Kapp Album Discography, Part 9
Misc. Series: 4050, 4500/5500, 5000, 7000, & 8500
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts, Vince Miller and Tim Neely
Last update: March 15, 2013

Besides their KL 1000/KS 3000 main series, Kapp issued albums on a variety of smaller series for special purposes. Most of these series used the regular Kapp labels of the time. The two series labels pictured below used special labels.

The Kapp KRL 4500/KRS 5500 "Red Label" series used a red label (far left) for their issues. The Kapp KDL/KDS 7000 series used a black label (near left).

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Kapp Records. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2013 by Mike Callahan.



Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Kapp KPX/KPXS 4050 "Musical Souvenir" Series:

KPX 4050/KPXS 4050 - A Musical Souvenir of Italy - Arturo [1963] Funiculi Funicula/Arrivederci Roma/Ciribiribin/O Sole Mio/Tarantella/Mattinata/Volare/Come Back to Sorrento/Ferry Boat Serenade/O Marenariello/Viene Sul Mar/Ah, Marie/Spagnola/Toselli Serenade/Quadriglia Sicilano

KPX 4051/KPXS 4051 - A Musical Souvenir of France - Rene Leclair [1963] Valentine/Under Paris Skies/Melodie D'Amour/Beyond the Sea/I Love Paris/Song from Moulin Rouge/A Paris/Autumn Leaves/Day the Rains Came/Pigalle/Gaite Parisienne

KPX 4052/KPXS 4052 - A Musical Souvenir of Germany Volume 1 - Rhineland Chorus and Orchestra [1961] Horch-Was Kommt Von Draussen Rein-Du, Du Liegst Mir Am Herzen- Schwarzbraun Ist Die Haselnuss/Ein Heller Und Ein Batzen-Lustig Ist Das Zigeuner Leben-O Alte Burschenherrlichkeit/Bier Her, Bier Her, Keinen Tropfen In Becher Mehr-Alt Heidelberg-Du Feine//O Wie Wohl Ist Mir Am Abend-Malde Ruck, Ruck Ruck-Guter Mond Du Gehst So Stille/Bin Ein Musikant-Eine Seefahrt-Die Ist Lustig-Hamburg Ist Ein Schoen Stadtchen/Es Zogen Drei Burschen-Im Tiefen Keller-O Du Wunderschoner Deutscher Rhein-Freut Euh Des Lebens-Das Wandern Ist Des Mullers Lust

KPX 4053/KPXS 4053 - A Musical Souvenir of Germany Volume 2 - Jolly Bierhaus Chorus & Orchestra [1963] So Leben Wir-Dass Du Mich Liebst-Herr Leutnant-Denn Wir Ha'm-Die Musik Hat-Denkste Denn-Ein Dreifach Hoch-Mein Sohn Heisst-Laura-Hab'n Sie Schon/Keinen Tropfen-Ich Weiss Nicht-Der Hans Steht-Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja-So Weit Kommt's Noch-Gehn Wir Mal 'Ruber-Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay-Ja, Es Lagen/Wenn Das So Weitergeht-Schwartzbraun-Wie Schön Ist-Es War Einmal-Drum Sag' Ich's-Wir Sind Die-Doch Plötzlich-'s Ist Feuer-Trara Trara-Die Vögel Im Walde//Na, Dann Woll'n-Unraisert Und Fern-O Du Mein Max-Ein Mann Kam-Moch Einmal-O Du Lieber Augustin-O Du Wunderschoner/In Einem Polenstädtchen-Und Das Nicht-Mein Hertz-Ein Prosit-Schön Ist Ein-Hell Die Gläser-Ja, Wenn Wir/Freut Euch Des Lebens-Kenn' Se Herrn Jansen-Mutter, Der Mann-Guter Mond-Ein Schönes Mädchen

Kapp 4500 "Red Label" Series:

