Brunswick Album Discography
by David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries and Randy Watts
Last update: February 22, 2013

Early Brunswick Label Brunswick started, surprisingly enough, as a pool table manufacturer. Originally, The Brunswick- Balke-Collender Company of Chicago was making pool tables and doing other woodworking around the turn of the twentieth century. It got involved with Thomas Edison in the 1910s and made cabinets for his Diamond Disc record players. The story goes that one day in the late teens Edison inspected a carload of cabinets and wasn't happy with their quality and sent them back. The Brunswick people got upset and said something not unlike, "Oh yeah??? We're going to make our OWN phongraphs!" Once they got into the phonograph business, records to play on them weren't far behind.

The first Brunswick records were vertical-cut records with green labels, issued in 1916 in Canada. By 1920, Brunswick had their lateral-cut records ready for sale in the United States. Brunswick holds the distinction of marketing the very first electric record player, the Panatrope, which was introduced in late 1924. This led them down the path to the Radio Business.

Brunswick-Warner Label Brunswick bought the Vocalion label in 1925, and six months after the Depression hit, in April of 1930, Brunswick-Balke-Collender sold both labels to Warner Brothers. The arrangement included a license to use the Brunswick name for a fee every year. It did not include the back record library. After that point, the record labels say: "Brunswick Record Corporation, Subsidiary of Warner Bros Pictures, Inc." on them. After Warner Bros bought the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company's records/radio division, they also started the Melotone label, and kept all three labels going until December, 1931, when they signed an agreement with Consolidated Industries (American Record Corporation, or ARC) to take over the day-to-day operation of the three labels. Payments to Brunswick-Balke-Collender continued, with Brunswick continuing as a 75 cent "flagship" label, while Vocalion and Melotone joined ARC's Perfect, Banner, Romeo, Oriole, and other labels as 3/$1.00 labels.

ARC was purchased by CBS in late 1938 and this sale included everything intellectual and tangible (including the Columbia and Okeh labels since 1934). CBS noticed the royalty payments to Brunswick-Balke-Collender and wondered why. Beginning in September of 1939, they phased out using the Brunswick label name, probably to avoid paying royalties on it, instead phasing in the newly-revived Columbia label. The abandoning of Brunswick altogether in April, 1940, voided the 1931 agreement Warner Bros (and Brunswick-Balke-Collender) had with ARC, so Brunswick-Balke-Collender got both pre-1931 Brunswick and Vocalion rights back (they still had the masters), and they quickly sold rights and masters for both labels in 1940 to Decca (see below). CBS retained all the Brunswick, Vocalion and Melotone masters from 1931-1939.

Brunswick Label, 1940s The Decca Record Company of England (aka "British Decca," founded 1929), set up a US Decca subsidiary in 1934 and hired Brunswick executive Jack Kapp to run it. Starting in 1940, ARC started to reissue old Brunswick sides from the mid '30s by Bing Crosby from their 1931-39 masters. Since Bing was by that time on Decca (and was their biggest seller), and because Jack Kapp had been at Brunswick/ARC and knew about the "old" pre-1931 catalog, US Decca bought the old catalog from Brunswick-Balke-Collender sometime in 1940. They also licensed the name from Brunswick-Balke-Collender again so they could reissue Bing's earliest records under the Brunswick label.

Brunswick-Balke-Collender, the pool table and by-then-bowling-ball company, simplified their name to Brunswick Corporation sometime in the 1970s. Although today pool tables, bowling pin-spotters, bowling balls, records, and CDs all bear the Brunswick name and share a common history, the music operation and the sports equipment operation parted ways more than a half-century ago.

Brunswick Records can be found on 78s from the 1920s-1950s. It was in the early 1950s that Brunswick started issuing long playing albums, and the earliest of these consisted of material recorded by Brunswick and Decca in the '30s and '40s. In the 1950s, material released on the Brunswick label was distributed by Coral Records (itself a subsidiary of U.S. Decca).

The Chirping Crickets By 1957, Brunswick had started issuing newly recorded material. The artists on Brunswick and Coral were often interchangeable. Brunswick was releasing material by the Crickets while Coral was issuing material by Buddy Holly solo, even though both Buddy Holly and the Crickets were usually on all of these recordings no matter how they were billed. Alan Freed had album releases on both Coral and Brunswick. The Brunswick label was used for releases by members of the Lawrence Welk Orchestra (Myron Floren, Big Tiny Little, Jr., and the Lennon Sisters), while Welk himself was recording on Coral. Brunswick was also used for a Buddy Holly protege named Terry Noland ("There Was a Fungus Among Us").

In 1957, Jackie Wilson, ex-lead singer for the Dominoes, was signed to the Brunswick label, and he started a long hit career in October of that year with "Reet Petite." During the late '50s and early '60s, Jackie Wilson "was" the Brunswick label, accounting for almost all the label's album releases. In order to get Jackie Wilson to re-sign with the label in 1964, Decca gave Wilson's manager, Nat Tarnopol, 50% of the label. After 1964, Len Schneider was President of Brunswick and Nat Tarnopol was Vice President, although Tarnopol was really running the company.

Jackie Wilson By 1965, Jackie Wilson's career was languishing, so in 1966 Tarnopol brought in Carl Davis to produce Wilson. Davis was able to revive Wilson's career with the hit "Whispers," and in one of the smartest moves Tarnopol ever made, he hired Davis as A&R Director for Brunswick in October 1966. In 1967, Davis produced "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher" with Wilson and the record sold 2 million copies. With Carl Davis, Brunswick became one of the country's leading soul music labels. Davis, who had long been a fixture in the Chicago soul scene, brought in the Artistics, Chi-Lites, the Young-Holt Trio, Barbara Acklin and Gene Chandler and produced hits with them all.

Even as Brunswick was increasing record sales, there were constant disagreements between Tarnopol and Marty Salkin, head of the A&R Department for Decca, Coral, and Brunswick. Things came to a head in 1970; Tarnopol demanded that either he be allowed to buy the other half of the company or sell his 50% back to Decca. Decca decided to sell the label to Tarnopol. Nat Tarnopol became President of the newly independent Brunswick and he made Carl Davis Executive Vice President.

Even though he was working at Brunswick, Carl Davis started another record label called Dakar in 1967.

Jackie Wilson had a severe heart attack while performing in 1975. He went into a coma, and when he came out of it, had severe brain damage. He spent the next 9 years in nursing homes and died in 1984 at 50 years of age.

In March 1976, Nat Tarnopol and three other Brunswick executives were convicted of fraud and conspiracy charges. They had allegedly sold 500,000 records at discount for $300,000 cash and $50,000 in merchandise. The government claimed this defrauded the artists and writers of rightful royalties and the government of tax money. In December 1977, the convictions were thrown out and a new trial ordered. In the 1978 retrial, the judge declared a mistrial and threw the case out. Tarnopol was free but the damage to Brunswick was immense; the label hung on until 1981, but after that the only Brunswick activity was licensing previously recorded material to other labels. Nat Tarnopol died in 1987. More recently, Brunswick is being run by Paul and Mara Tarnopol, Nat's son and daughter. A great deal of the catalogue is being restored and remastered for the very first time on CD using 24 Bit technology. Brunswick is looking to the future with new artists.

The Brunswick label used for the 10-inch albums (far left) was black with gold print. The first Brunswick 12-inch label (near left) was black with silver printing. "Brunswick" was in script bending around the top edge of the label. There were a series of 5 parallel lines resembling whiskers at six places around the edge of the label. This label was used for mono recordings from the start of the 54000 series in 1953 to approximately BL-54119 in 1965.
The promotional version of the "whiskers" label (far left) was yellow with black print. Even though the regular label changed in 1965, this yellow promotional label was used until at least BL-754147 in 1969. When stereo came in, in 1958, Brunswick used a label with a different design for the stereo issues. The early stereo label (near left) had "BRUNSWICK STEREO" in block letters bending around the top edge, with a series of small stars around the label edge in lieu of the mono whiskers. This label was used until 1965, approximately BL-754119. The last few stereo issues using this label used a dark red label with silver print, with the same design.
In 1965, starting approximately with BL-54120/BL-754120, the design changed (far left). The main feature was a multi-color arrow (similar to the Decca label) going from right to left, with "Brunswick" in script turned sideways at the far left edge and the stereo/mono designation at the right edge. At the far left edge it stated that Brunswick was "a subsidiary of Decca Records, Inc." In 1970, when Nat Tarnopol bought the label from Decca, the notation that Brunswick was a subsidiary of Decca was removed (near left).
The promotional version of the "arrow" labels was black print on a white label, with "Brunswick" in white script on a black field. In 1973 (near left), starting at about BL-754186, the arrow was reduced in size and only ran from the right edge to the center hole, with the label name in horizontal script between the left edge and center hole. The fine print was moved to the top edge.

Tracks are usually listed in the order in which they appear on the album. An asterisk (*) before the catalog number indicates the track order is not known. A double slash (//) indicates change of record side.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Brunswick BL-58000 10-inch Jazz Series (Mono only):

BL-58000 - Bing Crosby, Volume 1 - Bing Crosby [5/50] Out Of Nowhere/If You Should Ever Need Me/Just One More Chance/Now That You're Gone//I Found A Million Dollar Baby/I'm Through With Love/Goodnight Sweetheart/Too Late

BL-58001 - Bing Crosby, Volume 2 - Bing Crosby [6/50] Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day/Star Dust/Dancing In The Dark/At Your Command//Many Happy Returns Of The Day/I Apologize/Sweet And Lovely/A Faded Summer Love

BL-58002 - Ellingtonia, Volume 1 - Duke Ellington [4/50] East St. Louis Toodle- oo/Birmingham Breakdown/Rockin' In Rhythm/Twelfth Street Rag/Black And Tan Fantasy/The Mooche/Mood Indigo/Wall Street Wail

BL-58003 - Boogie Woogie - Jelly Roll Morton/Pinetop Smith [1/50] Pinetop's Boogie Woogie - Pinetop Smith/Pinetop's Blues - Pinetop Smith/Jump Steady Blues - Pinetop Smith/I'm Sober Now - Pinetop Smith//King Porter Stomp - Jelly Roll Morton/The Pearls - Jelly Roll Morton/Sweetheart O' Mine - Jelly Roll Morton/Fat Meat And Greens - Jelly Roll Morton

BL-58004 - Jazz Classics - Louis Armstrong [6/50] Wild Man Blues/Melancholy/Georgia Bobo/Drop That Sack//Static Strut/Stomp Off, Let's Go!/Terrible Blues/Santa Claus Blues

BL-58005 - Johnny Noble and His Hawaiians, Volume 1: Favorite Songs and Hulas of the Islands - Johnny Noble [1950] Song Of The Islands (Na Lei O Hawaii)/Akekoki/King's Serenade (Imi Au Ia Oe)/Sassy/Hilo March/Moana Chimes/Kalamaula/Lei Nani

BL-58006 - Jimmie Noone, Volume 1 - Jimmie Noone [1950] With Earl "Fatha" Hines on piano. Apex Blues/Sweet Lorraine/I Know That You Know/Sweet Sue, Just You//Four Or Five Times/Every Evening (I Miss You)/My Monday Date/Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gave Me)

