Columbia Main Series, Part 12:
CL 1600-1699/CS 8400-8499 (1961-1962)

By Randy Watts, Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: October 28, 2015

By the latter half of 1961, Columbia started using pressing plants with newer equipment. The "deep groove" pressings (far left) were made on older pressing machines, where the groove was an artifact of the metal stamper being affixed to a round center "block" to assure the resulting record would be centered. Newer machines used parts with a slightly different geometry, that only left a small "ledge" where the deep groove used to be (near left). This changeover did not happen all at once, as different plants replaced machines at different times, leaving the possibility that both deep groove and ledge varieties could be original pressings. The changeover took place starting in late 1961, mostly during the issue of albums on this page.

Columbia went through several iterations of their album cover logo during the time illustrated here. The first logo seen on this page is a long box divided into three smaller boxes, with "Columbia," the CBS eye, and the Lp in a circle in individual boxes. This same logo had been used since 1957. In the late spring of 1961, at about CL-1636, Columbia dropped the Lp logo, and went with just the "Columbia" and the CBS eye logos. This lasted until the end of 1961. Starting with album covers printed in October, 1961, and for the most part this meant the albums released in January, 1962, Columbia introduced the new, larger "CBS Eye" logo to the front of record jackets (see right). It featured a large CBS eye and "Columbia Records" in small caps within a single logo box. As usual, this changeover did not occur at one catalog number, but was spread out over the catalog, depending on when the albums were released. The lowest catalog number to have the new eye logo was CL-1656/CS-8456, a Miles Davis LP that was long delayed to January, 1962, even though numbered with the albums that were issued in the summer, 1961. Likewise for CL- 1663/CS-8463. After that, the other albums issued in January, 1962, starting with CL-1688/CS-8488, were more-or-less in the regular sequence.

Several months later (see part 14), this new CBS eye logo would find its way onto the record label, with the new "two-eye" Columbia label design.

Mono albums on this page had the "six eye" label (far left). The stereo counterpart of the "six eye" label is shown at near left. Early mono and stereo releases on this page had the so-called "deep groove" about a half-inch in from the label edge, as shown clearly in these illustrations.
Promotional issues (far left) had a stamped overprint or a sticker on the regular label. Both the sticker and the stamp promo labels were in jackets (near left) with a large red rubber stamp on the jacket back that said, "Demonstration-Not for Sale."

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

CL-1600/CS-8400 - Channel West! - Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra with the Michael Sammes Singers [4-61] Wagon Train/Cheyenne/Bronco/Sugarfoot/Maverick/The Deputy//Laramie/The Legend Of Wyatt Earp/Tales Of Wells Fargo/Rawhide/Shane (The Call Of The Faraway Hills)/High Noon

CL-1601/CS-8401 - Diana Trask - Diana Trask [4-61] Glenn Osser, conductor. It Might As Well Be Spring/Little Girl Blue/Spring Is Here/My Funny Valentine/By Myself/Spring Never Comes//Hello, Young Lovers/Let's Fall In Love/I Hear Music/The Gypsy In My Soul/Let's Face The Music And Dance/Temptation

CL-1602/CS-8402 - Dream Awhile - Bobby Hackett [7-61] With Johnny Seng at the Wurlitzer Pipe Organ. Stairway To The Stars/Stardust/Misty/The Boy Next Door/These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You)/Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)//Sweet And Lovely/Bewitched (Bothered And Bewildered)/I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night/Dream/It's Been A Long, Long Time/That Old Feeling



CL-1605/CS-8405 - Jimmy Rushing and The Smith Girls, Bessie-Clara-Mamie & Trixie: The Songs They Made Famous - Jimmy Rushing [6-61] Arkansas Blues/Down Hearted Blues/How Come You Do Me Like You Do/Crazy Blues/Squeeze Me//Trouble In Mind/Muddy Water/Gulf Coast Blues/Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Me)/Shipwrecked Blues

CL-1606/CS-8406 - J.J. Inc. - J.J. Johnson Sextet [7-61] Mohawk/Minor Mist/In Walked Horace//Fatback/Aquarius/Shutter-Bug

CL-1607/CS-8407 - Broadway to Hollywood - Ferrante & Teicher [2-61] I Love Paris/C'est Magnifique/The Continental (You Kiss While You're Dancing)/A Foggy Day/No Other Love/The Last Time I Saw Paris//I Am In Love/Allez-Vous-En, Go Away/A Very Special Day/Marriage Type Love/I'm Your Girl/Wonderful Copenhagen

CL-1608/CS-8408 - Ballads of the Cossack - Romanoff Singers [4-61] Grey sticker on front cover says, "A New Star on Columbia Records." Song Of Youth/Moscow Nights/I've Travelled Far/Steppe/Riders From The Don/Along Peterskoy//Brightly Shines The Moon/Volga Boatman/Anastasia/Meadowland/Two Guitars/Forgotten Kisses

CL-1609/CS-8409 - Tonight Only! - Dave Brubeck Quartet & Carmen McRae [5-61] Melanctha/Weep No More Carmen McRae, vocal/Talkin' And Walkin'/Briar Bush - Carmen McRae, vocal//Paradiddle Joe - Carmen McRae, vocal/Late Lament/Strange Meadowlark - Carmen McRae, vocal/Tristesse/Tonight Only

CL-1610/CS-8410 - Jazz Poll Winners - Various Artists [2-61] All Blues - Miles Davis/Blue Moon - Lionel Hampton/Cloudburst - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross/Night In Tunisia - Les Brown/Just You, Just Me - Art Van Damme/Me Too - J.J. Johnson//Blue Rondo A La Turk - Dave Brubeck/Something's Coming - Hi-Lo's/Better Git It In Your Soul - Charles Mingus/U.M.M.G. - Duke Ellington/As Catch Can - Gerry Mulligan/Poll Tax - Don Elliott & Kenny Burrell