KRL 4500/KRS 4500 - Songs for Single Girls - Rose Marie [1963] Together Wherever We Go/Days Of Wine And Roses/Danny Boy/What Kind Of Fool Am I?/Call Me Irresponsible/It's Just A Dream//The Sweetest Sound/My Coloring Book/Mr. Wonderful/I Left My Heart In San Francisco/The Man That Got Away/Yellow Pages

KRL 4501/KRS 4501 - No One in This World is Like Don Francks - Don Francks [1963] Things/Jazz What Is!/My Hometown/I'm Going To Love You Like Nobody's Loved You/Children's Hours/Loneliness Is A Lady/Dear Brother/The Turn Of The Century

KRL 4502/KRS 4502 - Joan Toliver - Joan Toliver [1964] High Flying Bird/Err Job/Fisherman's Wife/Black Crow Flying/Chink-A-Pink/Easy Rider Blues/The Wayfarer/Golden Apples/ Bones, The Flowers Are Blooming Forevermore/Can Ye Sew Cushions/Ole Hannah, Don't You Rise

KRL 4503/KRS 4503 - You Don't Have to Be Jewish - Bob Booker & George Foster [1965] A Call From Long Island - Betty Walker & Arlene Golonka/Home From The Office Lou Jacobi & Betty Walker/The Reading Of The Will - Jack Gilford, Lou Jacobi, Jackie Kannon, Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/The Diamond - Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/Quickies: The Astronaut-The School-The Confession - Jack Gilford, Lou Jacobi, Jackie Kannon, Bob McFadden, Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/The Jury - Frank Gallop, Lou Jacobi, Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/The Presidents - Jack Gilford, Bob McFadden & Joe Silver/The Cocktail Party - Frank Gallop & Lou Jacobi/Final Discussion - Lou Jacobi & Betty Walker/More Quickies: Cry For Help-Panic-Two Husbands - Lou Jacobi, Frank Gallop, Jackie Kannon & Betty Walker/The Convicts - Jack Gilford, Jackie Kannon, Bob McFadden & Joe Silver//The Housewarming - Jack Gilford, Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/The Luncheon - Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/Still More Quickies: The Storm-The Newspaper Reporter-The Home Remedy - Jack Gilford, Lou Jacobi, Jackie Kannon, Frank Gallop & Betty Walker/Conversation In The Hotel Lobby - Lou Jacobi & Betty Walker/The Agony And The Ecstacy - Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/My Son, The Captain - Lou Jacobi, Jackie Kannon & Betty Walker/Secret Agent, James Bondstein - Jack Gilford, Lou Jacobi, Jackie Kannon, Joe Silver, Frank Gallop & Betty Walker/Enough Already With The Quickies: Dinner-The Elevator-Classified Ad, Israeli Style - Jack Gilford, Jackie Kannon, Arlene Golonka & Betty Walker/Goldstein - Joe Silver, Jack Gilford & Frank Gallop

KRL 4504/KRS 4504 - Impact! Band Meets Band - Les Brown and Vic Schoen [1965] Reissue of Kapp KDL/KDS 7003. Ballet in Brass/Four Score and Seven/109 Station Road/The Sorcerer and the Latin//Oh, Those Martian Blues/Pipe Dreams/The Fire and the Flame/The Strange and Stirring Romance of the Inebriated Owl and the Insubordinate Teacup/Symphonie Pour L'Orchestre Americain

Stereo issues shift to KRS-5500 series:

KRL 4505/KRS 5505 - Man of La Mancha (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1965] (1-66, #31) Overture/Man Of La Mancha (I, Don Quixote)/It's All The Same/Dulcinea/I'm Only Thinking Of Him/I Really Like Him/What Do You Want Of Me?/The Barber's Song (Golden Helmet)/To Each His Dulcinea (To Every Man His Dream)/The Impossible Dream (The Quest)/Little Bird, Little Bird/The Dubbing/The Abduction/Aldonza/A Little Gossip/Dulcinea (Reprise), The Impossible Dream (Reprise), Man Of La Mancha (Reprise), The Psalm, Finale (The Impossible Dream)

