Gamble Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Dave Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 24, 2003

Before the Philadelphia International label was founded in 1971, Gamble and Huff had already tried their hands setting up record labels. The Excel and Gamble labels were started in 1967 (but only the latter released albums), with such artists as the Intruders (four albums between 1967 and 1969), Billy Paul (the classic Feelin' Good At The Cadillac Club later re-released on Philadelphia International) and the first album by the Jaggerz, a Pittsburgh rock band led by guitarist-singer-songwriter Dominic Ierace (aka Donnie Iris). Although the 1969 album by the Jaggerz was not paricularly successful, the group shifted to the Kama Sutra label and hit the charts in 1970 with "The Rapper." In 1970 the original Gamble label was put on hold, to be resurrected in 1973 as a Philadelphia International subsidiary.

The first Gamble label is black with "GAMBLE" written in white lettering and underlined by curved coloured stripes at the top of the label. The following text is written in the same white lettering on the right side of the label "GAMBLE RECORDS, INC. 1650 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N.Y." Only the first release was issued both in mono and stereo. All other releases were stereo only.

After Gamble and Huff made a deal with CBS to start the Philadelphia International label, CBS distributed a short-lived revitalization of the gamble label. The CBS-distributed Gamble label was silver with black print, with a brown stylized "G" logo at the top of the label. Promotional copies had the same label, but had a sticker on the label indicating it was a promotional copy and was not for sale.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

G/SG-5000 series:

G/SG 5001 - The Intruders Are Together - Intruders [1967] A Devil With An Angel Smile/Baby I'm So Lonely/A Book For The Brokenhearted/A Love That's Real/United/Together/others

From this point, albums were issued in stereo only.

SG 5002 - Feelin' Good At The Cadillac Club - Billy Paul [1968] Billy Boy/Missing You/Bluesette/On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)/Just In Time//That's Life/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Feeling Good/Somewhere

SG 5003 -

SG 5004 - Cowboys To Girls - Intruders [1968] (7-68, #112) Cowboys to Girls/Turn The Hands Of Time/(So Glad I'm) Yours/It Must Be Love/Call Me/Sad Girl//(Love Is Like A) Baseball Game/Friends No More/By the Time I Get To Phoenix/Everyday Is A Holiday/Good For Me Girl

SG 5005 - The Intruders' Greatest Hits - Intruders [1969] (1-69, #144) Cowboys To Girls/Slow Drag/Together/Girls Girls Girls/United//Me Tarzan, You Jane/A Love That's Real/(Who's Your) Favorite Candidate/Friends No More/(Love Is Like A) Baseball Game

SG 5006 - Introducing The Jaggerz - Jaggerz [1969] Gotta Find My Way Back Home/(That's Why) Baby I Love You/Give A Little Love/What Now My Love/Higher And Higher/Forever Together-Together Forever//Let Me Be Your Man/Bring It Back/Here's A Heart/Ain't No Sun/Need Your Love/Together

SG 5007 - The Gamble Records All Stars - Various Artists [1969] Cowboys to Girls - The Intruders/Love (Your Pain Goes Deep) - Frank Beverly & Butlers/Don't Rush Me - Baby Dolls/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - Brothers Of Hope/Let's Fall In Love All Over - Gail Anderson/Gotta Find My Way Back Home - Jaggerz//Give Her A Transplant - Intruders/I Need You So - Cruisers/What Kind Of Lady - Dee Dee Sharp/Billy Boy - Billy Paul/O-Wow - Panic Buttons/Ain't No Reason For Girls To Be Lonely - Bobby Marchan

SG 5008 - When We Get Married - Intruders [1970] When We Get Married/Best Days of My Life/One In A Million/Hocus Pocus/Guess Who Loves You/Wonder What Kind Of Bag She's In/This Is My Love Song/Let Me In Your Mind/Tender (Was The Love We Knew)/I Didn't Know/Brand New Me

CBS 30000 consolidated series (Distributed by Columbia):

KZ-31991 - Save the Children - Intruders [1973] (5-73, #133) Save The Children/Mother And Child Reunion/I Wanna Know Your Name/To Be Happy Is The Real Thing//I'll Always Love My Mama/Memories Are Here To Stay/Teardrops/Hang On In There

KZ 32077 - Half And Half - Cleveland Eaton [1973]

KZ 32131 - Intruders Super Hits - Intruders [1973] Cowboys To Girls/Together/(We'll Be) United/Love Is Like A Baseball Game/Slow Drag/When We Get Married//Sad Girl/A Love That's Real/Friends No More/Gonna Be Strong/Me Tarzan, You Jane/Check Yourself

KZ 32405 - Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine [1973]

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