Weird World Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Randy Watts
Last update: July 16, 2011

Weird World was a TK subsidiary entirely dedicated to releasing the "works" of Blow Fly (a.k.a. Clarence Reid), notorious musician, soul singer, composer and producer (for Alston records and Betty Wright) whose obscene rap over current disco and soul anthems could be seen by some as the original dirty rapper. And to be fair, some lyrics could be quite funny. At the time, these albums were filed under "Adult Comedy", sometimes behind the counter due to the nudity on many covers.

Many of these are sexually-oriented parodies of hit songs. Reid had been doing off-color parodies since he was quite young. His grandmother overheard one of these and exclaimed he was nastier than a blowfly. After singing his parodies for friends, he finally recorded an album in 1971 and started his own Weird World label.

Some of the titles below may be offensive to some, so if you are easily offended, please hit your browser's "back" button and go elsewhere.

The Weird World label (far left) is a yellow or green (very) cheap one with black lettering and "WEIRD WORLD" written on the top half of the label. There is no mention whatsoever of the T.K. connection on the label and it is rarely mentioned on the record sleeves. Blowfly did have an instrumental 12-inch disco single on the T.K. Disco label (near left)

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Weird World 2020 Series:

2020 - The Weird World of Blow Fly - Blow Fly [1971] Intro/My Baby Keeps Farting In My Face/Hold On It's Running/Hole Man/The Eating Song (Yum-Yum)/S**tting On The Dock Of The Bay/To- To-To-To-To (The Fart Song)/I Don't Want No Woman To Give Me Nothing//The Eater/Spermy Night In Georgia/Odd Balls/Baby Let Me Do It To You/It's A Faggot's World/A Child's Dick/The Sperm Is Gone/Outro

2021 - Blow Fly on T.V. - Blow Fly [1974] Ed Sullivan Show/Sesame Street/Batman/Signed And Sealed/Mammy Told Me//Tom Jones Show/Batman #2/One Less Dick

*2022 - On Tour - Blow Fly [1974] Agent Triple 0-69/Clappy, Clappy Me/Cream On/Don't Pull It Out/Don't Suck Me No More/Eatin' Pussy/F**k The Girls/I'm A Freak And I'm Proud/I'm Jackin'/Let's Do It On The Ground/Mirror, Mirror/The Court Room/The Power Of Pussy/There's A Whore/We Only Just Begun/Who's The Guy/You Would Suck Me

2023 - Zodiac Blow Fly - Blow Fly [1975] Blow Fly's Intro/Aries-If Eating You Is Wrong I Don't Want To Be Right/Taurus-The First Time Ever You Suck My Dick/Gemini-I Know A Place/Leo- Sophisticated Sissy/Cancer-If She Don't Want It/Sagittarius-Everyday I Have To Suck Some//Blow Fly's Intro/Virgo-Ain't No Head Like My Woman's Head/Pisces-My Bitch/Libra-Let's Suck Together/Capricorn- Katey Pearl/Scorpio-Clean-Up Woman/Aquarius-Blow Fly's Outro

2024 - At the Movies - Blow Fly [1973] At The Movies, Part 1//At The Movies, Part 2

*2025 - Butterfly - Blow Fly [1975] Beaver Chase/Big Game Hunter/Could Have Been Worse/Crackers Kiss My Ass/Easter Bunny/Fart Contest/Integrated Education/Intro/Juice It Up/More Cracker Lies/Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)/Niggaz Ain't S**t/Outro/Rap Dirty/Suck Train/Tarzan/2 Niggaz In A Bar/W F**k

2026 - Oldies But Goodies - Blow Fly [1976] Intro/Suck Around The Clock/Without Your Pussy I Can't Live/All F**ked Up/Blue Balls/Silly Bitch/My Dick First Got Hard/Get A Blow Job/F**k In Her Behind/10 Commandments Of Sex/I Smell You/In The Still/My Sex Life Was Through/You Could F**k/Outro//Intro/Gonna F**k Her/Suck My Dick/So Funky/Only Gets Hard For You/You're A Skinny Bitch/Whole Lotta F**kin' Goin' On/F**k Me /Big Dick Brown/Outro

2027 -

2028 - Disco - Blow Fly [1978] Shake Your Ass/What A Difference/Bad F**k/Suck It//Spread Your Cheeks/Freak Out/Kiss It All Around

2029 -

2030 -

2031 - Zodiac Party - Blow Fly [1978]

2032 - Blow Fly's Disco Party - Blow Fly [1978] Panty Lines/Prick Ryder/Nobody's Butt But Yours, Babe/It's Not Easy Trying To Dance//What Am I Supposed To Do/Show Me A Man Who Don't/Who Did I Eat Last Night?/Can I Come In Your Mouth

2033 -

2034 - Blowfly's Party - Blowfly [1980] Blowfly's Rapp (Instrumental)/Panty Lines/Prick Ryder/Nobody's Butt But Yours, Baby//Blowfly's Rapp/Show Me A Man Who Don't Like To F**k/Who Did I Eat Last Night?/Can I Come In Your Mouth

2035 - Rappin', Dancin' and Laughin' - Blow Fly [1980] Convoy/Blowfly Vs. Darth Vadar/Cricka//The Incredible Fulk/The Word Game/The Insects Theme

2036 - Porno Freak - Blow Fly [1981] Maricon/To F**k The Boss/Porno Freak//The Girl Wants To F**k/International Pricks/Porno Freak (Instrumental)

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