KRL 4506/KRS 5506 - When You're in Love the Whole World is Jewish - Various Artists [1966] (4-66, #22) Would You Believe/Hobby/My Husband/Ballad of Irving/Shoe Repair Shop/Divorce Kosher Style/Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/Things Might Have Been Different/Call from Greenwich Village/Great Bank Robbery/Discussion in the Airplane/Miami beach/Schtick/Kidnapping/Bar Mitzvah

KRL 4507/KRS 5507 - Once Upon a Mattress (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1966] Reissue of KDL/KDS 7004. Overture/Many Moons Ago/An Opening For A Princess/In A Little While/Shy/Sensitivity/The Swamps Of Home/Normandy/Song Of Love/Spanish Panic/Happily Ever After/Man To Man Talk/Very Soft Shoes/Yesterday I Loved You/Finale

KRL 4508/KRS 5508 - Man with a Load of Mischief (Original Cast) - Various Artists [1967] Overture/Wayside Inn/The Rescue/Goodbye, My Sweet/Romance!/Lover Lost/Once You've Had A Little Taste/Any Other Way/Hulla-Baloo-Balay/You'd Be Amazed/A Friend Like You/Come To The Masquerade/Man With A Load Of Mischief/Come To The Masquerade (Reprise)/What Style!/A Wonder/Make Way For My Lady/Forget!/Little Rag Doll/Finale: Man With A Load Of Mischief (Reprise), Make Way For My Lady (Reprise)

From this point, mono is discontinued and later releases are stereo only.

KRS 5509 - Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Love (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Overture/If All The World's A Stage/Piccadilly Lily/Oh, What A Son Of A Bitch I Am/Sweet Love Child/Astrological Ballet/Chalk & Cheese/I'm All I Need/On The Boards/Lullaby/Piccadilly Lily/Once Upon A Time/When You Gotta Go/I'm All I Need (Reprise)/Finale

KRS 5510 - Topol - Topol with John McCarthy Singers [1969] On And On/When You Say No/Rags And Old Iron/All The Children/Before Tomorrow Comes/Eli Eli/The Singing Lesson/The Highway/Are You Laughing Or Crying/Little Holes/Wonderful Land

KSD5511 - The Love of Isadora (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1969] Main Titles Isadora/Bye Bye Blackbird/Symphonie No. 7, Beethoven 1st/Symphonie No. 7, Beethoven 2nd/Brahms 1st Symphony/La Belle Est En Ce Jardin D'amour/J.S. Bach Suite No. 4/Wedding March (Wagner)/Children Death/Symphony No. 2 In B Minor (Borodin)/Sredi Dalyiniy Rovniya/Kalyinka/Marche Slav (Tchaikovsky)/Habanera (Bizet)/Isadora Tango/Playout Isadora

KSD 5512 - Two Mules for Sister Sara (Soundtrack) - Ennio Morricone [1970] Main Title/A Time For Miracles/Night On The Desert/Sister Sara's Theme/The Swinging Rope/The Braying Mule/La Cueva/La Cantina/The Cool Mule/The Battle/Main Title

KSD 5513 - Andromeda Strain (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1970] Wildfire/Hex/Andromeda/Desert Trip/The Piedmont Elegy/Op/Xenogenesis/Strobe Crystal Green

KRS 5514 - Foxy Lady - Cher [1972] (7-72, #43) Living In A House Divided/It Might As Well Stay Monday/Song For You/Down, Down, Down/Don't Ever Try To Close A Rose//The First Time/Let Me Down Easy/If I Knew Then/Don't Hide Your Love/Never Been To Spain

Note: The following few reissues were added to the 5500 series. They were often in the original jackets with a sticker with the new number pasted over the old number.

