Cotillion Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 21, 2005

The Cotillion Label was a subsidiary of Atlantic.

The first Cotillion label was gray/blue with black printing. "Cotillion" in a yellow box above the center hole. At the bottom of the label is "MFG. BY ATLANTIC RECORDING CORP., 1841 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, N.Y."

The second Cotillion label is pink on the edges fading to purple in the middle with black printing. Above the center hole is a drawing of a record that forms a "C", below the C is "COTILLION". This label was used from the mid-1970s on.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Cotillion 9000 Series:

SD-9001 -

SD-9002 - Do Your Own Thing - Brook Benton [1969] (7-69, #189) Touch 'Em With Love/Nothing Can Take The Place Of You/Destination Heartbreak/Woman Without Love/Break Out/She Knows What To Do For Me//Set Me Free/With Pen In Hand/Hiding Behind The Shadow Of A Dream/I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself/Oh Lord, Why Lord/Do Your Own Thing

SD-9003 - Mr. Flood's Party - Mr. Flood's Party [1969] Northern Travel/Déjà Vu/Advice/The Prince Of Darkness/Simon J. Stone//Stanley's Tea/The Liquid Invasion/Garden Of The Queen/The Mind Circus

*SD 9004 - Freddie King Is a Blues Master - Freddie King [1969] Blue Shadows/Funky/Get Out Of My Life Woman/Highway/Hot Tomato/It's Too Late/Let Me Down Easy/Play It Cool/She's Gone/Sweet Thing/That Will Never Do/Today I Sing The Blues/Wide Open

SD-9005 - Can I Change My Mind - Tyrone Davis [1969] (3-69, #146) This is a Dakar label release. She's Lookin' Good/Knock On Wood/Have You Ever Wondered Why?/Slip Away/Let The Good Times Roll/Can I Change My Mind//Open The Door To Your Heart/Call on Me/Just The One I've Been Looking For/You Can't Keep Good Man Down/A Woman Needs To Be Loved

SD 9006 - Mourning in the Morning - Otis Rush [1969] Me/Working Man/You're Killing My Love/Feel So Bad/Gambler's Blues/Baby, I Love You//My Old Lady/My Love Will Never Die/Reap What You Sow/It Takes Time/Can't Wait No Longer

SD-9007 - Crosscurrents - Danny Kalb & Stefan Grossman [1969]

SD-9008 - Sweet Southern Soul - Lou Johnson [1969] Rock Me Baby/It's In The Wind/This Magic Moment/She Thinks I Still Care/Move And Groove Together/Please Stay//I Can't Change/Tears, Tears, Tears/People In Love/Don't Play That Song (You Lied)/Gypsy Woman

SD-9009 - First Landing - Dynamics [1969] I Don't Want Nobody To Lead Me On/Ain't No Love At All/Dum-De-Dum/Ice Cream Song/Ain't No Sun (Since You've Been Gone)/What Would I Do//The Love That I Need/Too Proud To Change/I Want To Thank You/Since I Lost You/Fair Love/Murder In The First Degree

SD 9010 - Blackwell - Blackwell [1970] The label on this album is Astro. Fake/Dirty Story/Heaven Or Worse/Something Real/Please, Mr. Jupiter//Almost Gifted/Outside/Sleepy Weekend/Wonderful/Long Long Ago

SD-9011 - Jan Jan - Fabulous Counts [1969] It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World/Simple Song/Hey Jude/The Bite/Soulful Strut//Dirty Red/Who's Making Love/Scrambled Eggs/The Other Thing/Girl From Kenya/Jan Jan

SD 9012 - Beast - Beast [1969] (9-69, #195) Prelude For Today/Floating (Down By The River)/Spaceman/Alley Sam (I Feel A Change)/Goin' Downtown/Listen/Cannabis Sativa L/Ev'ry Man Hears Different Music//Love Like/Dear Ruth/When We Rise/(Strange Places Like) Santo Domingo/On My Way/Treat Her Right/Wow Wow

SD-9013 - Introducing Warren S. Richardson - Warren S. Richardson [1970]