CL-1611/CS-8411 - Revelations and the Blues - "Big" Miller [3-61] Clarence Horatio "Big" Miller, jazz vocalist. About My Baby/I Know/Lament To Love/The Monterey Story/I Never Had A Woman//Wanna See My Baby/When You're Not Around/It's A Hard Life/Sweet Slumber/If You Don't Love Me

CL-1612/CS-8412 - Aretha - Aretha Franklin [2-61] With Ray Bryant Combo. Reissued as Columbia KC-31953 under the title The Great Aretha Franklin: The First 12 Sides. Won't Be Long/Over The Rainbow/Love Is The Only Thing/Sweet Lover/All Night Long/Who Needs You?//Right Now/Are You Sure/Maybe I'm A Fool/It Ain't Necessarily So/By Myself/Today I Sing The Blues

CL-1613/CS-8413 - Radio's Great Old Themes - Frank DeVol & His Rainbow Strings [7-61] On The Radio-Seems Like Old Times-When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain/Contented-Manhattan Serenade-Blue Moon/MartaManhattan-Love's Old Sweet Song/The Waltz You Saved For Me-Rainbow On The River-Thinking Of You/On The Trail-(Was I To Blame For) Falling In Love With You?-Sleep/One Hour With You-Anyone Can Dream-Thanks For The Memory//Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms-Angel's Serenade-Jolly Coopersmith/Sunbonnet SueLondonderry Air-Funiculi, Funicula/Toselli's Serenade-Red River Valley-Au Matin/How Can I Leave You-Drigo's Serenade-Darling Nellie Gray-Polly Wolly Doodle All Day/Valse Bluette-Juanita-Kerry Dance/Two Guitars-Chanson Bohemienne-Andante Cantabile

CL-1614/CS-8414 - Bright and Shiny - Doris Day [3-61] With Neil Hefti & His Orchestra. Bright And Shiny/I Want To Be Happy/Keep Smilin', Keep Laughin', Be Happy/Singin' In The Rain/Gotta Feelin'/Happy Talk//Make Someone Happy/Ridin' High/On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Clap Yo' Hands/Stay With The Happy People/Twinkle And Shine

CL-1615/CS-8415 - Hell Bent for Leather! - Frankie Laine [3-61] (10-61, #71) Johnny Williams, conductor. Wanted Man/High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)/Gunfight At O.K. Corral/Bowie Knife/Along The Navajo Trail/The Cry Of The Wild Goose//Rawhide/City Boy/Cool Water/The 3:10 To Yuma/The Hanging Tree/Mule Train

CL-1616/CS-8416 - Baby Sittin' with Buzz - Buzz Clifford [2-61] Baby Sittin' Boogie/Ebb Tide/Shake, Rattle And Roll/Blue Lagoon/I'm In Love Again/Loneliness//Unchained Melody/True Love, True Love/Simply Because/Long Tall Sally/Driftwood/Hello, Mr. Moonlight

CL-1617/CS-8417 - Twelve Big Hits! - Various Artists [3-61] Cherry Pink (And Apple Blossom White) - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats/North To Alaska - Johnny Horton/Baby Sittin' Boogie - Buzz Clifford/Won't Be Long - Aretha Franklin/Ballad Of The Alamo - Marty Robbins/Theme From "Checkmate" - Johnny Williams & His Orchestra//Don't Worry - Marty Robbins/Calcutta - Valiants/Lost Love - Mandrake/Greener Pastures - Stonewall Jackson/Riders In The Sky - Norman Luboff Choir/Tunes Of Glory - Mitch Miller & His Orchestra & Chorus

CL-1618/CS-8418 - Like Tweet: Jazz Versions of Authentic Bird Calls - Joe Puma & Audiobon All-Stars [5-61] Flight Patterns/Thistle Serenade/Like Tweet/Melancholy Bird/Skippin' South/Cotton Candy Clouds//Noah's Ark/Shades Of Twilight/Sturnella/Bird's Eye View/Panic In The Birdcage

CL-1619/CS-8419 - The Chico Hamilton Special - Chico Hamilton Quintet [7-61] Don't Get Lost/Autumn Leaves/New Rhumba/Way Down//Afternoon Of A Breeze/Ladybird/Trio

CL-1620/CS-8420 - Happy Polkas and Dreamy Waltzes - Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks [5-61] Cherry Polka/Ohio Polka/Clinker Polka/Three Yanks Polka/Iron Range Polka/Page Polka//Dreamer's Waltz/Twilight Waltz/Honeymoon Waltz/Linda's Lullaby/Sleep Baby/Accordion Man Waltz

CL-1621/CS-8421 - Square Dance! - Captain Stubby & Buccaneers [6-61] Calls by Bill Shymkus. I Want A Girl (Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad)/Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home/Mack The Knife/The Blue Bells Of Scotland/Oh Susanna/My Melancholy Baby/Long Long Ago/Square Dance Tonight/Nelly Bly/The Caller/When You And I Were Young, Maggie/I Don't Know Why//Uncle Fud/Jerry's Jump/Marina/Red River Valley/My Blue Belle/Devil's Dream

CL-1622/CS-8422 - The Lure of the Grand Canyon - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra & Johnny Cash [4-61] Sunrise/Painted Desert/On The Trail/Sunset//Cloudburst/A Day In The Grand Canyon - Johnny Cash, narrator

CL-1623/CS-8423 - I'll Buy You a Star - Johnny Mathis [3-61] (5-61, #38) Nelson Riddle, conductor. I'll Buy You A Star/Stairway To The Stars/When My Sugar Walks Down The Street/Magic Garden/Smile/Oh How I Try//Ring The Bell/Love, Look Away/Sudden Love/The Best Is Yet To Come/Warm And Willing/My Heart And I

