Sword & Shield Album Discography
By Mike Callahan
Last update: April 18, 2003

Sword & Shield Recording Co. was located at 406 W. Main, Arlington, Texas. They recorded sacred music. The label was black with silver print, with the S&S logo at the top. Later, they changed to a red label with silver print, then a white label with black print, with the same graphics.

Sword & Shield was owned by brother-and-sister team Calvin and Lou Wills, of the Singing Wills Family. The Gatlin Quartet, one of the label's artists, eventually evolved into the Gatlin Brothers country act, featuring Larry Gatlin.

Few of the Sword and Shield albums appear to have been issued in stereo. Those we know were issued in stereo are noted by the "LPS" prefix being added to the mono catalog number below. The numbering system used quite a few different series, many of which were active at the same time.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Sword & Shield Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (all of which are out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2002 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

1000 Series, starts with 1007:

LPM-1007 - Keep a Happy Heart - Wills Family

LPM-1008 - Wills Family Favorites - Wills Family

LPM-1009 - Beside Still Waters - Wills Family

LPM-1010 - Treasures Forever - Wills Family Anniversary

LPM-1011/LPS-1011 - Texas Sings - Various Artists Includes the Wills Family, the Jr. Wills Family, and the Inspirationals.

1300 Series, starts with 1313:

LPM-1313 - In My Father's House - Original Rangers Quartet [1963] Remastered from 78s from the late 1940s. In My Father's House/I Have A Desire/My God Is Real/This Heart Of Mine/Lead Me To The Rock/Old-Fashioned Love In My Heart//Talk About Jesus/On The Jericho Road/He'll Understand And Say Well Done/It Is No Secret/Roll On Jordan/Non-Stop Flight To Glory

LPM-1314 - The Original Rangers Quartet with Arnold Hyles - Original Rangers Quartet

1500 Series, starts with 1515:

LPM-1515 - Jesus Use Me - Watchmen

2000 Series, starts with 2001:

LPM-2001 - Gospel Melodies - Jubilee Quartet

LPM-2002 - Gospel Melodies Number Two - Jubilee Quartet

LPM-2003 - At the Altar - Jubilee Quartet

LPM-2004 - Whitney Gleason at the Piano - Whitey Gleason

LPM-2005 - Jubilee Favorites - Jubilee Quartet


LPM-2007 - Piano Favorites - Whitey Gleason

2500 Series, starts at 2525:

LPM-2525 - Jesus Took My Burden - W.C. and Betty Mills

LPM-2526 - What God Hath Wrought - W.C. and Betty Mills

3000 Series, starts with 3001:

LPM-3001 - Let Me Tell You About Jesus - Bell Family


LPM-3003 - You Can Have a Song - Payne Family

LPM-3004 - Have You heard - Payne Family

LPM-3005 - He Hideth My Soul - Payne Family

4000 Series, starts with 4004:

LPM-4004 - The Light of the Day - Inspirationals

LPM-4005 - Lord, I Want You Near - Inspirationals

LPM-4006 - Songs of Bethel - Wills Family & Bethel Choir

LPM-4007 - Don't You Want To See Daybreak - Inspirationals


LPM-4009 - All Time Favorites - Bob Wills & Inspirationals [196?] He Touched Me/All My Life/You'll Never Walk Alone/In The Garden/Medley (Lily Of The Valley)//Wayfaring Stranger/Down From His Glory/Stranger Of Galilee/Danny Boy/Beyond The Sunset

LPS-4010 - Old Time Gospel - Inspirationals



LPM-4013/LPS-4013 - Remember - Bob Wills & Inspirationals

LPM-4014/LPS-4014 - When Is He Coming Again? - Bob Wills & Inspirationals [196?] When Is He Coming Again?/There Is A River/Unseen Hand/In The Sweet Forever/I Could Never Live Without The Lord//Life Is Worth Living/Gettin' Ready To Leave This World/At The Cross/The Third Man/Eastern Gate

