Carrere Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 23, 2005

Carrere was formed in the '70s by a french producer Claude Carrere. He was mostly famous for launching the career of a French singer of the '60s, Sheila (real name: Anny Chancel), who was well known for covering UK & US hit records (as a matter of fact her stage name came from Tommy Roe's "Sheila"). In the late '70s and early '80, she performed with the male backup trio known as B. Devotion [Black Devotion].

In the '80s, the Carrere label became a home for the new wave of UK heavy metal groups (Saxon, Rage, Demon). It also distributed Hansa (a German label famous for Boney M releases as well as Euro-disco stars Modern Talking) and Rose Tattoo records (on Mirage records in the US) in Europe. Carrere was distributed for a time by Atco in the 38-100 series, then by Mirage, then distributed by PolyGram for a short time in 1982. In addition, certain Carrere artists were being distributed by CBS in the 1980s.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

SD 38-124 - King of the World - Sheila & B. Devotion [1980] Spacer/Mayday/Charge Plates And Credit Cards/Misery//King Of The World/Cover Girl/Your Love Is Good/Don't Go

SD 38-126 - Wheels of Steel - Saxon [1980] Motorcycle Man/Stand Up And Be Counted/747 (Strangers In The Night)/Wheels Of Steel//Freeway Mad/See The Light Shining/Street Fighting Gang/Suzie Hold On/Machine Gun

SD-38-127 - Stingray - Stingray [9/80]

Carrere/Mirage, distributed by Atlantic:

WTG 19310 - Rage - Rage [1981] The label is Carrere/Mirage. Out Of Control/What Have I Done Wrong?/She's On Fire/Roll The Dice/Fallen Idol//Money/I Don't Wanna Leave/Rage/Thank That Woman

Distributed by PolyGram:

CALP-1001 - Words - F.R. David [1982] Words/Pick Up The Phone/Take Me Back/Music/Someone To Love//Rocker Blues/Givin' It Up/He/Porcelain Eyes/Can't Get Enough

Distributed by CBS:

ARZ 37675 - Little Darlin' - Sheila [1981]

FC 37679 - Strong Arm of the Law - Saxon [1980] Heavy Metal Thunder/To Hell And Back Again/Strong Arm Of The Law/Taking Your Chances//20,000 Ft/Hungry Years/Sixth Form Girls/Dallas 1 PM

FC 37685 - Denim And Leather - Saxon [1981] And The Bands Played On/Denim And Leather/Fire In The Sky/Midnight Rider/Never Surrender/Out Of Control/Play It Loud/Princess Of The Night/Rough And Ready

ARZ-37926 - Adventures in Modern Recording - Buggles [3/82] Adventures In Modern Recording/Beatnik/Vermillion Sands/I Am A Camera//On TV/Inner City/Lenny/Rainbow Warrior/Adventures In Modern Recording (Reprise)

FC 38719 - Power & the Glory - Saxon [1983] (6-83, #155) Power And The Glory/Redline/Warrior/Nightmare//This Town Rocks/Watching The Sky/Midas Touch/The Eagle Has Landed

FC 39284 - Crusader - Saxon [1984] (4-84, #174) The Crusader Prelude/Crusader/A Little Bit Of What You Fancy/Sailing To America/Set Me Free//Just Let Me Rock/Bad Boys (Like To Rock 'N' Roll)/Do It All For You/Rock City/Run For Your Lives

BFZ/ZK 44032 - Images of Forever - Cannata [1988] Fortune Teller/Hand in Hand/Sailing Ships/Break Away/Middle of the Night/Will the Sky Begin to Fall?/Long Distance/Images of Forever/Together

Thanks to Denis Beaulieu and Simon Majury.

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