Decca Album Discography, Part 2:
Decca DL 6000 Series (10" LPs) 1950-1953

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: April 25, 2014

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Decca DL 6000 Series (10" LPs):

DL 6000 - The Happy Prince/The Small One - Bing Crosby/Orson Welles [1950] Dramatic readings of the two stories starring Bing Crosby with supporting cast, music and sound effects; original score for The Small One written and directed by Victor Young, original score for The Happy Prince composed by Bernard Herrmann. DL 6001 - Ichabod/Rip Van Winkle - Bing Crosby/Walter Huston [1950] Ichabod - Bing Crosby//Rip Van Winkle - Walter Houston

DL 6002 - Tchaikovsky Waltzes - Alfred Wallenstein and the Philharmonic Orchestra Of Los Angeles [1950] The Sleeping Beauty Waltz/The Swan Lake Waltz/Waltz Of The Flowers/Eugen Onegin Waltz/Serenade For Strings Waltz/Symphony No. 5 Waltz

DL 6003

DL 6004 - Chansons Des Cafes De Paris - Edith Piaf [1950] Les Cloches Sonnet/51 Tu Partais/Le Geste/Monsieur Ernest A Refussi/Monsieur X/Amour Du Mois De Mai/Sophie/Uni Chanson A Trois Temps

DL 6005

DL 6006 - Suite in F Sharp Minor, Op.19 (Dohnanyi) - Alfred Wallenstein & The Philharmonic Orchestra Of Los Angeles [1950] Andante With Variations/Scherzo/Romanza/Rondo

DL 6007 - Samson and Delilah - Victor Young & The Paramount Symphony Orchestra [195?] Samson's Call/Miriam And The Dance To Dagon/The Valley Of Zorah/The Feather Dance/Delilah's Theme//Blind Samson/The Philistine March/Delilah's Remorse/The Feast Dance/Bacchanale/Delilah's Harp/Samson And Delilah

DL 6008 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 1 - Bing Crosby [1950] June In January/Love Is Just Around The Corner/With Every Breath I Take/Soon/Down By The River/It's Easy To Remember/Swanee River/I Wished On The Moon

DL 6009 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 2 - Bing Crosby [1950] Without A Word Of Warning/Takes Two To Make A Bargain/I Wish I Were Aladdin/From The Top Of Your Head/Two For Tonight//Moonburn/My Heart And I/Sailor Beware

DL 6010 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 3 - Bing Crosby [1950] Rhythm On The Range: I'm A Old Cowhand-Empty Saddles-I Can't Escape From You-The House That Jack Built For Jill//Pennies From Heaven: Pennies From Heaven-Let's Call A Heart A Heart-One, Two, Button Your Shoe-So Do I

DL 6011 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 4: Bing Crosby Sings the Songs from Paramount Picture "Waikiki Wedding" - Bing Crosby [1950] Sweet Leilani/Blue Hawaii/In A Little Hula Heaven/Sweet Is The Word For You/The Moon Got In My Eyes/(You Know It All) Smarty/It's The Natural Thing To Do/All You Want To Do Is Dance

DL 6012 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 5 - Bing Crosby [1950] Small Fry/Laugh And Call It Love/I've Got A Pocket Full Of Dreams/Don't Let That Moon Get Away//You're A Sweet Little Headache/Joobalai/I Have Eyes/The Funny Old Hills

DL 6013 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 6: Bing Crosby Sings the Songs from "Doctor Rhythm" and "The Star Maker" (Soundtrack) - Bing Crosby [1950] On The Sentimental Side/My Heart Is Taking Lessons/This Is My Night To Dream/Medley Of Gus Edwards Song Hits: School Days, Sunbonnet Sue, Jimmy Valentine, If I Was A Millionaire/An Apple For The Teacher/Still The Bluebird Sings/A Man & His Dream/Go Fly A Kite

DL 6014 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 7 - Bing Crosby [1950] East Side Of Heaven/Sing A Song Of Sunbeams/That Sly Old Gentleman (From Featherbed Lane)/Hang Your Heart On A Hickory Limb/Only Forever/When The Moon Comes Over Madison Square/That's For Me/Rhythm On The River

