Super K Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: October 21, 2005

This Buddah subsidiary was formed by Jeffrey Katz And Jerry Kasenetz, the production team (and sometimes songwriting team) behind most of the bubblegum hits of Buddah. Super K ran for one year only (1969) and was not very successful (to say the least); their main claim to fame was to have released the last album by the Shadows of Knight (a garage band famous for their hit cover version of "Gloria" in 1966, but with only the lead singer remaining from the original lineup). Surprisingly, the version of "Shake" on the Shadows of Knight album is a different version from the 45, and much inferior.

The label is black with white lettering : "SUPER K" is written is stylized large yellow letters on a pink and green background at the top of the label. The following text is written in small print in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label: "EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED BY BUDDAH RECORDS - 1650 BROADWAY N.Y.C." with a small Buddah logo (i.e. the famous "Shiva" statue) in between the words "Buddah" and "Records".

All releases were stereo only.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SKS 6001 - Classical Smoke - Kasenetz-Katz Orchestral Circus [1969] Symphony #9/G Minor Symphony/Evening Star/Fugue/La Traviata//New World Symphony/Bouree/Nocturne/Blue Danube Waltz/Orgy Of Lust/String Quartet

SKS 6002 - Shadows of Knight - Shadows of Knight [1969] Follow/Alone/Times And Places/I Am What I Am/Uncle Wiggley's Airship/I Wanna Make You All Mine//Shake Revisited '69/I'll Set You Free/Under Acoustic Control/Bluebird/Back Door Man

SKS 6003 - I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night - Deviled Ham [1969] Come On In/Alligator Wine/Frenzy/Ooh-My Soul/Ooh-Licky-Licky-Wah/Port Of Ghost Ships//The Raven (I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night - Rosemary's Baby)

SKS 6004 - Pure Buckwheat Honey - Buckwheat [1969] Yes/Radio/Mr. Simms Collector Man/The Albert Hotel/Sunshine Holiday/Goodbye Mr. Applegate//The Poor Widow And Her Gypsy Band/Don't You Think It Would Be Better/Purple Ribbons/Wonderful Day/Howlin' At The Moon /Pure Buckwheat Honey

SKS 6005 - Wahonka - Ed Wahonka [1969]

Thanks to Scott Sookman and Ahmed Salvador.

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