Charly Album Discography, Part 4
CRL-5000 Series (1976-1980)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 6, 2005

The CRL-5000 Series started as primarily a rockabilly series.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Charly CRL-5000 Series:

CRL 5000 - Jungle Rock - Hank Mizell [1976] Jungle Rock/Ain't Got A Thing/Ready Freddy/Higher/Easy Money/Rakin' And Scrapin'/Singing In The Jungle/Sweetie Pie/Kangaroo Rock/Animal Rock And Roll/Ubangi Stomp/Flatfoot Sam

CRL 5001 - Rockability - Crazy Cavan N' The Rhythm Rockers [8/76] Get Yourself A Band/Stompin' Shoes/Sweet Baby Jean/Knock Knock/Waitin' For My Baby/Feelin' Blue/That's What Made Me Cry/Hey Pretty Baby/Sweet Little Pretty Thing/Dolores/Nobody Else Like You/Gonna Leave This Town/Get Yourself A Band (Reprise)

CRL 5002 - Rock N' Roll Is Still Alive - Various Artists [10/76] Piano Nellie - Flying Saucers/Apron Strings - Flying Saucers/Good Golly Miss Molly - Flying Saucers/Fabulous - Flying Saucers/Going Home - Flying Saucers/Rock The Joint - Hellraisers/Dim Light Boogie - Hellraisers/Right Behind You Baby - Hellraisers/Whole Lotta Shakin' - Hellraisers/Big Blond Baby - Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers/Alabama Shake - Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers/Rockabilly Star - Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers/Nobody Else Like You - Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers/(Put On Your) Stompin' Shoes - Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers/She's The One To Blame - Crazy Cavan 'n' The Rhythm Rockers

CRL 5003 - Sirkel and Company with Mick Taylor - Sirkel & Company with Mick Taylor [7/77] Stop It I'm Green/Living In The Laid Back/Snow Fields/Low Tide/Riff A Bit/I Haven't Got Much Time/East Coast Rocker/Bathroom Swimmer/Got A Passion/Nothing To Say/Up On Your Cloud/Saturday Night/Get Your Roll Up

CRL 5004 - Our Own Way of Rockin' - Crazy Cavan N' The Rhythm Rockers [5/77] Boppin' 'n' Shakin'/Whatcha Gonna Do When The Creek Runs Dry/Ol' Black Joe/My Own Way Of Rockin'/Drinkin' Wine/That's My House/My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike/Why Don't Somebody/Tennessee Border/Teddy Jive/Gotta Be My Baby/Monkey And The Baboon/Gonna Rock Gonna Roll Gonna Boogie/Saturday Nite

CRL 5005 - Progressive CC - Jimmy C. Newman [11/77] Alligator Man/Boo-Man/Big Mamou/Thibodeaux & His Cajun Band/Louisiana Man/Jambalaya/Diggy Liggy Lo/Lache Pas la Patate/Jole Blon/Louisiana Saturday Night

CRL 5006 - Texas Moon - David Allan Coe [11/77] Got You On My Mind/These Days/A Satisfied Mind/Why You Been Gone So Long/Why Me/Mary Magdeline/Fuzzy Was An Outlaw/That Old Time Feeling/Ride Me Down Easy/Give My Love To Rose

CRL 5007 - Mother - Gilli Smyth [6/78] I Am A Fool/Back To The Womb/Mother/Shakti Yone/Keep The Children Free/Prostitute Poem - Street Version/O K Man This Is Your World/Next Time Ragtime/Time Of The Goddess/Taliesin

CRL 5008 - Gonna Rock N' Roll Tonight - Carl Mann [1978] Till I Waltz Again With You/Gonna Rock N' Roll Tonight/Why Do I Keep Telling Lies To Me/Look At That Moon/Paradise/I'm Left You're Right She's Gone/No One To Talk To/Red Sails In The Sunset/I'm Coming Home/South Of The Border/Mountain Dew/Rockin' Love/If I Could Change You/Pretend/You Win Again/Mona Lisa

CRL 5009 - Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into - Gilgamesh [2/79] Darker Brighter/Bobberty: Theme From Something Else/Waiting/Play Time/Underwater Song/Foel'd Again/T.N.T.F.X.

