Brut Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: October 21, 2005

This very small label had a short life of one or two years, and was distributed by Buddah Records. Its main claim to fame was to have released the first Michael Franks album (1973) before he moved to Warner, and the first album by comedian Robert Klein.

The label is cream and purple, depicting clouds with "BRUT RECORDS" written in a brown frame at the top of the label. The following text is written in small print in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label: "Exclusively Distributed By Buddah Records Inc. A Subsidiary Of Viewlex Inc. 810 Seventh Ave. N.Y. 10019." Promotional labels were green with black print. All releases were stereo only.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

6000 series:

BRUT 6001 - Child Of The 50's - Robert Klein [1973] (4-73, #191) Promotional copies were banded for airplay, but commercial copies had no separation for tracks. Civil Defense (No Talking)/Public School/School Lunch/The Sex Impulse/"Fabulous 50's"/Substitute School Teacher/Starting Your Car/F.M. Disc Jockey/New York City Animals/All Night Groceries/The Panhandler/The Foreigner//Public Service Commercials/My Little Margie/Commercials/Our Gang/Musical Instruments/Athletics/Words/My Last Movie/Childhood Myth/"Middle Class Educated Blues"/School Assembly/James Abram Garfield

BRUT 6002 - Book Of Numbers (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1973]

BRUT 6003 -

BRUT 6004 - A Touch Of Class - Various Artists [1973] Overture: All That Love Went To Waste - Steve's Theme - Vickie's Theme - Love Theme/A Touch Of Class/All That Love Went To Waste/Amor Mio/Mrs. Allessio's Rock And Roll Band/Vickie's Theme/I Always Knew (Love Theme)//Overture: Bullfight Theme - Golf Theme - Steve's Theme/Antonio's Restaurant/She Told Me So Last Night/Nudge Me Every Morning/Steve's Theme/All That Love Went To Waste (Vocal By Madeline Bell)/Finale: All That Love Went To Waste - A Touch Of Class - I Always Knew

BRUT 6005 - Michael Franks - Michael Franks [1973] The King Of Oklahoma/Dobro Ladies/Three Today/Little Sparrow/Born With The Moon In Virgo//Just Like Key Largo/Can't Seem To Shake This Rock And Roll/When Blackbirds Fly/Lovesick Lizzie/Life's Little Highway

BRUT 6006 - I Got a Song - Sugarloaf & Jerry Corbetta [1973] I Got A Song/Myra, Myra/Lay Me Down/Wild Child//Lookin' For Some Fun/Round And Round/We Could Fly So High/Easy Evil/Colorado Jones/I Got A Song (Reprise)

6600 series:

*6600 - Mind Over Matter - Robert Klein [1974] Crime And Punishment/Feminine- Masculine/Fred Capossella/Graffiti/Greed And Jeopardy/In Praise Of The Harmonica/Jacques Cousteau/Juergen's Myasthenia/Mind Over Matter/Mysticism/No News News (Milton Lewis)/Obligatory Drug Bit: First Time Stoned/Oil/On The Road/100% Undetectable Hairpiece/Our Heros/Test On This/The Borscht Belt/The Final Record Offer/The National Anthem/The Ted Mack Amateur Hour/Wallowing In Watergate

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