula/Oh Marie/Tarantella Neapolitan/Dictitencello Vule/Tra Veglia e Sonno/Torno a Surriento

MHK 33-1222 - Polka Pops - Robert Creash [1958] Beer Barrel Polka/Papa Won't You Dance With Me/Dark Forest Polka/Helen Polka/Jolly Peter Polka/Barbara Polka/Pennsylvania Polka/Hoop-Dee-Doo/Laugh Polka/Bobby's Squeeze Box Polka/Clarinet Polka

MHK 33-1223 - Themes from Great Films - Various Artists [1958] Three Coins In the Fountain/Cocktails For Two/Anastasia/Forever Darling/Something's Gotta Give/Woman In Love/True Love/Lover/Tender Trap/When You Wish Upon a Star/Somebody Up There Likes Me/Man With a Golden Arm

MHK 33-1224 - Themes from Great Films Volume 2 - Various Artists [1958] Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing/Unchained Melody/Friendly Persuasion/To Love Again/Don't Blame Me/Count Your Blessings/Moonglow/Whatever Will Be, Will Be/Last Time I Saw Paris/Tea For Two/Love Me Tender/Love Me or Leave Me

MHK 33-1225 - Around the World in 80 Days - Enoch Light [1958] Overture/Passepartout/Temple of Dawn/Invitation To a Bullfight/Entrance of the Bull March/India Countryside/Paris Arrival/Sky Symphony/Pagoda of Pillagi/Prairie Sail Car/Finale

MHK 33-1226

MHK 33-1227 - My Fair Lady - Enoch Light & Orchestra [1958] Overture/Why Can't the English/The Rain In Spain/I Could Have Danced All Night/With a Little Bit of Luck/Wouldn't It Be Loverly/I'm An Ordinary Man/Get Me to the Church on Time/On the Street Where You Live/You Did It/Ascot Gavotte/I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face

MHK 33-1228 - Romantic Organ Moods - Richard Lawrence [1958] Solitude/Stars Fell on Alabama/Take Me in Your Arms/Girl of My Dreams/Stormy Weather/Mood Indigo/For Me and My Gal //Moonglow/That's My Desire/Caravan/Serenade In the Night/Sophisticated Lady/Tales From the Vienna Woods/Choclo

MHK 33-1229 - Sunrise Serenade - Triads [1958] Sunrise Serenade/Doll Dance/Saint Louis Blues/Blue Moon/El Cumbanchero/Blue Prelude//Louise/Stumbling/Poinciana/Dancing Tambourine/Caravan/Jalousie/Wedding of the Painted Doll

MHK 33-1230 - Chimes at Christmas Time - Godfrey Malcolm (organ) & Fredrica (chimes) [11/58] O Come All Ye Faithful/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/Silent Night/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/We Saw Three Ships/We Three Kings Of Orient Are/Good King Wenceslas/The First Noel/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Deck The Hall/Joy To The World/It Came Upon The Midnight Clear/Angels We Have Heard On High/Oh Christmas Tree

MHK 33-1231 - Christmas Holiday - Various Artists [11/58]

MHK 33-1232 - Melody of Love (Moments to Remember, Volume 2) - Various Artists [1958] Tina Louise pictured on cover. Melody of Love - The Brigadiers with Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Autumn Leaves - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Unchained Melody - Lois Winter with The Brigadiers & Enoch Light &/His Orchestra/Speak To Me of Love - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Ebb Tide - Loren Becker with Enoch Light & His Orchestra/La Vie En Rose - Enoch Light & His Orchestra//The Breeze & I - Lois Winter with The Brigadiers & Enoch Light & His/Orchestra/Paris In the Spring - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Wake the Town and Tell the People - Enoch Light Orchestra & Chorus/Blue Mirage - Vincent Lopez The Brigadiers with Enoch Light & His/Orchestra/The Last Time I Saw Paris - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Petticoats of Portugal - Enoch Light & His Orchestra

MHK 33-1233 - Honky Tonky Piano, Volume 2 - Puddin' Head Smith [1958] If You Knew Susie/Walkin' My Baby Back Home/Glad Rag Doll/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/I Love You Truly/Band Played On/Paper doll/St. Louis Blues/Down Home Rag/Among My Souvenirs/Maple Leaf Rag/Sorrento/Santa Lucia/O Sole Mio/Glory of Love/After You're Gone