KRS 5549 - Cher - Cher [1973] Reissue of Kapp KS 3649. The Way of Love/Gypsies, Tramps and Theives/He'll Never Know/Fire and Rain/When You Find Out Where You're Goin' Let Me Know/He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/I Hate to Sleep Alone/I'm in the Middle/Touch and Go/One Honest Man

KRS 5554 - Sonny and Cher Live - Sonny & Cher [1973] Reissue of Kapp KS 3654. What Now, My Love/The Beat Goes On/Once In A Lifetime/More Today Than Yesterday/Gotta Get You Into My Life/Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)/Danny Boy/Laugh At Me/Something/Hey Jude/I Got You Babe

KRS 5560 - All I Ever Need Is You - Sonny And Cher [1973] Reissue of Kapp KS 3660. All I Ever Need Is You/Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling/More Today Than Yesterday/Crystal Clear/Muddy Waters/United We Stand/A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done/I Love What You Did With The Love I Gave You/You Better Sit Down Kids/We'll Watch The Sun Coming Up/Somebody

Kapp KXL 5000/KX-5000-S/KXS 5000 Series (2-LP sets):

KXL 5000 - Songs of the Fabulous Fifties - Roger Williams [1957] (3-57, #6) Two-record set. Also issued as single LPs on KL-1209/KS-3209 and KL-1210/KS-3210. Blue Tango/Vaya Con Dios/High Noon/Too Young/Because Of You/The Song From Moulin Rouge/Mister Sandman/Wish You Were Here/Mona Lisa/Goodnight Irene/Secret Love/Love Is A Many Splendored Thing//Moonglow, Theme From Picnic/Unchained Melody/Tennessee Waltz/Hey There/April In Portugal/My Heart Cries For You/True Love/La Vie En Rose/Three Coins In The Fountain/Young At Heart/I Believe/Autumn Leaves

KXL 5001 - Modern Jazz Gallery: West Coast Jazz Greats - Various Artists [1957] Two- record set. Joanie's Jump - Med Flory/Oh, Jane Snavely - Bob Brookmeyer/Music City - Russell Garcia Orchestra/Fish Tail - Russell Garcia Orchestra/Time's Up - Warne Marsh Quintet/Oo - Marty Paich Orchestra/Times Square - Marty Paich Orchestra/Caribe - John Towner Quartet/Spring is Here - John Towner Quartet/There Will Never Be Another You - Billy Ussleton Sextet/Angel - Billy Usselton Sextet//Wonderful You - Med Flory Orchestra/I Love You, That's All - Med Flory Orchestra/Smoggy Day - Russell Garcia Orchestra/Los Angeles River - Russell Garcia Orchestra/Earful - Warne Marsh Quintet/Black Jack - Warne Marsh Quintet/Four Blows Four - Marty Paich Orchestra/Lonely Time - Marty Paich Orchestra/Anything Goes - John Towner Quartet/Aunt Orsavella - John Towner Quartet/Blooz - Billy Ussleton Sextet/In From Somewhere Billy Ussleton Sextet

KXL 5002 - [not used]

KXL 5003 - Songs of the Fabulous Forties - Roger Williams [1957] (11-57, #19) Two-record set. Also issued as single LPs on KL-1207/KS-3207 and KL-1208/KS-3208. Holiday For Strings/Sunday, Monday, Or Always/Don't Fence Me In/To Each His Own/The Warsaw Concerto (Richard Addinsell)/Donkey Serenade/Zip-A-Deedoo-Dah/Oh, What It Seemed To Be/Some Enchanted Evening/Anniversary Song/As Time Goes By/Riders In The Sky//Buttons And Bows/Blueberry Hill/Linda/Laura/Peg O' My Heart/Symphony/You'll Never Know/Nature Boy/The Last Time I Saw Paris/The Bells Of St. Mary's/Jingle, Jingle, Jingle/Now Is The Hour

