20th Century Fox Album Discography, Part 7
Miscellaneous 20th Century Series

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 8, 2006

20th Century/20th Century Fox Records had several special series in addition to the regular T-400 series. Different series could be the result of different content or different list pricing.

The ST-100 series was relatively short (4 albums), and featured soundtracks. The "ST" prefix probably was meant to stand for "soundtrack," although soundtracks appeared on other series.

The T 700 series was even shorter - one album. It was a Stephanie Mills LP, and it is unclear why 20th Century started a new series here.

The T 900 series was made necessary by the change of labels from the old 20th Century Fox to the new 20th Century labels. All of the albums in this series were reissues of material previously issued under the old label.

The T 1000 and T 1100 series were likewise just one album each. They were both soundtracks, and probably at special pricing to account for the special series.

Finally, several picture discs were issued.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

ST-100 Series (Blue 20th Century label):

ST 100 - Cinderella Liberty (Soundtrack) - John Williams [1973] Wednesday Special-Main Title/Nice To Be Around/New Shooter/Maggie Shoots Pool/Maggie And Baggs/Boxing Montage//Nice To Be Around/Neptune's Bar/Cinderella Liberty Love Theme/The Ferry Ride/A Baby Boy Arrives/Wednesday Special-End Title

*ST 101 - Together Brothers (Soundtrack) - Love Unlimited Orchestra [1974] (7-74, #96) Alive And Well/Can't Seem To Find Her/Do Drop In/Dream On/Dreamin'/Find The Man Bros./Get Away/Here Comes The Man/Honey, Please Can't Ya See - Barry White/Killer Don't Do It/Killer's Back/Killer's Lullaby/People Of Tomorrow Are The Children Of Today - Love Unlimited/So Nice To Hear/Somebody's Gonna Off The Man/Stick Up/The Rip/Theme From Together Brothers/You Gotta Case

ST 102 - Hello Dolly (Soundtrack) - Lionel Newman/Lennie Hayton [1974] Reissue of 20th Century Fox DTCS-5103, made necessary by the change of label name to 20th Century. Just Leave Everything To Me - Barbra Streisand/It Takes A Woman/It Takes A Woman (Reprise) - Barbra Streisand/Put On Your Sunday Clothes - Barbra Streisand/Ribbons Down My Back/Dancing - Barbra Streisand/Before The Parade Passes By - Barbra Streisand//Elegance/Love Is Only Love - Barbra Streisand/Hello, Dolly - Barbra Streisand & Louis Armstrong/It Only Takes A Moment/So Long Dearie - Barbra Streisand/Finale - Barbra Streisand

ST 103 - W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings (Soundtrack) - Lionel Newman [1975]

T 700 Series (20th Century Fox Movie logo label):

T 700 - Stephanie - Stephanie Mills [1981] (5-81, #30) This album has a custom dark blue label with gold print. Winner/ Two Hearts - Featuring Teddy Pendergrass/Don't Stop Doin' What 'Cha Do/ Top Of My List//I Believe In Love Songs/ Night Games/ My Love's Been Good To You/ Magic

T 900 Series (Blue 20th Century label):

T2-901 - Remember Marilyn - Marilyn Monroe [1972] Fold-open cover with 12-page booklet. Reissue of 20th Century Fox FXG/SXG 5000. Also issued with a multicolor cover (see photo at right). Heat Wave/Lazy/After You Got What You Want You Don't Want It/One Silver Dollar/I'm Going To File My Claim//River Of No Return/Little Girl From Little Rock/When Love Goes Wrong/Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend/Bye Bye Baby

T 902 - Patton (Soundtrack) - Jerry Goldsmith [1973] Reissue of 20th Century Fox S-4208, made necessary by the change of label name to 20th Century. Patton Speech/Main Title/The Battleground/The First Battle/Attack/The Funeral/Winter March//Patton March/No Assignment/German Advance/The Hospital/The Payoff/End Title & Speech

T 903 - Zorba the Greek (Soundtrack) - Mikis Theodorakis [1973] Reissue of 20th Century Fox TFS 4167, made necessary by the change of label name. With dialog from the film introducing many of the tracks. Theme From "Zorba The Greek"/The Full Catastrophe/Life Goes On/The One Unforgivable Sin/Questions Without Answers/Zorba's Dance//The Fire Inside/Clever People And Grocers/Always Look For Trouble/Life Goes On (Reprise)/Free/That's Me-Zorba!

