All Platinum/Chess & Sugar Hill/Chess Album Discography (1976-1982)
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When Chess was sold to All Platinum Records in August, 1975, the orange and blue label continued to be used, but a variation was also used which had pink replacing the orange and green replacing the blue; the graphics were the same. We have only seen this pink and green label on the reissues in the Chess Vintage Series. At the point the label was sold to All Platinum, the Cadet label was discontinued.

The first issue of the Rock 'N Rhythm Series used the series logo on the label, but the other issues in the series used the normal label.

By 1982, the All Platinum label was sold to Sugar Hill Records, part of the Roulette labels, and Chess continued to be operated at the same address in Engelwood Cliffs, NJ. Sugar Hill started a revival of Chess with a promotional campaign called "Chess Is Back." They used a new dark blue label with silver print, with "CHESS RECORDS" around the top perimeter and a checkerboard pattern around the bottom perimeter. Although the label was essentially the same as the one later used by MCA, these issues had no mention of MCA either as a distributor or owner on either the label or the record jacket, and the record numbers are all in the 8000s. All of these Sugar Hill/Chess issues seem to have been immediately renumbered in the 9000s and reissued by MCA when they acquired Chess. The promotional label for the Sugar Hill/Chess label was white with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

All Platinum/Chess 200 Masters of Blues Series:

2ACMB-201 - Howlin' Wolf - Howlin' Wolf [1976] (2-LP set) Reissue of 2CH-60016. Disc 1: Smokestack Lightnin'/Down In The Bottom/No Place To Go/Moanin' At Midnight/Forty- Four/My Country Sugar Mama//Spoonful/The Red Rooster/Moanin' For My Baby/I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline)/How Many More Years/Louise; Disc 2: Killing Floor/Evil (Is Goin' On)/Back Door Man/Sitting On Top Of The World/Tail Dragger/Tell Me//Wang-Dang Doodle/Who's Been Talkin'/Built For Comfort/Ooh Baby Hold Me/Baby How Long/Three Hundred Pounds of Joy

2ACMB-202 - Little Walter - Little Walter [1976] (2-LP set) Reissue of 2CH-60014. Disc 1: My Babe (E)/Sad Hours (E)/You're So Fine (E)/Last Night (E)/Blues With A Feeling (E)/Can't Hold Out Much Longer (E)//Juke (E)/Mean Old World (E)/Off The Wall (E)/You Better Watch Yourself (E)/Blue Lights (E)/Tell Me Mama (E); Disc 2:Back Track (E)/It's Too Late Brother (E)/Just A Feeling (E)/Teenage Beat (E)/Just Your Fool (E)/Flying Saucer (E)//I Got To Go (E)/Shake Dancer (E)/Too Late (E)/Thunderbird (E)/Ah'w Baby (E)/Boom Boom Out Go the Lights (E)

2ACMB-203 - Muddy Waters - Muddy Waters [1976] (2-LP set) Reissue of 2CH-60006. Disc 1: Louisiana Blues/I'm Ready/Honey Bee/I Just Want To Make Love To You/Kind-Hearted Woman/She Moves Me//(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man/Long Distance Call/She's All Right/Rollin' Stone/Standing Around Crying/Too Young To Know; Disc 2: Walking Thru The Park/Still A Fool/You Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had/I Can't Be Satisfied/I Want You To Love Me/Rolling And Tumbling//Just To Be With You/You're Gonna Need My Help/Same Thing/My Life Is Ruined/Baby Please Don't Go/I've Got My Mojo Working, Part 1

2ACMB-204 - Little Milton - Little Milton [1976] (2-LP set)

2ACMB-205 - Lowell Fulson - Lowell Fulson [1976] (2-LP set) Disc 1: I Want To Know/Lonely Hours/Lovin' You/It's A Long Time/Rollin' Blues/Love 'N Things/Swinging Party//Took A Long Time/Love Grow Cold/Hung Down Head/Someday Baby/That's All Right/I Want To Make Love To You/Rock This Morning; Disc 2: Rock 'Em Dead/Comin' Home Someday/Have You Changed Your Mind/Worry Worry/K.C. Bound/So Many Tears/I'm Glad You Reconsidered//Blues Shadows/Pay Day Blues/Why Don't You Write Me/Shed No Tears/Trouble With The Blues/Blue Soul

