20th Century Fox Album Discography, Part 4
20th Century T 400-T 499

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 8, 2006

By 1970, 20th Century Fox Records needed a new image. In fact, they needed a complete overhaul. So they changed the label name to 20th Century (gee, do you think anyone noticed that it was 20th Century Fox?). But they did get a label design much more suited to the 1970s rather than the 1950s, and they got new management and a new roster of talent. Chief among the new talent was Barry White, who almost singlehandedly forced the company into profitability.

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T 400 Series:

T 401

T 402

T 403 - If the Music Stops - Tony Cole [1972] The King Is Dead/Ruby/Talk About Tomorrow/All I Meant To Do/Got To Get Through To You/Napoleon And Josephine//Suite: Man And Woman/Nothing More Than You/Like A Rock And Roll Band/Goodbye Gemini/If The Music Stops

T 404 - The Marina Strings Play the Neil Diamond Solid Gold Songbook - Marina Strings [1972] Play Me/Cracklin Rosie/Holly Holy/Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show/Song Sung Blue//Sweet Caroline/Shilo/Stones/Solitary Man/Kentucky Woman

*T 405 - Love Jones - Brighter Side Of Darkness [1973] I'm A Loser/I'm The Guy/I Owe You Love/Just A Little Bit/Just A Little Bit (Instrumental)/Love Jones/Love Jones (Instrumental)/Oh Baby/Something To Remember You By/Summer Ride

T 406 - Honk - Honk [1973] I Wanna Do For You/So Much Easier/Don't Let Your Good- bye Stand/Circles In Sand/Caught On A Greyhound/Another Light//We're On Wheels/Hidin' Out/I Wanna Stay/Money Slips Through My Fingers/Buckeyed Jim/Pipeline Sequence

T 407 - I've Got So Much to Give - Barry White [1973] (4-73, #16) Standing In The Shadows Of Love/Bring Back My Yesterday//I've Found Someone/I've Got So Much Love To Give/I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby

T 408 - Rodeo Gypsies - Michael McGinnis [1973] Simple Little Down Home Rock & Roll Love Song For Rosie/Rodeo Gypsies/You Give Me Something Good To Think About/New Mexico Morning/Great Western Rip-Off//It Never Hurts To Be Nice To Somebody/Good Old Time Love Song/Rocky Mountain Mama/Here Comes That Feelin'/Great Kansas Hymn

T 409 - Duelin' Banjo - Doug Dillard [1973] Duelin' Banjo/My Grass Is Blue/Missouri Minor Blues/Filler Up/Sittin' On Top Of The World//Help Wanted/Monday Motion/The Whole World 'Round/The Bells Of St. Mary's/Oldest Joseph

T 410 - Sweet Pain Too - Sweet Pain featuring David Riordan & Rob Moitoza [1973] Making Ends Meet/Of All the Songs/Hole in the World/Back in the Alley/Awakening/Keep Me Smilin' On/Marla/Maple Trees/I Don't Wanta Fade Away/Makin' Money/Fade Away

T 411 - Back to Stay - Leon Haywood [1973] La La Song/Sweet Loving Pair/Show Me That You Care/Let Them Talk/Fair Warnin'//One Way Ticket to Loveland/Make Me Yours/Long as There's You/There Ain't Enough Hate Around

T 412 - Tierra - Tierra [1973]

T 413 - Wonder Women - Harrison & Tyler [1973] Comedy album.

T 414 - Under The Influence of . . . Love Unlimited - Love Unlimited [1973] (9-73, #3) Love's Theme (Instrumental)/Under The Influence Of Love/Lovin' You, That's All I'm After/Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It//Say It Again/Someone Really Cares For You/It May Be Winter Outside, (But In My Heart It's Spring)/Yes, We Finally Made It (Instrumental)

T 415 - As You Will - Lambert & Nuttycombe [1973] Denis Lambert and Craig Nuttycombe. Produced by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac) and featuring guitarists Robert (Waddy) Wachtel and Lindsey Buckingham (on banjo). She's My Music/Way To Your Heart/Friends Or Lovers/Waikiki/Oh My Darling/2 Or 3 Maybe 4/Child's Care/Hollywood Baby/Roses In A Box/Nickel-Dime/Sleep

