Fantasy Album Discography, Part 5
F-9500 to F-9599 Main Series (1976-1980)

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: November 19, 2010

From F-9500 to F-9542, Fantasy used the brown label as shown at far left. Starting with F-9543, the label changed to a blue and white label with lightning bolts shown at near left.
During the late 1970s, Fantasy also issued several albums in combination with other labels. At far left is the Fantasy/WMOT label, while at near left is the Fantasy/Honey label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

F-9500 Main Series:

F-9500 - One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest (Soundtrack) - Jack Nitzsche [1976] One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Opening Theme)/Medication Valse/Bus Ride To Paradise/Cruising/Trolling/Aloha Los Pescadores//Charmaine/Play The Game/Last Dance/Act Of Love/Jingle Bells/One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Closing Theme)

F-9501 - Since We Met: Recorded in Performance at The Village Vanguard - Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell [1976] Since We Met/Midnight Mood/See-Saw//Sareen Jurer/Time Remembered/Turn Out the Stars/But Beautiful

F-9502 - Amazonas - Cal Tjader [1976] Musicians: Caj Tjader (vibes/marimba), David Amaro (guitars), Egberto Gismonti/Dawilli Gonga (keyboards), Luis Alves (bass), Roberto Silva (drums/percussion), Hermeto Pascoal (flute), Raul de Souza (trombone), and Aloisio Milanez (piano). Amazonas/Xibaba/Mindoro/Flying//Corine/Noa Noa/Tamanco No Samba/Cahuenga

F-9503 - You Can Leave Your Hat On - Merl Saunders and Aunt Monk [1976] You Can Leave Your Hat On/Teasin'/Feel Like Sufferin'/Boogie on Reggae Woman/M.S./Feel Like Dnyamite/Meet Me In the Morning/Bahia

F-9504 - Collage - Luis Gasca [1976] Collage/The Way I Feel Sometimes/Patrice/Kathy//Sara/Night People/Invitation To Love/Visions

F-9505 - Lovers - Cannonball Adderley with Nat Adderley [1976] Gatefold cover with insert. Musicians: Cannonball Adderley, Nat Adderley, Airto, Alvin Batiste, Jack DeJohnette, George Duke, Alphonso Johnson, Flora Purim, and Ron Carter. Nascente/New Orleans Strut/Children Of Time/Ayjala//Salty Dogs/Lovers

F-9506 - Accept No Substitutes - Pleasure [1976] (8-76, #162) Let's Dance/I'm Mad/Pleasure For Your Pleasure/We Have So Much/Jammin' With Pleasure/Ghettos Of The Mind/The Love Of My Life/Theme For The Moonchild/2 For 1

F-9507 - Angelo - Angelo [1976] Hurly-Burly/The Days Of You And Me/My Sails Are Full/We're All Going Down Together//I'll Sing This Song About You/My Fantasy/It Don't Matter/Main Thoroughfare/Goodbye Bluesome Lady

F-9508 - Everybody Come on Out - Stanley Turrentine [1976] (6-76, #100) Additional musicians: Joe Sample, Lee Ritenour, Craig McMullen, Paul Jackson, Harvey Mason, Bill Summers, and Dawilli Gonga. Everybody Come On Out/There Is A Place (Rita's Theme)/All By Myself/Hope That We Can Be Together Soon/Stairway To Heaven [Gamble-Huff song, not Led Zeppelin]/Many Rivers To Cross/I'm Not In Love/Airport Love Theme

F-9509 - In Touch - Tommy James [1976] Tighter, Tighter/Devil Gate Drive/(Do You Wanna) Touch Me/Don't Want To Fall Away From You/Treat Me Nice//One Track Mind/Calico/The Magician/I Love You Love Me Love/Comin' Down

F-9510 - Montreux III - Bill Evans & Eddie Gomez [1976] Elsa/Venutian Rhythm Dance/Milano/Django/Minha/Driftin'/I Love You/The Summer Knows

F-9511 - Love is a Fire - Country Joe McDonald [1976] It Won't Burn/You're The Song/In Love Naturally/Oh No/Baby Baby//True Love At Last/Who's Gonna Fry Your Eggs/Colortone/I Need You (This And That)/Love Is A Fire

F-9512 - Tom Thumb the Dreamer - Michael Dinner [1976] Tom Thumb The Dreamer/Julye/The Promised Land/Thrown Out Of The Paradise Ballroom/The Swallow//Sitting In Limbo/Apple Annie/Silver Bullets/Pale Fire