2ACMB-206 - Sonny Boy Williamson - Sonny Boy Williamson [1976] (2-LP set) Reissue of Chess 2CH-50027. Disc 1: One Way Out/Don't Lose Your Eye/Keep It To Yourself/Sad To Be Alone/Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide/I Wonder Why/I Never Do Wrong//I Don't Know/Don't Start Me To Talkin'/Bring It On Home/Key To Your Door/Cross My Heart/Let Me Explain/Stop Crying; Disc 2: All My Love In Vain/Help Me/Nine Below Zero/Got To Move/She Got Next To Me/Born Blind/I Can't Be Alone//Keep Your Hand Out Of My Pocket/Too Close Together/Understand My Life/Like Wolf/99/Santa Claus/Your Imagination

2ACMB-207 - Jimmy Rogers - Jimmy Rogers [1976] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Left Me With A Broken Heart/Blues All Day Long/Today Today Blues/The World's In A Tangle/She Loves Another Man/Hard Working Man//Chance To Love/My Little Machine/Mistreated Baby/What's The Matter/You're The One (early version)/If It Ain't Me; Disc 2: One Kiss/I Can't Believe/What Have I Done/My Baby Don't Love Me No More/Trace Of You (alternate take)/Don't You Know My Baby//Crying Shame/Give Love Another Chance/This Has Never Been/Rock This House/My Last Meal/You Don't Know/Can't Keep From Worrying

2ACMB-208 - J. B. Lenoir - J. B. Lenoir [1976] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Natural Man/Don't Dog Your Woman/Let Me Die With The One I Love/Carrie Lee/Mama What About Your Daughter/If I Give Me To You/Five Years//Don't Touch My Head/I've Been Down So Long/What Have I Done/Eisenhower Blues/Korea Blues/Everybody Wants to Know/I'm In Korea; Disc 2: Mama Your Daughter's Going to Miss Me/We Can't Go on This Way/Give Me One More Shot/When I Am Drinking/J.B.'s Rock/If You Love Me/Low Down Dirty Shame //Man Watch Your Woman/Mama Talk To Your Daughter/Sitting Down Thinking/Daddy Talk To Your Son/I Don't Know/Good Looking Woman/Voo Doo Boogie

2ACMB-209 - Sugar Boy Crawford - Sugar Boy Crawford [1976] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Overboard/I Don't Know What I'll Do/You Know I Love You/Stop/Watch Her Whip Her/Honey//I Bowed On My Knees/Wandering Baby/No More Heartaches/What's Wrong/Love Love Love/Troubled Mind Blues; Disc 2: Ooh Wee Sugar/There Goes My Baby/Jockomo/You You You/You Call Everybody Sweetheart/If I Loved You Darling//Get Away/Please Believe Me/For Me/Wondering/Night Rider/Long Lost Stranger

All Platinum/Chess 400 Masters of Jazz Series:

2ACMJ-401 - Magic Moments - John Klemmer [1976] (2-LP set) Excursion # 2/My Love Has Butterfly Wings/My Heart Sings/Free Soul/Children of the Earth Flames/Hey Jude/Third Stone From the Sun/Summer Dong/Rose Petals/A Non Fiere Africain, Gardens of Uranus/La De Dah/All the Children Cried/Here Comes the Child/I Whisper A Prayer For Peace/Pulsation's of a Green Eyed Lady/Journey's End/Soliloquy For Tenor & Voice

2ACMJ-402 - Double Exposure - Woody Herman [1976] (2-LP set) Lancaster Gate/The Hut/Memphis Underground/Flying Easy/I Can't Get Next To You/Sex Machine/My Cherie Amour/Aguarius/Impressions of Strayhorn/Pontelo/MacArthur Park/Light My Fire/Here I Am Baby/For Love of Ivy/Hard To Keep My Mind On You/Nistico/A Stone called Person/Time For Love/Blues In the Night/Smiling Phases

2ACMJ-403 - Moody's Mood - James Moody [1976] (2-LP set) Flute N the Blues/Birdland Story/Parker's Mood/Boo's Tune/Richard's Blues/Breaking The Blues/I Cover the Waterfront/Mean To Me/Body & Soul/Foolin' the Blues/Phil Up/Plus Eight/Billie's Bounce/I'm In the Mood For Love/You Go To My Head/Stardust/Why Don't You/The Moody One/Brother Yusef/Yvonne/Last Train From Overbrook/There She Goes/Don't Worry Bout Me/What's New/Tico Tico/All the Things You Ar