T 416 - Magnificently Mad - Tony Cole [1973] Scorpio/Life Goes On/Domino/Hang On Magdalen/We/Magnificently Mad/The Hook/Mermaid/Everybody Wants To Be Somebody Else/Long Live Love/Another Crack At Glory

T 417 - Ahmad Jamal '73 - Ahmad Jamal [1973] World Is A Ghetto/Children Of The Night/Superstition//Trilby/Sustah, Sustah/Soul Girl/Peace At Last

T 418 - Jim Grady - Jim Grady [1973]

T 419 - The Morning After - Maureen McGovern [1973] (7-73, #77) The Morning After/I Won't Last A Day Without You/And This I Find Is Beautiful/Midnight Storm/It Might As Well Stay Monday (From Now On)//If I Wrote You A Song/Don't Try To Close A Rose/Darlene/Can't You Hear The Song/Until It's Time For You To Go

T 420 - Willow - Willow [1973] Ace Man/Bird Man/Freewheeling/Seattle/Still/Greyhound//Evening/Weekly Lies/Postcards/Pennies For Tomorrow/Mellow Days

T 421 - The Way I Am - Patti Dahlstrom [1973]

T 422 - Heartbeat, It's a Lovebeat - The DeFranco Family Featuring Tony DeFranco [1973] (10-79, #109) Heartbeat-It's a Lovebeat/I'm With You/Same Kind a' Love/I Wanted to Tell You/Sweet Sweet Loretta//Abra-Ca-Dabra/Come a Little Closer/Love is Bigger Than Baseball/Gorilla/I Love Everything You Do

T 423 - Stone Gon' - Barry White [1973] (11-73, #20)Girl It's True, Yes I'll Always Love You/Honey Please, Can't Ya See//You're My Baby/Hard To Believe That I Found You/Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up

T 424 - Phillip Goodhand-Tait - Phillip Goodhand-Tait [1973] Five Flight Walk Up/I Think I Can Believe/One More Rodeo/Teenage Canteen/Forever Kind Of Love//You Are/Emile/Reach Out For Each Other/Sugar Train/Warm Summer Rain

T 425 - Incredible - Hodges, James & Smith [1974] Turn The People On/I Should Stay/Signal Your Intention/Medley: Rock Me Baby-Steamroller/Oh/Little By Little/If You Wanna Love Me/Can't Be Alone/You Take My Love For Granted/Love Was Just A Word

T 426 - You Don't Need a Reason To Sing - Douglas Flint Dillard [1974]

T 427 - Do You Have the Time - Younghearts [1974] Do You Have The Time (Parts 1 &2)/Stop What You're Doing Girl/I Said To Myself/All The Love In The World/Wildfire//Don't Crush My World/I'm Still Gonna Need You/Me & You/Look What Your Love Has Done For Me/Do You Have The Time (S.K.A.T.T.)

T 428 - Black and Blue Suite - Larry Weiss [1974] Larry Weiss, a songwriter/singer who had earlier written the hit "Bend Me, Shape Me," was discouraged and about to quit the business after the mediocre response to this album. Glen Campbell, however, heard the album while on tour and liked "Rhinestone Cowboy." Campbell recorded a version that then went to #1. Weiss reconsidered. Rhinestone Cowboy/Sheldon/She's Everything She Doesn't Want To Be/Sweet Ophelia/Lead On Me//Lay Me Down (Roll Me Out To Sea)/Evil Woman/Anytime, Babe/The World Was Filled With Love

T 429 - Touch Me - John Davidson [1974] I Am Not Yours, You Are Mine/Gone/This Time Is Forever/I'm The Man Who Loves You/I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song/Anytime There's Music, You're My Song/You And I/Will You Be Givin' Your Lovin'/We Had It All/Funny How The Lady Rules My Mind/Touch Me

T 430 - I Love You More and More - Tom Brock [1974] Have a Nice Weekend Baby/The Love We Share Is the Greatest of Them All/There's Nothing In the World That Can Stop Me From Loving You/I Love You More and More//Naked As the Day I Was Born/That's the Reason Why (I'll Love You Till the Day I Die)/Shake Me, Wake Me/If We Don't Make It, Nobody Can

T 431 - Sitting on Top of My World - Rita Jean Bodine [1974]

T 432 - Jamalca - Ahmad Jamal [1974] Ghetto Child/Misdemeanor/Along The Nile/Trouble Man/Jamalca/Don't Misunderstand/Theme Bahamas/Children Calling/Theme From M.A.S.H. (Suicide Is Painless)

