Charly Album Discography, Part 2
CR 30100-30199 (1977-1981)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 6, 2005

The CR 30100 series was used for rockabilly and country issues, primarily, at least at the start.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Charly CR-30100 Series:

CR 30101 - Catalyst: The Roots of Rock, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1976] Highway Man - Howlin' Wolf/Registration Day - Sleepy John Estes/T-Model Boogie - Rosco Gordon/Mystery Train - Junior Parker/Take A Little Chance - Jimmy DeBerry/The Signifying Monkey - Smokey Joe Baugh/Hello Hello Baby - Jerry Lee Lewis/Reconsider Baby - Billy Adams//Give My Love To Rose - Johnny Cash/I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry - Carl Perkins/Rock With Me Baby - Billy Lee Riley/Crawdad Hole - Jack Earls/You're My Baby - Roy Orbison/Sail Away - Ray Smith & Charlie Rich/Closed For Repair - Charlie Rich/Wait Til Saturday Night

CR 30102 - Sam's Blues: The Roots of Rock, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1976] Howlin' For My Baby - Howlin' Wolf/California Blues - Howlin' Wolf/California Boogie - Howlin' Wolf/C.V. Wine Blues - Howlin' Wolf/My Troubles And Me - Howlin' Wolf/Look-A-Here - Howlin' Wolf/Decoration Day - Howlin' Wolf/That's All Right - Howlin' Wolf//I Love My Baby - Little Milton/Rode That Train All Night Long - Little Milton/Lonesome For My Baby - Little Milton/If Crying Would Help Me - Little Milton/Somebody Told Me - Little Milton/Runnin' Wild Blues - Little Milton/Beggin' My Baby - Little Milton/Carry My Business On - Houston Boines

CR 30103 - Delta Rhythm Kings: The Roots of Rock, Volume 3 - Various Artists [1976] Get It Over Baby - Ike Turner/How Long Will It Last - Ike Turner/Old Brother Jack - Bonnie Turner/Love Is A Gamble - Bonnie Turner/I'm Gonna Forget About You - Ike Turner/You Can't Be The One For Me - Ike Turner/Why Should I Keep Trying - Ike Turner/Way Down In The Congo - Bonnie Turner//Ugly Woman - Johnny O'Neal/Dead Letter Blues - Johnny O'Neal/Somebody's Been Carryin' My Rollin' On - Raymond Hill/Hey Little Girl - Billy Emerson/When My Baby Quit Me - Billy Emerson/Cherry Pie - Billy Emerson/No Greater Love - Billy Emerson/Red Hot - Billy Emerson

CR 30104 - Cotton City Country: The Roots of Rock, Volume 4 - Various Artists [1976] Defrost Your Heart - Charlie Feathers/My Kind of Carryin' On - Doug Poindexter/I'd Be A Millionaire - Red Hadley/How Long - Maggie Sue Wimberly/Uh Babe - Luke McDaniels/Chains Of Love - Miller Sisters/Trouble Bound - Billy Lee Riley/Sweetheart's Stranger - Carl Perkins//It All Depends - Jerry Lee Lewis/Feelin' Low - Ernie Chaffin/Easy To Love - Mack Self/Blue Days And Sleepless Nights - Warren Smith/Come In Stranger - Johnny Cash/The Black Haired Man - Jack Clement/Thanks A Lot - Jeanne Newman/Sweet Country Girl - Dane Stinit

CR 30105 - Rebel Rockabilly: The Roots of Rock, Volume 5 - Various Artists [1976] Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby - Carl Perkins/Lonely Wolf - Ray Harris/Crazy Woman - Gene Simmons/My Babe - Narvel Felts/I Wanta Rock - Patsy Holcomb/Dear John - Warren Smith/Rakin' And Scrapin' - Dean Beard/Flatfoot Sam - Tommy Blake//Hillbilly Music - Jerry Lee Lewis/Pearly Lee - Billy Lee Riley/Love Is My Business - Cliff Gleaves/I Fell In Love - Ken Cook/Rock It - Johnny Carroll/Betty And Dupree - Billy Lee Riley/Ubangi Stomp - Carl Mann/Sadie's Back In Town - Sonny Burgess

CR 30106 - Sunset Soul: The Roots of Rock, Volume 6 - Various Artists [1976] You're So Kind - Frank Frost/Pocket Full Of Shells - Frank Frost/Lucky To Be Living - Frank Frost/So Tired Living By Myself - Frank Frost/Gonna Break That Love - Lucky Big Carter/Please Let It Be Me - Arbee Stidham/My Heart Belongs To You - Arbee Stidham/You Can't Live In This World By Yourself - Arbee Stidham//Trouble Down The Road - Frank Ballard/You Gotta Learn To Rock n' Roll - Frank Ballard/Blue Suede Shoes - Tony Austin/Rock Me Baby - Billy Adams/Just Walkin' In The Rain - Jeb Stuart/I Bet You're Gonna Like It - Jeb Stuart/No You For Me - Climates/I'm Tired - Brother James Anderson

CR 30107 - Music City Soul - Various Artists [1978] Cornbread Soul - Big Al Downing/Medley Of Soul - Big Al Downing/Picking Wild Mountain Berries - Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson/Big City Blues - Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson/Reconsider Me - Johnny Adams/My Train's Coming In - Betty Lavette/He Made A Woman Out Of Me - Betty Lavette/All Night Long - T-Bone Walker/Let's Stick Together - Wilbert Harrison/From The Bottom Of My Heart - Wilbert Harrison/You Gotta Pay The Price - Gloria Taylor/Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go - Betty Lavette & Hank Ballard/Shout Bamalama - Mickey Murray/You See Me - Robert Parker/You Shake Things Up - Robert Parker/Cummins Prison Farm - Calvin Leavy

CR 30108 - The Red Bird Era Volume 1: The Hit Factory - Various Artists [1978] Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-La's/Remember (Walking In The Sand) - Shangri-La's/Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Shangri-La's/Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups/People Say - Dixie Cups/The Boy From New York City - Ad Libs/I Wanna Love Him So Bad - Jelly Beans/New York's A Lonely Town - Tradewinds//Baby Be Mine - Jelly Beans/So Long - Jelly Beans/He Ain't No Angel - Ad Libs/Ooh Wee, Oh Gee - Ad Libs/I Hurt On The Other Side - Sid Barnes/Bad As They Come - Sam Hawkins/Come On Baby - Sam Hawkins/Good Lovin' - The Robbins