CL-1624/CS-8424 - Everybody's Hits but Mine - Billy Walker [5-61] Just Call Me Lonesome (From Now On)/Let's Think About Living/Alone With You/They'll Never Take Her Love From Me/I Take The Chance/Guess Things Happen That Way//(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You/Molly Darling/Rockin' Alone (In An Old Rocking Chair)/Gonna Find Me A Bluebird/There Stands The Glass/Jambalaya

CL-1625/CS-8425 - Roamin' with the Brothers IV - Brothers Four [4-61] Low Bridge/Hey, Hey, My Honey/The Lilies Grow High/The Ballad Of Sam Hall/Variation On An Old English Theme/Abilene//Frogg/Pastures Of Plenty/Times/Betty And Dupree/Island Woman/This Land Is Your Land

CL-1626/CS-8426 - Maysa Sings Songs Before Dawn - Maysa [6-61] Jack Pleis, conductor. You Better Go Now/Something To Remember You By/The End Of A Love Affair/Night Of My Love (A Noite Do Meu Bem)/If I Forget You/Ne Me Quitte Pas//When Your Lover Has Gone/Mean To Me/The Man That Got Away/Autumn Leaves/I'm A Fool To Want You/La Barca

CL-1627/CS-8427 - Tara's Theme from "Gone with the Wind" and Other Movie Themes - Percy Faith & His Orchestra [4-61] Tara's Theme/Theme From "The Dark At The Top Of The Stairs"/Never On Sunday/Laura/Exodus/Fascination//The Theme From "A Summer Place"/Theme From "The Apartment"/Mon Oncle/Tammy Tell Me True/Sons And Lovers/The Misfits

CL-1628/CS-8428 - TV Sing Along with Mitch - Mitch Miller & Gang [5-61] (5-61, #3) California Here I Come-Avalon/I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store)/Breezin' Along With The Breeze/Happy Days Are Here Again/Has Anybody Seen Kelly-I've Got Rings On My Fingers/Shuffle Off To Buffalo//Moonlight Bay-There's Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes/The Love Nest/Would You Like To Take A Walk?/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby-If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)/It's Only A Paper Moon/Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear

CL-1629/CS-8429 - The Happiest Girl in the World - Frank DeVol & His Rainbow Strings [5-61] The Happiest Girl In The World/Eureka/Vive La Virtue-Never Trust A Virgin/How Soon, Oh Moon?/Shall We Say Farewell/Never Bedevil The Devil//Cheers For The Hero-The Oath/Adrift On A Star/The Glory That Is Greece-The Greek Marine Hymn/Five Minutes Of Spring/Whatever That May Be/Hup-Two-Three

CL-1630/CS-8430 - A Night with Rudolf Friml - Lois Hunt & Earl Wrightson [6-61] Frank DeVol, conductor. Song Of The Vagabonds/Rose Marie/Indian Love Call/L'Amour, Toujours L'Amour/Sympathy/Give Me One Hour//The Donkey Serenade/Only A Rose/Some Day/Giannina Mia/Love Me Tonight/Ma Belle

CL-1631/CS-8431 - Golden Memories - George Morgan [7-61] Marvin Hughes, conductor. Memories/Mighty Lak' A Rose/Smilin' Through/Beautiful Dreamer/Dear Little Boy Of Mine/Galway Bay//Trees/Mother Machree/Across The Wide Missouri/Danny Boy/The Old Refrain/The Rosary

CL-1632/CS-8432 - Polly Bergen Sings the Hit Songs from Do Re Mi and Annie Get Your Gun - Polly Bergen [6-61] Luther Henderson, conductor. What's New At The Zoo?/Make Someone Happy/Cry Like The Wind/I Know About Love/Asking For You/Fireworks//There's No Business Like Show Business/I Got The Sun In The Morning/They Say It's Wonderful/Doin' What Comes Natur'lly/I Got Lost In His Arms/My Defenses Are Down

CL-1633/CS-8433 - Con Alma - Ray Bryant [6-61] Con Alma/Milestones/Ill Wind/Nuts And Bolts//Cubano Chant/'Round Midnight/Autumn Leaves/C Jam Blues

CL-1634/CS-8434 - Afro Percussion: Zungo! - Olatunji [7-61] Masque Dance/Zungo/Ajua//Esum Buku WaYa/Gelewenwe/Jolly Mensah/Philistine

CL-1635/CS-8435 - More Greatest Hits - Marty Robbins [4-61] El Paso/Like All The Other Times/Is There Any Chance/Ride, Cowboy Ride/A Time And A Place For Everything/Red River Valley//Don't Worry/Streets Of Laredo/Saddle Tramp/Ballad Of The Alamo/I Told My Heart/Big Iron

CL-1636 - Selected Short Subjects - Wayne & Schuster [4-61] Issued in mono only. Whiskey Taster/Professor Bernardi And His Talking Dog/Report From Scotland Yard/How To Have A Fantastic Memory/African Explorer/Conditional Surrender/The Whipped Cream Diet/The New Sound/A Sheik In New York/The Greatest Living English Actor/The International Jewel Thief//Peace Through Jazz/Mechanical Men/Witch Dentist/At Home With The Vampire/Mistaken Identity/The Sandwich Expose/Visitor From Paris/Dog Psychologist/Unlisted Criminal/At Last Effective Filtration/The Counterfeiter

CL-1637/CS-8437 - Peg o' My Heart - Jerry Murad's Harmonicats [7-61] Peg O' My Heart/Twilight Time/Mam'selle/Sabre Dance/Dancing With Tears In My Eyes/Galloping Comedians//Malaguena/Deep Purple/Tenderly/Perfidia/Jeannine (I Dream Of Lilac Time)/Minute Waltz