T 433 - Rhapsody in White - The Love Unlimited Orchestra [1974] (2-74, #8) Barry's Theme /Rhapsody In White/Midnight And You/I Feel Love Coming On//Baby Blues /Don't Take It Away From Me /What A Groove /Love's Theme

T 434 - Ambrosia - Ambrosia [1975] (5-75, #22) Nice, Nice, Very Nice/Time Waits For No- One/Holdin' On To Yesterday/World Leave Me Alone//Make Us All Aware/Lover Arrive/Mama Frog/Drink Of Water

T 435 - The Eleventh Hour's Greatest Hits - The Eleventh Hour [1974] Ride, Ride, Ride!/Far As We Felt Like Goin'/My bed/Nasty/So Good//He Did Ya Good (But I'll Do Ya Better)/Ms. Mona Morgan/Lady Marmalade/Volcano/Gorilla Rock

T 436 - Your Thing My Thing - John Byrd [1974]

T 437 - Hollywood Town - Harriet Schock [1974] Hollywood Town/Standin' In The Way Of The Music/You Took The Words Out Of My Mouth/Straight Man/That's The Way It Is With You//Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady/Hold Me/The Day/Let 'Em Love/Could It Be

T 438 - Inside Thunder, Outside Laughing - Jim Sullins [1974]

T 439 - Nice to Be Around - Maureen McGovern [1974] Nice To Be Around/Give Me A Reason To Be Gone/Where Did We Go Wrong/All I Want/Like A Sunday Morning//Love Knots/Everybody Wants To Call You Sweetheart/Little Boys & Men/Memory/Put A Little Love Away

T 440 - Keep It in the Family - Leon Haywood [1974] Keep It In The Family/Sugar Lump/That Sweet Woman Of Mine/The Day I Laid Eyes On You/When It Comes Down On You In The Middle Of The Night//A Hundred Pounds Of Clay/Long As There's You (I Got You)/But Beautiful/You ll Never Walk Alone

T 441 - Save the Last Dance for Me - The DeFranco Family Featuring Tony DeFranco [1974] (6-74, #163) Save The Last Dance For Me/Love The Way You Do/The Only One/Because We Both Are Young/Write Me A Letter//Hold Me/I Guess You Already Knew/Poor Boy/Baby Blue/Maybe It's You

T 442 - Cheatin' Was the Last Thing on My Mind - Nancy Wayne [1974] The Good Thing That You Had/'Til I Can't Take It Anymore/Was It Love With You Last Night/Arkansas First Time/The Back Door Of Heaven//Cheatin' Was The Last Thing On My Mind/That's The Way We Fall In Love/(others)

T 443 - In Heat - Love Unlimited [1974] (10-74, #85) Move Me No Mountain (3:50)/Share a Little Love In Your Heart (6:05)/Oh I Should Say, It's Such A Beautiful Day (3:32)//I Needed Love - You Were There (3:39)/I Belong To You (5:06) /I Love You So, Never Gonna Let You Go (3:11)/Love's Theme

T 444 - Can't Get Enough - Barry White [1974] (9-74, #1) Mellow Mood (Pt. I)/You're The First, The Last, My Everything/I Can't Believe You Love Me//Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe/Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It/I Love You More Than Anything (In This World Girl)/Mellow Mood (Pt. II)

T 445 - Movin' - The Southside Movement [1974]

T 446 - Bob Jenkins Sings - Bob Jenkins [1974]

T 447 - Lord Protect Me from My Friends - Rockville Junction [1974] Flying So High/Lady Gwynn/Lord Protect Me From My Friends/Children Gonna Save Our Land/Say Goodbye To Yesterday//Dave's Mood/You're On Your Own Dear/Rad Cherry/Linda's Coming Home/Daisy

T 448 - Prime Cuts - Randy Edelman [1975] Bluebird/Pistol Packin' Melody/I Am A Dancer/Where Did We Go Wrong?/Stan, The Pantsman//You Are The Sunlight, I Am The Moon/The Woman On Your Arm/Isn't It A Shame/Everybody Wants To Call You Sweetheart/June Lullaby

T 449

T 450 - Branching Out - Willow [1974]