BL-58007 - Songs of Trinidad - Wilmoth Houdini [7/50] The Cooks In Trinidad/No Mo' Bench And Board/Arima Tonight Sangre Grande Tomorrow Night/I Need A Man/Sweet Pap Willie/Honey I'm Bound To Go/Black But Sweet/Stop Coming And Come

BL-58008 - Classics, Volume 1 - Red Nichols & His Five Pennies [1950] China Boy/Peg O' My Heart/The Sheik Of Araby/Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble//Indiana/Dinah/Tea For Two/I Want To Be Happy

BL-58009 - Classics, Volume 2 - Red Nichols & His Five Pennies [1950] Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider/Feelin' No Pain/Avalon/Nobody's Sweetheart//Buddy's Habits/Boneyard Shuffle/Washboard Blues/That's No Bargain

BL-58010 - Cab Calloway and Orchestra - Cab Calloway & Orchestra [1950] Minnie The Moocher/Kicking The Gong Around/St. Louis Blues/Bugle Call Rag//(I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You/Some Of These Days/St. James Infirmary/Nobody's Sweetheart

BL-58011 - Dixieland Jazz - New Orleans Rhythm Kings [1950] San Antonio Shout/Tin Roof Blues/Ostrich Walk/Original Dixieland One-Step/Bluin' The Blues/Sensation/Panama/Jazz It Blues

BL-58012 - Ellingtonia, Volume 2 - Duke Ellington [1950] Creole Rhapsody/Tiger Rag/Yellow Dog Blues/Tishomingo Blues/Jazz Convulsions/Awful Sad

BL-58013 - Art Tatum Trio - Art Tatum Trio [1950] I Got Rhythm/I Would Do Anything For You/Honeysuckle Rose/Moonglow//I Ain't Got Nobody/Cocktails For Two/After You've Gone/Deep Purple

BL-58014 - Trumpet Solos - Bobby Hackett [1951] Soft Lights And Sweet Music/Soon/With A Song In My Heart/Easy To Love//What Is There To Say/If There Is Someone Lovlier Than You/But Not For Me/When A Woman Loves A Man

BL-58015 - Chicago Jazz Classics - Benny Goodman & His Boys [1951] Wolverine Blues/Muskrat Ramble/Room 1411/Shirt Tail Stomp/A Jazz Holiday/After Awhile/Jungle Blues/Blue

BL-58016 - King of New Orleans Clarinets - Johnny Dodds [1951] Weary Blues/New Orleans Stomp/Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp/After You've Gone/Joe Turner Blues/When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo/Forty And Tight/Piggly Wiggly

BL-58017 - Tesch Plays Jazz Classics - Frank Teschemacher [1950] I've Found A New Baby/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/There'll Be Some Changes Made/Copenhagen/Wailin' Blues/Prince Of Wails/Barrell House Stomp/Trying To Stop My Crying

BL-58018 - Boogie Woogie Piano - Various Artists [1950] Detroit Rocks/Head Bag Bop/Wilkins Street Stromp/Cow Cow Blues/State Street Jive/Indiana Avenue Stomp/The Dirty Dozen No. 1/The Dirty Dozen, No. 2

BL-58019 - Basie's Best - Count Basie [1951] Every Tub/Out The Window/Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today/Shorty George//Red Wagon/Fare Thee Well Honey Fare Thee Well/Roseland Shuffle/Pennies From Heaven

BL-58020 - King Oliver, Volume 1 - King Oliver & His Dixie Synchopators [1950] Recorded 1926-28. Black Snake Blues/Willie The Weeper/Aunt Hagar's Blues/Speakeasy Blues//Sugar Foot Stomp/Snag It No. 2/Someday Sweetheart/Too Bad

BL-58021 - Souvenir - Jan Savitt & His Orchestra [1950] 720 In The Books/Alla En El Rancho Grande/Tuxedo Junction/Rose Of The Rio Grande//When Buddha Smiles/Big Beaver/Blues In The Groove/And The Angels Sing

BL-58022 - Barrel House Piano - Various Artists [1951] Pass The Jug - Frank Melrose/Jelly Roll Stomp - Frank Melrose/Jingles - James P. Johnson/You've Got To Be Modernistic - James P. Johnson/Drag 'Em - Mary Lou Williams/Night Life - Mary Lou Williams/Stompin' 'Em Down- Alex Hill/Tack Head Blues - Alex Hill

BL-58023 - Piano Solos, Volume 2 - Art Tatum [1951] Stormy Weather/Chlo-E/Gone With The Wind/The Sheik Of Araby/St. Louis Blues/Begin The Beguine/Tea For Two/Rosetta

BL-58024 - Harlem Jazz 1930 - Various Artists [1950] Double Check Stomp - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra/Jolly Wog - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra/Chant Of The Weed - Don Redman & His Orchestra/Shakin' The African - Don Redman & His Orchestra/Radio Rhythm - Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra/Just Blues - Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra/Saratoga Drag - Luis Russell & His Orchestra/Case On Dawn - Luis Russell & His Orchestra

BL-58025 - Pick-A-Rib-Jazz - Ben Pollack [3/51] Boogie Woogie/California Here I Come/Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovely Mine/You Made Me Love You//Alice Blue Gown/My Wild Irish Rose/The Snake Charmer/Morocco

BL-58026 - Riverboat Jazz - Various Artists [1951] Snag It - King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators/Capitol Blues - Dewey Jackson's Peacock Orchestra/Mr. Jelly Lord - Jelly Roll Morton's Levee Serenaders/Midnight Mama - Jelly Roll Morton's Levee Serenaders/Gates Blues - Jimmy Wade And His Dixielanders/Parkway Stomp - Albert Wynn's Gut Bucket Five With Punch Miller/Down By The Levee - Albert Wynn's Creole Jazz Band/She's Cryin' For Me - Albert Wynn's Creole Jazz Band

BL-58027 - Volume 3 - Red Nichols & His Five Pennies [1951] Eccentric/Bugle Call Rag/Riverboat Shuffle/The Japanese Sandman/Chinatown My Chinatown/I'm Just Wild About Harry/Original Dixieland One-Step/Rose of Washington Square

BL-58028 - Swinging the Classics - Jan Savitt [10/50] Liebestraum/My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice/The Young Prince And The Young Princess/Les Preludes/Meditation/Nocturne In E Flat Major/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/Indian Summer

BL-58029 - Piano Solos - Jess Stacy [8/51] Fascinating Rhythm/I Can't Get Started/I Want To Be Happy/You Took Advantage Of Me//(Back Home Again In) Indiana/Stars Fell On Alabama/Oh, Baby!/If I Could Be With You

BL-58030 - Tenor Sax Stylings, Volume 1 - Coleman Hawkins [1952] The Man I Love/Sweet Lorraine/Get Happy/Crazy Rhythm/How Deep Is The Ocean/Blues Changes/Voodte/Lover Come Back To Me

BL-58031 - Tenor Sax Stylings, Volume 2 - Ben Webster [1952] I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/Spang/Dark Corners/Blues Mr. Brim/Frog And Mule/Doctor Keets/P And T Blues/Jeep Is Jumpin'

BL-58032 - Tenor Sax Stylings, Volume 3 - Flip Phillips [1953] A Melody From The Sky/Sweet And Lovely/Stompin' At The Savoy/Bob's Belief/Lover Come Back To Me/Swingin' For Popsie/Why Shouldn't I?/Papilloma

BL-58033 - Presenting Johnny Bothwell - Johnny Bothwell [1953] Reissue of Signature S-13. I'll Remember April/The Trouble With Me Is You/Ill Wind/John's Other Wife/Laura/Street Of Dreams/Lonely Serenade/I Cover The Waterfront

BL-58034 - Fats Waller Songs - Earl Hines & Nat Jaffe [1952] Reissue of Signature S-11. My Fate Is In Your Hands/I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling/Honeysuckle Rose/Squeeze Me//How Can You Face Me?/Keepin' Out Of Mischief/(What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue/Zonky

BL-58035 - Yank Lawson - Yank Lawson [1953] Stumbling/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/Too Many Times/That's A Plenty/Squeeze Me/Noteworthy Blues/Sheik Of Araby/Lady Be Good

BL-58036 - Eddie Heywood - Eddie Heywood [1953] How High The Moon/Them There Eyes/Penthouse Serenade/Time On My Hands/On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Night And Day

BL-58037 - The Battle of Jazz, Volume 1 - Bud Freeman & the Summa Cum Laude Orchestra/Joe Marsala & His Orchestra [4/53] The Sail Fish - Bud Freeman & the Summa Cum Laude Orchestra/As Long As I Live - Bud Freeman & the Summa Cum Laude Orchestra/Sunday - Bud Freeman & the Summa Cum Laude Orchestra/Satanic Blues - Bud Freeman & the Summa Cum Laude Orchestra//Bulls Eye - Joe Marsala & His Orchestra/Lower Register - Joe Marsala & His Orchestra/Slow Down - Joe Marsala & His Orchestra/I Know That You Know - Joe Marsala & His Orchestra

BL-58038 - The Battle of Jazz, Volume 2 - Art Tatum/Zutty Singleton [1953] Stompin' At The Savoy - Art Tatum & His Band/Last Goodbye Blues - Art Tatum & His Band/Wee Baby Blues - Art Tatum & His Band/Battery Bounce - Art Tatum & His Band//Royal Garden Blues - Zutty & His Band/Bugle Call Rag - Zutty & His Band/ (I Would Do) Anything For You - Zutty & His Band/Clarinet Marmalade -Zutty & His Band

BL-58039 - The Battle of Jazz, Volume 3 - Adrian Rollini/Joe Venuti/Eddie Lang [1953] Sugar/Davenport Blues/Somebody Loves Me/Riverboat Shuffle/Beale Street Blues/Someday Sweetheart/After You've Gone/Farewell Blues

BL-58040 - Music After Midnight - Tony Scott Quartet [1953] Katz' Meow (A Canon For Cats)/After After Hours/Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You)/Away We Go

BL-58041 - Pete Johnson's Boogie Woogie Mood - Pete Johnson [1953] Answer To The Boogie/Dive Bomber/Mr. Freddie Blues/Zero Hour/Bottomland Boogie/Kaycee Feeling/Lights Out Mood/Rock It Boogie

BL-58042 - The Battle of Jazz, Volume 4 - Edmond Hall/Miff Mole [1953] Basame Mucho (Kiss Me Much) - Edmond Hall Swing Sextet/Face - Edmond Hall Swing Sextet/Opus 15 - Edmond Hall Swing Sextet/The Sheik Of Araby - Edmond Hall Swing Sextet//Ballin' The Jack - Miff Mole & His Dixieland Orchestra/How Come You Do Me Like You Do - Miff Mole & His Dixieland Orchestra/If I Had You - Miff Mole & His Dixieland Orchestra/I Would Do Anything For You - Miff Mole & His Dixieland Orchestra

BL-58043 - The Battle of Jazz, Volume 5 - Bobby Hackett/Max Kaminsky [1953] But Not For Me/When A Woman Loves A Man/S'Wonderful/Rose Room/Black And Blue/Jazz Me Blues/Someday, Sweetheart/Dipper Mouth Blues