CR 30109 - The Red Bird Era Volume 2: The New York Sound and the New Orleans Connection - Various Artists [1978] Butterflies - Good Night Baby/Jeff and Ellie - I Know It's Alright/"Shadow" Morton - Dressed in Black/Ad Libs - The Slime/Ad Libs with Jeff Barry - Ask Anybody/The Robbins - Drag Street/Evie Sands - I Can't Let Go/Evie Sands - Up Tight//Dixie Cups - Gee Baby Gee/Dixie Cups -Ain't That Nice/Dixie Cups - All Grown Up/Dixie Cups - Iko Iko/Dixie Cups - Little Bell/Alvin Robinson - Let The Good Times Roll/Alvin Robinson - Down Home Girl/Ad Libs - I'm Just a Down Home Girl

CR 30110 - The Original Carl Perkins - Carl Perkins [2/78] Movie Magg/Turn Around/Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing/Gone Gone Gone/Blue Suede Shoes/Honey Don't/Boppin' The Blues/All Mama's Children/I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/Dixie Fried/Matchbox/Your True Love/Forever Yours/That's Right/Glad All Over/Lend Me You Comb

CR 30111 - The Original Jerry Lee Lewis - Jerry Lee Lewis [10/76] Crazy Arms/End Of The Road/It'll Be Me/Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On/You Win Again/Great Balls Of Fire/Down The Line/Breathless/High School Confidential/Fools Like Me/Breakup/I'll Make It All Up To You/Lovin' Up A Storm/Big Blon' Baby/Livin' Lovin' Wreck/What'd I Say

CR 30112 - The Original Charlie Rich - Charlie Rich [10/76] Whirlwind/Philadelphia Baby/Rebound/Big Man/Lonely Weekends/Everything I Do Is Wrong/Sad News/Red Man/Who Will The Next Fool Be/Caught In The Middle/Easy Money/Midnite Blues/Sittin' And Thinkin'/I Finally Found Out/There's Another Place I Can't Go/I Need Your Love

CR 30113 - The Original Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash [1977] Don't Make Me Go/Next In Line/Home Of The Blues/Give My Love To Rose/Guess Things Happen That Way/Come In Stranger/The Ways Of A Woman/You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven/I Just Thought You'd Like To Know/It's Just About Time/You Tell Me/Good-Bye Little Darling/The Story Of A Broken Heart/Down The Street To 301/Blue Train/Born To Lose

CR 30114 - Sun Blues: The Roots of Rock, Volume 7 - Various Artists [1976] Got My Application Baby - Handy Jackson/Trouble (Will Bring You Down) - Handy Jackson/Seems Like A Million Years - Willie Nix/Baker Shop Boogie - Willie Nix/Feelin' Good - Little Junior's Blue Flames/Fussin' And Fightin' Blues - Little Junior's Blue Flames/Tiger Man - Rufus Thomas/Save That Money - Rufus Thomas//Wolf Call Boogie - Hot Shot Love/Harmonica Jam - Hot Shot Love/Cotton Crop Blues - James Cotton/Hold Me In Your Arms - James Cotton/Boogie Disease - Doctor Ross/Juke Box Boogie - Doctor Ross/Ain't That Right - Eddie Snow/Bring Your Love Back To Me - Eddie Snow

CR 30115 - Sun Rocks: The Roots of Rock, Volume 8 - Various Artists [8/77] My Babe - Sonny Burgess/I Love You So - Sonny Burgess/Mr. Blues - Sonny Burgess/So Glad You're Mine - Sonny Burgess/One Night - Sonny Burgess/Little Town Baby - Sonny Burgess/So Soon - Sonny Burgess/Tomorrow Night - Sonny Burgess//One More Time - Billy Riley/Let's Talk About Us - Billy Riley/Searchin' - Billy Riley/She's My Baby - Billy Riley/Do I Love You - Warren Smith/Who Took My Baby - Warren Smith/I Like Your Kinda Love - Warren Smith/Who - Warren Smith

CR 30116 - More Rebel Rockabilly: The Roots of Rock, Volume 9 - Various Artists [8/77] Swannee River Rock - Billy Lee Riley/All My Sins Are Taken Away - Sonny Burgess/She's A Woman - Joe Baugh/Hula Bop - Joe Baugh/Don't Be Runnin' Wild (Problem Child) - Ken Cook/I Was A Fool - Ken Cook/Move Baby Move - Dick Penner/This Old Heart Of Mine - Eddie Bond//Long Time Gone - Dean Beard/Your True Love - Carl Perkins/It Won't Happen With Me - Jerry Lee Lewis/High High High - Luke McDaniel/Fool Proof - Mack Vickery/You Better Believe It - Tommy Blake/Judy - Rudy Grayzell/Leave It To Me - Cliff Thomas

CR 30117 - Sun Country: The Roots of Rock, Volume 10 - Various Artists [8/77] Split Personality - Clyde Leoppard Band/Peepin' Eyes - Charlie Feathers/Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Malcolm Yelvington/Troublesome Waters - Howard Seratt/I've Never Been So Blue - Slim Rhodes Band/Got You On My Mind - Miller Sisters/Someday You Will Pay - Miller Sisters/Drunk! - J.R. and J. W. Brown//Two Timin' Woman - Johnny Cash/Heart Of Me - Ernie Chaffin/Laughin' And Jokin' - Ernie Chaffin/Tell Em Off - Onie Wheeler/Jenny - Ken Cook/Good-Bye Mr. Love - Warren Smith/Sweet William - Billy Riley/Settin' The Woods On Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis

CR 30118 - Country Comment - Various Artists [3/77] Hello I'm Johnny Credit (Ain't Never Had No Cash) - Johnny Credit/If I Could Sing A Country Song (Exactly Like George Jones) - James O'Gwynn/Country Song - James O'Gwynn/The Good Lord Giveth And Uncle Sam Taketh Away - Webb Pierce/Before The Next Teardrop Falls - Linda Martell/Baby You're Habit Forming - Rusty Adams/Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Jimmy Ellis/I'm Ragged But I'm Right - Sleepy LaBeef/Stormy Monday Blues - Sleepy LaBeef/Harper Valley P.T.A. - Jeannie C. Riley/The School Bus - Tommy Cutrer/Hippy From Mississippi - Rusty Adams/She Hates To Be Alone - Ryan Russell/Uncle Booger Red And Byrdie Nellie - Rex Allen, Jr./Cajun Interstate - Rod Bernard/The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - Bluegrass Alliance

