Casablanca Album Discography, Part 4:
NB 7200-7286 (1980-1984)

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 15, 2006

The 7200 numbers used the same Casablanca Record and Film Works label as before (far left). There were several custom labels. The Kiss Unmasked album used the custom label shown at near left.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

NBLP 7200 - Thelma Camacho - Thelma Camacho [1980] Love Will Carry Me Home/Jesse James/Take Me To The River/Shea/Double Or Nothing//It's Just A Matter Of Time/Surrender To Me/I Let Love (Make A Fool Out Of Me)/Sailing Boat/Love Will Carry Me Home

NBLP 7201 - Greatest Hits, Volume One - Donna Summer [1979] On The Radio/Love To Love You Baby/Try Me, I Know We Can Make It/I Feel Love/Our Love//I Remember Yesterday/I Love You/Heaven Knows/Last Dance

NBLP 7202 - Greatest Hits, Volume Two - Donna Summer [1979] Mac Arthur Park/Hot Stuff/Bad Girls/Dim All The Lights/Sunset People//No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)/On The Radio (Long Version)

NBLP 7203 - Live without a Net - Angel [1980] (2-80, #149) Two record set. Tower/Can You Feel It/Don't Leave Me Lonely/Telephone Exchange/I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore//Over And Over/Anyway You Want It/On The Rocks/Wild And Hot//All The Young Dudes/Rock And Rollers/White Lightning//Hold Me, Squeeze Me/Got Love It You Want It/Feelin' Right/20th Century Foxes

NBLP 7204 - Mizz - Mizz [1980] Gotta Get Next To You/This Old Heart Of Mine/Chairman Of The Board/(I Wanna) Make It With You/We Are The Champions/Tell The Truth/Love Be My Name

NBLP 7205 - Suzanne Fellini - Suzanne Fellini [1980] Double Take/The First Kiss/Bad Influence/Love On The Phone/Crazy//Permanent Damage/Give Me The Light/Bad Boy/I'm A Rock/Something's Over

NBLP 7206 - Foxes (Soundtrack) - Giorgio Moroder [1980] Two record set. Sides 1 & 4 are on disc 1; sides 2 & 3 are on disc 2. Fold-open record jacket. On The Radio (Theme From Foxes) - Donna Summer/Fly Too High (Vocal Theme From Foxes) - Janis Ian/Shake It - Brooklyn Dreams//Bad Love - Cher/Valley Of The Dolls (instrumental)//20th Century Foxes - Angel/Greedy Man - Keith Forsey/Virginia - Angel//On The Radio (instrumental)/Hollywood Dreams (instrumental)/Fly Too High (instrumental)/Valley Of The Dolls (slow version-instrumental)

NBLP 7207 - It's Hard to Be Humble - Mac Davis [1980] (5-80, #69) It's Hard To Be Humble/The Greatest Gift Of All/Let's Keep It That Way/It Was Time/Gravel On The Ground//Tequila Sheila/I Will Always Love You/I Wanta Wake Up With You/I Know You're Out There Somewhere

NBLP 7208 - Ultimate - Ultimate [1980] This Time I'm In Love/Feel So Fine/Get To The Top//Secret Agent Man/Back Together/Now And Forever

NBLP 7209 - Livin' for the Music - Tony Orlando [1980] Bye Bye Love/Pullin' Together/Fire And Rain/Livin' For The Music//(The Voices Of) San Pedro's Children/When Keepin' Up Starts Getting' You Down/California Woman On My Mind/She Always Knew/Shower The People

NBLP 7210 - Danielle - Danielle [1980] Let's Have A Party/I'm On Fire/The Day I Laid Eyes On You//Tis The Season To Be Grooving You/I Like Dancing/Listen To The Music

NBLP 7211 - Jeff Kutash & the Dancin' Machine - Jeff Kutach & Dancin' Machine [1980] Dancing Machine/We Made It/Disco Bones/Ease On Down//Midnight Hour/Whack Attack/Come On

NBLP 7212 - Firin' Up - Pure Prairie League [1980] (5-80, #37) Recordings on the Casablanca label feature future country superstar Vince Gill as lead singer. I'm Almost Ready/Give It Up/Too Many Heartaches In Paradise/She's All Mine/You're My True Love//Let Me Love You Tonight/I Can't Stop This Feeling/Lifetime On Nightime/I'll Be Damned/Janny Lou

