Bell Related Albums Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 17, 2003

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

9500 - Words, Music, Laughter and Tears (and then I wrote) - Bobby Russell [1968] For A While We Helped Each Other Out (S)/Dusty (S)/Sure Gonna Miss Her (S)/I Made You This Way (S)/1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero (S)/Honey (S)//Little Green Apples (S)/The Joker Went Wild (S)/Ruby Red, Baby Blue (S)/Let's Talk About Them (S)/He Wrote A Song (S)

9501 - Bobby Russell Unlimited - Bobby Russell [1968] Electric Trains & You/Precious Baby/That's What You Get For Being Kids/Then She's A Lover/Court Of Foolish Kings/Our Love Will Rise Again/How You Gonna Stand It/Better Homes & Gardens/The Whole State Of Alabama (with wife Vicki Lawrence)/Town & Country/Something For A Penny


The Hot Line Music Journal label was formed by Palmer James and Curtis Rodgers in 1967. James and Rodgers were producers of the only album released on the label.

The Hot Line label is light blue with black printing. "HOT LINE Music Journal" in a black arc above the center line.

1500 - Back Up Train - Al Greene [1967] Back Up Train/Hot Wire/Stop and Check Myself/Let Me Help You/I'm Reachin' Out/Don't Hurt Me No More//Don't Leave Me/What's It All About/I'll Be Good To You/Guilty/That's All It Takes (Lady)/Get Yourself Together


The Sunburst label was formed in 1968 as a division of the Attarack Corp. and distributed by Bell.

The Sunburst label is white on the bottom half and yellow on the top half with black printing. "SUNBURST" on an orange banner above the center hole.

7500 - Zoo Presents Chocolate Moose - Zoo [1968] Chocolate Moose/Written on the Wind/I've Been Waiting Too Long/Soul Drippin's/Get Some Beads//Ain't Nobody/Have You Been Sleepin'/Try Me/Love Machine/From a Camel's Hump

EMI ODEON (Venezuela)
1127 - Bell's Cellar of Soul - Various Artists [196?] Angel Of The Morning - Merilee Rush & Turnabouts/Flower Power - Epitomes/Cry Like A Baby - 827 Thomas Street Band/Your Love Is All I Need - Bobby Tucker/I Just Dont Know What To Do With Myself - Blues/Help Yourself - James & Bobby Purify//Funky Night - Len Barry/Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay - Danny & Juniors/I'll Be Good To You - Al Green/Wonder Woman - Lee Dorsey/Look Over My Shoulder - O'Jays/You're Gone - Delphonics

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