Prestige/Folklore Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: December 11, 2010

The Prestige Folklore label was established in 1963 as a vehicle for grouping albums in the then-popular "folk" genre. A number of the albums in this series were reissues from Prestige's other labels such as Prestige International and Prestige Bluesville. When folk music died in late 1964 due to the British Invasion, Prestige discontinued the Folklore series and reissued the albums on Prestige proper.

Apparently, Prestige/Folklore used the same catalog numbers for both mono and stereo issues. Some stereo issues (see 14010 below) had "STEREO" printed on the jacket, while others (see 14033 below) just has a sticker with "STEREO."

The Prestige Folklore label was green with black print, with the Folklore "banjo" logo at the top and the label name just beneath. Starting in late 1964, Prestige reissued many of the Prestige Folklore albums on the blue Prestige label with silver print (near left), retaining the Folklore catalog numbers.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Prestige Folklore FL 14000 Series:

FL 14001 - In the Tradition - Dave Van Ronk with the Red Onion Jazz Band [12/63] Cake Walking Babies/Ace In The Hole/St. Louis Tickle/Death Letter Blues/If I Had To Do It All Over/Whoa Back Buck/Sister Kate/Kansas City Blues/Green Rocky Road/See See Rider/Rocks And Gravel/Hesitation Blues

FL 14002 - Bluegrass: Living on the Mountain - Bill Keith & Jim Rooney [1963] Reissue of PR 13075. Livin' On The Mountain/Devil's Dream/Homestead On The Farm/One Morning In May/Ocean Of Diamonds/Pretty Polly/New Muleskinner Blues/Salty Dog/Teardrops In My Eyes/Jody's Hornpipe/Kentucky Moonshiner/Log Cabin In The Lane/I Hear A Sweet Voice Callin'/Rueben's Old Train

FL 14003 - Got a Mind to Ramble - Tom Rush [12/63] Duncan & Brady/I Don't Want Your Millions Mister/San Francisco Bay Blues/Mole's Moan/Orphan's Blues/Rye Whiskey/Big Fat Woman//Nine Pound Hammer/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Mobile-Texas Line/Joe Turner/Every Day In The Week

FL 14004 - Sleepy Man Blues - Geoff Muldaur [1963] Jelly Roll Baker/Rain Don' Fall On Me/This Morning/I Have Had My Fun/Good Gin Blues/Motherless Chile Blues/Beorgia Skin Game/Aberdeen, Mississippi Blues/Trouble In Mind/Everybody Ought To Make A Change/Drop Down Mama

FL 14005 - The Folk Blues of Eric Von Schmidt - Eric Von Schmidt [1963] Crow Jane/Gulf Coast Blues/Brave Wolfe/Junco Partner/De Kalb Blues/Lolita/Champagne Don't Hurt/Buffalo Skinners/Jack O'Diamonds/He Was A Friend Of Mine/Cocoa Beach Blues/Down On Me

FL 14006 - San Francisco Bay Blues - Jesse Fuller [1963] San Francisco Bay Blues/Everybody Works At My House But My Old Man/Beale Street/Let Me Hold You In My Arms Tonight/Where Could I Go But Too The Lord/You're No Good/I Want A Girl Just Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad//Old Man Mose/Crazy Waltz/Brother Lowdown/Pretty Little Girl Walking Down The Street/The Dozens/I've Been So Doggone Lonesome/Animal Fair

FL 14007 - Dear Companion - Bonnie Dobson [1963] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13031. My Mother Chose My Husband/A Girl Of Constant Sorrow/Vranyanka/Ben's Lullaby/Bonnie Lass of Kenmore Town/When I Was In My Prime/Ah! Si Mon Moine/Blues Jumped A Rabbit/Dink's Song/Vertsa Dievcha/Cruel Mother

FL 14008 - Cumberland Moonshiner - Hamper McBee [1964] Good Old Mountain Dew/Black Jack Davey/The Devil And The Farmer's Wife/John Hardy/Henry Martyn/Darby Ram/Wearisome Farmer/Methodist Pie/Moonshining/Jasper Jail/More Moonshining/Three Nights Drunk/Brown Mountain Light/900 Miles/Long Back Veil/Wreck Of Old No. 9

FL 14009 - Goin' to Boston: The Best of Jean Ritchie - Jean Ritchie [1963] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13003. Shady Grove/Nottamun Town/Go Tell Aunt Rhody/East Virginia/I Wonder When I Shall Be Married/Gentle Fair Jenny/Sweet Jane/Pretty Polly/Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies/Pretty Fair Maiden/Going To Boston/Christ Was Born In Bethlehem/Hangman, Hangman/Devil And The Farmer's Wife/Children Go Where I Send Thee/Moonshiner/Cowboy's Lament/Lord Thomas And Fair Ellen/Go To Sleep/Dance To Your Daddy

FL 14010 - Bluegrass Breakdown - Lilly Brothers [1964] I Wonder Why Did You Wonder?/Miller's Cave/Wildwood Flower/Katy Hill/Have A Feast/Rollin' On/Beneath The Old Southern Sky/Storms On The Ocean/Foggy Mountain Breakdown/That Star/Billy In The Low Ground/We Shall Meet Some Day