F-9513 - What You Need - Side Effect [1976] (3-77, #115) Always There/Keep That Same Old Feeling /Time Has No Ending/S.O.S./Honky Tonk Scat/Finally Found Someone/Changes/Life Is What You Make It/I Know You Can

F-9514 - Sky Street - Kenny Burrell [1976] 3000 Miles Back Home/Kim-Den Strut//Habiba/Quiet Lady

F-9515 - Let My Heart Be My Home - Byron Keith Daugherty [1976] Better Homes And Gardens/I'm Leaving You/There's Something About That Girl/Just Another Rainy Day/Evil Woman//Let My Heart Be My Home/Woman For All Seasons/Valhalla/Somebody Help Me/Cry For Mary

F-9516 - Reachin' - Roger Glenn [1977] Reachin'/Rio/Don't Leave/E.B.F.S./Overtime/Kick/Gloria/Rezo Chango

F-9517 - I Don't Know What's On Your Mind - Spiders Webb [1977] Spiders Webb: Carol Kaye, Harold Land Jr., George "Jazzbo" Spencer, Sam Taylor, Jeff Lane, and Renaldo Jackson. I Don't Know What's On Your Mind/I've Learned From My Burns/Reggae Bump/Spider's Webb/Carry Me Through/Good Thing/Soft Wind

F-9518 - Unfinished Business - Blackbyrds [1976] (11-76, #34) Time Is Movin'/In Life/Enter In/You've Got That Something//Party Land/Lady/Unfinished Business

F-9519 - The Man With The Sad Face - Stanley Turrentine [1976] (11-76, #96) Evil Ways/The Man With The Sad Face/Ligia/You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine//I Want You/Whatever Possess'd Me/Love Hangover/Mighty High

F-9520 - Life is Like That - Tom Chapin [1976] Magic Man/Sorrow Takes A Bow/Ain't It Simple/Hey Momma/Remember//Just Another Story/You And Me/Ladies Of The Line/Jenny Jenny/Number One

F-9521 - Cal Tjader at Grace Cathedral - Cal Tjader [1976] I Showed Them/Bluesology//Black Orpheus Medley: Carnaval-Samba de Orfeu/Body and Soul/Theme

F-9522 - Safe in Their Homes - Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Featuring Joe Crane & Glenn Walters [1976] Gypsy Fly/Little Bit Of Love/Get Somebody New/Safe In Their Homes/Safecracker//Tangled Up In Blue/WPLJ/You Can't Fool Me/Teach Your Daughter/Big Time Band

F-9523 - Midnight Serenade - Arthur Adams [1977] When I'm Away From You/Beale Street/Midnight Serenade/I'm In Like With You/Reggae Disco/Love And Peace/Shake A Loose/Right On Time/Music Feels Good To Me

F-9524 - Solo Two - Pete and Sheila Escovedo [1977] Sheila Escovedo, of course, is also known as the disco singer/drummer Sheila E. Bittersweet/Vera Cruz/Clean Air/Solo Tu/Azteca Mozambique/Fantasy Junction/Linda Chicana

F-9525 - Goodbye Blues - Country Joe McDonald [1977] Copiapo/Thought Dreams/Goodbye Blues/Let's Go Ridin' In The Car/Blood On The Ice//Primitive People/Dark Clouds/Little Blue Whale/TV Blues/Wilderness Trail

F-9526 - Joyous - Pleasure [1977] (4-77, #113) Joyous/Let Me Be The One/Only You/Can't Turn You Loose//Sassafras Girl/Tune In/Dance To The Music/Selim

F-9527 - Gale Force - Gale Force [1977] I Was Made To Love Her/Waitin' For A Love/Would You Like To Be Home/Reach On Out/Rosie//Turn On The Blue Lights/Let My Love In/Fever/Amourena

F-9528 - Down At the Hardrock Café - Brent Magila [1977] Hannah/Slower Traffic/Night/Take The Ride/Rock & Roll Players//Rainbow/About You/Down At The Hardrock Cafe/Just A Dream

F-9529 - Quintessence - Bill Evans [1977] Sweet Dulcinea Blue/Martina/Second Time Around/A Child Is Born/Bass Face

F-9530 - Reunion - Country Joe McDonald and Fish [1977] Come To The Reunion/Time Flies By/Stateline, Nevada/Love Is A Mystery/Dirty Claus Rag/Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine (II)//Thunderbird/Gibson's Song/No One Can Teach You How To Live/Insufficient Funds/Dreams