CL-1638/CS-8438 - Getting to Know You - Varel & Bailly & Les Chanteurs de Paris [7-61] Jack Pleis, conductor. Pour Se Connaitre (Getting To Know You)/Viens T'en, La Fille (Beautiful Dreamer)/French Dixie (Dixieland)/Ah! Quel Soleil Magnifigue! (Oh! What A Beautiful Mornin')/Notre Maison Bleue (Home On The Range)/L'amour Est Dans Ta Rue (On The Street Where You Live)/J'aurais Voulu Danser (I Could Have Danced All Night)//Je Chante Sous La Pluie (Singin' In The Rain)/L'arc En Ciel (Over The Rainbow)/Une Couche A Croquer (Where You Wore A Tulip)/Paris-New York (Sidewalks Of New York)/Que Fais-Tu La? (Erie Canal)/Nous Serons Cent (When The Saints Go Marching In)

CL-1639/CS-8439 - Mucho Gusto! More Music of Mexico - Percy Faith & His Orchestra [7-61] (10-61, #38) Mucho Gusto/Besame Mucho/La Negra/Maria Elena/Huapango/Las Mananitas//Las Altenitas (A Gay Ranchero)/Perfidia/Cielito Lindo/Adios Mariquita Linda/Cocula/La Chaparrita

CL-1640/CS-8440 - The New I Love Paris - Michel Legrand & His Orchestra [10-61] Re-recording of Columbia CL-555, less one song. I Love Paris/Mademoiselle De Paris/Paris/Autumn Leaves/Under The Bridges Of Paris/La Seine/Paris In The Spring//April In Paris/A Paris/La Vie En Rose/Under Paris Skies (Sous Le Ciel De Paris)/Paris Je T'Aime (Paris Stay The Same)/The Song From Moulin Rouge/The Last Time I Saw Paris/I Love Paris (Reprise)

CL-1641/CS-8441 - Ballads of the Blue and Gray - Marijohn Wilkin [8-61] Johnny Is My Darling/The Southern Soldier Boy/Oh Freedom!/Aura Lee/Wade In The Water/Mary Don't You Weep//The Battle Of Shiloh/Slavery Chain Done Broke At Last/Weeping, Sad And Lonely/Free At Last/Two Brothers/When Johnny Comes Marching Home

CL-1642/CS-8442 - Somebody Loves Me - Ray Conniff Singers [9-61] (9-61, #14) Somebody Loves Me/Golden Earrings/You're The Cream In My Coffee/The Green Leaves Of Summer/Don't Fence Me In/I Only Have Eyes For You//The Thrill Is Gone/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/It Had To Be You/I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/Moon Song/All Or Nothing At All

CL-1643/CS-8443 - Everytime I Feel the Spirit - Mahalia Jackson [8-61] Johnny Williams, conductor. Little David Play On Your Harp/The Love Of God/I Want To Be A Christian/Rockin' In Jerusalem/Trial To Heaven//I Know Prayer Changes Things/The Only Hope We Have/What A Difference Since My Heart's Been Changed/Everytime I Feel The Spirit I Pray/Have You Any Time For Jesus

CL-1644/CS-8444 - Portrait of Johnny - Johnny Mathis [8-61] (8-61, #2) Starbright/While We're Young/Should I Wait (Or Should I Run To Her)/All Is Well/You Set My Heart To Music/My Love For You//Oh That Feeling/How To Handle A Woman/Cherie/Hey Love/Jenny/The Story Of Our Love

CL-1645 - The Enduring Hymns - Ken Griffin [7-61] Issued in mono only. The Old Rugged Cross/Abide With Me/Rock Of Ages/Nearer My God To Thee/Sweet By And By/Onward Christian Soldiers//In The Garden/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/How Great Thou Art/Blessed Assurance/Jesus, Lover Of My Soul/Sweet Hour Of Prayer

CL-1646/CS-8446 - Laugh Along with the Kirby Stone Four at the Playboy Club: In Person - Kirby Stone Four [7-61] Al Belletto, music director. Everything Is Coming Up? (Everything's Coming Up Roses)/Lazy River Impressions (Lazy River)/British Rock 'N' Roll (St. Louis Blues)//Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart/Show Stopper (Birth Of The Blues)/It's A Really Big Shew/In The Good Old Summertime

CL-1647/CS-8447 - Everybody Loves the Lover - Sacha Distel [7-61] Frank DeVol, conductor. Let Me Love You/Why Don't We Do This More Often/My Heart Stood Still/Once/I'm In The Mood For Love/Speak To Me Of Love//The Lover/It's Been A Long, Long Time/Everybody Loves A Lover/You Do Something To Me/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Almost Like Being In Love

CL-1648/CS-8448 - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem [7-61] The Moonshiner/The Whistling Gypsy/My Johnny Lad/The Work Of The Weavers/The Old Orange Flute/Brennan On The Moor//Tim Finnegan's Wake/Port Lairge/Haul Away Joe/Young Roddy McCorley/A Jug Of Punch/Reilly's Daughter

CL-1649/CS-8449 - A Touch of Elegance: The Music of Duke Ellington - Andre Previn [7-61] (10-61, #118) I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/Satin Doll/I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart/Perdido/Solitude/Le Sucrier Velours//A Portrait Of Bert Williams/A Touch Of Elegance/It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)/Prelude To A Kiss/What Am I Here For/Sophisticated Lady

