Gospel Roots Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and David Edwards
Last update: April 20, 2010

Gospel Roots was the gospel subsidiary of TK Productions. It operated from 1976 to 1979. The label has a strong link with the Dixie Hummingbirds' lead singer Ira Tucker, who produced many of the releases.

The Gospel Roots album label was blue with black lettering and "GOSPEL Roots" written near the top of the label, underneath what might be considered a white shining star. The following text bends around the bottom edge of the label: "DISTRIBUTED BY T.K. PRODUCTIONS, INC. 495 S.E. 10th COURT, HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33010." The singles (near left) had a corresponding label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Gospel Roots GR-5000 Series:

GR-5001 -

GR-5002 - Do Not Pass Me By - Pastor T.L. Barrett [1976] Do Not Pass Me By/After The Rain/These Are The Words/Father Stretch My Hands//So Many Years/You May Not Need Him/Oh What A Day/I Want To Be In Love With You

GR-5003 - What Is Your Life - Rev. C.L. Franklin [1976] What Is Your Life, Part 1//What Is Your Life, Part 2

GR-5004 - I'm So Glad - Fantastic Family Aires [1976] Everlasting Fire/I've Been Born Again/The Color Of God/Picture On The Wall/Tell Me/Movin' On Up//I'm So Glad/Somewhere In This World/Further On Down The Line/Troubled Mind/How I Found The Lord

GR-5005 - Together - Gloster Williams & the King James Version [1977] Get Ready For This/What Good Is A Song/No, Not One/.He Loves You (Interlude)//There's Not A Friend (Part One)/Touch My Life/(Monologue) Together/There's A Not A Friend (Part Two)

GR-5006 - The Inspired - Rev. Robert L. "Jackey" Beavers [1977] Jesus, He Is The Son Of God/What Will You Tell Jesus At The Judgement?/His Eye Is On The Sparrow/One Day I'll See My Savior's Face//Jesus Is The Sweetest I Know/Do You Know A Man Called Jesus?/Oh, Lord What A Time/Lord, I Don't Know

GR-5007 - Time to Live - Roscoe Robinson [1977] Jesus Is Enough/Just Go Ahead/Time To Live/He'll Set You Fre//Thank You Jesus/Holdin' On To God's Unchanging Hand/Without Jesus You Have Nothing/Call Him

GR-5008 - The Fountain of Life Joy Choir - Fountain of Life Joy Choir under the Direction of Kevin Yancy [1977] Joy, Joy, Joy/That's When He Saved My Soul/Look Where God Has Brought Us/Hallelujah//Keep Looking Up/More Like Jesus/You Can Make It/I Gave My Life To Jesus/He Remains The Same

GR-5009 -

GR-5010 - Glory Land - Jordan Singers [1977] We Are The Jordan Singers/A Change In My Life/Glory Land/Some Glad Morning/A Shelter In Time Of A Storm/He'll Make A Way//When This World's On Fire/Somebody Needs You, Lord/I Had A Dream/Will You Save Me/How They Serve My Lord

GR-5011 - Seasons - Howard Lemon Singers [1977] You Are Somebody/There Is Place For Us/Move Over/There Is A Season/We Need Love//Let Us Go Back/Just Give It To God/Together/For The Children/There'll Come A Time

GR-5012 - Jesus Touched Me - Brother Walter Ponder [1977] Redeemed/I've Decided To Make Jesus My Choice/Jesus Touched Me/Beams Of Heaven//Peace In The Valley/Too Close To Heaven/Precious Lord/Down By The Riverside/He Satisfies Me

GR-5013 - Tell It Like It Is - Phillipians [1977]

GR-5014 - Chilly Wind - Cherubims [1977]

GR-5015 -

GR-5016 - Heaven Is God's Throne - Fabulous Luckett Brothers [1977] I Thank The Lord For The Holy Ghost/Around This Altar/Lord Jesus Can I Have A Little Talk With You/Just Moving On/Joy When I Think About//I've Got Just What I Want/Help Me To Carry On/In Love With Jesus/Heaven Is God's Throne/Where He Leads Me

GR-5017 -

GR-5018 - Jean Austin & Company - Jean Austin & Company [1977] Spirit Free/This Bitter Earth/Set My Soul On Fire/I Don't Have To Worry//The Holy City/God Will Take A Broken Heart/Jesus

GR-5019 - He's Alive - The Singing Sons of Washington D.C. [1977] King Jesus Is Mine/Christ Is The Answer/Everlasting Life/Is Your All On The Altar/Jesus Will Be With Me//Plain And Simple Song/He's Alive/I'm Resolved/Safe In The Fold

GR-5020 - Hold the Light - Mitty Collier [1977] Hold The Light/He Brought Joy Into My Life/On The Other Side/Lord, You Blessed//Love In The World/Nobody's Fault But Mine/I'm Glad/He Looked Beyond My Faults