SD-9014 - Memphis Horns - Memphis Horns [1970] I Can't Turn You Loose/Soul Bowl/Wooly Bully/One Mile High/Medley: You Don't Know Like I Know-Soul Man//Sanitation Man/Share Your Love With Me/Cry Like a Baby/Cherry Tree/Sad Song (Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa)/Time

*SD 9015 - Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends - Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends [1970] (2-70, #84) "Friends" are Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, John Bonham, Nicky Hopkins, and Noel Redding. Baby, Come Back/Brightest Light/'Cause I Love You/Flashing Lights/Gutty Guitar/L-O-N-D-O-N/One For You, Baby/Smoke And Fire/Thumping Beat/Union Jack Car/Wailing Sounds/Would You Believe

SD 9016 - My Feeling for the Blues - Freddie King [1970] Yonder Wall/Stumble/I Wonder Why/Stormy Monday/I Don't Know//What'd I Say/Ain't Nobody's Business What We Do/You Don't Have To Go/Woke Up This Morning/The Things I Used To Do/My Feeling For The Blues

SD-9017 - Quill - Quill [1970] Thumbnail Screwdriver/The Tube Exuding/They Live The Life/BBY/Yellow Butterfly/Too Late/Shrieking Finally

SD-9018 - Brook Benton Today - Brook Benton [1970] (2-70, #27) Rainy Night In Georgia/My Way/Life Has Its Little Ups And Downs/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/We 're Gonna Make It//A Little Bit Of Soap/Baby/Where Do I Go From Here?/Desertion/I've Gotta Be Me

SD-9019 - Ronnie Hawkins - Ronnie Hawkins [1970] One More Night/Bitter Green/I May Never Get To Heaven/Will the Circle Be Unbroken/Matchbox/Little Bird//One Too Many Mornings/Forty Days/Down In The Alley/Who Do You Love/Home From The Forest

SD-9020 - Troyka - Troyka [1970] Introduction/Natural/Early Morning/Life's O.K./Burning Of The Witch/Rub-A-Dub-Dub Troyka In A Tub/Troyka Lament//Troyka Solo/Rolling Down The Back Road/Berry Picking/Dear Margaret (Malgosia)/Go East Young Man/Beautiful Pink Eyes/Tryoka Finale

SD-9021 - Sweet Stavin Chain - Sweet Stavin Chain [1970] Danny's Rock Song: Intro/Are You lonely For Me Baby/Take A Minute/I Need Love//I'm Tore Down/Stormy Monday Blues (Call It Stormy Monday)/Teddy Bear's Picnic/Danny's Rock Song: Finale

SD-9022 - Bless You, Dr. Woodward - Edison Electric Band [1970] Ship Of The Future/Over The Hill/Please Send Me/Baby Leroy//Royal Fool/West Wind/Lonely Avenue/Island Sun/Smokehouse/Lebanese Packhorse

SD-9023 - God Gave Me a Song - Myrna Summers and Interdenominational Youth Choir of Washington D.C. and Maryland [1970]

SD-9024 - Fairport Convention - Fairport Convention [1970] Time Will Show The Wiser/I Don't Know Where I Stand/If (Stomp)/Decameron/Jack O'Diamonds/Portfolio//Chelsea Morning/Sun Shade/The Lobster/It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft/One Sure Thing/M1 Breakdown

SD-9025 - Eric Quincy Tate - Eric Quincy Tate [1970] Stonehead Blues/I Want 'Cha/Try A Little Harder/On The Loose/Makes No Difference/When I'm Gone//Comin' Down/Hooker House/The Bream Are Still Biting In Ferryday/Ain't It A Bummer/Licence To Love

*SD-9026 - Mylon - Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart [1970] Contemplation/Hitch Hike/Old Gospel Ship/Only Thing That's Free/Peace Begins Within/Pleasing Two, Pleases You?/Searching For Reality/Sunday School Blues/Sweet Peace Within/Trying To Be Free/Who Knows/You're Still On His Mind

SD-9027 - Turn Back the Hands of Time - Tyrone Davis [1970] (7-70, #90) This is a Dakar label release. Turn Back the Hands of Time/The Waiting Was Not In Vain/Let Me Back In/Love Bones/I'll Be Right Here//Something You Got/Undying Love/Lust Because of You/If It's Love That You're After/I Keep Coming Back