Nine/20th Century T 451 - Child of the Novelty - Mahogany Rush [1974] (8-74, #74) Look Outside/Thru The Milky Way/Talking 'Bout A Feeling/Child Of The Novelty/Makin' My Wave//A New Rock And Roll/Changing/Plastic Man/Guit War/Chains Of (S)pace

T 452 - Off The Reservation - Billy ThunderKloud & Chieftones [1974]

T 453 - The Imaginations - Imaginations [1974] Because I Love You/Talk About The World/Ballad Of Matheia/There's Another On Your Mind//God Bless You Love/Love Diet/Me Myself And I/Searchin'

T 454 - A Taste Of the Younghearts - Younghearts [1975] Wake Up And Start Standing/For The Rest Of My Life/We're All God's Children/You're Not Here With Me/What Does It Take /We've Got Love/Dedicated/A Taste Of..../Get On Down

T 455 - Bodine, Rita Jean - Rita Jean Bodine [1974] Dynamite/That's The Kind Of Love I've Got For You/Lickin' Stick/Old Friend/Dancing In The Streets//Change My Evil Ways/When You Hold Me/Hold On I'm Comin'/Lovin' Man/I've Been So Long

T 456 - Jonah - Jonah [1974] Sweet Sweet Music/Waitin' For A Change/Lil/Feel It/It's Always Dark Before Dawn//Comin To Ya/The Fool/Picnic/Commendation To You/Jumpin'

T 457 - Show Biz - Dennis Tracy [1974] Introduction Song/Morris & Doris/Imagine Me With Leprosy/God Dang Billionaire/Thanks Mr. E/Cigars/As Long as You're Going/Bachelorhood Could Be Good/In Love Like You and Me/Joan Fontaine/Show Biz

T 458 - White Gold - The Love Unlimited Orchestra [1974] (11-74, #28) Barry's Love (Part 1)/Satin Soul/Always Thinking Of You/Power Of Love/Spanish Lei//You Make Me Feel Like This (When You Touch Me)/Only You Can Make Me Blue/Dreaming/Just Living It Up/Just Like A Baby/Barry's Love (Part 2)

T 459 - Jamal Plays Jamal - Ahmad Jamal [1975] Eclipse/Pastures/Dialogue/Spanish Interlude/Death And Resurrection/Swahililand

T 460 - She's Low Clouds - Harriett Shock [1974] Go On & Go/Come Inside Cowboy/She's Low Clouds/You/Play It Again//My Heart/Brooklyn Can Hear You Braggin'/Mama/I Want You Time/Songs Are Children

T 461 - Your Place or Mine - Patti Dahlstrom [1975] Used To Be In Love With Love/If You Want It Easy/Break Of Day/Painter/Louisiana//He Did Me Wrong, But He Did It Right/Runnin' Out Of World/When It Comes To You/Good To Be Alive/Sending My Good Thoughts To You

T 462 - Barbara Blake & the Uniques - Barbara Blake & the Uniques [1974] Let Me Down Easy/Teach Me/I (Who Have Nothing)/Everlasting Thrill/I Need Your Love So Bad//What Would You Give/You Got Your Hooks In Me/Can't Get Away (It's Not That Easy)/Patching Up The Wound/Superman

Nine/20th Century T 463 - Maxoom - Mahogany Rush [1975] (3-75, #159) Reissue of Nine N 936 (released 1973). Maxoom/Buddy/Magic Man/Funky Woman/Madness//All In Your Mind/Blues/Boardwalk Lady/Back On Home/The New Beginning

T 464 - Kung Fu Fighting and Other Great Love Songs - Carl Douglas [1974] (12-74, #37) Kung Fu Fighting/Witchfinder General/When You Got Love/Changing Times/Want To Give You My Everything//Dance The Kung Fu/Never Had This Dream Before/I Don't Care What People Say/Blue Eyed Soul

T 465 - Lois Johnson - Lois Johnson [1975] Loving You Will Never Grow Old/She's Got You/Bring It On Home/You Can Be Sure Of My Love/Precious Memories, Follow Me//Come On In And Let Me Love You/You Know Just What I'd Do/You're The Rock Of Ages/If I Throw Away My Pride/Lonesome Number One

T 466 - Just Another Way to Say I Love You - Barry White [1975] (4-75, #17) Heavenly, That's What You Are To Me/I'll Do For You Anything You Want Me To/All Because Of You//Love Serenade/What Am I Gonna Do With You/Let Me Live My Life Lovin' Babe