CL-1650/CS-8450 - Snow White and the Three Stooges (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Various Artists [7-61] Lynn Murray, conductor. A Place Called Happiness - Chorus/A Day Like This - Carol Heiss & Chorus/Lookin' For People, Lookin' For Fun - Larry Fine, Moe Howard & Joe DeRita/A Place Called Happiness - Carol Heiss//Because I'm In Love - Mel Blanc & Bill Lee/I Said It Then, I Say It Now - Bill Lee & Carol Heiss/Finale: A Place Called Happiness - Cast & Chorus

CL-1651/CS-8451 - Twin Melodies, Solo Organ - Mark Laub [6-61] Rosie/You're Just In Love/Moonglow And Theme From Picnic/Play A Simple Melody/Song For A Summer Night/Whistlin' Man//Never On Sunday/Silly Little Tune/Petite Waltz/Everybody Loves A Lover/A Very Special Love/Adios

CL-1652/CS-8452 - Honky Tonk Angel: Country Songs with a City Flavor - Kitty Kallen [8-61] I'll Never Stand In Your Way/Your Cheatin' Heart/Be My Life's Companion/It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels/Raining In My Heart/A Poor Man's Roses (Or A Rich Man's Gold)//You Are My Sunshine/Careless Hands/I Love You Because/Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)/I Walked Alone Last Night/Hey, Good Lookin'

CL-1653/CS-8453 - Here I Go Again - Eileen Farrell [7-61] With Luther Henderson & His Orchestra. My Funny Valentine/In Other Words/I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/Somebody Loves Me/Dreamy/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams//The Man I Love/Solitaire (The Game Of Love)/To Be In Love/A Foggy Day/The Second Time Around/Taking A Chance On Love

CL-1654 - King of the Delta Blues Singers - Robert Johnson [9-61] Issued in mono only. Crossroads Blues/Terraplane Blues/Come On In My Kitchen/Walking Blues/Last Fair Deal Gone Down/32-20 Blues/Kindhearted Women Blues/If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day//Preaching Blues/When You Got A Good Friend/Rambling On My Mind/Stones In My Passway/Traveling Riverside Blues/Milkcow's Calf Blues/Me And The Devil Blues/Hellbound On My Trail

CL-1655/CS-8455 - The Guns of Navarone (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Dimitri Tiomkin [6-61] (9-61, #48) Prologue - James Robertson Justice, narrator/The Guns Of Navarone - Mitch Miller Sing-Along Chorus/Sea Scene: Odyssey Begins/Climbing The South Cliff/Anna/Death Of Young Pappadimos/Legend Of Navarone//Yassu/Preparation For Guns/Wedding Music/Mission Accomplished/The Guns Of Navarone: Finale

Note: At the start of 1962, Columbia adds the new large "eye" logo to the front covers. Whether the albums below have this logo or not depends on release date.

CL-1656/CS-8456 - Someday My Prince Will Come - Miles Davis [1-62] (3-62, #116) Someday My Prince Will Come/Old Folks/Pfrancing//Drad-Dog/Teo/I Thought About You

CL-1657/CS-8457 - Wonderland of Sound: Today's Top Hits - Andre Kostelanetz & His Orchestra [7-61] Be My Love/Everybody Loves A Lover/Wonderland By Night/Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)/Greenfields/It's Not For Me To Say//Vaya Con Dios/Round And Round/Are You Lonesome Tonight?/So Rare/Unchained Melody/Marianne

CL-1658/CS-8458 - My Heart Sings - Tony Bennett [7-61] Ralph Burns, conductor. Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Dancing In The Dark/I'm Coming Virginia/(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings/It Never Was You/You Took Advantage Of Me//Close Your Eyes/Stella By Starlight/More Than You Know/My Ship/Lover Man/Toot, Toot, Tootsie! (Goo'bye)

CL-1659/CS-8459 - "It's De-Lovely" For Dancing and Listening - Les Elgart & His Orchestra [8-61] The Most Beautiful Girl In The World/It's De-Lovely/Off Shore/Scotch Hop/The Continental (You Kiss While You're Dancing)/I Concentrate On You//Trees/In The Still Of The Night/Poor Butterfly/Green-Up Time/Sermon/Looking For A Boy

CL-1660/CS-8460 - I Have Dreamed - Doris Day [7-61] (10-61, #97) Jim Harbert, conductor. I Believe In Dreams/I'll Buy That Dream/My Ship/All I Do Is Dream Of You/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/We'll Love Again//I Have Dreamed/Periwinkle Blue/Someday I'll Find You/You Stepped Out Of A Dream/Oh What A Beautiful Dream/Time To Say Goodnight

CL-1661/CS-8461 - Soft Vibes, Soaring Strings - Lionel Hampton [9-61] Deep Purple/Stairway To The Stars/Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me/Over The Rainbow/Once In A While/Gone Again//Star Eyes/Laura/On Green Dolphin Street/The Blues I Got Comin' Tomorrow/Ruby

CL-1662/CS-8462 - Stage Left, Stage Right: 30 Hit Songs from 10 Smash Broadway Shows - Jack Pleis [8-61] Medley From "International Revue": On The Sunny Side Of The Street-I'm Feelin' Blue ('Cause I've Got Nobody)Exactly Like You/Medley From "Cabin In The Sky": Cabin In The Sky-Do What You Wanna Do-Taking A Chance On Love/Medley From "Through The Years": Through The Years-You're Everywhere-Drums In My Heart/Medley From "I Married An Angel": I Married An Angel-Did You Ever Get Stung?-Spring Is Here/Medley From "As Thousand Cheer": Heat Wave-Not For All The Rice In China-Easter Parade//Medley From "Ziegfeld Follies": A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody-Tell Me Little Gypsy-Mandy/Medley From "Virginia": An Old Flame Never Dies-Goodbye Jonah-You And I Know/Medley From "Irene": Irene-Castle Of Dreams-Alice Blue Gown/Medley From "Blackbirds Of 1928": I Can't Give You Anything But Love-I Must Have That Man-Diga Diga Doo/Medley From "Rio Rita": Rio Rita-The KinkajouThe Rangers' Song

