Charly Album Discography, Part 9
R&B Series, CRB 1100-1199 (1985-1989)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 6, 2005

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Charly R&B Series, Continued:

CRB 1100 - Bad Baad Girl - Little Esther [1985] Looking For A Man (To Satisfy My Soul)/The Deacon Moves In/I'm A Bad Bad Girl/Ring-A-Ding Doo/Aged And Mellow Blues/Ramblin' Blues/The Storm/Hollerin' And Screamin'/Mainliner/Saturday Night Daddy/You Took My Love Too Fast/Last Laugh Blues/Flesh Blood And Bones/Turn The Lamps Down Low/Cherry Wine/Hound Dog

CRB 1101 - I Heard That! - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [1985] Highway 60/Motor Head Baby/No I Can't/What's Going On?/Walking To My Baby/Thinking/I Got Eyes/Space Guitar/Half Pint-A-Whiskey/Gettin' Drunk/You Can't Take It With You/Cuttin' In/Sweet Lovin' Mama/In The Evening/Those Lonely Lonely Feelings/Gangster Of Love

CRB 1102 - Lovin' Operator - Wilbert Harrison [1985] Kansas City/Blueberry Hill/On Top Of Old Smokey/Why Did You Leave/ Da-De-Ya- Da/Pretty Little Woman/Lovin' Operator/My Dream/Let's Stick Together /Mary Ann/I Really Love You/Don't Wreck My Life/Sweet Baby (Cheatin' Woman) /Tell On Yourself/I Will Never Trust Another Woman

CRB 1103 - Ride with Your Daddy Tonight - Frank Frost [1985] My Back Scratcher/Never Leave Me At Home/Harpin' On It/Things You Do/Feel Good Babe/Pocket Full Of Money/Ride With Your Daddy Tonight/Got My Mojo Working/Janie On My Mind/Harp And Soul/Didn't Mean No Harm/Pretty Baby/Five Long Years

CRB 1104 - Open Up Baby - George "Wild Child" Butler [1985] Open Up Baby/Big Momma Little Momma/Axe And The Wind/Jelly Jam/Hold Me Baby/Do Something Baby/She Walks Like My Mary Ann/Put It All In There/My Forty Year Old Woman/Harmonica Prayer/Gravy Child/Best Of Wild Child/Keep On (Doin' What You're Doin')/Hippy Playground

CRB 1105 - Power Wire Blues - Luther Allison [1985] Dust My Broom/I Got Worries/You Don't Love Me//Going Down/I'm Gonna Leave You Alone (You're Gonna Make Me Cry)/Sweet Home Chicago

CRB 1106 - R&B Volts from the VJ Vaults - Various Artists [11/85] Fannie's Place - Larry Birdsong/Ain't Nothing But A Fool - Larry Birdsong/Goodbye Goodbye - Larry Birdsong/I'll Run My Business - Larry Birdsong/It's You I Love - Dillard Crume Jr/Rock'n' Roll Boogie - Dillard Crume Jr/I'll Pray For You - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/The Twist - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/Don't Be Careless Miss Meilo & Heavy Drama/The Home Fires Are Brighter After All - Kip Anderson/ I Wanna Be The Only One - Kip Anderson/Much In Need - Five Royales/They Don't Know - Five Royales/Help Me Somebody - Five Royales/Talk About - Five Royales

CRB 1107 - The Classic Recordings - Otis Rush [11/85] All Your Love/Three Times A Fool/She's A Good 'Un/It Takes Time/Double Trouble/My Love Will Never Die/My Baby Is A Good 'Un/Checking On My Baby/Jump Sister Bessie/I Can't Quit You Baby/If You Were Mine/Groaning The Blues/Keep On Loving Me Baby/Sit Down Baby/Love That Woman/Violent Love