2ACMJ-404 - Back Talk - Oliver Nelson & Lou Donaldson [1976] (2-LP set) Reissue of Argo 737 and Cadet 768. Hobo Flats/Three Plus One/Teenie's Blues/Laz-ie Kate/Post No Bills/A Blentot/Take Me With You/Daylie's Double - Oliver Nelson/L.D. Blues/Ignant Oil/Rough House Blues/Back Talk/Huffin' N Puffin'/Tippin' In/Days of Wine and Roses - Lou Donaldson

2ACMJ-405 - Interaction - Sonny Stitt & Zoot Sims [1976] (2-LP set) 920 Special/55th & State/Bohemia After Dark/Gus Blues/Woody'nYou/The Man I Love/Blue Room/That Old Feeling/The Saber/Katea/I Want To Go Home/My Blue Heaven/Fools Rush In/Look Down That Lonesome Road/It's Hipper Than That/A Minor Sax/Reed & a Half/I'll Tell You Later/How High the Moon/Lover Man/Easy Living/Look For the Silver Lining/Ko Ko

2ACMJ-406 - Percussion Discussion - Max Roach & Art Blakey [1976] (2-LP set) Reissue of Argo 623 and Cadet 4049. Scotch Blues/Fight To Jordan/Transfiguration/Exibit A/Theme From Rhapsody In Blue/Summertime/Someone To Watch Over Me/Man I Love - Art Blakey/Audio Blues/Four-X/Crackle Hut/Speculate/That Ole Devil Love - Max Roach

2ACMJ-407 - Ahmad Jamal - Ahmad Jamal [1976] (2-LP set)

2ACMJ-408 - Kenny Burrell - Kenny Burrell [1976] (2-LP set)

2ACMJ-409 - Al Grey - Al Grey [1976] (2-LP set)

All Platinum/Chess 700 Rock ‘N Rhythm Series:

ACRR-701 - Moonglows - Moonglows [1976] All tracks are mono. Let's Go/Thrill Me/See Saw (with studio talk)/Kiss Me/We Go Together/Ten Commandments Of Love (4:07, unedited take, with intro, and studio talk at end)/Don't Be Afraid To Love/Foolish Me (Bobby Lester - Lead)//Secret Love (with false start)/The Masquerade Is Over/Blue Velvet/Please Send Me Someone to Love/Slow Down/Sweeter Than Words/Foolish Me (Harvey Fuqua - Lead)

ACRR-702 - Flamingos - Flamingos [1976] I Really Don't Want To Know (M)/Dream Of A Lifetime (M)/Ko Ko Mo (M)/Whispering Stars (M)/On My Merry Way (M)/The Vow (M)/Would I Be Crying (M)/A Kiss From Your Lips (M)//Shilly Dilly (M)/Stolen Love (E)/Chickie Um Bah (M)/Nobody's Love (M)/Chica Boom (That's My Baby) (M)/Dream Of A Lifetime (alternate take) (M)/If I Could Love You (M)/I Found A New Baby (M)

ACRR-703 - Dale Hawkins - Dale Hawkins [1976] Susie Q (M, 45 version, but fades later)/Four Letter Word (Rock) (M, alternate take)/Lulu (M)/See You Soon Baboon (M)/Worried About You Baby (E)/First Love (M, alternate take)/My Babe (M)//Little Pig (M)/The Hawk Walks (M, instrumental)/Wild Wild World (M, alternate take)/Take My Heart (M, alternate take)/Gooblie Booblie (M, alternate take, with studio talk and false start)/My Babe (M, alternate take)/Susie Q (M, faster alternate take)


Promotional issue announcing the "Chess Is Back" Campaign:

CH-333 - Chess Is Back! - Various Artists [1982] Maybellene - Chuck Berry (M)/Little Queenie - Chuck Berry (M)/Rockin' Daddy - Howlin' Wolf (S)/I'm Ready - Muddy Waters (S)/She's Mine She's Fine - Bo Diddley (M)/Evil - Howlin' Wolf (M)//Oh What A Night - Dells (S, 1969 version)/Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation - Dells (S)/Precious Lord, Part II - Aretha Franklin (M)/While The Blood Runs Warm - Aretha Franklin (M)/My Love Has Butterfly Wings - John Klemmer (S)/Soliloquy For The Tenor And Voice - John Klemmer (S)