F-9531 - Sylvester - Sylvester [1978] Over And Over/I Tried To Forget You/Changes/Tipsong//Down, Down, Down/Loving Grows Up Slow/I've Been Down/Never Too Late

F-9532 - Midnight Rider - Tommy James [1977] Love Is Gonna Find A Way/I Don't Love You Anymore/Bobby, Don't Leave Me Alone//Midnight Rider/Double Or Nothin'/Still Got A Thing For You/What Happened To The Girl/Keep It In The Groove

F-9533 - Guarabe - Cal Tjader [1977] Gauarabe/Where Is Love/This Masquerade//Reza/Black Orchid/El Muchacho

F-9534 - Nightwings - Stanley Turrentine [1977] (9-77, #84) Papa T/If You Don't Believe/Joao//Birdland/There's Music In the Air/Nightwings/Don't Give Up On Us

F-9535 - Action - Blackbyrds [1977] (10-77, #43) Supernatural Feeling/Lookin' Ahead/Mysterious Vibes/Something Special//Street Games/Soft And Easy/Dreaming About You

F-9536 - Never Been Here Before - Paulette McWilliams [1977] Don't Let Love Go/I'll Never Make You Cry/Main Squeeze/Chimp Change/What's Left to Say//Give It Time/Never Been Here Before/Don't Give Your Heart Away/Feel Good All Over/Happy Song

F-9537 - Goin' Bananas - Side Effect [1978] (1-78, #86) Goin' Bananas/Open Up Your Heart/Watching Life/Keep On Keepin' On//It's All In Your Mind/Private World/Mr. Monday/Never Be The Same/Back In Time/Cloudburst

F-9538 - The Joy - Joy [1977] Come Running/You Don't Owe Me Spring/On The Match/Feel Like Heaven/Till Your Back Ain't Got No Bone//Morning Man/Snow/Beginning Tomorrow/Steal Away/Wrap The World

F-9539 - The Pac Is Back - Impact [1977] Carry Me Back/Sara Smile/Rainy Days, Stormy Nights/Somebody Loves You//Smile Awhile/Sister Fine/Song To Sing/My Love/I Thought You Might Like To Know

F-9540 - Reckless Abandon - David Bromberg Banc [1977] (11-77, #132) I Want To Go Home/Stealin'/Sally Goodin' Medley: Sally Goodin'-Old Joe Clark-Wheel Hoss/Child Song/Mrs. Delion's Lament//Battle Of Bull Run Medley: Battle Of Bull Run-Paddy On The Turnpike-Rover's Fancy/What A Town/Baby Breeze/Beware, Brother Beware/Nobody's Fault But Mine

F-9541 - We Got the Moves - Checkmates Ltd. [1977] Take All the Time You Need/That's How It Feels (When Two People Fall In Love)/Let's Do It/Sunshine After the Storm//Greedy For Your Love/My Life, My Everything/Loving You a Lifetime/Falling In Love

F-9542 - Alone (Again) - Bill Evans [1978] The Touch Of Your Lips/In Your Own Sweet Way/Make Someone Happy/What Kind of Fool Am I/People

Note: At this point, the label changes from the brown label to the white label with lightning bolts.

F-9543 - All Kidding Aside - Hoodoo Rhythm Devils [1978] Workin' In A Coal Mine/Poison/All Night/Teen Tang/Correction In Your Direction//Sweet City Street/Gotta Lot Of Love In My Soul/Far From Over/I Had A Fight With Love (And I Lost)/Cross Roads

F-9544 - Rock and Roll Music from the Planet Earth - Country Joe McDonald [1978] Coyote/Bring Back The Sixties Man/Sunshine Through My Window/Rock And Roll Again//Darkship/Y-O- U/Southern Cross/Space Patrol/U.F.O./Get It Together

F-9545 - Happy Together - Pete & Sheila Escovedo [1978] Harockamole/Burrito Bandito/Ain't That the Truth/Bolinas/Bridges/Happy Together/Cueros/Hello Like Before

F-9546 - Another Time, Another Place - Originals [1978] Fantasy Interlude/Don't Put Me On/I've Loved, I've Lost, I've Learned/Temporarily Out Of Order//Ladies (We Need You)/Take This Love/It's Alright/Thanks For Your Love

