Fantasy Album Discography, Part 13
CCR, Promo, and Miscellaneous Series

By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: November 30, 2010

The CCR series used the brown Fantasy label without the large "F" logo (far left). The LOR series used a custom label as shown at center left. The Mobile Fidelity Audiophile albums used the white MFSL label (near left). Promotional-only issued used various labels as noted.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

CCR Series:

CCR 1 - Live in Europe - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1973] (11-73, #143) Two record set. Recorded in September, 1971. Sides #1 and #4 are on disc 1, while sides #2 and #3 are on disc 2. Sides are listed here in numerical order. Born On The Bayou/Green River-Suzie Q/It Came Out Of The Sky//Door To Door/Travelin' Band/Fortunate Son/Commotion/Lodi//Bad Moon Rising/Proud Mary/Up Around The Bend/Hey Tonight/Sweet Hitch-Hiker//Keep On Chooglin' (13:33)

CCR 2 - Chronicle (The 20 Greatest Hits) - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1976] (3-76, #100). Two record set. Also released on CD as FCD-623-CCR 2. Sides #1 and #4 are on disc 1, while sides #2 and #3 are on disc 2. Sides are listed here in numerical order. Susie Q, Part 1 (S, 4:36)/I Put A Spell On You (S)//Proud Mary (poor stereo separation)/Bad Moon Rising (poor stereo separation)//Lodi (poor stereo separation)/Green River (S)/Commotion (S)/Down On The Corner (S)/Fortunate Son (S)/Travelin' Band (S)//Who'll Stop The Rain (S)/Up Around The Bend (S)/Run Through The Jungle (S)/Lookin' Out My Back Door (S)/Long As I Can See The Light (S)//I Heard It Through the Grapevine (S, 3:52 single edit)/Have You Ever Seen The Rain? (S)/Hey Tonight (S)/Sweet Hitch-Hiker (poor stereo separation)/Someday Never Comes (S)

CCR-3 - Chronicle, Volume 2 - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1987] Two record set. Walk On The Water/Susie Q, Part 2 (4:04)/Born On The Bayou/Good Golly Miss Molly/Tombstone Shadow/Wrote A Song For Everyone/Night Time Is The Right Time/Cotton Fields/It Came Out Of The Sky/Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me)/The Midnight Special/Before You Accuse Me/My Baby Left Me/Pagan Baby/(Wish I Could) Hideaway/It's Just A Thought/Molina/Born To Move/Lookin' For A Reason/Hello Mary Lou

CCR-68 - Creedence Clearwater Revival 1968/1969 - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1978] Two record set. Reissue of Creedence Clearwater Revival [Fantasy 8382] and Bayou Country[Fantasy 8387]. Disc 1:I Put A Spell On You (S)/The Working Man (M)/Suzie Q (S, 8:34)//Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do) (S)/Get Down Woman (S)/Porterville (S)/Gloomy (S)/Walk On The Water (S); Disc 2: Born On The Bayou (S)/Bootleg (S)/Graveyard Train (S)//Good Golly Miss Molly (S)/Penthouse Pauper (S)/Proud Mary (very poor stereo separation)/Keep On Chooglin' (S)

CCR-69 - Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969 - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1978] Two record set. Reissue of Green River [Fantasy 8393] and Willy and the Poor Boys [Fantasy 8397]. Disc 1: Green River (S)/Commotion (S)/Tombstone Shadow (S)/Wrote A Song For Everyone (S)//Bad Moon Rising (very poor stereo separation)/Lodi (very poor stereo separation)/Cross-Tie Walker (S)/Sinister Purpose (S)/The Night Time Is The Right Time (S); Disc 2: Down On The Corner (S)/It Came Out Of The Sky (S)/Cotton Fields (S)/Poorboy Shuffle (S)/Feelin' Blue (S)//Fortunate Son (S)/Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me) (S)/The Midnight Special (S)/Side O' The Road (S)/Effigy (S)