BL-58044 - The Battle of Jazz, Volume 6 - Henry Allen/Red Norvo [1953] Ride, Red, Ride - Henry "Red" Allen, Trumpet, & His Band/Dark Eyes - Henry "Red" Allen, Trumpet, & His Band/Dear Old Southland - Henry "Red" Allen, Trumpet, & His Band/Red Jump - Henry "Red" Allen, Trumpet, & His Band//Blue Skies - Red Norvo Sextet/Seven Come Eleven - Red Norvo Sextet/I Surrender Dear - Red Norvo Sextet/Red Dust - Red Norvo Sextet

BL-58045 - Battle of Jazz, Volume 7 - Roy Eldridge/Sammy Price [1953] Recorded 1943. The Gasser - Roy Eldridge/Jump Through The Window - Roy Eldridge/Minor Jive - Roy Eldridge/Stardust - Roy Eldridge//Honeysuckle Rose - Sammy Price/Big Joe - Sammy Price/Boogie Woogie Notion - Sammy Price/Boogin' A Plenty - Sammy Price

BL-58046 - Battle of Jazz, Volume 8 - Johnny Dodds/Jimmie Noone [1953] Wild Man Blues - Johnny Dodds & His Chicago Boys/29th and Dearborn - Johnny Dodds & His Chicago Boys/Melancholy - Johnny Dodds & His Chicago Boys/Sweet Lorraine - Johnny Dodds & His Chicago Boys//Bump It - Jimmy Noone & His Orchestra/Japansy - Jimmy Noone & His Orchestra/Four Or Five Times - Jimmy Noone & His Orchestra/I Know That You Know - Jimmy Noone & His Orchestra

BL-58047 - Johnnie Guarnieri Sings And Plays - Johnnie Guarnieri [1953] Charleston/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Alligator Crawl/Basin Street Blues//Keyboard Caprices/Gone Fishin'/So In Love/Sweet Georgia Brown

BL-58048 - Jazz on the Air - Terry Gibbs & Milt Buckner Trio [1/54] Out Of Nowhere/What's New/Now Is The Time/Bernie's Tune/Russian Lullaby/Trapped

BL-58049 - Shades of Bix - Jimmy McPartland [1953] Singin' The Blues (Until My Daddy Comes Home)/Clarinet Marmalade/Davenport Blues/Louisiana/I'm Coming Virginia/Riverboat Shuffle/Ostrich Walk/Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down

BL-58050 - Big Band Jazz - Yank Lawson & His Orchestra/Will Bradley & His Orchestra [1953] Two Day Toot - Yank Lawson & His Orchestra/Washboard Blues - Yank Lawson & His Orchestra/Sensation Rag - Yank Lawson & His Orchestra/Sugarfoot Stomp - Yank Lawson & His Orchestra//Celery Stalks At Midnight No. 2 - Will Bradley & His Orchestra/Easy Ride - Will Bradley & His Orchestra/Turn The Knob On The Left To The Right - Will Bradley & His Orchestra/Etude Brutus - Will Bradley & His Orchestra

BL-58051 - Hot Fiddle - Svend Asmussen [1953] Ring Dem Bells/Tea For Two/My Melancholy Baby/The Darktown Strutter's Ball/June Night/Whispering/Sweet Sue, Just You/Crazy Rhythm

BL-58052 - The Land of Dixie - Billy Maxted [1953] At The Jazz Band Ball/Basin Street Blues/Lassus Trombone/Memphis Blues/Panama/Dixieland Shuffle/Satanic Blues

BL-58053 - Lou Stein at Large - Lou Stein [1954] You Stepped Out Of A Dream/It Might As Well Be Spring/Love For Sale/Don't Blame Me//Poinciana/Tenderly/September Song/Carioca

BL-58054 - Impressions of Outer Space - Larry Elgart [1954] Beyond Gravity/Lunar Sleep/Asteroid Ballet/Airless Moon/Primoridal Matter/Gravitational Whirlpool/Space Intoxication/Purple Planet

BL-58055 - Terry Gibbs Quartet - Terry Gibbs Quartet [1954] I've Found a New Baby/Terry's Blues/Blue Moon/My Friend Tiny/Exactly Like You/Vernerdi/Tea For Two/That Feller McKeller

BL-58056 - Tony Scott Quartet - Tony Scott Quartet [1954] Swootie Patootie/I Cover The Waterfront/Sweet Lorraine/Yesterdays//Blues For Ava, Part 1/Blues For Ava, Part 2/It's You Or No One/Goodbye

BL-58057 - Jazz for GI's - Tony Scott & Mat Mathews [1954] Milt To The Hilt/Homecoming/Pennies From Heaven/Bag's Grove

BL-58058 - Hi-Fi Jazz - Tony Scott & Terry Gibbs [1/55] Lemon Drop/Tea For Two/Bernie's Tune/Cupcake

Brunswick BL-59000 Series (10-Inch LPs, mono issues only):

BL-59000 - Mountain Frolic - Various Artists [1950] Square dances. Sugar Hill - Dad Crockett with 5 String Banjo/Cindy - Bradley Kincaid with Guitar/Sourwood Mountain - The Crockett Family/Sally In The Garden - The Crockett Family/Sally Goodin - The Crockett Family//'Sail Away Ladies - Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers//Cluck, Old Hen - Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters/Black Eyed Susie - Al Hopkins & His Buckle Busters/Arkansas Traveler - The Tennessee Ramblers/Old Joe Clark - Bradley Kincaid

BL-59001 - Listen to Our Story - Various Artists [10/50] American ballads. Lady Gay - Buell Kazee/The Derby Ram - Bascom Lamar Lunsford/The Girl I Left Behind Me - Dick Reinhart/Pretty Polly - Doc Boggs/The Death Of John Henry - Uncle Dave Macon/Rock About, My Saro Jane - Uncle Dave Mason & His Fruit Jar Drinkers/True Religion - Rev. Edward Clayburn/Stackerlee - Furry Lewis

Brunswick BL-54000 (Mono)/BL-754000 (Stereo) Main Series (12-Inch LPs):

Initial issues are mono only.

BL-54000 - Jazz Time U.S.A., Volume 1 - Various Artists [2/53] T & S - Terry Gibbs Sextet/You Don't Know What Love Is - Terry Gibbs Sextet/Flying Home - Terry Gibbs Sextet/Three Little Words - Billy Taylor/Down Beat - Mary Lou Williams Orchestra/Out Of Nowhere - Mary Lou Williams Orchestra/C Jam Blues - Mary Lou Williams Orchestra

BL-54001 - Jazz Time U.S.A., Volume 2 - Various Artists [1953] De Arango - Terry Gibbs Sextet/Bob's Blob - Tony Scott Quartet/Honeysuckle Rose - Stuff Smith/Rimshots - Moondog/Improvisation in 4/4 - Moondog/Improvisation in 7/4 - Moondog//Red Light - Georgie Auld & Sarah McLawlor/Lucky Duck - Georgie Auld & His All-Stars/I've Got A Crush On You - Georgie Auld & His All-Stars/One O'Clock Jump - Georgie Auld & His All-Stars

BL-54002 - Jazz Time U.S.A., Volume 3 - Various Artists [3/54] Perdido (Lost) - Terry Gibbs Sextet/These Foolish Things - Terry Gibbs Sextet/Don't Blame Me - Terry Gibbs Sextet/You Go To My Head - Terry Gibbs Sextet [Jackie Paris, vocal]//Cool Blues - Terry Gibbs Sextet [Jackie Paris, vocal]/St. Louis Blues - Hot Lips Page with the Marian McPartland Trio/On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Hot Lips Page with the Marian McPartland Trio/St. James Infirmary - Hot Lips Page with the Marian McPartland Trio/Sheik Of Araby - Hot Lips Page with the Marian McPartland Trio

BL-54003 - House of Sounds - Willis Conover [1954] I Got You Under My Skin/One For Kenny/The Song Is You/Pill Box/Light Green/Flamingo//Medley: Something To Remember You By-Taking A Chance On Love-The Blue Room/Sheriff Crane Of Jack Pot County/Playground/The Tiger/Moonlight In Vermont/Willis

BL-54004 - Here's Art Tatum - Art Tatum [4/55] I Got Rhythm/I Would Do Anything For You/Honeysuckle Rose/Moonglow/I Ain't Got Nobody/Cocktails For Two/Deep Purple/After You've Gone

BL-54005 - The Voice of Bing in the 1930's - Bing Crosby [1955] Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day/I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store)/At Your Command/Now That You're Gone/Dancing In The Dark/Too Late//Sweet And Lovely/A Faded Summer Love/Just One More Chance/I'm Thru With Love/Out Of Nowhere/Good Night Sweetheart

BL-54006 - Too Much Piano - Dick Marx & John Frigo [1955] Over The Rainbow/It's You Or No One/Polka Dots And Moonbeams/Nina Never Knew/Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk//Nancy (With The laughing Face)/Nursery Rhyme Medley/Hooray For Love/Alone/Ivy/Bijou/Spring Is Here/Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year

BL-54007 - For Collectors Only: Early Ellington - Duke Ellington [1955] Black And Tan Fantasy/Birmingham Breakdown/Tishomingo Blues/Tiger Rag/Jazz Convulsions//Wall Street Wail/Mood Indigo/Rockin' In Rhythm/Creole Rhapsody/Twelfth Street Rag

BL-54008 - For Collectors Only: The Red Nichols Story - Red Nichols [1954] That's No Bargain/Boneyard Shuffle/Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider/Feelin' No Pain/Bugle Call Rag/Eccentric/Nobody's Sweetheart/Avalon/Rose Of Washington Square/Indiana/Dinah/China Boy

BL-54009 - "Terry" (Vibes on Velvet) - Terry Gibbs Quartet & Orchestra [1955] Temporary/Tremendez/Old Man Newman/What Ho/Fatty/Baby Doll/Peaches/Jazzbo Mambo/Where Are You/That Feeling/Love Is Just Around The Corner/Trotting

BL-54010 - B.G. 1927-1934 - Benny Goodman [1955] Blue/Muskrat Ramble/After Awhile/Wolverine Blues/Clarinetitis/That's A-Plenty/Indiana/Dinah/The Sheik Of Araby/Someday Sweetheart/Farewell Blues/Davenport Blues

BL-54011 - Land of Dixie - Pee Wee Erwin [1955] Land of Dixie/At the Jazz Band Ball/Basin Street Blues/Lassus Trombone/Memphis Blues/Panama/Dixieland Shuffle/Santanic Blues

BL-54012 - Jumpin' at the Woodside - Count Basie [1956] Jumpin' At The Woodside/Every Tub/Out The Window/Shorty George/Time Out/Doggin' Around/Texas Shuffle/Blue And Sentimental/Cherokee/Topsy/John's Idea

BL-54013 - Bag's Groove - Mat Mathews Quintet [1956] Yesterday's/There's A Small Hotel/Laura Maya/The Nearness Of You/Bernie's Tune/Spring It Was/Study In Purple/Owl Eyes/Night And Day/Lullaby Of The Leaves

