Skye Records Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: October 24, 2005

Skye started out as an independent jazz record label in 1968, formed as a joint venture by Cal Tjader, Gabor Szabo, and Gary McFarland. Each would record their own material and also whomever others they wanted. By 1970, with their release of album #17, the label was getting difficult to maintain financially, and they apparently leased the masters to Buddah and became part of "The Buddah Group." At the time of the Buddah deal, both Tjader and Szabo left the label, but McFarland stayed on to try to keep things afloat. Buddah/Skye started a short continuation of the SK series that lasted a mere four albums, all issued in early 1970. Buddah also used various tracks on albums on the Buddah label itself.

Skye produced very few new albums after the Buddah deal, one being the debut album by Airto. When McFarland died in 1971, most of the remaining creative force in the label died, too. The last Skye album released on Buddah was the Roger Shriver album, which was released on the Buddah label with the Skye logo on the cover. Over the years, many of the Skye masters have been reissued, or in some cases, unreleased material has been issued for the first time. Recently, Sundazed Music has been releasing some of the material on CD.

The original Skye label was black, with a Skye crest logo at the top. The Skye Recordings on Buddah had the regular BDS- prefix, but also had an "SK" suffix to the catalog number. The Buddah issues also used the regular Buddah label.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SK 1 - Solar Heat - Caj Tjader [1968] Ode To Billy Joe/Never My Love/Felicidade/Mambo Sangria/Here/Fried Bananas/Amazon/La Bamba/Eye Of The Devil/Solar Heat

SK 2 - Does the Sun Really Shine on the Moon? - Gary McFarland & Co. [1968] God Only Knows/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Sunday Will Never Be The Same/Lady Jane/Flamingo//Flea Market/Here There And Everywhere/Three Years Ago/O Morro/Melancholy Baby/Up Up And Away

SK 3 - Bacchanal - Gabor Szabo [1968] Three King Fishers/Love Is Blue/Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"/Bacchanal//Sunshine Superman/Some Velvet Morning/The Look Of Love/Divided City

SK 4D - Windmills of My Mind - Grady Tate [1968] The Windmills Of Your Mind/And I Love Her/Sack Full Of Dreams/Would You Believe?/Work Song/TNT/Don't Fence Me In/All Around The World/A Little At A Time

SK 5D - Wild Thing - Armando Peraza [1968] Wild Thing/Mony Mony/Souled Out/Funky Broadway/Red Onions/Viva Peraza/Al Bajar El Sol/Granny's Samba

SK 6 - Cal Tjader Sounds Out Burt Bacharach - Cal Tjader [1968] Moneypenny Goes For Broke/What The World Needs Now Is Love/Anyone Who Had A Heart/Don't Make Me Over/Message To Michael/My Little Red Book/I Say A Little Prayer/Walk On By/You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)

SK 7 - Dreams - Gabor Szabo [1968] Galatea's Guitar/Half The Day Is The Night/Song Of Injured Love/The Fortune Teller/Fire Dance/The Lady In The Moon/Ferris Wheel

SK 8 - America the Beautiful - Gary McFarland [1968] On This Site Shall Be Erected/80 Miles An Hour Through Beer-Can Country/Suburbia: Two Poodles And A Plastic Jesus//"If I'm Elected..."/Last Rites For The Promised Land/Due To A Lack Of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled

SK 9 - Gabor Szabo 1969 - Gabor Szabo [1969] Dear Prudence/Sealed With A Kiss/Both Sides Now/Walk Away Renee/You Won't See Me/Michael From The Mountains/Stormy/In My Life/I've Just Seen A Face/Until It's Time For You To Go/Somewhere I Belong

SK 10 - Cal Tjader Plugs In - Cal Tjader [1969] Alonzo/Lady Madonna/Nica's Dream/Spooky/St. Croix/The Tra-La-La Song/Morning Mist/Get Out Of My Way

SK 11 - Slaves - Gary McFarland Orchestra with Grady Tate [1969] Side 1 is instrumental, side 2 is vocal with Grady Tate and the Howard Roberts Chorale. Slaves/Meetin' House/Another Mornin'/Nightwind (Esther's Theme)/Pickin' Cotton//Slaves/Black Lullabye/Pickin' Cotton/Another Mornin'/Nightwind (Esther's Theme)

SK 12 - Journeys of Odysseus: A Jazz Suite for Chamber Orchestra - Bob Freedman [1969] Prologue (Dawn)/Sea Voyage/The Eaters Of The Lotus/Polyphemus/Erebos (Conversation With The Shades)/Construction Of The Raft/The Song Of The Sirens/The Besting Of The Suitors/Epilogue (Offering To The Gods)

SK 13 - Black Is Brown and Brown Is Beautiful - Ruth Brown [1969] Yesterday/Try Me And See/Please Send Me Someone To Love/Looking Back/Miss Brown's Blues/My Prayer/Since I Fell For You/This Bitter Earth

