Charly Album Discography, Part 7
SUN LP-1000 Series (1980-1985)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 6, 2005

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Charly/SUN LP-1000 Series:

SUN 1001

SUN 1002 - Duets - Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends [1980] Reissue of US Sun album of the same title [SUN 1011], with standard JLL records with overdubs. Save The Last Dance For Me/Sweet Little Sixteen/I Love You Because/C C Rider/Am I To Be The One/Cold Cold Heart/Hello Josephine/It Won't Happen With Me/What'd I Say/Good Golly Miss Molly

SUN 1003 - Good Rocking Tonight - Jerry Lee Lewis [1980] Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You/Pink Pedal Pushers/Old Black Joe/Johnny B. Goode/Honey Hush/Biglegged Woman/Good Rockin' Tonite/Be-Bop-A-Lu-La/Waiting For A Train/Let's Talk About Us/Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane/Matchbox/Setting The Woods On Fire/Bonnie B/Deep Elem Blues

SUN 1004 - Trio + - Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, Carl Perkins & Friends [5/80] Reissue of US Sun album of the same title [SUN 1018].Features standard records by the artists mentioned, plus overdubs during the instrumental breaks, probably by Jimmy Ellis (Orion). Be Bop A Lula - Jerry Lee Lewis/On My Knees - Charlie Rich/Dixie Fried - Carl Perkins/Gentle As A Lamb - Charlie Rich/Money - Jerry Lee Lewis//Breakup - Charlie Rich/Matchbox - Carl Perkins/Good Rockin' Tonight - Jerry Lee Lewis/Gone Gone Gone - Carl Perkins/Sittin' And Thinkin' - Charlie Rich

SUN 1005 - Sunrise - Orion [1980] Reissue of the US Sun album of the same title [SUN 1017]. Secret Love/You Can't Judge A Book/San Francisco Is A Lonely Town/Then I'll Be Over You/I Heard You Talkin' With Your Eyes/Stranger In My Place/I hear You Knocking/Turn Around Look At Me/Baby You Got It/It Ain't No Mystery

SUN 1006 - The Million Dollar Quartet - Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins (Johnny Cash) [1980] Just A Little Talk With Jesus/Walk That Lonesome Valley/I Shall Not Be Moved/Peace In The Valley/Down By The Riverside/I'm With The Crowd But Oh So Alone/Farther Along/Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand/As We Travel Along On The Jericho Road/I Just Can't Make It By Myself/Little Cabin On The Hill/Summertime Has Passed And Gone/I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling/And Now Sweetheart You've Done Me Wrong/Keeper Of The Key/Crazy Arms/Don't Forbid Me

SUN 1007 - Elvis, Scotty & Bill: The First Year - Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore, & Bill Black [1984] Biff Collie Interview/Good Rockin' Tonight/Baby Let's Play House/Blue Moon Of Kentucky/I Got A Woman/That's Alright Mama/Elvis Interview/Scotty Moore Tells The Story Of The First Year

SUN 1008 -

SUN 1009

SUN 1010

SUN 1011

SUN 1012

SUN 1013

SUN 1014

SUN 1015

SUN 1016

SUN 1017

SUN 1018 - Rabbit Action - Carl Perkins & Junior Thompson [1985] Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins/Honey Don't (1) - Carl Perkins/Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (1) - Carl Perkins/Dixie Fried - Carl Perkins/Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (2) - Carl Perkins/Cat Clothes (1) - Carl Perkins/You Can't Make Love To Somebody - Carl Perkins/Cat Clothes (2) - Carl Perkins/That Don't Move Me - Carl Perkins/Honey Don't (2) - Carl Perkins/Rhythm Called Rock And Roll - Junior Thompson/Rabbit Action - Junior Thompson/How Come You Do Me - Junior Thompson/Rock-Me-Baby - Junior Thompson

SUN 1019

SUN 1020

SUN 1021 - Rock Bop Boogie - Various Artists [1985] Hula Bop - Smokey Joe Baugh/Sentimental Fool - Barbara Pittman/Ten Cats Down - Miller Sisters/Rakin' And Scrapin' - Dean Beard/I Need Your Lovin' Kiss - Harold Jenkins/When You're Gone - Dean Beard/She's A Woman - Smokey Joe Baugh/Paul Revere - Smokey Joe Baugh/I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry - Carl Perkins/It's Me Baby - Malcolm Yelvington/Rock And Roll With My Baby - Malcolm Yelvington/The Signifying Monkey - Smokey Joe Baugh/Listen To Me baby - Smokey Joe Baugh