BL-54014 - Piano Jazz, Volume 1: Barrel House and Boogie Woogie - Various Artists [1955] Detroit Rocks - Montana Taylor/Indiana Avenue Stomp - Montana Taylor/The Dirty Dozen No. 1 - Speckled Red/The Dirty Dozen No. 2 - Speckled Red/ Wilkens Street Stomp - Speckled Red/Head Rag Hop - Romeo Nelson//Pinetop's Boogie Woogie - Pinetop Smith/Pinetop's Blues - Pinetop Smith/Jump Steady Blues - Pinetop Smith/I'm Sober Now - Pinetop Smith/Cow Cow Blues - Cow Cow Davenport/State Street Jive - Cow Cow Davenport

BL-54015 - Piano Jazz, Volume 2: Barrel House and Boogie Woogie - Various Artists [1955] King Porter Stomp - Jelly Roll Morton/The Pearls - Jelly Roll Morton/Frog I More Rag - Jelly Roll Morton/Fat Meat And Greens - Jelly Roll Morton/Jelly Roll Stomp - Frank Melrose/Pass The Jug - Frank Melrose/Jingles - James P. Johnson/You've Got Be Modernistic - James P. Johnson/Stompin' 'Em Down - Alex Hill/Tack Head Blues - Alex Hill/Night Life - Mary Lou Williams/Dram 'Em - Mary Lou Williams

BL-54016 - The Big Sounds of Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster - Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster [1956] Lover, Come Back To Me/The Man I Love/Sweet Lorraine/Get Happy/Blues Changes/Crazy Rhythm/I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good/Spang/Dark Corners/Blues Mr. Brim/Frog And Mule/Jeep Is Jumpin'

BL-54017 - Jess Stacy - Jess Stacy [1956] Fascinating Rhythm/I Can't Get Started/I Want To Be Happy/You Took Advantage Of Me/Back Home Again In Indiana/Stars Fell On Alabama/Oh Baby!/If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)/Boo-Boos For Bob/Ec-Stacy/Complainin'/Ain't Goin' Nowhere

BL-54018 - Jimmy McPartland and His Dixieland Band - Jimmy McPartland & His Dixieland Band [1956] Jazz Me Blues/Riverboat Shuffle/I'm Coming Virginia/Sorry/Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down/Louisiana//Singin' The Blues Till My Daddy Comes Home/Clarinet Marmalade/In A Mist/Ostrich Walk/Davenport Blues/Way Down Yonder In New Orleans

BL-54019 - Skylark - Jackie Paris [1957] Skylark/Only Yesterday/If Love Is Good To Me/I'm Thru With Love/Cottage For Sale/More Than You Know/Idle Gossip/You're Mine You/I Had A Talk With A Daisy/We'll Be Together Again/Who Can I Turn To/Detour Ahead

BL-54020 - The "Fox" in Hi-Fi - George Williams [1957] Whamboogie/Too Much Moon/Creole/Jack Hammer Drill/Knocked Out Choo Choo/Rockin' The Blues/Tiger Rag Mambo/Song From Desiree/Saturday Night Function/Blockbuster/Soft Touch/Rompin' Stomper

BL-54021 - Tony Scott in Hi-Fi - Tony Scott [1957] Swootie Patootie/I Cover The Waterfront/Sweet Lorraine/Yesterdays/It's You Or No One/Goodbye/Katz Meow/After Hours/I Never Knew/Away We Go

BL-54022 - Frances Wayne - Frances Wayne [1957] Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/Ev'rytime/If You Hadn't Gone Away/Miss Otis Regrets/Am I Blue?/Stormy Weather//Mean To Me/Bill/Siboney/A Hundred Years From Today/Heat Wave/I Just Couldn't Take It Baby

BL-54023 - This Is Art - Art Lund [4/57] After You've Gone/Sinner Beware/Alone With The Blues In My Heart/Carioca/Crying In The Chapel/Cherokee/It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane/Cincinnati Ding Dong/L'Amour Toujours L'Amour/Dixie Danny

BL-54024 - Swinging Herman Herd - Woody Herman [1957] Perdido/I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues/Cherry/Noah/Basie's Basement/I've Got You Under My Skin/Ingle Speaks/Refuse It/It Must Be Jelly 'Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That/As Long As I Live/Goin' Home/I Get A Kick Out Of You

BL-54025 - Here's Charlie - Charlie Ventura [1957] Great Lie/Julie/Honey Jump/How Deep Is The Ocean/I Love You/Turnpike/My One And Only Love/Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea/Intermezzo/Over The Rainbow/Pagan Love Song

BL-54026 - Jackie Cain and Roy Kral - Jackie & Roy [1957] I Hear The Music/Isn't It Romantic/Banana Split/Great Lie/The Can't Take That Away From Me/Turnpike/Continental/Love Nest/Honey Jump/Glasses 'n' Ashes 'n' Bottles 'n' Cans/Just You Just Me

BL-54027 - Concert Jazz - Various Artists [1957] Artists include Tony Scott, Terry Gibbs, Don Elliot, Eddie Safranski, Coleman Hawkins, Dick Hyman, Jerome Richardson, Hank Jones, and Mundell Lowe. From This Moment On/Time On My Hands/Strike Up The Band/Sid Meets Haig/Alpha/De Arango/Bob's Blob/Wednesday At Two/Sounds Of Night Time/Yes Sir, That's My Baby

BL-54028 - Passion - Herb Jefferies [1957] Passion/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/I'm Yours/All Alone/Was It Me/Just A Memory/Time On My Hands/As Times Goes By/Among My Souvenirs

BL-54029 -

Note: At this point, albums begin to have stereo counterparts, with mono using the 54xxx series and stereo using the 754xxx series, with corresponding last three digits. The stereo releases for mono albums before 1960 were issued later than the mono releases, sometimes by several years. Where stereo issues are known, the stereo numbers are given after the mono numbers.

BL-54030/BL-754030 - Make Room for Tiny - "Big" Tiny Little [1957] Initially issued in mono only, the stereo version was released some time later and is completely electronically rechanneled, although it does not indicate such. Make Room For Tiny/Third Man Theme/Keyboard Serenade/Peg O' My Heart/Spaghetti Rag/Hindustan/Tiny's Tinkle Piano/Toe Teasing/Dill Pickles Rag/Tiny Little Rag/Ivory Rag/Maple Leaf Rag

BL-54031 - Let's Get Acquainted - Lennon Sisters [1957] Let's Get Acquainted/Little White Lies/When I'm With You/Shake Me I Rattle/Young And In Love/Teenage Waltz/Pocahontas/White Silver Sands/One Day A Little Girl/Walk With Me/If I Don't Love You/Good Night God

BL-54032/BL-754032 - Come Dance with Me - Myron Floren [1958] Come Dance With Me/Clarinet Polka/Blue Skirt Waltz/Put Your Little Foot/Royal One Step/Accordion Polka/La Raspa/Queen's Dance/Saturday Night Waltz/Soft Shoe Schottische/Dancer's Hornpipe/Dancin' The Devil Away

BL-54033 -

BL-54034 - That's Auld - Georgie Auld [1957] That's Auld/Mr. Pepper/Take Me I Won't Cry Anymore/Baby's Dream/Be Still My Heart/If You Go/Square Off/Isn't It Romantic/If I Had You/Jam Up/You Belong To Me/Forgive Me

BL-54035 -

BL-54036 - Al Hibbler with the Ellingtonians - Al Hibbler [1957] On A Boat To China/Star Dust/Cherry/Stormy Weather/How Blue Can You Get/Set 'Em Up/Trees/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Ol' Man River/Summertime/White Christmas/Honeysuckle Rose

BL-54037 - Sidney Bechet in Paris - Sidney Bechet with the Sammy Price Bluesicians [1958] St. Louis Blues/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Back Home Memphis Blues/Yes We Have No Bananas/Dinah/Tin Roof Blues/Jazz Me Blues

BL-54038 - The "Chirping" Crickets - Crickets [1957] Oh Boy!/Not Fade Away/You've Got Love/Maybe Baby/It's Too Late/Tell Me How //That'll Be The Day/I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love/An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)/Send Me Some Lovin'/Last Night/Rock Me My Baby

BL-54039 - Lawrence Welk Presents the Lennon Sisters - Lennon Sisters [1958] Hi-Lili Hi-Lo/Dear One/I Remember Mama/Greensleeves/To Know You Is To Love You/Too Marvelous For Words/Mister Clarinet Man/How Will I Know My Love/You Always Hurt The One You Love/Graduation Day/Have You Ever Been Lonely/Scarlet Ribbons

BL-54040 - Time for Dancing - Music Maestros [1/58] It's All Right with Me/There's a Small Hotel/Undecided/Fine Romance/You're the Cream in My Coffee/Petite Waltz/When the Saints Go March In/I Wish I Were in Love Again/Fascination/My Blue Heaven/Check to Check/Alexander's Ragtime Band/Music Maestros' Polka/Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue/Little Girl/Put your Arms Around Me, Honey/For Me and My Gal/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Poor People of Paris/I've Got You Under My Skin/April in Portugal/Makin' Whooopee/Inspiration/Dixieland in Society/Under Paris Skies/Pigalle/Mademoiselle de Paris/This Can't Be Love/Manhattan/Anema e Core/Chicago/Lady is a Tramp/My Heart Belongs to Daddy/Blue Skies/Exactly Like You/Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye

BL-54041 - Terry Noland - Terry Noland [1958] Oh Baby! Look At Me/Teenage Teardrops/Hypnotized/Oh Judy/Patty Baby/Come Marry Me //Let Me Be Your Hero/You And I/Puppy Love/Forever Loving You/Don't Do Me This Way/Ten Little Women

BL-54042 - He's So Fine - Jackie Wilson [1959] Etcetera/To Be Loved/Come Back To Me/If I Can't Have You/As Long As I Live/Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet) //It's Too Bad We Had To Say Goodbye/Why Can't You Be Mine/I'm Wanderin'/Right Now!/Danny Boy/It's So Fine

BL-54043 - Alan Freed's Rock 'N Roll Show - Various Artists [1959] Two Good Guys - Alan Freed & Orchestra/Tell Me How - Crickets/Pushing - Alan Freed & Orchestra/Oh Judy - Terry Noland/Tow Head - Alan Freed & Orchestra/Come Back To Me - Jackie Wilson //Tuxedo Junction - Alan Freed & Orchestra/Puppy Love - Terry Noland/Cool Papa - Alan Freed & Orchestra/Maybe Baby - Crickets/To Be Loved - Jackie Wilson/Campus Rumpus - Alan Freed & Orchestra

BL-54044/BL-754044 - Lawrence Welk Presents Dick Kesner - Dick Kesner [9/58] Silver Moon/Zigeuner/My Heart Still Remembers/I Love You Truly/When The Harvest Moon Is Shining/Play Fiddle Play//Melody Of Love/The Kiss In Your Eyes/Lullaby Of Love/All I Want Is Just Your Love/I'll Be With You When The Roses Bloom In Spring/Farewell Juanita

BL-54045 - Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson [1959] Lonely Teardrops/Each Time (I Love You More)/That's Why (I Love You So)/In The Blue Of Evening/The Joke (It's Not On Me)/Someone To Need Me (As I Need You) //You Better Know It/By The Light Of The Silvery Moon/Singing A Song/Love Is All/We Have Love/Hush-A-Bye

Starting at this point, stereo releases are issued concurrently with mono releases.

