Fantasy Album Discography, Part 11
24700 Series (2-LP Sets) 1972-1982

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: November 30, 2010

The Fantasy 24700 series was a vehicle for reissuing Prestige's blues and folk material after Fantasy bought the label. Each offering was a 2-LP set with a gatefold cover. The series continued on vinyl until 1982 with F-27432, after which it continued post-vinyl on CD.

The first label used for the F-24700 series was the brown Fantasy label with the large "F" logo (far left). This was used until mid-1973, when it was replaced with the same label without the large "F" (center left), used until 1977. Promotional copies of both these labels used a promotional overprint as shown at center left. Starting with F-24723 in 1981, the label changed to the blue and white "lightning bolt" label (near left).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Fantasy 24700 Series (2-LP Sets):

24701 - The 'Spoon Concerts - Jimmy Witherspoon [1972] Time's Getting Tougher Than Tough/How Long Blues/Corina, Corina/C. C. Rider/Roll 'Em Pete/Every Day/Goin' to Kansas City/Outskirts of Town/Trouble in Mind/St. Louis Blues/No Rollin' Blues/Good Rockin' Tonight/Big Fine Girl/Ain't Nobody's Business/When I Been Drinkin'

24702 - Double Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [1972] Reissue of Down Home Blues [Bluesville 1086] and Soul Blues [Prestige 7377]. Let's Go Sit On The Lawn/I'm Taking A Devil Of A Chance/I Got Tired/I Asked The Bossman/Just A Wristwatch On My Arm/I Woke Up This Morning/I Was Standing On 75 Highway/'m Going To Build Me A Heaven Of My Own/My Babe/Too Many Drivers/'m A Crawling Black Snake/Rocky Mountain Blues/I Mean Goodbye/The Howling Wolf/Black Ghost Blues/Darling, Do You Remember Me?/Lonesome Graveyard

24703 - Shake 'Em on Down - Furry Lewis [1972] Reissue of Back on My Feet Again [Bluesville 1036] and Done Changed My Mind [Bluesville 1037]. John Henry/When My Baby Left Me/Shake 'em On Down/Old Blue/I'm Going To Brownsville/Back On My Feet Again/White Lightnin'/Roberta/St. Louis Blues/Baby You Don't Want Me/Done Changed My Mind/Goin' To Kansas City/Judge Boushay Blues/Casey Jones/This Time Tomorrow/I Will Turn Your Money Green/Frankie & Johnnie/Longing Blues/Long Tall Gal Blues

24704 - When I Die I'll Live Again - Rev. Gary Davis [1972] Reissue of Harlem Street Singer [Bluesville 1015] and A Little More Faith [Bluesville 1032]. Samson And Delilah/Let Us Get Together Right Down Here/I Belong To The Band/Pure Religion/Great Change Since I Been Born/Death Don't Have No Mercy//Twelve Gates Of The City/Goin' To Sit Down On The Banks Of The River/Tryin' To Get Home/Lo, I'll Be With You Always/I Am The Light Of This World/Lord, I Feel Just Like Goin' On//You Got To Move/Crucifixion/I'm Glad I'm In That Number/There's A Table Sittin' In Heaven/Motherless Children/There's A Bright Side Somewhere//I'll Be All Right Some Day/You Better Mind/A Little More Faith/I'll Fly Away/God's Gonna Separate/When I Die I'll Live Again

24705 - Raining the Blues - Memphis Slim [1972] Reissue of Just Blues [Bluesville 1018] and No Strain [Bluesville 1031]. Beer Drinking Woman/Teasing The Blues/The I.C. Blues/Baby Doll/Just Blues/Blue And Disgusted//Blue Brew/Rack 'Em Back Jack/Motherless Child/Brenda/When Your Dough Roller Is Gone/Hey Slim//Darlin I Miss You So/Lonesome Travaler/No Strain/Don't Think You're Smart/Raining The Blues//You're Gonna Need My Help One Day/Angel Child/Fast And Free/My Baby Left Me/Lucille/Nice Stuff

24706 - Boogie Chillun - John Lee Hooker [1972] I Just Can't Hold On Much Longer/I'm Gonna Keep On Waiting/I Was Standing By The Wayside/T.B. Is Killing Me/Run On Babe/This World/I Like To See You Walk/It's You I Love Baby/Driftin' and Driftin'/You Gonna Miss Me/You're Nice And Kind To Me Lou Della/I Need Some Money/I Want To Get Married/Matchbox/Boogie Chillun/You Been Dealin' With The Devil/Night Time Is The Right Time/You Don't Move Me Baby/Cruel Little Baby/I Got The Key To The Highway