CRL 5010 - Of Queues and Cures - National Health [1978] The Bryden 2 Step (for Amphibians), Pt I/The Collapso/Squarer For Maud/Dreams Wide Awake/Binoculars/Phlakaton/The Bryden 2 Step (for Amphibians), Pt 2

CRL 5011 - Steppin' Out - Steppin' Out [2/79] You Got It/Put Me On A Dream/No Pilot In The bay/Shooby Dub/Puttin' On The Ritz/Shame/Who's To Know/Maguerite/Skellington Skank

CRL 5012 - Nice and Nasty - Softies [1979] Killing Time/Whiskey man/We Don't Want You back/Mister Tonight/Something's Gonna Change/Save The Whale/Rusty/Baby Blue/Lovin' Me The way You Do/Doin' It All Again/You make Me/Try A Little Bit Harder

CRL 5013 - The Dragon - Vangelis [1979] The Dragon/Stuffed Aubergine/Stuffed Tomato

CRL 5014 - Soft Heap - Soft Heap [8/79] Terra Nova/A.W.O.L./Circle Line/Petit 3's/Short Hand/Para

CRL 5015 - N'Existe Pas - Daevid Allen [5/79] Professor Sharpstrings Says/The Freedom Of The City In A Suitable Box/They Say They Say/Something Tells Me/It's A Fine Air For Flis/But It's Really Not Real/Because Bar Room Philosophers/333/No Other Than The Mother Is My Song/Theme From Hashis To Ashes/The Turkeybird's Breakfast/Rajneesh With Thanks/Nongod Will Not Go On/O Man You

CRL 5016 - Rockin' in the Same Old Way - Dave Taylor [1979] Rockin' In The Same Ol' Way/Tell Me Why/It Doesn't Matter/12 O'Clock Rock/Don't Want Tyin' Down Girl/You're Wrong /Cadillac Car/Keep It Up Baby/Hey Little Girl/All She Wants To Do Is Rock/Rockhouse/Dave's Boogie

CRL 5017 - Rockabilly Heavyweight - Sleepy LaBeef [1979] Sick & Tired/Mind Your Own Business/Lonesome For A Letter/Detour/Shame Shame Shame/Smoking Cigarettes & Drinking Coffee Blues/Cut Across Shorty/I'm Feeling Sorry/Honky Tonk Man/My Sweet Love Ain't Around/If You Don't Love Me Somebody Else Will/Milk Cow Blues/Ride Ride Ride/Are You Teasing Me/LaBoeuf's Cajun Boogie/Go Ahead On Baby

CRL 5018 - Fairy Tales - Gilli Smyth [11/79] Wassilissa:Three Riders/The Baba-Yaga's Cottage/The Forbidden Room/Time Machine/Flying/Wassilissa Returns Home/Through The Machine Again/The Baba Yaga; The Three Tongues: The Shoemaker's Son/Land Of Dogs/The Frog/An Irish Inn In Rome/The Arena/Turtles Birds/The Feast; The Pied Piper: Hamelin/Rats Amok/An Angry Crowd/Rat-Rock/A Thousand Guilders/Children/Magic Land

CRL 5019 - Major B. Laser - Major B. Laser [1980] Track lineup not available.

CRL 5020 - Reborn - Orion [4/80] Honey/Lover Please/Got You On My Mind/Mona Lisa/Before The Next Teardrop Falls/Ebony Eyes/Washing Machine Baby/Baby I Still Love You/You Can Have Her/Lonesome Angel

CRL 5021 - About Time - New York Gong/Daevid Allen [1980] Preface/Much Too Old/Black September/Materialism/Strong Woman/I Am A Freud/O My Photograph/Jungle Windo(w)/Hours Gone

CRL 5022 - Bloom - Didier Malherbe [1980] Dan-Dan/Suite A Tout De Sweet/Bateau-Vole/Whiskers/Give A Change To To-morrow

CRL 5023 -

CRL 5024 - Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life - Daevid Allen [1980] Reissue of the 1977 album of the same name [Affinity AFF-3]. Flamenco Zero/Why Do We Treat Ourselves Like We Do/Tally & Orlando Meet The Moontower/Poet For Sale/Only Make Love If You Want To/I Am/Deya Goddess

CRL 5025 - Magick Brother - Gong [1980] Reissue of the 1977 album of the same name [Affinity AFF-4]. Mystic Sister Magick Brother/Glad To Say To Say/Rational Anthem/Chainstore Chant/Pretty Miss Titty/Fable Of A Fredfish/Hope You Feel OK/Ego/Gong Song/Princess Dreaming/5 & 20 Schoolgirls/Cos You Got Green Hair

CRL 5026 - National Health - National Health [1980] Reissue of the 1978 album of the same name [Affinity AFF-6]. Tenemos Roads/Brujo/Borogoves/Borogoves/Elephants

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