SUN 1022 - We Wanna Boogie - Sonny Burgess & the Pacers [1985] Daddy Blues/Wings Of An Angel/Life's Too Short/All Nite Long/Red Headed Woman/We Wanna Boogie//You/Fannie Brown/Goin' Home/Ain't Got a Thing/Gone/Goin' Home (version 2)/Restless

SUN 1023 -

SUN 1024 -

SUN 1025 - Hop Flop and Fly - Various Artists [1985] Go Ahead Baby - Luke McDaniel/Uh Babe - Luke McDaniel/High High High - Luke McDaniel/Treat Me Right - Kenny Parchman/Love Crazy - Kenny Parchman/My Baby Don't Rock - Luke McDaniel/Greenback Dollar Watch And Chain - Ray Harris/You Call Everybody Darlin' - Kenny Parchman/Get It Off Your Mind - Kenny Parchman/Look At That Moon - Carl Perkins/Stop The World I'll Jump Off - Warren Smith/Juicy Fruit - Gene Simmons/Money Money Honey - Gene Simmons/All Night Rock - Glenn Honeycutt

SUN 1026 - Rockabilly Tunes - Various Artists [1985] I Was A Fool - Roy Orbison/Rockabilly Gal - Hayden Thompson & Slim Rhodes/Johnny Valentine - Andy Anderson/Tough Tough Tough - Andy Anderson/Love Dumb Baby - Ray Harris/Heart Breakin' Love - Jimmy Wages/Take Me - Jimmy Wages/Thinkin' To-Nite Of Blue Eyes - Ken Cook/Don't Come Crying - Tommy Ruick/Prisoner Of The Blues - Tommy Ruick/Let ‘Em Know - Tommy Ruick/Lonely River - narvel Felts/Foolish Thoughts - Narvel Felts/Lonesome Feeling - Narvel Felts

SUN 1027 - Sunny Burgess and the Pacers - Sonny Burgess & Pacers [1985] Don't Be That way/Oh Mama/Truckin' Down The Avenue/All My Sins Are taken Away (Hand Me Down My Walkin' Cane)/My Babe/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (1)/Higher/Sweet Misery/So Glad You're Mine/Mr. Blues/Tomorrow Night/Feel So Good/Find My Baby For Me/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It (2)/One Night

SUN 1028 -

SUN 1029 - Shake Around - Various Artists [1985] Rockin' Bandit - Ray Smith/Judy - Rudy Grayzell/Shake Around - Tommy Blake/You Better Believe It - Tommy Blake/That's The Way I Feel - Jimmy Pritchett/Don't You Worry - Sid Watson/With Your Love With Your Kiss - Johnny Powers/Be Mine All Mine - Johnny Powers/I'm Evil - Johnny Powers/Dear John - Warren Smith/Sweet Sweet Girl - Warren Smith/Sweet Woman - Edwin Bruce/Doll Baby -Edwin Bruce/I Dig You Baby - Tommy Blake/Sweetie Pie - Tommy Blake

SUN 1030 - Rockin' Rollin' Country Style - Various Artists [1986] Drivin' - Mack Vickery/Foolproof - Mack Vickery/Have You Ever Been Lonely - Mack Vickery/My One Desire - Jimmy Williams/All I Want Is You - Jimmy Williams/Walkin' Shoes - Onie Wheeler/That's All - Onie Wheeler/Tell ‘Em Off - Onie Wheeler/Jump Right Out Of This Juke Box - Onie Wheeler/Bonaparte's Retreat - Onie Wheeler/Trumpet - Malcom Yelvington/First And Last Love - Malcom Yelvington/Mr. Blues - Malcom Yelvington/What I Tell My Heart - Luke McDaniel/Don't Come Crying - Tommy Ruick

SUN 1031 - Country Rock Sides - Various Artists [1985] You Lovin' Man - Vernon Taylor/This Kind Of Love - Vernon Taylor/Please Be Mine (Come To Me) - Tracy Pendarvis/Huh Huh Oh Yeah - Tracy Pendarvis/Tonight Will Be The Last Night - Warren Smith/Dear John - Warren Smith/I'm Movin' On - Warren Smith/Golden Rocket - Warren Smith/So Young - Ray Smith/Forever Yours - Ray Smith/Mad At You - Mack Self/Love Love Mercy - Mack Self/Mystery Train - Vernon Taylor/Eight Wheel - Edwin Bruce

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