CR 30119 - Don't You Step on My Blue Suede Shoes - Various Artists [1977] Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Jerry Lee Lewis/Great Balls Of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis/High School Confidential - Jerry Lee Lewis/Matchbox - Carl Perkins/Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins/Honey Don't - Carl Perkins/I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash/Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash/Whirlwind - Charlie Rich/Rebound - Charlie Rich/Go Go Go - Roy Orbison/We Wanna Boogie - Sonny Burgess/Red Hot - Billy Lee Riley/Mona Lisa - Carl Mann/After The Hop - Bill Pinkney/Miss Froggie - Warren Smith

CR 30120 - The Longhorn Jamboree Presents Willie Nelson and His Friends - Various Artists [1977] What A Way To Live - Willie Nelson/Misery Mansion - Willie Nelson/Rainy Day Blues - Willie Nelson/Night Life - Willie Nelson/The Man With The Blues - Willie Nelson/The Storm Was In My Heart - Willie Nelson/West Virginia Man Mississippi Woman - David Allan Coe/What'd I Say - Jerry Lee Lewis/Save The Last Dance For Me - Jerry Lee Lewis/Honey Don't - Carl Perkins/Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins

CR 30121 - Nuggets, Volume 1 - Jerry Lee Lewis [3/77] Sweet Little Sixteen/Hello Josephine/I've Been Twistin'/It Won't Happen With Me/Ramblin' Rose/When The Saints Go Marching In/Whole Lot O' Shakin' Goin' On/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Friday Nights/Just Who Is To Blame/I Can't Trust Me In Your Arms Anymore/Hello Hello Baby/High Powered Woman/Crawdad Hole

CR 30122 - The Sect - Downliners Sect [4/77] Little Egypt/Hurt By Love/One Ugly Child/Lonely And Blue/Our Little Rendezvous/Guitar Boogie/Too Much Monkey Business/Sect Appeal/Baby What's On Your Mind/Cops And Robbers/Easy Rider/Bloodhound/Bright Lights/I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank/Be A Sect Maniac

CR 30123 - The Best of Sun Rockabilly, Volume 1 - Various Artists [11/77] Put Your Cat Clothes On - Carl Perkins/Rockin' Chair Daddy - Harmonica Frank/Slow Down - Jack Earls/Domino - Roy Orbison/Come On Little Mama - Ray Harris/Ten Cats Down - Miller Sisters/Ubangi Stomp - Warren Smith/Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache - Warren Smith/Uranium Rock - Warren Smith/We Wanna Boogie - Sonny Burgess/Rock With Me Baby - Billy Riley/Milkshake Mademoiselle - Jerry Lee Lewis/Romp And Stomp - Slim Rhodes/Drinking Wine - Gene Simmons/Rockin' With My Baby - Malcolm Yelvington/Love My Baby - Hayden Thompson

CR 30124 - The Best of Sun Rockabilly, Volume 2 - Various Artists [11/77] Going Home - Sonny Burgess/Fannie Brown - Sonny Burgess/Shwew'd You Stay Last Nite - Ray Harris/Sign On The Dotted Line - Jack Earls/Let's Bop - Jack Earls/Mad At You - Mack Self & Charlie Feathers/It's Me Baby - Malcolm Yelvington/Yakety Yak - Malcolm Yelvington/Pink Pedal Pushers - Carl Perkins/You Can Do No Wrong - Carl Perkins/Sweet Woman - Edwin Bruce/Right Behind You Baby - Ray Smith/That's The Way I Love - Johnny Carroll/Tootsie - Carl McVoy/Rockin' Daddy - Eddie Bond/Cadillac Man - Jesters

CR 30125 - The Blues Came Down from Memphis - Various Artists [9/77] Reissue of London HA-S 8265. The Boogie Disease - Dr. Ross/Cotton Crop Blues - James Cotton/Baker Shop Boogie - Willie Nix/Bear Cat - Rufus "Hound Dog" Thomas/Take A Little Chance - Jimmy DeBerry/Juke Box Boogie - Dr. Ross/I Feel So Worried - Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo//If You Love Me - Little Milton/Time Has Made A Change - Jimmy DeBerry/Come Back Baby - Dr. Ross/So Long - Sammy Lewis & Willie Johnson Combo/Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle) - Rufus Thomas Jr./Seems Like A Million Years - Willie Nix/Chicago Breakdown - Dr. Ross

CR 30126 - Memphis Blues Sounds: The Roots of Rock, Volume 11 - Various Artists [8/77] My Baby Left Me - Raymond Hill/You've Changed - Raymond Hill/I'm Back Pretty Baby - Raymond Hill/The Hucklebuck - Earl Hooker/I'm A Good Man - Eddie Snow/I Got To Put You Down - Eddie Snow/Shy Guy's Back In Town - Shy Guy Douglas/Detroit Arrow Blues -Shy Guy Douglas//Go Ahead On - Guitar Red/Baby Please Don't Go - Guitar Red/Reward For My Baby - Walter Bradford/Straighten Up Baby - James Cotton/Don't Do That - Five Tino's/Troubled - Ed Kirby/Just Walkin' In The Rain - Prisonaires/There's A Man In Jerusalem - Southern Jubilees

CR 30127 - Union Avenue Breakdown: The Roots of Rock, Volume 12 - Various Artists [8/77] Party Line Blues - Jimmy DeBerry/Treat Me Mean And Evil - Joe Hill Louis/Prison Bound Blues - Willie Nix/Take A Little Walk With Me - Willie Nix/Walter's Boogie - Walter Horton/Sweet Home Chicago - Albert (Joiner) Williams/Rhumba Chillen - Albert (Joiner) Williams//The Train Is Coming - Woodrow Adams/Rattlesnakin' Mama - William Stewart/The Call Me Talkin' Boy - William Stewart/That Ain't Right Dr. Ross with Henry Hill/Texas Hop - Dr. Ross/Pinetop's Boogie Woogie - Pinetop Perkins/Walked All Night - Chris Booker/Believe I'll Settle Down - Boyd Gilmore & Earl Hooker

