Unlimited Gold Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 7, 2006

Unlimited Gold was Barry White's label. It started out being distributed by 20th Century Records, but then switched to Columbia for distribution when While left 20th Century in 1978. The company lasted until 1983 or 1984 putting out new product. The label was dark blue with black print with a gold logo on top (in Canada it was light blue with black print and a silver logo, but the same design as the US version). Promotional albums had a white label with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

U-100 Series (Distributed by 20th Century Records):

U-101 - He's All I've Got - Love Unlimited [1976] (2-77, #192) I Did It For Love/Never Never Say Goodbye/Whisper You Love Me/He's Mine (No You Can't Have Him)/I Can't Let Him Down/I Guess I'm Just Another Girl In Love/He's All I've Got

Columbia Consolidated Series (Distributed by CBS):

JZ 35633 - Barry White Presents Mr. Danny Pearson - Danny Pearson [1979]

JZ 35763 - The Message Is Love - Barry White [1979] (4-79, #67) It Ain't Love, Babe (Until You Give It)/Hung Up In Your Love/You're The One I Need/Any Fool Can See (You Were Meant For Me)//Love Ain't Easy/I'm On Fire/I Found Love

JZ 36130 - Love Is Back - Love Unlimited [1979]

JZ 36131 - Let 'Em Dance - Love Unlimited Orchestra [1979]

JZ 36132 - Song Painters - Jimmie & Vella Cameron [1979]

FZ 36208 - Barry White's Sheet Music - Barry White [1980] (7-80, #85) Sheet Music/Lady, Sweet Lady/I Believe In Love//Ghetto Letto/Rum And Coke (Rum And Coca-Cola)/She's Everything To Me/Love Makin' Music

Z2X 36957 - The Best Of Our Love - Barry White, Love Unlimited & Love Unlimited Orchestra [1981] 2-LP set. Disc 1: I Love To Sing The Songs I Sing - Barry White/Let Me Live My Life Lovin You Babe - Barry White/It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me - Barry White/I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby - Barry White/Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe - Barry White//You're The First The Last My Everything - Barry White/You See The Trouble With Me - Barry White/Playing Your Game Baby - Barry White/September When I First Met You - Barry White/Just The Way You Are - Barry White; Disc 2: Oh Love Well We Finally Made It - Love Unlimited/Under The Influence Of Love - Love Unlimited/I Belong To You - Love Unlimited/Walkin In The Rain With The One I Love - Love Unlimited/I Guess I'm Just - Love Unlimited//My Sweet Summer Suite - Love Unlimited Orchestra/Midnight And You - Love Unlimited Orchestra/Satin Soul - Love Unlimited Orchestra/Baby Blues - Love Unlimited Orchestra/Love's Theme - Love Unlimited Orchestra

FZ 37054 - Barry and Glodean - Barry & Glodean White [1981] Our Theme (Part I)/I Want You/You're The Only One For Me/This Love/The Better Love Is (The Worse It Is When It's Over)//You/We Can't Let Go Of Love/You Make My Life Easy Livin'/Didn't We Make It Happen, Baby/Our Theme (Part II)

FZ 37176 - Beware! - Barry White [1981] Beware/Relax To The Max/Let Me In And Let's Begin With Love/Your Love, Your Love/Tell Me Who Do You Love//Rio De Janeiro/You're My High/Oooo Ahhh /I Won't Settle For Less Than The Best (For You Baby)/Louie Louie

FZ 37425 - Welcome Aboard - Love Unlimited Orchestra [1981]

FZ 38048 - Change - Barry White [1982] (10-82, #148) Change/Turnin' On, Tunin' In (To Your Love)/Let's Make Tonight (An Evening To Remember)/Don't Tell Me About Heartaches//Passion/I've Got That Love Fever/I Like You, You Like Me/It's All About Love

FZ 38366 - Rise - Love Unlimited Orchestra [1983]

FZ 38711 - Dedicated - Barry White [1983]

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