BL-54046/BL-754046 - Most Requested - Myron Floren [1960] Holzauction Schottische/Cuckoo Waltz/Henry Ford Schottische/Petticoat Polka/Johnny Oslo Schottische/Life In The Finnish Woods/Accordion Schottische/Happy Yodeler Polka/Ball In Karlstad/Over The Waves Waltz/O Susanna/Village Tavern Polka

BL-54047 - The Red Nichols Story - Red Nichols & His Five Pennies [1959] Nobody's Sweetheart/Avalon/Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble/Indiana/Dinah/China Boy//Sheik Of Araby/Boneyard Shuffle/Ida Sweet As Apple Cider/Feelin' No Pain/Bugle Call Rag/Riverboat Shuffle

BL-54048 - The Sidney Bechet Story - Sidney Bechet [1959] Blackstick/When The Sun Sets Down South/Sweet Patootie/Cotton Ball/I Remember When/An Angel Like That/14th Of July/My Man/Bagatelle/Touch Of Blues/Passport To Paradise/Fish Vendor

BL-54049/BL-754049 - Honky Tonk Piano - "Big" Tiny Little [1959] Old Piano Roll Blues/Missouri Waltz/Red Wing/Twelfth Street Rag/Play A Simple Melody/Steamboat Rag/Cincinnati Rag/Centipede Walk/Yes Sir That's My Baby/Alabama Jubilee/Black And White Rag/Razzle Dazzle

BL-54050/BL-754050 - So Much - Jackie Wilson [1960] So Much/I Know I'll Always Be In Love With You/Happiness/Only You Only Me/The Magic Of Love/Wishing Well //Talk That Talk/Ask/I'll Be Satisfied/It's All A Part of Love/Never Go Away/Thrill Of Love

BL-54051/BL-754051 - Dick Kesner and His Magic Stradivarious - Dick Kesner [1960] Autumn Leaves/Tennessee Waltz/Roses Of Picardy/It's All In The Game/Moonlight Serenade/Violin Magic/Embraceable You/Tonight We Love/Serenade (Schubert)/Our Love/Poeme/Poor Butterfly

BL-54052/BL-754052 - Presenting Jerry Burke - Jerry Burke [11/59] Avalon/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/S'posin'/Kiss Me Again/It's Only A Paper Moon/I'll Be Hangin' Around/I Want A Girl/When My Baby Smiles At Me/Kiss In The Dark/Row Row Row/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Carmen's Boogie

BL-54053/BL-754053 - Myron Floren on the Accordion - Myron Floren [1960] On The Accordion/Mountain Belle/Schottische/Casey's Old Time Waltz/Hoop Skirt Schottische/Dad's Waltz/Midnight Sun Schottische/Country Dance/Penguin Polka/Memories From Uppsala/Northwind/Baruska/German Medley

BL-54054/BL-754054 - Intermezzo - Dick Kesner [1960] Intermezzo/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/All the Things You Are/Ol' Devil Moon/Danny Boy/I Surrender Dear/Tenderly/Night And Day/Stardust/Someone To Watch Over Me/Uncertain Love/Estrellita

BL-54055/BL-754055 - Jackie Sings the Blues - Jackie Wilson [1960] Please Tell Me Why/Doggin' Aroung/New Girl In Town/Nothin' But The Blues/Passin' Through/Excuse Me For Lovin' //She Done Me Wrong/Sazzle Dazzle/Please Stick Around/Come On And Love Me Baby/Comin' To Your House/It's Been A Long Time

BL-54056/BL-754056 - Songs Our Mummy Taught Us - Bob McFadden & Dor [1960] "Dor" was Rod McKuen. The Mummy (S)/Sheik of Araby (S)/Sing Along With The Mummy (S)/Shake Rattle and Roll (S)/I Dig You Baby (S)/Frankie And Igor At A Rock And Roll Party (S)/Noisy Village (S)/Son Of The Hound Dog (S)/Bing (S)/Children Cross The Bridge (S)/Colonel Bogey March (S)/Beat Generation (S)/Beverly Hills Telephone Directory Cha Cha Cha (S)

BL-54057/BL-754057 - "Big" Tiny Little's '20's - "Big" Tiny Little [1960] Charleston/Runnin' Wild/Button Up Your Overcoat/Peggy O'Neil/Dipper Mouth Blues/Sheik Of Araby/Black Bottom/Don't Bring Lulu/Clap Hands/Here Comes Charlie/China Boy/I'm Just Wild About Harry/Mama's Gone Goodbye

BL-54058/BL-754058 - My Golden Favorites - Jackie Wilson [1960] Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet) (E)/To Be Loved (E)/I'll Be Satisfied (S)/Only You Only Me (S)/Talk That Talk (S)/Ask (S)//That's Why (I Love You So) (S)/It's All a Part of Love (S)/Lonely Teardrops (E)/I'm Wanderin' (E)/You Better Know It (S)/We Have Love (S)

BL-54059/BL-754059 - A Woman, A Lover, A Friend - Jackie Wilson [1960] A Woman A Lover A Friend/Your One And Only Love/You Cried/The River/When You Add Religion To Love/One Kiss //Night/(You Were Made For) All My Love/Am I The Man/Behind The Smile Is A Tear/We Kissed/(So Many) Cute Little Girls

Series jumps to BL-54100/BL-754100:

BL-54100/BL-754100 - You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet - Jackie Wilson [1961] Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye/Sonny Boy/California Here I Come/Keep Smiling At Trouble (Trouble's A Bubble)/You Made Me Love You ( I Didn't Want to Do It)/My Yiddshe Momme/Swanee/April Showers/Anniversary Song/Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/For Me And My Gal/In Our House

BL-54101/BL-754101 - By Special Request - Jackie Wilson [1961] Cry/My Heart Belongs To Only You/Stormy Weather/Tenderly/Lonely Life/The Way I Am //Try A Little Tenderness/Mood Indigo/You Belong To My Heart/Indian Love Call/One More Time/I'm Comin' Back To You

BL-54102/BL-754102 - Lonely Blue Nights with Rosie - Rosie [1961] Rosie Hamlin, formerly lead singer of Rosie & the Originals. Lonely Blue Nights/Read The Story Of Love/My Darling Forever/No Other Love Will Ever Do/We'll Have A Chance/Angel From Above//The Time Is Near/Baby Baby Baby/I Found A Dream/Maybe I'm Dreamin'/Cloud Nine/It's Time To Go Home

BL-54103/BL-754103 - Late Hours Open House - Frank DiFabio & His Trio [1961] If I Had You/You And I Alone/Let Me Off Uptown/Lil' Darlin'/Yesterdays/My Son/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Darrah/Sweet And Lovely/Everything Beautiful/Homeward Bound/Hurt

BL-54104/BL-754104 - Pachanga and Other Latin Favorites - Antobal's Latin All Stars [1961] Pachanga/Nina/Sopon/Campian Cubana/Por Que/Atardecer Cubano/Peanut Vendor/Yemaya/Hatuey/Claves/Redencion/Fregao

BL-54105/BL-754105 - Body and Soul - Jackie Wilson [1962] Body And Soul/I Don't Know You Anymore/I Apologize/I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/The Greatest Hurt/I'll Always Be In Love With You //Crazy She Calls Me/The Tear Of The Year/Blue Moon/I'll Be Around/There'll Be No Next Time/We'll Be Together Again

BL-54106/BL-754106 - Jackie Wilson Sings the World's Greatest Melodies - Jackie Wilson [1963] Forever And A Day (S)/Take My Heart (S)/Pianissimo (S)/My Eager Heart (S)/Each Night I Dream Of You (S)/Night (S)//My Empty Arms (S)/Hearts (You Were Made For) All My Love (S)/A Heart Of Love (S)/Alone At Last (S)/You Thing Of Beauty (S)

BL-54107/BL-754107 - What More Can a Woman Do? - Big Maybelle [1962] What More Can A Woman Do?/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Cry/Tortured/Candy //How Deep Is The Ocean (How High Is The Sky)/If/Why Was I Born/I'll Close My Eyes/I Still Care/Everybody's Got A Home But Me

BL-54108/BL-754108 - Jackie Wilson at the Copa - Jackie Wilson [1962] (11-62, #137) Tonight/Medley: Body And Soul-I Apologize/Love For Sale/And This Is My Beloved/The Way I Am/I Love Them All (Medley), Part 1: What I Say-Night-That's Why ( I Love You So) //I Love Them All (Medley), Part 2: Danny Boy-Doggin' Around-To Be Loved-Lonely Teardrops/St. James Infirmary/A Perfect Day

BL-54109 -

BL-54110/BL-754110 - Baby Workout - Jackie Wilson [1963] (4-63, #36) Shake! Shake! Shake!/The Kickapoo/Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!/You Only Live Once/Say You Will/Baby Workout //It's All My Fault/Love Train/Now That I Want Her/(I Feel Like I'm In) Paradise/(So Many) Cute Little Girls/What Good Am I Without You

BL-54111 -

BL-54112/BL-754112 - Merry Christmas - Jackie Wilson [1963] Silent Night/White Christmas/O Holy Night/The First Noel/Deck The Halls/Silver Bells //Joy To The World/It Came Upon The Midnight Clear/Adeste Fideles/I'll Be Home For Christmas/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

BL-54113/BL-754113 - Shake a Hand - Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins [1962] Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Yes Indeed/Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho/Old Time Religion/Shake A Hand//He's Got The Whole World In His Hands/When The Saints Go Marching In/Do Lord/Everytime I Feel The Spirit/Dry Bones/Down By The Riverside

BL-54114/BL-754114 - Swingin' Friends! - Gene Roland & Friends [1964] Bottoms Up/Suzie's Theme/Stranger in Town/Foofnik/Great Lie/Wrong Blues/Gold Dust Twins/'Round Midnight/Soft Winds/Smooth One

BL-54115/BL-754115 - My Golden Favorites, Vol. 2 - Jackie Wilson [1964] Baby Workout (S)/Doggin' Around (S)/Baby Get It (S)/The Tear Of The Year (S)/Shake! Shake! Shake! (S)/My Heart Belongs To Only You (S)//Night (S)/Am I The Man (S)/Alone At Last (S)/The Way I Am (S)/Please Tell Me Why (S)/(You Were Made For) All My Love (S)


BL-54117/BL-754117 - Somethin' Else!! - Jackie Wilson [1964] Big Boss Line/Groovin'/Deep Down Love/You Take One Step (And I'll Take Two)/Love (Is Where You Find It)/Give Me Back My Heart //Squeeze Her-Tease Her/Be My Girl/Baby (I Just Can't Help It)/Rebecca/My Best Friend's Girl/Twisting And Shoutin' (Doing The Monkey)

BL-54118/BL-754118 - Soul Time - Jackie Wilson [1965] No Pity/Danny Boy/An Ocean I'll Cry/Soul Time/Teardrop Avenue/She'll Be There/Star Dust/A Kiss A Thrill And Goodbye/Mama Of My Song/She's All Right/Better Play It Safe/No Time Out

BL-54119/BL-754119 - Spotlight on Jackie Wilson - Jackie Wilson [1965] Over The Rainbow/Pledging My Love/Georgia On My Mind/You'll Never Walk Alone/Rags To Riches/You Don't Know Me //What Kind Of Fool Am I?/I Wanna Be Around/Until The Real Thing Comes Along/I Apologize/Lonely Teardrops/We Have Love

At approximately this point, label design changes to the multi-color arrow design.