CR 30128 - Rockabilly Sundown: The Roots of Rock, Volume 13 - Various Artists [8/77] You Made A Hit - Ray Smith/So Young - Ray Smith/I Done Told You - Gene Simmons/Good Lovin' - Dickey Lee/Give Me Some Love - Conway Twitty/Vibrate - Mack Self/Cindy Lou - Dick Penner/Hey Slim - Jack Earls//Willie Brown - Mack Self/Linda - Ernie Chaffin/I'm Lonesome - Ernie Chaffin/Take And Give - Slim Rhodes/Double Duty Lovin' - Eddie Bond/Too Much Monkey Business - Sleepy LaBeef/Honey Hush - Sleepy LaBeef/Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Jimmy Ellis

CR 30129 - Nuggets Volume 2 - Jerry Lee Lewis [12/77] Crazy Arms/Hillbilly Music/Turn Around/Night Train To Memphis/My Blue Heaven/It Hurt Me So/I Can't Help It/When The Saints Go Marching In//Whole Lot O' Twistin'/Goin' On/I'll Sail My Ship Alone/Friday Nights/Just Who Is To Blame/I Can't Trust Me In Your Arms Anymore/Hello Hello Baby/High Powered Woman/Crawdad Hole

CR 30130 - The Legendary Sun Performers - Carl Mann [11/77] Mona Lisa/Rockin' Love/Pretend/Kansas City/I'm Coming Home/Walkin' And Thinkin'/If I Ever Needed Love/Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes//Ain't Got No Home/Look At That Moon/Baby I Don't Care/I'm Bluer Than Anyone Can Be/Mexicali Rose/Ubangi Stomp/Walkin' The Dog/Mountain Dew

CR 30131 - The Legendary Sun Performers - Billy Lee Riley [11/77] Red Hot/Rock With Me Baby/Flyin' Saucers Rock N' Roll/No Name Girl/I Want You Baby/Wouldn't You Know/Got The Water Boilin'/Down By The Riverside/Rock With Me Baby/That's Right/Baby Please Don't Go/Open The Door Richard/Sun Goin' Down On Frisco/Workin' On The River/Pilot Town Louisana

CR 30132 - The Legendary Sun Performers - Warren Smith [11/77] Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache/Rock N' Roll Ruby/Ubangi Stomp/Miss Froggie/Got Love If You Want It/So Long I'm Gone/Uranium Rock/Sweet Sweet Girl/Tonight Will Be The Last Night/Who/I'd Rather Be Safe Than Sorry/Black Jack David/Good-Bye Mr. Love

CR 30133 - The Legendary Sun Performers - Rosco Gordon [11/77] Let's Get High/Real Pretty Mama/T-Model Boogie/Dr. Blues/Just Love Me Baby/Love With Me Baby/Bop With Me Baby/Decorate The Counter (version 1)//Decorate The Counter (version 2)/Love For You Baby/That's What You Do To Me/Tired Of Living/If You Don't Love Me Baby/Dream On Baby/Do The Bop/Sally Jo

CR 30134 - The Legendary Sun Performers - Howlin' Wolf [11/77] My Baby Walked Off/Smile At Me/Bluebird/Everybody's In The Mood/Chocolate Drop/Come Back Home/Dorothy Mae/Highway Man//Oh Red/My Last Affair/Howlin' For My Baby/Sweet Woman/C.V. Wine Blues/Look-A- Here Baby/Decoration Day/Well That's All Right

CR 30135 - The Legendary Sun Performers - Junior Parker and Billy "Red" Love [11/77] Feelin' Good/Mystery Train/Love My Baby/Fussin' And Fightin' Blues/Sittin' At The Window/Sittin' At The Bar/Sittin' Drinkin' And Thinkin'/Feel So Bad/Gee I Wish/Hart's Bread Boogie/The News Is All Around Town/Blues Leave Me Alone/If You Want To Make Me Happy/There's No Use/Early In The Morning/A Dream

CR 30136 - The Legendary Sun Performers - Sonny Burgess [11/77] Red Headed Woman/Restless/Going Home/Ain't Got A Thing/Find My Baby For Me/Tomorrow Night/You're Not The One For Me/Thunderbird//We Wanna Boogie/Feel So Good/Y.O.U./My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/All My Sins Taken Away/Sally Brown/I Love You So/Sadie's Back In Town

CR 30137 - The Country Sect - Downliners Sect [11/77] If I Could Just Go Back/Rocks In My Bed/Ballad Of The Hounds/Little Play Soldiers/Hard Travellin'/Wait For The Light To Shine/I Got Mine/Waiting In Heaven/Above And Beyond/Bad Storm Coming/Midnight Special/Wolverton Mountain

CR 30138 - Rockabilly Rules, OK? - Various Artists [4/78] Come On Little Mama - Ray Harris/Lonely Wolf - Ray Harris/Put Your Cat Clothes On - Carl Perkins/Caldonia - Carl Perkins/Vibrate - Mack Self/Flying Saucers Rock N' Roll - Billy Lee Riley/Red Hot - Billy Lee Riley/Lovin' Up A Storm - Jerry Lee Lewis/Hillbilly Music - Jerry Lee Lewis/Ubangi Stomp - Warren Smith/Teddy Jive - Crazy Cavan & Rhythm Rockers/Saturday Nite - Crazy Cavan & Rhythm Rockers/Redheaded Woman - Sonny Burgess/Sadie's Back In Town - Sonny Burgess/Tongue-Tied Jill - Charlie Feathers/Jungle Rock - Hank Mizell

CR 30139 - "Live" at the Rainbow - Crazy Cavan N' The Rhythm Rockers [4/78] She's The One To Blame/Okie Boogie/Teddy Boy Rock N' Roll/Stompin' Shoes/Rock Around With Ollie Vee/Bop Little Baby/Tongue-Tied Jill/Teddy Boy Boogie/Ol' Black Joe/My Sister's Gotta Motorbike/Real Gone Lover

CR 30140 - The Rock Sects In - Downliners Sect [1978] Hang On Sloopy/Fortune Teller/Hey Hey Hey Hey/Everything I've Got To Give/Outside/I'm Hooked On You/Comin' Home/Baby Why Don't You Smile Now/Don't Lie To Me/May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose/He Was A Square/I'm Looking For A Woman/The Rock Sects In Again/Brand New Cadillac

CR 30141 - The Heart Of The Blues Is Sound - Champion Jack Dupree [8/78] My Baby's Coming Home/You Rascal You/No Tomorrow/The Heart Of The Blues Is The Sound/The Japanese Special/Hard Feeling/Blues From 1921/Don't Mistreat Your Woman