24707 - Brother Lowdown - Jesse Fuller [1972] Reissue of San Francisco Bay Blues [Prestige Folklore 14006] and Jesse Fuller's Favorites [Prestige 7368]. San Francisco Bay Blues/Everybody Works At My House But My Old Man/Beale Street/Let Me Hold You In My Arms Tonight/Where Could I Go But To The Lord/You're No Good/I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad//Old Man Mose/Crazy Waltz/Brother Lowdown/Pretty Little Girl Walkin' Down The Street/The Dozens/I've Been So Doggone Lonesome/Animal Farm//Red River/How Long Blues/You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/Key To The Highway/Tickling The Strings/Midnight Special//Stranger Blues/Fables Are Nothing But Doggone Lies/Brownskin Gal I Got My Eyes On You/Cincinnati Blues/Hump In Your Back/Trouble If I Don't Use My Head

24708 - Back to New Orleans - Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry [1972] Let Me Be Your Big Dog/Pawn Shop/You Don't Know/Betty And Dupree's Blues/Back To New Orleans//Stranger Here/Fox Hunt/I'm Prison Bound/Louise Louise/Baby How Long/Freight Train//I Got A Woman/Hold Me In Your Arms/The C.C. & O. Blues/The Devil's Gonna Get You/Don't You Lie To Me//That's Why I'm Walking/Wrong Track/Blue Feeling/House Lady/I Know Better

24709 - Blues, Songs and Ballads - Tom Rush [1973] Reissue of Got a Mind to Ramble [Prestige 7536] and Blues, Songs and Ballads [Prestige 7374]. Duncan And Brady/I Don't Want Your Millions Mister/San Francisco Bay Blues/Mole's Moan/Orphan's Blues/Rye Whiskey/Big Fat Woman//Nine Pound Hammer/Diamond Joe/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Mobile-Texas Line/Joe Turner/Every Day In The Week//Alabama Bound/More Pretty Girls/Sister Kate/Original Talking Blues/Pallet On The Floor/Drop Down Mama//Rag Mama/Barb'ry Allen/Cocaine/Come Back Baby/Stackerlee/Baby Please Don't Go

24710 - Van Ronk - Dave Van Ronk [1972] Reissue of Folksinger [Prestige Folklore 14012] and Inside/Dave Van Ronk [Prestige Folklore 14025]. Samson And Delilah/Cocaine Blues/You've Been A Good Old Wagon/Fixin' To Die/Hang Me, Oh Hang Me/Long John/Chicken Is Nice//He Was A Friend Of Mine/Motherless Child/Stackerlee/Mr. Noah/Come Back Baby/Poor Lazarus//House Carpenter/The Cruel Ship's Captain/Sprig Of Thyme/Talking Cancer Blues/I Buyed Me A Little Dog/Lady Gay//Fair And Tender Ladies/Brian O'Lynne/Shanty Man's Life/Silver Dagger/Kentucky Moonshiner/He Never Came Back

24711 - Holy Modal Rounders - Holy Modal Rounders [1973] Reissue of Holy Moday Rounders [Prestige 7410] and Holy Modal Rounders 2 [Prestige Folklore 14031]. Flop Eared Mule/Black Eyed Susie/Sail Away Ladies/Clinch Mountain Backstep/Fishing Blues/Statesboro Blues/Junko Partner/Mole In The Ground/Hot Corn, Cold Corn/Down The Old Plank Road/Chevrolet Six/Crowley Waltz/Bully Of The Town/Blues In The Bottle/Give The Fiddler A Dram/The Cuckoo/Euphoria/Long John/Hesitation Blues/Hey, Hey Baby/Reuben's Train/Mister Spaceman/Moving Day/Better Things For You/Same Old Man/Hop High Ladies/Bound To Lose

24712 - Los Ritmos Calientes - Cal Tjader [1973] Reissue of Ritmo Caliente [Fantasy 3216] and Más Ritmo Caliente [Fantasy 3262]. Cubano Chant/Goza/Panchero Mambero/Alegres Timbales/Mambo Moderno/Afro Corolombo//Ritmo Caliente/Lamento De Hodi/Mambo Inn/Buhutu/Alegres Congas/Mueve La Cintura/Bernie's Tune//Perdido/Armando's Hideaway/Cuco On Timbales/Tumbao/Ritmo Rumba/Big Noise From Winnetka//Poinciana Cha Cha/Mongorama/Ritmo Africano/Perfidia Cha Cha