KXL 5004 - Songs of the Fabulous Thirties - David Rose & His Orchestra [1958] Two- record set. Also issued as single LPs on KL-1205/KS-3205 and KL-1206/KS-3206. Beyond The Blue Horizon/Red Sails In The Sunset/Isle Of Capri/Let's Fall In Love/Sweet Leilani/Love In Bloom/Sunrise Serenade/It's Only A Paper Moon/Night And Day/June In January/The Continental/Stardust/Peanut Vendor/Deep Purple/Two Hearts in Time/Body and Soul/Little Old Lady/I'm in the Mood for Love/Begin the Beguine/Thanks for the Memory/How Deep is the Ocean/Exactly Like You/And the Angels Sing/Stormy Weather

KXL 5005/KX 5005S - Songs of the Fabulous Century - Roger Williams [1959] Two- record set. Also issued as single LPs on KL-1211/KS-3211 and KL-1212/KS-3212. Somewhere Along The Way/My Reverie/Magic Moments/Blue Moon/The Last Round-Up/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Tico- Tico/I'm In The Mood For Love/The Old Spinning Wheel/There's A Long, Long Trail/Thanks For The Memory/The Glow-Worm//Sunrise Serenade/Cool Water/I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Who's Sorry Now?/When Day Is Done/In My Merry Oldsmobile/Meet Me In Saint Louis, Louis/Twilight Time/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Over The Rainbow/My Ideal/One For My Baby/Till We Meet Again

KXL 5006/KX 5006S - Great Songs from the Great Shows of the Century - Jane Morgan [1960] Two-record set. Also issued on single LPs in mono on KL-1131 and KL 1132. Dancing In The Dark/You'll Never Walk Alone/Toyland/Moonbeams/I Love Paris/C'est Mahnifique/Merry Widow Waltz/The Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Give My Regards To Broadway/The Yankee Doodle Boy/Hello Young Lovers/Hey There/Thry Didn't Believe Me/So In Love/A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody/Say It With Music//I Could Have Danced All Night/How Are Things In Glocca Morre/A Bushel And A Peck-If I Were A Bell/Almost Like Being In Love/Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man/You're Just In Love/A Wonderful Guy/They Say It's Wonderful/Love Is Here To Stay/Just In Time/Love For Sale/Heart

KXL 5007/KX 5007S - The Nutcracker - New York City Ballet Orchestra [10/59] Two- record set. The Nutcracker (Part 1)//The Nutcracker (Part 2)//The Nutcracker (Part 3)//The Nutcracker (Part 4)

KXL 5008/KXS 5008 - Tonight! Roger Williams at Town Hall - Roger Williams [7/60] Two-record set, recorded live May 14, 1960, at Town Hall in New York City. Roger is backed by "The Quiet Men:" Roger Nichols (bass), Gilbert Hintz (guitar) and Sam Cavaretta (guitar). Un Sospiro-Jalousie-Dark Eyes/Mexicali Rose-Tales From The Vienna Woods/I Love You Truly-Sweethearts-Beautiful Ohio/Liza//Prelude #1 In C Minor (From "The Well-Tempered Clavier")- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star/Memories Are Made Of This-Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo-Fascination/Catch A Falling Star- Anything You Can Do-Prelude In C Sharp Minor-Sabre Dance-Nola-Stout Hearted Men-The Girl I Left Behind Me-Volare-Autumn Leaves-Brahms' Lullaby//Maid With The Flaxen Hair-Vaya Con Dios-I Got Rhythm/Till-Near You-Almost Paradise/Rock 'N Roger//The Warsaw Concerto/Turkish March-Taking A Chance On Love-Ghost Riders In The Sky/Hungarian Rhapsody In C Sharp Minor-Cumana-Ritual Fire Dance-Somebody Loves Me-Flight Of The Bumble Bee-I Know That You Know-Rustle Of Spring- Let's Fall In Love-Spring Song-Hungarian Rhapsody In C Sharp Minor

Releases become stereo-only from this point.