CR 30142 - Blue Whale - Aynsley Dunbar [1978] Willing To Fight/Willie The Pimp/It's Your Turn/Days/Going Home

CR 30143 - Charly's Angels - Various Artists [1978] Leader Of The Pack - Shangri-Las (M)/Remember (Walking In The Sand) - Shangri-Las (M)/Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Shangri-Las (M)/I Wanna Love Him So Bad - Jelly Beans (M)/Baby Be Mine - Jelly Beans (M)/So Long - Jelly Beans (M)/The Boy From New York City - Ad Libs (M)/I'm Just A Down Home Girl - Ad Libs (M)/Good Night Baby - Butterflies (M)/I Can't Let Go - Evie Sands (M)/Chapel Of Love - Dixie Cups (M)/People Say - Dixie Cups (M)/Gee Baby Gee - Dixie Cups (E)/All Grown Up - Dixie Cups (E)/Iko Iko - Dixie Cups (E)/Ain't That Nice - Dixie Cups (E)

CR 30144 - Stormy Monday Blues - T-Bone Walker [1978] Stormy Monday Blues/All Night Long/My Patience Keeps Running Out/Glamour Girl/T-Bone's Way/That Evening Train/Louisiana Bayou Drive/When We Were Schoolmates/Don't Go Back To New Orleans/Got To Cross The Deep Blue Sea/(You'll Never Find Anyone) To Be A Slave Like Me/Left Home When I Was A Kid

CR 30145 - Beefy Rockabilly - Sleepy LaBeef [1978] Good Rockin' Boogie/Blue Moon Of Kentucky/Send Me Some Lovin'/Corine Corina/Matchbox/Party Doll/Baby Let's Play House/Too Much Monkey Business/Roll Over Beethoven/You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover/Boom Boom/Honey Hush/I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday/Polk Salad Annie

CR 30146 - The Best of Jeannie C. Riley - Jeannie C. Riley [1978] Harper Valley P.T.A./The Girl Most Likely/There Never Was A Time/The Back Side Of Dallas/Things Go Better With Love/Country Girl/Duty Not Desire/Satan Place/Good Enough To Be Your Wife/Oh Singer/Darling Days/Roses And Thorns/I Almost Called Your Name/Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil/Light Your Light/Am I That Easy To Forget

CR 30147 - Sun Sounds Special: "Raunchy Rockabilly" - Various Artists [1978] How Come You Do Me - Junior Thompson/Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby - Rhythm Rockers/Truckin' Down The Avenue - Sonny Burgess/Listen To Me Baby - Smokey Joe Baugh/Your Lovin' Man - Vernon Taylor/Blues Blues Blues - Hayden Thompson/Fairlane Rock - Hayden Thompson/Willing And Ready - Ray Smith/Shake Around - Ray Smith/Baby That's Good - Edwin Bruce/Miss Pearl - Jimmy Wages/Fine Little Baby - Dick Penner/I'll Change My Ways - Danny Stewart/Never Did - Don Hosea/John Henry - Don Hosea

CR 30148 - Sun Sounds Special: "Shoobie Oobie" - Various Artists [1978] Shim Sham Shimmy - Billy Emerson/Little Fine Healthy Thing - Billy Emerson/Something For Nothing - Billy Emerson/When It Rains It Pours - Billy Emerson/Move Baby Move - Billy Emerson/The Chicken - Rosco Gordon/Cheese And Crackers - Rosco Gordon/Shoobie Oobie - Rosco Gordon/Gonna Have To Let You Be - Five Tinos/That Chick's Too Young to Fry -Prisonaires/Surleen -Prisonaires/Frank Clement - Prisonaires/Rocking Horse - Prisonaires/Baby Doll - Four Dukes/Why Don't You Use Your Head - Hunki Dori/I Want My Baby Back- Hunki Dori

CR 30149 - Sun Sounds Special "Memphis Beat" - Various Artists [1978] Sorry I Lied - Cliff Thomas/Treat Me Right - Cliff Thomas/I'm On My Way Home - Cliff Thomas/Stairway To Nowhere - Ernie Barton/Raining the Blues - Ernie Barton/Trouble In My Mind - Billy Adams/Betty And Dupree - Billy Adams/Got My Mojo Working - Billy Adams/There Won't Be Anymore - Charlie Rich/Bobaloo - Bill Johnson/Honey Bee - Don Hinton/Fire - Vel-Tones/I'm Getting Better All The Time - Barbara Pittman/I Ain't Never - Jeb Stuart/Uncle Jonah's Place - Harold Dorman/Rockin' Bandit - Ray Smith

CR 30150 - Sun Sounds Special "Tennessee Country" - Various Artists [1978] Boogie Blues - Earl Peterson/In The Dark - Earl Peterson/Now She Cares No More For Me - Doug Poindexter/I Must Be Saved - Howard Serrat/It's My Baby - Malcolm Yelvington/I've Got The Blues (Way Down Blues) - Malcolm Yelvington/Good-Bye Marie - Malcolm Yelvington/Rockin' With My Baby - Malcolm Yelvington/I'm Lonesome - Ernie Chaffin/Please Don't Ever Leave Me - Ernie Chaffin/Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox - Onie Wheeler/Me And My Blues - Teddie Reidel/Born To Lose - Carl McVoy/I Guess I'd Better Go - Texas Bill Strength/Call Of The Wild - Texas Bill Strength/Ghost Of Marylou - Dane Stinit

CR 30151 - Sun Sounds Special - Billy Lee Riley [1978] Pearly Lee/Swannee River Rock/She's My Baby/Just One More Time/Let's Talk About Us/Searchin'/Betty And Dupree/Sweet William/Trouble Bound/Wouldn't You Know/Itchy/Nitty Gritty Mississippi/Tallahassee/San Francisco Lady/Kay/Old Home Place

CR 30152 - Sun Sounds Special - Carl Perkins [1978] Boppin' The Blues/Right String Baby/Only You/I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry/I'm Sure To Fall/You Can't Make Love To Somebody/Everybody's Tryin' To Be My Baby/Forever Yours/Do No Wrong/Pink Pedal Pushers/Put Your Cat Clothes On/Perkin's Wiggle/Roll Over Beethoven/Y.O.U.

