Centaur/Sentaur/Sentar Label Singles Discography
by Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: June 29, 2003

The Sentar label started life as the Centaur label. It was essentially a vehicle for the New Colony Six recordings, as it was owned by three of the NC6 members' fathers and a neighbor.

The first two Sentar singles were issued on the Centaur label, but conflict with the Centaur name with another label caused the label name to briefly be changed to Sentaur (Centaur 1202 was reissued as Sentaur 1202), then Sentar. The first three singles were distributed by Chicago-based U.S.A. Records. The label was varying shades of orange with black print. The label logo, either a "C" or an "S" with a small silhouette of a centaur, was to the right of the record hole.

By late 1966, Sentar changed distributors to Cameo-Parkway, and the label design changed to a tan color with a large white "S" across the entire label. The label name, SENTAR," was at the top of the label in dark brown print, and the centaur silhouette was at the upper right part of the label. At the bottom of the label, it said, "DISTRIBUTED BY CAMEO-PARKWAY RECORDS, INC." There was a small "CP" logo between "By" and "Cameo".

By 1967, the New Colony Six signed on with Mercury Records of Chicago. Their records from that point on Mercury usually carried the note "A Sentar Records Production." Most of the group's big hits came on the Mercury label. There were also several picture sleeves issued.

By 1971, after several Mercury singles in a row stiffed, they were dropped by the label. At this time, apparently Sentar ceased to exist, even as a production company. The NC6 made several singles for the tiny Sunlight label, also out of Chicago. The label was owned by their longtime manager, Peter Wright. From there they moved to MCA Records, where their first single was a reissue of Sunlight 1004. They made one more single for MCA before they disbanded.

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Distributed by U.S.A. Records:

Centaur 1201 - New Colony Six - I Confess/Dawn Is Breaking [1966]
Centaur 1202 - New Colony Six - I Lie Awake/At The River's Edge [1966]
Sentaur 1202 - New Colony Six - I Lie Awake/At The River's Edge [1966, 2nd pressing of above]
Sentar 1203 - New Colony Six - Cadillac/Sunshine [1966]

Distributed by Cameo-Parkway:

Sentar 1204 - New Colony Six - (Ballad of the) Wingbat Marmaduke/The Power Of Love [1966]
Sentar 1205 - New Colony Six - Love You So Much/Let Me Love You [1967]
Sentar 1206 - New Colony Six - You're Gonna Be Mine/Woman [1967]
Sentar 1207 - New Colony Six - I'm Just Waitin' (Anticipatin' for Her to Show Up)/Hello Lonely [1967]
Sentar 1208 - Hatful Of Rain - Peculiar Situation/Have You Ever Loved Somebody [1967]

Sentar Records Productions, Mercury Label:

Mercury 72737 - New Colony Six - Treat Her Groovy/Rap-A-Tap [1967]
Mercury 72775 - New Colony Six - I Will Always Think About You/Hold Me With Your Eyes [1968]
Mercury 72817 - New Colony Six - Can't You See Me Cry/Summertime's Another Name For Love [1968]
Mercury 72858 - New Colony Six - Things I'd Like To Say/Come And Give Your Love To Me [1968]
Mercury 72920 - New Colony Six - I Could Never Lie To You/Just Feel Worse [1969]
Mercury 72961 - New Colony Six - I Want You To Know/Free [1969]
Mercury 73004 - New Colony Six - Barbara, I Love You/Prairie Grey [1970]
Mercury 73063 - New Colony Six - People And Me/Ride The Wicked Wind [1970]
Mercury 73093 - New Colony Six - Close Your Eyes, Little Girl/Love, That's The Best I Can Do [1970]

Related Singles:

Sunlight 1001 - New Colony Six - Roll On/If You Could See [1971]
Sunlight 1004 - New Colony Six - Long Time To Be Alone/Never Be Lonely [1972]
Sunlight 1005 - New Colony Six - Someone, Sometime/Come On Down [1972]

MCA 40215 - New Colony Six - Never Be Lonely/Long Time To Be Alone [1974]
MCA 40288 - New Colony Six - I Don't Really Want To Go/Run [1974]

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