BL-54120/BL-754120 - Soul Galore - Jackie Wilson [1966] Brand New Thing, Parts 1 & 2/Three Days 1 Hour 30 Minutes/I've Got To Get Back/Say You Wanna Dance/Stop Lying/Let Me Build/Soul Galore/What's Done In The Dark/I've Got My Mind Made Up/Everything's Gonna Be Fine/Your Loss My Gain

BL-54121/BL-754121 - Wack Wack - Young-Holt Trio [1966] (1-67, #132) You Know That I Love You/Yesterday/Wack Wack/This Little Light Of Mine/Sunny/Strangers In The Night/Song For My Father/Red Sails In The Sunset/Monday Monday/Girl Talk

BL-54122/BL-754122 - Whispers - Jackie Wilson [1966] (1-67, #108) I Don't Want To Lose You/My Heart Is Calling/Who Am I/Whispers (Gettin' Louder)/The Fairest Of Them All/(Too Much) Sweet Loving //I Can Do Better/Just Be Sincere/Only Your Love Can Save Me/To Make A Big Man Cry/I've Gotta Talk To You/Tears Will Tell It All

BL-54123/BL-754123 - I'm Gonna Miss You - Artistics [1967] Sweeter Than Sugar/Glad I Met You/There Is No Sadness/Love Song/Hope We Have/I'm Gonna Miss You //Girl I Need You/I'll Always Love You/It's Gonna Be Alright/Why Why Why/You're Wonderful/On And On

BL-54124/BL-754124 - The Girl Don't Care - Gene Chandler [1968] Nothing Can Stop Me/You Can't Hurt Me No More/Fool For You/Here Comes The Tears/Good Times/The Girl Don't Care//To Choose/Bet You Never Thought/Baby That's Love/Buddy Ain't It A Shame/No One Can Love You (Like I Do)/My Love

BL-54125/BL-754125 - On Stage - Young-Holt Unlimited [1968] Mellow Yellow/Medley: The "In" Crowd-Wade In The Water-Ain't There Something That Money Can't Buy/Wack Wack/Lady Godiva/Yon Gimme Thum

BL-54126/BL-754126 - The Truth - T-Bone Walker [1968] Treat Your Daddy Well/You Ought To Know Better/Let Your Hair Down Baby/Old Time Used To Be/You Don't Love Me And I Don't Care/It Ain't No Right In You/I Ain't Your Fool No More/Don't Let Your Heartache Catch You Crying/Hate To See You Go/Takes A Lot Of Know-How

BL-54127/BL-754127 - Basie's in the Bag - Count Basie [1968] Mercy Mercy Mercy/Hang On Sloopy/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'/Ain't Too Proud To Beg/Goin' Out Of My Head/In The Heat Of The Night//Green Onions/Knock On Wood/Let The Good Times Roll/Bright Lights Big City/Reach Out I'll Be There/Memphis Tennessee

BL-54128/BL-754128 - The Beat Goes On - Young-Holt Unlimited [1968] The Beat Goes On/Yum Yum/Doin' The Thing/Ain't No Mountain High Enough/Good Vibrations/Dig Her Walk/Yon Gimme Thum/How Insensitive (Insensatez)/Listen Here/Baby Your Lights Is Out

BL-54129/BL-754129 - The Great Soul Hits of... - Various Artists [1968] Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson (E)/The Girl Don't Care - Gene Chandler (S)/Love Makes A Woman - Barbara Acklin (S)/I'm Gonna Miss You - Artistics (S)/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen - Big Maybelle (S)/Wack Wack - Young-Holt Trio (S)//Doggin' Around - Jackie Wilson (S)/There Goes The Lover - Gene Chandler (E)/Just Ain't No Love - Barbara Acklin (S)/Girl I Need You - Artistics (S)/Candy - Big Maybelle (S)/Soulful Strut - Young-Holt Unlimited (S)

BL-54130/BL-754130 - Higher and Higher - Jackie Wilson [1967] (11-67, #163) (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher/I Don't Need You Around/I've Lost You/Those Heartaches/Soulville//Open The Door To Your Heart/I'm The One To Do It/You Can Count On Me/I Need Your Loving/Somebody Up There Likes You/When Will Our Day Come

BL-54131/BL-754131 - There Was A Time! - Gene Chandler [1968] Those Were The Good Old Days/Never Give You Up (Never Gonna Give Up)/Blind Heart/Since You've Been Gone/Laughter To Tears/There Was A Time //Pit Of Loneliness/Teacher Teacher/Cowboys To Girls/Fooling Around/Lonely Avenue

BL-54132/BL-754132 - The First "Slappy" White Astronaut - Slappy White [1968] No track listings; the label on each side says "Recorded 'Live' at the Apollo Theater."

BL-54133/BL-754133 - Rocky Roberts and the Airdales - Rocky Roberts & The Airdales [1968] Buzz Buzz Buzz/Too Much/Tell Me/Come See About Me/Hold On, I'm Coming/Depending On You//Got A Thing Going/Same Old Song/In The Midnight Hour/Have You Ever Had The Blues/Ninety Nine And One-Half

BL-54134/BL-754134 - Manufacturers of Soul - Jackie Wilson & Count Basie [1968] (6-68, #195) Uptight (Everything's Alright)/Respect/Ode to Billie Joe/My Girl/In the Midnight Hour/I Was Made to Love Her/I Never Loved a Woman/Funky Broadway/For Your Precious Love/Even When You Cry/Chain Gang

BL-54135/BL-754135 - Little Joe Sure Can Sing! - Little Joe Richie [1968] "Little Joe Richie" was actually actor Joe Pesci, and contrary to the album title, he really can't sing... Holiday/Got To Get You Into My Life/Stop And Say Hello/To Love Somebody/The Fool On The Hill/Fixing A Hole/Let's Stop Fooling Ourselves/No More (In Life)/Born To Be Blue/And The Sun Will Shine

BL-54136/BL-754136 - I Will Wait For You - Louis Armstrong [1968] I Will Wait For You/Talk To The Animals/The Gypsy In My Soul/The Happy Time/I Believe/Willkommen/You'll Never Walk Alone/Sunrise Sunset/Rosie/That's My Desire

BL-54137/BL-754137 - Love Makes a Woman - Barbara Acklin [1968] What The World Needs Now Is Love/The Look Of Love/The Old Matchmaker/Come And See Me Baby/I've Got You Baby/Love Makes A Woman //Please Sunrise Please/Your Sweet Loving/Yes I See The Love (I Missed)/To Sir With Love/Be By My Side

BL-54138/BL-754138 - I Get the Sweetest Feeling - Jackie Wilson [1968] You Keep Me Hangin' On (S)/Once In A Lifetime (S)/Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) (S)/People (S)/Don't Go To Strangers (S)/I Get The Sweetest Feeling (S)//You Brought About A Change In Me (S)/Nothing But Blue Skies (S)/A Woman Needs To Be Loved (S)/Growin' Tall (S)/Since You Showed Me How To Be Happy (S)

BL-54139/BL-754139 - The Articulate Artistics - Artistics [1968] You Left Me/Hard To carry On/A Man With Feeling/One Last Chance/That's What My Lady Says/Fading Memories/Lonely Old World/The Other Side Of Sadness/Ain't That The Way It Goes/Have No Pity/Trouble Heartache And Pain

BL-754140 - Jackie Wilson's Greatest Hits - Jackie Wilson [1969] Issued in stereo only. Lonely Teardrops/That's Why (I Love You So)/Night/Doggin' Around/A Woman A Lover A Friend //Baby Workout/Danny Boy/(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher/Whispers (Gettin' Louder)/To Be Loved/I Get The Sweetest Feeling

BL-54141/BL-754141 - Funky But! - Young-Holt Unlimited [1968] Funky Duck/Lady Madonna/Country Slicker Joe/Orient/Valley of the Dolls Theme/Look of Love/Sombrero Sam/Eleanor Rigby/Honey/Secret Love

Albums were issued in stereo only after this point.

BL-754142 - The Gospel Soul of Big Maybelle - Big Maybelle [1968] Nobody Knows the Trouble/Swing Low/Yes Indeed/Old Time Religion/Everytime I Feel the Spirit/Joshua Fit the Battle/When the Saints Go Marching In/Do Lord/Down By the Riverside/Dry Bones/He's Got the Whole World In His Hands

BL-754143 - The Sacred Side of Jackie Davis - Jackie Davis [1968] Remember Me/What A Friend We Have In Jesus/Softly And Tenderly/Jesus Is Calling/Sweet Hour Of Prayer//In The Garden/I Love To Tell The Story/Steal Away/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/I Need Thee Every Hour/Do Not Pass Me By/Deep River/Lift Him Up

BL-754144 - Soulful Strut - Young-Holt Unlimited [1968] (1-69, #9) Who's Making Love/What Now My Love/Soulful Strut/Please Sunrise Please/Love Makes A Woman/Little Green Apples/Just Ain't No Love/Funky Is As Funky Does/Be By My Side/Baby Your Light Is Out/Ain't There Something Honey

BL-754145 - Walking on a Tightrope - Percy Mayfield [1969] Walking On A Tightrope/I Made It Just The Same/My Pain Is Here To Stay/Alma Lee/Please Send Me Someone To Love //P.M. Blues/My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me/Danger Zone/'Sho Gonna Leave You Alone/My Baby's Gone/To Me Your Name Is Love

BL-754146 - The First Negro Vice President - Slappy White [1969] Story Tellin'/Revival//The Drinking Man's Diet/The First Negro Vice President

BL-754147 - Soul Sister - Erma Franklin [1969] By the Time I Get To Phoenix/Change My Thoughts From You/Light My Fire/You've Been Canceled/For Once In My Life/Can't See My Way //Hold On I'm Comin'/Saving My Love For You/Son Of A Preacher Man/Gotta Find Me A Lover (24 Hours A Day)/Baby I Love You

BL-754148 - Seven Days of Night - Barbara Acklin [1969] Seven Days of Night/Raggedy Ride/Go With Love/Just Ain't No Love/Where Would I Go/Am I the Same/Until You Return/This Girl's In Love/Here Is A Heart/Mr. Sunshine/Love Had Come

BL-754149 - The Two Sides of Gene Chandler - Gene Chandler [1969] Can I Change My Mind/Familiar Footsteps/This Guy's In Love With You/If You Would Loe Me/Suicide/Eleanor Rigby/Yesterdays/The Sun Died/Honey/This Bitter Earth

BL-754150 - Just a Melody - Young-Holt Unlimited [1969] (8-69, #185) When I'm Not Around/I Wish You Love (Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours)/Give It Away/My Whole World Ended/Just A Melody//I Heard It Through The Grapevine/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Light My Fire/Gotta Find Me A Lover (24 Hours A Day)/Young And Holtful