Fantasy/WMOT 9547 - Sweet Thunder - Sweet Thunder [1978] Baby I Need Your Love Today/I Don't Care What You Say/Hot Line//Everybody's Singin' Love Songs/Keep On Growin'/Joyful Noise/Sweet Thunder

F-9548 - West Side Highway - Stanley Turrentine [1977] (3-78, #63) Walkin'/Ann, Wonderful One/Hudson Parkway (West Side Highway)//Sugar/Peace of Mind/Stan's Thing

F-9549 - We Meet Again - Martha Reeves [1978] Free Again/You're Like Sunshine/I Feel A Magic/One Line From Every Love Song//Love Don't Come No Stronger/What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life/Dedicated To Be Your Woman/Special To Me

F-9550 - Get to the Feeling - Pleasure [1978] (5-78, #119) Celebrate The Good Things/Foxy Lady/Ladies Night Out/Happiness/Get To The Feeling//Farewell, Goodbye/Your Love Means Life (Memories)/Thanks For Everything/No Matter What

F-9551 - Two - Gale Force [1978] Love On The Line/Hold On To The Feelin'/Border Line (Led You To Paradise)/I've Lost My Way//Shot In A Crossfire/I Wanted It All/Show Me A Sign/Looking For Love/One Last Time

F-9552 - Giving It Back - Phil Hurtt [1978] Teach Them Well/Lovin'/Give Us What We Want/Heaven/Where The Love Is/Teach Them Well (Reprise)//Lady Let Your Hair Down/That's The Way The Story Goes/Giving It Back/Please Don't Come Home

F-9553 - That Larry Williams (The Resurrection of Funk) - Larry Williams [1978] Bony Moronie (Disco Queen)/One Thing Or The Other/ATS Express//The Resurrection Of Funk (Funk Comes Alive)/How Can I Believe (What You Say)/Funky Force (Is With You)/Can't Dance To The Music (If It Ain't Got Funky Rhythm)

F-9554 - Midnight Prowl - Angelo [1978] Midnight Prowl/I've Loved These Days/Changing Man/The Desert//Have You Ever Seen The Rain/We're Over/As I See You Now/Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway)

F-9555 - Bandit in a Bathing Suit - David Bromberg Band [1978] (6-78, #130) Bandit In A Bathing Suit/If You Don't Want Me Baby/Queen Ellen/Sweet Sweet Sadness/Peanut Man//Medley: Love Please Come Home-Blakcberry Blossom-Dixie Hoedown-June Apple/Ugly Hour/Travelling Man/Northeast Texas Women

F-9556 - Step II - Sylvester [1978] (8-78, #28) You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)/Dance Disco Heat/You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Epilogue)//Grateful/I Took My Strength From You/What It Something That I Said/Just You And Me Forever

F-9557 - SofTouch - SofTouch [1978] Comin' Back For More/Standing In The Shadows Of Love/One Million Years/Be My Fortune Teller//Good Love Gone/It's Your Thing/My World Is Empty Without You/Please Be True

F-9558 - Stormy Monday - Kenny Burrell [1978] Stormy Monday/I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good/Azure Te/One For My Baby/Masquerade Is Over/Why Did I Choose You?

F-9559 - Black Lady - Smak [1978] Black Lady/Matter Of Love/Domestic Lesson//Hello/Suffer/Tambourine/Here Alone (Sad Once More)

F-9560 - Skyrover - Omega [1978] Overture/Skyrover/Russian Winter/The Lost Prophet//Metamorphosis/Purple Lady/High On The Starway/The Hope, The Bread And The Wine/Final

F-9561 - Hear Me Out - David Simmons [1978] Will They Miss Me/Once In A While/Yesterday's Song/Success//Taxi Greyhound Station/I'll Be What You Want/Hard And Heavy/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/It's A Shame

F-9562 - The Boppers - Boppers [1978] Boppin'/I Believe in You/Something's Missin'/There She Goes Again//In the Meantime/The Visit (Stary)/Bebop Blues (Interlude)/Money's Funny/Everybody Wants to Be a Star

F-9563 - What About You! - Stanley Turrentine [1978] (9-78, #106) Heritage/Feel The Fire/Disco Dancing//Manhattan Skyline/My Wish For You/Wind And The Sea

F-9564 - Hand in Glove - Terry Garthwaite [1979] If You Can't Love Me/You Don't Know/Happiness/Some Other Spring/Bye Bye//Moondance/You're Fine/What's The Matter With Love/Here Today/Ticket To Chicago

