Scotti Brothers Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 25, 2005

Scotti Brothers is a label that is still in existence. It has kicked around among various distributors over the 20+ years of its life. The 7100 series was distributed by Atlantic Records, later series were distributed by CBS then BMG.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

SB 7100 series (Distributed by Atlantic):

SB 7100 - Feel the Need - Leif Garrett [1978] (11-78, #34) I Was Made For Dancin'/Groovin'/Forget About You/Once A Fool/Fun, Fun, Fun//Sheila/When I Think Of You/This Time/Living Without Your Love/Feel The Need

SB 7101 - Love Is in the Air - John Paul Young [1978] (11-78, #119) Love Is In The Air/Fool In Love/Open Doors/The Day That My Heart Caught Fire//Lost In Your Love/Lazy Days/Things To Do/12° Celsius/Lovin' In Your Soul

SB 7102 -

SB 7103 - Ironhorse - Ironhorse [1979] (4-79, #153) Group included Randy Bachman, formerly of the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive. One And Only/Sweet Lui-Louise/Jump Back In The Night/You Gotta Let Go/Tumbleweed//Stateline Blues/Watch Me Fly/Old Fashioned/She's Got It/There Ain't No Cure

SB 7104 - Goose Bumps - Ian Lloyd [1979] Ian is formerly the lead singer of the group Stories. She Broke Your Heart/Love Stealer/First Heartbreak/Slip Away/Holiday/Open Soul Surgery//Goosebumps/Easy Money/Time Of The Season/New City Lights/I'm Ready/Love Is A Ship

SB 7105 - Ghost Dancer - Addrisi Brothers [1979] Ghost Dancer/Last Chance For Romance/The Lady Broke Into My Heart/Streetlight Love//As Long As The Music Keeps Playing/So You Are Love/Look, But Don't Touch/Loretta

SB 7106 -

SB 7107 - Survivor - Survivor [1979] (3-80, #169) Somewhere In America/Can't Getcha Offa My Mind/Let It Be Now/As Soon As Love Finds Me/Youngblood//Love Has Got Me/Whole Town's Talkin'/20/20/Freelance/Nothing Can Shake Me (From Your Love)/Whatever It Takes

SB 7108 - Everything Is Grey - Ironhorse [1980] Everything Is Grey/What's Your Hurry Darlin'/Symphony/Only Way To Fly/Try A Little Harder//I'm Hurtin' Inside/Playin' That Same Old Song/Railroad Love/Somewhere, Sometime/Keep Your Motor Running

*SB 7109 - Why Not Me - Fred Knoblock [1980] (10-80, #179) Bigger Fool/Can I Get A Wish/Can't Keep From Crying/Father/It's Over/Laugh It Off/Let Me Love You/Love Isn't Easy/Still Feel The Same way/Take A Flight Tonight/Why Not Me

SB 7110 - 3WC - Ian Lloyd [1980] Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)/Stop In The Name Of Love/Dedicated To You/Lonely Nights/Can't Get Enough//Trouble/Walk Away/Straight From The Heart/Third Wave Civilization (3WC)/Wanderers

SB 7111 - Can't Explain - Leif Garrett [1980] Bare Trees/You Had To Go And Change On Me/Stuck In The Middle With You/Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'/Love's So Cruel//I Can't Explain/Bits And Pieces/Thoughts/Run, Run, Run/Rowena

SB 7112 - Premonition - Survivor [3/81]

SB 7113 - Killin' Time - Susan Anton [3/81]

SB 7114 - Claudia - Claudia [3/81]

SB 7115 - Instant Hero - Doug Kershaw [3/81]

SB-16008 - Same Goes for You - Leif Garrett [1979] (12-79, #129) Same Goes For You/Memorize Your Number/Kicks/Little Things You Do/When I Think Of You (Single Version)/Singin' In The Rain//Hungry For Your Love Tonight/Guilty/I Was Looking For Someone To Love/Give In/If I Were A Carpenter/Moonlight Dancin'

30000-40000 series (CBS consolidated series):

The following series is not complete.