SD-9028 - Home Style - Brook Benton [1970] (8-70, #199) Whoever Finds This I Love You/For Lee Ann/Willie And Laura Mae Jones/It's All In The Game/Don't It Make You Wanta Go Home//Aspen Colorado/Don't Think Twice It's All Right/Born Under A Bad Sign/Are You Sincere/Let Me Fix It

SD-9029 - Marbles - Marbles [1970] I Can't See Nobody/A House Is Not A Home/Storybook Children/Daytime/By The Light Of The Burning Candle/Stay With Me Baby//Only One Woman/To Love Somebody/Breaking Up Is Hard To Do/Elizabeth Johnson/Little Laughing Girl/The Walls Fell Down

SD-9030 - Rusty Cajun In the Blues Country - Rusty Kershaw [1970] That Don't Leave Much Time To Fool Around/This Day And Time/Fisherman's Luck/Keep On Trying/Sweet Peace Of Mine/The Country Boy//Love City/The Country Singer/I'm Going To Louisiana/What'd I Say/Bad Luck Blues/Do Me Right Now

SD-9031 - A Pause In the Disaster: The Satire of the Conception Corporation - The Conception Corporation [1970] The Secret Word/Searchin'/To Be Announced/Dial A Dirty Joke/To Be Announced/Sunday Sunday/Astronaut On Mars/To Be Announced/The Disease Broker/Market Report/To Be Announced/Love Of Grass/Acid Rescue Service//To Be Announced/Black For A Day/Confession/Mulatto Joe/Your Teacher And Your Friend/The Comedian/Next Week On Our Show/The First Atheist Congregational Church/The Pope/To Be Announced

SD-9032 - Solid Gold Old Town, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1970] Reissue of Old Town LP-101. So Fine - Fiestas (E)/Life Is But A Dream - Harptones (E)/The Wedding - Solitaires (E)/Wonder Of The World - Keytones (E)/You're Mine - Robert & Johnny (E)/Love You Baby All The Time - Co-Eds (E)/We Belong Together - Robert & Johnny (E)/Walkin' Along - Solitaires (E)/Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song - Ruth McFadden (E)/Tonight Kathleen - Valentines (E)/Crazy Love - Royaltones (E)/Chicken Hop - Billy Bland (E)

SD-9033 -

SD-9034 - Loaded - Velvet Underground [11/70] Who Loves the Sun/Sweet Jane/Rock and Roll/Coll It Down/New Age//Head Held High/Lonesome Cowboy Bill/I Found a Reason/Train 'Round the Bend/Oh! Sweet Nuthin'

SD-9035 - Play It Loud - Slade [1970] Coz I Love You/Raven/Could I/I Remember/One Way Hotel/Know Who You Are//Get Down And Get With It/Angelina/Pouk Hill/Dirty Joker/See Us Here/Sweet Box

SD-9036 - Danny O'Keefe - Danny O'Keefe [1971] Covered Wagon/3:10 Smokey Thursday/The Drover/A Country Song/Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues/Steel Guitar//Saturday Morning/Sweet Rollin'/Bottle Up And Go/Come Dance With Me/Canary/Rev. Stone

SD-9037 - Homer (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] Featuring Songs By Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Lovin' Spoonful, Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller, Don Scardino, Hearts & Flowers, Cream

SD-9038 - It Happened Long Ago - Nicholas Lampe [1/71]

SD-9039 - The Hawk - Ronnie Hawkins [1971] Don't Tell Me Your Troubles/Sick and Tired/Lonely Weekends/Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/Red Rooster/Ooby Dooby//The Lady came from Baltimore/Leaves That Are Green/Patricia/Odessa/Treasure of Love/Black Sheep Boy

SD-9040 - Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Emerson, Lake and Palmer [1971] (2-71, #18) The Barbarian/Take A Pebble/Knife-Edge//The Three Fates: Clotho (Royal Festival Hall Organ) - Lachesis (Piano Solo) - Atropos (Piano Trio)/Tank/Lucky Man

SD-9041 - First Peace - Bobby Lance [1971]