CR 30153 - Sun Sounds Special - Johnny Cash [1978] Cry Cry Cry/I'm Doggone Lonesome/There You Go/I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow/Doin' My Time/If The Good Lord's Willing/Wide Open Road/Two Timin' Woman/Cold Cold Heart/Hey Good Lookin'/I Could Never Be Ashamed of You/Always Alone/Thanks A Lot/I Forgot To Remember To Forget/New Mexico/I Couldn't Keep From Crying

CR 30154 - Heart and Soul - Johnny Adams [9/78] (Editorial note: a wonderful album.) Georgia Morning Dew/In A Moment Of Weakness/Real Live Living Hurtin' Man/Lonely Man/I Won't Cry/Release Me/Proud Woman/I Can't Be All Bad/A Losing Battle/Living On Your Love/Reconsider Me

CR 30155 - This Little Girl Is Gonna Rock It! - Little Tina & Flight 56 [1978] This Little Girl's Gonna Rock It/My Boy Elvis/Can't Help Loving You/12 O'Clock Rock/Cupid/Need A Little Lovin'/Why Do Fools Fall In Love/Honky Tonk Train Blues/Everlasting Love/Let's Jump The Broomstick/Who Else But Me/Frankie/Ooby Dooby/He's Gone/Don't Ever Go/Let's Elope Baby/Twenty Flight Rock/Let's Have A Party

CR 30156 - Crazy Rhythm - Crazy Cavan "N" The Rhythm Rockers [1978] She's The One To Blame/Teddy Boy Rock N' Roll/Sadie/Bop Little baby/Cross My Heart/Caroline/Wildest Cat In Town/Got A Date With Sally/Fancy Nancy/Rockabilly Star/Why Can't We Be/Rita/Hard Rock Cafe/Crazy Boogie/Marilyn/Going Down The Road/Teddy Boy Boogie/Crazy Rhythm

CR 30157 - Riders in the Sky - Matchbox [1978] Matchbox/All The Boys (Love My Baby)/Washin' Machine Boogie/Only Wanna Rock/In The Mood/Crazy Heart/Let's Go Crazy/Race With The Devil/Three Alley Cats/Please Don't Touch/Undeclared/Baby Let's Play House/Teenage Boogie/It's Only Make Believe/Make Like A Rock And Roll/Steelabilly/It Don't Take But A Few Minutes/(Ghost) Riders In The Sky

CR 30158 - The Riot Rockers - Riot Rockers [1978] Boppin' The Blues/Gone Gone Gone/It's Saturday Night/Streamline Train/Rock N' Roll Ruby/Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O/He Mr. (Sam) Phillips/Eastbound Train/Cast Iron Arm/Road Of Steel/Honey Hush/6.5 Special/Tongue-Tied Jill/You Make Me Mad/Puttin' On The Style/Sweet Cindy Lou/Wabash Cannonball/Boddy's Shack

CR 30159 - Rockabilly Originals - Steve Bloomfield [1978] Hurricane/Rockin' Rhythm/Surefire Way/Blues In My Shoes/Over The Hill/Anything I Can Do/Take My Boots Off/Hot Potato/Who's Gonna Be Your Daddy/I Can't Get On/There Ain't No/No One To Talk To/Fresh Out Of Love/Country Girl/Bob Cat

CR 30160 - Freddie "Fingers" Lee - Freddy "Fingers" Lee [1978] One Eyed Boogie Boy/I'm Down/Come Back Baby/It's Hard To Lie To You/I'm Gonna Move/Dib Dab Boogie/I Don't Want Your Rockin' Love/I'm Rollin' Home/I'll Come Back/You Paid To Ride/Trying To Get To Memphis/Rock All Night/Pondering And Wandering/Rocking At My House/I'm A Nut/Two Boiled Eggs

CR 30161 - Rockabilly's Main Man - Charlie Feathers [1979] Some of these recordings were by Redneck Records the remainder were recorded at Sun. Peepin' Eyes/I've Been Deceived/Defrost Your Heart/Wedding Gown Of White/Mad At You/I Forgot To Remember To Forget//Uh Huh Honey/Mound Of Clay/Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On/Tongue Tied Jill/Gone Gone Gone/Two To Choose

CR 30162 - T For Texas - Various Artists [1979] T For Texas - Charlie Walker/If I Don't Love You - George Jones/What Am I Worth - George Jones/Life To Go - George Jones/Talk To Me Oh Lonesome Heart James O'Gwynn/Living With A Memory - James O'Gwynn/House Of Blue Lovers - James O'Gwynn/In A Moment Of Weakness Jeannie C. Riley/Dallas - Jimmie Dale & Flatlanders/Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown - Jimmie Dale & Flatlanders/Mathilda - Sleepy LaBeef/There Ain't Much Left After Texas - Sleepy LaBeef/Blackland Framer - Sleepy LaBeef/Alligator Man - Jimmie C. Newman/Daydreamin' - Jimmie C. Newman/Colinda - Jimmie C. Newman

CR 30163 - More Country Comment - Various Artists [1979] If I Could Only Get One Hit - James O'Gwynn/Rings On The Bar - James & Rita/Midnight Man - Rita Remington/Thibodeaux & His Cajun Band - Jimmy C. Newman/Billy's Brother - Jimmy C. Newman/Orange Blossom Special - Gordon Terry/It's A Long Way Back To Austin - Buddy Harris/Scarlet Beacon - Buddy Harris/Thunder Road - Sleepy LaBeef/Border City Call Girl - Ben Davidson Hewitt/Thinkin' On You - Lois Ann Struck/No Ties - Lois Ann Struck/The Gospel Truth - Lee Emerson/Rock 'n' Roll (I Gave You All The Best Years) - Paul Martin/Ruby's Bar And Grill - Paul Martin/Arizona Flash And Cloudy - Rod Hart

CR 30164 - Carol Grimes - Carol Grimes [1979] I've Been Used/Number One (In My Heart)/You Make My Life/Up Hill Peace Of Mind/I Betcha Didn't Know That Brand New Tomorrow/My Baby Specializes/That's The Time I Feel Like Going Home/Private Number/Dynamite/No More Tears

CR 30165 - Banana Moon - Daevid Allen [5/79] Time Of Your Life/Memories/All I Want Is Out Of Here/Fred The Fish/White Neck Blues & Cobin Coda/Stoned Innocent Frankenstein/And His Adventures In The Land Of Flip/I Am A Bowl

CR 30166 - Amazing Grease - Grease Band [5/79] New Morning/Reminiscing Pont Ardawe Hop/Dwoogie Blue Monday/Mandolin Song/Honky Tonk Angels/Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo

CR 30167 - The Mirror - Spooky Tooth [5/79] Fantsy Satisfier/Two Time Love/Kyle/Woman And Gold Higher Circles/Hell Or High Water/I'm Alive/The Mirror/The Hoofer

CR 30168 - A Legend In Our Time - Eddie Cochran [5/79] Tired & Sleepy/Fool's Paradise/Mr. Fiddle/Two Blue Singin' Stars/Guilty Conscience/Your Tomorrows Never Come/Guybo/Strollin' Guitar/Skinny Jim/Half Loved/Annie Has A Party/So Fine Be Mine/Cotton Picker/What'd I Say/Milk Cow Blues/Hallelujah! I Love Her So/C'mon Everybody

CR 30169 - San Antonio Ballbuster - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown [1979] Gates Salty Blues/It Can Never Be That Way/I've Been Mistreated/She Winked Her Eye/Win With Me Baby/She Walk Right In/Boogie Uproar/Baby Take It Easy/Just Got Lucky/Didn't Reach My Goal/You Got Money/Okie Dokie Stomp/Just Before Dawn/Dirty Work At The Crossroads/Sad Hour/Rock My Blues Away

CR 30170 - No Friend Around - John Lee Hooker [1979] Stomp Boogie/Black Man Blues/Helpless Blues/Goin' Mad Blues/Morning Blues/Rollin' Blues/No Friend Around/Low Down Midnite Boogie/House Rent Boogie/Wandering Blues/Landing Blues/My Baby's Got Somethin'/Decoration Day Blues/Do The Boogie

CR 30171 - Rock N' Roll Rumble - Link Wray & Raymen [1979] Rumble/The Swag/El Toro/Tijuana/Rumble Mambo/Jack The Ripper/The Black Widow/Weekend/Turnpike USA/The Sweeper/Good Rockin' Tonight/I'm Branded/Hang On/Batman Theme/Alone/Ace Of Spades/Hidden Charms

CR 30172 - Downhome Rockabilly - Sleepy LaBeef [1979] Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor/Tore Up/Flyin' Saucer Rock & Roll/Red Hot/I'm Ready If You're Willing/I'm Coming Home/I'm A One Woman Man/Shot-Gun Boogie/Rock & Roll Ruby/Big Boss Man/Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Mystery Train/Something On Your Mind/Jack & Jill Boogie/Blues Stay Away From Me

CR 30173 - Five Live Yardbirds - Yardbirds [8/79] Too Much Monkey Business/I Got Love If You Want It/Smokestack Lightnin'/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/Respectable/Five Long Years/Pretty Girl/Louise/I'm A Man/Here 'Tis

CR 30174 - Redhot 'N' Rockabilly: The Best of Crazy Cavan - Crazy Cavan N' The Rhythm Rockers [8/79] Wildest Cat In Town/Sweet Baby Jean/Teddy Boy Boogie/Sweet Little Pretty Thing/Boppin' 'n' Shakin'/Rockabilly Star/Ol' Black Joe Saturday Night/Teddy Jive Sadie/My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike/Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee/Gonna Rock Gonna Roll/Gonna Boogie/Knock Knock/Stompin' Shoes/Alabama Shake

CR 30175 - The Country Side - Ray Smith [1979] It Wasn't Easy/Thank You Love/Lucille/Without You/Oh Danny Boy/Light That Candle/How's His Memory Doing Today/Walking Into Your Life/One Hand On The Bottle And One Foot ln The Grave/She's Pulling Me Back Again/Kawliga

CR 30176 - Five Beats Behind Bars - Prisonaires [1979] Baby Please/Just Walking In The Rain/My God Is Real/Softly And Tenderly/I Know/No More Tears/Don't Say Tomorrow/What Do You Do Next?//That Chick's Too Young To Fry/Lucille I Want You/If I Were A King/Surleen/All Alone And Lonely/Rockin' Horse/Two Strangers/Frank Clement (What About)

CR 30177 - The Happy Cajun - Jimmy C. Newman [1979] Sugar Bee/Hippie Ti Yo/Basile Waltz/Alons A Lafayette/Grand Chenier/The happy Cajun/Big Texas/A Cajun Man Can/Corine Corina/Big Bayou/Sweet Suzannah/The More Happy Cajun

CR 30178 - Ol' One-Eye's Back - Freddie "Fingers" Lee [11/79] Boogie Woogie Fred/Break Up/So Long/Red Hot & Blue/Rocket 88/Howay The Lads/ Closer To You/Frantic Freddie Lee's Rock & Roll Show/Roller Coaster/I'll Be Waiting/My Mother/We're Rockin'/Baby Drink My Wine/Run Down Feelin' Blue

CR 30179 - Without You - Viola Wills [1979] Track lineup not available.

CR 30180 - Rrrracket Time - Ronnie Hawkins & Hawks [2/80] Come On Let's Go/Diddley Daddy/Going To The River Bluebirds Over The Mountain/Susie Q /I Still Miss Someone/Four Strong Winds/Little Red Rooster/Going To The River/Ain't That Just Like A Woman/Got My Mojo Working/Let The Good Times Roll/Ooby Dooby/Love Me Like You Can/Hey Bo Diddley

CR 30181 - Early, Rare and Rockin' Sides - Sleepy LaBeef [2/80] Walkin' Slowly/Lonely (Version 1)/Don't Make Me Go/Can't Get You Off My Mind/The Way Of A Woman In Love/Ballad Of A Teenage Queen/Lonely (Version 2)/Somebody's Been Beating My Time/Ride On Josephine (Version 1)/Found Out/Turn Me Loose/Ride On Josephine (Version 2)/Tore Up/Baby Let's Play House

CR 30182 - Live - J.B. Hutto & Houserockers [4/80] J B 's Boogie/You Don't Have To Go/Don't You Lie To Me/Too Much Alcohol/Worried Life Blues/16 Year Old Boy/Killing Floor/Hip Shakin'

CR 30183 - Wine, Wine, Wine - Nightcaps [4/80] Wine Wine Wine/Nightcap Rock/24 Hours (Love Baby)/Got My Mojo Working/Tough That's All/Thunderbird/Ole Jose/Sweet Little Angel/No Parking/Mojo Man

CR 30184 - Out on Bail - Johnny & Jailbirds [4/80] Oklahoma Baby/Too Much Wine/Zoom Zoom/Mr. Big Feet/Just Because/Pretty Little One/That's All Right/Bop-A-Lena/Rockin' Boy Blue/Eileen/My Feet Hit The Ground/Hang On Baby/I Need My Baby/Turn My Back On You