T2 904 - Remember Glenn - Glenn Miller [1973] 2-LP set. Rechanneled stereo. Disc 1: In The Mood/Moonlight Sonata/Serenade In Blue/Moonlight Serenade/At Last//American Patrol/I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo/Sun Valley Jump/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Bugle Call Rag; Disc #2: Moonlight Serenade/It Happended In Sun Valley/The Spirit Is Willing/People Like You And Me/I Know Why And So Do You//Boom Shot/That's Sabotage/You Say The Sweetest Things, Baby/Measure For Measure/Sun Valley Jump

T2 905 - Remember Tommy - Tommy Dorsey Orchestra [1973] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Marie/Song Of India/The Minor Goes Muggin'/On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Rest Stop//Amor/But She's My Buddy's Chick/Wagon Wheels/Clarinet Cascades/I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You); Disc 2: Opus One/There Is No Breeze (To Cool The Flame)/Losers Weepers/That's My Home/Well Git It/I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You//Swing High/Like A Leaf In The Wind/I'm In Love With Someone (Who Is Not In Love With Me)/Swanee River/Boogie Woogie

T2 906 - Remember Shirley - Shirley Temple [1973] 2-LP set. Rechanneled stereo. Also reissued as Springboard SP-X-6014. Bdisc 1: On The Good Ship Lollypop ("Bright Eyes," 1934)/Polly-Wolly- Doodle ("The Littlest Rebel," 1935)/Early Bird ("Captain January," 1936)/Animal Crackers In My Soup ("Curly Top," 1935)/I Love To Walk In The Rain ("Just Around The Corner," 1938)/But Definitely ("Poor Little Rich Girl," 1936)/Goodnight My Love ("Stowaway," 1936)//He Was A Dandy ("Dimples," 1936)/Hey What Did The Blue Jay Say? ("Dimples," 1936)/If All The World Were Paper ("Little Miss Broadway," 1938)/Swing Me An Old Fashioned Song ("Little Miss Broadway," 1938)/Come And Get Your Happiness ("Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm," 1938)/We Should Be Together (Little Miss Broadway, 1938)/Picture Me Without You ("Dimples." 1936); Disc 2: Baby Take A Bow ("Stand Up & Cheer," 1934)/When I'm With You ("Poor Little Rich Girl," 1936)/Oh, My Goodness ("Poor Little Rich Girl," 1936)/At The Codfish Ball ("Captain January," 1936)/This Is A Happy Little Ditty ("Just Around The Corner," 1938)/How Can I Thank You ("Little Miss Broadway," 1938)/When I Grow Up ("Curley Top," 1935)//Tra-La-La-La ("Young People," 1949)/Be Optimistic ("Little Miss Broadway," 1938)/The Right Someone To Love ("Captain January," 1938/On Account-A I Love You ("Baby Take A Bow," 1934)/You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby ("Poor Little Rich Girl," 1936)/Lay-De-O ("The Bluebird," 1940)

T 1000 Series (20th Century Fox Movie logo label):

T 1000 - The Elephant Man (Soundtrack) - John Morris [1981] Reissue of T 632.

T 1100 Series (20th Century Fox Movie logo label):

T 1101 - Ulysses: The Greek Suite - A-440 featuring Ted Neeley & Yvonne Iverson [1978] Two record set. Written by Michael Rapp.

PR 100 Picture Disc Series:

PR-101 - Ulysses: The Greek Suite - A-440 featuring Ted Neeley & Yvonne Iverson [1978] Picture Disc version.


PR-103 - The Story of Star Wars (Soundtrack) - Roscoe Lee Browne, Narrator [1977] Picture Disc version. Storyline excerpts from the film, with narration by Roscoe Lee Browne.

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