SD-9042 - McDonald and Giles - McDonald and Giles [2/71] Suite In C (Including Turnham Green, Here I Am And Others)/Flight Of The Ibis/Is She Waiting ?/Tomorrow's People-The Children Of Today//Birdman (Involving The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T.) - The Workshop - Wishbone Ascension - Birdman Flies! - Wings In The Sunset/Birdman-The Reflexion)

SD-9043 - New Era - Marcus Wade [5/71]

SD-9044 -

SD-9045 - Sister Kate - Kate Taylor [1971] (3-71, #88) Home Again/Ballad Of A Well Known Gun/Be That Way/Handbags And Gladrags/You Can Close Your Eyes/Look At Granny Run, Run//Where You Lead/White Lightning/Country Comfort/Lo And Behold/Jesus Is Just All Right/Do I Still Figure In Your Life/Sweet Honesty

SD 9046 - Rasputin's Stash - Rasputin's Stash [1971] Your Love Is Certified/I'd Like To Know You Better/What's On Your Mind/Take Me On Back/Mr. Cool//You Better Think/Freaks Prayer/Prelude/Dookey Shoe/You Are My Flower/I Want To Say You're Welcome/Epilogue

SD-9047 - King Floyd - King Floyd [1971] (5-71, #130) The front cover says Chimneyville Records, but the record label is Cotillion. Groove Me/Let Us Be/Woman Don't Go Astray/Baby Let Me Kiss You/Messing Up My Mind//It's Wonderful/So Glad I Found You/Don't Leave Me Lonely/Day in the Life of a Fool/What Our Love Needs

SD-9048 - Through the Years - Freedom [1971] Freestone/Through the Years/Get Yourself Together//London City/Thanks/Toe Grabber

SD-9049 - Hands of Jack the Ripper - Screaming Lord Sutch [1972] Gotta Keep A- Rocking/Roll Over Beethoven/Country Club/Hands Of Jack The Ripper//Good Golly Miss Molly/Great Balls Of Fire/Bye Bye Johnny - Johnny B. Goode/Tutti Frutti Medley: Long Tall Sally - Jenny Jenny - Keep A-Knockin' - Jenny Jenny - Tutti Frutti

SD-9050 - Story Teller - Brook Benton [1972] Movin' Day/Willoughby Grove/Shoes/Poor Make Believer/Please Send Me Someone to Love//Big Mabel Murphy/She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye/Save the Last Dance For Me/Sidewalks of Chicago/Country Comfort

SD-9051 - Conceptionland and Other States of Mind - Conception Corporation [5/72] Rock and Roll Classroom/The All-Night Obituary of the Air/An Open Letter to the Youth of America/The Late News/Famous Judges School/Abortion/The Wholesome Prison Blues/Love of Grass, Chapter Two//The Ego Trip/The Great Predicto/Swedish Orgy/The Voyage of the Titanic/The Wax Museum/Dope-a-Matic/Bummerland/The Downer/Dunk the Cop/The Side Show/The Flea Circus/The Mad Doctor/The Auction/The Wizard/Test Your Weakness/The First Poets

SD-9052 - Love Is Here and Now You're Gone - Tami Lynn [1972] Monologue: Introduction to a Love Affair and Wings Upon Your Horns/Monologue: Hoping and Love is Here and Now You're Gone/Monologue: The Next Time! and That's Understanding//I'm Gonna Run Away From You/Ain't No Soul (Left in These Old Shoes)/A World You Left Behind You/Never No More/Mo Jo Hanna/One Night of Sin

Cotillion Religious Series:

This Cotillion Religious series seems to pick up where the Atlantic R series stopped with many of the same artists.

SD-050 - Gospel Truth - Brook Benton [6/71]

SD-051 - Tell It Like It Is - Myrna Summers and the Interdenominational Singers [1972]

*SD-052 - Heavenly Stars - Various Artists [1971] Down By The Riverside - Sweet Inspirations/God Gave Me A Song - Myrna Summers & The Interdenomonational Singers/Heaven Help Us All - Brook Benton/I Told Jesus - Roberta Flack/I Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free) - Solomon Burke/Let It Be - Aretha Franklin/Lord Pity Us All - Wilson Pickett/Milky White Way - Marion Williams/People Got To Be Free - Marion Williams/Steal Away - Wilson Pickett/Without A Doubt - Sweet Inspirations

SD-053 - Gospel Now - Marion Williams [6/71]

SD-054 - Gospel's Queen - Gloria Griffin [6/71]

SD-055 - Grace Institutional Church of God In Christ - Grace Institutional Church of God In Christ [6/71]

SD-056 - Tommie, Lonnie and Me - Harmonizing Four [6/71] Reissue of Atlantic SD R- 026.