KXS 5009 - The Best of Jack Jones - Jack Jones [1969] Two-record set. Issued in stereo only. The Mood I'm In (S)/The Shadow Of Your Smile (S)/What Now My Love (S)/A Day In The Life Of A Fool (S)/I Will Wait For You (S)/Lollipops And Roses (S)//The Impossible Dream (The Quest) (S)/Somewhere, My Love (S)/Michelle (S)/After Today (S)/If You Go Away (S)//Call Me Irresponsible (S)/Yesterday (S)/Brother, Where Are You (S)/Dear Heart (S)/Lady (S)/People (S)//Wives And Lovers (S)/Strangers In The Night (S)/My Best Girl (S)/Alfie (S)/Our Song (S)

Kapp KDL/KDS 7000 Series:

KDL 7000/KD-7000-S - Fabulous Gay 90's - Cherry Hill Songsters: Fred and Daisy [1/57] Overture/The Acrobats Are On/The Song and Dance Team/The Barber Shop Quartet/Here Comes The Minstrels/The Song and Dance Team/The Animal; Tricks/The Bicycle Act/The Barber Shop Quartet/Act VIII/Finale/Songs: Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight, Just One Girl, Maggie Murphy's Home, Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo

KDL 7001 - The Sun also Rises (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [4/57] Main Title/Jack Barnes' Theme/The Bal Musette Caf /Hospital Memories/The Select Caf /The Fiesta of San Fermin/Cantina/La Fiesta Brava/The Beach at Biarritz

KDL 7002 - One God: The Ways We Worship Him - Eddie Albert & The University Interfaith Chorale [5/58] Reissue of KL 1000. Prologue-The Protestant Way/The Jewish Way (Part 1)//The Jewish Way (Part 2)/The Catholic Way-Epilogue

KDL 7003/KDS 7003 - Suite for Two Bands - Vic Schoen and Les Brown [4/59] Ballet in Brass/Four Score and Seven/109 Station Road/Sorcerer and the Latin/Oh, Those Martian Blues/Strange and Stirring Romance of the Inebriated Owl and the Insubordinate Tea Cup/Pipe Dreams/Symphonie Pour L'Orchestre Americian/Fire and the Flame

KDL 7004/KDS 7004 - Once Upon a Mattress (Original Cast) - Various Artists [6/59] Overture/Many Moons Ago/An Opening For A Princess/In A Little While/Shy/Sensitivity/The Swamps Of Home/Normandy/Song Of Love/Spanish Panic/Happily Ever After/Man To Man Talk/Very Soft Shoes/Yesterday I Loved You/Finale

KDL 7005/KDS 7005 - Parade (Original Cast) - Dody Goodman and Richard Tone [3/60] Overture/Show Tune/Save The Village - Dody Goodman/Your Hand In Mine - Lester James and Fia Karin/Confession To A Park Avenue Mother - Charles Nelson Reilly/Two A Day - Richard Tone/Just Plain Folks - Charles Nelson Reilly and Dody Goodman)/Antique Man - Lester James/Next Time I Love- Fia Karin/Your Good Morning - Lester Jamesand Fia Karin/Maria In Spats - Dody Goodman/Another Candle - Fia Karin/Jolly Theatrical Season - Charles Nelson Reilly and Dody Goodman/Finale (Parade)

KDL 7006/KDS 7006 - Strictly for Grown-Ups - Paddy Roberts [1960] Love Isn't What It used to Be/Follow Me/Don't Upset the Little Kiddiewink/Big D.J./The Architect/L' Anglais Avec Son Sang Froid/Ballad of Bethnal Green/Love in a Mist/Short Song/Growing Old/Got the Blues/Lavender Cowboy/Country Girl

Kapp KDL/KDS-8500 Original Cast Series:

KDL 8500/KDS 8500 - Donnybrook (Original Cast) - Various Artists [5/61] If It Isn't Ev'rything/The Day The Snow Is Meltin'/Sad Was The Day/Ellen Roe/Sez I/A Toast To The Bride/I Wouldn't Bet One Penny/Donnybrook/He Makes Me Feel I'm Lovely/Wisha Wurra/I Have My Own Way/Dee-Lightful Is The Word/For My Own/Mr. Flynn

Thanks to Randy Price.

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