CRB 1108 - Easy Baby - Magic Sam [11/85] All My Whole Life/Everything Gonna Be Alright/Easy baby/Look Whatcha Done/All Your Love/Love Me With A Feeling/Every Night About This Time/She Belongs To Me/Out Of bad Luck/Roll Your Moneymaker/Call Me If You Need Me/Magic Rocker/All Night Long/21 Days In Jail/Love Me This Way

CRB 1109 - Rare Soul Uncovered, Vol 2 - Various Artists [1986] Sam Dees - Lonely For You Baby/Lost Souls - I'm Your Love Man/Maurice Williams - Don't You Ever Leave Me; What Can A Man Do; Being Without You/Ad Libs - Nothing Worse Than Being Alone/Montclairs - Unwanted Love/Barrett Strong - Gonna Take A Journey; Make Up Your Mind/Johnny Dynamite - The Night The Angels Cried/Inspirations - Touch Me Hold Me Kiss Me/Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over/Ted Ford - You're Gonna Need Me/Fred Hughes - I Keep Tryin'/Jerms - I'm A Teardrop/Roscoe Shelton - Running For My Life/Willie Hobbs - 'Til I Get It Right/Van McCoy - Sweet And Easy

CRB 1110 - Into the Eighties - Johnny Otis Show [1985] Recorded at Amigo Studios, North Hollywood California 1984, Licensed from Ala Enterprices Ltd. Rock & Roll Wedding/Stand By Me/Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)/Hit That Jive, Jack Rollin'/Do It Again, Baby/In The Still Of The Night/Hide Away//Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Soothe Me, Baby/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/I Found You/Fine And Mellow/I'm Gonna' Leave These Women Alone

CRB 1111 - Make Me Strong - Aaron Neville [1986] Recorded by Sansu Enterprises between late 1968 and mid '70s. Struttin' On Sunday/Hercules/Make Me Strong/All These Things/Baby I'm A Want You/Performance/Mojo Hannah//The Greatest Love/One Fine Day/Tell It Like It Is/Cry Me A River/Been So Wrong/Speak To Me/Going Home

CRB 1112 - Here Come The Meters - Meters [1986] Sophisticated Cissy/Here Comes The Meterman/The Mob/Funky Miracle/Ride Your Pony/Art/Dry Spell/Thinking/Handclapping Song/Britches/Liver Splash/Joog/Same Old Thing/6V6 LA/Sehorn's Farm/Simple Song

CRB 1113 - The Delectable Sound Of Dee Clark - Dee Clark [1986] Seven Nights/Just Like A Fool/24 Boyfriends/Why Don't You Come Home/Blues Get Off My Shoulder/I Just Can't Help Myself/Because I Love You/Money/Dance On Little Girl/Drums In My Heart/You Are Like The Wind/Fever/Old Man River/Little Boy Blue/How Is He Treating You/I'm Going Back To School

CRB 1114 - Stormy Weather - Spaniels [1986] Lovey Dovey Baby/Three Little Words/People Will Say We're In Love/I'll Be Waiting/Stormy Weather/Why I Love You/Baby Come Along With Me/I Owe You/ Bounce/Red Sails In The Sunset/Please Don't Tease/You Painted Pictures/Baby Sweets/One Hundred Years From Today/A Stranger In Love/Let's Make Up

CRB 1115 - Dancin' & Romancin': 18 Doowop Diamonds from the Vee-Jay Vaults - Various Artists [1986] Up On The Mountain - Magnificents/Down Off The Mountain - Magnificents/You Ain't Ready - Flamingos/Crazy Over You - Kool Gents/Feeling Alright - Hi Lighters/Stop - Lyrics/Get Lost - Rhythm Aces/Tears On My Pillow - Eldorados/Caddy Bo - Magnificents//Blues In The Letter - Flamingos/Secret Love - Moonglows/For All We Know - Orioles/Ozeta - Magnificents/Hurry Home Baby - Flamingos/The Lonely One - Sheriff & The Ravels/Now That It's Over - Falcons/I Was Wrong - Moonglows/Hello Dear - Hi Lighters

