Reid's World Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Randy Watts
Last update: April 24, 2010

Reid's World was a T.K. subsidiary run by Clarence Reid. It started in 1977 and lasted until 1980. The label issued one album and five 7" singles, as well as two 12" disco singles on T.K. Disco. They had no chart hits.

Reid's World released three singles in 1977. The first was "Down Where The Love Is"/"Baptize Me In Your Love" by the D.C. Three [Reid 90,001]. This was followed by "Sleep With Me"/"I Wanna Do You" [Reid's World 90,002] by Willie and Barbara (Willie Mallory and Barbara Jones), and "Beggin'"/"Time Heals All Pain" by James T. [Reid's World 90,003].

There was only one single, and one album released in 1978. Both were by Regina James. The single was "Gee Whiz Boy"/"My Man is Coming Home" [Reid's World 90,004] and the album Dancin' in the Flames of Love [Reid's World 4001]. In 1979, a disco single was issued from the album, "Dancin' in the Flames of Love"/"Alfie" [T.K. Disco 144], the only record issued that year.

Finally, in 1980, Wanda Star Williams had both a single and a disco single with "Mr. U.F.O."/"When My Love Comes Down" [Reid's World 90,005/T.K. Disco 445]. When that failed also, the label was shut down and its artists were transferred to the Dash label, another of T.K.'s subsidiaries.

Both the album and the singles label (far right) were purple with a white outline of the globe. The logo was at the top of the label, consisting of "REID'S WORLD" in red and white lettering, with a green globe above it. Disco singles (near left) were issued on the T.K. Disco label.

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Reid's World 4000 Series:

4001 - Dancin' In The Flames Of Love - Regina James [1978] Dancin' In The Flames Of Love/Kitty-Kat, Pussy-Cat Medley (Tell Me Something Good-You Keep Me Hangin' On-Call Me-Keep A Light-That's What Friends Are For)/Gee Wiz Boy//Primitive/A Tribute To Music/Alfie

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