NBLP 7213 - 707 - 707 [1980] I Could Be Good For You/Let Me Live My Life/One Way Highway/Save Me/You Who Needs To Know/Slow Down/Feel This Way/Waste Of Time/Whole Lot Better

*NBLP 7214 - The Edge - Edge [1980] Bridges/Cut Me Loose/Future Man/Get Away/New Lover/Queen/Secrets/She/Travel On/Victim Of Circumstance

*NBLP 7215 - John & Arthur Simms - John & Arthur Simms [1980] Can't Turn Back/Hold On/I'm Gonna Miss You/Love Will Getcha'/Never Had A Dream Come True/Not Gonna Let You Slip Away/Somebody New/That Thang Of Your

NBLP 7216 - Don't Be Shy Tonight - Santa Esmeralda Featuring Jimmy Goings [1980] C'Est Magnifique/Sweet Suite/Stop (To A Friend)//Part Of The Deal/Don't Be Shy Tonight/Fool From The Start/Esmeralda Song

*NBLP 7217 - Room with a View - Player [1980] All Tied Up/Bad News Travel Fast/Givin' It All/It May Never Happen/It's For You/Room With A View/Tip Of The Iceberg/Upside Down Again/Who Do You Think You Are

*NBLP 7218 - The Hollywood Knights (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] Big Girls Don't Cry - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons/He's So Fine - The Chiffons/Heatwave - Martha & The Vandellas/Hey Baby - Bruce Channel/Hollywood Knights - Brooklyn Dreams/In The Midnight Hour - Wilson Pickett)/One Fine Day - The Chiffons/Quicksand - Martha & The Vandellas/Rag Doll - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons/What'd I Say - Ray Charles

NBLP 7219 - Pattie Brooks - Pattie Brooks [1980] I'm On A Winning Streak/Reach For My Love/Need To Be Back With You/I'll Be Your Play Thing//Change Your Style Of Love/Is This A Set Up/You Can't Love Somebody In Love/Party Time

*NBLP 7220 - Can't Stop the Music - Village People [1980] (6-80, #47) Can't Stop The Music/Give Me A Break - The Ritchie Family/I Love You To Death/Liberation/Magic Night/Milkshake/Samantha - David London/Sophistication - The Ritchie Family/Sound Of The City - David London/Y.M.C.A.

NBLP 7221 - Cherry - Platypus [1980] Cherry/Pearl/Giving You All My Love/Ice Cream Delight/Have A Good Time//Appreciate Your Love/You And Me/Color Blind/Smokin' On The One/N.Y., N.Y. (The World's My Home)

NBLP 7222 - Have You Heard - Edmund Sylvers [1980] I Choose You/You Can Talk About Leaving/Have You Heard The News/Beauty Of Nature/At The Top//That Burning Love/Time/Holdin' Back/You Went Away

NBLP 7223 - Give Me a Break - Ritchie Family [1980] Give Me A Break/I'll Never Be Able To Set You Free/All My Love//Not As Bad As It Seems/Single Man/Sophistication

NBLP 7224 - Play Me or Trade Me - Parlet [1980] Help From My Friends/Watch Me Do My Thang/Wolf Tickets/Play Me Or Trade Me/I Mo Be Hitting It/Funk Until The Edge Of Time/Wonderful One

NBLP 7225 - Unmasked - Kiss [1980] (6-80, #35) Is That You?/Shandi/Talk To Me/Naked City/What Makes The World Go Round//Tomorrow/Two Sides Of The Coin/She's So European/Easy As It Seems/Torpedo Girl/You're All That I Want

NBLP 7226 - Won't Let Go - Brooklyn Dreams [1980] Stop The Clock/I Could Never Miss You/Something About You/Still In Love//Your Love Can Get Me By/Ain't Nobody's Business/Rock Bottom/You're The One/Stop The Clock (Instrumental Reprise)

NBLP 7227 - Diamond in the Rough - Bobbi Walker [1980] Stop The Clock/I Could Never Miss You/Something About You/Still In Love//Your Love Can Get Me By/Ain't Nobody's Business/Rock Bottom/You're The One/Stop The Clock (Instrumental Reprise)

*NBLP 7228 - Barry Mann - Barry Mann [1980] Brown-Eyed Woman/If I Let It Up To You/In My Own Way/Me Without You/Slow Motion/So Hot/Up From The Streets/We're Over/You're The Only One