CRB 1116 - Jump Jive An' Wail - Louis Prima [1986] Jump Jive An' Wail/Medley: Just A Gigolo, I Ain't Got Nobody/Oh Marie/(I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You/Buona Sera/I've Got The World On A String/Pennies From Heaven/Medley: Angelina, Zooma Zooma/Medley: Don't Worry 'Bout Me, In The Mood For Love/Medley: Them There Eyes, Honeysuckle Rose/Gotta See Baby Tonight/Fee Fie Foo

CRB 1117 - Live At The Regal - Gene Chandler [1986] Rainbow "65"/If You Can't Be True/Soul Hootenany/The Monkey Time/What Now/ Just Be True/Ain't No Use/Bless Our Love/A Song Called Soul

CRB 1118 - Whatever You Want - Jerry Butler [1986] Rainbow Valley/A Lonely Soldier/Thanks To You/When Trouble Calls/Aware Of Love/Isle Of Sirens/It's Too Late/Moon River/Woman With Soul/Whatever You Want/I Almost Lost My Mind/Good Times/Give It Up/Believe In Me/Just For You/For Your Precious Love

CRB 1119 - Ice Cold Blues - Albert Collins [1986] Harris County Line/Conversation With Collins/Jawling/Grapeland Gossip/ Chatterbox/ Trash Talkin'/Leftovers/Got A Good Thing Goin'/Lip Service/Talking Slim Blues/ Backyard Backtalk/Tongue Lashing/And It Started Raining/Stump Poker

CRB 1120 - Whoopin' The Blues - Sonny Terry [1986] Whoopin' The Blues/All Alone Blues/Worried Man Blues/Leavin' Blues/Screaming And Crying Blues/Riff And Harmonica Jump/Crow Jane Blues/Beer Garden Blues/ Hot Headed Woman/Custard Pie Blues/Early Morning Blues/Harmonica Rag/Dirty Mistreater Don't You Know/Telephone Blues

CRB 1121 - Roll With the Punches - Garnet Mimms [1986] Original United Artists and Veep recordings. All tracks produced in New York by Jerry Ragavoy. All About Love/One Woman Man/Don't Change Your Heart/Prove It To Me/The Truth Hurts/There Is Something On Your Mind/Looking For You/Roll With The Punches//It Won't Hurt (Half As Much)/Please Send Me Someone To Love/Only Your Love/I Keep Wanting You/Until You Were Gone/Anytime You Want Me/I'll Make It Up To You/Welcome Home

CRB 1122 - Soul Shake - Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson [1986] Lover's Holiday/Pickin' Wild Mountain Berries/Love Will Come Sneaking Up On You/Pure Love And Pleasure/Magic Fingers/I Want To Love You Baby/It's The Only way/Big City Blues/Soul Shake/Doing Our Thing/Over The Hill Underground/True Soul Lovin'/Money Don't Satisfy/We Got Our Bag/Every Little Bit Hurts/You Can Never Get Something For Nothing

CRB 1123 - Brimful of Soul - Charles Brimmer [1986] I Love Her/Dedicating My Love To You/With You In Mind/My Sweet Thing/That's How Strong My Love Is//I Want To Be Your Breadwinner/Play Something Sweet/Don't Break My Heart/We've Only Just Begun/Your Man's Gonna Be In Trouble

CRB 1124 - Sehorn's Soul Farm, Vol 2 - Various Artists [1986] Eldridge Holmes - Lovely Woman/Diamond Joe - How To Pick A Winner/Willie West - Fair Child/Warren Lee - Just Like A Woman/Zilla Mayes - I Love You Still/ Ironing Board Sam - Man Of The Street/Willie Harper - Here Comes That Hurt Again/Ernie K-Doe - You Got To Love Me/Danny White - Natural Soul Brother /Curly Moore - Goodbye/Eldridge Holmes - Cheatin' Woman/Diamond Joe - Don't Set Me Back/Willie West - Did You Have Fun/Zilla Mayes - All I Want Is You/Joe Haywood - Sadie Mae/Ernie K-Doe - You Lie So Much

