Shield Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Randy Watts
Last update: April 25, 2010

Shield was a TK subsidiary that released one album and about fifteen singles. Most of the singles weren't commercially successful. These included singles by Hokis Pokis, the Smith Brothers, Jasen, Sound Experience, A.D., Mad Dog Fire Department, Stevo, Sherman Hunter, and Willie Cobbs. The one success was Special Delivery.

Special Delivery was formed in 1974, when a group called Act 1 joined with singer Terry Huff and signed with the Mainstream label. The group consisted of Terry Huff, George Parker, Chester Fortune, and Reginald Ross. After a moderate hit, "I Destroyed Your Love, Part 1" [Mainstream 5573, 10/75, #62 R&B], they had a major hit with "The Lonely One" [Mainstream 5581, 5/76, #11 R&B/#75 pop]. The record company saw fit to release "The Lonely One" as credited to "Special Delivery featuring Terry Huff," and discord within the group over the credit immediately followed, eventually resulting in a split between Huff and the group. When an album was needed due to the hit, Terry Huff got his brothers Andy and Jimmy along with friend Al Johnson of the Unifics, and went to New York and recorded an album. The next Mainstream single was credited to just Terry Huff.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group signed with Shield Records as Special Delivery, with George Parker producing. Their first single, "Oh, Let Me Know It, Part 1" [Shield 6307], reached #22 on the R&B charts in the summer of 1977, followed by a non-charting single, then "This Kind of Love" [Shield 6311], which made #93 in December. The self-titled album which followed shortly after contained all sides of their three Shield singles among the tracks. The album liner notes neglected to mention the members of the group.

The singles catalog series started with 6101 in 1975, then shifted from 6104 to 6306 in 1976, at which time the label design also changed. The label was in operation until 1980.

The Shield singles labels were issued with two basic designs, but in a variety of colors. The first design, shown here in both blue and yellow, had "shield" in lower case print on an angle at the top of the label. Labels were also known in light green and grey. Promotional copies of this design had white labels with black print with the same design. At the bottom of the label was, "DISTRIBUTED BY T.K. PRODUCTIONS, INC., 495 S.E. 10th COURT, HIALEAH, FLORIDA 33010".
The second Shield label design, which started with #6306, was brown or pink with black lettering. "Shield" was written in black gothic lettering across a logo depicting shield, armor and crossed swords on the left side of the label. Singles (far left) and the album had the same design, with the following text bending around the bottom of the album label: "Dist. by T.K. Productions, Inc. 495 S.E. 10th Court, Hialeah, Florida 33010". Text for the singles was as above. Promotional labels for this design (near left) had white labels with black print.

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Shield 80,000 Series:

80,000 - Special Delivery - Special Delivery [1978] Your Love Is My Love Song/Day Dreamer/Do It/You Say//This Kind Of Love/I've Got To Be Free/Oh Let Me Know It/Get-Up Express Yourself

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