MHK 33-1234 - Dixieland Jazz, Volume 2 - Ray McKinley/Will Bradley/Bobby Byrne/Jimmy McPartland [1958] Sugar Foot Stomp/Ja- Da/Jeepers Creepers/I'm Comin' Virginia/Rockin' Chair/Struttin' With Some Barbecue/Scrub Me Mama/Milenberg Joys/Georgia On My mind/Hard Hearted Hannah/Victory Blues

MHK 33-1235 - Let Me Call You Sweetheart - Pilot Quartet & Harmonizing Clippers [1958] Take Me out to the Ball Game/Meet Me in St. Louis/After the Ball/Dat Lovin' Rag/Ta-Ra-Ra- Boom-De-Ay/Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight/You're the Flower of My Heart/Sweet Adeline/Shine On Harvest Moon/Down By the Old Mill Stream/In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree/Fatal Wedding/Curse of an Aching Heart

MHK 33-1236 - Cocktails for Two - Various Artists [12-57] Cocktails For Two - Rod Gregory & His Trio/Lover - Rod Gregory & His Trio/If I Had You - Billy Rowland & His Trio/Lover Come Back To Me - Billy Rowland & His Trio/Don't Blame Me - Rod Gregory & His Trio/None But the Lonely Heart - Rod Gregory & His Trio//These Foolish Things - Ashley Adams & His Trio/Somebody Loves Me - Billy Rowland & His Trio/Nocturne in E Flat - Ashley Adams & His Trio/The Nearness of You - Billy Rowland & His Trio/Romance - Rod Gregory & His Trio/I Concentrate on You - Billy Rowland & His Trio

MHK 33-1237 - Dancing Under the Stars - Ashley Adams [1958] Lady Is a Tramp/You're the Cream In My Coffee/I Won't Dance/Bewitched/Love Walked In/So In Love/I've Got You Under My Skin/Orchids In the Moonlight/Rosalie/Easy to Love/If This Isn't Love/June Is Bustin' Out All Over/Flying Down to Rio/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/There's a Small Hotel/All the Things You Are/Carioca/Wunderbar/I'll Follow My Secret Heart/Falling In Love With Love

MHK 33-1238 - Teenage Crush - Various Artists [1958] If I Didn't Care/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Ghost Of A Chance/Ain't Misbehavin'/I Didn't Know What Time It Was//My Blue Heaven/I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/I'm Confessin'/Stardust/Honeysuckle Rose/For Sentimental Reasons

MHK 33-1239 - Moments to Remember, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1958] Tina Louise pictured on cover. Moments To Remember - Brigadiers with Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra/Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Until the Real Thing Comes Along - Ink Spots/Do I Love You (Because You're Beautiful) - Bob Eberly/Little Things Mean A Lot - Peggy White/No, Not Much - Zig Zags Quartet//The Poor People Of Paris - Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Over the Rainbow - Loren Becker with Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Eleventh Hour Melody - Artie Malvin/Stranger In Paradise - Loren Becker with Enoch Light & His Orchestra/Mademoiselle De Paris - Enoch Light & His Orchestra

MHK 33-1240 - That Old Gang of Mine - Various Artists [12/57] Artists include the Pilot Quartet, the Cruiser Quartet, the Brigadier Quartets, and Suzy Lockwood. Smile, Smile, Smile/Peg O' My Heart/Happy Days Are Here Again/She's Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage/Waltz Me Around Again/Willie/Band Played On/Whispering/Smiles/Put Your Arms Around Me Honey/Tell Me Pretty Maiden/I Love My Wife, But Oh You Kid

MHK 33-1241 - Monarchs of Melody - Various Artists [1958] All My Love/I Surrender Dear/Ting-A-Ling/I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You/When My Sugar Walks Down the Street/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Sweet Lorraine/Hold Me/Thrill Me, Kiss Me/Ill Wind/All My Love/Emaline/Lonesome and Sorry/Pardon Me, Pretty Baby

MHK 33-1242 - Themes From Great Films, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1958] All the Way/Tammy/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Fascination/Affair to Remember/Hey There/April Love/Ca' C'est l'amour/Silk Stockings/Hernando's Hideaway/I'm Yours

MHK 33-1243 - America's Most Popular Waltzes - Ashley Adams [1958] Always/Waltz You Saved For Me/Alice Blue Gown/When It's Springtime in the Rockies/Three O'clock In the Morning/In a Little Spanish Town/Let Me call You Sweetheart/All Alone/Beautiful Ohio/Remember/I Love You Truly

