House Top Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: May 26, 2003

House Top Records was part of Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). The artists were usually featured on the 700 Club or other CBN programs. The label was located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to start, but by 1977 moved to Chesapeake, Virginia, near Virginia Beach. Starting the series with HTR-700 was a natural.

The original label was light blue with dark blue print, with the House Top logo to the right of the center hole. Later, a more colorful label was designed with a yellow bottom progressively changing to pink at the top, with a more elaborate "roofline" logo on the bottom half of the label. HTR-703-LP had a custom label with Pat Robertson's photo on it.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

HTR-700-LP - Naturally Beautiful - Cathie Taylor [1975] Naturally Beautiful/Thank You Lord (For What I Mean To You)/Do It Lord/Jesus Is Like That (He Really Is)/Spread The Name Of Jesus//He Is Our Hiding Place/Lord Give Me A Song/The Wind Blew The Fog Away/Oh What A Day/Revelation III

HTR-701-LP - We Win! Hallelujah, We Win! - Roger Wiles [1975]

HTR-702-LP - It's Time to Pray, America! - Pat Robertson [1975]

HTR-703-LP - My Prayer for You - Pat Robertson [1976] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Being "Born Again"//The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit; Disc 2: Healing//The Authority Of The Believer

HTR-704-LP - The Sparrow - Cathie Taylor [1976?]

HTR-705-LP - Stephanie Boosahda - Stephanie Boosadah [1977] Rollin' On/Take Courage/Don't Look Back/Since I Found Jesus/Freedom Song//You Love Me Just As I Am (Psalm 139)/Jesus Came Into My Life/Miracles Happen/It's Not A Hurry Kinda Day/If He Hadn't Filled Me With His Love

HTR-706-LP - Have You Kissed Any Frogs Today? - Joe Reed [1977] Greater Is He That Is In Me/Give Them All to Jesus/Happy/Part the Waters, Lord/It's a Love Song (He Touched Me)//You Touched Me and Set Me Free/We'll Understand It Better-Sweet By and By/Would You/Have You Kissed Any Frogs Today?

HTR-707-LP - Alpenglow - Alpenglow [1977]

HTR-708-LPS - Moose - Thomas Steven "Moose" Smith [1977]

HTR-709-LP - It's a Love Song - Roger Wiles [1977] Hey I'm A Believer Now/Rise Again/You Love Me Just As I Am/The World Didn't Give It To Me (And The World Can't Take It Away)/It's A Love Song//I've Got A Song In My Heart Again/Oh How I Love Your Name-You Are So Beautiful/All I Want To Do Is Glorify Jesus/A Special Kind Of Feeling/Yeshua Hamesia (Jesus, Savior, Messiah)


HTR-711-LP - One Beautiful Morning - Cathie Taylor [1977]



HTR-714-D - Theme from Judas/Thirty Pieces of Silver - James Barden [1978] This as a 12", 33-1/3 rpm single. The jacket has two "front" covers, so that if you are looking at one side, the jacket flips over top to bottom so that each side can be the "front" of the jacket.Theme From Judas (3:12)//Thirty Pieces Of Silver (6:15)

House Top Reissues

The following albums were reissued in 1976 after the success of the Roger Wiles album HTR-701-LP. They were reissues of albums on a custom label, and just used the same catalog numbers. They had an orange label with the House Top logo at the bottom.

RW-5037 - God Gave the Song - Roger Wiles [1976]

RW-5143 - My Soul Is a Witness - Roger Wiles [1976]

RW-5227 - Worship - Roger Wiles [1976]

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