BL-754151 -

BL-754152 - Give It Away - Chi-Lites [1969] (9-69, #180) Give It Away/Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was/My Whole World Ended/I Heard It Through The Grapevine/What Do I Wish For/That's My Baby For You //I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/You're No Longer Part Of My Heart/24 Hours Of Sadness/To Change My Love/The Twelfth Of Never

BL-754153 - What Happened - Artistics [1969] What Happened (To the Love We Had)/Yesterday's Girl/Price Of Love/When I'm Not Around/Why Did She Have To Leave Me?//Walking Tall/I Wish You Love (Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours)/What The World Needs Now Is Love/With These Hands/That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)

BL-754154 - Do Your Thing - Jackie Wilson [1969] To Change My Love/This Guy's In Love With You/Why Don't You Do Your Thing/This Bitter Earth/Helpless//Light My Fire/That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)/With These Hands/Hold On, I'm Comin'/Eleanor Rigby

BL-754155 -

BL-754156 - Someone Else's Arms - Barbara Acklin [1970] Someone Else's Arms/After You/Is It Me/Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)/What's It Gonna Be/More//He's Just A Little Guy/More Today Than Yesterday/The Spinning Wheel/More Ways Than One/You've Been In Love Too Long

BL-754157 - Baby Boy - Freddie Hughes [1970] OO Wee Baby I Love You/The Son Of Hickory Hollow's Tramp/In My Time Of Need/Georgia On My Mind/Baby Boy//I Understand/San Francisco Is A Lonely Town/Don't Let This Happen To Us/Who You Really Are/People

BL-754158 - It's All a Part of Love - Jackie Wilson [1970] It's All A Part Of Love (S)/Only You Only Me (S)/Night (S)/For Once In My Life (S)/People (S)/We Have Love (S)//Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) (S)/Don't Go To Strangers (S)/This Guy's In Love With You (S)/(You Were Made For) All My Love (S)/Alone At Last (S)

BL-754159 - Out of My Mind - Orlando Marin [1970] Sugarfoot Baby/Out Of My Mind/La Luenga/Palo Monte/Eenie Meenie Chow Chow//Lo Que Sea/No Puede Ser/Te Conoci Ayer/The Hustler/Chickie's Cookie

BL-754160 - Let Me Belong to You - Lavern Baker [1970] Pledging My Love/Let Me Belong To You/I'm The One To Do It/Baby/Born To Lose //Call Me Darling/Love Is Ending/Baby Don't You Do It/I Need You So/Play It Fair

BL-754161 -

* BL-754162 - Walk on By - Wildare Express [1970] Walk On By/Dead End Street/Jimmy Mack/Why Am I Treated So Bad/Cruising/Alfie/Jumpin' The Blues/A River's Invitation/Music To Watch Girls By/Wate Watchin'

BL-754163 - Funky Chicken - Willie Henderson & Soul Expressions [1970] Soulful Football/Oo Wee Baby I Love You/Can I Change My Mind/Funky Chicken, Part 1//Sugar Sugar/Off Into A Black Thing/Is It Something You've Got/Funky Chicken, Part 2

BL-754164 - The Sly, Slick and the Wicked - Lost Generation [1970] The Sly, Slick, And The Wicked/Love On A Two-Way Street/Give Me Just A Little More Time/You're So Young But You're So True/Sorry I Can't Help You//Someday/Love Land/Didn't I Blow Your Mind/Wasting Time/Wait A Minute

BL-754165 - I Like Your Lovin', Do You Like Mine - Chi-Lites [1970] Are You My Woman? (Tell Me So)/Troubles A'Comin'/24 Hours Of Sadnes/The Twelfth Of Never/Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was //I Like Your Lovin' (Do You Like Mine)/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/Give It Away/My Whole World Ended/You're No Longer Part Of My Heart

BL-754166 - I Did It - Barbara Acklin [1970] I Did It/I Can't Do My Thing/The Spinning Wheel/After You/To Sir, With Love/I'm Living With A Memory/Make The Man Love You/He's Just A Little Guy/More Ways Than One/The Look Of Love

BL-754167 - This Love Is Real - Jackie Wilson [1971] (I Can Feel Those Vibrations) This Love Is Real/Don't Leave Me/Where There Is Love/Let This Be A Letter (To My Baby)/Love Uprising//Think About The Good Times/Didn't I/Love Changed Her Face/Working On My Woman's Heart/Say You Will

BL-754168 - I Want You to Make My Life Over - Artistics [1969] (I Want You To) Make My Life Over/I Wish You Love/Just Another Heartache/With These Hands/Out In the Country//Sugar Cane/What the World Needs Now is Love/That Lucky Old Sun/Nothing But Heartaches/Trouble, Heartache and Pain

BL-754169 - Louis Armstrong's Greatest Hits Recorded Live! - Louis Armstrong [1969] When It's Sleepy Time Down South/A Kiss To Build A Dream On/Rockin' Chair [with Tyree Glen]/Mame/When The Saints Go Marching In/Mack The Knife/That's My Desire [with Tyree Glen]/Bare Necessities/Hello Dolly!

BL-754170 - (For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People - Chi-Lites [1971] (8-71, #12) Yes I'm Ready (If I Don't Get To Go)/We Are Neighbors/I Want To Pay You Back/Have You Seen Her/(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People //Love Uprising/Troubles A'Comin'/You Got Me Walkin'/What Do I Wish For

BL-754171 - Aged - Brandywine [1970] Stay Here/Ridin' Through The Rain/Somebody/Happiness Won't Buy A Bed/Look Around//Searchin'/Mr. Johnson/Humble John/True To Me

BL-754172 - You Got Me Walking - Jackie Wilson [1970] You Got Me Walking/What A Lovely Way/You Left The Fire Burning/My Way/Try It Again //Forever And A Day/The Girl Turned Me On/Hard To Get A Thing Called Love/Love Is Funny That Way/The Fountain

BL-754173 - Rock Gospel Time: The Rock Ministry - Reverend C. Coleman [1971] Rev. Carlton Coleman is also called King Coleman. Rockgospel Time/Rock Message/Share It//Gift Of God/The Shepherd Song/The Dope Song

BL-754174 - Complete Expressions - (Hysear) Don Walker [1971] Fat Flower, Skinny Stalk/Durham Queen/It Use To Be/Inner Face/Hydel/Jade Silhouettes/Dear Prudence

BL-754175 - Love Is a Merry-Go-Round - Ginji James [1971] I Knew It Was Love/Until You Return/Here Is A Heart/Love Had Come To Stay/You Hurt Me For The Last Time/Where Would I Go/Love Changed His Face/Love Is A Merry-Go-Round/Honey Babe

BL-754176 - I've Made Up My Mind - Herman [1970] I've Made Up Me Mind/Love The One You're With/Bring On The Rain/I Wanna Know/Save The U.S.A./Stephy, Part 1/Maybe I'm In Love/Lord Come On Down/Take A Look At Me/I Wanna Be Young Again

BL-754177 - Anomaly - McLuhan [1972] The Monster Bride/Spiders In Neil's Basement//Witches Theme And Dance/A Brief Message From Your Local Media

BL-754178 - Young, Tough and Terrible - Lost Generation [1972] This Is The Lost Generation/Tired Of Being Alone/All In The Course Of A Day/You've Got To Crawl Before You Walk/Sure Is Funky//The Young, Tough And Terrible/Paulette/Thin Line Between Love And Hate/One More Bridge To Cross/This Is The Lost Generation (instrumental)

BL-754179 - A Lonely Man - Chi-Lites [1972] (4-72, #5) Oh Girl/Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man/Love Is/Being In Love/A Lonely Man//The Man & The Woman (The Boy & The Girl)/Ain't Too Much Of Nothin'/Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)/The Coldest Days Of My Life

BL-754180 - Not the Flower But the Root - Dana Valery [1972] (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher/You Babe/This Love Is Real/The Fountain/Oh Boy//Following You/Love Is Funny That Way/Lady, Lady, Lady/Have You Seen Him/I'm Gonna Pay You Back

BL-754181 - New Kind of Soul - Larry Willis [1972] Lickin' Stick/Someday Soon/Funky Judge/Mayibuye/Consola Coa/Walking Backward Down The Road/Holidays In Barbados/Hard To Handle

BL-754182 - Them Changes - Lionel Hampton [1972] Them Changes/You Got a Friend/I, Who Have Nothing/California Dreamin'//Light My Fire/Ain't No Sunshine/Tired of Being Alone/Bridge Over Troubled Water

BL-754183 - The Prima Generation '72 - Louis Prima [1972] As Time Goes By/(The New) Sorrento/I Never Promised You A Rose Garden/Oh Happy Day/Lazy River/Sympathy For The Devil/It's Impossible/What You Hear Is What You've Got/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/Love Story/If You Really Love Me/Medley: Cold Cold Heart-Little Mother

BL-754184 - Greatest Hits - Chi-Lites [1972] (10-72, #55) Oh Girl (S)/I Wanna Pay You Back (S)/I Like Your Lovin' (Do You Like Mine) (S)/Give It Away (S)/Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was (S)/Love Uprising (S)/The Coldest Days Of My Life, Parts I & II (S)//Have You Seen Her (S)/(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People (S)/Are You My Woman? (S)/We Are Neighbors (S)/Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man (S)/I'm Ready If I Don't Get To Go (S)/24 Hours Of Sadness (S)/A Lonely Man (S)

BL-754185 - Greatest Hits - Jackie Wilson [1973] Whispers (Gettin' Louder) (S)/To Be Loved (E)/Baby Work Out (S)/A Woman A Lover A Friend (S)/That's Why (I Love You So) (S)/Night (S)/I'll Be Satisfied (S)/Shake! Shake! Shake! (S)//(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher (S)/Doggin' Around (S)/Lonely Teardrops (E)/Alone At Last (S)/Reet Petite (E)/Danny Boy (E)/Talk That Talk (S)/No Pity (In the Naked City) (M)

At approximately this point, label design changes to the small multi-color arrow design.