SD-057 - Lifetime Believing - Alex Bradford [6/71]

SD-058 - The Gospel Truth - Brook Benton [1971] Let us All Get Together With The Lord/Oh Happy Day/Heaven Help Us All/Going Home In His Name/Take A Look At Your Hands/If You Think God Is Dead/I Dreamed Of A City Called Heaven/Doing The Best That I Can/Precious Lord

SD-059 - Colmaniares of Washington D.C. - Colmaniares of Washington D.C. [6/71]

SD-060 - Now - Myrna Summers [8/72]

SD-061 - Black Man's Lament - Alex Bradford [1971?]

Cotillion 18000 Series:

SD-18001 - Mellow Dreamin' - Young-Holt Unlimited [1970] The Devil Made Me Do Dat/Going in Circles/Wichita Lineman/Mellow Dreamin'/Trippi'//Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head/The Creeper/There'll Be a Greater Day/Black and White/Midnight Cowboy

SD-18002 - Captain Buckles - David "Fathead" Newman [1971] Captain Buckles/Joel's Domain/Something/Blue Caper/The Clincher/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Negus

SD-18003 - It's a Funky Thing To Do - Hank Crawford [1971]

SD-18004 - Born Again - Young-Holt Unlimited [1972]

Cotillion 9500 Issue:

SD-9500 - Live at Max's Kansas City - Velvet Underground [6/72] I'm Waiting For The Man/Sweet Jane/Lonesome Cowboy Bill/Beginning To See The Light//I'll Be Your Mirror/Pale Blue Eyes/Sunday Morning/New Age/Femme Fatale/After Hours

Cotillion 9900 Series:

SD-9900 - Tarkus - Emerson, Lake and Palmer [1971] (7-71, #9) Eruption/Stones Of Years/Iconoclast/Mass/Manticore/Battlefield/Aquatarkus//Jeremy Bender/Bitches Crystal/The Only Way (Hymn)/Infinite Space (Conclusion)/A Time And A Place/Are You Ready Eddy?

SD-9901 - Guns and Butter - Guns and Butter [1972] I Am/Time Has Wings/Introduction/Look At The Day/Sometimes//It Can't Go On Like This/Our Album/Lady Grey/Family/Elysium's Butterfly Comes/The Wanderer

SD-9902 -

SD-9903 - Trilogy - Emerson, Lake and Palmer [1972] (7-72, #5) The Endless Enigma (Part One)/The Fugue/The Endless Enigma (Part Two)/From The Beginning/The Sheriff/Hoedown//Trilogy/Living Sin/Abaddon's Bolero

SD-9904 -

SD-9905 - A Different Scene - Lou Donaldson [1976] You Are My Sunshine/Lovin' You/High Wire/Night and Day/Temptation/Here's Lovin' At You/For the Love of You/Keep Your Woman

SD-9906 - Hear the Words, Feel the Feeling - Margie Joseph [1976] Hear The Words, Feel The Feeling/Didn't I Tell You/ Why'd You Lie/Prophesy//All Cried Out/Something To Fall Back On/Don't Turn The Lights Off/Feeling My Way/I Get Carried Away

SD-9907 - Luther - Luther (Vandross) [1976]

SD-9908 - Willis Jackson Plays With Feeling - Willis Jackson [10/76] Racubah/Feelings/Singing Bass/Young Man With a Horn/Do Your Super Thing/Bouquet/Dot It To It/Something Good

SD-9909 - Life, Love and Living - John Edwards [11/76] I (Who Have Nothing)/Honey, I Don't Mind/Forced To Fight (This Losing Battle)/The Key To My Life/That's, That/Sister Rose//You, Trouble And Me/(You've Got) My Mind Working Overtime/Baby, Hold On To Me/Nobody, But You