CRB 1125 - Is It Because I'm Black - Syl Johnson [1986] Come On Sock It To Me/Dresses To Short/I Can Take Care Of Business/I'll Take Those Skinny Legs/I Resign/Get Ready/I Feel An Urge/I Take Care Of Homework//Is It Because I'm Black/Concrete Reservation/Walk A Mile In My Shoes/I'm Talkin' 'Bout Freedom/Right On

Note: Somewhere between 1125 and 1131 the label changed from plain black to two-color, black and grey, with the new logo. The logo used on the covers changed simultaneously. New pressings of pre-1125 numbers use the new label from this point.

CRB 1126 - Junior Jump - Sugar Chile Robinson [1986] Go Boy Go/Say Little Girl/Bases Were Loaded/Sticks And Stones/Whop Whop /Yancey Special/I'll Eat My Spinach/Caldonia/Numbers Boogie/Frustration Boogie/ Lazy Boys Boogie/Bouncing Ball Boogie/After School Blues/Christmas Boogie

CRB 1127 - Battin' The Boogie - Various Artists [1986] Willie Restum - One Note Boogie/Marvin Johnson - Save Me A Boogie/Willie Restum - Good Morning Mary/Paul Williams - Hello/Willie Restum - What'd He Say/ Joshua Johnson - Battin' The Boogie/Paul Williams - You're Breaking My Heart No More/Willie Restum - Rock A Beatin' Boogie/Paul Williams - Rock It Davy Crockett/ Joshua Johnson - Ramblin' Woman/Willie Restum - Kiss Me/Billy Valentine - Your Love Has Got Me Rockin' And Reelin'/Willie Restum - Off And On/Do It Easy/Restum In Peace Blues/Paul Williams - It's Over

CRB 1128 - Ridin' The Riff - Various Artists [1986] Big Bob Dougherty - Big Bob's Boogie; Ridin' The Riff/Big Al Sears - Tom Dick & Harry; Tina's Canteen; 125th St New York; Tan Skin Lad/Hal Singer - Buttermilk & Beans; Please Dr Jive/Harold Burrage - Hi Yo Silver; I Need My Baby; I Ain't Mad At No One/Tommy Ridgely - Come Home Baby; Tra La La; Anything But Love/Big Danny Oliver - I Wanna Go Steady; Baby Don't Cry

CRB 1129 - Main Street People - Four Tops [1986] Main Street People (Intro)/I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Mind/I Won't Be The First Time/Sweet Understanding Love/Am I My Brother's Keeper/Are You Man Enough/Whenever There's Blue/Too Little Too Late/Peace Of Mind/One Woman Man/Main Street People

CRB 1130 - That Oozamatic Bluesamatic Cruiseamtic, Cincinnati Fatback - Danny Adler [1986] Zero Hero/Tasty Too/Cincinnati Fatback/Water/Sweet Mama Kundalini/Sock It To My Pocket/ All Aboard/Humanitation/Change

CRB 1131 - Mellow Fellow - Fenton Robinson [1986] Original Sound Stage 7 Recordings. Somebody Loan Me A Dime/Little Turch/Leave You In The Arms (Of Your Other Man)/Let Me Come On Home/She's A Wiggler/Laughing And Crying Blues//Sideman/Mellow Fellow/The Sky Is Crying/I Wanna Ooh/I Fell In Love One Time/The Getaway

CRB 1132 - Sad Shades Of Blue - Geater Davis [1986] I Ain't Worried About Jody Pt 1/Your Heart Is So Cold/I Know My Baby Loves Me/I'll Meet You/Why Does It Hurt So Bad/A Whole Lot Of Man/A Sad Shade Of Blue/Will It Be Me Or Him Pt 1/Will It Be Me Or Him Pt 2/Long Cold Winter/I've Got To Pay The Price/I'm Gonna Change/Two That Sticks Together/I'm So In Love With You

