Charly Album Discography, Part 10
R&B Series, CRB 1200-1227 (1989)

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 6, 2005

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Charly R&B Series, Continued:

CRB 1200 - Unchained - Roy Hamilton [1989]

CRB 1201 - Bobby Womack - Bobby Womack [1989]

CRB 1202 - Joe Simon - Joe Simon [1989]

CRB 1203 - Good to the Last Drop - Various Artists [1989]

CRB 1204 - O.V. Wright - O.V. Wright [1989]

CRB 1205 - Real Life - Screamin' Jay Hawkins [1989]

CRB 1206 - Mean Ol' Frisco - Arthur Crudup [1989]

CRB 1207 - New York Blues, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1989]

CRB 1208 - New York Blues, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1989]

CRB 1209 - Good News - Buster Brown [1989]

CRB 1210 -

CRB 1211 - I Put a Spell on You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins [1989]

CRB 1212 - Come Go With Me - Elmore James [1989]

CRB 1213 - Lock Me in Your Heart - Tarheel Slim & Little Ann [1989] Lock Me In Your Heart/Don't Ever Leave Me/Forever I'll Be Yours/It's Too Late/Wild Cat Tamer/You Gonna Reap/Too Much Competition/Security/Number Nine Train/Much Too Late/Anything For You/Can't Stay Away, Pt. 1/You Make Me Feel So Good/My Kinda Woman/Got To Keep On Lovin' You/Can't Stay Away From You

CRB 1214 - Tyrone Davis - Tyrone Davis [1989]

CRB 1215 - Stone Soul Country - Joe Tex [1989] A reissue of Soul Country [Atlantic SD 8187] with some tracks in the similar vein added. Just Out Of Reach/Detroit City/Set Me Free/Heartbreak Hotel/Together Again/King Of The Road/At The Dark End Of The Street/I'll Never Do You Wrong//Funny How Time Slips Away/Ode To Billy Joe/Release Me/Skip A Rope/Engine Engine No. 9/Honey/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Green Green Grass Of Home

CRB 1216 - Johnnie Taylor - Johnnie Taylor [1989]

CRB 1217 - Show Me the Way - Aaron Neville [1989] Original Joe Banashak Recordings. How Could I Help But Love You/Over You (alternate take)/Even Though (aka Reality)/Humdinger/Show Me The Way/I Found Another Love/How Many Times/Every Day/Hey Little Alice//Sweet Little Mama/Don't Cry (alternate take)/The Ticks Of The Clock/For Every Boy There's A Girl/I'm Waiting At The Station/Wrong Number (alternate take)/I've Done It Again (aka "Once Again")/Let's Live/Get Out Of My Life (alternate take)

CRB 1218 - Burn, K-Doe, Burn! - Ernie K-Doe [1989]

CRB 1219 - Tear Stained Soul: Rare Soul from the Quinvy/Broadway Sound Studio, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1989] Original Quinvy/South Camp/Broadway Sound recordings. Don Varner - Tear Stained Face/Eddie Bradford - Push Mr Pride Aside/Don Varner - Mojo Mama/Jimmy Braswell - Hand Shaking/Eddie Bradford - Little Bit Of Love/Don Varner - When It's Over/Eddie Bradford - You Made Your Bed//Al Johnson - Bless Your Sweet Little Soul/Don Varner - Meet Me In Church/Jimmy Braswell - Home For The Summer/Brenda Varner - Don't Give Up On Me/Al Johnson - Love Waits For No Man/Don Varner - Down In Texas/Brenda Varner - Let Me Be A Woman

CRB 1220 - Freddie North - Freddie North [1989]

CRB 1221 - Bell's Cellar of Soul '89 - Various Artists [1989] Original Amy/Mala/Bell recordings. Clifford Curry - She Shot A Hole In My Soul/The O'Jays - The Choice/Bill Moss - Sock It To 'em Soul Brother/Jimmy & Louise Tig & Co - A Love That Never Grows Cold/The Masqueraders - I'm Just An Average Guy/Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - Can't Find No Substitute For Love/Floyd Henley - Believe In Me/The O'Jays - Don't You Know A True Love//Moses and Joshua Dillard - My Elusive Dreams/The O'Jays - I Miss You/Frankie Karl & The Dreams - Don't Be Afraid/Melvin Davis - Love Bug Got A Bear Hug/Lee Jones & The Sounds Of Soul - On The Otherside/The Masqueraders - I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else/Van and Titus - Cry Baby Cry/The Showmen - Action

CRB 1222 - Rare Soul from the Quinvy/Broadway Sound Studio, Vol. 2 - Various Artists

CRB 1223 - You Better Remember It: Rare Soul from the Quinvy/Broadway Sound Studio, Vol. 3 - Various Artists

CRB 1224 - More Power to You: Rare Soul from the Quinvy/Broadway Sound Studio, Vol. 4 - Various Artists

CRB 1225 - Rainbow Road: Rare Soul from the Quinvy/Broadway Sound Studio, Vol. 5 - Various Artists

CRB 1226 - Ruler of Hearts - Irma Thomas

CRB 1227 - Rich Man - Luther Allison

Thanks to Adam Komorowski, Rob Ford, Gorgen Antonsson and Leif Sandsjo.

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