T 467 - Happy Trails to You - Roy Rogers [1975] Cowboy Heaven/A Very Fine Lady/Hoppy, Gene, And Me/Tennessee Stud/Happy Trails//Don't Cry Baby/Movie Trail Medley: On Th Old Spanish Trail-Along The Navajo Trail-Blue Shadows On The Trail/Cold Cold Heart/Good News, Bad News/Don't Ever Wear It For Him

T 468

*T 469 - Don't It Make You Wanna Dance? - Rusty Wier [1975] (7-75, #103) Aqua Dulce/Blue Haze/Cloudy Days/Don't It Make You Wanna Dance?/I Believe In The Way That You Love Me/I Heard You Been Layin' My Old Lady (Apologies To Susie)/Relief/Sally Mae/Sing Me/Trouble/Tulsa Turnaround

T 470 - Please Mind Your Head - String Driven Thing [1974] Overdrive/Without You/Josephine/Mrs. O'Reilly/Man Of Means//Black Eyed Queen/Keep On Moving/Timpani For The Devil/To Know You Is To Love You

T 471 - What Time of Day - Billy ThunderKloud & Chieftones [1975] What Time Of Day/Listen To The Wind (Listen To The Rain)/Lovin' Woman, You're My Friend/The Night's Not Over Yet/Lovesick Blues//I'm Havin' A Party/The Only Song I'll Sing/Let It Go/I Will Love You Until I Die/Just A Closer Walk With Thee

T 472 - I Wanna Kiss You - Nancy Wayne [1975]

T 473 - Smoked Sugar - Smoked Sugar [1975] I've Found Someone Of My Own/My Eyes Search A Lonely Room For You/Bump Me/I'm A Blues Singer, Guitar Banger/Don't Let The Feeling Hit Me Again//It's Funny Til I Start Crying/Loving You Coming Out Of A Brand New Bag/I Can't Get Enough/I'm A Winner/Keeping Up My Front

T 474 - Academy Award Performance: And the Envelope Please - Maureen McGovern [1975] Thanks For The Memory/The Continental/For All We Know/When You Wish Upon A Star-Over The Rainbow/Lullaby Of Broadway//The Morning After/The Windmills Of Your Mind/Swingin' On A Star/All The Way/We May Never Love Like This Again

T 475 - Power in Your Love - Hodges, James & Smith [1975]

T 476 - Come and Get Yourself Some - Leon Haywood [1975] (8-75, #140) Come And Get Yourself Some/This Feeling's Rated Extra/I Want'a Do Something Freaky To You/Who You Been Giving It Up To You//You Need A Friend Like Mine/Consider The Source/Just Your Fool/Know What Love Is/Believe Half Of What You See (And None Of What You Hear)

T 477 - Sundance - Sundance [1975]

T 478

T 479 - Fiddlin' Frenchie Burke - Frenchie Burke & Outlaws [1975]

T 480 - Music Maestro Please - The Love Unlimited Orchestra [1975] (1-76, #92) Bring It On Up/Makin' Believe That It's You/I Wanna Stay/Give Up Your Love Girl//You're All I Want/It's Only What I Feel/Midnight Groove/Forever In Love

T 481 - Living Together - Fire & Rain [1975] Living Together/Devoted to You/Us/Don't Throw it All Away/Love Is Ours//Let's Spend the Night Together/Dance for Me/Make Love to Me/I Wanna Make Your Love Grow/Layin' in Your Arms

T 482 - Strange Universe - Mahogany Rush [1975] (6-75, #84) Tales Of The Spanish Warrior/The King Who Stole ( The Universe)/Satisfy Your Soul/Land Of 1000 Nights/Moonlight Lady//Dancing Lady/Once Again/Tryin' Anyway/Dear Music/Strange Universe

T 483 - Headstone - Headstone [1975] Eastern Wind/Warm Sunny Days/Turn Your Head/Gyrosame/Karma/Hard Road//Large Weather We're Having, Lucy/Searching Light/Get Through To You/All I Ask/Someone's Gotta Give

T 484 - A Song for You - David & David [1975] Baby Bye Bye/We Can Make It/Butterflies And Life/Horse Named Storm/A Song For You (Vikki)//Life Is Hard/Love's Away/All The Children/Want To Be Cool/Jenelle