SD-9910 - Welcome To Our World - Mass Production [1976] (1-77, #142) Welcome To Our World (Of Merry Music)/Wine-Flow Disco/I Like To Dance/Our Thought (To The World)//Magic/Galaxy/Just A Song/Fun In The Sun

SD-9911 - Funky Christmas - Various Artists [1976]

SD-9912 - It's About Time - Impressions [1976] In The Palm Of My Hands/You'll Never Find/Same Old Heartaches/I Need You//This Time/Stardust/I'm A Fool For Love/What Might Have Been

SD-9913 - Love In C Minor - Cerrone [1976] (2-77, #153) Love In C Minor//Black Is Black/Midnite Lady

*SD 9914 - Slave - Slave [1977] (4-77, #22) Happiest Days/Love Me/Party Hardy/Screw Your Wig On Tite/Separated/Slide/Son Of Slide/You And Me

SD 9915 - Color As A Way Of Life - Lou Donaldson [1977]

SD-9916 - This Close To You - Luther (Vandross) [1977] This Is For Real/A Lover s Change/Don t Take The Time/Jealousy Is In Me/I m Not Satisfied//This Close To You/Don't Wanna Be A Fool/Come Back To Love/Follow My Love

SD-9917 - Cerrone's Paradise - Cerrone [1977] (8-77, #162) Cerrone's Paradise/Take Me/Time For Love

SD-9918 - Believe - Mass Production [1977] (8-77, #83) Free And Happy/I Believe In Music/Being Here/We Love You//Keep My Heart Together/Cosmic Lust/Superlative/People Get Up

SD-9919 - Together - Sister Sledge [1977]

SD-9920 - Starting Over - Phillip Wynne [10/77]

Cotillion 5200 Series:

SD-5201 - The Hardness of the World - Slave [1977] (12-77, #67) Life Can Be Happy/The Great American Funk Song/Can't Get Enough of You/Baby Sinister/The World's on Hand/The Party Song/We Can Make Love/Volcano Rupture

SD 5202 - Cerrone III-Supernature - Cerrone [1977] (1-78, #129) Supernature/Sweet Drums/In The Smoke//Give Me Love/Love Is Here/Love Is The Answer


SD-5204 - Closer to You - R.B. Hudmon [4/78]

SD 5205 - Three Mile High - Mass Production [1978] Watch Me Do It/Sky High/I Don't Want To Know/Groove Me//Our Thought (Let The Music Take You Away)/Just Wanna Make A Dream Come True (Mass In F Minor)/Scarey Love/Slow Bump/Music And Love

SD 5206 - The Concept - Slave [1978] (8-78, #78) Stellar Fungk/The Way You Love Is Heaven/Thank You Lord/Drac Is Back//We've Got Your Party/Just Freak/Coming Soon

SD-5207 - Back In Time - Back In Time [1978] The Sound If Silence/El Condor Pasa (If I Could)/All I Wanna Love Is Love//Love Is What We Need/Back In Time/Proposition/Love Is A Game

*SD 5208 - Cerrone IV-The Golden Touch - Cerrone [1978] (11-78, #118) Je Suis Music/Look For Love/Music Of Life/Rocket In The Pocket

SD 5209 - We Are Family - Sister Sledge [1979] (2-79, #3) He's The Greatest Dancer/Lost In Music/Somebody Loves Me/Thinking Of You//We Are Family/Easier To Love/You're A Friend To Me/One More Time

SD 5210 - Long Stroke - ADC Band [1978] (12-78, #139) Long Stroke/Fire Up/Cause I Love You/More And More Disco//Reggae Disco/Baby Love/Just Another Song/That's Life

SD 5211 - In The Purest Form - Mass Production [1979] (7-79, #43) Firecracker/Love You/With Pleasure/Our Thought (Purity)//Can't You See I'm Fired Up/Eyeballin'/Next Year/Strollin'

SD-5212 - Heavy Love - Dee Edwards [1979]

SD-5213 - Love City - Ronn Matlock [7/79]

SD-5214 - Young and In Love - Stacy Lattislaw [1979] When You're Young And In Love/Love Is Here Beside Us/Rock With Me/Three Wishes//Spinning Top/Dedicated To The One I Love/Downtown/When You're Young And In Love (Disco Version)