8200 Series:

CH-8200 - Muddy & The Wolf - Muddy Waters & Howlin' Wolf [1982] The Muddy Waters tracks are taken from Fathers and Sons; the Howlin' Wolf tracks are taken from The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions. All Aboard - Muddy Waters (S)/Blow Wind Blow - Muddy Waters (S)/Can't Lose What You Ain't Never Had - Muddy Waters (S)/Walkin' Thru The Park - Muddy Waters (S)/I'm Ready - Muddy Waters (S)/Long Distance Call - Muddy Waters (S)//Rockin' Daddy - Howlin' Wolf (S)/What A Woman - Howlin' Wolf (S)/Who's Been Talking - Howlin' Wolf (S)/The Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf (rehearsal) (S)/The Red Rooster - Howlin' Wolf (S)/Highway 49 - Howlin' Wolf (S)/Do The Do - Howlin' Wolf (S)

CH-8201 - The Great Twenty-Eight - Chuck Berry [1982] (2-LP set) Maybellene/Johnny B. Goode/Roll Over Beethoven/Thirty Days/Memphis/Brown-Eyed Handsome Man/Nadine/Little Queenie/No Particular Place To Go/Reelin' And Rockin'/Almost Grown/School Days/Oh Baby Doll/Too Much Monkey Business/Carol/Sweet Little Rock And Roller/You Can't Catch Me/Let It Rock/Bye Bye Johnny/Round And Round/Back In The USA/Beautiful Delilah/I'm Talking About You/Havana Moon/Rock And Roll Music/Sweet Little Sixteen/Come On/I Want To Be Your Driver

CH-8202 - Rolling Stone - Muddy Waters [1982]

CH-8203 - Wizards from the South Side - Various Artists [1982] Down In The Bottom - Howlin' Wolf/Rollin' 'N' Tumblin' - Muddy Waters/Walkin' The Boogie - John Lee Hooker/Evans Shuffle (Ebony Boogie) - Muddy Waters/Mellow Down Easy - Little Walter/Evil - Howlin' Wolf/Still A Fool - Muddy Waters//Hate To See You Go - Little Walter/I Ain't Superstitious - Howlin' Wolf/She's Mine She's Fine - Bo Diddley/Just To Be With You - Muddy Waters/I'm A Man - Bo Diddley/Bring It On Home - Sonny Boy Williamson/Mannish Boy - Muddy Waters

8300 Series:

CH-8300 - Blowin' Gold - John Klemmer [1982] (2-LP set) Excursion/My Love Has Butterfly Wings/My Heart Sings/Hey Jude/Third Stone From The Sun/Free Soul/Children Of The Earth/Flames/Summer Song/Rose Petals/A Mon Frere Africain/Gardens Of Uranus/All The Children Cried/Here Comes The Child/I Whisper A Prayer For Peace/Pulsations Of A Green Eyed Lady/Journey's End/La De Dah/Soliloquy For Tenor And Voice

8400 Series:

CH-8400 - The Dells - Dells [1982] There Is/Oh What A Night (1969 version)/Love Is Blue-I Can Sing A Rainbow/Always Together/Stay In My Corner/Bring Back The Love Of Yesterday/The Love We Had Stays On My Mind/I Wish It Was Me You Loved/My Pretending Days Are Over/Open Up My Heart/Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation

CH-8401 - The Greatest Sides - Billy Stewart [1982] Summertime (S)/Over The Rainbow (S)/Temptation ‘Bout To Get Me (S)/Keep Lovin' (M)/We'll Always Be Together (S)/Moon River (S)/Secret Love (S)//I Do Love You (S)/Strange Feeling (S)/Cross My Heart (S)/Reap What You Sow (M)/Fat Boy (M)/Sitting In The Park (M)/Why Do I Love You So (S)

CH-8402 - Her Greatest Sides, Volume 1 - Etta James [1982] Only Time Will Tell (S)/Security (S)/Tell Mama (S)/(3 others in mono) //Trust In Me (S)/Sunday Kind Of Love (S)/My Dearest Darling (S)/At Last (S)/Waiting For Charlie (To Come Home) (S)/All I Could Do Was Cry (M)/Fool That I Am (M)

CH-8403 - Their Greatest Sides - Moonglows [1982]

8500 Series:

CH-8500 - Aretha Gospel - Aretha Franklin [1982] Recorded when Aretha was 14 years old. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood/Precious Lord, Parts 1 & 2/You Grow Close/Never Grow Old/The day Is Past And Gone/He Will Wash You White As Snow/While The Blood Runs Warm/Yield Not To Temptation

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