FZ 37400 - Now or Never - John Schneider [7/81]

FZ 37428 - Instant Hero - Doug Kershaw [1981]

FZ/PZ 37549 - Premonition - Survivor [1981] (10-81, #82) Chevy Nights/Summer Nights/Poor Man's Son/Runway Lights//Take You On A Saturday/Light Of A Thousand Smiles/Love Is On My Side/Heart's A Lonely Hunter

ARZ 37625 - My Movie of You - Leif Garrett [1981] (12-81, #185) Runaway Rita/Every Night With You/Uptown Girl/Just Like A Brother/Santa Monica Bay//Mo Mo Way (Momoe)/I Don't Want To Want You/Missin' You/Feels So Right/Movie Of You

FZ 37712 - Dukes of Hazzard - Various Artists [4/82]

FZ 37944 - Peer Pressure - Noel & The Red Wedge [1982] Special To You/Act Of Love/She's A Big Girl Now/Stranger/Tell Me Why//Peer Pressure/Still Life With Luger/Slow Motion/Waiting (I'm Not)/Specimen

FZ 37956 - Quiet Man - John Schneider [6/82]

FZ 38062 - Eye of the Tiger - Survivor [1982] (6-82, #2) Eye Of The Tiger/Feels Like Love/Hesitation Dance/The One That Really Matters/I'm Not That Man Anymore//Children Of The Night/Ever Since The World Began/American Heartbeat/Silver Girl

ARZ 38207 - Nowherefast - Nowherefast [10/82]

FZ 38791 - Caught in the Game - Survivor [1983] (10-83, #82) Caught In The Game/Jackie Don't Go/I Never Stopped Loving You/It Doesn't Have To Be This Way/Ready For The Real Thing//Half-Life/What Do You Really Think?/Slander/Santa Ana Winds

FZ 38929 - Eddie and the Cruisers (Soundtrack) - John Cafferty & Beaver Brown Band [1983] (10-83, #9) On The Dark Side/Tender Years/Runaround Sue/Down On My Knees/Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes//Wild Summer Nights/Boardwalk Angel/Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes/These Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You)/Season In Hell (Fire Suite)

FZ 39405 - Tough All Over - John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band [1985] (6-85, #40) Voice Of America's Song/Tough All Over/C-I-T-Y/Where The Action Is/Dixieland//Strangers In Paradise/Small Town Girl/More Than Just One Of The Boys/Tex-Mex (Crystal Blue)

BFZ 39417 - Scarred - Ya Ya [1984]

FZ 39578 - Vital Signs - Survivor [1984] (9-84, #16) I Can't Hold Back/High On You/First Night/The Search Is Over/Broken Promises//Popular Girl/Everlasting/It's The Singer Not The Song/I See You In Everyone

FZ 40006 - Go for Your Life - Mountain [1985] (4-85, #166) Hard Times/Spark/She Loves Her Rock (And She Loves It Hard)/Bardot Damage//Shimmy On The Footlights/I Love Young Girls/Makin' It In Your Car/Babe In The Woods/Little Bit Of Insanity

FZ 40128 - No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper [1986] (4-86, #144) No Easy Way Out/Angel Of The City/Don't Walk Away/Your Love Hurts/Restless World//Hopeless Romantic/Soul Survivor/If That's What You Call Lovin'/Domination

*FZ 40203 - Rocky IV (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1986] (11-85, #10) Burning Heart - Survivor/Double Or Nothing - Kenny Loggins & Gladys Knight/Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor/Heart's On Fire - John Cafferty/Living In America - James Brown/No Easy Way Out - Robert Tepper/One Way Street - Go West/Sweetest Victory - Touch/Training Montage - Vince DiCola/War - Vince DiCola

FZ 40380 - Gravity - James Brown [1986] (10-86, #156) Gravity/Let's Get Personal/How Do You Stop/Turn Me Loose, I'm Dr. Feelgood//Living In America/Goliath/Repeat The Beat (Faith)/Return To Me

FZ 40457 - When Seconds Count - Survivor [1986] (11-86, #49) How Much Love/Keep It Right Here/Is This Love/Man Against The World/Rebel Son//Oceans/When Seconds Count/Backstreet Love Affair/In Good Faith/Can't Let You Go

BFZ/ZK 44086 - Roxanne - Roxanne [1988]

