Sphere Sound Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 17, 2003

Sphere Sound was a subsidiary of Bell Records. To our knowledge, none of the albums contained true stereo recordings. Sphere Sound was formed in 1965 as an entry into the growing "oldies" market. Larry Utall, owner of Bell Records, leased material from other New York labels (Fire/Fury, Herald/Ember) to provide the basis for the album issues. For many of these songs, it was their first album appearance, and for that reason the Sphere Sound albums are of interest to collectors. There was also a gospel series, but the source of this material is not known to us.

The Sphere Sound Label is red-orange with black print, the top third of the label is white with "SPHERE SOUND" in blue.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

7000 Reissue Series:

LP-7000 - Kansas City - Wilbert Harrison [1965] Kansas City/Listen My Darling/Cheatin' Baby/Don't Wreck My Life/Messed Around (And Fell In Love)/Why Did You Leave//My Love/Since I Fell For You/C.C. Rider/Da-De-Ya-Da/The Horse/Good-Bye Kansas City

SSR-7001 - How Long Has The Train Been Gone - Lightnin' Hopkins [1965] Reissue of Fire 104 with different cover graphics. Mojo Hand/Coffee For Mama/Awful Dream/Black Mare Trot/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Glory Bee/Sometimes She Will/Shine On Moon!/Santa

SSR-7002 - The Sky Is Crying - Elmore James [1965] The Sky Is Crying/Something Inside Of Me/Fine Little Mama/Look On Yonder Wall/Standing At The Crossroads/Baby Please Set A Date//Dust My Broom/Shake Your Money Maker/My Bleeding Heart/One Way Out/I Need You/Rollin' And Tumblin'

SSR-7003 - Ya-Ya - Lee Dorsey [1965] Ya Ya/Great Googa Mooga/Messed Around And Fell In Love/Give Me You/others

SSR-7004 - There's Something On Your Mind - Bobby Marchan [1965] There's Something On Your Mind, Parts 1 & 2/Booty Green/It Hurts Me To My Heart/Snoopin' And Accusin'/All In My Mind//Things I Used To Do, Parts 1 & 2/What You Don't Know Don't Hurt You/This Is The Life/I Need Someone/I Miss You So

SSR-7005 - Kodaks Versus the Starlites - Kodaks/Starlites [1965] Side one features the Kodaks, while side two features the Starlites. Kodaks: Run Around Baby/Guardian Angel/Oh Gee, Oh Gosh/Make Believe World/Little Boy And Girl/Teenage Dream//Starlites: Valerie/Way Up In The Sky/Seven Day Fool/Don't Be Afraid/I Found Out Too Late/I'm Coming Home

SSR-7006 - Every Beat Of My Heart - Gladys Knight & Pips [1965] Reissue of Fury 1003 with different cover graphics. Letter Full Of Tears/Either Way I Lose/If Ever I Should Fall In Love/Daybreak/Maybe Maybe Baby/Every Beat Of My Heart//Giving Up/Stop And Get A Hold Of Myself/Lovers Always Forgive/Tell Her You're Mine/Operator

SSR-7007 - Stay - Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs [1966] Reissue of Herald 1014 with different cover graphics. Stay/Nearness Of You/I Remember/Running Around/We're Lovers/But Not For Me/So Fine//Always/The Winds/Little Mama/Do You Believe/Come Along/I Love You Baby/I Got A Woman

SSR-7008 - I Need You - Elmore James [1966] Make My Dreams Come True/Got To Move/I Need You/Something Inside Of Me/Look On Yonder Wall/Shake Your Money Maker/Strange Angels/Early One Morning/She Done Moved/Baby Please Set A Date

1000 Gospel Series:

SSR-1001 - God Bless Our Home - Dewey Young & Flying Clouds [1965]

SSR-1002 - Who Will Wake Me In The Morning - Cross Jordan Singers [1965] Who Will Wake Me in the Morning/Stroll Around Heaven/The Promised Land/Out on the Ocean/I Don't Mind/Precious Lord //When the Saints Go Marching In/Trial of Jesus/Doesn't Matter/Early In the Morning/Sinner Man/Kneel and Pray

SSR-1003 - Three Great Gospel Choirs - Various Artists [1965] I Know What I Believeth - Bibleway Young Peoples Choir/God Put a Rainbow In the Sky - Bishop Lawson's Radio Choir/Sweet Hour Of Prayer - Dickie Mitchell & Harold Austin/Somebody Touched Me - Washington Temple Camp Meeting Choir/One Day the Lord Will Call - Sing Echoes of Sumter N.C./I Am So Glad - Washington Temple Camp Meeting Choir//Come On And Sing - Washington Temple Camp Meeting Choir/I Love the Name Jesus - Bibleway Young Peoples Choir/Somebody Knows - Sing Echoes of Sumter N.C./Without Faith - Bibleway Young Peoples Choir/How Great Thou Art - Washington Temple Camp Meeting Choir/Little David - Bishop Lawson's Radio Choir

SSR-1004 - Gospel All Stars - Gospel All Stars [1966] Sweeter Than the Day Before/Choose Your Seat/How Great Thou Art/Close To Thee//No Comdenation/The Lord's Prayer/Talk to the Angels/Music In the Air

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