Planet Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: December 27, 2005

Planet was an independent record company formed by producer Richard Perry in 1978. It was distributed by Elektra until 1982, when Perry sold it to RCA.

Perry was born in Brooklyn and played in local music groups during his youth. He studied music at the University of Michigan, then began writing songs with Kenny Vance (of Jay and the Americans). Perry was in the group The Escorts, which also featured lead singer Genya Ravan. He went into production in the mid-to-late 1960s, became friends with Leiber and Stoller and George Goldner at Red Bird Records, and eventually married Goldner's daughter, Linda.

Starting in 1967 and into the 1970s, Perry produced albums for such stars as Captain Beefheart, Tiny Tim, Fats Domino, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand, Harry Nilsson, Carly Simon, Ringo Starr, Burton Cummings, Leo Sayer, the Manhattan Transfer, Art Garfunkel, and Diana Ross.

Perry started Planet in 1978 more or less as a vehicle for his own productions, which were recognizable for their clean sound. By far, Planet's biggest selling act was the Pointer Sisters. Other acts on the label included Chris Thompson & Night, Sue Saad & the Next, the Cretones, the Plimsouls, and American Noise.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Distributed by Elektra/Asylum:

P-1 Series:

*P-1 - Energy - Pointer Sisters [1978] (12-78, #13) Angry Eyes/As I Come Of Age/Come And Get Your Love/Dirty Work/Echoes Of Love/Everybody Is A Star/Fire/Happiness/Hypnotized/Lay It On The Line

P-2 - Night - Night [1979] (8-79, #113) Hot Summer Nights/Cold Wind Across My Heart/If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/Ain't That Peculiar//Come Around (If You Want Me)/You Ain't Pretty Enough/Shocked/Love Message/Party Shuffle

P-3 - Night - Night Reissue of P-2 with one track added, member Chris Thompson's "If You Remember Me," which was a hit.

*P-4 - Sue Saad and the Next - Sue Saad & Next [1980] (3-80, #131) Cold Night Rain/Danger Love/Gimme Love-Gimme Pain/I I Me Me/I Want Him/It's Gotcha/Prisoner/Won't Give It Up/Young Girl/Your Lips-Hands-Kiss-Love

*P-5 - Thin Red Line - Cretones [1980] (3-80, #125) Cost Of Love/Everybody's Mad At Katherine/Here Comes The Wave/I Can't Wait/Justine/Mad Love/Mrs. Peel/Real Love/Thin Red Line/Ways Of The Heart

P-6 - Sharp Cuts: New Music from American Bands - Various Artists [1980] Keep It Tight - Single Bullet Theory/I'm Gonna Follow You - Billy Thermal/Live Among The Dancers - Bates Motel/Last Supper - Peter dayton/Black Haired Girl - Alleycats//I Like Girls - The Know/She's Illegal - Willys/Kids Just Wanna Dance - The Fast/Soul Kiss - dB's/Unable - Suburban Lawns


P-8 - American Noise - American Noise [1980]

*P-9 - Special Things - Pointer Sisters [1980] (8-80, #34) Could I Be Dreaming/Evil/He's So Shy/Here Is Where Your Love Belongs/Save This Night For Love/Special Things/We've Got The Power

P-10 - Long Distance - Night [1980] Dr. Rock/Don't Break My Heart/Love On The Airways/The Letter/Callin' Me Back//You Cried Wolf/Stealin'/Miss You (Like I Do)/Day After Day/Good To Be Back In Your Arms


P-12 - Mark Saffan and the Keepers - Mark Saffan & Keepers [1981]

P-13 - The Plimsouls - Plimsouls [1981] (4-81, #153) Lost Time/Now/In This Town/Zero Hour/Women/Hush, Hush/I Want What You Got/Nickels and Dimes/I Want You Back/Mini-Skirt Minnie/Everyday Things


P-15 - Snap Snap - Cretones [1981]