24713 - Carnival - Ray Barretto [1973] Carnaval/Sugar's Delight/Exodus/Descarga La Moderna/Summertime/El Negro Y Ray/Mira Que Linda/Cocinando Suave/Pachanga Oriental/Barretto En La Tumbadora/Cumbamba/el Paso/Linda Mulata/Los Cueros/Pachanga Suavecito/Ponte Dura/Pachanga Para Bailar

24714 - Ragas - Ravi Shankar/Ali Akbar Kahn [1973] Reissue of the 1964 LP The Master Musicians of India by Ravi Shankar [Prestige 1078, sides 1 & 2] and the 1965 LP The Soul of Indian Music by Ali Akhbar Khan [Prestige 7403, sides 3 & 4]. Raga Palas Kafi//Raga Bilashkani Todi//Raga Ramdas Maihar//Raga Malika

24715 - Huddie Leadbetter - Leadbelly [1973] Fannin Street/Frankie And Albert (Part 1)/Frankie And Albert (Part 2)/De Kalb Blues/Looky, Looky, Yonder/Black Betty/Yellow Women's Door Bells/The Bourgeois Blues//Poor Howard/Green Corn/The Boll Weevil/The Gallis Poll/Ain't Going Down To The Well No Mo'/Go Down, Old Hannah/How Long Blues/Goodnight, Irene/Good Morning Blues//Out On The Western Plains/No Good Rider/Big Fat Woman/Bottle It Up And Go/John Hardy (#1)/John Hardy (#2)/Bring Me A Li'l Water, Silvy/Julie And Johnson/Line 'Em/Whoa Back Buck//Roberta/Bill Brady/Where Did You Sleep Last Night?/Yellow Gal/In New Orleans/Pretty Flowers In My Back Yard/Pretty Flowers In My Back Yard (With Josh White)

24716 - Rural Blues - Robert Pete Williams/Snooks Eaglin [1973] Reissue of Free Again by Robert Pete Williams [Bluesville 1026] and That's All Right by Snooks Eaglin [Bluesville 1046]. Disc 1 (Robert Pete Williams): Free Again/Almost Dead Blues/Rolling Stone/Two Wings/A Thousand Miles From Nowhere//Thumbing A Ride/I've Grown So Ugly/Death Blues/Hobo Worried Blues/Hay Cutting Song; Disc 2 (Snooks Eaglin): Mama Don't You Tear My Clothes/Mailman Passed/I'm A County Boy/I've Got A Woman/Alberta/Brown-Skinned Woman/Don't You Lie To Me//That's All Right/Well, I Had My Fun/Bottle Up And Go/The Walkin' Blues/One More Drink/Fly Right, Baby

Note: At about this point, the label changes from the brown label with the large "F" logo to the brown label without the large "F" logo. Catalog number also begins including an "F-" prefix.

F-24717 - Urban Blues - Roosevelt Sykes/Little Brother Montgomery [1973] Disc 1 (RooseveltSykes): Drivin' Wheel/Long Lonesome Night/Set The Meat Outdoors/Coming Home/Stompin' The Boogie/Number 9/Calcutta/Selfish Woman/Hangover/Night Time Is The Right Time/Runnin' The Boogie/Hey Big Momma; Disc 2 (Little Brother Montgomery): Tasty Blues/Santa Fe/How Long Brother?/Pleading Blues/No Special Rider/Brother's Boogie/Sneaky Pete Blues/Something Keeps Worrying Me/Cry Cry Blues/Deep Fried/Vicksburg Blues

F-24718 - Best of the Chambers Brothers - Chambers Brothers [1973] People Get Ready/There She Goes/High Heel Sneakers/Seventeen/House Of The Rising Sun/Don't Lose Your Cool/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Travel On My Way/Undecided/(others)

F-24719 - Duets and Sonatas - Jean-Pierre Rampal [1977] Schultze: Sonata In E Minor For Two Unaccompanied Flutes No. 1/Quantz: Duet In D Major For Two Unaccompanied Flutes Opus 2, No. 5/Telemann: Sonata In D Major For Two Unaccompanied Flutes Opus 2, No. 1/Stamitz: Duet In A Major For Two Unaccompanied Flutes Opus 27, No 2/Couperin: Concert Royal In E Minor For Flute And Continuo/Blavet: Sonata In D Minor La Vibray For Flute And Continuo/C.P.E. Bach: Sonata In D Major No 1 For Flute And Harpsichord Obligato/Telemann: Sonata In C Minor For Flute And Continuo