Fantasy/WMOT 9565 - Spacin' Out - Fat Larry's Band [1978] Close Encounter Of A Funky Kind/Country Side/Space Lady/Boogie Town//Good Time (G-O-O-D T-I-M-E)/We Just Can't Get It Together/Love Alive/Star Struck

F-9566 - You Ain't No Friend of Mine! - Idris Muhammad [1979] Disco Man/See Saw/The Doc//You Ain't No Friend Of Mine/Tell Me, Where Did We Go Wrong?/Big Foot

Fantasy/WMOT 9567 - Damon - Damon Harris [1979] It's Music/Funday/Dish It Out/Actresses//Silk/I Feel In Love/Ride On/My Love For You

F-9568 - Crosscurrents - Bill Evans [1979] Elderdown/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye/Pensativa//Speak Low/When I Fall In Love/Night And Day

F-9569 - Rainbow Visions - Side Effect [1978] (1-79, #135) Peace Of Mind/Disco Junction/She's A Lady/Illee Illee Oh I Know//Rainbow Visions/Falling In Love Again/I Like Dreaming/I'm A Winner

F-9570 - Night Grooves - Blackbyrds [1978] (1-79, #159) Happy Music/Gut Level/Walking In Rhythm/Do It Fluid//Rock Creek Park/Supernatural Thing /Soft And Easy

F-9571 - Live - Ralph McTell [1979] First Song/Grande Affaire/Big Tree/Michael in the Garden/Dry Bone Rag/Zimmerman Blues/Maginot Waltz/Five Knuckle Shuffle/When I Was A Cowboy/Let Me Down Easy/Naomi/Sylvia/Streets Of London/Sweet Mystery/Winnies's Rag/Waltzing Matilda

F-9572 - My Own House - David Bromberg [1978] (2-79, #152) White label with lightning bolts. My Own House (Medley) (My Own House (Mi Ain Hoose)-Hangman's Reel)/Don't Let Your Deal Go Down (Medley) (Don't Let Your Deal Go Down-Roanoke-Possum Up A Gum Stump-Mississippi Sawyer)/Early This Morning/Sheebeg And Sheemore/Cocaine Blues/To Know Her Is To Love Her//Georgia On My Mind/Chump Man Blues/Kitchen Girl/Spanish Johnny/Black And Tan/Lower Left Hand Corner Of The Night

F-9573 - Rudy Copeland - Rudy Copeland [1978] Whenever You're Ready/I See You/Make Yourself Available (On The Permanent Side)/Doin' The Best I Can (With What I Got)//Fonky Blind Man/Didn't I Tell You/True Love/What The Blindman Sees

F-9574 - Paradise Express - Paradise Express [1979] Dance/Poinciana//Reverend Lee/Star In My Life/Hold On

Fantasy/WMOT 9575 - Philly Cream - Philly Cream [1979] Sli-Hi/Motown Review/Doin' It To Death//Jammin' At The Disco/Soul Man/Join The Army

Fantasy/WMOT 9576 - Horizons - Sweet Thunder [1979] Rock/Love's Embrace/Mr. Taste/I Leave You Stronger//It's You That I Need/Cuttin Loose/Tender Days/What's The Sound/Slam Dunk

F-9577 - Come Away with Me - Originals [1978] Jezebel (You've Got Me Under Your Spell)/J-E-A-L-O-U-S (Means I Love You)/While The Cat's Away//Come Away With Me/Stay (With Me)/Blue Moon

F-9578 - Future Now - Pleasure [1979] (8-79, #67) Departure/Future Now/Universal/Space Is The Place/Strong Love//The Real Thing/Nothin' To It/Thoughts Of Old Flames/Glide/Dedication To The Past

F-9579 - Stars - Sylvester [1979] (4-79, #63) Stars/Body Strong//I (Who Have Nothing)/I Need Somebody To Love Tonight

F-9580 - Fever - Fever [1979] Beat Of The Night/Work Me/Treat Me Right//Pump It Up/The Fever Rock/Over The Edge

F-9581 - Fox Huntin' - Idris Muhammad [1979] Boogie Boots/Foxhuntin'/(Dance Dance) Work Your Body//Love New Orleans/Are We Doin' It/Dancing In The Land Of Lovely Ladies