DL 6015 - Collectors' Classics, Volume 8: Bing Crosby Sings the Songs from "If I Had My Way" and "The Road to Singapore" (Soundtrack) - Bing Crosby [1950] I Haven't Time To Be a Millionaire/April Played The Fiddle/The Pessimistic Character (With A Crab Apple Face)/Meet The Sun Half Way/If I Had My Way/Sweet Potato Piper/Too Romantic/The Moon And The Willow Tree

DL 6016 - Dixieland Jazz, Volume 1 (1934-1935) - The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra [8/50] St. Louis Blues/Milenberg Joys/Honeysuckle Rose/Dipper Mouth Blues/By Heck/Weary Blues/Dese Dem Dose

DL 6017 - "Down In The Valley": An American Folk Opera - Alfred Drake, Jane Wilson, Maurice Levine [1950] An American Folk Opera (Music By Kurt Weill, Words By Arnold Sundgaard)/Down In The Valley/The Lonesome Dove/Hop Up, My Ladies/others

DL 6018 - The Song of Easter - Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians [1950] Lord, I Want To Be A Christian/Let Us Break Bread Together/My Soul Wants Something That's New/They Led My Lord Away/Look-A How Dey Done My Lord/Crucifixion/The Angels Done Bowed Down/Were You There/The Angels Rolled The Stone Away/Jesus Is Risen From The Dead/Hallelujah/Sinner, Please Don't Let This Harvest Past/Great Day

DL 6019 - Memorable Moments In Musical Comedy - Various Artists [195?] September Song - Walter Huston/My Heart Belongs to Daddy - Mary Martin/I Got Rhythm - Ethel Merman/Let's Be Buddies - Ethel Merman/They Didn't Believe Me - Julia Sanderson/Nobody Makes A Pass At Me - Millie Weitz/I Wanna Get Married - Gertrude Niesen/Bidin' My Time - The Foursome

DL 6020 - Judy at the Palace - Judy Garland [1951] Dear Mr. Gable: You Made Me Love You/Over The Rainbow/The Trolley Song/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/In Between/Sweet Sixteen/For Me And My Gal/When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore A Big, Red Rose (with Gene Kelly)

DL 6021 - Jane Froman Souvenir Album - Jane Froman [1952] Melancholy Baby/Lost In A Fog/I Only Have Eyes For You/A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder/But Where Are You/Please Believe Me/If You Love Me/It's Great To Be In Love Again

DL 6022 - Sorry, Wrong Number - Agnes Moorehead & Lucille Fletcher [1952] Recorded play.

DL 6023 - "Fancy Free" (Selections) - Ballet Theatre Orchestra/Billie Holiday [1952] Big Stuff (Prologue) - Billie Holiday/Opening Dance/Scene At The Bar/Pas De Deux/The Competition Scene/Waltz Variation/Danzon Variation/Gallop Variation And Finale

DL 6024 - Danny at the Palace - Danny Kaye [1953] Anatole Of Paris/The Peone Bush/Ballin' The Jack/Madam,I Love Your Crepe Suzette/Mad Dogs And Englishmen/I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Cocoanuts/I Belong To Glasgow/Good Old 149/Tschaikowsky/Lobby Number/Hula Lou/Triplets/Not Since Nineveh

DL 6025 - Fletcher Henderson Memorial Album - Fletcher Henderson [5/53] Wild Party/Rug Cutter's Swing/Wrappin' It Up/Happy As One Day In Spring/Down South Camp Meeting/Big John's Special/It's The Talk Of The Town/Hotter Than Ell

DL 6026 - "Salome" (Music and Scenes from the Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1953] Salome (Main Title)/Dock Scene, Princess Salome/No Romans/Salt Water Bath/Salome Caravan/John Arrested/There Is A Way/The Messiah/Dance Of The Seven Veils/Sermon On The Mount (End Title)

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