F-24720 - Hard Travelin' Songs by Woody Guthrie and Others - Ramblin' Jack Elliott [1977] Hard Travelin'/Grand Coulee Dam/New York Town/Tom Joad/Howdido/Talking Dust Bowl/This Land Is Your Land/Pretty Boy Floyd/Philadelphia Lawyer/Talking Columbia/Dust Storm Disaster/Riding In My Car/1913 Massacre/So Long/Sadie Brown/East Virginia Blues/I Belong To Glasgow/The Cuckoo/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/South Coast/San Francisco Bay Blues/The Last Letter/Candyman/Tramp On The Street/Railroad Bill

F-24721 - Midnight Special - Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry [1977] Sonny's Squall/Red River Blues/Gone Gal/Blues Before Sunrise/Sweet Lovin' Kind/Midnight Special/Take This Hammer/Too Nicey Mama/Meet Me Down At The Bottom/Tryin' to Win/Blues All Around My Head/East Coast Blues/Muddy Water/Beggin' and Cryin'/My Plan/Trying to Destroy Me/Everything I Had Is Gone/Jealous Man/Understand Me/Blues of Happiness

F-24722 - Black Snake - John Lee Hooker [1977] Reissue of The Country Blues of John Lee Hooker [Riverside 12-838] and That's My Story [Riverside 12-321]. Black Snake/How Long Blues/Wobblin' Baby/She's Long, She's Tall, She Weeps Like A Willow Tree/Pea Vine Special/Tupelo Blues/I'm Prison Bound/I Rowed A Little Boat/Water Boy/Church Bell Tone/Bundle Up And Go/Good Morning Lil' School Girl/Behind The Plow//I Need Some Money/Come On And See About Me/I'm Wonderin'/Democrat Man/I Want To Talk About You/Gonna Use My Rod/Wednesday Evenin' Blues/No More Doggin'/One Of These Days/I Believe I'll Go Back Home/You're Leavin' Me Baby/That's My Story

Note: At this point, the label changes from the brown label to the blue and white "lightning bolt" label.

F-24723 - California Blues - Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry [1981] Reissue of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee [Fantasy 3254] and Blues and Shouts [Fantasy 3317]. I Got Fooled/No Need Of Running/I Feel So Good/Thinkin' And Worrying/I Love You Baby/California Blues/Walkin' And Lyin' Down//First And Last Love/Christine/I Have Had My Fun/Whoppin' And Squallin'/Water Boy Cry/Motherless Child/Sportin' Life//John Henry/I'm A Stranger/Cornbread And Peas/Louise/I Done Done/Meet You In The Morning//Poor Boy From Home/Huddy Leadbelly/Something's Wrong/Take This Hammer/Baby's Gone/Lose Your Money

F-24724 - Walking Blues - Big Joe Williams [1982] Reissue of Studio Blues [Bluesville 1083] and Blues for a 9-String Guitar [Bluesville 1056]. Levee Camp Blues/Low Down Dirty Shame/Gambling Man/Ain't Gonna Rain No More/Feel So Good/Prowling Ground Hog/Back Home Again/Sugar Babe/Tell Me Mama/Studio Blues//I'm a Fool About My Baby/38 Pistol Blues/Pearly Mae/Walking Blues/Highway 45/Meet Me At The Bottom/Skinny Mama/Jockey Ride Blues/Coal and Iceman Blues/Army Man Blues/Black Gal/Pallet On The Floor

F-24725 - How Many More Years I Got - Lightnin' Hopkins [1981] Reissue of Lightnin' and Co. [Bluesville 1061] and songs from Walkin' This Road By Myself [Bluesville 1057] and Smokes Like Lightnin' [Bluesville 1070]. How Many More Years I Got To Let You Dog Me Around/Walkin' This Road By Myself/The Devil Jumped The Black Man/My Baby Don't Stand No Cheating/Black Cadillac/You Is One Black Rat/The Fox Chase/Mojo Hand/Mama Blues/My Black Name/Prison Farm Blues/Ida Mae/I Got A Leak In This Old Building/Happy Blues For John Glenn/Worried Life Blues/Sinner's Prayer/Angel Child/Pneumonia Blues/Have You Ever Been Mistreated