CL-1663/CS-8463 - Rockin' Rhythm - Sir Charles Thompson [1-62] Cow Cow Boogie/Sentimental Journey/Heartaches/Rockin' Chair/Undecided/Rhumboogie//Boogie Woogie/I'll Never Smile Again/C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)/Baby, Won't You Please Come Home/Mr. Boogie/Pretty-Eyed Baby

CL-1664/CS-8464 - Songs of the Famous Carter Family - Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs [8-61] Featuring Mother Maybelle Carter & Foggy Mountain Boys. Keep On The Sunny Side/Foggy Mountain Top/False-Hearted Lover/Jimmy Brown The Newsboy/You Are My Flower/On The Rock Where Moses Stood//Forsaken Love/The Homestead On The Farm/Pickin' In The Wildwood/Worried Man Blues/The Storms Are On The Ocean/Gathering Flowers From The Hillside

CL-1665/CS-8465 - Voices in Motion - Simon Rady [7-61] The Lamp Is Low/Bali Ha'i/Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing/September Song/Ebb Tide/When I Grow Too Old To Dream//Remember/Charmaine/Tenderly/Solitude/Autumn Leaves/Dream

CL-1666/CS-8466 - Just a Little Sentimental - Marty Robbins [7-61] A Little Sentimental/Hurt/To Each His Own/I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)/Answer Me My Love/Clara//Half As Much/Unchained Melody/Are You Sincere?/Guess I'll Be Going/To Think You've Chosen Me/Too Young

CL-1667/CS-8467 - Rhythm in Motion - Johnny Williams & His Orchestra [7-61] Fascinatin' Rhythm/The Varsity Drag/The Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Let's Do It/Put On A Happy Face/Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)//Johnny One Note/An Occasional Man/My Heart Belongs To Daddy/Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries/Sunny Disposish/Buckle Down Winsocki

CL-1668/CS-8468 - Story Songs - Pete Seeger [7-61] Reissued as Harmony HS-11337 under the title John Henry and Other Folk Favorites. Way Out There/The Half-Hitch/Hobo's Lullaby/Washington Square/Aimee McPherson/Buffalo Skinner//The Foolish Frog/Monongahela Sal/John Henry/Fayette County/Pretty Boy Floyd

CL-1669/CS-8469 - Miles Davis in Person, Volume I: Friday Night at the Blackhawk - Miles Davis [8-61] Walkin'/Bye Bye Blackbird//All Of You/No Blues/Bye Bye/Love, I've Found You

CL-1670/CS-8470 - Miles Davis in Person, Volume II: Saturday Night at the Blackhawk - Miles Davis [8-61] Well You Needn't/Fran-Dance/So What//Oleo/If I Were A Bell/Neo

CL-1671/CS-8471 - Your Request Sing Along with Mitch - Mitch Miller & Gang [8-61] (9-61, #6) When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along/Cecilia/Under The Bamboo Tree/Back In Your Own Back Yard/Then I'll Be Happy/Sunny Side Up/You're The Cream In My Coffee/Harbor Lights//The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi/Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?/Aura Lee/It's Been A Long, Long Time/By The Beautiful Sea/Paddlin' Madelin' Home/Drifting And Dreaming

CL-1672/CS-8472 - The Young Savages (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - David Amram [7-61] Harold's Way/Las Muchachas Delicadas/True Blue/Harold's Way Out//Theme From "The Young Savages"/Switchblades On Parade/The Last Taco/Theme From "The Young Savages"/Funeral March And Requiem/Help!/Subway Sounds/Later With The Elevator/Rooftops

CL-1673/CS-8473 - The Golden Horn - Billy Butterfield [8-61] Jack Pleis, conductor. Stardust/Wonderland By Night/And The Angels Sing/Love Theme From La Strada/You Made Me Love You/Melancholy Serenade//When It's Sleepy Time Down South/Oh, Mein Papa/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White/Pretend/Tenderly/Memories Of You

CL-1674/CS-8474 - The Start of Something New - Johnny Janis [8-61] I Got I Bad And That Ain't Good/Let Me Love You/It's The Talk Of The Town/In Other Words/The Nearness Of You/Guilty//How It Lies, How It Lies, How It Lies/This Could Be The Start Of Something/So In Love/Day By Day/On A Slow Boat To China/Taking A Chance On Love

CL-1675/CS-8475 - High Flying - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross [8-61] With Ike Isaacs Trio. Come On Home/The New A B C/Farmer's Market/Cookin' At The Continental/With Malice Toward None/Hi-Fly//Home Cookin'/Halloween Spooks/Popity Pop/Blue/Mr. P.C.

CL-1676/CS-8476 - Always You - Robert Goulet [8-61] First cover. The Lamp Is Low/And This Is My Beloved/You're Breaking My Heart/It's All In The Game/Full Moon And Empty Arms/The Breeze And I//Strange Music/Always You/Here/The Things I Love/The Story Of A Starry Night/If You Are But A Dream

CL-1676/CS-8476 - Always You - Robert Goulet [1-62] (3-62, #43) Second cover. After a number of months of slow sales, Columbia decided to change the cover photo, and this apparently did the trick, as the album soon charted. The Lamp Is Low/And This Is My Beloved/You're Breaking My Heart/It's All In The Game/Full Moon And Empty Arms/The Breeze And I//Strange Music/Always You/Here/The Things I Love/The Story Of A Starry Night/If You Are But A Dream

CL-1677/CS-8477 - The Sound of Paul Horn - Paul Horn Quintet [8-61] Benny's Buns/Without A Song/Yazz Per Favore/Mirage For Miles//Short Politician/My Funny Valentine/Blue On Blue/Moer Or Less