CRB 1133 - Messing With The Kid - Junior Wells [1986] Messin' With The Kid/I'm A Stranger/Little By Little/Come On In This House/Cha Cha Cha In Blue/Prison Bars All Around Me/Love Me/It Hurts Me Too/The Things I'd Do For You/I Could Cry/Lovey Dovey Lovey One/So Tired/I Need Me A Car/You Sure Look Good To Me/You Don't Care/Two Headed Woman

CRB 1134 - Calling All Blues - Earl Hooker/Magic Sam [1986] Earl Hooker - Rockin' Wild/Magic Sam with Ammons Sisters - My Love Is Your Love/Earl Hooker - Blue Guitar/Earl Hooker & Junior Wells - Galloping Horses A Lazy Mule/Earl Hooker - Blues In D Natural/Magic Sam with Ammons Sisters - Mr Charlie/Earl Hooker - Calling All Blues/Magic Sam - Square Dance Rock Pt 1; Every Night About This Time/Hooker & Wells - Universal Rock/Earl Hooker vcl Mr Tidwell - Swear To Tell The Truth/Earl Hooker - These Cotton-Pickin' Blues/Magic Sam - Blue Light Boogie/Earl Hooker - Rockin' With The Kid/Magic Sam - You Don't Have To Work; Square Dance Rock Pt 2

CRB 1135 - Chicago Calling - Various Artists [1986] Earl Hooker - How Long Can This Go On/Lillian Offitt - Oh Mama/A C Reed - Mean Cop/Earl Hooker - Win The Dance/Ricky Allen - Remember The Time/Big Moose & Jams - Off The Hook/A C Reed - Lotta Lovin'/Lillian Offitt - My Man Is A Lover/Earl Hooker - Apache War Dance/A C Reed - That Ain't Right/Big Moose & Jams - The Bright Sound/Ricky Allen - Early In The Morning/Earl Hooker & Earlettes - That Man/Lillian Offitt - Will My Man Be Home Tonight/A C Reed - I Stay Mad/Ricky Allen - Cut You A-Loose

CRB 1136 - Another Tear Falls - Gene McDaniels [1986] Licensed from EMI. A Hundred Pounds Of Clay/Spanish Harlem/Walk With A Winner/The Point Of No Return/Chip Chip/Hang On (Just A Little Bit Longer)/A Tear/Tower Of Strength//Another Tear Falls/Raindrops/(There Goes) The Forgotten Man/It's A Lonely Town/Spanish Lace/I Don't Want To Cry/Cry, Baby, Cry/You Can Have Her

CRB 1137 - Bringing You Some Soul - Sam Baker [1986] Coming To Bring You Some Soul/Hold Back Girl/I Love You/I Can't Breakaway/Let Me Come On Home/Sometimes You Have To Cry/What Did Sister Do/Don't Feel Rained On/Sugarman/I Believe In You/I'm Number One/It's All Over/Strange Sensation/Something Tells Me/You Can't See The Blood/Sunny

CRB 1138 - If Loving You Is Wrong - Percy Sledge [1986] Recorded late 1979, Licensed from Kilo Music. If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right)/When A Man Love A Woman/Take Time To Know Her/Warm & Tender Love/It Tears Me Up/Behind Closed Doors/Try A Little Tenderness//Dock Of The Bay/Tell It Like It Is/You Send Me/Bring It On Home/My Special Prayer/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Cover Me

CRB 1139 - Harlem Shuffle - Various Artists [1986] Bob & Earl - Harlem Shuffle/Barbara Lewis - Hello Stranger/Shades Of Blue - Oh How Happy/Brenton Wood - Oogum Boogum Song/Olympics - The Bounce/Mel & Tim - Backfield In Motion/Barbara Lewis - Make Me Your Baby/Gene Allison - You Can Make It If You Try/Brenton Wood - Gimme Little Sign/Olympics - Dancin' Holiday/Deon Jackson - Love Makes The World Go Round/Bird Legs & Pauline - Spring/Soul Survivors - Expressway To Your Heart/Fred Hughes - Oo Wee Baby I Love You/Barbara Lewis - Baby I'm Yours/Capitols - Cool Jerk