F-24726 - Distinctive Rhythm Instrumentals - Dave Brubeck Trio [1982] Reissue of Fantasy 3-1, 3-2 and 3-4. You Stepped Out Of A Dream/Lullaby In Rhythm/Singin In The Rain/I'll Remember April/Body And Soul/Let's Fall In Love/Laura/Indiana/Blue Moon/Tea For Two/Undecided/That Old Black Magic/September Song/Sweet Georgia Brown/Spring Is Here/'S Wonderful/Perfidia/Avalon/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Always/How High The Moon/Squeeze Me/Heart And Soul/Too Marvelous For Words

F-24727 - Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond - Dave Brubeck & Paul Desmond [1982] Reissue of the 1960 LP Two Knights at the Blackhawk [Fantasy 8081] and the 1956 LP Jazz at Storyville [Fantasy 8080]. Jeepers Creepers/On A Little Street In Singapore/Trolley Song (Rehearsal)/Trolley Song/I May Be Wrong/Blue Moon/My Heart Stood Still/Let's Fall In Love//Over The Rainbow/You Go To My Head/Crazy Chris/Give A Little Whistle/Tea For Two/This Can't Be Love

F-24728 - Stardust - Dave Brubeck Quartet featuring Paul Desmond [1982] Reissue of the 1956 LPs Brubeck Desmond [Fantasy 8092] and The Dave Brubeck Quartet with Paul Desmond [Fantasy 8093]. Mam'selle/Stardust/Frenesi/Me And My Shadow/At A Perfume Counter/Crazy Chris/A Foggy Day/Somebody Loves Me/Lyons Busy/Look For The Silver Lining//Stardust/At A Perfume Counter/Alice In Wonderland/All The Things You Are/Lulu's Back In Town/My Romance/Just One Of Those Things

F-24729 - Our Man in Havana - Mongo Santamaria [1982] Reissue of Our Man in Havana [Fantasy 8045] and Bembé! [Fantasy 8055]. Jamaicuba/Manilia/Hé Guapachá/Cha Cha Rock/Vengan Pollos/Barandanga/Linda Guajira/Vamos A Gozar/Miss Patti Cha Cha/Viva La Felicidad//Tele Mina For Chango (God Of Thunder)/Olla De For Olla (Wife Of Changó)/Yemaya Olodo For Olla (Mother Of Changó)/Yeye-O For Ochun (Counterpart Of Venus)/Wolenche For Changó (God Of Thunder)/Aqua Limpia/Mañana Son Mañana/Complicaciones

F-24730 - Black Orchid - Cal Tjader [1982] Reissue of the 1959 Lp Cal Tjader Goes Latin [Fantasy 8030] and the 1956 LP Cal Tjader Quintet [Fantasy 8085]. Mi China/Close Your Eyes/Mambo At The 'M'/Contigo/Bonita/The Lady Is A Tramp/Black Orchid/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/I've Waited So Long/Out Of Nowhere/Guajira At The Blackhawk//I Want To Be Happy/The Nearness Of You/Pete Kelly's Blues/A Minor Goof/Undecided/Philadelphia Mambo/Flamingo/Stompin' At The Savoy/Laura/Lullaby Of Birdland

F-24731 - Ay Que Rico! - Benny Velarde Orchestra/Francisco Aguabella Orchestra [1982] Reissue of the 1963 LP Ay Que Rico! by the Benny Velarde and Francisco Aguabella Orchestras [Fantasy 8343], and the 1962 LP Dance the Latin Way by the Francisco Aguabella Orchestra [Fantasy 8060]. Jamaicuba/Canto Guajiro/Pachanga Pa' Gozar/Las Guajiras/Yolanda Pachanga/Tu Manera De Ser/Si Te Contara/Ay Senor/Como Baila Mi Abuelo/Osso Buco/Summertime/Baila Mi Guaguanco//Marvel-Cha-Cha/Shirley's Guaguancho/That's All/Agua Limpia Todo/Maraquita/Nanigo Number One/Que Mambo/Ole/Arrivederci Roma/La Empaliza/Soy Tuyo/Gua Guao

F-24732 - Latino - Cal Tjader [1982] Reissue of the 1960 LP Demasiado Caliente [Fantasy 8053] and the 1962 LP Latino [Fantasy 8079]. Key Largo/Mambo Terrifico/Parati/Oye Corazon/Mamblues//Cal's Pals/Mambo Guaguanco/Reme's Mambo/Turk and Hyde/Guido's Lament//Mambo Terrifico/Night In Tunisia/Rezo//Afro Blue/Cuban Fantasy/Continental

Note: At this point, the series goes to CD/cassette only. The next number, FCD- 24733-2, was Loco Motion by Joe Loco, released in 1994.

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