CL-1678/CS-8478 - Gold and Fizdale Play Dave Brubeck's Jazz Ballet Points on Jazz - Gold & Fizdale [8-61] Arthur Gold and Robert Fish (Bobby Fizdale), dual pianos. Prelude/Scherzo/Blues/Fugue//Rag/Chorale/Waltz/A La Turk/There'll Be No Tomorrow - Gold & Fizdale with the Dave Brubeck Trio & Carmen McRae, vocal

CL-1679/CS-8479 - The Gershwin Bandbook - Les Brown & His Band of Renown [9-61] 'S Wonderful/Somebody Loves Me/Soon/I Was Doing All Right/Love Walked In/Oh, Lady Be Good//Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)/Summertime/They All Laughed/Nice Work If You Can Get It/But Not For Me/A Foggy Day

CL-1680/CS-8480 - Rumania, Rumania: Sabra Sings Yiddish - Yaffa Yarkoni [9-61] Glenn Osser, conductor. Papirossen (Cigarettes)/Ich Hob Dich Tzufil Lieb (I Love You Much Too Much)/Shein Vi Di L'Vone (Like The Moon Above You)/Heveinu Sholem Olechim (Greetings Of Peace)/Unter Boimer (Beneath The Trees)/My Yiddishe Momma//David Melech Israel (David, King Of Israel)/Einz Einz (The Numbers Song)/Momele (Mother Dear)/Avremele (Little Abraham)/Zug Far Vus? (Tell Me Why)/Rumania, Rumania

CL-1681/CS-8481 - Bouquet of Love - Percy Faith Strings [1-62] (4-62, #26) Blue Moon/Out Of This World/Duet/Easy To Love/I Only Have Eyes For You/Soft Lights And Sweet Music//How High The Moon/Invitation/If I Loved You/Music Until Midnight/Stella By Starlight/I Concentrate On You

Note: CL-1682 through CL-1685 were released as part of a 4-LP mono-only box set called A Study in Frustration. The tracks were all recorded between 1923 and 1938 by various bands of which Fletcher Henderson was a part.

CL-1682 (C4L-19) - The Fletcher Henderson Story: A Study in Frustration, Disc 1 - Fletcher Henderson [10-61] CL-1682 through CL-1685 released as box set C4L-19. Dicty Blues/Teapot Dome Blues/Go 'Long Mule/Shanghai Shuffle/Copenhagen/Everybody Loves My Baby/How Come You Do Me Like You Do/Alabamy Bound//Sugarfoot Stomp/What-Cha-Call-'Em Blues/T.N.T./The Stampede/Jackass Blues/Henderson Stomp/The Chant/Snag It/

CL-1683 (C4L-19) - The Fletcher Henderson Story: A Study in Frustration, Disc 2 - Fletcher Henderson [10-61] CL-1682 through CL-1685 released as box set C4L-19. Rocky Mountain Blues/Tozo/St. Louis Shuffle/Whiteman Stomp/I'm Coming Virginia/Variety Stomp/St. Louis Blues/Goose Pimples//Hop Off/King Porter Stomp/D Natural Blues/Oh Baby/Feeling Good/I'm Feeling Devilish/Old Black Joe Blues/Easy Money

CL-1684 (C4L-19) - The Fletcher Henderson Story: A Study in Frustration, Disc 3 - Fletcher Henderson [10-61] CL-1682 through CL-1685 released as box set C4L-19. Come On Baby/Freeze An' Melt/Raisin' The Roof/Blazin'/Wang Wang Blues/Chinatown/Somebody Loves Me/Keep A Song In Your Soul//Sweet And Hot/My Gal Sal/Sugarfoot Stomp/Clarinet Marmalade/Hot And Anxious/Comin' And Goin'/Singin' The Blues/Sugar

CL-1685 (C4L-19) - The Fletcher Henderson Story: A Study in Frustration, Disc 4 - Fletcher Henderson [10-61] CL-1682 through CL-1685 released as box set C4L-19. Blue Moments/New King Porter Stomp/Underneath The Harlem Moon/Honeysuckle Rose/Yeah Man/Queer Notions/Can You Take It?/King Porter Stomp//Christopher Columbus/Stealin' Apples/Blue Lou/Rhythm Of The Tambourine/Back In Your Own Backyard/Chris And His Gang/Sing You Sinners/Moten Stomp

Note: Both CL-1686 and CL-1687 were part of a mono-only 2-LP various artists set featuring twenty of Columbia's biggest pop hits.

CL-1686 (C2X-3) - A Golden Treasury of the Greatest Hits - Various Artists [8-61] CL-1686 and CL-1687 released as 2-record set C2X-3. Moments To Remember - Four Lads/Chances Are - Johnny Mathis/Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) - Doris Day/I've Heard That Song Before - Harry James & His Orchestra/The Theme From "A Summer Place" - Percy Faith & His Orchestra//Battle Of New Orleans - Johnny Horton/Buttons And Bows - Dinah Shore & Her Happy Valley Boys/All Or Nothing At All - Harry James & His Orchestra/Sentimental Journey - Les Brown & His Orchestra/I Believe - Frankie Laine

CL-1687 (C2X-3) - A Golden Treasury of the Greatest Hits - Various Artists [8-61] CL-1686 and CL-1687 released as 2-record set C2X-3. El Paso - Marty Robbins/Jambalaya - Jo Stafford/Because Of You - Tony Bennett/Too Fat Polka Arthur Godfrey/March From The River Kwai and Colonel Bogey - Mitch Miller & His Orchestra//Singing The Blues - Guy Mitchell/Jersey Bounce - Benny Goodman & His Orchestra/Hey There - Rosemary Clooney/Linda - Buddy Clark/Cry - Johnnie Ray