SD-5215 - The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Jimmy Castor Bunch [1979] Don't Do That!/Need Your Lovin'/Party People//Psych-Out/Goodbye!/I Just Wanna Stop

SD-5216 - Talk That Stuff - ADC Band [1979] Stank Machine/I Just Want To Hold You/Talk That Stuff/Midnight Creeper//ADC Is Back/At The Party/Sense Of Humor/Eaves Dropper

SD 5217 - Just A Touch Of Love - Slave [1979] (12-79, #92) Just A Touch Of Love/Are You Ready For Love?/Funky Lady (Foxy Lady)//Roots/Painted Pictures/Thank You/Shine/Warning

SD 5218 - Massterpiece - Mass Production [1980] (3-80, #133) Angel/Forever/Nature Lover/Come Back Hot//Eknuf (Instrumental)/Shanté (Instrumental)/Gonna Make You Love Me/Your Love/Please Don't Leave Me

SD 5219 - Let Me Be Your Angel - Stacy Lattisaw [1980] (7-80, #44) Jump To The Beat/Dynamite!/You Don't Love Me Anymore/Dreaming//Let Me Be Your Angel/Don't You Want To Feel It (For Yourself)/You Know I Like It/My Love

SD-5220 - Hold On (To Your Dream) - Wee Gee [6/80]

SD-5221 - Renaissance - ADC Band [1980] Our Thought (New Horizons) (Instrumental)/In The Moonlight/Work That Body/Hittin' On Me//Hangin' Out/State Of Shock/Everyday/Tripwire

SD-5222 - I Wanna Get Down - C.L. Blast [1980] I Wanna Get Down/If I Had Loved You More/I've Got To Make It On My Own/Our Love Will Last//Let's Do Something Different Tonight/If I Could Feel That Old Feeling Again/Share Your Love With Me/Love Don't Feel Like Love No More

SD-5223 - Two Hearts Are Better Than One - Dee Edwards [10/80]

*SD 5224 - Stone Jam - Slave [1980] (11-80, #53) Dreamin'/Feel My Love/Let's Spend Some Time/Never Get Away/Sizzlin' Hot/Starting Over/Stone Jam/Watching You

SD-5225 - Baby Brother - Baby Brother [1980]

*SD-5226 - Turn Up the Music - Mass Production [1981] (5-81, #166) Bopp/Clinch Quencher/Diamond Chips/I Can't Believe You're Going Away/I Got To Have Your Love/Our Thought (Tomorrow)/Saucey/Sunshine/Turn Up The Music

*SD 5227 - Show Time - Slave [1981] (10-81, #46) For The Love Of U/Funken Town/Party Lites/Smokin/Snap Shot/Spice Of Life (Oh Yes, You're The Best)/Steal Your Heart/Wait For Me

*SD 5228 - Chances Are - Bob Marley [1981] (10-81, #117) Chances Are/Dance Do The Reggae/Gonna Get You/(I'm) Hurting Inside/Mellow Mood/Reggae On Broadway/Soul Rebel/Stay With Me

SD 5229 - Take Me To Your Heaven - Stevie Woods [1981] Fly Away/Just Can't Win 'Em All/Take Me To Your Heaven/Steal The Night/Through The Years//Wanna' Be Close To You/Read Between The Lines/Throw A Little Bit Of Love My Way/Gotcha

SD-5230 - Keep It Comin' - Jean Knight and Premium [1982] You Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine/Keep It Comin'/Love Me Tonight/What Are We Waiting For//Kissin' Power/Does It Mean You Love Me/One on One/Anything You Can Do/You Got the Papers (But I Got the Man)

SD 5231 - The Sisters - Sister Sledge [1982] (2-82, #69) Super Bad Sisters/My Guy/Lightfootin'/My Special Way/Grandma//Get You In Our Love/Il Macquillage Lady/Everybody's Friend/All The Man I Need/Jack's Theme: There's No Stopping Us

SD-5232 - Roll With the Punches - ADC Band [1982]

SD 5233 - In A City Groove - Mass Production [1982] Maybe Maybe/Never Ever/One More Chance/Should Have Known Better//Rock/Inner City/Solid Love/Weird

