Good Sounds Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Randy Watts
Last update: April 20, 2010

Good Sounds Records was a small offshoot label of Criteria Studios in Miami. The label operated from 1976-1979, and their products were mainstream disco. The distribution was handled by TK Productions.

The label put out six singles and five albums. None of the singles were by artists who did not have albums, and none of the singles charted.

The first Good Sounds album label (far left) looked like a sunset scene with color distortion, the "sky" above the horizon having red clouds with yellow sunlight peeking through. The "water" was purple with the yellow reflection of the sunshine. Around the bottom edge of the label, it read "Good Sounds Records, Inc. A Subsidiary of Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida. Printed in U.S.A." On the left side of the label, under the label name, it read, "Dist by T.K. Productions, 495 S.E. 10th Ct., Hialeah, Florida 33010." The second Good Sounds label (near left) was beige with a gold band around the edge, and a hand logo making and "okay" sign around the center hole. The notice about Criteria Studios bends around the bottom of the label inside the gold band, and the distribution notice bends around the top of the label inside the band.
The third Good Sounds album label (far left) was beige with black lettering and "GOOD SOUNDS" written on the top half of the label underneath a red logo depicting a hand. The following text bends around the bottom edge of the label: "Distributed by T.K. Productions, 495 S.E. 10th Ct., Hialeah, Florida 33010". The following additional text bends around the top edge of the label: "Good Sounds Records, Inc. A Subsidiary of Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida 33181". The singles labels (near left) were white with the same design.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Good Sounds 100 Series:

101 - Olympus One - Herb Pilhofer [1976] Olympus One/Don't You Worry Bout A Thing/Sweet Winds Of Change/For A Ballad Day/76 Trombones//Gooney Bird/101 In The Shade/Turning Around Again/You Are Everything To Me

102 - The Billion Dollar Band - The Billion Dollar Band [1977] Get In The Groove/Candy Girl/Love's Sweet Notions/Big Time Spender/Without Your Lovin'//I Like Watcha Doin'/Smiling Morning Love/Let's Just Be Friends/Our Love/Money Don't Grow On Trees

103 - Cheese - Cheese [1977] Dallas/So Long/I Got Love/Hard Times/Sweet Harmony/Man In Love//City Life/Lonely Man/Lady Love/Time Is An Arrow/Lady Of The Night

104 - Spats - Spats [1978] Hot Summer Madness/Soul Searchin' Lady/(Your Lovin' Is) Everywhere/Someday/Playin' Time//Up To The Country/Livin' Is What You Make It/Your Forever/Street Love/Put Some Soup In Yo' Mouf

105 - Dancin' in My Feet - Laura Taylor [1979] Some Love/Dancin' In My Feet/All Through Me//Follow Your Own Star/I Believe/Sad Is The Song/Romance With Me/Boogie On Down To My House/Lady Scorpio


LeMans LPC-83 - Here Are the Good Sounds - Good Sounds [1981] This is a polka band ( different sort of disco band), not related to the Good Sounds label. Polka Heart Polka/Dziadek Polka/Put It In The Wash Polka/I Don't Know Oberek/Saturday Night Polka/Raz Dwa Trzy Polka/Barn Dance Polka/Wojtek Polka/Hobo Oberek/Polish Mountains II Polka/Our Old Waltz/Pragna Oczka Polka

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