SK 14 - Today - Gary McFarland [1969] Because/My Cherie Amour/Suzanne/I Will Wait For You/Everybody's Talkin'/The Shadow Of Your Smile/Get back/Desafinado/Shadows Are falling/Michelle/Sombras De Saudade (Latin Shadows)/Berimbau

SK 15 - Lena & Gabor - Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo [1969] Watch What Happens/Something/Everybody's Talking/The Fool on the Hill/Yesterday When I Was Young/Rocky Raccoon/My Mood is You/Message to Michael/In My Life/Nightwind [Lena Horne]

SK 16 - [not used] Near the end of 1969, Skye was having some financial tightness, and turned to the tried-and-true practice of recording outside albums as "special products" to raise some revenue. The album that was recorded in this slot was a "special product" recorded for IBM called Paean: An Act/Inter-Act Communication, which was probably used in training seminars at the company to whip up company spirit. I.B.M. could pay well, but at what cost to Skye? The songs were literally paeans to IBM execs, sung to the tune of well-known folk songs by a group of singers that sounded like they belonged at a sing-along night at the local pizza parlor. Apparently, after hearing this, Skye execs reconsidered whether they wanted to put their reputation on the line by having so weird a record in their catalog. Instead of SK 16, they numbered it SKI-P1 (as in, "skip one number in the catalog") so it wouldn't be associated with them forever, and got busy working on a leasing deal with Buddah. Tracks were: Introduction/To Thomas J. Watson/To C.A. Kirk [Carry Me Back To Old Virginny]/To J.L. Barton [Oh! Susannah]/To F.W. Nichol [Home On The Range]/Paean [Sweet Molly Malone]/Ever Onward/Hail To The I.B.M./To Thomas J. Watson [Auld Lang Syne]/(The) I.B.M. Country Club Song [Annie Lisle]/Land Of Hope And Glory

SK 17 - After the Long Ride Home - Grady Tate [1970] Prologue/After The Long Ride Home/Follow The Path/I Can Deliver/I Think It's Going To Rain Today/There's Nothing Between Us Now/In My Time/Interlude/Bridges (Travessia)/I'll Try Again/Suicide Is Painless (Song From M*A*S*H)


BDS 18-SK - Watch What Happens - Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo [1970] Reissue of Skye SK 15, with a new title and cover. Cover of Skye 15 was a red-purple color with just "Lena & Gabor" in lettering across the front. Cover of BDS-18SK is yellow and white, with a drawing of Lena Horne. Rocky Raccoon/Something/Everybody's Talking/In My Life/Yesterday When I Was Young//Watch What Happens/My Mood is You/Message to Michael/Nightwind [Lena Horne]/The Fool on the Hill

BDS 19-SK - Tjader-Ade - Cal Tjader [1970] Solar Heat/Never My Love/Nica's Dream/Don't Make Me Over/Lady Madonna/Ode to Billy Joe/Here/A Message to Michael/Alonzo

BDS 20-SK - Blowin' Some Old Smoke - Gabor Szabo [1970] Sunshine Superman/Stormy/(The) Divided City/Dear Prudence/Galatea's Guitar/Bacchanal/Walk Away Renee/Some Velvet Morning/Fire Dance

BDS 21-SK - Natural Feelings - Airto [1970] Alue/Xibaba (She-Ba- Ba)/Terror/Bebe/Andei/Mixing/The Tunnel/Frevo/Liamba

Buddah BDS-5125 - Roger Shriver - Roger Shriver [1972] Produced by Norman Schwartz for Skye Recording Co., Ltd. Nobody Special/Life Is Like A River/Temptation/New York City Sidewalk Gratings/A Man Of Good Intentions/Silver Stones/The Other Side Of A Woman/The Carpenter, The Painter, And The Gardener/Beautiful Dream/Love Is A Beautiful Color/Don't You Ever Leave Me

Skye SK-1000 Series:
From a discographical standpoint, this series, which apparently started with 1006 and ended with 1008, doesn't make a lot of sense. It was issued in 1968 and 1969 before the label leased their masters to Buddah, approximately concurrent with SK-8 to SK-11. From a musical standpoint, the Wendy and Bonnie album and the others were different enough from the rest of the label output that another series was probably warranted, although the reasons behind the numbers chosen are a mystery.

SK 1006D - Genesis - Wendy & Bonnie [1968] Sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower. Let Yourself Go Another Time/The Paisley Window Pane/I Realized You/By The Sea/You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind//It's What's Really Happening/Five O'Clock In The Morning/Endless Pathway/Children Laughing/The Winter Is Cold

SK 1007D - Feeling Life - Grady Tate [1969] Hooray/My Ship/The End Of A Love Affair/You're Gone/I Fall In Love Too Easily/Meditation/Nature Boy/Lost In The Stars/Fools Rush In/Poor Butterfly/What Now My Love?

SK 1008D - The Chuck Rainey Coalition - Chuck Rainey [1969] Eloise (First Love)/How Long Will It Last/Genuine John (Colors)/The Rain Song/Got It Together/The Lone Stranger/Harlem Noctourne-Zenzile/It's Gonna Rain/Theme From Peter Gunn

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