MHK 33-1244 - America's Most Beautiful Hymms - Fredrick Feible [1958] Rock of Ages/Mighty Fortress Is Our God/Holy Holy Holy/Lead, Kindly Light/Onward Christian Soldiers/What a Friend We Have in Jesus/When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder/Nearer My God to Thee/Blest Be the Tie That Binds/Old Rugged Cross/I Need Thee Every Hour/Abide With Me/Bringing in the Sheaves/Beautiful Isle of Somewhere

MHK 33-1245 - Tribute to Eddy Duchin - Art Kuter [1958] Dancing on the Ceiling/Polonaise in A Flat/Very Thought of You/Estrelita/I'll Walk Alone/Fantasie Impromptu/What Is This Thing Called Love/Stardust/Did You Ever See a Dream Walking/Lover's Rendezvous/Intermezzo/Beautiful Dreamer

MHK 33-1246 - Big Band Party Glenn Miller and Jimmy Dorsey Hits - Various Artists [1958] Tuxedo Junction/Stardust/String of Pearls/In the Mood/Little Brown Jug/Moonlight serenade/So Rare/Green Eyes/Amapola/Breeze and I/I Understand/Contrasts

MHK 33-1247 - World's Most Beautiful Waltzes - Enoch Light & Orchestra [1958] Roses From The South/The Blue Danube/Emperor Waltz/The Skaters' Waltz/Tales from the Vienna Woods/Wine, Women and Song/Treasure Waltz/Morning Journals/Merry Widow Waltz/The Bat (die Fledermaus)/Enjoy Life

MHK 33-1248 - Music Man - Enoch Light & Orchestra [1958] Seventy-Six Trombones/Goodnight My Someone/Lida Rose/Will I Ever Tell You/Marian the Librarian/Iowa Stubborn/Till There Was You/Shipoopi/Sincere/Gary, Indiana

MHK 33-1249 - Gigi - Enoch Light & Orchestra [1958] The Night They Invented Champagne/Thank Heaven For Little Girls/It's a Bore/Parisians/Say a Prayer For Me Tonight/Waltz At Maxim's/I'm Glad I'm Not Young Any More/Gossip/I Remember It Well

MHK 33-1250 - Italy's Most Popular Songs - Dominic Valente & His Orchestra [11/58] Chella Lia/Maruzzella/Lazzarella/Io Sono Te/Strada 'Nfoso/Summertime in Venice/Donna e Mobile/Scapricciatello/Venetia/Bacio/Serenade of the Roses

MHK 33-1251

MHK 33-1252 - Children's Favorites - Various Artists [11/58] Ballad of Davy Crockett/Open Up Your Heart/Little Shoemaker/Deep in the Heart of texas/Farmer in the Dell/Georgie Porgie/10 Little Indians/Goosey Goosey Gander/To Market To Market/Ding Dong Bell/Hickory Dickory Dock/Sing a Song of Sixpence/You Are My Sunshine/Hey Mr. Banjo/Mister Sandman/Yellow Rose of Texas Rag/Little Boy Blue/Old King Cole/Ride a cock Horse/Wringle Wringle

MHK 33-1253 - Hammond Organ in Hi Fi - Richard Lawrence [11/58]

MHK 33-1254

MHK 33-1255 - Mardi Gras - Various Artists [12/58] Stereo version released as MKL 33 1405. Mardi Gras March/Fiddle a Rifle/An Axe and a Bible/Loyalty/Bourbon St. Blues/When the Saints Go Marching In/I'll Remember Tonight/Bigger Than Texas/Shenandoah/That Man Could Sell Me the Brooklyn Bridge/Stonewall Jackson

Stereo MHK 1400 Series:

The 1400 series was all stereo, some of the albums were stereo releases of the monaural 1200 series. The label was gold with black print, with "WALDORF MUSIC HALL" in white around the top of the label, under which is the crown logo with "KING SIZE 33 1/3 R.P.M." Across the label just above the center hole is "STEREO" in white script.

MHK 1401 - Cha-Cha-Cha - Fernando Juarez [1959] Tea For Two Cha Cha/Cara Mia Cha Cha/Cheek to Cheek Cha Cha/My Blue Heaven Cha Cha/Rico Rica Cha Cha Cha/Jealous Cha Cha/Guaglione/S'Wonderful Cha cha/Patricia/Pan Amore y Cha Cha cha/Sweet and Gentle/Humoresque

MHK 1402 - Hawaiian Hits - Kamuela & South Sea Islanders [1959] Stereo version of MHK 33 1219. Aloha Oe/The Cockeyed Mayor of Kaunakakai/Hawaiian Love Chant/Hilo Hattie/Drifting and Dreaming/Pretty Maui Girl/Surf and Sand/The Hukilau Song/Wiki Wiki Mai/Hawaiian Madness/Drums of the Pali/Hawaiian Memories