NBLP 7229 - No Respect - Rodney Dangerfield [1980] (8-80, #48) No Respect//Son Of No Respect

*NBLP 7230 - Bob Gilpin - Bob Gilpin [1980] Always Come A Runnin'/Chain Reaction/Down To The Wire/Get Ready For Love/High Climber/Lost In A Feeling/Second Chance/Someday/Sunsets

NBLP 7231 - Caught - Teri DeSario [1980] All I Wanna Do/Caught/Hittin' Below The Belt/I Hate You/I've With You Now/I've Got A Secret/I Should Have Known Better/Standin' On The Edge/Time After Time

NBLP 7232 - The Final Countdown (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1980] Mr. Tideman Theme/The Approaching Storm/Rig The Barricades/Laurel And Owens/Operation Pearl Harbor/The Storm Reappears/Back Through The Time Warp/Mr. And Mrs. Tideman Theme

NBLP 7233 - The Real Thang - Tony Joe White [1980] I Get Off On It/Disco Blues/Red-Neck Women/Polk Salad Annie//Swamp Rat/Grounded/Mama Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies/Even Trolls Love Rock And Roll

NBLP 7234 - Black Rose - Black Rose [1980] Rock group included Cher, Les Dudek & Michael Finnigan. Never Should've Started/Julie/Take It From The Boys/We All Fly Home//88 Degrees/You Know It/Young And Pretty/Fast Company

*NBLP 7235 - California Sun - Paul Waroff [1980] California Sun/Cinderella/Good Time Band/Here I Am Again/I Believe In You/I Can't Make It Alone/I Cry/Laughing Eyes/Prisoner Of Love

NBLP 7236 - Radio Rainy Day Fun Starring Ronald McDonald - K.I.D.S. [1980]

*NBLP 7237 - The Chase Is On - Carol Chase [1980] Carolina On My Mind/If You Don't Know Me By Now/Is It Love Yet/It's All I Can Do/Love Is/Morning Glory/On My Honor/Regrets/So Sad/Wishing Won't Make It So

NBLP 7238 - Freddie Beckmeier - Freddie Beckmeier [1980]

NBLP 7239 - Texas in My Rear View Mirror - Mac Davis [1980] (10-80, #67) Hooked On Music/Remember When (Beverly's Song)/Me And Fat Boy/Hot Texas Night/Sad Songs//Texas In My Rear View Mirror/Hello, Hollywood/Rodeo Clown/Secrets/In The Eyes Of My People

NBLP 7240 - Out of Control - Peter Criss [1980] By Myself/In Trouble Again/Where Will They Run/I Found Love/There's Nothing Better//Out Of Control/Words/You Better Run/My Life/Feel Like Letting Go

NBLP 7241 - Moving On - Gloria Covington [1980] Sweet Love Affair/Express Yourself/How Can You/Moving On/Time//Get Down With The Get Down/Strung Out/Mountain Top/All I Need

NBLP 7242 - Pucker Up - Lipps Inc. [1980] (10-80, #63) How Long/Tight Pair//Always Lookin'/The Gossip Song/There They Are/Jazzy

NBLP 7243 - Rock America - Nick Gilder [1980] Rock America/I've Got Your Number/20th Century Girls/Catch 22//Wild Ones (Feeling Electric)/On The Beat/Night Comes Down/Lady You're A Killer/One Of The Crowd

NBLP 7244 - Walk Away: Collector's Edition (The Best of 1977-1980) - Donna Summer [1980] (10-80, #50) Bad Girls (3:54)/Hot Stuff (3:44)/On The Radio (4:03)/I Feel Love (5:39)//Walk Away (3:41)/Last Dance (3:18)/Sunset People (3:57)/MacArthur Park (3:54)/Our Love (4:51)

*NBLP 7245 - Excuse Me - Devin Payne [1980] Boys In The Band/Break Away/Change Of Heart/Confess/Discover Me/Excuse Me/Out Of Shadows/Perform Sonnets

NBLP 7246 - People's Choice - People's Choice [1980] You Ought To Be Dancin'/If I Knew Then What I Know Now/Special Things For You//My Feet Won't Move, But My Shoes Did The Boogie/Bad Dancin' Rita/Sweeter Than Honey/Warm Nights, Soft Lights

NBLP 7247 - Star, Baby - D.C. LaRue [1981] Boy's Can't Fake It/Meter Men/She's About A Mover/Star, Baby//Reactor #2/So Much For LA/Juke Box/Into The Ozone