CCR-70 - Creedence Clearwater Revival 1970 - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1978] Two record set. Reissue of Cosmo's Factory [Fantasy 8402] and Pendulum [Fantasy 8410]. Disc 1: Ramble Tamble (S)/Before You Accuse Me (S)/Travelin' Band (S)/Ooby Dooby (S)/Lookin' Out My Backdoor (S)/Run Through The Jungle (S)//Up Around The Bend (S)/My Baby Left Me (S)/Who'll Stop The Rain (S)/I Heard It Through The Grapevine (S)/Long As I Can See The Light (S); Disc 2: Pagan Baby (S)/Sailor's Lament (S)/Chameleon (S)/Have You Ever Seen The Rain (S)/(Wish I Could) Hideaway (S)//Born To Move (S)/Hey Tonight (S)/It's Just A Thought (S)/Molina (S)/Rude Awakening #2 (S)

LOR (Soundtrack) Series:

LOR 1 - Lord of the Rings (Soundtrack) - Leonard Rosenmann [1978] Two record set. Side 1 and side 4 are on one disc, with sides 2 and 3 on the other. Sides are listed here in numerical order. Special custom label (see top of page). Theme From Lord Of The Rings/History Of The Ring/The Journey Begins- Encounter With The Ringwraiths/Riders Of Rohan//Escape To Rivendell/Mines Of Moria/The Battle In The Mines-The Balrog//Mithrandir/Gandalf Remembers/Frodo Disappears/Following The Orcs/Attack Of The Orcs//Helm's Deep/The Dawn Battle-Theoden's Victory/The Voyage To Mordor-Theme From The Lord Of The Rings

Promo Only Releases:

FS 654 - Fantasy Records Hi-Fi Sampler - Various Artists [1957] Red Fantasy label; originally issued on red vinyl. Crazy Chris - Dave Brubeck-Paul Desmond/It's A Lazy Afternoon - Lucy Reed/Limelight - Gerry Mulligan/Django - Vince Guaraldi Trio/El's Bells - Elliot Lawrence Band/I've Never Been In Love Before - Cal Tjader Quartet/Klefitkos - Little Symphony Of San Francisco/Mueve La Cintura - Cal Tjader Quintet/Moonlight In Vermont - Les Strand/Poetry Reading: "Statue Of St. Francis" - Lawrence Ferlinghetti/R.R. Blues - Earl "Fatha" Hines/A Watchman's Carroll - Paul Desmond Quartet/Chopin Prelude - Elliot Lawrence Orchestra/Jackie's Blues - South American Brothers

FP 1 - Lenny Bruce Promo Record - Lenny Bruce [1972] Selections from Fantasy 7001, 7003, 7007 and 7011, plus the previously unissued "Fat Boy." Surprisingly, this was issued no only on the white Fantasy Promo label, but also on the blue Fantasy "Full Radial Stereo" label. Lima, Ohio/White Collar Drunk/Religions Inc.//Enchanting Transylvania/The Djinni In The Bottle/How To Relax Your Colored Friends/Fat Boy/Father Flotsky's Triumph

FSP-2 - Musical Highlights from Cannonball Adderley's "Big Man" - Cannonball Adderley [1975] One-sided record. Brown Fantasy label without the large "F" logo. Overture: Anybody Need A Big Man (instrumental; 2:17)/Gonna Give Lovin' A Try (3:15)/Grind Your Own Coffee (3:10)/River (2:11)/Poundin' (3:04)/Jesus Where You Now? (2:36)//(side 2 is blank)

FP 4 - Fantasy Blues Two-For Giants - Various Artists [1976]

FP-612 - Two Top Cuts - Tom Coster [1981] Blue-and-white "lightning bolt" label. Two tracks taken from Fantasy F-9612. One Woman Man//I Give My Heart To You

Audiophile LPs:

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab/Fantasy MFSL 1-037 - Cosmo's Factory - Creedence Clearwater Revival [1980] Half-speed mastered reissue of Fantasy 8402. Ramble Tamble/Before You Accuse Me/Travelin' Band/Ooby Dooby/Lookin' Out My Back Door/Run Through The Jungle//Up Around The Bend/My Baby Left Me/Who'll Stop The Rain/I Heard It Through The Grapevine/Long As I Can See The Light

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab/Fantasy MFSL 1-112 - Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus - Vince Guaraldi Trio [1983] Half-speed mastered reissue of Fantasy 8089. Samba De Orpheus/Manha De Carnaval/Musso Amor/Generique//Cast Your Fate To The Wind/Moon River/Alma-Ville/Since I Fell For You

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