FL 14011 - Jack Elliott Sings the Songs of Woody Guthrie - Jack Elliott [1963] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13016. Hard Travelling/Grand Coulee Dam/New York Town/Tom Joad/Howdido/Talking Dust Bowl/This Land Is Your Land//Pretty Boy Floyd/Philadelphia Lawyer/Talking Columbia/Dust Storm Disaster/Riding In My Car/1913 Massacre/So Long

FL 14012 - Folksinger - Dave Van Ronk [1963] Reissue of Prestige International PR- INT 13056. He Was A Friend Of Mine/Motherless Children/Mr. Noah/Come Back Baby/Poor Lazarus//Samson & Delilah/Cocaine Blues/You've Been A Good Old Wagon/Fixin' To Die/Hang Me, Oh Hang Me/Long John/Chicken Is Nice

FL 14013 - Down Home Blues - Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry [1963] Reissue of Bluesville BVLP 1002. Terry's Pawn Shop/Let Me Be Your Little Dog/You Don't Know/Betty And Dupree's Blues/Back To New Orleans/Stranger Here/Fox Hunt/I'm Prison Bound/Louise, Louise/Baby How Long/Freight Train

FL 14014 - Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Jack Elliott [1964] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13033. Sadie Brown/East Virginia Blues/I Belong To Glasgow/The Cuckoo/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms/South Coast//San Francisco Bay Blues/The Last Letter/I Love Her So /I Got A Woman/Candyman/Tramp On The Street/Railroad Bill

FL 14015 - She's Like a Swallow - Bonnie Dobson [1964] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13021. The Cruel War Is Raging/She's Like A Swallow/The Silkie Of Sule Skerry/Across The Blue Mountain/The Prickle Holly Bush/Mistress Bond/Evoyons De L'Avant//Will Ye Go Laddie Go/Frankie Slide/Monsieur Le Cure/The Jam At Gerry's Rock/The First Time/The Road To Grandmere/The Old Maid's Lament

FL 14016 - The Best of Peggy Seeger - Peggy Seeger [12/63] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13005.

FL 14017 - Bluegrass and Old Timey Music - Charles River Valley Boys [1964] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13074. Rocky Island/White Dove/Front Porch Backstep/Flying Saucers/Away Out On The Mountain/Foggy Foggy Dew/Easy Winner/Leavin' Home/Auctioneer/Victim To The Tomb/Crazy Creek/Baby-O/Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me/Soldier's Joy/Oh Me/Short Life

FL 14018 - Hootenanny with Bonnie Dobson - Bonnie Dobson [1964] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13057. Once My True Love/Love Henry/Irish Exile Song/Shule Aroon/Bonnie's Blues/Peter Amberley/E'estI'aviron/Holly Bears A Berry/Two Carols For A Nuclear Age: For Sheltered Shut-Ins-For U.N. Delegates/Morning Dew

FL 14019 - Hootenanny with Jack Elliott - Jack Elliott [1964] Reissue of Prestige International PR-INT 13065. Mule Skinner Blues/Cool Water/Talking Miner/Boll Weevil/How Long Blues//Salty Dog/Tyin' Knots In The Devil's Tail/Hobo's Lullaby/Talking Sailor/Rock Island Line

FL 14020 - Hootenanny - Various Artists [1964] Here's To Cheshire, Here's To Cheese - Pete Seeger/I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister - Pete Seeger/The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Bonnie Dobson/Peter Amberley - Bonnie Dobson/John Hardy - Mike Seeger & Sonny Miller/Fisherman's Luck - Mike Seeger & Sonny Miller/Night Herding Song - Jack Elliott/Talking Fishing Blues - Jack Elliott/Muleskinner Blues - Jack Elliott/Devil's Dream - Bill Keith & Jim Rooney/I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow - Bill Keith & Jim Rooney/Sally Anne - Mike Seeger & Sonny Miller/Fiddler's Bagpipe - Mike Seeger & Sonny Miller

FL 14021 - Hootin' the Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [1964] Blues Is A Feeling/Me And Ray Charles/In The Evening/Ain't It Crazy/Last Night I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had/Everything/I Work Down On The Chain Gang/Meet Me In The Bottom

FL 14022 - The Art of the Jug Band - True Endeavor Jug Band [1964] "The True Endeavor Jug Band" was Sam Charters, Danny Kalb, and Artie Traum. You'd Better Leave Me Alone, Sweet Papa/Blues, Just Blues That's All/When A 'Gator Hollers/Sweet Mama Goodie/Wild Women Don't Have The Blues/Run, Molly, Run//Walkin' Up Blues/Jug Band Blues/Masculine Women! Feminine Men!/She's Gone/I Whipped My Women With A Single Tree/Look Where The Sun Done Gone