P-17 - Significant Gains - Greg Phillinganes [1981] Girl Talk/Baby I Do Love You/Takin' It up All Night/Forever Now/Big Man/I Don't Want to Be the One/Maxxed Out/Do It All for Love/Call

*P-18 - Black and White - Pointer Sisters [1981] (7-81, #12) Fall In Love Again/Got To Find Love/Should I Do It/Slow Hand/Someday We'll Be Together/Sweet Lover man/Take My heart Take My Soul/We're Gonna Make It/What A Surprise






P-24 - Swing - Swing [1981] Vocalists were Charlotte Crossley, Lorraine Feather, and Steve March. Big Bucks/The Right Idea/Serenade In Blue/Tweedlee Dee/Caravan-Mirage//Let The Good Times Roll/Dancing In The Dark-The Closer I Get To You/Trocadero Ballroom/Crazy He Calls Me/Make Love To Me Baby

P-9000 Series:

P-9001 - The Champ (Soundtrack) - Dave Grusin [1979] If You Remember Me - Chris Thompson/Main Title/A Cha-Cha-Do Brazil/Serenade in G, K. 525 Eine kleine Nachtmusik/Nothing But A Groove/Find Our Way//Gym Montage/T.J.'s Theme/Theme From The Champ/Salon Du Miami/Visiting Hours/Gone

P-9002 - Voices (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1979] I Will Always Wait for You (vocal) - Burton Cummings/Rosemarie's Theme - Jimmy Webb/Disco If You Want To - Jimmy Webb/Children's song (vocal) - Andrew and David Williams/Family Theme - Jimmy Webb/Anything That's Rock n Roll - Tom Petty & Heartbreakers/I Will Always Wait for You (instrumental) - Jimmy Webb//On a Stage - Burton Cummings/Across the River - Jimmy Webb/Bubbles in My Beer - Duncan, Walker & Wills/Rosemarie and Drew - Jimmy Webb/Children's Song - Jimmy Webb/Drunk as a Punk - Burton Cummings/Children's Song - Jimmy Webb/Rosemarie's Dance-I Will Always Wait for You (reprise) - Jimmy Webb

*P-9003 - Priority - Pointer Sisters [1979] (9-79, #72) All Your Love/Blind Faith/Don't Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart/Dreaming As One/Happy/The Shape I'm In/(She's Got) The Fever/Turned Up Too Late/Who Do You Love

Elektra Consolidated 60000 Series:

E1-60203 - Greatest Hits - Pointer Sisters [1982] (11-82, #178) He's So Shy/Fire/Should I Do It/Someday We'll Be Together/Happiness//Slow hand/Could I Be Dreamin'/The Love Too Good To Last/Take My Heart Take My Soul/Special Things

Distributed by RCA:

*BLX1-4355 - So Excited! - Pointer Sisters [1982] (7-82, #59) All Of You/American Music/Heart Beat/Heart To Heart/I Feel For You/I'm So Excited/If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady/See How The Love Goes

BXL1-4434 - Right Here and Now - Bill Medley [1982] Right Here and Now/I'm No Angel/For You/Heart and Soul/If You Remember Me/Almost All the Way to Love/I Need You in My Life/Best of My Life/Please Come Home

*BLX1-4705 - Break Out - Pointer Sisters [1983] (11-83, #8) Automatic/Baby Come And Get It/Dance Electric/Easy Persuasion/I Need You/Jump (For My Love)/Neutron Dance/Nightline/Operator/Telegraph Your Love

*BEL1-4705A - Break Out - Pointer Sisters [1983] Reissue with a remix of "I'm So Excited" replacing "Nightline". Automatic/Baby Come And Get It/Dance Electric/Easy Persuasion/I Need You/I'm So Excited (Remix)/Jump (For My Love)/Neutron Dance/Operator/Telegraph Your Love

3001 - Baby Sister - June Pointer [1983] Ready for Some Action/I Will Understand/To You/New Love, True Love/I'm Ready for Love/You Can Do It/Always/My Blues Have Gone/Don't Mess with Bill

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