GR-5021 - Keep on Working - Fantastic Family Aires [1977]

GR-5022 - There Ain't No Water In Hell - Brooklyn Allstars [1977]

GR-5023 - Thank You Lord - Helen Lewis [1978] Thank You Lord/Prayer By Prayer/Not One/All Things Through Christ//Devil Stays On My Track/God Is Real/He Loves Me So/Move Up Higher

GR-5024 - Nancy Caree - Nancy Caree [1978] After The Will Of God/No Man Is An Island/A Blessing In Praising God/It's Good To Know Jesus/Walk Around Heaven/Jesus Paid It All/I Love Jesus/Take God At His Word

GR-5025 - Sing Until I Die - Jackson Singers of Washington, DC [1978] Praising God/Sweet Love Of God/Guide Me Over/Sing Until I Die//Only Jesus/I Made A Vow/Where Shall I Be/Fight On

GR-5026 -

GR-5027 - Christians Catch Hell - Reverand Edna Isaac & the Green Sisters [1977] New Born Soul/Thank You/Christians Catch Hell/America/He'll Understand//Traveling Shoes/When I Found Jesus/Lord Keep Me Day By Day/I'm Giving Honor/Where Jesus Is Tis Heaven

GR-5028 -

GR-5029 -

GR-5030 - I'm Happy - O'Neal Twins with the Interfaith Choir of St. Louis, Missouri [1978] Wake Up Everybody/I'm Happy/I'm Gonna Make It After All/When I've Done The Best I Can/What A Blessing/I Appreciate (All He's Done)/More Than You'll Ever Know/The Broken Vessel/Living He Loved Me

GR-5031 - The Brooklyn Allstars - Brooklyn Allstars [1978] I Gave It All Up For The Lord/Somewhere Around God's Throne/It's In My Heart/Banks Of Jordan/I Gave My Heart To Jesus//The Windows Of Heaven/All Of God's Children/Somebody Bigger Than You And I/Mama I Owe You/Blessed Be The Name Of God

GR-5032 - God's Prescriptions - Camille Doughty [1978] Elijah Rock/(others)

GR-5033 - We Are Going Home - Traveling Six [1978] We Are Going Home/To Be Like Jesus/I'm Waiting On You/Death Is A Policeman//Dream/Something About Jesus Is Sweet/I Decided To Make Jesus My Choice/Everday Will Be A Glory Day

GR-5034 - The Fountain of Life Joy Choir - Fountain of Life Joy Choir under the Direction of Kevin Yancy [1977] Lift Him Up/You Are (Everything To Me)/Thank You/Sign Me Up//I'm So Happy/Serving God/It Pays (To Serve Jesus)/Everything To Me

GR-5035 - Travelin' - Original Sunset Travelers [1979] Nothing Can Keep Us/The Love Of Jesus/Blessed To Be Here/Everywhere I Go/On Jesus Program//Must Be Dreaming/I Don't Need Nobody But Jesus/Sweeter As The Days Go By/Jacob's Ladder/How Blessed You Are

GR-5036 -

GR-5037 - Ira Tucker Presents Walter Ponder: Thunderbolt of the South - Walter Ponder [1979]

GR-5038 - Praise God with Me - Sister Rosetta Ellis [1979] The Lord Has Brought Me/There's Gonna Be A Fire/Through It All/Praise God With Me//God Is Speaking To You/What God Means To Me/Silver Lining/Give God A Chance

GR-5039 -

GR-5040 -

GR-5041 - Live in Concert - Dixie Hummingbirds [1979] Introduction/Who Are We/Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen/Love Me Like A Rock/Prayer For Peace/Build Up (Sermonette)/Help Me

GR-5042 -

GR-5043 -

GR-5044 - Proceed with Caution: Eternity Ahead - James Lowe [1979] Crying In The Chapel/It Will Be Grand/How Great Thou Art//New Building/I'm Going To Fly Away/Peace In The Valley/Praises

GR-5045 - Lord I'm Glad - Bright Clouds [1979]

GR-5046 -

GR-5047 - Dark Clouds - Cherubims [1979] You Can't Tell Me There's No God/Dark Clouds/It's Time/This Evening//Sing/Free/Monologue/It's A Blessing

GR-5048 -

GR-5049 -

GR-5050 - Moving On - Dixie Hummingbirds [1979] Touch Me Lord/Mother's Crying Again/The Works Of God/After The Rapture//Moving On/Call On The Lord/The Dollar And The Devil/What A Friend

GR-5051 -

GR-5052 - Live In Baltimore - Rev. Edna Isaac [1979] God Don't Need No Matches/Jesus Is Knocking/King Of Kings/Oh Look The People//Sermonette/Shout It Out

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