FL 14023 - Folklore Jamboree - Various Artists [1964] She's Like A Swallow - Bonnie Dobson/Ace In The Hole - Dave Van Ronk/He Was A Friend of Mine - Dave Van Ronk/Howdido - Jack Elliott/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms - Jack Elliott/Livin' On The Mountain - Bill Keith & Jim Rooney/Diamond Joe - Tom Rush/Champagne Don't Hurt - Eric Von Schmidt/San Francisco Bay Blues - Jesse Fuller/You Don't Know - Brownie MeGhee & Sonny Terry/Chickens They Are Crowing - Peggy Seeger/Sleepy Man - Geoff Muldaur/Rocky Island - Charles River Valley Boys

FL 14024 - Blue Grass Get Together - Charles River Valley Boys with Tex Logan [1964] Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes/What Have You Done/Comin' From The Ball/Sally Goodin/Uncle Pen/Angel Band/Goodbye Old Pal/I See A Bright Light/On The Jericho Road/Cherokee Shuffle/My Gal's A High Born Lady/Dryin' Holy/Before I Met You/Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar

FL 14025 - Inside/Dave Van Ronk - Dave Van Ronk [10/64] House Carpenter/The Cruel Ship's Captain/Sprig Of Thyme/Talking Cancer Blues/I Buyed Me A Little Dog/Lady Gay//Fair And Tender Ladies/Brian O'Lynne/Shanty Man's Life/Silver Dagger/Kentucky Moonshiner/He Never Came Back

FL 14026 - Pickin' the City Blues - Mitch Greenhill [1964] Pickin' The City Blues/Monongahela Sal/Ragged But Right/Mitch's Waltz/Won't You Tell Me/Highway 301/Raggedy Betsy/Built For Comfort/Good Morning School Girl/Jubilee/If You Haven't Any Hay/Louise's Tune/Minding My Own Business/Mobile And Tennessee Line

FL 14027 - Meet the New Strangers - New Strangers [10/64] "The New Strangers" were Sam Charters and Danny Kalb, two thirds of the "True Endeavor Jug Band" [Prestige Folklore FL 14022]. Back Door/Whinin' Boy/I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore/Ramblin' On My Mind/Frisco Bound/I I Had My Way//Alberta/Come On In/Church, I'm Fully Saved Today/Keys To The Highway/44 Blues/New Strangers Blues

FL 14028 - Pure Religion! - Reverend Gary Davis [1964] Reissue of Bluesville BVLP 1015. Samson And Delilah/Let Us Get Together Right Down Here/I Belong To The Band/Pure Religion/Great Chance Since I Been Born/Death Don't Have No Mercy//Twelve Gates To The City/Goin' To Sit Down On The Banks of The River/Tryin' To Get Home/Lo, I Be With You Always/I Am The Light Of This World/Lord, I Feel Like Just Goin' On

FL 14029 - Country Style - Jack Elliott [1964] Mean Mama Blues/Low And Lonely/The Wreck Of The Old 97/Old Shep/Wabash Cannonball/Brown Eyes/Love Sick Blues//Arthritis Blues/Take Me Back And Love Me One More Time/The Tennessee Stud/Those Brown Eyes/Detour/The Soldier's Last Letter

FL 14030 - Old Time Fiddling at Union Grove: The 38th Old Time Fiddler's Convention at Union Grove, North Carolina - Various Artists [10/64] Artists: J. E. Mainer & His Mountaineers, Thomas Holland & Crossroad Boys, Morris Herbet & Twin Country Boys, Grandma Pearlie Davis, Charles Hawks & Brushy River Boys, L. W. Lambert Jr. & Bluegrass Partners, Bert Edwards & Randolph Music Club Band, Esker Hutchins & Surrey Country Ramblers, and others. Songs: A Walk In The Park - Norman Edmonds & Old Timers/(others)

FL 14031 - The Holy Modal Rounders - Holy Modal Rounders [1964] Blues In The Bottle/Give The Fiddler A Dram/The Cuckoo/Euphoria/Long John/Hesitation Blues/Hey Hey Baby//Reuben's Train/Mister Spaceman/Moving Day/Better Things For You/Same Old Man/Hop High Ladies/Bound To Lose

FL 14032 - Folk Songs - Maxine Sellers [1964] Jimmy Taylor/Abilene/Cuckoo/One Step/I'm Gonna Live The Life I Sing About/Long Chain/Single Girl/No More Cane/Old Maid's Lament/Waggoner Lad/Katy Cruel/May Day Carol

FL 14033 - The Guitar & Banjo of Reverend Gary Davis - Reverend Gary Davis [10/64] Maple Leaf Rag/Slow Drag (aka Cincinnati Flow Rag)/The Boy Was Kissing The Girl (And Playing The Guitar At The Same Time)/Candy Man/United States March (aka Soldier's Drill)/Devil's Dream/The Coon Hunt/Mister Jim (aka Walkin' Dog Blues)/Please Baby/Fast Fox Trot (aka Buck Rag)/Can't Be Satisfied

FL 14034 - [Probably Unissued]

FL 14035 - The Country Songs of the Lilly Brothers - Lilly Brothers [10/64] Dig A Hole In The Meadow/Goodbye Maggie/Trouble Trouble/Long Black Veil/Butcher Boy/Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms//Weeping Willow Tree/There'll Come A Time/Open Up Them Pearly Gates/Rosewood Casket/Jack And Mae/Knoxville Girl

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