MHK 1403 - Honky Tonk and Ragtime Piano - Puddin' Head Smith [1959] Stereo version of MHK 1201. Sweet Sue/Twelfth Street Rag/My Gal Sal/She's Nobody's Sweetheart Now/Bicycle Built For Two/Bowery/Sidewalks of New York/New Orleans Rag/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Some of These Days/By the Beautiful Sea/School Days/I Want a Girl/Yellow Rose of Texas Rag

MHK 1404 - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Minor - Radio Symphony Orchestra of Hamburg starring Karl Reuter at the Piano [1959]

MHK 1405 - Mardi Gras - Various Artists [1/59] Stereo version of MHK 1255. Mardi Gras March/Fiddle a Rifle/An Axe and a Bible/Loyalty/Bourbon St. Blues/When the Saints Go Marching In/I'll Remember Tonight/Bigger Than Texas/Shenandoah/That Man Could Sell Me the Brooklyn Bridge/Stonewall Jackson

MHK 1406

MHK 1407 - The Nutcracker Suite/A Night on Bald Mountain/The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Radio Symphony Orchestra of Hamburg [1959]

MHK 1408 - Hammond Organ in Stereo - Four Colortones [1959] Everything I Have Is Yours/Temptation/I Don't Know Why/Stairway to the Stars/Just You, Just Me/Seems Like Old Times/Hold Me/I'll See You In My Dreams/Blue Moon/Linger Awhile/You Are My Lucky Star/By the River Ste. Marie

MHK 1409 - Strings in Stereo - Crystal Studio Strings, Stu Phillips [1959] Laura/Love's Old Sweet Song/All the Things You Are/Golondrina/Dance of the Hours/Liebestraum/Something To Remember You By/Jalousie/Serenade/Girl That I Marry/Soft Lights and Sweet Music/Mattinata

MHK 1410 - Polka Party in Stereo - Eddie Gronet [1959] Clarinet Polka/Harmony Polka/Casimir/Happy Wanderer/Jolly Musicians/Wyoming Valley hope/Pennsylvania Polka/Julida/Lover's Polka/Milwaukee the Home of the Braves/After Work Polka/Beer Barrel Polka

MHK 1411 - Cha Chas in Stereo - Fernando Juarez [1959] Should I Cha Cha/Honey Cha Cha/Stars and Stripes Forever Cha cha/Why Do I Love You Cha Cha/Nola Cha Cha/Pretty Baby Cha Cha/Blue Skies Cha Cha/Wall to Wall Cha Cha/I Can't Give You Anything But Love Cha Cha/Home Sweet Home Cha Cha/I'm Through With Love Cha Cha/What a Difference a Day Made Cha Cha

MHK 1412 - Flower Drum Song in Stereo - Waldorf Music Hall Show Orchestra [1959] Vocalists include Andre Malvin, Dottie Evans, Lois Winter, and Loren Becker. Overture/Grant Avenue/You Are Beautiful/Don't Marry Me/I Enjoy Being a Girl/Chop Suey/100 Million Miracles/Sunday/Love, Look Away/Like A God

MHK 1413 - Big Band Sound in Stereo - Peter Todd [1959] I've Found a New Baby/I'll Remember April/Everybody Loves My Baby/I'll Never Smile Again/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/For Dancers Only/Woodchopper's Ball/All or Nothing at All/Undecided/Little Girl/Sugar Blues/Heartaches/Hot Cha Cha cha/Old Piano Roll Blues/For Sentimental Reasons/C'est Si Bon

MHK 1414 - Organ and Strings in Stereo - Stu Phillips [1959] Affair to Remember/Secret Love/Stranger in Paradise/Fascination/All the Way/Till/Somewhere Along the Way/Unchained Melody/Too Young/I Believe/Ebb Tide/Vaya Con Dios

MHK 1415 - Harmonicas in Stereo - Harmaniacs [1959] Them There Eyes/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Miss You/Birth of the Blues/Love and Marriage/I'm Nobody's Baby/Carolina In the Morning/Red river Valley Social/Gimme a Little Kiss/Down Among the Sheltering Palms/Hi-Lili, Hi- Lo/Cuddle Up a Little Closer

MHK 1416 - Sing Along - Good-Time Charlie & the Gang [1959] Oh Dem Golden Slippers/Sweet Adeline/Deep in the Heart of Texas/Flying Trapeze/You Are My Sunshine/Peg O' My Heart/Sweet Genevieve/I Been Wukkin' On de Railroad/Silver threads Among the Gold/After the Ball/Strike Up the Band/Here Comes a Sailor/I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen/Sweet Rosie O'Grady/Sidewalks of New York/Polly-Wolly-Doodle