SD 5234 - Phase 2 - Ronnie Dyson [1982] Bring It On Home/Heart To Heart/One More Chance For The Fool/Say You Will//Expressway To Your Heart/Now/Even In The Darkest Night/Foreplay/I Found Someone

SD-5235 - Show and Tell - Elusion featuring Limon Wilson [7/82] Lay Back In The Groove/I Am The Funk/Now That I've Made It With You/Show And Tell/She's Got It//Would You Be My Lover (For The Night)?/Computer Lover/Love Hurts/Lady Of The Night

Cotillion Label records in the Atlantic Consolidated 16000 series:

SD 16012 - Love Somebody Today - Sister Sledge [1980] (3-80, #31) Got To Love Somebody/You Fooled Around/I'm A Good Girl/Easy Street//Reach Your Peak/Pretty Baby/How To Love/Let's Go On Vacation

SD 16027 - All American Girls - Sister Sledge [1981] (2-81, #42) All American Girls/He's Just A Runaway/If You Really Want Me/Next Time You'll Know/Happy Feeling//Ooh, You Caught My Heart/Make A Move/Don't Let Me Lose It/Music Makes Me Feel Good/I Don't Want To Say Goodbye

SD 16041 - Brother Luck - ADC Band [1981] Brother Luck/Celebrate/Waiting For You/Nothing You Can Do//Super Freak/Hot Box/Nuclear Funk-Out/Our Thought (Lovers And Friends)

SD 16049 - With You - Stacy Lattisaw [1981] (7-81, #46) Feel My Love Tonight/Screamin' Off The Top/It Was So Easy/Baby I Love You/Love On A Two Way Street//With You/Young Girl/Spotlight/You Take Me To Heaven

Special Cotillion Release:

This Emerson, Lake and Palmer release was issued with Cotillion labels. This series continues as Manticore releases distributed by Cotillion.

ELP-66666 - Pictures at an Exhibition - Emerson, Lake and Palmer [1971] (1-72, #10) Promenade/The Gnome/Promenade/The Sage/The Old Castle/Blues Variation//Promenade/The Hut Of Baba Yaga/The Curse Of Baba Yaga/The Hut Of Baba Yaga/The Great Gates Of Kiev/The End/Nutrocker

Cotillion Two and Three Record Sets:

SD3-500 - Woodstock - Various Artists [1970] (6-70, #1) (3-LP set) I Had A Dream - John Sebastian/Going Up the Country - Canned Heat/Freedom - Richie Havens/Rock and Soul Music - Country Joe and the Fish/Coming into Los Angeles - Arlo Guthrie/At the Hop - Sha-Na-Na//I Fell Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag - Country Joe and the Fish/Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man - Joan Baez/Joe Hill - Joan Baez/Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby, Stills and Nash/Sea of Madness - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young//Wooden Ships - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young/We're Not Gonna Take It - The Who/With a Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker//Crown Rain Chant/Soul Sacrifice - Santana/I'm Going Home - Ten Years After//Volunteers - Jefferson Airplane/Medley: Dance tot he Music, Music Lover, I Want to Take You Higher - Sly and the Family Stone/Rainbows All Over Your Blues - John Sebastian//Love March - Butterfield Blues Band/Star Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix/Purple Haze and Instrumental Solo - Jimi Hendrix

SD2-400 - Woodstock, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [1971] (4-71, #7) (2-LP set) Jam Back At The House - Jimi Hendrix/Izabella - Jimi Hendrix/Get My Heart Back Together - Jimi Hendrix//Saturday Afternoon - Won't You Try - Jefferson Airplane/Eskimo Blue Day - Jefferson Airplane/Everything's Gonna Be Alright - The Butterfield Blues Band//Sweet Sir Galahad - Joan Baez/Guinnevere - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/4+20 - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/Marrakesh Express - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/My Beautiful People - Melanie/Birthday Of The Sun - Melanie//Blood Of The Sun - Mountain/Theme For An Imaginary Western - Mountain/Woodstock Boogie - Canned Heat/Let The Sunshine In - Audience During Sunday Rainstorm

SD 2-110 - The Selma Album - Various [1976] Two record set.

Thanks to Peter Preuss, Peter Nielsen, Jacy Webster, Eamonn Keane, and Henrik Andersson.

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