CL-1688/CS-8488 - Warm and Wonderful - Les Paul & Mary Ford [1-62] 'Deed I Do/Makin' Whoopee!/A Cottage For Sale/Clouds/Come Back To Me/Chasing Shadows//It's Been A Long, Long Time/After You've Gone/Am I Blue/You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)/East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)

CL-1689/CS-8489 - Banjo Party - Banjo Barons [10-61] The Banjo's Back In Town-Carry Me Back To Old VirginnyDoodle Doo Doo/Frankie And Johnny-Dear Old Girl-O Dem Golden Slippers/Barcarolle-Peggy O'Neill-Three O'Clock In The Morning/Looking At The World Thru Rose Colored Glasses-Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?-The Old Piano Roll Blues/Stumbling-Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)-Doll Dance/Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me)-Little Girl//Old Black Joe-My Old Kentucky Home-O Susanna/Undecided-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall-Baby Won't You Please Come Home/Ja Da-Runnin' WildTiger Rag/My Wild Irish Rose-Londonderry Air-When Irish Eyes Are Smiling/All I Do Is Dream Of You-Down Among The Sheltering Palms-Linger Awhile/Under The Double Eagle-Helena Polka-Clarinet Polka

CL-1690/CS-8490 - Time Further Out - Dave Brubeck Quartet [10-61] (12-61, #8) It's A Raggy Waltz/Bluette/Charles Matthew Hallelujah/Far More Blue//Far More Drums/Maori Blues/Unsquare Dance/Bru's Boogie Woogie/Blue Shadows In The Street

CL-1691/CS-8491 - Charlie Walker's Greatest Hits - Charlie Walker [9-61] Reissued in abridged form as Harmony HL-7415/HS-11215 under the title Charlie Walker's Golden Hits. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down/Facing The Wall/Two Empty Arms/When My Conscience Hurts The Most/A Way To Free Myself/Who Will Buy The Wine//I'll Catch You When You Fall/Bow Down Your Head And Cry/I Go Anywhere/Right Back At Our Door/I Walked Out On Heaven (When I Walked Out On You)/I Don't Mind Saying

CL-1692/CS-8492 - The Bickersons - Don Ameche & Frances Langford [12-61] (4-62, #76) Breakfast With John And Blanche/The Bickersons At Sea//Wedding Anniversary/Later That Same Evening

CL-1693/CS-8493 - Tropical Fantasy: An Adventure in Exotic Sounds and Percussion - Michel Magne & His Orchestra [9-61] Bahia/Sahara/Brazil/Perfidia/The Peanut Vendor/Come Closer To Me/Two Silhouettes//Congo/Besame Mucho/Tropical/Tabu/El Cumbanchero/You Belong To My Heart/Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

Note: Columbia CL-1694/CS-8494 and CL-1695/CS-8495 were reissues of CL-1669/CS-8469 and CL-1670/CS-8470, respectively. They were issued as part of a new two-LP set as Columbia C2L-20/C2S-820.

CL-1694/CS-8494 (C2L-20/C2S-820) - Miles Davis in Person: Friday and Saturday Nights at the Blackhawk, San Francisco - Miles Davis [9-61] (10-61, #68) Released with CL-1695/CS-8495 as C2L-20/C2S-820. Walkin'/Bye Bye Blackbird//All Of You/No Blues/Bye Bye/Love, I've Found You

CL-1695/CS-8495 (C2L-20/C2S-820) - Miles Davis in Person: Friday and Saturday Nights at the Blackhawk, San Francisco - Miles Davis [9-61] (10-61, #68) Released with CL-1694/CS-8494 as C2L-20/C2S-820. Well You Needn't/Fran-Dance/So What//Oleo/If I Were A Bell/Neo

CL-1696/CS-8496 - Deuces Wild - Frankie Laine [1-62] The Hard Way/Camptown Races/Luck Be A Lady/Get Rich Quick/Horses And Women/Moonlight Gambler//Ace In The Hole/The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo/Dead Man's Hand/The Roving Gambler/Deuces Wild/Gamblin' Woman

CL-1697/CS-8497 - The Brothers Four Song Book - Brothers Four [11-61] (12-61, #71) Rock Island Line/Goodnight, Irene/The Tavern Song/Lady Greensleeves/The Drillers' Song/Nobody Knows//Vivala Compagnie/Ole Smokey/Tarrytown/Come For To Carry Me Home/Summer Days Alone/Frogg No. 1

CL-1698/CS-8498 - A Music Box Christmas: Enchanting 19th Century Music Boxes from the Collection of Rita Ford - Music Boxes [8-61] Silent Night, Holy Night/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/Zu Bethlehem Geboren/The Monastery Bells/O Tannenbaum/O Sanctissima/Spin, Spin/O Holy Night/Ave Maria//Adeste Fideles/Still, Still, Holy Melody/Jesus, Lover Of My Soul/The First Noel/Ihr Kinderlein Kommet/The Holy City/Lobe Den Herren/Jingle Bells/Silent Night, Holy Night

CL-1699/CS-8499 - We Wish You the Merriest: An All-Star Christmas - Various Artists [8-61] Let No Wall Divide - Doris Day/Winter Wonderland - Harmonicats/Kissin' By The Mistletoe - Aretha Franklin/White Christmas - Bobby Hackett/The Little Drummer Boy Johnny Cash/O Holy Night - Jesus & Mary Choral Group//Sleigh Ride - Ray Conniff/You're All I Want For Christmas Frankie Laine/What Child Is This? (Greensleeves) - Brothers Four/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Andre Previn/The Christmas Song - Les Paul & Mary Ford/We Wish You The Merriest - Les Brown

Thanks to Tom Baker.

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