BL-754186 - Brunswick's Greatest Hits - Various Artists [1973] The label gives the title of this record as Brunswick's Greatest Hits, while the cover just has Various Artists-Greatest Hits. Japanese reissues of the album have the "Various Artists" on the front changed to "Brunswick's". Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Tyrone Davis (S)/Can I Change My Mind - Tyrone Davis (S)/Have You Seen Her - Chi-Lites (S)/Oh Girl - Chi-Lites (S)/Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson (E)/Doggin' Around - Jackie Wilson (S)/Soulful Strut - Young-Holt Unlimited (S)/Wack Wack - Young-Holt Trio (S)//Love Makes A Woman - Barbara Acklin (S)/Just Ain't No Love - Barbara Acklin (S)/I'm Gonna Miss You - Artistics (S)/Girl I Need You - Artistics (S)/The Sly Slick And The Wicked - Lost Generation (S)/Talking The Teenage Language - Lost Generation (S)/Baby Don't You Tear My Clothes - Little Richard (S)/Try Some Of Mine - Little Richard (E)

BL-754187 - I Call It Trouble - Barbara Acklin [1973] I'll Bake Me A Man/I Call It Trouble/He's Just A Little Guy/I Can't Be Myself/Lady, Lady, Lady//Portrait Of A Broken Heart/Stop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart)/More (Theme From "Mondo Cane")/It's A Groovy Idea/After You

BL-754188 - A Letter to Myself - Chi-Lites [1973] (3-73, #50) A Letter To Myself/Too Late To Turn Back Now/Just Two Teenage Kids (Still In Love)/Sally/Someone Else's Arms//We Need Order/Love Comes In All Sizes/My Heart Just Keeps On Breakin'/You Smiled The Same Old Smile

BL-754189 - Beautiful Day - Jackie Wilson [1973] Beautiful Day/Because Of You/Go Away/Pretty Little Angel Eyes/Let's Love Again//It's All Over/I Get Lonely Sometimes/This Love Is Mine/Don't You Know I Love You/What'cha Gonna Do About Me

BL-754190 - Please Sunrise - Lionel Hampton [1973] It Must Be Love/I Did It/You Brought Out the Good In Me/Soulful Autumn/Please Sunrise/I Call It Trouble/Lady, Lady, Lady/Feeling Is Believing/Love Uprising

BL-754191 -

BL-754192 -

BL-754193 -

BL-754194 - Complete Expressions (Vol. 2) - Hysear Don Walker [1973] Complete Expressions/A Di L/Poo-Jo/Sun Ray/D.M.//Children Of The Night/Black Marble/Inner Face Rebirth/Satisfaction/Killing Me Softly

BL-754195 - Look Out - Artistics [1973] She's Heaven/Look Out I'm Gonna Get You/I Want You To (Make My Life Over)/Don't You Know I Love You/If You Had A Change Of Mind//I'm Gonna Miss You/Being In Love/This Love Is Mine/It's Those Little Things That Count/Girl I Need You

BL-754196 -

BL-754197 - The Chi-Lites - Chi-Lites [1973] (9-73, #89) Homely Girl/Go Away Dream/Too Good To Be Forgotten/I Found Sunshine/I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)//Marriage Licence/I Forgot To Say I Love You Till I'm Gone/One Man Band/Bet You'll Never Be Sorry/Stoned Out Of My Mind

BL-754198 - There It Is! - Lionel Hampton [1974] There It Is/Stoned Out Of My Mind/Beautiful Day/Happiness/Wrapped Up In Your Warm And Tender Love//I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)/Without You In My Life/How Could I Forget You/Pretty Little Angel Eyes/Sing A Little Song

BL-754199 - Nowstalgia - Jackie Wilson [1974] Toot, Too, Tootsie Goodbye/Sonny Boy/California, Here I Come/My Yiddishe Momme//For Me And My Gal/April Showers/Anniversary Song/Keep Smiling At Trouble (Trouble's A Bubble)/In Our House

BL-754200 - Toby - Chi-Lites [1974] (7-74, #181) Toby/You Got To Be The One/The Sound Of Lonely/The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face)/There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated At The Conference Table)//That's How Long/Happiness Is Your Middle Name/I Lied/I Like To Live The Love (That I Sing About)/Gettin' On Outta Town

BL-754201 - Honest to God! We Really Mean It! The Very Last Nixon Album - Joel Siegel & Earle Doud [1974] Commercials/Jeopardy/Comparisons/Relative Press Conference/Trust/Nixon's Friend/Picnic/Watergate Wills/Surprise Party/Let's Make A Deal/Richard The President/The Card Trick/Ethnic Jokes/The Last Family/What's My Line/The White House Tour/Little Girl/Truth

BL-754202 - Dance with Willie Henderson "The Master" - Willie Henderson & The Soul Explosions [1974] Break Your Back/Soulful Football/Oo Wee Baby, I Love You/Can I Change My Mind/Funky Chicken, Part 1/Windjammer//Loose Booty/Sugar Sugar/Off Into A Black Thing/Is It Something You've Got/Funky Chicken, Part 2/Harlem

BL-754203 - Stop! I Don't Need No Sympathy - Lionel Hampton [1974] Stop, I Don't Need No Sympathy/You Wouldn't Believe/I Wake Up Crying/Where Were You When I Needed You/Turn Back The Hands Of Time//Stop, Look, And Listen (To Your Heart)/This Must Be The Place For Love/Where The Lillies Grow/It's Time For Peace/I Wish It Was Me

BL-754204 - Half a Love - Chi-Lites [1975] Half-A-Love/Here I Am/I Never Had It So Good (And Felt So Bad)/Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man/When Temptation Comes//It's Time For Love/Take A Trip To The Islands/Go Away Dream/I'm Not A Gambler/Ain't Too Much Of Nothin'

BL-754205 -

BL-754206 - Time Moves On - Strutt [1975] Time Moves On/Said You Didn't Love Him/Front Row Romeo/We've Come A Long Way Baby/Funky Sign //Front Row Romeo/If Wishing Made It So/Funky Baby Feet/Said You Didn't Love Her

BL-754207 - Never Gonna Leave You - Maryann Farra & Satin Soul [1975] Never Gonna Leave You/Forget That Girl/Just A Little Timing//Do Those Little Things/You Got To Be The One/Stoned Out Of My Mind/Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl

BL-754208 - Greatest Hits, Volume 2 - Chi-Lites [1976] You Don't Have To Go (S)/The Devil Is Doing His Work (S)/A Lonely Man (S)/A Letter To Myself (S)/Stoned Out Of My Mind (S)//Toby (S)/That's How Long (S)/Homely Girl (S)/I Found Sunshine (S)/There Will Never Be Any Peace (Until God Is Seated At The Conference Table) (S)/You Got To Be The One (S)

BL-754209 - The Directions - Directions [1977] I Want To Be Your Special Man/We Need Love/Too Many Secrets/Copy Cat/She'll Ever Say It//I Love You So/Soup Line/We Need Love/Too Many Secrets/If You Ever

BL-754210 - Gotta Get It - Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra [1975] A Little Thing/Don't Forget/Girl/Give Me Some Time/Gotta Get It/Never Gonna Leave You/Everyday Is Just Another Day/Just Holding Hands/MA-MO-AH

BL-754211 - I Always Wanted to Be in the Band - Step by Step [1977] Cash Money/So Very Near You/I'm Glad/Don't Leave Me/We Won This Time//Cool Days Are Out Of Style/I Always Wanted To Be In The Band/People/I Am A Lonely Man/I Ain't Never Gonna Let You Go

BL-754212 - Nobody But You - Jackie Wilson [1977] Where is Love/You're The Song (I Can't Stop Singing)/Nobody But You/Just Call My Name/Just As Soon As The Feeling's Over//Don't Burn No Bridges/You'd Be Good For Me/It Only Happens When I Look At You/Satisfy My Soul/I've Learned About Life

BL-754213 - Off into a Black Thing - Lionel Hampton [1977] Candy/Easy/Off Into A Black Thing/Shut Your Mouth/More (Theme From Mondo Cane)//The Funky Chicken/Loving You/I Found Sunshine/One Man Band/For Once In My Life

BL-754214 - Engergizer - Touch [1977] Energizer/Come On Baby (Let Me Take You Higher)/Me And You//Love Hangover (Breaking Down)/(You Don't Know How To Do) Do The Hustle/Just Holding Hands (With My Baby)/Everyday Is Just Another Day

BL-754215 - Fanny Brown - Don Thompson [1977] Fanny Brown/Lovin' To The Bone/I'm No Good Without You/Those Foolish Things/Please Don't Make Yourself At Home/Just Plain Funk/Night Ladies, Parts 1 & 2/Baby I Love You/Hang Loose

* BL-754216 - Tommy Sands - Tommy Sands [1977] Ain't Too Much Of Nothin'/First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/Go Away Dream/Happiness Is Your Middle Name/Homely Girl/Never Ever Leave You/Oh Girl/Toby/You've Got To Be The One

BL-754217 - Sound Investment - Sound Investment [1977] Woe Is Me/I'll Take You Just As You Come/I'm Sorry/Our First Child/Funky Skunk//Stone Go-Getter/Stay Awhile/Spare Ribs And Fried Chicken/Sweet Was The Wine/Dirty Man

BL-754218 -

BL-754219 -

BL-754220 -

BL-754221 - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll - Vaughan Mason & Crew [1977] Rollerskate/Cravin' Your Body/Thinking About You Baby//We're Gonna Funk You Up/Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll I/Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll II

BL-754222 -

BL-754223 -

BL-754224 - I Like What You're Doing to Me! - Young & Company [1977] Strut Your Stuff/Checking You Out/Party Jam/Got To Be Free//Love Me All Night/Mellow Mood/Waiting On Your Love/I Like What You're Doing To Me


BRU 81009-2 - The Brunswick Years, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1995] (2-CD set) Mastered by Dennis Drake. Disc 1: Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson (M)/Doggin' Around - Jackie Wilson (S)/Think Twice - Jackie Wilson & Lavern Baker (S)/I'm Gonna Miss You - Artistics (S)/Girl I Need You - Artistics (S)/You Are - Bobby Reed (M)/Wack Wack - Young Holt Trio (S)/Give It Up - Young Holt Trio (M)/Good Times - Gene Chandler (S)/The Girl Don't Care - Gene Chandler (S)/Try Some Of Mine - Little Richard (M)/(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher - Jackie Wilson (S, hissy)/My Heart Is Calling - Jackie Wilson (S)/The Who Who Song - Jackie Wilson (M)/Love Makes A Woman - Barbara Acklin (S)/I'm So Glad - Herb Johnson & Impacts (M)/Burning Touch Of Love - Billy Butler (M)/Love Come On Up - Billy Butler (M)/From The Teacher To The Preacher - Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin (M)/I Get The Sweetest Feeling - Jackie Wilson (S); Disc 2: Soulful Strut - Young Holt Unlimited (S)/Just Ain't No Love - Barbara Acklin (S)/Can I Change My Mind - Tyrone Davis (S)/Walking Tall - Artistics (S)/Yesterday's Girl - Artistics (S)/Gonna Find Me A Lover (24 Hours A Day) - Erma Franklin (S)/I Love You - Otis Leavill (S)/Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Tyrone Davis (S)/The Sly Slick And The Wicked - Lost Generation (S)/I Did It - Barbara Acklin (S)/(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People - Chi-Lites (S)/We Are Neighbors - Chi-Lites (S)/Living In The Footsteps Of Another Man - Chi-Lites (S)/I Want To Pay You Back - Chi-Lites (S)/You Got Me Walking - Jackie Wilson (S)/I Had It All The Time - Tyrone Davis (S)/Oh Girl - Chi-Lites (S)/Love Uprising - Chi-Lites (S)/How Can You Say Goodbye - Sydney Joe Qualis (S, surface noise)/A Woman Needs To Be Loved - Tyrone Davis (S)

Thanks to Phil Healy, Alan Kato, Martin Giese, Barry Margolis, Ivan J. Goldberg, Ernie Mabrey, John Landry, Mark Z., Tom Daly, Thomas K., Phillip Carter, George M. Fish, Frank Heesh, Mike Stewart, Barbara Heydon, Zachary Scott, Owen M. McCafferty II, Laurie Fee, Mario, Brett Franklin, Giuseppe Nasoni, and Leif Sandsjö.

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