Network Album & Singles Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 27, 2005

Network was a rather short-lived label originally distributed by Elektra/Asylum. Al Coury, who had been the President of RSO Records, was founder of Network Records and essentially ran the whole show. He signed Irene Cara (then an RSO recording artist) to a four-year deal for his new Network Label in 1982. Cara had had earlier success with "Fame" in 1980 [RSO 1034, #4], and excelled in dance movie soundtracks (Fame, DC Cab, Cotton Club, Flashdance).

Coury got a distribution deal from Elektra Records before he got his final clearance to use "Network" as a label name, which led to an odd sequence of releases. Coury had also signed Del Shannon, who had an album produced by Tom Petty ready to go. The album, titled Drop Down and Get Me, was issued in late 1982 on Elektra [Elektra 5E-568], because the clearance for the Network imprint had not yet come through. The single "Sea of Love" [Network 47951] was issued shortly after, by which time the clearance had come through. The singles and albums used the Elektra consolidated numbering system, so sequential issues did not usually have continuous catalog numbers.

Network issued a mere eleven singles and five albums in a little over a year's existence. Network's artists (the few that they had) were a combination of new artists like Moving Pictures and Toronto, and artists whose chart careers were mostly behind them, like Irene Cara and Del Shannon. Later, in mid-1982, Todd Rundgren brought his group Utopia to the label, but they weren't big sellers and it was not enough to keep the label afloat. By 1983, Network was toast, issuing but one single that year before being scooped up by the Geffen Records empire. Al Coury became the General Manager of Geffen Records.

As far as chart success percentage, Network did quite well, having all five albums and five of their eleven singles hit the charts. Unfortunately, none of the chart hits was a major smash. Irene Cara had four more chart hits after Network went to Geffen, with material that lasted into 1984, all from the album What a Feelin..., cashing in on Cara's #1 hit "Flashdance...What a Feelin'" [Casablanca 811440] from the soundtrack of the movie Flashdance.

After Network's hits had run their course, Coury was eventually sued by Irene Cara for recovery of royalties, and "misleading her on matters involving contracts," for which a jury reportedly awarded her $1.5 million in the 1990s.

The Network 45 label was a cream color with black print and a black logo at the top. The albums were the same except with a red logo at the top. Promo albums had a white label with black print. After the switch to Geffen, the regular Geffen label was used with an added Network logo overprinted to the left of the Geffen logo.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Distributed by Elektra/Asylum:

Elektra 5E-568 - Drop Down and Get Me - Del Shannon [11/81] (12-81, #123) Sea Of Love/Life Without You/Out Of Time/Sucker For Your Love/To Love Someone//Drop Down And Get Me/Maybe Tomorrow/Liar/Never Stop Tryin'/Midnight Train

Note: Elektra changed catalog series numbering at the start of 1982. The following are on the Network label within the consolidated Elektra numbering system.

60003-1 - Anyone Can See - Irene Cara [1/82] (1-82, #76) Reach Out, I'll Be There/My Baby (He's Something Else)/Anyone Can See/Don't Throw Your Love Away/Slow Down//Wha'd Ya Want/You Hurt Me Once/Thunder In My Heart/Why/True Love

60153-1 - Get It On Credit - Toronto [7/82] (9-82, #162) Break Down The Barricade/Your Daddy Don't Know/Start Tellin' The Truth/You're A Mystery To Me/Don't Walk Away//Get It On Credit/Sick N' Tired/Ya Love Ta Love/Why Can't We Talk?/Run For Your Life

60183-1 - Utopia - Utopia [1982] (10-82, #84) (2-LP set) This is billed as a single LP with a "bonus disc." The extra disc is one-sided. Disc 1: Libertine/Bad Little Actress/Feet Don't Fail Me Now/Neck On Up/Say Yeah//Call It What You Will/I'm Looking At You But I'm Talking To Myself/Hammer In My Heart/Burn Three Times/There Goes My Inspiration; Disc 2: Princess Of The Universe/Infrared And Ultraviolet/Forgotten But Not Gone/Private Heaven/Chapter And Verse//(side 2 blank)

60202-1 - Days of Innocence - Moving Pictures [1982] (12-82, #101) Nothing To Do/What About Me/Round Again/Bustin Loose/Wings//The Angel And The Madman/Sweet Cherie/So Tired/Joni And The Romeo/Streetheart

Network/Geffen (Distributed by Warner Bros.):

GHS 4021 - What a Feelin' - Irene Cara [1983] (12-83, #77) Why Me?/Breakdance/The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream)/You Took My Life Away/Keep On/Flashdance...What A Feeling/Romance '83/Cue Me Up/Receiving/You Were Made For Me


Most singles came in a custom paper sleeve (far left). After Network went to Geffen, picture sleeves like that shown near left appeared. Promo singles were usually mono/stereo issues with the "A" side on both sides.

NW 47950 - Irene Cara - Anyone Can See (11-81, #42)/Why [11/81] Also issued on mono/stereo A-side deejay single.
NW 47951 - Del Shannon - Sea of Love (12-81, #33)/Midnight Train [11/81]
NW 48006 - Del Shannon - To Love Someone/Liar [12/81]
NW 48011 - Irene Cara - My Baby (He's Something Else)/Slow Down [12/81] Also issued on mono/stereo A-side deejay single.

Note: Elektra's catalog numbering sequence changed at the start of 1982. The consolidated Elektra numbering system for 45s jumped to 69999 and ran backwards.

7-69993 - Clifton Dyson - Slow Your Body Down (vocal)/Slow Your Body Down (instrumental) [1982]
7-69986 - Toronto - Your Daddy Don't Know (8-82, #77)/Why Can't We Talk? [1982]
7-69973 - Society of Seven - I'll Love You Through It All/Don't Write Me Off [1982]
7-69952 - Moving Pictures - What About Me (9-82, #29)/Joni And The Romeo [1982]
7-69940 - Toronto - Start Tellin' The Truth/Ya Love To Love [1982]
7-65859 - Utopia - Feet Don't Fail Me Now (1-83, #82)/There Goes My Inspiration [12/82]
7-69830 - Utopia - Hammer in My Heart/I'm Looking at You But I'm Talking to Myself [1983]

Network/Geffen (uses WB consolidated series, with numbering sequence also running backwards):

29464-7 - Irene Cara - Why Me? (10-83, #13)/Talk Too Much [1983]
29396-7 - Irene Cara - The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream) (12-83, #37)/Receiving [1983]
29328-7 - Irene Cara - Breakdance (3-84, #8)/Cue Me Up [1984]
29257-7 - Irene Cara - You Were Made For Me (7-84, #78)/Receiving [1984]


Network 67935 - Utopia - Hammer In My Heart//Hammer in My Heart (Dance Mix) [1982]

Network/Geffen 20156 - Irene Cara - Why Me? (Extended Mix)/Why Me? (Instrumental Dub) [1983]

Network/Geffen PRO-A-2110 - Irene Cara - The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream) (Dance Remix)//The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream) (Single Edit) [1983]

Network/Geffen 20196 - Irene Cara - Breakdance (Extended Remix)/Breakdance (Extended Dubb) [1984]

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