Jubilee Album Discography, Part 1 (1954-1955):
10-inch LPs

by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 28, 2012

The first Jubilee label was pink with black printing, "jubilee" in black print above the center hole. "LONG PLAYING 33 1/3 RPM MICROGROOVE RECORDING" below the logo. The second label was dark blue with silver printing, the graphics are identical to the pink label. There was also a white label with red printing (deejay copies?). The 10-inch LP series started earlier than the 12-inch series, as was the case with many labels. For a time in 1955, both series were issued, but the 10-inch series was quickly discontinued.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

10 Inch Albums

LP-1 - Nan Blackstone - Nan Blackstone [1954?]

LP-2 - Pardon My Blooper - Kermit Schafer [3/54]

LP-3 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 2 - Kermit Schafer [1954?]

LP-4 - Tigertown Five - Stan Rubin [1953]

LP-5 - Tigertown Five, Volume 2 - Stan Rubin [1953]

LP-6 - Tigertown Five, Volume 3 - Stan Rubin [1953]

LP-7 - Conrad Janis and the Tailgaters - Conrad Janis [1954]

LP-8 - Six For Kicks - Lou Stein [1954]

LP-9 - Music to Beat By - Jimmie Valentine [9/54] I Know You Much Too Well/What'cha Thinkin' Baby?/Tompkin's Cove/Let Well Enough Alone//Pennsylvania Turnpike/Jimmy's Blues/One Stop Boogie/It's My Turn

LP-10 - Dear Sir - Juliet Lowell [1954?]

LP-11 - Dorothy Donegan Trio - Dorothy Donegan Trio [1955] Up a Lazy River/Dancing on the Ceiling/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe//I Can't Give You Anything But Love/September Song/St. Louis Blues/I Get a Kick Out of You

LP-12 - Burlesque Show - Kermit Schafer [2/55] Album was produced by Kermit Schafer, and is a recording of authentic burlesque routines. Famous 50's stripper, Tempest Storm, is prominently featured on the album cover.

LP-13 - Salt City 5 - Salt City 5 [1955] Darktown Strutter's Ball/Squeeze Me/Eccentric/Sweet Georgia Brown/Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?/'lasses Trombone/Dynamite Rag/That's A-Plenty

LP-14 - Polly Bergen - Polly Bergen [1955]

LP-15 - Hal McKusick with Betty St. Claire - Hal McKusick [1955]

LP-16 - Penny Malone - Penny Malone [1955]

LP-17 - ... Songs His Mother Never Taught Him - Dwight Fiske [1955] Senorita Margarita Del Campo/Elizabeth And Raleigh/Fountain Of Youth//Salome/Mrs. Pettibone/Mr. America

LP-18 - Songs that Never Made the Hymnal - Bob Peck [1955] Red and white label.

LP-19 - Pardon My Blooper, Volume 3 - Kermit Schafer [1955]

LP-20 - Monica - Monica Lewis [1955] Fools Rush In/What'll I Do? /Do It Again/People Will Say We're In Love/I'd Do Anything For You/You'd Better Go Now/Am I Blue /But Not For Me

LP-21 - Badinage (The Piano Artistry of Jack Kelly) - Jack Kelly [1955] How High the Moon/Laura/The Most Beautiful Girl in the World/The Boy Next Door//Yankee Doodle/All the Things You Are/Badinage/Observation Tower

LP-22 - Jerome Courtland - Jerome Courtland [1955]

LP-23 - Cool And Clearer - Betty St. Claire [1955] Old Black Magic/ Prelude to a Kiss/Skylark/Give Me the Simple Life//Why Try to Change Me Now/I Hadn't Anyone Till You/My One and Only Love/ East of the Sun

LP-24 - Salt City 5 - Salt City 5 [1955]

LP-25 - (This album was released in July 1955, artist and title is unknown)

Thanks to Randy A. Riddle.

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