*NBLP 7248 - The Second Album - 707 [1981] (2-81, #159) City Life/Live With The Girl/Live Without Her/Love On The Run/Millionnaire/Party's Over/Pressure Rise/Rockin' Is Easy/Strings Around My Heart/Tonite's Your Nite

NBLP 7249 - Trombipulation - Parliament [1980] (1-81, #61) Crush It/Trombipulation/Long Way Around/Agony Of Defeet//New Doo Review/Let's Play House/Body Language/Peek- A-Groove

NBLP 7250 - Keeping Our Love Warm - The Captain & Tennille [1980] Keeping Our Love Warm/Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)/Gentle Stranger/But I Think It's A Dream/Since I Fell For You//Don't Forget Me/Song For My Father (Instrumental)/This Is Not The First Time/Your Good Thing (Is About To End)

NBLP 7251 - Rising - Dr. Hook [1980] (12-80, #175) Girls Can Get It/Body Talkin'/That Didn't Hurt Too Bad/Blown Away/S.O.S. For Love//Doin' It/Before The Tears/Hold Me Like You Never Had Me/Do You Right Tonight/99 And Me

NBLP 7252 -

NBLP 7253 -

NBLP 7254 - Eugene - Crazy Joe & Variable Speed Band [1981] Eugene/Buzz Me/The Gay Ranchero/You/Ugga Ugga Boo/Little Puffies/Ice Cream/Stranded In The Jungle/Madam Palm/Blow Up

NBLP 7255 - Something in the Night - Pure Prairie League [1981] (5-81, #72) Don't Keep Me Hangin'/Love Me Again/Hold On To Our Hearts/Something In The Night/Do You Love Me Truly, Julie?//You're Mine Tonight/Still Right Here In My Heart/I Wanna Know Your Name/Feel The Fire/Tell Me One More Time

NBLP 7256 - Mantra - Mantra [1981] Doin' It To The Bone/Promise Me/Action//Boogie Just To Boogie/Here We Come/Do You Wanna/Let's Stay Together

NBLP 7257 - Midnight Crazy - Mac Davis [1981] (1-82, #174) Comfortable/Dammit Girl/Float Midnight Crazy/Dammit Girl/I Got The Hots For You/You're My Bestest Friend/Comfortable//(Tell Me Your) Fantasies/You Are So Lovely/Kiss It And Make It Better/Something's Burning/Float Away

NBLP 7258 - Tonight! - Four Tops [1981] (9-81, #37) When She Was My Girl/Don't Walk Away/Tonight I'm Gonna Love You All Over/Who's Right, Who's Wrong//Let Me Set You Free/From A Distance/Something To Remember/All I Do/I'll Never Ever Leave Again

NBLP 7259 - Body Talk Muzik - Nick Gilder [1981] She Talks (Body Talk)/Prove It/If You Want To Play Around/Try All Night/Private Hideaways/Can't Stop/Mystery Love/My Girl/Feels Too Right/Wonder What You're Doing Tonight?

*NBLP 7260 - Musical Impressions of an American Werewolf in London - Meco [1981] Bad Moon Rising/Blue Moon/Moon Dance/No More Mr. Nice Guy/The Boys/Werewolf (Loose In London)/Werewolf Serenade/You Gotta Hurt Me

NBLP 7261 - Music from the Elder - Kiss [1981] (12-81, #75) The Oath/Fanfare/Just A Boy/Dark Light/Only You/Under The Rose//A World Without Heroes/Mr. Blackwell/Escape From The Island/Odyssey/I

NBLP 7262 - Designer Music - Lipps Inc. [1981] Designer Music/Hold Me Down/The One/The One After/Everybody Knows/I Need Some Cash/Background Singer/Things Take Time

*NBLP 7263 - Aerobic Dance Hits, Volume One - Carla Capuano [1982] Celebration - Kool & The Gang/Hollywood Swinging - Kool & The Gang/I Can't Go For That/Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang/Let's Groove/New Empire/Paradise/Physical/Waiting For A Girl Like You/Yesterday's Songs

NBLP 7264 - Players in the Dark - Dr. Hook [1982] (4-82, #118) Baby Make Her Blue Jeans Talk/The Turn On/Lady Sundown/I Can't Say No To Her/Loveline//Pity The Fool/Chained To Your Memory/The Devil's Daughter/Hearts Like Yours And Mine/Fire In The Night