FZ 44241 - I'm Real - James Brown With Full Force [1988] (6-88, #96) Tribute/I'm Real/Static (Part 1 & 2)/Time To Get Busy/You And me//She Looks All Types A' Good/Keep Keepin'/Can't Git Enuf/It's Your Money $/Godfather Runnin' The Joint

*OZ 44282 - Too Hot to Sleep - Survivor [1988] (11-88, #187) Across The Miles/Burning Bridges/Can't Give It Up/Desperate Dreams/Didn't Know It Was Love/Here Comes Desire/Rhythm Of The City/She's A Star/Tell Me I'm The One/Too Hot To Sleep

FZ 44477 - Workforce - Workforce [1988]

SZ 45164 - Soul Session Live - James Brown & Friends [1989] Show Intro/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - James Brown/How Do You Stop - James Brown/Cold Sweat - James Brown & Wilson Pickett/Out Of Sight - Billy Vera/When A Man Loves A Woman - Joe Cocker//Gimme Your Love - James Brown & Aretha Franklin/I'll Go Crazy - James Brown & Joe Cocker/I Got You (I Feel Good) - James Brown & Robert Palmer/Try Me - James Brown & Robert Palmer/Living In America - James Brown & Friends

*SZ 45297 - Eddie and the Cruisers II - John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band [1989] (8-89, #121) Emotional Storm/Garden Of Eden/Just A Mater Of Time/(Keep My Love) Alive/Marya/NYC Song/Open Road/Pride And Passion/Runnin' Thru The Fire/Some Like It Hot

75000 series (BMG consolidated series, compact disc issues):

72392-75224-2 - Four on the Floor - Nylons [1991]

72392-75225-2 - Love Overdue - James Brown [1991]

72392-75235-2 - Black Radio Won't Play This Record - Mother's Finest [1992] Like A Negro/Power/Generator/Cry Baby/Shirt/The Wall/Attitude/Crack Babies/Head Bangin' And Booty Shakin'/Stop/Move (Get Outta My Way)/L.P.F.

*72392-75256-2 - Off the Deep End - Weird Al Yankovic [1992] Airline Army/I Can't Watch This/I Was Only Kidding/Plumbing Song/Polka Your Eyes Out/Smells Like Nirvana/Taco Grande/Trigger Happy/When I Was Your Age/White Stuff/You Don't Love Me Anymore

72392-75260-2 - Treasures, Volume 1 - Petula Clark [1992] Oxygen/Don't Sleep In The Subway/Love Won't Always Pass You By/Your Cheatin' Heart/I LIke What I'm Looking At/My Guy/I Know A Place/Natural Love/Because I Love Him/The Gypsy/American Boys/City Of Dreams/You And I

72392-75274-2 - Universal James - James Brown [1993] Can't Get Any Harder/Just Do It/Mine All Mine/Watch Me/Georgia-Lina//Show Me Your Friends/Everybody's Got A Thang/How Long/Make It Funky 2000/Moments

72392-75284-2 - Honest Man - Electric Light Orchestra [1992]

72392-75287-2 - She Ain't Pretty - Northern Pikes [1992]

72392-75305-2 - Young Soul Rebel - Mica Paris [1992]

72392-75337-2 - For All The Lonely - David Cassidy [1992]

*72392-75415-2 - Alapalooza - Weird Al Yankovic [1993] Achy Breaky Song/Bedrock Anthem/Bohemian Polka/Frank's 2000 TV/Harvey The Wonder Hamster/Jurassic Park/Livin' In The Fridge/She Never Told Me She Was A Mime/Talk Soup/Traffic Jam/Waffle King/Young, Dumb And Ugly

72392-75423-2 - Roadhouse - John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band [1993] Bound For Glory/Victory Dance/Song And Dance/Killing Time/Wheel Of Fortune/Burn The Roadhouse Down//Penetration/Wishing Well/Customary Thing/Hard Way To Go/Higher Ground/Road I'm Running

*72392-75456-2 - Greatest Hits, Volume II - Weird Al Yankovic [1994] Achy Breaky Song/Bedrock Anthem/Christmas At Ground Zero/Headline News/Jurassic Park/Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies/Polka Your Eyes Out/Smells Like Nirvana/This Is The Life/UHF/Yoda/You Don't Love Me Anymore

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