CR 30185 - It Will Stand - Rockin' Louie & Mamma Jammers [4/80] Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go/Lovin' Machine/Big 10-Inch Record/I Know You're Jiving Me/Troubles Troubles/Club Savoy/It Will Stand/Ready To Go/Real Gone Lover/Joop's Jump/Don't Buy Me No More Beer/Rock 'n' Roll Man/Boogie Woogie Country Girl/Reet Petite & Gone

CR 30186 - Tough Stuff (Sun's Instrumental Gold) - Various Artists [5/80] Raunchy - Bill Justis/College Man - Bill Justis/Flip Flop & Bop - Bill Justis/The Snuggle - Bill Justis/Bop Train - Bill Justis/706 Union - Bill Justis/Cloudy - Sonny Burgess/Groovey Train - Sonny Burgess/Bo Diddley - Sonny Burgess/Thunderbird - Sonny Burgess/Itchy - Sonny Burgess/In The Mood - Jerry Lee Lewis/Lewis Workout - Jerry Lee Lewis/Eddie's Blues - Jerry Lee Lewis/Jack's Jump - Jerry Lee Lewis/Crawlback - Jerry Lee Lewis

CR 30187 - Little Fine Healthy Thing - Billy "The Kid" Emerson [5/80] Hey Little Girl/No Teasing Around/If Lovin' Is Believing/When My Baby Quit Me/The Woodchuck/I'm Not Going Home/The Snuggle/Bourbon Street Jump//Move Baby Move/When It Rains It Pours/Shim Sham Shimmy/No Greater Love/Red Hot/Cherry Pie/Little Fine Healthy Thing/Something For Nothing

CR 30188 - Sir Douglas - Doug Sahm [1/81] Just A Moment/Sapphine/Why Why Why/Whirlaway/Baby Tell Me/More And More/Slow Down/If You Ever Need Me/Crazy Daisey/Can't Believe You Wanna Leave/Crazv

CR 30189 - One Road More - Flatlanders [1/81] You've Never Seen Me Cry/Dallas/Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown/She Had Everything/Bhagavan Decreed/Rose From The Mountain/Down In My Hometown/One Road More/Waitin' For A Train/Hello Stranger/One Day At A Time/Stars In My Life/Not So Long Ago/I Know You/The Heart You Left Behind/Jole Blon/Keeper Of The Mountain

CR 30190 - The Georgia Peach - Little Richard [1/81] These are the Vee-Jay recordings. Whole Lot O' Shakin' Goin' On/Money Honey/Good Golly Miss Molly/Tutti Frutti/Lucille/Rip It Up/She's Got It/Long Tall Sally/Without Love/I Don't Know What You Got (But It's Got Me)/Send Me Some Lovin'/Going Home Tomorrow/You Better Stop/Jenny Jenny/Dancin' All Around The World/Keep A Knockin'

CR 30191 - Swingin' Rockin' & Rollin' - Cruisers [1/81] Deep Sea Ball/Stockings 'n' Shoes/Extra/Dance The Bop/Champagne/Sherry/No No No/Quiet Whiskey/Space Age Rock 'n' Roll/Well Now Dig This/Gee/Let's Flat Get It/It's Cold Out Tonight/Tick Tock/Somebody's Dating My Baby/Go

CR 30192 - Down The Line - Mickey Gilley [1/81] Down The Line/Is It Wrong/Susie Q/Mohair Sam/My Babe/I'm To Blame/Lotta Lovin'/Breathless/I'm Gonna Put My Love In The Want Ads/She's Still Got A Hold On You/Turn Around/I'll Make It All Up To You/Without You/That Heart Belongs To Me/Forgive/Night After Night

CR 30193 - Jam Session - Jimmy Page, Sonny Boy Williamson & Brian Auger [1982] Reissue of the 1975 album of the same title [Charly CR 300 011]. Don't Send Me No Flowers/I See A Man Downstairs/She Was So Dumb/The Goat/Walking/Little Girl/How Old Are You/It's A Bloody Life/Getting Out Of Town

CR 30194 - The Yardbirds Featuring Eric Clapton - Yardbirds [3/83] Reissue of the 1975 album of the same title [Charly CR 300 012]. For Your Love/I'm A Man/I Wish You Would/Good Morning Little Schoolgirl/A Certain Girl/Got To Hurry/Too Much Monkey Business/Got Love If You Want It/Smokestack Lightning/I'm A Man/Here 'Tis

CR 30195 - The Yardbirds Featuring Jeff Beck - Yardbirds [3/83] Reissue of the 1975 album of the same title [Charly CR 300 013]. Shapes Of Things/What Do You Want/New York City Blues/Someone To Love (Part 1)/For R S G /Mister You're A Better Man Than I/Someone To Love (Part 2)/Jeff's Blues/I Ain't Got You/I Ain't Done Wrong

CR 30196 - At The Beginning - Soft Machine [3/83] Reissue of the 1976 album of the same title [Charly CR 300 014]. That's How Much I Need You Now/Save Yourself/I Should've Known/JetPropelled Photograph/When I Don't Want You/Memories You Don't Remember/She's Gone/I'd Rather Be With You

CR 30197 - Eric Burdon & The Animals - Eric Burdon & The Animals [3/83] Reissue of the 1977 album of the same title [Charly CR 300 016]. Let It Rock/Gotta Find My Baby/Bo Diddley/I'm Almost Grown/Dimples/Boom Boom/C Jam Blues

CR 30198 - The Beginning of Jazz-Rock - Graham Bond Organisation [1982] Reissue of the 1977 album of the same title [Charly CR 300 017]. Wade In The Water/Big Boss Man/Early In The Morning/Person To Person Blues/Spanish Blues/The First Time I Met The Blues/Stormy Monday/Train Time/What'd I Say

CR 30199 - The Animals & Sonny Boy Williamson - Animals & Sonny Boy Williamson [1982] Reissue of the 1977 album Newcastle, December, 1963 [Charly CR 300 018]. Sonny's Slow Walk/Pontiac Blues/My Babe/I Don't Care No More/Baby Don't You Worry/Night Time Is The Right Time/I'm Gonna Put You Down/Fattening Frogs For Snakes/Nobody But You/Bye-Bye Sonny Bye-Bye/Coda

Thanks to Adam Komorowski, Rob Ford, and Leif Sandsjo.

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