CRB 1140 - Who's Been Talkin' - Robert Cray Band [1986] Digitally remastered reissue of Tomato Records TOM-7041, originally released 1980. Too Many Cooks/The Score/The Welfare (Turns Its Back On You)/That's What I'll Do/I'd Rather Be A Wino//Who's Been Talkin'/Sleeping In The Ground/I'm Gonna Forget About You/Nice As A Fool Can Be/If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'

CRB 1141 - Women, Whiskey & Wailin' - Various Artists [1986] Bloodshot Eyes - Wynonie Harris/Boogie At Midnight - Roy Brown/My Gal - The Moonglows/Pedal Pushin' Papa - The Dominoes/South Shore Drive - Noble Watts with Paul Williams Orchestra/Just A Gigolo-I Ain't Got Nobody - Louis Prima/Hucklebuck With Jimmy - The Five Keys/Too Much Boogie - Doc Pomus//Good Morning Judge - Wynonie Harris/Jump Jive an' Wail - Louis Prima/Ain't That Just Like A Woman - Pat Flowers/Sittin' On It All The Time - Wynonie Harris/My Gal From Kokomo - Roy Brown/Buona Sera - Louis Prima/My Baby's 3-D - The Dominoes/Fannie Brown Got Married - Roy Brown

CRB 1142 - Yearning and Burning - Earl Gaines [1986]

CRB 1143 - Love Trials - Ann Sexton [1986] Original Sound Stage 7/Seventy Seven Recordings. I Want To Be Loved/I'm His Wife You're Just A Friend/Who's Gonna Love You?/I Had A Fight With Love/Be Serious/Colour My World Blue/You've Been Doing Me Wrong For So Long//Have A Little Mercy/Loving You Loving Me/Love Love Love/Come Back Home/Keep On Holding On/You're Letting Me Down/You're Gonna Miss Me

CRB 1144 - Nobody But Me - Ella Washington [1986]

CRB 1145 - C.L. Blast - C.L. Blast [1986]

CRB 1146 - The First Time We Met: The Greatest Hits - Independents [1986] Original Wand Recordings. I Found Love On A Rainy Day/The First Time We Met/I Just Want To Be There/Leaving Me/It's All Over/Let This Be A Lesson To You//No Wind, No Rain/Just As Long As You Need Me - Parts 1 & 2/Sara Lee/Baby I've Been Missing You/Couldn't Hear Nobody Say (I Love You Like I Do)

CRB 1147 - Move On Out - Lightnin' Hopkins

CRB 1148 - Midnight Beat - Jerry McCain

CRB 1149 - Rough Dried Blues - Various Artists

CRB 1150 - Blue's Blues - Little Joe Blue

CRB 1151 - Strain on Your Heart - Roscoe Shelton

CRB 1152 - Percy! - Percy Sledge

CRB 1153 - Testifyin' - Charles Smith

CRB 1154 - Why Must It End - Roscoe Robinson

CRB 1155 - Testifyin' - Various Artists

CRB 1156 - Southern Soul Brewery - Various Artists

CRB 1157 - Everyday I Have to Cry - Lattimore Brown

CRB 1158 - Mama's Cookin' - Cissy Houston

CRB 1159 -

CRB 1160 - Chicago Soul - Various Artists

CRB 1161 - Too Good to Be Forgotten - Various Artists

CRB 1162 - I'm in Need - James Govan [1987]

CRB 1163 - I Like It Like That - Chris Kenner [1987] I Like It Like That, Part 1 (S, with studio talk)/Anybody Here Seen My Baby (M)/Shoo-Rah (M)/Johnny Little (M)/Gonna Getcha Baby (M)/Never Reach Perfection (M)/Something You Got (M)/That's My Girl (M)//Land Of 1,000 Dances (M)/She Can Dance (M)/Big Hunk O'Woman (Come Back And See) (M)/How Far (M)/Time (M)/All Night Rambler, Part 1 (M)/Packing Up (M)/(I Found) Peace (M)