MHK 1417 - Music from the Romantic 20's - Crystal Studio Strings featuring George Liberace at the Hammond Organ [1959] Say It With Music/Blue Skies/What'll I Do/Lady Of The Evening/How About Me/Always//Marie/The Song Is Ended/Coquette/All By Myself/All Alone/Remember

33 BU series:

This series consists of studio recordings of hit songs of the day, in much the same way as the 10 inch 3300 series. The recordings are very short allowing 20 or more songs per side. There are probably more unknown entries to this series.

The label on this series is blue with silver print. A very small (1/8 inch high) "WALDORF RECORD CORP. HARRISON. N.J." above the center hole.

33 BU 1

33 BU 2 - Rock 'N Roll Jamboree - Various Artists [1958?] Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep - Artie Malvin & His Rhythm Rockets/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin On - Paul Wyatt/Send For Me - Bob Eberly with Enoch Light Orchestra/Blueberry Hill - Artie Malvin with Zig Zags/Fever - Frank Virtuoso/Blue Suede Shoes - Loren Becker with Zig Zags/Honky Tonk - Vincent Lopez & Orchestra/Heartbreak Hotel - Bob Eberly with Enoch Light Orchestra/Don't Be Cruel - Loren Becker/Lotta Lovin' - Jimmy Helms/Mister Lee - Jerry Duane with Hi-Fi's/Jenny, Jenny - Artie Malvin/Blue Monday - Loren Becker/Since I Met You Baby - Artie Malvin/Keep A Knockin' Jerry Duane with Enoch Light Orch/All Shook Up - Artie Malvin with Enoch Light Orchestra/Searchin' - Artie Malvin/Teddy Bear - Bobby Sykes & Cotton Pickers/Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie Woogie Flu - Artie Malvin & Zig Zags/Shake Rattle And Roll - Artie Malvin & Zig Zags/Bad Boy - The Zig Zags Quartet/Lucky Lips - Anita Long/I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Slim Weston/Slock Walk - Enoch Light & Orchestra //Wake Up Little Susie - The Woodchuckers/Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby - Dottie Evans with Hi-Fi's/Too Much - Joe Pryor with Enoch Light Orchestra/Short Fat Fanny - Artie Malvin & Brigadiers/Whispering Bells - Brigadiers with Enoch Light Orchestra/Rock Around the Clock - Artie Malvin & Light Brigade/Rip It Up - Jerry Duane & Rhythm Rockets/That'll Be The Day - Artie Malvin with Zig Zags/Silhouettes - Loren Becker with Enoch Light Orchestra/Wait and See - Jack Brown with Enoch Light Orchestra/Dim, Dim The Lights - Artie Malvin/My Baby Left Me - Loren Becker/Love Me Tender - Loren Becker/See You Later, Alligator - Artie Malvin & Rock & Roll Rhythm Rockets/Razzle Dazzle - Keith Textor/I'm Walkin - Jimmy Blaine & Rhythm Rockets/Treat Me Nice - Jimmy Helms with Cotton Pickers/Honeycomb - Jerry Duane/Diana - Jerry Duane with Monarchs/Ready Teddy - Frank Virtuoso/Party Doll - Artie Malvin/Rock- A-Beatin' Boogie - Artie Malvin & Deerhill Dudes/Honest I Do - Loren Becker

33 BR series:

This series had a pink label with silver print.

33 BR 33 - Billy Daniels Sings - Billy Daniels [195?] That Old Black Magic/Charmaine/Trees//(titles for side 2 not known)

Promotional Item:

MH-1 - Ragtime - Willie "The Rock" Knox [1956] Reissued on CD as Siggnal CD-516. Some of These Days/Nobody's Sweetheart/Sweet Sue/Margie/The Darktown Strutter's Ball/Honeysuckle Rose/Maple Leaf Rag/New Orleans Rag/Glow Worm/12th Street Rag/Yellow Rose of Texas/My Gal Sal/By the Beautiful Sea/School Days/I Want a Girl/Row, Row, Row/Shine On, Harvest Moon/Tiger Rag

Thanks to Tony Dwyer, Ed Gande, "Perfessor" Bill Edwards, David Murphey, Betsy & Lloyd, Ken Halperin, Victoria Azuolas, Terry Zickrick, Lisa Cooke, and Matt Cross.

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