T 485 - Moving South - South Side Movement [1975] Ain't Gonna Watch You No Mo' /Do It To Me/Fun Talk)/Ain't It A Shame/Love Is For Fools //I've Bee Watching You /Only Time Has Changed /Country Girl /Just Moving /Acknowledge The Mind

T 486 - Streets - Ralph McTell [1975] Streets Of London/You Make Me Feel Good/Grande Affaire/Seeds Of Heaven/El Progresso/Red Apple Juice/Heron Song/Pity The Boy/Interest On The Loan/Jenny Taylor-Je N'Etais La/Lunar Lullaby

T 487 - Cotton, Lloyd and Christian - Cotton, Lloyd & Christian [1975] Darryl Cotton, Michael Lloyd, and Chris Christian. Don't Play With the One Who Loves You/I Go to Pieces/Robot Man/I Can Sing, I Can Dance/Tommy Medley//You're Gonna Find Love/Baby Love/Mr. Rock & Roll/Love Me Away/(You've Given Me) Sunshine

T 487 - The Pom Pom Girls (Soundtrack) - Cotton, Lloyd & Christian [1976] Previously released as Cotton, Lloyd & Christian. Label copy still has the old title; allegedly, returns from the self-titled album of the previous year were shipped out again in a new jacket as the soundtrack. Don't Play With the One Who Loves You/I Go to Pieces/Robot Man/I Can Sing, I Can Dance/Tommy Medley//You're Gonna Find Love/Baby Love/Mr. Rock & Roll/Love Me Away/(You've Given Me) Sunshine

T 488 - West Wing - West Wing [1975] Produced by Barry White.

T 489 - The Rhinestones - Rhinestones [1975] Group includes Chicago guitarist Kal David (ex-Exceptions, Illinois Speed Press), Marty Grebb (ex-Exceptions, Buckinghams' keyboardist) and Harvey Brooks (ex-Electric Flag bassist), and was also known as "The Fabulous Rhinestones." One Time Love/Ridin' Thumb/Party Music/Get It Up For Love/Love Jam//Another Song For You/Love On My Mind/Crossroads Of My Life/This Devil In Me/All My Love

T 490 - Margo Smith - Margo Smith [1975] Former kindergarten teacher turned country singer.

T 491 - Prestidigitation - Ronnie Charles with London Symphony Orchestra & English Chamber Choir [1975] Layla/Love Reign Over Me/(others)

T 492 - Promised Love - Bill LaBounty [1975] Lie To Me/Together/Crazy/I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me/Always Be Near//Take A Step (Yesterday Waltz)/Pretty Little Angel/Open Your Eyes/Another Drunk

T 493 - Barry White's Greatest Hits - Barry White [1975] (11-75, #23) Album has a brown custom label. What Am I Gonna Do With You/You're The First, The Last, My Everything/Can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe/Honey Please, Can't Ya See/Love Serenade//Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up/I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby/I've Found Someone/I've Got So Much To Give/Standing In The Shadows Of Love

T 494 - Fairwell Fairbanks - Randy Edelman [1975] This has the original version of "Weekend in New England," which Barry Manilow made into a hit. Concrete And Clay/Blue Street/The Uptown Uptempo Woman/Highway Affair/Farewell Fairbanks//You/Let The Sailors Dance/Fresh Outta Love/Bring The Baby In With The Bacon/A Weekend In New England

T 495 - Rusty Wier - Rusty Wier [1975] (1-76, #131) Fly Away/I Don't Want To Lay This Guitar Down/Sophia/Seminole Jail/Queen Of My Dreams/Listen To My Song/Just One More Time/Basic Lady/Long And Lonesome Highway Blues/Dixie Lynn/Pass The Buck

T 496 - Joy Trip - Jerline & Friends [1975]

T 497 - Good Stuff - The Imaginations [1975]

T 498 - Brazil - The Ritchie Family [1975] (10-75, #53) Peanut Vendor/Frenesi/Brazil//Dance With Me/Life Is Fascination/Lady Champagne/Let's Pool/Pinball

T 499 - You Don't Know What You're in For - Harriet Schock [1975] You're A Man (And I Need You)/We're Better Friends/He's So Macho/Somebody Else/I Could've Said It All//Let Me Out! Let Me Go!/Nobody Stole Your Lady/Keep Drivin' James/Southern Belle/You Don't Know What You're In For

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