CRB 1164 - Pitta Pattin' - Huey "Piano" Smith & Friends [1987] Rockin' Pneumonia & The Boogie-Woogie Flu, Part 1/Through Foolin' Around, Part 1/It Do Me Good, Part 1/Don't You Just Know It/I'll Never Forget It/Coo Coo Over You/Smile For Me/You Got To, Part 1/We Like Mambo/Bury Me Dead (Deep In My Grave)/(I Do Things Come) Naturally/(I'm Gonna Getcha) What'cha Bet/(I've Got) Everything/Baby You Hurt Me/Blues '67, Part 1/High Blood Pressure

CRB 1165 - Some Folks Don't Undersrtand It - Showmen [1987] Original Joe Banashak Recordings. It Will Stand/Country Fool/This Misery/The Wrong Girl/Fate Planned It This Way/For You My Darling/Valley Of Love/The Owl Sees You//Swish Fish/I'm Coming Home/Strange Girl/I Love You Can't You See/Let Her Feel It In Your Kiss/True Fine Mama/39-21-40 Shape/It Will Stand (previously unreleased take)

CRB 1166 - In Style - Various Artists [1987]

CRB 1167 - Major Bill's Texas Soul - Various Artists [1987] Action - Willie Hobbs with Pic & Bill/Dead - Ede Robin/My Baby's Back - James Duncan/Monkey Time - Billy Mills/One Woman Lover - Willie Hobbs/Mr. Pitiful - Robert & Matt/A Man Without A Woman - Matt Brown/It's Me - Johnny Copeland//A Woman Is A Nice Thing - Willie Hobbs/Soul Of A Man - Robert Thomas/These Arms Of Mine - Matt & Robert/Under The Pines - Billy Mills/Cry Cry Cry - Willie Hobbs/All These Things - Billy Mills/Evening In Paris - Amos Milburn Jr./Soul Symphony - Sons Of Moses

CRB 1168 - Fortune Teller - Benny Spellman [1987] Fortune Teller/Stickin' Witcha Baby/In The Night/Every Now And Then/T'ain't It The Truth/Life Is Too Short/You Don't Love Me No More/Talk About Love/I Feel Good/Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)/I'll Never Leave You/It's For You/The Word Game/You Got To Get It/Anywhere You Go/10-4 (Calling All Cars)

CRB 1169 - Y'All Ready Now? - Jessie Hill [1987] Original Joe Banashak Recordings. Ooh Poo Pah Doo/Why Holler/Whip It On Me/I Got Mine/Get In Touch/Oogsey Moo (take 10)/I Need Your Love/The Pot's On Strike//Oogsey Moo (take 1)/Popcorn Pop Pop/Scoop Scoobie Doobie/High Head Blues/Can't Get Enough (Of That Ooh Poo Pah Doo)/In My Mind/Candy/Sweet Jelly Roll

CRB 1170 - Loaded Down with the Blues - Various Artists [1987] Loaded Down - Boogie Jake/Early Morning Blues - Boogie Jake/Bad Luck And Trouble - Boogie Jake/(If Only I Had A) Chance For Your Love - Boogie Jake/Tight Like That - Edgar Blanchard/ Somebody's Doin' Me Wrong - Edgar Blanchard/Nervous Condition - The Pitter Pats/I'm Gonna Make You Eat Those Words - Eddie Lang/ The Fooler, Parts 1 & 2 - Eddie Lang/Moanin' And Screamin', Parts 1 & 2 - Diamond Joe/Ain't Broke Ain't Hungry - Polka Dot Slim/It's A Thing You Gotta Face - Polka Dot Slim/Way In The Middle Of The Night - Nolan Pitts/ What Is Life? - Nolan Pitts