F-9582 - PH Factor - Phil Hurtt [1979] Boogie City (Rock And Boogie Down)/PH Factor Boogie/I Got The Power//I Think It's About Time/Don't Let This Moment Get Away/I'm In Love Again/Let It Flow

Fantasy/WMOT 9583 - Slick - Slick [1979] Space Bass/Feelin' Good//Sexy Cream/Put Your Pants On/The Whole World's Dancin'

Fantasy/Honey 9584 - Two Tons O'Fun - Two Tons O' Fun [1979] (5-80, #91) "Two Tons O' Fun" was the duo of Martha Wash & Izora Armstead, who later changed their name to The Weather Girls. Do You Wanna Boogie Hunh?/Just Us/I Got The Feeling/Gone Away//Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven/Make Someone Feel Happy Today/Taking Away Your Space/One-Sided Love Affair

F-9585 - Toni Brown - Toni Brown [1980] Knockin'/Waikiki, Why Not? (Huma Huma Nuka Nuka)/Stop The Night/Listen To The Rain/Dance Me//Way Down Deep/Angel Of Love/Love Is Strange/I Get Crazy/Two Of A Kind/An Evening Lullaby

F-9586 - Leisure Suite - Country Joe McDonald [1979] Private Parts/Take Time Out/Do- Wop-Oh/La Di Da//Hard Work And No Play/Sure Cure For The Blues/Reaching For The Stars

F-9587 - Lookin' For Love - Fat Larry's Band [1980] Lookin' For Love/Here Comes The Sun/Last Chance To Dance//Like To Get To Know You Better/Everything Is Disco/How Good Is Love/Hey Pancho It's Disco

F-9588 - The World Belongs to Me - David Simmons [1979] Holdin' Back/All I Want To Do (Is Make A Little Love To You)/Hooked On You/Uh Oh I Did It Again/Uh Oh I Did It Again (Reprise)//Locked Up In A Groove/Children/Someday Someway/The World Belongs To Me

F-9589 - Let's Fly - Paradise Express [1980] Let's Fly/You And I/Nowhere To Run//You Set Me On Fire/We Are One/Love Is A Flame (It Won't Burn)

F-9590 - You Should See the Rest of the Band - David Bromberg Band [1980] Key To The Highway/Helpless Blues/Sharon//As The Years Go Passing By/Solid Gone/Yankee's Revenge (Medley) (Leather Britches-The Red-Haired Boy-Teetotaler's Reel-The Wind That Shakes The Barley-Drowsy Maggie)

F-9591 - Gotta Keep Moving - Martha Reeves [1980] Skating In The Streets (Dancing In The Streets)/That's What I Want/Really Like Your Rap//Gotta Keep Moving/Then You Came/If It Wasn't For My Baby


F-9593 - I Will Say Goodbye - Bill Evans Trio [1980] I Will Say Goodbye/Dolphin Dance/Seascape/Peau Douce//Opener/Quiet Night/A House Is Not A Home

F-9594 - Living Proof - Sylvester [1980] Issued on this number outside the U.S. Issued as Fantasy F-79010 in the U.S. Overture: Grateful-You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)-Dance (Disco Heat)/Body Strong/Blackbird/Medley: Could It Be Magic-A Song For You/Happiness//Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)/Sharing Something Perfect Between Ourselves/You Are My Friend

F-9595 - Dreams & Desires - Fever [1980] Don't You Want Me/Dreams And Desire/No Future/We Have The Stars//The One Tonight/Satisfy/Just My Nature/You Turn Me Off/Spring Fever

F-9596 - Go For It - Slick [1980] Go For It/Sunrise/I Can Understand It/Harmony//Betcha Bottom Dollar/Baby Doll/Tramp/Forget You (It's Too Late)

F-9597 - The Edge - Ike Turner Featuring Tina Turner & Home Grown Funk [1980] Shame, Shame, Shame/Lean On Me/Philadelphia Freedom/Use Me/Only Women Bleed//Party Vibes/Lum Dum/No Other Woman/I Can't Believe/I Don't Want Nobody

F-9598 - Make It Count - Idris Muhammad [1980] For Your Love (Prelude)/For Your Love/I'm So Glad/Love In The Tub//I Believe In You/Don't Fight The Feeling/New Orleans

F-9599 - Stand Up - Fat Larry's Band [1980] Party After Midnight/Can't Keep My Hands To Myself/Play With Me//Stand Up/You've Waited Too Long/Dirty Words/You Gotta Help Yourself

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