*NBLP 7265 - Tantalizingly Hot - Stephanie Mills [1982] (8-82, #48) Last Night/Still Lovin' You/Keep Away Girls/You Can't Run From My Love//True Love Don't Come Easy/ Ole Love/Your Love Is Always New/I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You

NBLP 7266 - One More Mountain - Four Tops [1982] Sad Hearts/One More Mountain To Climb/Givin' It Up/I Believe In You And Me//I'm The One/Keep On Lightin' My Life/Nobody's Gonna Love You Like I Do/Dream On/Whatever It Is

NBLP 7267 - Funky Fitness - Various Artists [1982]

NBLP 7268 -

*NBLP 7269 - The Tempest (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1982] Epilogue/Manhattan/Nature/Tempest Fantasia/Tango/Theme From Tempest/Wind Words

NBLP 7270 - Creatures of the Night - Kiss [1982] (11-82, #45) Creatures Of The Night/Saint And Sinner/Keep Me Comin'/Rock And Roll Hell/Danger//I Love It Loud/I Still Love You/Killer/War Machine

NBLP 7271 - White Heat - Dusty Springfield [1982] Donnez Moi (Give It To Me)/I Don't Think We Could Ever Be Friends/Blind Sheep/Don't Call It Love/Time And Time Again//I Am Curious/Sooner Or Later/Losing You/Gotta Get Used To You/Soft Core

NBLP 7272 -

NBLP 7273 - Interplay - Larry Santos [1982]

*NBLP 7274 - Forty 82 - Mac Davis [1982] Good Ole Boys/It's Written All Over Your Face/Late At Night/Love You Ain't Seen The Last Of Me/Lying Here Lying/Shame On The Moon/She's Steppin' Out/Spending Time, Making Love And Going Crazy/The Beer Drinkin' Song/The Quiet Times

*NBLP 7275 - L-O-V-E - Robert Winters & Fall [1983] Dancin' Lady/Do It Any Way You Want/Do That To Me One More Time/Fight For The Funk/I Love You Mum/L-O- V-E/Lady/Lock Me Up

*NBLP 7276 - Heavyhands - Heavyhands Band [1983] Abracadabra/Don't You Want Me/Gloria/Heavyhands (Pump It Up)/I Ran (So Far Away)/Like All Young Girls/Once You're There/Tainted Love/The Look Of Love/Who Can It Be Now

NBLP 7277 -

NBLP 7278 - Flashdance (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [Unissued] Later issued as Casablanca 422 811 492-1. Flashdance What A Feeling - Irene Cara/He's A Dream Shandi/Love Theme From Flashdance - Helen St. John/Manhunt - Karen Kamon/Lady, Lady, Lady - Joe Esposito//Imagination - Laura Branigan/Romeo - Donna Summer/Seduce Me Tonight - Cycle V/I'll Be Where The Heart Is - Kim Carnes/Maniac - Michael Sembello

NBLP 7279 -

NBLP 7280 -

NBLP 7281 -

*NBLP 7282 - The Karate Kid (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [Unissued] Later issued as Casablanca 422 822 213-1. (Bop Bop) On The Beach - Flirts With Jan & Dean/Desire - The Gang Of Four/Feel The Night - Baxter Robertson/(It Takes) Two To Tango - Paul Davis/Moment Of Truth Survivor/No Shelter - Broken Edge/Rhythm Man - St. Regis/Tough Love Shandi/You're The Best - Joe Bean Esposito/Young Hearts - Commuter

NBLP 7283 - Take Your Passion - Helen St. John [1984] Love Theme From Flashdance/Take Your Passion/Diane/Memory/Petite Romance/Love Theme From Superman III/To Turn The Stone/Fairfax Avenue/When You Wish Upon A Star

NBLP 7284 -

NBLP 7285 - I've Got the Cure - Stephanie Mills [Unissued] Later issued as Casablanca 422 822 421-1. The Medicine Song/Edge Of The Razor/In My Life/Give It Half A Chance//Outrageous/You Just Might Need A Friend/Everlasting Love/Rough Trade/Undercover

*NBLP 7286 - A Chorus Line (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [Unissued] Later issued as Casablanca 422 826 306-1. At The Ballet/Dance: Ten, Looks: Three/I Can Do That/I Hope I Get It/Let Me Dance For You/Nothing /One/One/Surprise, Surprise/What I Did For Love/Who Am I Anyway?

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