LPM-4020 - At the Gate of the Garden - June Coker & the Scriptures

LPM-4021 - Valley of Peace - Uune Coker & the Scriptures

5000 Series, starts with 5050: LPM-5050 - TV Favorites - Venable Quartet

LPM-5051 - Memories of Boyhood - Venable Quartet

6000 Series, starts with 6001:

LPM-6001 - Room at the Cross - Golden Stairs Quartet







LPM-6008 - Bread Sent from Heaven - Ministers Quartet

LPM-6009 - Anchored in Jesus - Oklahoma Bible College

6400 Series, starts with 6400:

LPM-6400 - In Times Like These - Francine Morrison

LPM-6401 - Singing Time in Texas - Big State Quartet

LPM-6402 - Jesus Is the Reason - Perkins Trio

LPM-6403 - I'd Rather Have Jesus - Mike Morgan

LPM-6404 - The Altar Call - Nash Family

LPM-6405 - Clap Your Hands - Camp-Meeting Singers

LPM-6406 - We Shall Sing a New Song - Gloryland Quartet

LPM-6408 - Comfort From the Hymns We Love - Bud Peters

LPM-6409 - Let Me Tell You About My Lord - Kingham Trio

LPM-6410 - The King's Business - Trinity Baptist Church

6500 Series, starts with 6500:

LPM-6500 - Songs in the Night - Central Assembly Choir

LPM-6501/LPS-6501 - If God Ruled Your Heart - Jim Wesson & Goss Brothers

LPM-6502 - Fill My Cup, Lord - Sue Hebel

LPM-6503 - Revival Favorites - W.H. and Carole Yarbrough

LPM-6515 - Don't Say No - Followers Quartet The Followers were a family group, made up of B.E. (Butch) Sinclair, Larry Sinclair, Terry Sinclair, Sherri Sinclair, and accompanist Judy Holt. Also appearing on this album were David Hildreth (guitar and organ), Randy Wills (bass and piano), and Tom Smith (bass and lead guitar). Take A Moment To Pray/He Touched Me/It Was Love/Love Like The Love Of God/Without Him/Don't Say No//How Great Thou Art/No One Cared So Much/Lovest Thou Me/The Love Of God/I've Been With Jesus/Dear Jesus Abide With Me

7000 Series, starts with 7001:

LPC-7001 - In the Shelter of His Arms - Weatherford Quartet






LPM-7007 - If I Didn't Have Jesus - Kingsmen Quartet of Dallas

8000 Series, starts with 8001:

LPM-8001 - Sweet Hour of Prayer - Sharver Quartet

LPM-8002 - Share His Cross - Williams Family

LPM-8003 - Amazing Grace - Ambassadors

LPM-8004 - I'm Gonna Sing - Garlandaires

LPM-8005 - Singing in the South - Southernairs Quartet

LPM-8006 - Songs of the Gospel - Good News Quartet

LPM-8007 - The Kiamichi Songbird - Katie Donica Loving

LPM-8008 - Larry Ford Sings 'Til the End of Time - Larry Ford

LPM-8009 - Ten Thousand Angels - First Assembly, Oklahoma City


LPM-8011 - Will Your Name Be Written There - Ambassadors

9000 Series, starts with 9001:

LPM-9001 - Down Deep in My Heart - Musical Boyds

LPM-9002 - Lord, Keep Your Hand on Me - Musical Boyds







LPM-9009 - The Old Country Church - Gatlin Quartet

LPM-9010 - I Shall Not Be Moved - Gatlin Quartet

LPM-9011 - Tenth Anniversary - Gatlin Quartet

LPS-9059 - Jesus Is Mine - Laymen [1980] Label is white with black print. Jesus Is Mine/I Can Feel The Touch Of His Hand/Gloryroad/What Sins Are You Talking About/Ten Thousand Years//The Lighthouse/Master Of The Sea/One More Voice/He Pilots My Ship/What A Savior

LPS-9112 - I'm Telling the World - Ellis Family [1981] I'm Telling The World About His Love/I've Been Changed/Thank You Lord For Your Blessings/OH What A Day-Until Then/How Great Thou Art//My House Is Full/What Sins Are You Talking About/No Greater Love/Jesus Is Right/Come Unto Jesus

LPS-9182 - Till the Land - Alleys [1981] Label is white with black print. Till The Land/Since The Comforter Has Come/The Landing Lights/I've Been Redeemed/Unclouded Day//For Love'n Me/Land Of Victory/At Sunrise I'm Going Home/The Sun's Coming Up/Will The Circle Be Unbroken

LPS-9190 - Just Any Day Now - Gospel Revelators [1981] Just Any Day Now/He's Coming Again/Oh Buddha/This Is What Heaven Means To Me/Looking For A City//The Lighthouse/John The Revelator/I'm Standing On The Solid Rock/Let's All Go Down To The River

LPS-9225 - Anointed - Ernestine Cantu [1982] Label is light blue with black print. Ordinary People/Everything I Do/El Salvador/Because Of Whose I Am/Star Of The Morning//Now Is The Time/More Of You/If Heaven Never Was Promised To Me/Ain't Givin' Up Now/Praise You Just The Same

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