CRB 1171 - Taking Inventory - Skip Easterling

CRB 1172 -

CRB 1173 - Albert King - Albert King

CRB 1174 - Get Ta Steppin' - Robert Parker

CRB 1175 - Of Lions and Lambs - Julia Lee

CRB 1176 -

CRB 1177 - Rock 'n Soul Hootenanny - Art Neville [1988] Original Sansu Enterprises and Joe Banashak Recordings. House On The Hill (Rock 'n' Roll Hootenanny)/Skeet Scat/Little Girl From The Candy Store/Humdinger/All These Things (prev. unissued take)/My Baby Don't Love Me Anymore/Darling, Don't Leave Me This Way/Come Back Love//Hook, Line And Sinker/Too Much/Pains In My Heart/Heartaches/I Need Someone/You Won't Do Right/That Rock 'n' Roll Beat/Bo Diddley

CRB 1178 -

CRB 1179 -

CRB 1180 - Truckload of Lovin' - Albert King

CRB 1181 - Shine On - Alvin Robinson [1988] Lazy Mary/Truly/Wake Up (And Face Reality)/They Said It Couldn't Be Done/Baby, Don't Blame Me/I'm Leaving You Today/Haul Off And Die Over You/Pain In My Heart/Oh Red/Dedicated To Domino/Something You Got/Searchin'/Fever/Down Home Girl/How Can I Get Over You/I'm Gonna Put Some Hurt On You/Bottom Of My Soul/Let The Good Times Roll

CRB 1182 - 100% Purified Soul - James & Bobby Purify [1988] Original Bell Recordings. I Take What I Want/Untie Me/I've Got Everything I've Need (I've Got You)/Wish You Didn't Have To Go/Do Unto Me/You Left The Water Running/I Don't Want To Have To Wait/I'm Your Puppet//Shake A Tail Feather/So Many Reasons/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Sixteen Tons/A Change Is Gonna Come/Let Love Come Between Us/Blame Me (Don't Blame My Heart)/You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

CRB 1183 - Oscar Toney Jnr - Oscar Toney, Jr. [1988]

CRB 1184 - Symphonic Soul - Delfonics [1988] Original PhillyGroove Recordings. La La Means I Love You/I'm Sorry/Break Your Promise/Ready Or Not Here I Come/Somebody Loves You/Funny Feeling/You Got Yours And I'll Get Mine/Trying To Make A Fool Of Me//Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time/When You Get Right Down To It/Hey Love/Over & Over/Walk Right Up To The Sun/With These Hands/Loving Him/Face It Girl It's Over

CRB 1185 - A Fool for You - Bobby Powell

CRB 1186 - Blues After Dark - Pee Wee Crayton

CRB 1187 - The Bishop Rides South - Solomon Burke

CRB 1188 - The Message - Various Artists

CRB 1189 - Nothing But the Truth - Mighty Sam (Sam McLain)

CRB 1190 - Free Form Patterns - Lightnin' Hopkins

CRB 1191 - Albert King - Albert King

CRB 1192 - Soul Jewels, Vol. 1 - Various Artists

CRB 1193 - Soul Jewels, Vol. 2 - Various Artists

CRB 1194 - Soul Jewels, Vol. 3 - Various Artists

CRB 1195 - Vippin' and Voppin' - Eddie Bo [1988] Our Love Will Never Falter/All I Ask Of You/Skate It Out/Let Our Love Begin/Solid Foundation/If I Had To Do It Over/From This Day On/Something's Working/S.G.B./What You Gonna Do/Just Friends/Fence Of Love/Fallin' In Love Again/You're With Me/Lover And A Friend/I Just Keep Rollin

CRB 1196 - Rush Hour - Bobby Rush [1989]

CRB 1197 -

CRB 1198 -

CRB 1199 - The Bluesway Sessions - Roy Brown [1989]

Thanks to Adam Komorowski, Rob Ford, Gorgen Antonsson, Claus Simonsen, and Leif Sandsjo.

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